bts: 4x22


4x22 // 9x23

Is it just me or is Dean’s left eye significantly less demonic looking than the right? There’s a gray haze to it, and I can see the distinct outline of an iris. Very fitting considering all our past discussions about the left side representing the true self, and the right side representing the false self. His true self is not now, nor will it ever be, demonic. Considering this difference, and that he didn’t become a demon in the traditional way, I’d say we’re not going to be dealing with a typical demon. The difference in color is especially telling when you compare it to the uniform color of Sam’s eyes when they turned black in Lucifer Rising.

I also can’t stop thinking about Crowley telling Dean to, “see what I see, feel what I feel”. How much control is he going to have over Dean exactly? I guess we have all summer to drive ourselves crazy trying to figure that out… :P