Ahhh Black Television how I miss you so much💕 I miss how much we were portrayed as successful and family based.
Reality shows have unfortunately erased all of that for us. (I only put the first 10 that came to mind. Don’t come at me if I missed a show)

This is a story of a girl and four wolves.
rather, just five wolves;
she herself was a wolf as much as the other four, anyway.

She did’t know she’d been waiting for them all her life,
they didn’t know they had been looking for her all their life.

When they finally found each other,
they rescued her out of her cage of sadness and solitude,
she freed them from the chains remaining aroun their necks.

And like that, a family they became.

Now they open their eyes under the summer sun and close their eyes beneath the winter stars.

They have nothing but themsleves and one another -
and that is enough for them.

Just enough.