Reaction to you doing something they asked you not to

Anon asked: “ Reaction to you doing something they asked you not to do”

Trigger Warning

You knew you shouldn’t have gone out by yourself. You knew how dangerous it would be and how worried he would get, but you couldn’t help yourself.
However you hoped oh-so- desperately he wouldn’t find out. Unluckily he had eyes everywhere.

Kim Namjoon

As soon as you shut the front door, you found him right in front of you. His lips sucked in by his teeth, his body tense, he was the portrait of silent rage. 

“I hope you enjoyed your short lived freedom, you won’t be experiencing it anytime soon. Let’s go. Oh. And if you ever try this again I might just put a collar on that pretty little neck of yours.” 

Kim Seokjin

You returned as quickly as possible, hoping he wouldn’t come home before you. Unfortunately, that was wishful thinking. As soon as you entered you saw his jacket thrown on the armchair you knew you were in trouble. You made your way slowly to the  bedroom, heart pace picking up with each step. He was sat there, on the bed, waiting.
Darling. Would you like to explain to me why did you think it was a good idea to leave the house alone? Do you know how many people want you dead or captive just to get back at me?
When his accusations were met with nothing but silence and pleading eyes, he sighed and pulled you by the hand into his lap, holding you tightly.
“Just never do that again. I won’t be able to live with myself  if something happened to you.”

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Jung Hoseok
You were about three blocks away from your home when someone suddenly covered your mouth and pulled you into the nearest alleyway. You tried to fight, but the male was just too strong. One of his hands was clasped securely over your lips and the other was snaked over your abdomen  pressing your back against his chest so hard it almost hurt . Burying their face into your neck he whispered
“What would you do if something like this would happen one day, hmm? ”
Hoseok. How did he-
“You can’t even fight back. What if one of my enemies were to find you like this? Do you know how would they enjoy torturing you?” He spun you around, holding your arms in place. “Maybe I’ve been too lenient with you.” You went to say something but he cut you off “Don’t bother. Let’s go home, shall we? I have a lesson to teach you after all”

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Min Yoongi
He was upset. Furious even. It was written  all over his face. But he said nothing. Just stared at you while twirling a lighter in his hands.
“Yoongi, I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking. I-”
“Just don’t talk to me right now.”

You were taken aback by his words, not knowing what your next move should be. You wanted him to forgive you; you wanted to see that smile you loved so much lighten his expression.
If we have this discussion right now I don’t know what I will do. Just, go to the bedroom or something, I can’t even stand to look at you

Park Jimin
To say you were nervous would be an understatement. You knew how scary Jimin could be when he truly got mad and you hoped to God he wouldn’t find out. But as soon as you saw his face, all hope vanished.
“Ah, here’s my undisciplined jagi. Did you have fun on your little adventure?”
You shook your head slowly. “What happened? Cat got your tongue?” He approached you, backing you into the door behind you and bracing his arms on either side of your head. His face was so cose that your noses were almost touching and the intensity of his gaze made your insides tremble.  
“I think I should teach you some manners. After all, I wouldn’t want you to believe that you could ever do this again, you know?

Kim Taehyung
You were sat on the couch reading one of your favourite books when he came back home. You heard the door close and the shuffling of him removing his shoes and jacket. Your whole body tensed.
Maybe,  just may-
“Hey baby! How are you?”
He seemed to be in a good mood, that was promising.
“Nothing much. I was just waiting for you.”
“Oh really? That’s so sweet of you.” He plopped next to you and swung his arm around your shoulders, looking into your eyes .
Now, tell me. Were you somehow trying to find me and that’s why you left?”
Your mouth went instantly dry and you tried your beat to form words but his gaze was piercing right trough you with such intensity that you thought you might pass out right then and there
“I- I.. Well..”
“Jagi, I specifically told you not to go out for a reason. You could have just told me. I’m going to let this little stunt of yours pass, but if you ever do that again you should prepare yourself for the consequences.”

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Jeon Jungkook

 You were so worried that someone might see you that you looked around every few seconds or so, managing to walk into someone. You went to apologize but froze when you saw none other than your boyfriend staring at you with an enraged expression.

 "Jagi, I hoped you were smarter than that. Strutting around with no one accompanying you and not even paying attention.  Tsk. Bad girl. I should have taught  you your place sooner. No matter. There’s plenty of time to do that Anon asked “ Can I request their reaction to you doing something they asked you not to do ?”

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Teacher: “And On top of that, your youngest son keeps trying to make everything into a competition.”

“Your eldest son keeps challenging the teachers authority, sleeping in class, and is forever making the other students cry with his bluntness”

“Your second eldest keeps making weird noises and hip thrusting.”

“AND FINALLY, your second youngest: He keeps rapping loudly, making noises, singing, and he tried to challenge someone to a Gucci stand off. Anything to say Mr and Mr.Kim?”

Jin: They’re your kids, Namjoon.