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So I’ve been  re-reading The Hobbit along with The Fellowship of the Ring and I noticed this:

“‘You will have to manage without pocket-handkerchiefs, and a good many other things, before you get to the journey’s end. As for a hat, I have got a spare hood and cloak in my luggage.’

That’s how they all came to start, jogging off from the inn on a fine morning just before May, on laden ponies; and Bilbo was wearing a dark-green hood (a little weather-stained) and a dark-green cloak borrowed from Dwalin. They were too large for him, and he looked rather comic.” (Chapter two of The Hobbit)

“Then [Bilbo] put on quickly some old untidy garments, and fastened round his waist a worn leather belt. On it he hung a short sword in a battered black-leather scabbard. From a locked drawer, smelling of moth-balls, he took out an old cloak and hood. They had been locked up as if they were very precious, but they were so patched and weather-stained that their original colour could hardly be guessed: it might have been dark green. They were rather too large for him.” (Chapter one of The Fellowship of the Ring) 




- I can bring her back.

- You have two days.

- In two days? the last moon of autumn and the first sun of  winter appear in the sky together.

- And the bells shall ring in gladness at the Mountain King’s return.But all shall fail in sadness, and the Lake will shine and burn.

How Many Years Between The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings?

Okay, so here’s what happened. There’s actually a huge time gap in Fellowship of the Ring that they really didn’t show or explain in the movies, so it’s left a lot of fans confused about just how much time passed between Bilbo’s adventure and Frodo’s.

When Gandalf is finally telling Frodo about the true history of the One Ring, Tolkien mentions that “Gandalf was thinking of a spring, nearly eighty years before, when Bilbo had run out of Bag End without a handkerchief.” But what you might miss is that, in the paragraph preceding this sentence, Tolkien mentions that it’s been 17 years since Bilbo’s birthday party. Nothing really significant happens during this time (on Frodo’s end, anyway - Gandalf’s been zig-zagging across Middle Earth researching the Ring, helping Aragorn track down Gollum, and other wizardly things), so when Peter Jackson and company adapted this for the movie, they basically compressed the timeline so that it appeared that all of this happened within a few months.

So, fast forward to the Hobbit movies, and when Bilbo’s writing his story down just before his birthday party, he says that it’s been about 60 years since he traveled to Erebor with the dwarves. For everyone primarily familiar with the movies, it therefore seems that there are 60 years between Bilbo finding the Ring, and Frodo destroying it. When in reality it was more like 80.

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Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed obsessing over every last detail like Thorin’s Smaug slippers and holding the arkenstone which is wearing a hat to keep it warm, and yes luke has a tiny R2Ds and yes that is a reindeer on Davros’ jumper and handmade patterned socks on John and nobody will ever see close enough to know that there’s a letter S on the present Harry is sending to Sirius of course and that Peter has little stars on his christmas sweater or how obviously that dalek learned cookery out of a 1970’s recipe book…and, well… just baymax being adorable.

…I mean, as much as I enjoyed drawing them :)
Merry Christmas!