year 2016 & bts

Today we celebrate the birthday of a very beautiful man.

Today we celebrate the birthday of a very special man.

Today we celebrate the birthday of a great inspiration to so many people.

Today we celebrate the birthday of Kim Seokjin.

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Jin is a member of BTS, a 7 member boy group from South Korea. He is the oldest member.

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Here is featus Jin.

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Jin is the amazing visual. 

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He is so beautiful

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So caring

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So loving

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So hardworking

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So talented

Yet somehow he is so underrated.

It’s so unfair for him to feel unworthy.

For him to fell forgotten and undesired.

To the point where that is what his solo song can be said to imply.

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It is so unfair for him to feel as if he is not as good as the others members. Not as talented, not as deserving of the fame, but still hardworking.

Sometimes people brush aside Jin, pretending he isn’t there.

Pretending he isn’t a part of the group.

Spreading hate, such as the mass tweeting by haters claiming he is autistic.

Sometimes, people just see the picture of a man who knows he is good-looking and think that there is nothing else about him.

Truthfully though, why do you think Jin sometimes so desperately clings onto the comments that he is handsome?

Part of it could be because he feels this way, but i wouldn’t be surprised if his reason for the love for that comment is because he might feel useless in other aspects.

And so sometimes people forget that Jin isn’t just a face, or an extra, but a boy with insecurities.

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A boy who sometimes feels so insecure about his glasses even though he is so precious in them.

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A boy who misses his parents.

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A boy who clearly knows that he is a group with heavy dances, while he is not particularly the best dancer.


Yet he always works hard. 

Yet he always improves.

Yet he never makes his members feel at fault or uncomfortable.

How many groups do you know where the members can make fun of their oldest Hyung, without ayer on getting into some fight.

Because Jin always make sure they can feel good with him.

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Always makes sure that they can joke around.


So ARMYs let’s appreciate Jin for the amazing human being he is.(including  his dad jokes)

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(Most recent example of a dad joke)

So armies lets make it our mission to show our love to Jin.

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Lets make it our goal to appreciate Eat Jin’s and not ignore them cause ‘its just Jin’

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Lets show him his is special. That his lines do matter, that his voice, his presence, everything matters because Jin is special. He truly is.


Here is a short spam of Jin’s relationship with his members.: To show how amazing he is as a hyung.

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And of course here is a spam of our birthday boy

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So happy birthday Jin!

I hope this year you will be made to feel like the special gift you are. 

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I hope you don’t go on any diet and keep eating well.

I hope you stay healthy.

I hope you have people who listen to you.

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I hope that from now on all the tears you cry are happy tears.

I hope you know of how much we truly love you.

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I hope you can showcase your acting more, shine more

SO thank you Jin.

Thank you for bing in our lives.

We, real ARMYs promised to laugh and cry with you.

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We promise to support you and cherish you, just like you cherish us.

Jin is not just that 7th member of BTS.

He is a member of BTS full stop.

What is you fate Kim Seokjin?

It is to bring happiness to millions of people.

It is to make people find joy.

It is to inspire people.

It is to help us in our darkest time.

You may not know it Kim Seokjin, but in many times, it is you who puts a smile on our face.

And for that we will forever be grateful.

Sure ‘maybe you can never fly’ but thats ok. Because we will try to always be there to lift you. We don’t want a superhero. We want a human. We want Kim Seokjin. 

We want Kim Seokjin with the whole package.

The good, the bad and the ugly.


Oh and Jin …

Its ok to fall.

Because we will always work hard to be your wings.

Because you are ours.

SO Happy Birthday!

Thank you for reading!

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