bts: 4x22


Dean & Cas Are In Love

A hopefully one day conclusive study of these assholes, hopefully told as briefly as I can.

Written for the people in the fandom who care but sometimes need a pick me up on this, and not written to prove a point to anyone who doesn’t already care. <3

There’s some peak DeanCas moments in this scene - that bit with Dean catching Cas’s eye, Cas’s attempts to justify what Heaven has lead him to believe is the ideal outcome vs Dean’s insistence throughout it’s better to be human, that humanity is better, that humanity deserves the chance, that you should die for humanity.

But at the end it’s a personal “we’re done” because when Cas breaks, as he has to, as Dean knew he could argue Cas around, Cas is caught in fear and still chained down by Heaven, convinced there is no resisting Heaven, and unable yet to shake off the words that persuade him to stay in line. That he’s been shaped by fear to gain his loyalty to Heaven, but Dean is swaying him with compassion, and love, and the promise of chaotic, painful but free humanity.

It’s just too much for Cas to grasp all at once, along with Dean’s reveal of what Zach told him about Heaven and its plans, to make the leap just off the inspiring speech. And so we have yet another rejection over principles, as in 4x18, but with much higher stakes. And this rejection requires Cas to dramatically leave, *personally* rejected by Dean for not being able to stand up for what Dean knows Cas believes.

And that’s the note that this is left on,that Cas leaves on. That they are done if Cas doesn’t act, while all the rest - Sam, humanity, everything that may get destroyed - is the build up to this persuasion.

We’re done.

  • Coulson: [misses the flaming head scenes in the initial ghost rider arc] GODDAMMMIT AM I THE ONLY PERSON WHO HASN'T SEEN IT??!?!
  • Coulson: [misses the front row seats to Quakerider badassery in 4x22] YOU GUYS TOGETHER AND WE MISSED IT AAAA I MISSED IT
  • Coulson: fcckkkkinnn dats ittt i have a plan to stop AIDA GUYS TRUST ME ON THIS I GOT THIS OK
  • Coulson: [becomes the flaming head]