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u remind me a lot of saitama from opm cuz ur like hella chill and cool nd you seem very laidback. u seem like the type of person to give some1 a banana to cheer them up

Honestly this is such a fucking compliment thank you

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Name: Christian. 

Favorite drink: Anything with high alcohol and coffee ~ donno anything is fine I guess ~

Favorite Snack: Some dry pretzels ? donno I don’t have one ~

Favorite meal: None. 

Favorite memory: *frowns* I suddenly have amnesia. (maybe my piano concert or when I was praised for my paintings and artistic performance or maybe the rare times when I had a happy family )

Favorite tv show: Sherlock . SPN.  Hannibal. In the flesh .and anything that I come across tbh…everything seem so boring at tv this days.

Favorite tumblr blog: The list is long and I don’t want to miss anyone ~

One random fact about you:  I look always mad and people fear to talk to me. I am actually just tired.

One random fact about your day: I run away from courses today to sleep.

One random fact about your job/school: I am still battling with pneumonia and just went to consult a kid that has pneumonia too. Awesome….*pulls a face* It other words…it’s damn tiring .

One random fact about your favorite tv show: I write ff and draw for it ~

What is one thing you would sell your soul for: Power ~ *grins*

If you could only have one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be: I nice suit. I love white shirts and vest ~ and my trench coat that I adore ~

What was the last song that got stuck in your head: Kaleo- Way down we go ~ *sighs*

Zombie Apocalypse. What is your weapon of choice: Empathy.

Did you have a baby blanket? Do you still have it: Huh? What is that *tilts head* . No and no ~

What is your favorite Halloween costume you’ve ever worn: I know one time I just made my hair black and had a haircut just like Kageyama XD but also I was a forest nymph ~

Beach or Water Park: Beach ~ <3 I  miss the sea ~

Name a song that you dislike: HAHAHAHAHAAHA too many but I am forced to listen to them sooooo *shrug* 

What do you think is your spirit animal: Kuroo Tetsurou. Oda Sakunosuke . Dazai Osamu. Donno if I mix them all is a damn soup of assholes ~ 

What is the most played song on your MP3/MP4: *looks at the mp3* LP- no witness ( the most recent and most played rn ) and Imagine dragons- Believer .

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Atlas At Last by @louisandthealien [83k]

He doesn’t know what he had been expecting out of the road trip itself besides burping contests and too much shitty gas station food with Oli and Stan, but in the brief moment before Harry ambles up his driveway, Louis idly wonders if this is about to become some sort of Gay Coming of Age story.

Maine to California in ten days. In which Zayn’s an open-shirt hippie they meet somewhere in Ohio, Liam’s the pastor’s son running away from home, and Niall’s the number they call on the bathroom wall.

It’s 1978. Harry and Louis are just trying to get to San Fran in time for the Queen concert.