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Bolero, Ballet For Orchestra Or Piano
Adam Fischer : Hungarian State Orchestra
Bolero, Ballet For Orchestra Or Piano

Bolero, Ballet For Orchestra Or Piano

By Composer Joseph Maurice Ravel

Performed By Conductor Adam Fischer And The Hungarian State Orchestra

Boléro became Ravel’s most famous composition, much to the surprise of the composer, who had predicted that most orchestras would refuse to play it. It is usually played as a purely orchestral work, only rarely being staged as a ballet. According to a possibly apocryphal story from the premiere performance, a woman was heard shouting that Ravel was mad. When told about this, Ravel is said to have remarked that she had understood the piece. 😊


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Had a productive morning blasting vintage Soviet psych-funk while browsing freeware death metal fonts for tomorrow’s Drugs & Wires update. Good times. 

Bonus: @cryoclaire‘s reaction to the above track. 

The Death of Isabel Lovelace: A Poem in Three Parts


death comes not with his scythe and robe and bones
death is not cold
instead, death burns like fire into your quiet sleep,
roaring with solar wind
like pain
and monsters
as the ice around you evaporates instantly.
it scalds your skin,
before the heat melts it off your bones.
there’s no time for last thoughts
just enough to scream
(mindless, an animal noise from your human mouth).

then you are reborn.


death comes not on wings of night and shadow
gliding towards you in silence
in bed
on earth
(like you deserve).
instead it rides on the sonic boom of a bullet
burrowing into your skull
too fast to see
and your last thought
(because now there is time, now you are not asleep)
(you have had time to prepare),
your last thought is,
“could it really have happened any other way?”

then you are reborn again.


you are reborn again, and you see their faces
the disgust and fear twisting their features
the revulsion that makes them grit their teeth
and avoid your eyes
(you note that there are fewer of them than there were before)
you see them
and all their fear
and you wonder,
“how long will it be before death comes again?”