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I suspect Tony, Steve and Bucky will be in the top three. BUT if you had to put all the Avengers, and possibly the supporting characters, on a scale, where would they fall and why?

1) TONY WOULD BE AT THE TOP BECAUSE HE IS MY PRECIOUS CHILD (Actually it’s because he’s shown to have mental illness/PTSD in canon and do you know how hard that is to find?! I saw Iron Man 3 and it’s not the best movie but it is my favorite because he had his first anxiety attack and I cried and cried because finally, someone like me, being shown at their worst instead of all those fake plastic smiles and frightened eyes.)

2) James Rhodes my precious War Machine would be second because honestly even half the shenanigans Tony gets up to wouldn’t be possible without him (and he is also so important to me as a black man who is a commanding officer and also graduated from MIT can you even imagine all the bullshit he had to go through HE IS IMPORTANT TO A LOT OF PEOPLE.)

3) Pepper is a queen and should be treated like one. (People say she’s problematic because she didn’t stick it out with Tony and I want to fight all of them. She did not feel safe. Tumblr’s need to be supportive to the mentally ill at the expense of the neurotypical’s own mental and physical health is toxic. My mom went to her room and cried and cried after helping me through an episode because she was the only one that could and it exhausted her and I hate that she had to go through that with no help of her own. GROW UP, TUMBLR. HAVING HELP IS NICE BUT BEING MENTALLY ILL IS ULTIMATELY YOUR PROBLEM AND YOU MUST LEARN COPING SKILLS. *steps off soap box* Kudos to Pepper for looking out for her own mental health. Tony is my fave but I would never want anyone to sacrifice their wellness for him.)

4) Natasha is interesting and sassy and I know lots of people aren’t interested anymore but I would LOVE a Black Widow movie about her entering the Red Room, breaking out, defecting, finding SHIELD. I’m just saying DC THREW DOWN THE GAUNTLET, MARVEL. YOU HAVE TO LIVE WITH THE FACT THAT THEY DID A FEMALE LEAD MOVIE FIRST. I mean how could you not love her. She quotes old sci-fi movies and uses emoji in her texts.

5) Bruce Banner/Hulk because I also had anger issues as a child. Sometimes I do feel kind of like a monster when I’m angry.

6) James Bucky Barnes because we see him trying to recover from his trauma in realistic ways and I’m all about showing recovery. (Huh, it’s almost as if I like seeing representation.)

7) Steve Rogers because I am small Steve apparently. The first movie was the best, such character development. Marvel has done us a disservice by not showing how affected he is by his traumas. Admittedly I can kind of see it as “This wasn’t talked about when I was a kid, everyone got shellshock, this isn’t a big deal” so they don’t talk about it. But hey, my grandfather was in WWII and had that mentality. And it cost him his marriage. So whatever. (He would be higher up on the list but I’m still Salty about CW and that fucking ‘sorry not sorry’ letter.)

8) Thor/Clint. It’s easy to forget them. In fact, a lot of the times I see Thor omitted from fic entirely (sometimes they even mention Thor is on Asgard but a lot of times they just don’t mention him at all), which is a shame, because he’s by far a very easy character to relate to (on a basic level: father disappointed in him, he can’t come home, eventually redeems himself and is accepted back, it’s all very feel good). And Clint as a character is more interesting to me in comics than in MCU. I don’t like that he was given this family that was so important in AoU then he tossed them aside in CW. Be consistent for God’s sake.

The top four are non-negotiable but the bottom four change frequently to suit my mood.


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Ohh can you do a crossover of the reader having to choose between Tony Stark and Harrison wells? I think that would be interesting lol. I love the Negan and Harry wells crossover you’ve done it’s great!

A/N:  Request still open guys! don’t be shy! :D

Earth 1 Harrison Wells (EoWells) x Reader x Tony Stark

-Are you jealous? – she asks walking through the cortex and stopping in front Cisco’s computer –

-No – sighs – Y/N listen… - he moves in his wheelchair to where Y/N was – I understand that you have this opportunity and it’s your dream to work with Stark…-

-But.. –Y/N turns to see him –

-But I know guys like him – Y/N smiles at him and moves up from her seat to sit on his lap and put her arms around his neck –

-And How are guys like him? – she asks biting her lip –

-Well… the man is a genius, billionaire, philanthropist and all that shit he claims to be… He hires a young, beautiful, smart woman and then he wants to get off with her –

Y/N starts to laugh – why don’t you put it in your autobiography, dear? – she says giving him a kiss on the lips –

-What do you mean? – he asks, giving her another kiss –

-You know what I mean – the elevator doors open and Tony appears; they both saw him surprised, Y/N gets up from Harrison’s lap

-Mr. Stark, what are you doing here? – she asks –

-There was no security in here so I came in because you didn’t answer your phone, I told you I’ll pick you up at four o’clock, there’s a SHIELD business that we need to attend… is here where you work? – Tony asks looking around –

-Yes – she responds – I’m sorry my cellphone just dies…-

-Don’t worry – he says –

-He’s my boyfriend, Harrison Wells – She introduces him, Harrison looks at him with his poker face –

-Hi –Tony says, coming to greet him –  A pleasure Dr. Wells, I have read your work about quantum physics and it’s amazing –

-Thank you

-Well… I’m very sorry to have to steal your girlfriend, but she has a brilliant brain and it will only be a few hours-

-Yes I know, she’s brilliant… Y/N, be careful – he whispers and they walk away a little –

-Dear… he just flattered your quantum physics works

-also your brain, Y/N promise me you’ll be careful –

She sighs – I’ll be – she kisses him – I’ll see you at home – she says walking away with tony –

-Nice to meet you Dr. Wells – says Tony as the elevator doors close.

requests still open! (x)


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Marvel fans: please go see Wonder Woman because it’s not very often that we get a superhero movie with a woman protagonist

DC fans: please go see Black Panther next February because it’s not often that we get a superhero movie with a predominantly black cast

What I’m trying to say is, these movies stand for something more important than your fandom


Just a few posts I collected that are nice examples of how Tony Stark is not just some self-centered jerk.

     I’ve said it before, but you can’t take everything the man does at face value. He’s a deep and very human character that you have to pay close attention to and try to understand.

Just stumbled across a little secret Avengers rehearsal by the @therussobrothers 

[Chris Hemsworth on IG]