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Okay, i’m probably late. Very, very late. Ugh. I hate me. Sorry. I didn’t notice the acceptance post.
My name is Kei, i go by the pronouns she/her and they/them. 14. Asexual biromantic. Yeah, that’s my ugly face in my ava (plus some crappy editing skill).
I’m interested in many things and my birth date is the same as The US Independence Day.
You can follow me on Twitter, it’s @skellingtoniero or @panda_iero. My kik and snapchat are both crookei, if you wanna talk or something??? okay,,

“Hell exists, but it does not exist as eternally unending chasms of fire, agony and brimstone.  Real Hell exists inside the person.”

“Tormenting thoughts trapped inside your head become your demons, and the Devil is your wounded heart and will, trapped in the slow decay of atrophy.”

“Fear becomes ravenous and devours your soul, leaving you hollow, leaving you rotten, until all that is left of you is the numbing cold of despair, and the suffocation of darkness.”

“Hell exists, and I know it will find me again.”

“It always finds me.”

“I think, perhaps, I am Hell, for all I feel now…is cold.”