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BTS Reaction To Being Obessessed With You, Mafia au

Anonymous said to b-tsfanfic-tion: Hello!! I was wondering if you could do a BTS Mafia AU reaction in which they are obsessed with you??


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As a cold, hard mafia boss, Jin rarely showed his soft side. Especially to his men. But you were a special exception. To him, you were a special exception to most things. That’s just how much he liked you. More like loved you. Actually, to be accurate he was obsessed with you.

This was especially obvious when it came to dinner every night. There was a strict rule established that at six o'clock absolutely none of Jin’s henchmen were allowed to bother him with mafia work. This was because at six every night he would start to cook you and him dinner for the evening. Tonight you were sitting on one of the counters in his vast kitchen, watching him cook something on the stove. He had a hard time concentrating on the cooking when you were in the room, but the risk of getting burned helped him focus at least a little.

“How do you like it so far, princess?” he asked, holding out a spoon for you to take a taste from.

“It’s perfect! Like always,” you said, and the compliment left him blushing like he wasn’t a well known mob boss. You two chatted away as he made dinner for you, set the table, and throughout the dinner as well. You were halfway through the meal when one of his men came bursting into the room. You noticed the blood spattered across his shirt at once, but Jin hardly seemed to care.

“Boss, we screwed the job up! We need you to come right away,” he said, looking completely frazzled.

“You know the rule,” Jin said with a seemingly bored wave of his hand. Both you and his henchmen were completely shocked by what he had just said. But to him this dinner was the most important part of his day, and he wouldn’t give up time with you for anything.

“But, sir, we need-”

“No! You fucked it up, now you fix it! Get out before I get even angrier,” Jin said, finally turning to look at the man with a glare. The man paused for only a moment before resigning himself to his own fate and rushing back out of the room.

“Jin, you don’t have to stay here. You can go. That sounded really important,” you told him, a concerned look passing over your face.

Aw, look at that. She’s worried about me, Jin mused to himself. He gave you a gentle smile and reached across the table to grasp your hand in his, “You’re the most important thing to me.”

You started to smile too after his compliment and said, “Alright, if you’re sure.”

Of course he was sure. There was one thing he was positive about, and it was you. No one and nothing ever topped you to him. He wasn’t joking when he said you were the most important thing to him. Once you had come into his life, all he could think about was you. All that mattered to him was you.


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Yoongi was so powerful that everyone in the city knew his name. For those who needed help and couldn’t get it in conventional ways often talked about him positively. It looked like you were going to be one of those people. You waited out at a local restaurant he was known to frequent (the owner credited Yoongi for the possibility of the restaurant since he laid down majority of the funds to get it started), and you were hoping against hope to see him. You didn’t know what you would say when you did see him though, but you had to try to convince him to help you.

Yoongi walked through the door, flanked by some of his most important men. Many of the people eating dinner were suddenly craning to see a glimpse of him. You watched nervously as he sat down, not knowing when to approach him.

“Need anything?” the waiter asked you, pulling you from your worried thoughts. They looked over to where you had been glancing just moments ago, and spotted the stoic Yoongi, “Did he do something for you too?”

“No. Actually, that’s what I’m hoping will happen tonight,” you admitted, then added with a groan, “But I don’t even know how to approach him.”

“Want me to ask him if you can come over?” the waiter asked.

“Wait, really?” you asked, completely taken by surprise by their offer. A few moments later they were proving they meant it. They were pointing you out to him, and you subconsciously straightened up. The minute Yoongi saw you, he was entranced. He immediately told the waiter to bring you over. When you started to walk over, Yoongi told his men to give you two some space. You sat down across from him, and your doe eyed look already had him biting back an uncharacteristic smile.

“So, I was told you needed something?” he asked, leaning a tidbit closer.

“I was wondering if you’d higher me?” you asked. You felt yourself getting even more nervous when his eyebrows raised in surprise almost immediately.

“You don’t exactly look like the type of person I’d higher,” he said, “Most are a bit tougher.”

“I could learn!” you said, trying your best to sell yourself. What you didn’t know was that he was already totally sold on you. Just not as his employee. You decided it was best to be completely honest and said, “I need the money.”

He looked like he was considering your offer. Really, he was just taking a moment to admire you. He eventually spoke up, “What if I just gave you what you needed?”

“What? You do that?” you asked, and he gave his head a small shake. He knew it the moment he saw you, he’d do anything you wanted. He didn’t know how you had made him fall for you in moments, but you had and there was no going back for him.

“Not usually, no,” he told you, “But I think I could make an exception. Besides, I have a feeling you wouldn’t really cut it in this line of work.”

After that you were a thankful mess, blushing and saying thanks in every way you could think of. He watched you with the small, almost unnoticeable, of smiles. Even as you left to go back to your own table, you kept looking over your shoulder and saying ‘thank you’s. Yoongi and his men ended up finishing up before you, and he stopped at your table before leaving.

“This is for if you ever need anything,” he said, and then he handed you a slip of paper with his number on it.

“This is too nice,” you said, knowing this was something he didn’t do often.

“Just call,” he said, still insisting on giving you his number. You gave him a thankful smile as he walked away. Of course, you had no idea that when you did call, it would actually be you doing the favour for him.


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You were neighbors to gangster Hoseok, but you were none the wiser. He was such a happy guy, he never struck you as someone who did the under the table sort of things. In fact the two of you had even started to date, but you were still completely in the dark. Hoseok was sure never to let on what he did for a living. He wouldn’t dare, because then you might be scared off. Already, he knew if that happened he would be a total wreck. He would do absolutely anything and everything to keep you two together. Even if that meant hiding a piece of himself away from you.

There was one night where he almost slipped up. You two had been hanging out at your place when things quickly got heated. Afterwards, he had gotten out of bed to leave but you reached out to stop him.

“Why don’t you just spend the night?” you asked, and immediately his heart started to pound with excitement. He came right back into your bed, more than happy to spend the night with you. He couldn’t believe you had asked him to stay. This was a dream to him. Ever since he had even seen you, this exact scenario had played out in his head a million times (he never really stopped thinking of you). He couldn’t help but feel immediately comfortable when he wrapped his arms around you. He was so comforted by your presence, he fell asleep almost immediately.

Halfway through the night there was a pounding on the door that woke him up. After a moment, he realized that someone wasn’t knocking on your door. There were knocking on the door of the apartment next to yours, which was Hoseok’s. He automatically, and unknowingly, tensed his muscles with stress. Nobody but other gangsters came that late. He looked towards you and for a second he could relax. One thing was going good, you were somehow still asleep. He carefully entangled himself from you, as much as he didn’t want to. He quietly walked to your door in nothing but his boxer briefs. He took one last glance at you, making sure you were still deep asleep.

He carefully opened the door to glare at his fellow gang member, “Do you realize how loud you are?”

The other man looked very surprised to see Hoseok next door instead of in his own apartment. After a moment he broke into a grin and said, “You’re fucking the girl next door, huh?”

Hoseok glared at his counterpart before saying, “Don’t talk about her like that. Ever.”

“Fine, sorry man. Jesus,” he said with an eye roll, which only made Hoseok glare harder, “Come on, we got to go.”

Hoseok felt his heart sink when he realized he would have to leave you. If it was up to him he would spend the entire week just holding you in bed. But he knew if he didn’t go then he would get in trouble with the boss. All hell would be let loose after that, and you would definitely find out he was a gangster. He couldn’t have that, so he took the lesser of two terrible options and left. But not before leaving a note giving you a fake excuse why he had to leave, which also broke his heart. Even though he’d see you tomorrow, he hated leaving you tonight.


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Namjoon was a rich, handsome, successful mob boss. No one could control him. No one but you. Normally he was the one controlling people, but with a lift of your finger you cold get him to do anything. Of course, you barely even noticed. It’s not like you asked for much, but if you did he would happily fulfill every single wish. Once, you had quietly walked into a very serious meeting of his. You took a  seat on a armchair in the back of the room, more than willing to wait. But Namjoon wasn’t about to make you sit around, you were too good for that.

“Everyone, the meeting is over for now so go ahead and clear out. I’ll come get you when I’m ready,” he said with a nod. Everyone was out in moments, leaving the two of you alone. Namjoon was all ears, more than ready to hear whatever you had to say.

“You didn’t need to make everyone go. I am fine waiting,” you said with a sweet smile that made him smile in return.

“Honey, you shouldn’t have to wait,” he told you.

Another time you had expressed a discomfort with guns. The men who came to Namjoon’s mansion always had them out. You said the offhand comment of, “Seeing guns has always made me uncomfortable.”

The next day, and every day after that, you noticed no one was keeping their guns out in full display. You guessed they stayed tucked away in bags, waistbands, and pockets. Namjoon had made it a strict rule that no one should let their gun be visible, especially if you were in the room.

He treated you so good, that everyone else started to do it too. Not even just the men in his gang, they had always been expected to treat you perfectly. But after enough time, even the people in the city saw you in the highest regard which was all thanks to the power Namjoon had.

You didn’t even take advantage of this, as much as Namjon truly believe you deserved it. He felt like you deserved everything, because to him you were everything.


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You and Jimin had been seeing each other for months, much to his delight. He was completely head over heels for you from almost the moment he met you. So that fact that you were actually interested in him left him elated. But there was something you didn’t know. You had no idea that Jimin was was a gangster, and he was terrified to tell you. He had an awful feeling that would be a deal breaker, and even though you never thought about it, it most definitely would be.

One night you two were on a date, walking back to his car after a movie the two of you had just seem. It seemed like the perfect moment. You were holding hands, it was a beautiful twilight, and Jimin kept flirting with you by pulling you towards him and giving you a quick peck. 

But everything turned south when a dark van pulled up. You saw a man lean out of the window with a gun, and you thought you and Jimin were done for. Then suddenly Jimin was letting go of your hand and whipping out a gun of his own. You were frozen with fear when he shot at the man. You didn’t even know if he missed or not, the van driver speeding off after a few moments.

You looked between Jimin and the gun in his hand for only a moment before making a break for it down the street. Jimin pocketed his gun before following you. It was easy for him to keep up with you, and eventually you gave up. Or really, more like you gave up on running away. You still were most definitely done with Jimin.

“Wait y/n, baby, let’s talk this out,” he said to you when you finally slowed to a walk, worried you might start running any moment.

“I don’t want to talk to you,” you said, shocked tears streaming down your cheeks. Tears were starting to prick his own eyes when he heard that, but he managed to keep his composure.

“I’ll stop. I’ll quit this line of work,” he said, already making promises, “Just don’t leave me.”

You paused to look at him and try to discern if he was being honest with you. It seemed he really meant what he was saying. The truth was, he knew he was always going to be a gangster. Quitting wasn’t really an option. But he also knew his life would be basically over if you weren’t with him.

“I need you,” he said, still trying to get you to stay and finally telling the truth. He couldn’t be without you. Everything changed when he met you, and he knew he couldn’t go back to a life that didn’t have you in it. 

You surprised him by giving him a hug, your arms wrapping around him tightly. You buried your head in the crook of his neck, tears still running down your face. Despite how surprised he was by you, his response was almost automatic. He wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you right up against him.

“Yeah, no shit you need me. Look where not having me around has gotten you,” you said, joking a little. He smiled, knowing that was actually completely true.


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You were at a club when Taehyung saw you. You were out in the dance floor, and he was at his private table and booth. The minute he noticed you in the crowd, he couldn’t keep his eyes off you. For the rest of the night, he watched you. Everything you did was stunning and intriguing to him. He finally gestured one of his men closer so he could give him a command. He pointed you out and said, “See her? Bring her over here.”

When you were first approached by someone who looked so intimidating, your friends were immediately by your side. You all looked him up and down with the toughest glares you could muster. However, the thug wasn’t even close to dettered, “My boss would like to talk to you.”

“Who’s your boss?” you asked, your curiosity peaked. Usually people would say they were interested in you or their friend was, but never their boss. When he pointed to the very attractive, well dressed man who was keeping an easy eye on you. Your friends were already suggesting you not go, but you had to figure out what he wanted with you.

Taehyung started to smile confidently the moment he saw that you decided to come over. With every step, his heart started to pound excitedly. No one had ever made him feel this nervous anymore. Not since he became such a powerful mafia boss. But something about you made him feel like any other guy, because to him you were superior than anyone else in the room.

“You wanted to see me?” you asked once you reached him. He gestured to the place next to him, and you sat down with a slightly nervous smile.

She’s even prettier when she’s this close, he mused to himself while trying to find a flaw in your features and failing. But out loud he simply asked, “Do you know who I am?”

“Should I?” you asked, your head tilting to the side just a little as you asked the question.

“I’m Taehyung,” he said, and he could see your eyebrows jump up. You naturally were on a higher alert after that. You hadn’t realized it by just looking at him, but you definitely knew who he was. This whole time Taehyung was hoping you would still be interested in him, because he was quickly becoming much more than just interested in you.

“You recognize my name,” he commented, clocking your immediate response.

“Yeah, I do,” you admitted.

“And, what do you think?” he asked, still waiting on what you were going to do. You looked at him, then gazed over your shoulder to your friend group. They were all chatting with each other while periodically sending a few quick glances your way just in case. You looked back to him one more, and his expression was even more unreadable than yours.

“I think the logical thing would be to walk away,” you admitted, subconsciously playing with the hem of your dress as you said that.

“Mhmm, it probably would be,” he said, and you could have sworn his voice had gotten just a little deeper and even more enticing.

“But…” you could only get out one word before trailing off. There was something about him, something about the way he looked at you, that intrigued you. So you did what was by the far the most reckless thing of the night. You leaned in and kissed him.

I think my life is about to get very interesting, he thought to himself before deepening the kiss.


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Jungkook was the most ruthless of all his gang members, bt that’s what made him such a valuable member. One of the more reckless things he did was get involved with you. He could tell when he first met you that if he actually dated you then he’d probably get completely caught up in you. Still, he couldn’t stop himself, and his prediction was completely true.

He would do anything for you, which became clear when his entire gang became holed up in his place after a big robbery. He kept you nestled right up next to him, not trusting any of his gangster buddies to not flirt with you. After all, if he was obsessed with you then why wouldn’t everyone be? All evening his boss had been slighting you, and all evening Jungkook stood up for you. You wished he wouldn’t, knowing his boss was just being an asshole and standing up to someone so power hungry could be dangerous.

“I bet she can’t even shoot a gun without flinching,” the boss said with a snicker. You knew Jungkook was annoyed when you suddenly felt his arm flex around you. He was trying to restrain himself so much, but he couldn’t stop himself from tensing up.

“It doesn’t matter if she can. I can shoot a gun real easy,” Jungkook said, pulling his gun out of his jacket with the hand that wasn’t currently resting on the side of your hip. Everyone in the room, including you, look completely surprised at what had just happened. There was no doubt, Jungkook pulling out his gun and saying he was a good aim was most definitely an aggressive move.

You could feel the tension building in the air and suddenly you were being pushed by Jungkook. You fell off the couch you had been sitting on and onto the floor. You barely noticed though, your mind paying more attention to the noises of guns going off. A moment later Jungkook was pulling you up off the ground. You looked around and noticed everyone who wasn’t dead was just ask shocked as you were. Still, Jungkook knew neither of you didn’t have time for you to process what just happened. So he grabbed your hand and started to drag you out of the room. Once you made it to the hallway you started to cry, which broke his heart.

“Come on, baby. You got to be strong just till we make it to the car,” he said, still leading you outside. You nodded and tried your best to focus on just getting to the car.

Once the two of you were inside the car and he was driving off you finally started to cry and ask him the question that you had the moment you saw that he had killed his boss, and notoriously powerful gang leader, “What are we going to do?”

“I’m taking us to a friend’s outside the city. We’ll stay there to we figure out what to do,” he said as he turned onto the highway.

“Why did you do it?” you asked, looking at him with a wide eyed expression. He chanced glancing between you and the road. He hated to see you worried, but the doe eyed look you were giving him at the moment could make his heart pound. He moved one of his hands off the wheel and reached for yours.

You met him halfway, letting him intertwined his fingers with yours. Finally, he felt he could answer your question, “Because I’ll never let anyone look down on you, angel. You don’t even understand how much better you are then them.”

You nodded, not even knowing that by “them”, Jungkook didn’t just mean the people in his gang. He meant everyone. To him, there was no one better than you.


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[Hoseok x reader; Taehyung x reader; Yoongi x reader]

baby mama

I’m 🅱orry.

Please let me know what you think! I’m so nervous about this story! 💝💖💘

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NSFW Alphabet

Kim Taehyung

By: Admin Y


A ~ Aftercare

Taehyung will make sure everything is all good. He makes sure there’s a warm towel to clean you up with, and if not he’ll run you and him a hot bath and ask you which bath bomb you want, he’s super soft

B ~ Body Part

On him it’s his hands, he likes the way they look wrapped around your neck, but also likes how small your hands are in his. On you it’s probably your hips. He likes putting a his hands on them

C ~ Cum

Tae likes to cum on and in you. Wherever you want him to cum, he will, if it’s in you he likes to watch it slowing drop out of you, if it’s in your mouth/on your face he loves to watch you swallow or lick your lips, if it’s on you he will take two fingers and take his cum and have you lick it off his fingers

D ~ Dirty Secret

Taehyung has your moans recorded and he likes to listen to them when he’s alone and you’re not around to help with his problem

E ~ Experience

Little to none, everyone paints him as this sex god but he’s a busy bean and I don’t really see him having much experience. But I will tell you he knows what he’s doing

F ~ Favorite Position

Doggy style, hitting it from the back while pulling your hair, and he gets easy access to slap your ass? Bet

G ~ Goofy

I see Tae being super playful during sex, because sex shouldn’t be serious all the time, I see drunk sex being hella goofy and fun, or when your sad and he wants to make you happy, or when he’s just in a super playful mood ;)

H ~ Hair

He is groomed and well kept okay. Have you see him, he is just well put together and presentable so I’m sure down there is as well

I ~ Intimacy

I can see things being more loving when he’s been away for a while, or if you or him are feeling self conscious and just need a little reassurance

J ~ Jack Off

He gets off when you aren’t around but tries to imagine it’s you and not his hand

K ~ Kinks

Tae is a whole ass dom pls don’t fight me okay. Choking, light bdsm, power play, cum play, spanking, hair pulling, praise kink, is foreplay even a kink? He likes seeing you beg for him, he likes knowing he makes you feel this way

L ~ Location

He will do it anywhere you won’t get caught, if it’s semi public and he knows no one will come around, sure why not? But he prefers in the comfort of your own home or his room at the dorms

M ~ Motivation

Nothing turns Tae on more than you just being yourself. Tae is a kid and loves when you’re a kid with him. Your relationship is fun and that’s really what gets him going, also when your unintentionally sexy

N ~ No

He will not record you two actually having sex. He has your sounds on tape but he doesn’t want to risk actual video of the two of you getting out there

O ~ Oral

Tae is big into foreplay and to him oral is apart of that. He loves eating you out but I see him as more of a receiver and tbh I’d deep throat Tae deeper than his voice

P ~ Pace

Kim Taehyung is rough. Kim Taehyung is fast.

Q ~ Quickie

He isn’t opposed to them especially if it’s right before a show or in the morning before he leaves. Or even a quick fuck in the car before an event

R ~ Risk

Tae doesn’t want to risk people catching you but he does have a think for semi public sex. But he isn’t afraid to have the boys hear you when they’re in the dorm, just not in the same room

S ~ Stamina

He can go a good two or three rounds. He’s got a lot of energy. He just wants to make sure you’re both exhausted after the deed is done and if you’re not ready to pass out and you can still walk then he didn’t do his job right

T ~ Toys

I can see him using butt plugs, handcuffs, ropes, but I see him as being super cocky and not wanting to use vibrators or dildos. He wants all your pleasure coming from him, and him alone

U ~ Unfair

Taes really big into foreplay and it could go on for hours and sometimes when you’re really horny it can get kind of annoying

V ~ Volume

can you imagine Taes deep ass voice moaning in your ear? I feel like he grunts and groans more than he moans unless he’s had a long day and you suck him off, only then will he be a morning mess and I’m here for it

W ~ Wild Card

One night you and Tae were drunk and he forgot Namjoon was in the room, needless to say Tae puts a sock on the door now

X ~ X-Ray

Everyone says Taehyung has a big dick and I’m not sit here and tell you he doesn’t, because Tae has a big dick. I’d say 6.5/7 nothing to crazy, but home boi is thicc

Y ~ Yearning

He’s young and I see him always thinking about you and sex, so when ever he has the chance to be between your legs he’s there. That’s his home

Z ~ Zzzz

After you’re all cleaned up Tae likes to pillow talk while holding you close and resting his head on your chest. Once you start gently playing with his hair tho, he’s a goner

BTS Reaction; To your parent(s) not approving of them because he is an idol

[Hyung Line] - [Maknae Line]

A/N: So this is the very first reaction I have ever posted, so I hope it wasn’t to long or unenjoyable. Who I’m I kidding I may have gotten a bit carried away, the reactions for each of them is like a mini story or something and I am so sorry for that. But anywho I hope you guys still liked it anyways, I will write the maknae line one in one or three days👏🏼👏🏼


Seokjin wasn’t shy or nervous at all for meeting your parents for the first time, he was actually very happy and really excited to meet the people that created the life of the love of his life. He may have been a tiny bit anxious that they wouldn’t like him, but other than that he was pretty confident and you always reassured him that they would absolutely love him.

During dinner everything seemed to be going very well. Your mother seemed to have fallen in love with him herself by how kind, funny, and gentleman like he was the hole night, she saw how the two of you treasured and loved each other. But your father on the other hand didn’t seem happy with him. Before you introduced him to your parents, he was so excited to meet Seokjin since he heard so many good things about him. But you noticed how rude he has gotten in dinner towards him, and you really angry with him but you said nothing only giving your father warning looks that you weren’t fond with his attitude towards your boyfriend.

“Sweetheart help me with the dishes?” Your mother suggested after you all finished eating. You nod your head giving Seokjin a quick peck on the cheek before standing up to help your mother.

Once you and your mother were busy in the kitchen, Jin was left alone in an awkward silence with your father who was studying him with his eyes from across the table. Seokjin was about to speak up and make conversation with your old man, but before he can say anything he cut him off mid breath. “Why are you with me daughter?” Your father questions in a calm but bothered tone. “Because I love her and she loves me,” Seokjin replies like it was the most obvious thing in the world. You really did mean the world to him.

Your father hums, “aren’t you always too busy to give her attention and always away on tour that you are barely there for her? Why would you leave my daughter supposedly the woman you love for work?” Seokjin frowns a bit and stares at him for a second before speaking, “Yeah I am and I do give her all the attention she needs, and I wish I couldn’t leave her behind when I travel but every break or vacation I have I spend it all with her, after the tour I run right back to her sir.”

Your father shakes his head in disapproval making Jin look at him with confusion, “you’re an idol Seokjin you are never going to get out of fame and spotlight, I don’t want my daughter or my future grand children to get into trouble because you’re big and famous.”

“Sir I promise you that I keep my relationship with Y/N private, my fans doesnt know she exists yet just my members and some of my friends but that’s it, she means the world to me and I’d protect her with my life” he says trying his best not to get slightly offended by his words, after all your father was just trying to protect you and he respected that. “But they’ll find out soon enough, a amazin lovely young girl like her will get hated and harassed by fans and paparazzi and I don’t want that for my little girl. So I suggest if you love her so much, you’d break things up with her before any of that happens. Think about it.”

Seokjin stayed silent not wanting to continue this discussion, what was the point with arguing back at him when he is still just going to be unconvinced no matter how many amazing good things he has heard from your boyfriend. He had got your mothers approval, and on top of that he had you and that was all he needed. Even though it kind of hurt him.

“Hey Jinnie ready to go?” You ask with the biggest smile on your face not aware of the conversation Seokjin had with your father. Seokjin nods standing up from his seat glancing over at your father one last time, “think about it” your father tells him making you raise an eyebrow in confusion and Jin nod in response. You said our farewells to your parents before leaving and once you were in the car you started questioning.

“Think about what?”

Jin just gave you a sweet smile giving you a big kiss on the lips, “don’t worry about it, it was just man talk.” You giggle smiling back at him making his heart melt. He was going to think about it, he just didn’t want to you to worry that he’d leave you because he will never do that to you. He wouldn’t leave you for anything or anyone, you were all he needed. He will always put your happiness first before his no matter what your father thinks is best for you.


You stormed out of your shared apartment after having a first real big fight with Yoongi. You ran straight to your mothers arms crying, telling her everything that happened between you and Yoongi, that he always stays in his studio locked up in there for weeks. You barely got to see him anymore because he was always busy in there making new music. You fucking love him to death, you let him follow his dreams and let him do the things he loves and that is music. But you felt lonely without him, he almost comes back home very late at night and when he had a break he is too tired to get out of bed. It’s been like that for weeks now.

What worries you even more, is that sometimes he forgets to eat or forgets to rest his brain for a while, you worry that his stress can really harm him. You were growing sick of him not taking care of himself, he comes back home looking like a zombie, the bags under his eyes growing larger everytime you see him.

The day after your fight while you were still asleep, your mother made her way towards Yoongis studio apartment to have a serious conversation about you and him. She has never liked Yoongi one bit, she always saw him as a cold hearted boy that thinks so much of himself since apparently that’s how a lot of celebrities were like. She knew something like this was going to happen, she assumes the two of you won’t last long and believes in that.

She pounds on the door repeatedly with the most crazy eyes that made her look like a scary witch from a disney movie until he opens it. Thinking it was you even though you knew the code and you never knocked, he stands up from his chair almost immediately and hurries over to the door ready to pull you into the biggest hug of your life. But stopped himself seeing it was not you but your mother. Oh boy.

He knew his mother didn’t like him, and he honestly never really cared that much because at least you the one he loves and cares about love him and cares for him just as much as he does for you.

Your mother glares at Yoongi the second she laid eyes on him, “Min Yoongi can we have a little chat you and me?” She basically demanded instead of asking so he didn’t have a choice, he could slam the door in her face but she probably wanted to talk to her about you and he is all over the place worrying about you. So all he did was look at her with a blank expression on his face waiting for her to start talking.

“I saw this hole situation coming between the two of you, but who the hell do you think you are ghosting her like that?” Yoongi sighs leaning against the door frame, he broke your heart he knew that and he feels so fucking guilty about it, he hoped that you’d forgive him and not leave him even though he deserved it for treating you like shit. “I never liked you the moment I heard you were a big kpop idol, I knew this day was bond to happen and that you’d end up hurting her because of your work, I knew a famous rapper boy like you wouldn’t care about the girl and just use her to just have someone to kiss or have sex with. And I told her so many times that famous guys like you aren’t worth waiting for, because they’ll keep you waiting for years until you break up.”

Yoongi didn’t like what he was hearing, he has been knowing that she didn’t like him ever since you first introduced them to each other. He saw the sneaky glares she would sent him from across the room, he had ears everywhere and heard her talking shit about him behind both of your backs to your family members or her friends. He heard her trying to get you to break up with him a few weeks ago even bribing you to break with him which is just ridiculous, she was being over dramatic with the bribing thing. But what really made him not care about her anymore, was you defending him and telling her that you’d never leave him because you loved him and that you’ll always be waiting for him because you cared.

That’s when he first realized he was deeply in love with you, he just broke you and he hated himself for that. He scoffs rolling his eyes getting exhausted in hearing her lies and rambling. “You need to let her go Yoongi before you hurt her even more, I swear to god Min Yoon-“ Yoongi cuts her off mid-sentence, “do you know where she is? I really need to talk to her.” Your mother raises an eyebrow crossing her arms over her chest, “to end it?”

That was never going to happen, he loves you so much and he will never do anything to hurt you ever again. He promised himself he would take better care of you, and give as many love as you can take, he can’t let you go he already tried once and he hated it so much. But to get your mom to stop bickering at him and let him go to you to apologize repeatedly and attack you with hugs and kisses he had to say, “sure.”

He was the softest for you.


I feel like Hoseok would be desvestated that your parents hated him for doing what he loved, and saying all that crap about him not caring about you or loving you or not giving you as much as attention really made him anxious. That was what he felt at first when he met them, but when you said all those amazing words to him that really relaxed and comforted him that he didn’t care anymore not even a slight bit. He would still be a bit moody that they didnt see how humble and amazing he was at heart even though he had a lot of things, but all those things never compared to you.

You were his everything, all he wanted was for you to happy and wants you to feel completely spoiled with love by him. And he really did give you so much love that it was ridiculous, but you loved it and you love him so much no matter what your parents may or not may not think. Apparently they weren’t thinking at all.

Hoseok stayed one more hour in the practise room just to make sure he got the new choreography perfect. Right after he was finished he gathered his things and was ready to head out back to you, so he can cuddle you closely in bed while watching your favorite tv show you watch together. But once he was making his way towards the door, he was startled when it opened revealing a really tall man that was none other than your father. Hoseok stares at him in shock and confusion, he definitely didn’t ever expect to see him here.

“Mr. Y/L/N? What’re you doing here?” He questioned watching his every movement as he steps into the room studying it. “I needed to speak to you about my daughter Hoseok,” he replies looking at him with an intimidating look. Hobi shrugs his shoulders trying to avoid his gaze without being rude, “is she okay?” He asks a bit worried that something might’ve happened to you.

“Good heavens boy she’s alright, but I don’t she’ll be alright being with you though.” Hobi lets out a sigh of relief at first hearing that you were fine, but he immediately looked at your father with a frown after hearing him say that you wouldn’t be okay being with him. “I already know what you are going to say Mr, and for the hundredth time already I am in love with your daughter and I would do anything for her, she is the love of my life sir.”

“You’d do anything for her huh? Why don’t you just quit your idol job and become a normal boy that loves her and is always there for you her when she needs you?” Hoseoks heart drops, his desvestation and anxious thoughts returning to him after you just reassured him. But he remembers the sound of your voice and the words you told him when he told you about your parents hating him, you said that they will always make up stupid reasons to get into his skin so he can end things for “your benefit.” You reassured him that you were so happy and so in love with him that you wouldn’t change a thing in the world, the both of you were happy and the relationship was really healthy even though he is a busy hardworking idol. So he pushed all of that aside and smiles at your father, he loved you and he made you happy. That was all that mattered to him.

The two of you couldn’t live without each other, whether your parents liked it or not.

“I am sorry Mr. Y/L/N but.. Y/N doesn’t want me to go so your words don’t mean anything to me, if she says I make her happy then so be it that will be my job till the very end. I don’t care what you say or what you do, I love that woman so much that the thought of letting her go is unbearable. I will do anything for her, I will do anything to make her smile and laugh and make her feel loved. You are going to see a lot of me Mr. Y/L/N, whether you like it or not so deal with the fact that I am an idol and let me love your daughter.”


You and Namjoon were in your hometown to attend your cousins wedding. You cried tears of joy watching the ceremony, watching your younger cousin getting married to her prince charming. The hole thing made you think about your future with Namjoon, you were so deeply in love with him that you couldn’t crawl back out if you tried. He always reminded you on how much he loved you, you were sure it was true love so you hoped that he would be the one to stay with you.

He owned your hole heart.

Right after the ceremony everybody was dancing, the new wedded couple, the guests and your parents were out on the dance floor. Namjoon kept stating that he would mess up and embarrass you and himself, but you didn’t care you just wanted to have the time of your life with the love of your life. And you were having fun, until he tripped and fell on top of you knocking the two of you down. You bursted out laughing seeing how red his face has gotten of embarrassment, he was such a cutie. Namjoon prayed this wouldn’t happen in your wedding. You kissed him on the lips making him less embarrassed about himself and he smiles cutely at you showing off his dimples.

He got off of you helping you up checking if he harmed you or if you got hurt by the impact of the floor, you reassured him that you were fine being all giggly and smiley. “Were you born with two left feet or did you have to practise?” Your father jokes in a way too harsh tone that really ticked you off, you glance over at him glaring slightly at him “daddy stop.” Namjoon grabs a hold of your hand letting out a forced chuckle, “yeah I am sorry about that Mr. Y/L/N.”

Your father laughs sarcastically nudging your shoulder, “come on champ it was funny or don’t you get the joke?” You glared daggers at him, you already knew they didn’t like Namjoon because of him being an idol and all. “Oh I got it, it’s just not funny,” you snap holding onto Namjoons hand making your way towards your table, your parents killing the mood entirely. Even though your parents were glaring at Namjoon, he still politely smiles at them acting much more mature than they were being. Your parents were just being stupid and childish like this was still high school for them even though that ended for them years and years ago.

Namjoon still respects them and acts respectfully towards them, he completely understands why they were acting like that but you completely hated that they were acting like that.

“Can we just go..” you say as you both sat down in your seats, feeling a bit angry now at your parents not really in the mood anymore to be around them anymore. Namjoon kisses your hand being calm and collective towards everything, “because of them? Baby you really wanted to come to her wedding we don’t need to leave because of your parents, I’m okay baby alright don’t be angry or bummed out.” You sigh looking at him with sadness in your eyes, you kind of felt guilty that they didn’t love him for some reasons. He was such a man amazing soul, one of the good ones that you don’t plan on letting go ever. “But I don’t understand why, you are the most amazing man I have ever met and they don’t see that because of what you do they are just being so childish. You are so sweet and I love you so much, you take of me and you make me so happy but they don’t care. God Namjoon I am so sorry for them being like that I-“ Namjoon smiles bigger placing his lips against yours cutting you off, that made you smile and kiss him right back with so much passion.

“I don’t care what they think, as long as you don’t think the same way they do. All I care is about you, and I love you so much too so you don’t have to worry and apologize.” He brushes a strain of hair behind your ear placing a kiss on your nose, “let them say whatever they want but one day they are going to get used to me one day.. because I’m never going anywhere and I promise that I will do anything to make you happy,” you grin wrapping your arms around his neck bringing him into a big loving hug, “I love you so much and I promise that I will also do anything to make you feel loved and happy no matter what.”


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Namjoon as your best friend

Originally posted by ksjknj

  • Can you imagine how he’ll be
  • I really think he’s wise for his age
  • So he’d be like a mentor
  • He looks out for you
  • The word that comes to my mind when I think about any kind of friendship with him it’d be understanding
  • Like you guys don’t have to call or text everyday to know the other cares
  • It’s like an established rule between you two
  • He still trusts you a lot
  • Expect him texting you everytime he’s stressed and doesn’t want to scare the guys
  • He thinks you have just the right words to say
  • Or you can just make him cry of laughter just after 5 minutes
  • You mean a lot to him
  • But hangouts are the most relaxing break in both of your lives
  • You can be working and itd still feel welcoming
  • Also lots of little subtle moments
  • His hands inching closer to yours ever so slightly till they touch and just holding hands for the rest of the days
  • Or him cuddling you while reading a book or running his hands through your hair
  • He’s a bit lanky so if you’re small he’ll feel like he has to protect you
  • And you do like that it makes him cuter
  • Hanging out till past midnight and accidently falling asleep on top of each other
  • It wouldn’t be awkward tho
  • He likes to bring you gifts
  • Any random souvenir he can find or and very weird objects he brings back from tour
  • Don’t ask him how he gets them he never answers
  • You cherish them even if you tease him about it all the time
  • I fell like if you don’t much about music he’d teach you right from the start
  • I don’t think you’d both have arguments very often
  • He doesn’t seem like the type to burst form rage if you argue with him
  • Ohhh
  • He most important thing now
  • The hugs
  • Oh my god the hugs
  • They’d be warm and safe
  • And a bit long
  • Also comforting
  • I don’t know what else to say other than this friendship would be a rare one to find

I think we could all agree namjoon deserves the world and more. Also I’m so sorry for not writing sooner school is a bitch what can we do. Take care of yourselves and be safe everyone.

Salt . JHS

pairing: jung hoseok x fem!reader, jung hoseok x witch! reader, kind of sub! jung hoseok x dom! reader

genre: mature content, smut, contains thigh-riding, oral sex (male and female), PWP

summary: a one night stand that flooded Hoseok’s brain, one that enchanter and huante him for days, once he decides to hunt down for the lady in red, their reunion ends in a pool of magic.

a/n: 5K+ words, this shit is the longent i’be written! i hope its a good come-back writing lol.

The tickling of her satin dress against his flushed skin, as he pulled it down to reveal more of her. It produced a scent that hint of salt. His red lips mirrored the vermillion clothing of hers that hung off her figure, the same lips that ached painfully, soft gasps and whimpers escaped them, sounds that Jung Hoseok would never imagine making. His vulnerability in his actions was undeniable, he gave himself over to her. He could hear each pulse of his blood pumping in his veins, feel the pulsing of his abandoned cock. The scent of salt grew stronger and stronger as he began to lose consciousness of his surroundings. Her ability of making him tense up and feel the edge of pleasure was sorcery. Lady in Red, that’s all he saw.

third person pov// hoseok focused.

“I need to find her.”

“Who? Find who!?” yelled Yoongi from the couch where he lounged with a bowl of chips, likely the source of the salt. Hoseok paced from the bedroom to the living room of their dorm. The previous dull vibes in the shared apartment instantly disappeared, now filled with nerves coming from Hoseok and a slight scent of chips and popcorn.

“That woman from the party.” Hoseok breathed out, still pacing. Yoongi huffed while setting down the half-empty bowl of salt flavored chips, he licked his fingers while whining, “Hobi, the party was a week ago! Who the hell are you looking for now! Was it that girl you stayed over with after?” Hoseok suddenly paused in his tracks, and slowly turned to him with a pink face and serious eyes, something quite rare for an outgoing person like him, “Yoongi, I’ve been having the same damn dream everyday ever since I met her. Doesn’t something scream creepy about that!”

“Dunno, just seems like you’re desperate to me.” The older roommate teased, standing up to stop him from continuing the pacing.

 Hoseok explained further, “No! You don’t get it, its not just dreams, you know that I am never like this after one-night stands, but this? I can’t go an hour without remembering it, feeling like she’s there, or feeling weird!” Hoseok was evidently in distress, his expression revealed so along with the redness of his skin, which made Yoongi now realize that he was truly serious; he thought for a second what to advise him, revising his words once more, he couldn’t help but furrow his brows at his younger roommate.

 “Okay, okay relax breath, we can sort this out together, but if you are so determined to find her, where in hell are you planning on going?”

 Hoseok face palmed at his ignorance and impulsive decisions, he took a moment to thank god for Yoongi’s existence, he knew he shouldn’t be acting out like this but the painful itching of his body was unbearable, a voice nagged at him to move and whispering inaudible things that sometimes put him in a trance, a type of trance that you go into after being hypnotized.

 “I-I don’t know, but at the same time I feel like I do.” Hoseok stuttered out, meeting eyes with Yoongi who also face palmed, and replied sarcastically “Great, I think that’s your dick talking man.” Hoseok’s only reply was pinching his thigh. “Listen how about we go out, maybe swing around the girl’s neighborhood, despite that being really creepy, but to let your dick know to get over it, and get some lamb skewers come on.” Yoongi comforted him by giving him a hard pat on the back and pushing him towards the bedroom to encourage him to change and get ready.

Soon, they were already walking through the plaza, the sun already set making the flashing lights from the stores brighter. Hoseok’s chest grew heavy and lighter when he moved in certain directions, his expression and features changing along with the emotions and the weight he felt. Yoongi was in the middle of telling a story that happened in work earlier that day, when suddenly Hoseok grabbed his wrist pulling him towards the other direction, the direction where his chest felt heavier, it felt like he was playing a game of hot and cold. He ignored all of Yoongi’s protests, and pulled him around to where it felt right, that ended up being outside the plaza, and more onto a smaller deserted pathway with old worn out buildings. He walked and walked, and soon enough turned a corner and almost fell to his knees from the weight that pulled him down, he felt like someone was holding his lungs, squeezing them with such strength that would kill instantly. Right in that moment when he turned the corner, every overwhelming feeling he felt evaporated into the cold air, making it feel as if it was never there and instead, what replaced it was the calm feeling of peace. They saw, right at the end of the street, a colorful looking club, or that’s what it looked like.

Yoongi gasped and instead, began pulling Hoseok towards the club, “Yah, this looks high class mate, and fancy with the furniture, damn it I should’ve worn my Gucci’s.”  He walked in, while making sure to avoid bumping into the groups chatting. “Man, you can smell the good booze from here.”  Hoseok has still not spoken a word ever since they stepped out of the house, of course Yoongi was concerned but he knew he was silent from the overload of thoughts in his head. Still silent, he scanned the room which was designed with modern furniture, neon lights, and futuristic art and designs; focusing on the silhouette and faces trying to catch the one he hoped to find. His eyes stopping at a specific back, the same hair, the same dress, once the moving lights passed by her body, that’s when he knew he found her. Different dress, same color that haunted his thoughts and dreams in the best way possible.

He wanted to approach her, so badly; even more so the moment she turned, giving him a clear view of her face. He walked away from Yoongi’s side, towards the woman who was the only thing in his view. The energy that grew gradually more with each step, pulling him as if under a spell. His eyes were set on her and only her, but once a group passed by blocking her, she disappeared from her previous position; which set Hoseok into a mini internal frenzy, until he caught the bright color of his dress passing by a crowd further back into the club. He jogged towards her direction, finally finding her walking down an empty hallway. Her gait oozing with confidence, and an aura surrounded her that he could not pinpoint whatsoever.

Right when he was about to call for her, she stopped in her tracks spinning around to face him with bright smile that grew brighter once she caught his expression. He would be surprised if she didn’t say that she was expecting him, since the twinkle in her eyes sure seemed as if she was expecting him.” I guess you found me…” His heart beat escalated to a normal beat to an elevated thudding, his hands began clamming up along with the back of his neck.

 “Um, I…Well, that is to say…I mean…” the stuttering was unbelievable to him; he has never been in such state let alone in front of a woman this way. She strode towards him, her shoes announcing each step, and once she was inches away. Slowly, she raised her hand towards his cheek, two fingertips gently tracing from his temple to his jawline. “Do you want know my name baby?” Her voice soft, silk, the same material he vividly remembers from the touch of her red dress. He was enchanted, very much so, although frozen but not tense, he was glad he found her but then scared of why he was so determined and why he was enjoying so much. “I’m Y/N… I am sure you don’t need to memorize; I am sure it’ll stick.” She chuckled patting his cheeks.

 “You came so far to find me didn’t you baby?” She teased, he had no idea how she knew, “Oh, dear I know because you are so special.” His eyes widened slightly as she answered a question that he only thought of. “Did you do something to me.” He finally uttered after being embarrassingly speechless for a while. “Do what baby?” She lowered her hand and leaned against the wall next to them, this time her smile morphed into a small grin, basically a smirk. Her tone almost patronizing, although he noticed it, he unconsciously found her voice pleasant no matter what she said. “Did you drug me? I-I don’t know voodoo or some shit.”

 She giggled, “Oh! you silly goose, you’re too cute. It’s not voodoo.” He knitted his brows and frowned, which lead Y/N to wrap her fingers around his wrist and started pulling him further into the hallway to the secluded area of the club, towards a dark closed door. Hoseok let it happen, he didn’t resist nor try to stop. The door opened and she pulled him with all her might, as he fell in, he watched the dark room morph right in front of his eyes to an illuminated and completely different room that was much colder than the one he thought he stepped into. As expected, he yelped in a much higher octave than he preferred and collided with the ground. The look of pure fright etched onto his handsome face as he stared at the nonchalant woman who walked past his fallen figure, and to a near dresser to discard her accessories. He breathed heavily while vigorously turning his neck in every direction trying to fathom the fact they basically teleported. He cussed every cuss word in the book under his breath while struggling to get back on his feet to sprint out the door he assumed was the way out. He pushed open the door, hoping to see the club, yet instead he was met with darkness, and a mysterious force pulled him back in, shutting the door in his face.

 “What the fuck! Where are we, what are you! I’m dreaming right! Fuck, yeah I didn’t think of that I’m just dreaming!” He began chuckling with evident fear and panic lacing his voice. She still had her back towards him the entire time, this time she turned around and approached him in a calm manner, and took a hold of his shoulders to stop his flailing. Her mere touch was enough to basically stop everything including his breathing, although it was a simple hold. The wave of multiple scents hit, some floral, some citrus, and the one that stood out the most was the mixture of salt- the type you’d smell at the beach, and musk. His eyes studied the room frantically, as if searching for something to reassure him, all he saw was leather books, wooden shelves with bottles of all sizes containing unknown colored liquids, and multiple vases filled with many diverse flowers and plants. The bed that resided in the far wall, was the only modern thing, the rest all wooden, slightly dusty but nonetheless cozy.

 “Relax, this is my little secret… and I’m letting you in on it.”  She paused in thought of what to say next. She was about to proceed when he interjected, “What…Huh? You’re pulling my leg…I mean; you have super powers?!”

She giggled, and shook her head. “Not quite, but you can say that…”  His body felt like it was being pulled towards her, his thought process mixed with confusion but, the whole reason he was there is because he desperately wanted to find her again, and cure his longing, along with exploring why he was so entranced with her. In that moment of silence, his tense muscles relaxed and the panic died down. Her hand brushed down from his shoulder, ever so slightly tickling his forearm down to his wrist, intertwining her hand in his.

 He exhaled shakily saying, “This is a dream right?”

“Nope, not this time.” She answered simply, rather than the situation being mind-blowing for Hoseok. A voice in his head was confused, he should’ve been out and shouting in fear, but then he didn’t want to do that, he- liked this. The mysterious ‘powers’ she possessed was a whole other story, all he knew that he isn’t hurt and besides, he doesn’t think she would hurt him.

“Let me ask you something baby boy.” The uncommon pet name he heard settled an unusual pleasant feeling in his chest, one that he almost never felt before, only up until their previous rendezvous. “Do you want to be here… with me?”

 There was a long moment of anticipation mostly coming from Y/N, that was in-between them, she would be lying if she said she wasn’t afraid he would say no, but then a nod was all she needed to lunge at her beautiful prey, pressing her lips onto his. The attraction he felt earlier, even with the physical connection, grew stronger wildly out of his control. His body, having a mind of its own, stepped forward to eliminate any possible space, causing the pressure of their pressed lips to increase and speed up just slightly. Her hands crawled their way up his arms, in the process moving them to place them on her hips to encourage him, then continued to his chest. The increased body temperature was unquestionable, her hands began to push him gently towards the bed, taking each step with slow caution.

 The sweet taste he noticed, with the hint of the familiar salt bit, not in a bad way. He reached the bed; sitting down all of a sudden, breaking the intense connection. She reattached her lips, this time on the corner of his lips trailing harder kisses to his jaw down his neck, lingering near his ear, teasing him by purposefully blowing gently into it, whispering dirty phrases. The blood rushing down south, and to his face; his breath quickened and a whine crawled up his throat, he tried suppressing with every physical power he owned, in the end emitting a faint groan.

Y/N could feel her heart beat harder in his chest, biting her lips to hide her grin, her own core pulsing with heat, while the twinkle of desire and excitement in her ___ eyes mirrored his own.  Her eyes seared his with glowing intensity, the air growing in temperature and tension, the same tension that screams to be released. The heat of the passion only grew with the kisses development, simple kissing to intense make-out. Y/N decided to be bold, throwing a leg on either side of his right thigh, taking her seat. The pressure of his muscled thighs dangerously close to her womanhood, making the urge to move and release the tension that built up in the pits of their stomach too much to bear.

 Hoseok evidently got more comfortable, and almost began taking over, his arms encircled around her waist, keeping his hands purchased on her lower back. His slender fingers tracing around the area, the enjoyable feeling of the dress’s material. The dress, hiked up to the highest point of her thighs, leaving the rest to his imagination. She took a hold of one his hands, guiding them to the same high point of her thigh, specifically on the exposed skin. He broke the kiss and looked at her with eyes, that could have made her fall off, the mixture of innocence and dazed from the pleasure. Parted lips, with soft breaths escaping them, her eyes stared at them hungrily, inching up to admire across his mesmerizing features. Her breathing hitched when his hand moved upwards and his other one added pressure to her lower back making her move in a slow grind on his. 

“No baby boy, I’ll take the lead.”  She said, surprising herself with amount of breathlessness in her voice. She pulled on his shirt and raised it up, helping him out of it, exposing his bare torso- sculpted with blemished skin, toned muscles in certain places, the view triggered twice as more energy to course through her veins. She let her nails delicately drag from his shoulders to his upper abdomen, making his skin tingle. Her position on his thighs maintained, making eye contact with him once more, “You like this, don’t you baby? Your sweet face shows it, especially this bump here- “She paused, allowing her hand to fall on his bulge with the extremely light pressure, causing him to gasp inaudibly, “You want so much more don’t you? I can feel it all…”

“Can I-“ His voice surprised you, since the man stayed in silence ever since the whole heated situation started, “Can you what baby?”

“Can I… touch you? Please.” His voice soft but desperate, almost whispering the end bit. Y/N chuckled and shifted towards him more, unconsciously making her core rub against him, their chests touched and faces an inch away from each other. Slowly, their foreheads touched, then their noses, then- their lips once again. Hoseok took the risk and guided her hips so she moved on his thigh, her knee that rested between his legs, brushed up against his firm manhood. The soft moan that she uttered, made his erection agonizingly harder to control in his now unbearably tight pants. She continued to grind on his thigh, her body moving on its own accord to loosen the tight rope that wrapped around their body. He watched in awe as her face contorted beautifully. Hoseok craved to feel the same thing he could only imagine what she felt, Y/N got vibes from him and continued to purposefully allow her knee to brush continuously against his bulge.

He clenched his thigh muscles to accelerate her pleasure as well as pushing her down harder to increase the pressure. Her breathing now faster- much shorter, she bit her lips to suppress her noise of pleasure to be heard, but Hoseok was not having it. The hand that resided on her hips pushed faster, her dress now almost above her hips; revealing her black knickers, making her panties the only thing between her pleading heat and his leg. Her climax inched closer and faster with rock of her hips, the melting hot feeling increased, then soon washed over her limbs. She reached her peak, causing her body to fall limp against him, holding onto his shoulders hard, slightly digging her nails into his back. Her legs quivered, and soft pants escaped her now, swollen lips.

Hoseok’s cock now throbbed with agony and arousal, the energy radiating off him strong enough to effect anyone in the room, her own powers hitting their peak due to the strong energy from meeting a person like him then, reuniting again for an intimate experience. She abruptly stood up, catching Hoseok off guard, tugging off her dress to reveal her nude body only covered by sheer panties. His mouth dried instantly at the sight, scanning her marvelous body, his cravings doubled. His hand drifted away from his side to get a feel of her skin. She gave him consent, allowing herself to enjoy his feathery touch, starting from the upper curves of her breasts, down her sides yet sensually lingering on her pelvis area then taking place behind her thighs. 

The goose bumps that has risen on her skin now visible to the naked eye, making the corner of his lips tug upwards in pride of the effect he had on her. She bent down in between his knees, hooking her fingers on the waistband of his pants, dragging them down his legs, the ones she just recently was seated on, teasing him while dragging down with her nails. 

In an instant, she got up and pushed him further onto the bed, making his back collide with the soft memory foam of the mattress. He climbed further up, to comfortably lay his head on the pillow almost urging her to climb over him slowly, her predatory gaze set on her delicious prey ready to devour him whole. The remaining article that clung onto their bodies were their bottoms, hers soaked and his tight on the hard-on he had going on. She teased him while she climbed above him, her hand ‘accidentally’ brushing…rather harder than a slight brush on his manhood, triggering his hips to buck due to the sensitivity and the strong desire to release the tension. She reached eye-level, leaning closer to his ears; nibbling and kissing lightly, her breath in his ear made his own goose bumps appear.

 She whispered, “Tell me baby boy, what do you want.”

The sound of her soft voice so close to him along with her body against his, he couldn’t help but inhale deeply and show her with just an action. His slender fingers slowly wrapped around her wrists, guiding her hand lower down his body, to the place that pulsed with painful throbbing. She watched him with a smirk, the glint in his eyes that within itself showed he surrendered himself whole, and the woman held him close accepting his submission. After moments of tension, she decided to give him his treat, putting pressure and movement, palming him through the fabric.

 The fabric being too bothersome—she urgently pulled them down, his length standing tall, with flushed red tints, glistening with the radiating arousal. The cold air engulfing now his exposed manhood in itself was torture, his hands were now left in his side, expression begging for any type of touch. They were both done with the teasing part of the foreplay, therefore her hand wrapped around his cock, wasting no time to continue and push him to the edge. Despite the powerful wave of euphoric stimulation, his legs quivered and hips bucked further into Y/N’s hands.

“Y/N-“ He groaned, his head going back further into the pillow arching his back. She maintained a certain speed, but he wanted more. One hand nuzzled between the sheets and the other he used to bite on, muffling his groans and moans. She refused to allow him to silence himself, taking his hands away from his face, which flew to hold on to her thigh tightly, after she had leaned down to engulf his length into her mouth. The warmth hugging around him nicely. The combination of her movements quickly got him to his peak. Her arousal increased with every second, his moans, his expression, the heat in the pit of her stomach almost burning from the intensity. He hit his climax- an elongated moan escaped his red lips, his voice wavering. He recovered quickly, desperate to share the feeling with her, sitting up to reconnect their lips, which moved smoothly against each other. His hands climbed further up her thighs, occasionally climbing up to fondle her breasts. Her breathing evidently heavy, and from the temperature of her skin, the look in her eyes, he knew what she wanted- how much she wanted.

“Let me please you, mistress.”  He purred, his eyes sharp. She willingly laid down this time, allowing him to settle himself above her. He took a moment to observe the situation. Y/N’s body below him, the proximity of their lips, the energy that flowed in the air around them tingled. Her lips parted, “I’m all yours baby.” His focus instantly went to discard the only remaining piece of fabric that remained on her, revealing her glistening sex. Hoseok unconsciously licked his lips, and looked up for approval. She clenched at the sight; his face so near her core, with eyes looking at her through his lashes. After the approval, he proceeded to devour her, no holding back this time. The ecstasy jolted through her, making her arch her back while spilling unladylike words. Her phrases of encouragement laced with a tone of sensuality, and a twist of a soft purring-like voice that only made his efforts increase. He continued, sometimes focusing around her folds then surprising her with enveloping her bundle of nerves tightly. He inserted his lean fingers in-between those folds, using his thumb to rub her clit ever so slightly. Halfway through, she pulled on his hair lightly, ordering him to get up. He complied willingly, his chin glistening from going down on her, another sight to remember.

“Fuck me.”

Hoseok’s eyes widened a little, remembering the condom, his head turned, to fetch his wallet from his jeans. Y/N noticed it, then moved his head to make him look at her. “I’ll get it.” A grin grew on her face, since she wanted to show off her abilities, raising her hands a bit and with simple moves and a flick, his jeans shifted from the floor, and out the wallet came out. Hoseok’s jaw dropped and heart raced, unfamiliar with all this, and still after all that, there was no trace of fear. The wallet floated and opened as if someone had been doing it, but no one else was to be seen. Out the condom came out, floating mid air, the wallet slipping back to its previous position, the condom floating nearer to the bed. Hoseok still frozen, but snapped out of it once the condom reached him. He reached up slowly but then snatched it harshly, Y/N giggled at his antics patting his cheeks. He turned to her, not minding what just happened, his eyes now darker flooded with lust.  He got in position, their chests in contact, he used his arms and knees to support himself above her. Wasting no time to ram his cock into her.

 The fullness she felt, and the tightness he enjoyed right away; only made them to moan in unison. Eyes fluttered shut and hips snapped in steaming satisfaction. Lewd noises filled the air, next to the powerful aura around them. His thrusts medium speed but deep with enough strength. Her hands rested on his lower back, fingers lower, guiding his hips. Occasionally Y/N leaned forward to connect her lips to his neck, littering open mouthed-kisses, marking his skin in one place, just right above his collarbone. His mouth next to her ear, spilling the sexiest of sounds which only edged each other further into the horizon of their orgasm. Intense was an understatement, pure euphoria matched the feeling more. “Keep going baby, just like that, you’re doing so good.” She muttered in between quick breaths. Her chest heaving in sighs of ecstasy. His own mutters of curses and occasional loud groans he emitted with each plunge. That gradually turned into sloppy swift grinds, the excessive lubrication allowed the swiftness to be easy to achieve. Their highs climbed further up the ladder, soon ready to jump into the pool of white hot pleasure.

 “Oh yes baby boy, you love it don’t you.” She barely managed to moan out, her nails digging lightly into his lower and upper back, only making the space between them decrease. Y/N’s senses overloaded, with the power of his energy and hers combined flowing through her veins and around her limbs. The feeling of rejuvenation from just finding a man like him after being lost for so long due to her abilities not reaching their full shape. The sheets tangled in between their legs, Hoseok’s back reddened from her clawing, she felt him twitch, the knot in their abdomens tightened with each movement of their muscles, soft whimpers from his lips so close to her ears, allowed the pleasure to skyrocket. One more cry of euphoria, Y/N’s back arched colliding her chest with his. Their chest heaved, gasping for air after extreme stimulation.

He pulled out, but continued to kiss her neck, marking her this time. His cock red and spilling with his juice, while she cummed, dripping down to the sheets. She flipped them over, allow his dick to take place between her folds. The slickness allowing her to move against him, the pressure against her clit making her emit high pitched gasps, “Kitten you please me so well.” The praise effecting him in ways he would usually react in disbelief when he is less dazed. They both craved for more; an almost selfish desire to achieve their highs once more despite the handful of times they already have. His juice mixing with hers, at some point his cock slipped in, increasing the fiery pleasure. Whimpers, Whining, and Writhing, all in a pile on the very bed they were on. Hoseok’s hand made their way up between her thighs, his thumb drawing figure eights on her swollen clit. The stimulation was blinding, “I’m gonna-” Hoseok gasped, releasing into her once more, not long after Y/N squealed from the over-stimulation of her spot and clit. The recovery- they were left chest heaving, and lips parted, the sheets stained and their bodies tainted with sweat and arousal.

She flopped her body next to his, their bodies cooling down. Y/N turned to her side, facing him to admire the aftermath of his body and expression. His eyes were shut, hands still at his sides. She couldn’t help but reach up and brush her fingers through his disheveled hair; making his eyes snap open, but then a small grin grew on his red lips. All of a sudden it felt as if a peaceful dark blanket set on him, his eyelids grew heavier with each passing second, the ability to move his limbs disappear, but in his mind it was blank, the refreshing feeling was all he could fathom. The lulling feeling of her fingers massaging his head, then the shutting of his eyes, he took a deep breath indulging in the moment; noticing the sudden increase of the same scent, the mix of musk and salt.

“Hoseok…” With eyes still shut , he heard her soft voice call out, “Hoseok-“ Now further away, and the trace of her fingers recently tangled in his hear now missing.

“Hoseok!” His heart dropped instantly, he attempts to move but remains frozen under a trance. “HOSEOK!”

His body lurched forward, sitting up straight. The feeling of the bed still below him, he turned his head to the right, expecting Y/N’s nude body to be laying next to him. To his surprise, the view of his room and empty bed knocked his brain to utter confusion. The presence of someone else being in the room was felt; Yoongi’s voice blared in his ears, scaring the living crap out of him. Yoongi was also scared at his friend’s terrified expression. Hoseok looked down and around him aggressively, he was clothed and back in his room. The disappointment heavily took place in his chest, after the whole ordeal of seeing the aftermath of hooking up with a woman with such attractiveness it was magical- literally magic.

“Hoseok, what the fuck is wrong with you!” Yoongi slapped the back of his head, eyes wide glaring at him with features that mirrored exactly what he exclaimed. He couldn’t even listen to him, Hoseok slid off the bed and into the bathroom shutting the bathroom door, his heart beat hard in his chest, he rushed to the sink while discarding his shirt. He couldn’t believe it once he saw the hickey that resided where he exactly remembered Y/N placed. His fingers brushed over it delicately, thoughts racing through his mind, but then interrupted by the banging of his concerned friend at the door.

“Yo! What’s wrong?!”

“N-Nothing!” Hoseok croaked out, wearing his shirt once again to face Yoongi. He dismissed Yoongi, insisting he was alright but paused mid-sentence once he got a whiff of the man, the salty musk, as much he wanted to ask, he continued to reassure him and kicked him out of his room. Walking back to his bed, he raised his blanket, sighing in unexpected exhaustion. His skin tingled with an unknown reason, he itched his arms, and entered the bed once more. Once he settled down, there was a lump on his back that he noticed right away; shoving a hand under his back to take it out, he lifted a vermillion cloth, one that was petrifyingly familiar, the dress covered in the same scent, the same memories he remembered vividly.



Coffee Courage (Yoongi Drabble)

Coffee Shop AU

The cold winter air nipped at her nose, as she forced herself into the safety of the coffeeshop.  Her skin ached as the bell above the clear door let out a ding.  Exhausted from her snowy run from her job, she gripped onto one of the mahogany chair near the entrance, trying to steady her heartbeat.

As soon as the bell let out a ding, Yoongi was already gripping onto the coffee cup he had already prepared for her.  For weeks now she had been stopping by after work for a coffee; and for weeks now Yoongi had found himself growing more and more infatuated with this strange girl.

As she approached the counter he handed her her order before she could even begin to speak.  Offering her a gummy smile, he found himself staring into her eyes as she uttered a thank you.  As he watched her walk away from the counter and take a seat at a table, he assured himself that one day he would finally gather the courage to ask her out.

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╰ you’ve realized that your feelings for Yoongi and worry about what Namjoon will think. how will this affect your relationship and will it alter their friendship? but the reality is you have set something free if you really love it and if it comes back to you it was truly fate. sequel to Ephemeral.

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Treat you better { basketball player! yoongi x reader }

Summary: Yoongi who is the schools most popular and feared basketball player  cant help but get flustered everytime he sees you, a cheerleader, cheering for the school’s basketball team, his team. What happens when he finds out about your.. boyfriend mistreating you?

Words; 2.2k

Genre; some tiny angst + FLUFF!!~ also tw; this will include mentions of violence + abusive relationship.

 [also jk makes an appearance here + i randomly picked a korean name for ‘the’ boyfriend]

an: so u know i love the concept of basketball player! yoongi so i thought to write this, i got inspired by early 2000′s high school movies lol, hope this was ok :) ~ feedback would be nice~~

Originally posted by bogdana8

‘Ugh, i hate his guts so much.’ Yoongi complained as he watched his team captain fool around with you.

‘Hyung..i think you need to understand that you’ll never be with (Y/N), i mean..she is dating our captain!’ Jungkook said to his friend.

‘Yeah, well fuck him, i couldn’t care less. I bet..he doesn’t treat her well, the way she deserves to be treated.’

‘’re too much, hyung..’ Jungkook just sighed getting back to his practice.

Yoongi continued staring at you and your boyfriend being all lovey dovey until he noticed something odd. Minho, your so called boyfriend started changing his behavior and became aggressive. If he wasn’t in public right now, he’d probably threaten you once again, or even hit you.

M-minho, please calm down. R-remember where we are..’ You tried to calm him down as his grip grew stronger.

Whatever. Meet me at the parking lot later, we have lots of things to discuss, (Y/N).’ Minho said to you as he left to his team angrily.

Yoongi clicked his tongue as he noticed Minho gripping you roughly like this, wondering the reason behind it. He noticed that his grip left a small bruise on your arm.

‘Boys. In some days, we will be competing with a very talented team, so you better work your asses off, we can’t lose to them.’ Minho said as he came back for practice. Since he was the captain of the team, he felt responsible for everything and was very strict. He tended to be aggressive and strict with you as well though…

'You, Yoongi. I expect good things from you, so you better not pull some dumb shit in some days, got it?’ Minho addressed Yoongi looking at him.

'Of course, i’ll do my best.’ Yoongi promised to his captain, wanting to vomit from the inside already. He hated being ‘nice’ to him, he couldn’t stand being nice to him.

'Then, let’s get back to practice.’


Ahh, hyung! Today is the match, how are you feeling?’ Jungkook asked his friend, sounding very nervous.

Me? I’m totally fine, i have nothing to worry about. I’m worried about someone else though.’ Yoongi replied as he was searching in the crowd for someone, he was searching for you.

All the other cheerleaders are here, where is..(Y/N)?’ Yoongi mumbled to himself still looking for you.

'Hyung, maybe she is getting ready or-’ Jungkook was about to say when he saw Minho come out from the lockers.

'Yoongi hyung?’

That piece of shit, he did something to her, didn’t he? That other day..i saw the way he was holding her, he was violent…’ Yoongi said as he saw Minho, he had a slight smirk on his face,

'Ah….i hope you’re wrong..’ Jungkook prayed for your safety.

Boys. Gather up, i have to tell you about our plan for today’s match..’ Minho announced to his team, making everyone gather around in a circle. As he was explaining their plan, the only thing Yoongi could think of was you. Were you hurt? Were you just sick? Did he really hurt you?

'Yoongi, as i said before, i’m counting on you. Do your best.’ Minho patted Yoongi’s shoulder quickly and he just nodded.

Whatever you scumbag..’ Yoongi muttered to himself as he left from his side.

The match finally started and the game was going slow, both teams were too good and there was a tie between them for a moment. Yoongi managed to stare at the cheerleaders for a while, and he finally saw you.

However, you weren’t your usual self. Usually you were a sweet bright person, always energetic with your cheerleading, but this time you looked dreadful. Not only that, but Yoongi noticed something else that was different about you, you had bruises on your body.

Yoongi immediately thought where you could have gotten those bruises from, they came from Minho.

'That piece of shit, that piece of shit-’ Yoongi tried to control himself since the game was almost ending, and they were tie with the other team. Someone had to change the score, it was either his team or the other team.

'Annnnd the game is over, Congrats to _______, they managed to change the game by scoring at the last minute~’ The sports reporter announced as the game finished. Yoongi’s team lost the match over something minor. They could have won, but while Yoongi wasn’t paying attention someone managed to score from the other team. Of course, Minho was furious over this.

'Hey, what the fuck was that, Yoongi, huh?’ Minho approached Yoongi and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt roughly.

'Shit happens sometimes, what can i say.’ Yoongi pushed him away, trying to remain calm.

'I said i was fucking counting on you, what was that?’ Minho continued his outrage, yelling at Yoongi in front of his other team mates. The cheerleaders were also present, observing their argument.

M-minho, i think you should calm down, i’m sure it wasn’t his fault, just some bad luck-’ Yoongi suddenly heard a sweet soft voice defending him, it was yours.

'You stay out of this.’ Minho snapped at you, trying so hard not to hit you at this moment. ’Or what? You’re going to hit her, just like you did before?’ Yoongi already regretted his words.

Yoongi hyung…’ Jungkook wasn’t so sure of what to do to stop this fight.

'That’s none of your business, you fool! Stay out of it, and next time don’t play shitty like this.’ Minho obviously felt flustered by Yoongi exposing him and decided to run away.

'Yeah, run away you coward.’ Yoongi yelled at him as he saw him run away.

Shit.. (Y/N), i-i-i didn’t want to make you feel bad, i just thought...’ Yoongi felt bad, seeing you tear up. He wondered if you were crying from embarrassment or because you were really sick of your boyfriend, Minho.

I-i have to go..’ All the rest of the team mates and cheerleaders looked at you run away, whispering things to each other about your situation.

'Ugh…hyung, i think you messed up a little. Exposing our captain is fine, but..(Y/N) now must feel ashamed over this.’

'Jungkook, what more could i do? He just pissed me off, i had to say it.’

'Try to comfort (Y/N), then. I’m sure she needs some comfort by someone. Go after her~’ Jungkook adviced his friend.

'C-comfort her? But this is embarrassing……comforting people.’ Yoongi almost cringed to the idea of comforting someone, but if it was you….maybe he could make an exception. As Yoongi was searching for you all around the school, Minho has found you first. 'Here you are.’

’M-minho, i swear i didn’t say anything about this, he probably just assumed and-’

'You didn’t say anything, but you didn’t cover the bruises on your legs, did you, like i told you? You wanted someone to notice, didn’t you? Is this how you ask for help?’re so pathetic, (Y/N).’ Minho just paused for a moment, approaching you, making you step away from him. ’Just so you know, i’m still with you, only because of your popularity and it helps with my reputation. As if i’d ever care for you.’

'P-please find someone else, Minho. Please…..there are so many nicer girls other than me! Please-’

'Shut up, shut up! All you do is cry.’ You closed your eyes as he became violent once again, 'The other cheerleaders are not like you, i know it’s weird of me to say this. But you’re pure and innocent, unlike them. I can’t be rumoured to be dating whores like them.’

’S-top talking about them like this! They’re my friends you know-’ You tried to defend your friends as he just chuckled.

'Whatever. I don’t give a shit about you or your friends. I told you why we’re still together.’ Minho finally let go of you and turned around only to be faced with..Yoongi, who has already heard everything.

'You’re such a scumbag, and you know what? You can kick me out of the team after this, i don’t care but i always wanted to do this.’ Minho was about to talk back when he felt himself getting punched in the face by Yoongi.

You bastard!!!!’ Minho yelled at Yoongi, already feeling his face bruise up a little, planning to attack Yoongi back.

You were in panic, wondering if you should stop them or call someone for help. Just seeing Minho get super violent brought you back awful memories.

'Pl-ease stop, please..’ You begged as you saw them both continue fighting, punching each other, both of their faces covered in blood and bruises.

'H-hyung!’ Yoongi suddenly looked up, only to see his friend with some others.

'J-jungkook, please call someone to make them stop!’ You begged him and he did as you said. Soon enough, the principal and some other professors arrived.


'I was only defending  (Y/N) from her abusive boyfriend, sir. That’s my reason for attacking him.’ Yoongi explained himself to the principal.

'Is that true, Minho?’ The principal asked him.

'Well, what do you think? Why would a person like me, do such things? Of course, i’d never hit my girlfriend, sir!’ Minho tried his best to sound innocent while Yoongi was fuming.

'Liar! You’re such a piece of shit, just admit it already, you-’

'Please, do control your language, Min Yoongi.’ One of the professors said trying to calm him down.

'Let’s have miss (Y/N) talk as well then.’ The principal suggested.

After some minutes, the principal called you at the office. ’H-hello, you asked for me, sir?’

'Yes. Please do explain to us about the situation. You were there when these two were fighting, correct?’ The principal continued asking you about the incident and you explained everything in details.

Fortunately for you, you had proof from his abuse, having scars and bruises all over your body, the principal believed you.

'I’m afraid…we can’t handle this toxic behavior in our school, Mr Minho. Even if you’re the best basketball player at our school, i’d like for you to leave from this school. You’re expelled.’ You and Yoongi both heard Minho gasp once he heard the news.

What the fuck do you mean i’m expelled??!’ Minho yelled, almost ready to attack the principal as well. ‘It meants what it means, now get out of here, would you please.’

'You-you will pay for this, both you and you!’ Minho pointed at you and Yoongi, 'You’ll pay for this, Min Yoongi!’ Minho continued cursing at you two as he left the principals office.

’S-sir…thank you for doing this.’ You thanked the principal for doing such a nice thing. ‘Ah, but i think you must thank this boy over here the most.’ The principal said as he pointed at Yoongi.

'Ah….but i didn’t do anything really– i just- just you know…’ Yoongi suddenly felt embarrassed as he felt you staring at him.

You two have a nice day, bye!’ The principal said as you two exited from his office.


'H-hey, are you doing alright, (Y/N)? I’m sure..this must have been bad for you.’

'I-i’m feeling relieved actually. Now i’ll never have to see Minho again, and it’s all thanks to you, i-i don’t know how to thank you!’ You told him, thanking him again.

M-maybe…give me… know…a k-kiss here?’ Yoongi said to you while pointing at his cheek shyly. It was one of the places where he was wounded by the fight.

'Y-ou want a kiss?’ You asked sounding confused, wondering why he wanted only a simple kiss.

Y-yes..just that.’ Yoongi already regretted his words but of course you didn’t mind, you did as he said in the end.

If you say so, then…..~’ Yoongi saw you approach him, getting closer to his face, leaning in for a kiss, a peck on the cheek. Your lips felt very soft on his wounded cheek, just as he thought they would feel.

'I-i well…it’s been a long day, see you tomorrow, (Y/N). Take care..’ Yoongi told you and left very awkwardly feeling his cheeks get red already. You just chuckled, seeing him get so flustered over your kiss.


Some months have passed ever since that day, and you life has been very peaceful without Minho. You continued being a cheerleader for the basketball team, and Yoongi became the new captain of the team.

Your school’s team, ended up winning at lots of matches against others which made Minho furious, seeing Yoongi be so succesful. Yoongi also succeeded and found the courage to tell you about his feelings, confessing to you.

After a while, you eventually started dating and became the school’s cutest but typical couple, the captain’s basketball team dating a cheerleader.

Yoongi couldn’t help but still feel flustered everytime he saw you cheer for his team, it made him want to impress you even more during a match. You were his motivation to become better.

'Good luck, Yoongi~’ You told him as he was ready for a new match.

'I feel like i can do anything if you’re around, (Y/N). Once i become an international basketball player, will you still be by my side, cheering for me?’


To Love A Stranger [Yandere! Hoseok] [Reader-Insert]

Originally posted by dayaftermoon

Synopsis:  She was enraptured, and she fell under the spell of his love. It was magical–an enthralling experience of living in the moments, and letting go. But risks come with consequences, and she was bounded. She thought she had found love at first sight; she was wrong. Finally, she learns the reality of loving a stranger.

Coming Soon 

Heart Beat // BTS social media AU (18//??)

previous // 18 // next

Kim Taehyung x Male Reader Social Media Au: MC is a producer, Gay with his little group of friends. Until a newly debuted singer starts demanding his help, MC can’t help but despise Taehyung, also known as V. But imagine the chaos that ensues when feelings turn, and tides begin to change.


☠︎ genre: angst, drama, crack

☠︎parings: jimin x reader

☠︎warnings: lot of death, torturing.

☠︎ goddess and god’s au! social media and written au? (i gotchu)

☠︎sUmMaRy: “Life’s complicated, especially when you’ve got the goddess of death running around for the king of the underworld, and unsurprisingly falling in love with the god of love. Not to mention she may of killed the god of sadness’s girlfriend?”

introduction comes out tommorow! (I’m also doing a tag list sihshahaahhaha I’m rlly nervous about this series so uh msg me or just ask in asks ok bye) stay tuned thots ☠︎


Trivia 轉: Seesaw Lyrics

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Yoongi’s getting cranky because sex work ain’t happening



Fake Fangs



Summary: Finding out that Yoongi’s costume didn’t include fake fangs leads to a suprises in the bedroom.

Genre: smut, vampire au

Length: 1.5k

A/N: this was such a good request omf, it ended up filthy but i mean who could blame me.

“Put those fangs to use Min Yoongi,” you whispered, your lips grazing his ear and for emphasis you gave it a slight nibble but as you pulled away to go back to kissing him, his hands looped around your waist and kept you in place and you let out a scream as a stinging pain appeared on the column of your neck. Seconds later you shuddered slightly as you felt Yoongi’s tongue smooth over the bite, “dude, what the fuck?”

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Kitten’s Little Flame Part 3

Originally posted by taegisgirl

Pairing: BTS Suga/Yoongi (Dragon hybrid) x Reader (Cat hybrid)

Genre: Fluff, Angst, BTS hybrid au, college au, eventual smut

Word count: 12.5K

Warnings:There are acts of violence/fighting, blood, a slight suggestive content, non-consensual actions. It doesn’t get very descriptive, nor get far enough. Please read with caution if you don’t enjoy that kind of content. I promise there is enough fluff to wash the bad taste away.

Summary: “He’s the calming cool you seek in the Summer, but a comforting warmth in the Winter.” Yoongi and you are in university now and even roommates, can you stay best friends or will it bloom into something more?

A/N: Well.. another part ladies and gentlemen! Look I know its very long, but please understand I didn’t want to half heartily tell this story. I hope I don’t disappoint you. I’ve been working on this and mulling over it for days now. I think this part really puts the story in the right direction. Also I hope you cringe only slightly with the cliches and poorly written action scenes. CNA stands for certified nursing assistant and PA is an abbreviation for physician’s assistant. Thank you for taking your time out to read! :) Forgive me for my grammatical mistakes and amateur writing.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 4 (M), Part 5 (M), Epilogue (M)

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