bts: the avengers


Behind the scenes, highlighting the intricate wire work that went into Doctor Strange. It’s nice to see how the crazy visual moments were pulled off and how the actors traversed those enviroments!

Imagine Leo is busy building something and enlists the help of Jason, so he’s just kinda doing his thing, wiggling his butt while fixing away, and then passes a hammer back to Jason– right when Percy comes casually strolling onto the deck. Then he just freezesand everyone goes silent wondering what’s wrong until Percy whispers, “THOR.”

So then Jason thrusts the hammer into the sky and summons a bolt of lightning and Percy summons a bunch of water into a shield and Leo stands sassily while holding his drill like it’s a weapon and they all just kinda stand there in a circle, posing, until Piper comes on deck then walks back downstairs without a word.

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dolphinjuicebox said:

How about a reading of this KH/Avengers tweet? twitter(.)com/fancydrak/status/540419552639590400

I’ll do you one better, here’s a sneak peek into Kingdom Hearts 3.

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