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You were sitting on the couch, a book held in your right hand while your left hand stroked Namjoon’s hair, who had his head on your lap. Namjoon was reading a book about the human body, wanting to know more things.

“Jagiya” Namjoon said, closing the book and resting it on his belly. You stayed silent, concentrating on your book. “When was your first boyfriend?” He asked catching your attention. 

“What’s up with that question?“ You asked stroking his forehead. 

"Answer me” He said with a pout.

“At 7 I think”

“So young?!” He asked alarmed, rising from your lap and scaring you a little.“It wasn’t a relationship like ours. It was the typical relationship in which you hold hands and share a snack” You said laughing.

Namjoon stood watching you for a while. “When did you lost your virginity and with whom?”

Your coughed abruptly choking on your own saliva. “Why do you ask me that?”

“Why are you avoiding my question with another question? You got something that you want to hide? Did you do it on the back of a car?”

“What the fuck?” You asked laughing at your boyfriend’s attitude. “Namjoon-ah!”

“When did you lose it?” He asked again.

“I am not telling you how I lost my virginity, nope” You got up from the couch walking to the kitchen, he was following you.

“Oh my god! Don’t tell me you lost it on your parent’s bed”

“Yah! Namjoon! I lost it with you okay?!” You said embarrassed.

Namjoon was surprised, then he smiled mischievously. “Then you definitely lost it in your parent’s bed” He winked at you, going out of the kitchen, and leaving you totally blushing.


At first I was like: Oh Namjoon is so manly …then! I looked in the background….what the heck Kookie? XD


The quote namjoon uses in the beginning is a part of the book Demian. It’s about a murder and the difference between the real word and the world of illusion. READ THE 2 PICS. They help. This is most likely the theme of the new album. I still don’t get the wings part however…

Edit: if you have any questions feel free to ask! EDIT 2: I FOUND OUT ABOUT THE WINGS!!! Ok creds to the anon who told me on my blog! I can’t edit this with pics. So I’ll make a new post about the wings on @bangtaneuphoria so CHECK IT OUT IF YOU WANT ❤️