In 2017, Arkansas decides to no longer honor Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert E. Lee on the same day

  • Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson signed legislation Tuesday ending the state’s controversial practice of celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Gen. Robert E. Lee on the same day.
  • The bill marks the end of a decades-long tradition, wherein Arkansans commemorated King — one of the most influential black civil rights leaders in United States history — on the same day as Lee, a white Confederate general who quite literally fought a war to make sure black people remained enslaved.
  • Both men were born in January — King on Jan. 15, 1929, and Lee on Jan. 19, 1807. The bill will keep King’s holiday as is, but create a memorial day to commemorate Lee on the second Saturday in October, according to the Associated Press. Read more (3/22/17 11 AM)

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Dating Lee Minhyuk Would Include

Could you do a “dating them would include” for Minhyuk of Monsta x :) is quickly climbing up my bias list

Note: Minhyuk is always climbing up everyone’s bias list, you’re not the only one that suffers with his rudeness ;)

In the Daytime

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  • Minhyuk is known as the ‘sunshine’ of the group so expect for your relationship to have a lot of positivity and laughter
  • This is perfect because Minhyuk is doubtfully going to get you both into all kinds of trouble that you’ll end up laughing about one day
  • Like the time you decided to go camping but you couldn’t work out how to set up the tent and it started raining
  • You ended up ditching the tent and sleeping in the back of his car
  • Yes, “sleeping”
  • You and him both would be rather competitive when it comes to gaming
  • He knocks you off Rainbow Road in an intensive game of Mario Kart and finds himself begging to let you back into bed that night
  • Of course you always end up letting him in
  • The two of you can be competitive, but it’s never serious, and you hardly ever fight
  • But when you do fight you always find yourselves coming back together
  • Minhyuk will apologise for upsetting you and likewise the other way, he will then kiss you softly and ask you if you want to have a lazy movie night and cuddle up on the couch.
  • When he’s not at home, he’s at practice a lot and working his busy idol life
  • But he always makes time for you in his day
  • Even if he isn’t in the country 
  • He will send you selcas and texts to remind you that he’s thinking of you and reminding you to eat well and get lots of rest
  • He will ring you before you go to bed with the excuse that he needs to “tuck you in on the phone” 
  • But it’s all worth it when you go to pick him up from the airport, watching his eye light up and run towards you before pulling you into his arms and spinning you around
  • Him taking you out on dates as much as he can
  • “Accidentally” only buying one milkshake so you have to share
  • He’d be all about taking couple pictures whenever he can
  • “Kihyunnie~ take a picture of me and {y/n}!” 
  • “Again?”
  • “For the grandchildren in years so come”
  • “That’s if you live that long, I’ll stuff this camera down your throat.” 

At Nighttime 

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  • Minhyuk is the kind that would want to spend his nights cuddling up to you, kissing your face or rubbing circles in your back softly to ease you into a sleep
  • Though he’d probably end up falling asleep before you because he’s so tired all the time from busy schedules
  • But sometimes he’d find it really hard to sleep
  • Especially when he’s anxious about comebacks or work
  • He’ll wake up at 3am and just hold you to his chest to reassure himself that everything will be okay and that he’d just overthinking 
  • Sometimes you’ll wake up and talk with him
  • Stupid conversations at 3AM
  • “Do you think the g in gif is silent?”
  • “As gif I would know”
  • Sometimes you’ll get up and bake at 3am in your underwear together because neither of you can sleep and why not
  • Cooking the brownies and Minhyuk being in a constant state of hugging you from behind. 
  • “Minhyuk I need to get them out the oven, you need to let me go.” 
  • “But Jagi~”
  • Him staying up into the night to play video games with you 
  • Letting you win when you’re tired and grouchy because he likes to make you feel better even if it’s to his own expense 
  • But he’s not always quite so fluffy in the dead of the night, so prepare yourself
  • Him leaving feathery kisses on your neck and it somehow leading to love marks that the other members will laugh about for days
  • Taking you on any surface he’s closest too because who has the time to go upstairs and use the bed?
  • Him not being very loud but grunting quite a lot lowly and cursing when he’s close
  • Loving to hear you though
  • “Say my name jagi, or I’ll stop”
  • Him being unexpectedly dirty minded
Types of Lee's and Ler's in the Tickle Community

Types of Ler’s:

Gentle Ler: Asks where you wouldn’t feel comfortable being tickled and tries to steer clear, light touches, doesn’t like to scratch or use brushes because they are scared to hurt you, fantasies about feathers, loving eyes when the Lee catches their breath, tries not to tickle for too long so the Lee feels comfortable, loves the idea of cheering the Lee up by hug tickles on the tummy and sides/tingly neck kisses, traces shapes and words in the Lee’s skin, likes squeeks and giggles more than tickled-to-tears laughter, likes to tickle with the fabric of your shirt first so you can feel the difference in sensitivity once they put their hand under your shirt

Shy Ler: Asks if they can tickle you, takes time to get to know someone before finally tickling them, is the type to giggle while to Lee is just /dying/ laughing, CANNOT SAY THE T WORD WITHOUT FEELING AWKWARD OR BLUSHING OMG, makes them just MELT if they hear you squeal, fantasies about pinning someone’s arms above their head to have eeeverything out in the open, their heart starts to swell when they find the sweet spot that makes the Lee sound incoherent, LOVES when the Lee tries to curl in a ball/rocks back in forth because it tickles SO BADLY, wants cuddles after tickles

Cheeky Ler: Teases the Lee ALL THE TIME, sometimes using baby talk/calling themselves the tickle monster, will wait to the last moment to tickle the Lee’s worst/favorite spot, SMIRKS WITH DIRECT EYE CONTACT, tries to make the Lee blush in embarrassment, TRIES TO GET THE LEE TO SAY THE T WORD, kisses the Lee while their still giggling from the attack, tickles you to wake you up in the morning, pokES SENSITIVE PLACES IN PUBLIC TO MAKE YOU JUMP, likes to play tickle games like “miscounting” the ribs, hovers their fingers riiight above a tickle spot making the Lee squirm or giggle in anticipation, like to chase the Lee around the house until they’re cornered

Ruthless Ler: Needs a safe word (you don’t even KNOW), loves the idea of tying you down to have FULL range, loves to stretch you out enough so you can’t squirm AT ALL, uses tools (brushes, feathers, nails/claws, toothbrushes, paint brushes, maybe even gags), will linger in your worst spots until your vision is BLURRY, fantasies about hour long sessions, will continue lightly tickling you while your catching your breath just so you’ll keep laughing, makes up challenges such as “don’t laugh or I’ll add more time”, CAN and WILL make you BEG, loooooves to get the Lee to say something embarrassing, is a ruthless Ler but turns into an instant sweetheart after tickling

Tactful Ler: Knows EXACTLY where you’re ticklish and figures out what type of tickling gets the best reactions, likes to pick on the Lee with dorky lines like ‘Don’t!’ ‘Don’t what?’ ‘Tickle me!’ 'Tickle you? Well if you insist!’, figures out what kind of tickle talk will get you to just /die/, will go from one tickle spot to another when the Lee is trying to block them, fantasies about sitting on the Lee’s legs to have FULL access, WILL TICKLE YOU WHEN YOU ARE STRETCHING/GETTING SOMETHING FROM THE TOP SHELF, likes to nibble and kiss on their Lee’s neck/tummy/sides, will somehow find a REALLY bad tickle spot that the Lee didn’t even know about

Types of Lee’s:

Teasing Lee: Will show off tickle spots that will embarrass and provoke the Ler (like lifting their shirt up, putting their feet in the Ler’s lap), knows what to say to literally make you blush, flirts SO MUCH before being tickled (but as soon as you even mention the t word they go silent and get embarrassed), has a tickle spot but wants the Ler to find it, making cute smarty pants comments in between tickling so they can be WRECKED, wants you to make them squeal (!!!), will stretch just to see if someone will tickle them

Tough Lee: Wants to be ticked only by people they trust the most (because they feel so vulnerable), will claim they aren’t ticklish when they’re actually the moST SENSITIVE PERSON, will hold their breath to try and not laugh, will put up a hard exterior but as soon as you say the t word they GET SO FLUSTERED, doesn’t like being tickled when they’re sad or angry (is frustrates them more… very emotional), buuut they DO have a favorite spot (which if you linger there long enough they’ll turn into a cute pile of mush)

Bashful Lee: They cannot flipping handle being teased (!!!), they blush 7 different shades of red because they are so easily embarrassed, they love and hate tickle games and their heart flutters every time someone suggests to play one, their laugh is so airy and contagious that the LER has a laughing fit, their weakened so easily when tickled that their knees will start to buckle, above all else they won’t mind doing anything you tell them to (like holding there arms up shyly, or if you say “don’t laugh” which, try as they might, causes them to break down even faster)

Athletic Lee: Will poke/tickle the Ler’s sides to start WAR, will full out tickle the Ler so the Ler gets major revenge, not only deserves to be pinned down but ASKING FOR IT, asking to be tickled in general, likes to be chased around the house instead of just taking it, can be tickled for the longest time and still not be winded from it, like they can literally be tickled five times in the same day and aren’t tiered from it, fantisies about being tied down, their biggest weakness are tools (brushes, feathers)

Squirmy Lee: Can’t even sit still when simply MENTIONING the t word, is the type to start laughing just by wiggling your figures at them, will buck and try wiggle out of the Ler’s grasp (even though they still love it), will curl in a ball or lay on their stomach just to limit the open tickle spots (yet will somehow make it worse for themselves by letting bad spots be out on the open), will find themselves falling over or end up on the ground when the tickling gets SO INTENSE


Feel free to add some more! :)