Bts gif reaction to you being pregnant.

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Request: by: Hiii… is it ok if you can do a pregnancy series .. I think it will be rlly adorable xx😊😭

This is sooo cute, this is going to make me cry, I love this sooo much, btw keep requesting my requests are open, and if your request could be triggering I’ll ask the others and then write it, or not, anyways hope you enjoy this one.


Rapmon was so busy, in the studio, he’d been producing music, and lately he seemed to miss you a lot more, he got home with more anticipation to see you again, in what seemed like months but only a single span of a week, during this time, you had found out, you were pregnant, you wanted to tell him, but feared that it’d hinder his work, you kept it to yourself till he came home,

“Joon? Is that you?”

“Yes, come here I missed you sooo much” you walk into his embrace, taking care to not harm the baby,

“Y/n you didn’t miss me?” You smiled towards him, already knowing what he meant,

“What do you mean, of course I missed you, dummy”

“Then why are you less hyper than usual” you smiled at his question, you looked down, still smiling, and staring at your tummy, that had developed a little bump, namjoon looked at you as if to question what he was suspecting, you grabbed his hands and placed it on your tummy, “y/n? Are you, are you pregnant?” You smiled at him again, and nodded, he wrapped his arms around your waist,

“Thank you, thank you sooo much, I love you and our baby, I’m sooo happy you have no idea”

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Jin was coming back from America, he had been gone for almost 2 weeks, just before he left, you found out that you were pregnant, you were so happy, you didn’t mention your pregnancy over the phone, knowing him he’d drop everything and come back to you, and you didn’t want that, he’d get into so much trouble, so you’d eat as much as your body would take in, and you had no idea that Jin would be coming back already without warning, he didn’t text or call you to let you know that he was coming.

What he didn’t expect to see was you throwing up in the toilets because of morning sickness,

“Y/n? Are you sick? Jesus shouldn’t we go to the hospital?” After you had emptied your stomach, you smiled at him and said

“Oppa this is going to have to be a normal thing for the next few months”

“What do you… wait….. REALLY!” He’d gasp,

“There’s a little me in there” he pointed towards your tummy and just looked so shocked, after he was done with being super shocked, he’d make sure to question if the past week you ate properly and if you needed anything, then he’d just cuddle up with you.

“I love you princess, and little prince or princess that’s nice and warm inside of mummy”

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You would tell suga as soon as you found out, you’d call him and he’d be getting ready for a show,

“Hey, y/n? What’s up? Your calling me at this time, isn’t it bedtime back there?”

“Yoongi, I think I’m pregnant” he’d look super shocked, he would blink millions of times and punch himself to check if he was dreaming

“Babe, we need to go to he doctors, as soon as we get back, let’s go together okay?” You nodded and ended the call, the whole show he’d feel really giddy and happy, his fans would question what was going on, he’d hint slightly at it, but he won’t tell them just yet, wanting to be super sure.

He’d get home as fast as he could, he’d kick his shoes off and run towards you, he’d grab you waist and just stare at your tummy,

“Babe? Is there really a small baby in there?”

You smiled at his innocent looking self, he looked so happy, he’d take you to the hospital, where they’d confirm it, he’d be a smiling and giggling mess the whole pregnancy, and he would always make sure to kiss your tummy goodnight.

“Good night my two queens, I love you both”

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Hoseok would be oblivious, you wouldn’t tell him straight, you’d tell him you had a gift for him, and you’d gift him a small tie box, he’d open it and smile at the tie that was inside it,

“Thank you Babe, that’s really random” you smiled and whispered,

“Lift it up, you’ll like what’s under it more”

He’d lift the tie up and find a small note and a pregnancy test, he’d read the note that read, “your going to be a dad, and I’m going to be a Mum, I love you” he’d start to tear up, and he’d lift the pregnancy test that was positive and he smiled and kept crying more,

“Thank you, Thank you sooo much, you have no idea how happy this has made me, I’ll take care of both you and our baby, I love you sooo soooo much”

He’d hug you and kiss you and just give you all the love.

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This little bubble would start to buy baby clothing and baby related things, he was sending you little signals of him wanting a child, you guys were trying for a child, for months, so when you walked out of the bathroom full of tears he got really worried,

He’d come over and wrap his hands around your face, you were crying and smiling, this confused him.

“Y/n what happened? Why are you crying?”

“Chim, I’m pregnant, with your child, I’m pregnant, I’m so happy, thank you so much” he looked at you shocked and his eyes were now twinkled with small droplets of tears. He’d bring you into a hug and whisper

“Thank you, Thank you so much, Thank you for being my wife, thank you for trying so hard with me to create a family, I love you sooo much”

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You’d take v on a whole entire dinner, then you’d take him on a little treasure hunt, at the end he’d find all the letters and arrange them into the order, he’d complete the whole hunt and read

“I’m inside of mums tummy”

He’d read the reward over and over again, then he’d smile and laugh like crazy, he’d come over towards your tummy and touch it and caress it and ask weird dumb questions like

“Babe, is it kickings yet?”

“Do you think she’s hungry?”

“Do you think it’s a he or a she?”

“I want a girl, but I’d love a boy too, I wouldn’t mind”

“Tae, the babies only 3 weeks old, we can’t know just yet”

“Well I’m ready to either have daddy’s girl or daddy’s boy, can you blame me?”

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To be honest, you’d find out the same time as jungkook, you were so busy, that you didn’t really take good care of yourself, when you constantly threw up you just brushed it off as maybe you were too stressed, jungkook would get worried towards why you were losing your appetite and also throwing up so much, so he’d take you to the doctors, where he’d find out that you were pregnant, and the iv that was filled with the best vitamins and stuff for pregnant women attached to you and your peaceful sleeping state, once you woke up he’d tell you how you were pregnant, you’d cry and cry with jungkook,

“Thank you kookie, I love you so much”

“No y/n thank you for being the strongest mother I know, I loved you too”

He’d make sure to find you food that you craved just because you found it hard to eat normal food that you’d usually eat.

“Don’t worry, I’ll travel and search high and low to be able to get you things that you need”

You’d go shopping with him to buy baby clothing, and the first thing jungkook would buy would be a pair of timberlands.

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Soooo hope you enjoyed, this one was soooooo cute to write, and I’m mostly busy on week days because of school, so I might only be able to upload maybe 1 reaction each day or something, especially now because it’s exam weeks, but once it’s over, it’ll be fine, btw I’m already half way through it, so I can make it.

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A Major Problem!

Look I’m extremely excited that BTS are getting what they deserve, but the death threats and hate mail has to STOP! If you see any of the shit being spread report it like crazy, get it removed, I dont care if a so-called “army” is trying to justify that stuff but we can’t let this stand. If we dont get rid of it now then America will use this as a way of proving how “crazy”, and “psychopathic” Army’s are. Already there has been death threats to the American artist who sat by namjoon at the Ama’s. NOW LISTEN UP! SHE WAS SITTING ON THE HAND RAIL, SHE WAS NOT SITTING ON NAMJOONS LAP!!! People need to stop overacting and pretending that Namjoon isn’t a grown ass man that can take care of himself. If she actually was sitting on his lap he probably wouldn’t have let anyone post it. He knows how to protect his image, and he knows the crazy side of this fandom and how they can take things a little to seriously. What i’m saying is he’s smart. And we need to be smart to, what we do reflects on them, they may be humble and our kings, but if their fandom is crazy then people will assume that they are aswell. I personally do not want that to be the case so please take the time and effort, if you see any bad things just report it until its gone.

Ps: Don’t forget to vote on MAMA, we only have 8 days left we need to keep fighting


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