bts: rookie king

ughh why do i keep coming back to this waeeeeeee

  1. jimin says he CANNOT aegyo but for the love of tim-tam tell me if this isn’t endearing. i mean, look at the members’ faces when he dropped that 601x aegyo bomb.
  2. jimin clearlyyyyy didn’t want to drink the sikhye, like r e a l l y not wanting to do it.
  3. everyone teased jimin, yoongi probably more.
  4. but like towards the end yoongi wasn’t even that excited anymore.
  5. and he so subtly took the drink away right after jimin had a sip. sweet suga hyung. if you watch the whole 8 episodes, they don’t really let each other off easily– but then, maybe cos this is the first episode? or maybe maybe with jimin they just had to, cos it’s jimin.
  6. this kinda what initially got me into yoonmin heh. like i ship jimin with everyone but yoongi idk he just shows us sides he usually doesn’t when he’s with jimin, and that is just asdfghjkl;
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Rap Monster 

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