answer: love yourself isn’t an outro because loving yourself is a continuous process and i think that’s beautiful

Run Little Rabbit

; RLR Drabbles


College is like a continuous circle of stress, tiredness, joy at getting a good grade before falling back into stress. It’s been like this for four years, and you’re beyond glad that this is your final year before you can finally be free of the confines of a classroom.

Your parents had already been querying whether you might want to continue on and do a master’s degree, considering your single history degree to not be good enough to get a good job. Which was ridiculous, because even though you weren’t sure what job you wanted - you were sure that history was the one subject that you hated the least out of everything.

So no, you would not be subjecting yourself to a further year of of stress and unhappiness. Particularly as you’d have even less chances to fail than you did in your four years of college until now. You and college hadn’t co-operated very well on the education front, so you really weren’t inclined to put yourself through even more. Probably the only saving grace of your college life had been your friends.

Coming from a small town like you had, you had never interacted with any predator shifters as they simply hadn’t existed in your town. Your town had consisted of the more fearful prey shifters and humans with the majority being either deer or rabbit shifters. Which was fine when you needed pleasant neighbours, but not so much for actually growing into a well rounded person.

As such, you’d grown up practically afraid of your own shadow and it had only been when you’d entered high school in the next town over that you’d finally been introduced to predators. Even so, they had only been dog and cat shifters. Back then it had been a point of pride that you’d got used to the dominance battles they had all the time, but entering college had been a shock to your system.

It had taken some serious convincing with your parents to let you attend the state college instead of the local community college in the city closest to you. You’d desperately wanted to experience the world outside of your insulated community, and the real world involved apex predators. If you couldn’t handle living and studying with them, then you could kiss goodbye to a job working with them.

Which of course meant you’d spent the first two months in college firmly inside your room, terrified to leave as you’d had a tiger shifter to your right and a wolf shifter to your left. It had only been a month after this that the wolf shifter, Jisoo, had dragged you out finally to try and convince you that she didn’t want to eat you.

Slowly becoming friends with her had meant becoming friends with her pack, who she had moved in with in her second year. You’d stayed in dorms for the whole four years, unable to find another prey shifter who was willing to live with you and unable to live with predators.

But her friends had proven to be nice and respectful, being careful to not play too rough or engage in too many dominance battles that would have you running away. If you’d told yourself five years ago that your best friends would be wolf shifters, you’d have laughed all the way home. Yet here you were, wedged between Jisoo, a black wolf, and your other best friend Jimin, a silver wolf.

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One Screw Short

Genres: Slice of life, crack, fluff, smut. Next door Neighbour!Taehyung needs help building a bed, and thank God you’re there.
Warnings: Smut, oral, sexting, phone sex, masturbation, unprotected sex, mild breathplay, Taehyung calls you a slut much more than once.
Word Count: 19k.
A/N: Thank you so much to my very wonderful and very incredible and very beautiful baby girl @wagicshop  for making me such a beautiful banner. I am nothing if not in awe of you and your never ending talents. Also, I love you. Also, thank you again. Also, I would die without you.

It was seldom that sleep came to you very easily. That had just been a matter of truth since you could remember. Even when you were a child, you’d lay awake in bed at night, staring at the ceiling after your parents had tucked you in, making up stories in your head or humming songs quietly to yourself until sleep finally wrapped itself around you and tugged you into its depths. It was a nuisance at the very best. Especially on nights like tonight; Thursday nights to be precise. You had only one day left of work before the week was out, and the rules of sleep no longer mattered until Sunday evening rolled around. However, Thursdays were the worst for you because it was the day when the week of poorly handled sleep patterns and work stress caught up to you–which, in turn, made it even harder for sleep.

Which is why you had your Thursday night routine. You’d started it about four months earlier, and for the most part, it worked like a charm. You poured yourself a good two or three–but never more than three–glasses of a nice red wine that you would treat yourself to on the way home, and settle down with an episode of whatever drama you happened to be watching. After the credits rolled, you’d slip into the bath, your eyes lazily watching the bath bomb fizz away into nothing but pleasant scents and pretty colours. Once the water drained, you’d slip into your comfiest sleepwear; an old, worn out, tank top and a pair of comfy shorts. With that, you’d cozy up into the freshly washed covers and sheets and read however many pages of your book it took to slip into a deep and comforting sleep.

Normally, there was no issue. You had your routine down to a science and for the last however many Thursdays that you’d utilized it, it had worked. However, earlier this afternoon, you’d noticed a few stacks of boxes next to the door of the previously vacant apartment directly next to yours. This was notable because now, at whatever the fuck o’clock, with the moon hanging bright and tauntingly directly in your window, you were listening to the incessant curses, grunts and bangs of your new neighbour trying to fuck or murder someone–there was no way to be sure.

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Carnal Cupidity (M)

[ Cupidity (noun) /kjuːˈpɪdɪti/ : eager or excessive desire, esp. to possess something: greed; avarice. from the latin cupiditas, meaning “yearning and "desire”; synonymous with “lust.” ]

Pairing: Taehyung x reader

Genre: Smut, Alphawolf!Tae

words: 9k

Warnings: rated M, explicit descriptions of sexual content, breeding/impreg, biting, mentions of blood, cum play, creampie, light degradation, strong language, knotting, rough but still weirdly domestic werewolf sex, generic heat trope tbh lol

A/N: this is unedited af so i’ll do it later but i truly hope you guys will enjoy this piece of trash and thanks for being patient with my messy self! <3 

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something new (m)

➾ reader x college!jjk

➾ word count: 6k

➾ genre: dom!jungkook, virgin!kink, smut, fingering, dirty talk, oral (female receiving), degrading names, slight crack (?), 

➾ summary: jungkook has a thing for virgins. you just happen to be the one he has his eye on.

➾ a/n: this is for all my horny virgins out there! hopefully this quenches your thirst haha. and this has been such a relief to write??? i feel like so much unspoken tension was just released into this, prob bc i put all my kinks into words haha

﹍﹎ ﹍﹎ ﹍﹎ 

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the grove (m.)

⇒ pairing | jungkook/reader
⇒ word count | 6,790
⇒ genre | goblin au, smut, e2l
⇒ summary | getting hurt and stumbling upon a goblin in the forest leaves you completely at his mercy, though you aren’t sure if that’s necessarily a bad thing.

series m.list | next

⇒ warnings | goblin!jungkook, e2l themes, cheating implication, rough sex, unprotected sex (stay safe!), clothed sex, creampie, marking, possessiveness, oral (f and m receiving), dirty talk, multiple orgasms.

“This is just great,” you muttered to yourself, shivering slightly from the chill in the air as you stomped through the grass. The forestry around you was so thick it was damn near impossible to even begin to think of a way out. Not to mention that the sun was setting and you’d already been walking around aimlessly for hours.

You were usually fine with the forest, never venturing in too far for fear of the beasts it held within, hidden away from your human eyes. Your village spoke of them in harsh whispers, your schools educating the young about the goblins, beware the goblins lest they steal you away.

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Void - Part 3 (M)

title banner by @jiminiethot

Genre: Sci-fi with a little angst and a LOT of smut

Pairing: BTS x Reader (yup - all seven)

Summary: You are the only female crew member on a 12 year space mission with seven handsome men. The sexual tension is real, y’all.

Word Count: 13.1k

Part 3 / ?

Part 1 Part 2

Warnings: explicit sexual content, oral sex, slight degradation, gratuitous space science

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Friend : Ugh all the men I like are 10 years older than me

Me : *laughs internally thinking about the 20-1000 years difference of the men I like*

watch your mouth ⦚ kth

Originally posted by taehobiyoongi

PAIRING taehyung x reader

GENRE smut, slight fluff


WARNINGS  dirty talk, oral sex (m & f receiving), phone sex, fingering, slight edging, breath play, finger sucking, masturbation, slight degradation, cream pie 

NOTES ⌟  this is a repost from one of my previous accounts that i forgot about until i was cleaning up my docs lmao

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BTS Reaction To You are Sweet and Soft, Mafia AU

Anonymous said to b-tsfanfic-tion: Could I request a bts reaction where the reader their girlfriend and is really sweet and soft? Could it also be mafia au?


Originally posted by kunluvbot

You were eavesdropping around the corner on your boyfriend and his men. You were no gangster like he was, but you could still sneak around when you really wanted to. It wasn’t something you did often, but at the moment you couldn’t help it. Moments before you were simply passing through the room next to his when you heard one of Jin’s men mention a strip club.

“Come on, boss!” one said.

“Yeah, you need the night off,” another goaded on.

You heard a guy laugh before speaking up, “He won’t go. It’s pointless to get him to try. He’s too loyal.”

“It’s not just about the loyalty,” said a voice you immediately recognized as Jin’s, “I don’t need a night off. Not from her. She’s sweeter than anyone I’ve ever met, and that’s all I need.”

You felt yourself smile, and if Jin had seen you his first thought would have been just how cute you looked when you smiled. It meant a lot to you, the fact that he liked you because you were soft and cute.

“Sure, boss,” one guy scoffed, but that must’ve been a good enough answer because his men finally left. You were caught by Jin moments later, who came around the corner. He jumped just a little when he nearly ran into you.

“You scared the shit out of me!” he said with a flustered sigh.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to,” you said.

“So then why are you sneaking around, baby?” he asked.

“I was just waiting for your crew to leave,” you lied, not wanting to admit that you were a little worried he might head off to the strip club. He gave you a knowing smile, completely seeing through your lie. But instead of calling you out on it, he only pulled you close for a kiss that was almost as sweet as you were.


Originally posted by hibiscous

Yoongi and his crew were busy laying out plans when you came into the room. His men were immediately distracted by you. Not because you were a pretty women, although that probably didn’t help their focus, but because of the plate of cookies you held in front of you.

You only smiled at their stares and placed the snacks down on the table, “I thought you might need something to eat.”

“Thanks angel,” Yoongi said, a small smile crossed his features while his men watched the two of you.

“Alrighty,” you said with a sigh and shrug, “Just let me know if you need anything.”

After one last bright smile, you left the room. Everyone in the room looked back to Yoongi, clearly waiting for some sort of explanation.

“I never pegged you as the “cookies and milk” kind of guy,” one of his crew said with a snarky look.

“He’s not. His girl is,” said one guy who had been working with Yoongi for awhile now. Yoongi only grinned wider at that comment.

“No, seriously. You are the toughest guy in this city, and the one word I definitely wouldn’t use to describe her is tough,” one man said with a confused shake of his head. Yoongi only shrugged, not even worried about all the teasing.

“Opposites attract,” he said simply before returning to explaining the plan for their next heist. But even then he still had the hint of a smile for the rest of the evening.


Originally posted by ourhopeourangel

Hoseok could get wilder the angrier he got. This was one of those times. His men watched with scared worry as he slammed a fist down on his desk. His eyebrows started to furrow like they always did when he got upset.

“How did this get fucked up? This was the simplest job we’ve had all month,” Hoseok growled, clenching his fists so tight his knuckles started to turn white. His men immediately nodded in agreement.

You stood on the other side of his office door, listening through the wood. You reached for the doorknob when it got quiet. Some who didn’t know better might take quietness as a good sign, but you knew Hoseok. The less yelling he did, the more prone he was to doing something rash and stupid.

When you walked into the room every single one of his men did a sigh a relief. Hoseok turned his gaze off his desk and up towards you. The minute his eyes found yours, his dark expression softened. You smiled at him, sweet as always.

“I shouldn’t worry too much about a botched job, Hoseok,” you said, walking towards him to place a calming hand on his shoulder.

“How did you know how it went?” he asked with a cocked eyebrow.

“I may have been eavesdropping,” you sheepishly admitted. His crew looked completely shocked when he laughed at your answer. Leave it to his adorable girlfriend to make his attitude change completely.

He stopped laughing to consider you, but his smile was still resting on his face. He moved to wrap his arm around you, pulling you to his side. With you nestled up next to him, he finally gave his men one last glare, “Get out of here while she as me distracted.”

His crew didn’t need telling twice. They left Hoseok’s place as fast as they could. He only rolled his eyes as they practically ran out of his office. But that sour look tuned to a soft one when he turned back to you.


Originally posted by namjoon-fangirl1994

One of Namjoon’s men showed up late one evening, surprising the both of you. He had thought he was done with work, and you two were spending time together. But Namjoon didn’t really control when crime would happen in the city, all he knew was that his gang had to be in the thick of it.

“I’ll be with you in a second,” Namjoon told the man.

“Why can’t I just tell you now?” he asked. When he said that, you looked to Namjoon. He was busy looking anywhere but you. He hated the fact that he had to hide any part of himself from you, but he refused to let you hang around whenever he did anything even remotely gang related. He insisted you were too good to see even a little bit of his line of work.

His man noticed the two of you acted strange, and was starting to piece together what was going on. Unfortunately, the deduction he came to was a little off, “Wait, is she afraid to even hear about what you do?”

“Excuse me?” Namjoon said, and you noticed his voice had already dropped a little deeper. Clearly he didn’t like what the man had just said.

“I just think she should respect your line of work, sir. If people in this city don’t respect you then they fear you. I think that is-”

“Enough!” Namjoon said, cutting off his man with a glare, “I don’t want her to hear this stuff. So if you’ll respect me like you say you do, then you’ll stop judging my girl.”

After that his man was quick to apologize, to Namjoon and you. Namjoon only shook his head with annoyance as the gangster decided to wait outside your guys’ place for Namjoon.

“I’m sorry he said all that shit about you. I will personally see to it that he-”

“Actually, you can go easy on him,” you said, this time being the one to interrupt.

“What?” he asked, looking surprised.

“I’m sure getting yelled at by his idol is punishment enough,” you said. He walked over, giving you a hug and a dimpled grin.

“This is exactly what I mean. You are too sweet for any of this,” he told you as you lovingly wrapped your arms around his neck.


Originally posted by gotmeolk

The whole time Jimin was with his gang you watched quietly with a sweet smile as he stayed stoic and serious. Around his men he was always the toughest guy in the room. Luckily for you, you never had to put up such a facade, even as Jimin’s girl. Even with you by his side, he was still stoic. He wasn’t mean, but just serious. You didn’t mind though, you understood that half of the reason why he was so intimidating was because of the act he put on for the entire world.

But the smile you sported turned into a full on grin when the last of his men finally left your guys’ place. Jimin closed the door behind his men, and when he did he turned back to you with a smile of his own.

“I need a break,” he said with a sigh. The second he held open his arms, you were running over to him. You wrapped your arms around his neck and smiled up at him. You could feel his tense muscles already relaxing thanks to having you in his arms.

“Why do you have to be so frowny around your guys?” you asked, genuinely wondering why he always had to put on an act for everyone but you.

“Because you’ve got the cute thing covered,” he said before giving you a kiss that showed just how much he adored how sweet you were.


Originally posted by mylovertaehyung

One of Taehyung’s crooked cops was in his office, showing him pictures of a crime scene that had to do with his rival gang. You happened to walk into the room at the wrong time, getting a whole view of the gruesome pictures laid out in front of Taehyung.

The gasp you let out signaled to Taehyung you had come into the room. Suddenly he was up out of the chair, pushing papers on top of pictures, and turning towards you with a worried look.

“Are you okay?” he asked. You were trying not to let your eyes flick back to the desk, but for some reason you kept looking at a picture that had a bloody corner still exposed. It was like when you got terrified while watching a horror movie and couldn’t look away from the screen.

“I was coming in here to, um…”

You trailed off with a shaky breath, which made Taehyung cringe. He hated to see someone as gentle as you look scared. Especially when the reason you were scared had to do with him. You shook your head, almost like you were disappointed in yourself, “I can’t remember why I came in here.”

“That doesn’t matter,” he said. He tentatively took your hand to bring you with him outside the room. He noticed you actually start to breath a little easier when you were finally able to leave his office, “What matters is, I’m sorry you saw that.”

“I should’ve knocked, or-”

Suddenly he was interrupting you, pulling you close to him in a tight hug. He was currently hating himself for shaking you up as much as he did. You weren’t hard like him, and even though you loved him that didn’t stop you from getting completely shocked every time you saw anything that had to do with his mafia life.

“No. It’s like I said, it’s my fault. I’m sorry,” he repeated, not wanting you to blame yourself. After that, he made it up to you by taking the rest of the day off. Instead he focused his attention on you, the sweetest person in his life.


Originally posted by jeonsshi

You were sitting right beside Jungkook, like always, as he explained his plan to the boys. You were cute and soft, unlike him. But you were also a little impulsive, like him. Which was exactly why you spoke up at the meeting.

“Do you think I could come along?” you asked Jungkook as sweetly as possible. The rest of the men at the table immediately assumed his answer before he even said anything, laughing and teasing.

“I can’t believe it, you’ll be the first girl to come along!” one said.

Another was quick to chime in with a, “But it’s about time, right fellas?”

They had all guessed Jungkook would immediately allow you to come along. He was a complete wild card, they all just assumed that same sentiment would also reach how he treated you too. But they couldn’t be more wrong, which they realized when he wasn’t laughing along with them and was completely stoic instead.

“No!” he said to his guys, immediately shutting them all up. You were just as surprised as them. You had expected him to let you come along, just like all his other men had too.

“But why not?” you asked, and he looked at you like you were crazy.

“Everyone out,” he said, not turning his gaze off you. Every single one of his men got up and left while you stayed put.

You waited till it was just you two before finally speaking up, “Come on, why can’t I come along?”

He gave an exasperated sigh before brushing the back of his hand across your cheek, “You are way too good to get any more involved in this than you are. I know you hate it when I try to tell you what to do, but I’m going to have to just this once, okay?”

He waited till you gave him a nod. Normally, you would’ve fought him on what he just said, but normally he wasn’t as serious as this. He gave a grateful smile to you, knowing just how much it meant that you were about to let him boss you around a little.

“The most I’m ever going to let you do in my gang is sit in on these little meetings,” he said.

“Fine,” you agreed, just the hint of a pout on your face.

“And don’t keep asking me about it to wear me down. I’m not going to let you no matter what. Like I said, you’re way to sweet for any of this shit,” he said, apparently not yet finished laying out all his rules.

“I already said fine,” you said with an over exaggerated eye roll.

“Okay, okay!” he said with a light laugh, “I guess I better let all the guys back in.”

“I can,” you offered, ready to tease him, “You know, since I’m just so sweet.”

buzzed, 01 (m.)

⇒ pairing | taehyung/reader
⇒ word c. | 6,848
⇒ genre | f2l au, smut
⇒ summary | maybe ordering a vibrator and letting your best friend open your mail wasn’t such a great idea.

⇒ 01 ; 02

⇒ warnings | sex toys, multiple orgasms, tipsy taehyung, fingering, dirty talk, phone sex (sort of), dom!taehyung, oral (f receiving).

You stared at your laptop’s screen, gnawing on your bottom lip as you debated whether or not to purchase the item on the page.

Utimi Upgraded Silicone 10 Speed Vibrator.
$19.78 + free shipping.

You crossed your ankles and tapped your fingers against the desk you were seated at, still mulling over this decision. Did you really want to spend almost $20 on a vibrator when your hand could clearly do the trick?

It started a few nights ago, when you’d gone over to your friend’s apartment for a wine night. A few of your close friends had gotten tipsy, and eventually—somehow—the conversation had dipped into sex. The friends hosting the get together gushed about how amazing their boyfriends were in bed, and you sat quietly while listening to a few others pipe up about their partners’ unsatisfactory performance.

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siren (m) || myg

× genre: officer!yoongi | pwp | smut | humour
× warnings: oral (fem receiving), fingering, sub/dom, humiliation, handcuffs, biting, scratching, cum play, squirting, baton action (no penetration), overstimulation/multiple orgasms
× word count: 6.4k

summary :: you’re willing to do anything to get out of having your license revoked after officer min catches you speeding for the third time this month.

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Lifeline | 04

Summary: What happens when a witch curses seven vampires to share one fated mate between them? BTS x Reader, Vampire!au, Idol!au

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Smut, Fantasy

Word Count: 10,236

Chapter 1| Chapter 2| Chapter 3

A/N: @xtokibabyzx @awiieloise @xxqueenwxtchxx @disphoricandrogyny @morgans-fic-box @certainuncertainty11 @k00kjals @jhopehasmyjams @pastel-greene << For those who asked to be tagged. Enjoy!

Originally posted by kimseokjin

“Can’t or won’t?”, Taehyung stared down the beautiful redhead with narrowed eyes, trying out an intimidation tactic he had picked up from Namjoon. 

The redhead named Soyeon glared right back. “Can’t. I’m sure you must have noticed I’m human. Or maybe you’re too slow?”, she raised one eyebrow questioningly. 

Taehyung let the insult slide, it wasn’t the first time a woman had questioned his mental faculties. Sitting back down on the low barstool, he watched Suli’s human daughter tinker in her storybook kitchen. Complete with crude wooden cupboards, a large cauldron over a built-in hearth in the corner and pots and pans that looked like they’d come straight out of a medieval fairytale. He half expected them to come to life and dance around him like when Merlin had enchanted the dishes in The Sword And The Stone.

But Soyeon couldn’t possibly do the same, considering she was human, which Taehyung had gleamed after a whole embarrassing five minutes inside her house while repeatedly asking her to take back her mother’s curse. It wasn’t his fault witches could almost pass for humans. 

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dancing with the devil ⦚ myg

Originally posted by sugasuite

PAIRING yoongi x reader

GENRE smut


WARNINGS  public sex, exhibitionism, fingering, oral (f receiving), overstimulation, praise kink, kitten kink, thigh riding, breath play, dom/sub undertones, possession kink, genuinely just pure pwp

NOTES ⌟  this is unedited but i’m a frustrated mess after writing it so i’ll do that later sdjfdjkf. and so begins my sugar daddy series. :-) i hope you enjoy!

series masterlist | ultimate masterlist 

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the nest (m.)

⇒ pairing | jungkook/reader
⇒ word c. | 10,229
⇒ genre | goblin au, smut, fluff
⇒ summary | with the pressure of a possible pregnancy looming over your head, you venture back into the dangerous woods to find out what really happened to jungkook.

series m.list | previous

⇒ warnings | goblin!jungkook, oral (f receiving), face sitting, multiple orgasms, impregnation kink, creampie, unprotected sex (stay safe!), rough sex, overstimulation, mild cum play, dirty talk, begging, teasing, dom!jungkook, pregnancy, domesticity.

It was a painful few weeks of waiting and waiting, the symptoms from before only getting worse as time went on. You weren’t sure if it was because you were pregnant or because you were so stressed over possibly being pregnant. You hadn’t seen the village physician yet, too afraid to go back to her home and get checked on again. You didn’t know if you wanted to be pregnant—

You didn’t know if you didn’t want to be pregnant.

Would it be so bad, to bear Jungkook’s child? To bear a goblin’s child?

That spark, that connection, to Jungkook was unlike anything you’d ever felt before. You were doubtful that you’d ever feel it with another man again. Was this the feeling that your mother had described to you before in your younger years when she spoke of your father? You couldn’t be positive it was, but you knew it could be the start of something magical.

But the thought of Jungkook made tears well in your eyes, hands trembling as you remembered his blood spilling between your fingers and the arrow piercing his flesh.

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fatal attraction⎜05 (m.)

pairing: reader x jungkook (feat. taehyung)

genre: serial killer au, smut, angst

word count: 8.5k

  • Your dangerous ex-boyfriend comes back to haunt you in more ways than one.

warnings: unprotected sex, defloration, mentions of drug abuse, mentions of death and murder, major character death

→ disclaimer: myself and this fic does NOT condone the act of killing or the romanticisation of those who kill. if themes of violence, killing and/or stalking are triggering to you, please do NOT read this fic. 

→ author’s note: this update would not have happened without @kookingtae credit for my sanity goes to her.

series m.list | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | ongoing

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