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hogwarts au (namjoon)

okay I recently saw this picture with rap monster responding a fan about which hogwart house each member would be in and now I have to headcanon each member of course:

kim namjoon (pt.1):

  • namjoon is excited about hogwarts, he thinks that his first year will be great and he’ll finally learn some more complex spells.
  • when he first gets on the hogwarts express, namjoon finds an empty compartment and starts reading one of the few novels he had brought from home.
  • but then 
  • his glasses break
  • he mutters with frustration and quickly uses a reparo charm and is startled when he hears someone opening the compartment door.
  • a boy who is also a first year, smiles at him and namjoon is confused. the boy waves his fingers at the repaired glasses.
  • “how do you already know the reparo charm?”
  • “uh i break things a lot so my mom taught me how.”
  • “i’m jung hoseok! nice to meet you!”
  • “kim namjoon, nice to meet you too.” that’s how he met his best friend.
  • they get to the castle and namjoon can tell that hoseok is nervous so he gives the other boy a squeeze on the shoulder with a grin.
  • hoseok goes first and the sorting hat only spends 3 seconds before calling out: “HUFFLEPUFF!” 
  • when it’s namjoon’s turn, he can hear the hat speaking to him.
  • “smart kid, you could do great things as a ravenclaw.”
  • “but wait you have some courage and nerve with this brain of yours, where do you want to go?”
  • namjoon is torn:
  • as a ravenclaw, it’s a symbol of knowledge and wisdom and he feels like he is intelligent enough to be part of a community like that but,
  • as a gryffindor, he could be known for being a brave individual almost like a 
  • a leader.
  • and then the sorting hat chuckles and in a loud voice announces: “GRYFFINDOR!”
  • namjoon sits down next to an older boy who seemed to have a kind face. as he glances at the older boy, the boy turns to namjoon.
  • “are you dazed by my beauty?”
  • “um sure, i guess you’re handsome?” the other boy beamed.
  • “i’m kim seokjin, a third year!” and that was how he met his future roommate for the next four years. 

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are you a fan of bts?

ahahaha…. a fan? of bts?

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am i a fan?

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i totally didn’t initially watch hwarang because of han sung…

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i mean, i totally didn’t watch hwarang at first becaue of v and minho

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BTS x Foreign S.O

Ok am I the only one thinking that BTS members dating someone whose first language isn’t English would be cute?

I mean, just imagine:

-they would both know the struggle of learning it.
-They would be able to relate to those struggles.
-They would tease each other in their native languages.
-Learning each other’s culture
-Meeting each other’s family and be confused af but then reassure each other that it’s okay
-Looking at each other confused when they don’t understand an English word/phrase/lingo (I dO THIS A LOT OK. ENGLISH IS CONFUSING AF LIKE WHO THOUGHT IT WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA TO HAVE TOO, TO, TWO AND THERE, THEIR, THEY’RE)
-watching movies in each other’s native language with English subtitles
-Have I mentioned different FOODS
-Srsly the food
-y'all,,, don’t sleep on the food
-If they’re different cultures it means different customs. Just imagine confused BTS when their significant other just walks around the house with their shoes
- imaginE IT woULD IT NOT BE CUTE?
-“Jagi you look great!”
-“Thank you, bombón” (That’s Spanish for marshmallow)
-Teaching each other phrases in each other’s languages
-“ok so parlez-vous means what?”
-“can you say it again?”
- “I can’t”
-“you’re doing great”
-“how can I tell your parents that they have an amazing son?”(That would be the S.O saying that)
-when they get mad at each other instead of the silent treatment they talk in their native language (I’ve done this before and trust me it’s 10 times more irritating)
-accidentally switching to each other’s native languages while having a casual conversation
-“you did it again” “ah I’m sorry”
-did I mention words oF enDEarMenT iN NaTivE laNguAGe ????
-tesoro (Spanish:treasure)
-jagiya (Korean:honey, sweetie)
-mon cœur (French: my heart)
-princesa/principe (Spanish:my princess/prince)
-ma moitié (French: my other half)
-xiǎo mì táng (Mandarin: little honey)
-mi vida (Spanish: my life)
-schnuckiputzi (German: cute, sweet)
-nifę (Yoruba: love correct me if I'm wrong on this one)


드라마 데뷔 축하해요! #배우김태형 ლζ*♡ε♡*ζლ
congratulations on your drama debut, actor kim taehyung~


The reason why i love to tease Jimin is because i love him. There’s no special reason behind that and teasing him is really fun because he’s really cute. - Min Yoongi


love you like fireburst (4/8)
↳ from jungkook to taehyung