BTS reaction when you can't walk because last night you two had the first time?

Namjoon: *smirks and starts laughing*

Suga: *is satisfied with himself*

Hoseok: *listens to your complaining* “wait hold up, you werent complaining last night!”

Jin: *watches you and continues eating, not phased*

Jimin: “jagiya, you okay there?” *starts teasing you*

Taehyung: *congratulates himself*

Jungkook: *starts laughing and copying your walk* 

BTS Reaction to Missing You While On Tour

Ah, I can only imagine how sad it would be to not have them with you all the time if you were dating. Tours must be so hard. Anyways, hope you guys like this reaction <3

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Jin: “Okay, I love you too.” He said as he hung up the phone. He shut his pink phone with a quick flick and let out a long sigh. He hated hearing how sad you sounded over the phone. He knew you tried your hardest to cover it up when he was away, but he could still tell. There was nothing he hated more than leaving you, but he knew he couldn’t take you away from university and he couldn’t say no to a tour. He tried to keep from tearing up at the thought of you being home all alone, but it broke his heart.

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Suga: He stared at his computer screen as he worked on his new song. He was listening closely as the music flowed from his headphones. The world around him completely disappeared; everything except the image of you on his computer screen. It was a picture you he had taken of you right before he left. He stared at the way you smiled back at him through the screen. He could hear the sorrow that filled his heart reflected through the song and fell even further into it. I promise I will be home soon.

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J-Hope: He didn’t even have to wait to hang up before he started crying. You could hear the way he choked on his words and sniffled that he was already crying. You were telling him about how his sister came to visit and brought their puppy. You hadn’t meant to make him sad, but the moment he heard about everyone, he couldn’t’ stop the tears. “I can’t wait until I come back. I promise we will get lunch with my sister.”

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Rapmon: He stared at the good night text message you had sent him. He wished he could reach through the screen and just hold you, even if only for a moment. He knew you understood that he had to leave, he knew that you would never let on that you were sad, and he loved you for that. But he wasn’t sure if he was going to remain as strong as you had been.

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Jimin: He listened as you told him all about your day. He had you on speaker as he practiced a few of his dance moves in the hotel bathroom. “Can you take me off speaker ChimChim? I hate the way my voice echoes.” You told him with a giggle. He let out a small sigh, “I’m sorry, jagi, I just have to get these moves down. Then I promise I will take you off speaker if it bothers you that much.” He told you as he took a seat on the edge of the tub. He was relieved when you told him it was fine. He didn’t want to tell you, but he honestly liked having you on speaker because the acoustics in the bathroom made it feel like you were closer than you really were.

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V: “No, you can’t just click play. We have to make sure we start at the same time.” Taehyung complained over the phone as he waited for the anime to buffer. He heard you chuckle on the other end of the line. You teased him that you were going to start the video without him. He laughed at you, but it wasn’t a normal laugh. It was a little forced. He knew you wouldn’t be able to tease him about that if he was there with you, but instead he would have to settle on just watching the same video at the same time. Just a few more days. He reminded himself as he told you to click play at the count of three.

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Jungkook: He got off the stage and immediately ran to his phone. He slowly turned it on and saw the 1 missed call notification that he hadn’t wanted to see. You promised to call him before you went to sleep, and he had promised to pick up. He figured you must have forgotten about the time difference when you tried calling. He clicked on the voice message button and felt his heart somewhat sink when he heard your voice. “Hey Kookie, sorry, I guess your concert must still be going on. I can’t remember what time it is there. Anyways, just calling to say that I love you. Have a good evening or afternoon or morning.” He frowned when the message ended and replayed it; missing the sound of your voice already.

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BTS REACTION- When you pass away after a car accident

Namjoon- After he had received the news he would attempt to live his life normally, just like how you would’ve wanted it. But seeing how much harder it was just to go on without the love of his life, he would be depressed. Namjoon would never be the same person he was before.

Seokjin- After the news had been delivered, Jin would isolate himself. He wouldn’t want to bother anyone with his tears, and would just tell everyone that he was fine, even though he wasn’t. On the inside everything had stopped, Jin wouldn’t be able to think right, his heart would hurt, and yet he would still attempt to convince everyone that he was just fine.

Suga- As soon as he got the call, Yoogni would break down. He would reget every time he never said “I love you” back, every time you two fought, every second he didn’t spend with you. Suga would hate himself. He wished he could’ve been there for you, taken off from work just to see you, send you good morning texts, and calling you at night just to hear your voice before he went to sleep.

J-Hope- The moment the doctor had said you didn’t make it, Hoseok would be a complete wreck. He knew he would never be able to live without seeing your smile, or hearing your voice. He would be so depressed at the fact that he could never wake up next to you again, go on walks at the park on Saturday mornings, or even cuddle with you as you fell asleep. Because Hoseok would know he would never be able to hold the hand of the one person he cared about most in this world.

Jungkook- Jungkook would be in denial about the entire ordeal. He wouldn’t be able to believe he lost a loved one. That he would never be able to see your smile when he sang for you, or the way your eyes would crinkle up when he told a joke. Jungkook wouldn’t be able to believe that the one thing he cherished most in this world would be taken from him so soon.

Jimin- Jimin wouldn’t be able to contain himself. Knowing he would never be able to hear your sweet voice ever again would crush him. He would never disconnect your phone after you passed. Every day he would call it just to listen to your voicemail. And every day Jimin would leave a message of his undying love for you. And every day Jimin would cry as he hung up the phone, knowing that his calls would never be returned.

Taehyung- Once he was told you hadn’t made it, Taehyung knew his life would never be the same. His mornings wouldn’t be the same, he wouldn’t be able to wake up next to your smiling face. His afternoons wouldn’t be the same, he wouldn’t be able to listen to you humming as you made lunch. His nights wouldn’t be the same, where he wouldn’t be able to kiss you goodnight and say he loved you. It hurt Taehyung to know he would never be able to say those three words to you ever again, “I love you.”

BTS Reacts

mymisstina here you go ^^ Thank you for requesting! Sorry for the song references hehe
Request : How would BTS react if their baby boy pees on them while they’re changing diapers and you start to laugh?

The annoyed squad : aka the Christina Perri ‘Jar of Hearts’ look squad. I’d say Namjoon and Yoongi. I can imagine being peed on is no fun, and these two will have slightly offended egos as they try to wrestle diapers on the boys. They’re probably going to whine and ask you to stop it.

The shrug squad
: aka the Taylor Swift ‘Shake It Off’ squad. I think this would be Jin and Jimin. Jin, because he’s a professional, probably trained in all mom required situations since he realized what a mess Bangtan was and Jimin because he tries his best to let things go easy and be an adorable cupcake.

The easygoing squad : aka BTS 'Dope’ squad. This would be Hobie and Taehyung. They would probably giggle and say 'aigooo my baby is so sweet!’ They wouldn’t mind you laughing cause they’ll be doing the same.

The actual baby : Jungkook. Well, who did you think they were trying to wrestle diapers on?!
(Ok, but let’s be real, he’d be in the annoyed squad.)

Request box is open so keep asking ^^


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1. What was the last thing you read? Um wow probably “The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien

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Still BTS (I have yet to get any hi-touch for any event)

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