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My Favourite BTS Fanfics Series (M) *incomplete*

Good Boy by @btssmutgalore - “When a college trip gets too boring, you decide to play a game with a guy who has a crush on you”. Sub!Jimin Au.

Blackjack by @kpopfanfictrash - “Bangtan is one of the most vicious mafias on the west coast. Only six members are known by name though, with a mysterious seventh member dubbed only as ‘the shadow.’ When you become indebted to the worst of the worst – how, exactly can you find a way out?“ Mafia Au. 

Don’t Care If It Hurts by @hollyhomburg - “After a rival gang makes an attempt on your life, Your older brother, the infamous leader of Seoul’s largest gang; Kim Namjoon gets you a guard hybrid; Park Jimin, The reigning champion of Seoul’s underground hybrid fighting ring.“  Hybrid!Jimin Mafia Au.

Kalopsia by @swtmess“You walk into your home one day to find your cat walking on two feet, in a human form.” (It already has three parts!) Hybrid!Jungkook Au.

The One by @taetae-tea“You’ve never liked the idea of hybrids, since it’s straight up abuse from a owner to a hybrid, they aren’t treated like humans. But what happens when your boss gave you a hybrid as a gift?” Taehyung!Hybrid Au.

Reward by @taetae-tea “You and Jungkook weren’t very happy when Taehyung flirted with another guy, so you decided on punishing him the next day, during a event. When he would get home with Jungkook, he would get his reward from you and Jungkook.” Poly Relationship Au.

New Lady by @min-yoonyi-fic“A good job, good money, good house. But good things comes with a heavy price, suffering, not you, but of someone else.” Daddy!Yoongi Au.

Give Me Some Sugar Daddy by @sunshyngal - It doesn’t have a summary, but the reader is poor as fuck and needs a Sugar Daddy. SugarDaddy!Jimin Au.

Bunny Boy by @jiminniemouse - “Catching feelings for your sisters friend wasn’t part of your plan.” Hybrid!Jungkook Au.

Call Me Oppa by @yoongisbrat - “You become Min Yoongi’s assistant and decided that you’ll do anything for him. But anything is a big word. And you’re about to find out how big it really is.” (It already has three pats!) Daddy!Yoongi Au.

Little Bear by @b-angst-tan -  “You’ve always wanted a hybrid. Not truly being able to afford one makes it seem impossible that you’d have one anytime soon. Until the opportunity presents itself as if by miracle.” Hybrid!Jimin Au.

Outlier by @parkjmini - “While your lovers said they needed you, you wondered if they knew how much you needed them.” Poly!Relationship Au, JiminxJenniexReader.

Midnight Suck by @kainks - “You had seen him drain the life out of someone, there was no way he could leave you alone now.” Vampire!Jungkook Au.

Linked by @a-r-m-y-g-i-r-l - Who is your soulmate? Soulmate Au.

A little bit of Excitement on Ao3 - “Jimin is a CEO who wanted someone to keep him company and help him de-stress.He decided to go looking for a hybrid and ended up getting a little more than he expected.” Hybrid Au.

Sharing is Caring on Ao3 -  “You decide to let the rest of Bangtan watch you and your boyfriend Jimin have sex one time. Now suddenly everyone seems to want a piece of you, and Jimin doesn’t seem to mind sharing.”

Complicate on Ao3 - “Jimin is the kind of hybrid that likes doing what it’s told.Yoongi hates that kind of hybrids and humanity in general.Namjoon is sure he can deal with both.How can love even exist there?” Hybrid Au.

Redamancy on Ao3 - “Jungkook and Jimin are happily dating.But one day, everything changes when Jimin brings Yoongi (a cat hybrid) to their home.It’s not like Jungkook doesn’t like animals, he’s quite fond of them.But he’s well aware of the fact that Jimin and him are not capable of taking care of a pet.Let alone… a human pet.” Hybrid Au.

It Takes Two to Make a Thing go Right by @imaginethisbts -  “What’s better than one dogboy lover? Two dogboy lovers. But when Tae and Jungkook seem unusually clingy, it can only mean one thing. That time of the month has snuck up on you and your dogboy lovers do not want to share.” (It will be difficult for you to find the second part so here you have bbys 2) Hybrid Au. Threesome.

Take It Like a Puppy by @icyhobi -  “ You and Hoseok have been best friends since you were young. Your friendship with him, was struck as odd since you were a cat hybrid, while he was a dog hybrid. But that didn’t matter, that is until you both start attending university. What happens when one of you unexpectedly goes into heat?” Hybrid Au.

Crescent Bound by @parkhabits - Werewolf Au.

Handy Man by @drquinzelharleen“Jimin is your landlord’s son. After one stressful day he comes to fix your  shower for you. You find yourself constantly thinking about him. Could he be the perfect submissive?” Sub!Jimin Au.

Wagging Tails and Purrs on Ao3 - “After having lived with a family for most of his life, Jeon Jungkook find himself on a large fair where highly priced hybrids like himself are sold for cold hard cash. It barely takes any time for his new owner to pick him and take him home. It takes a fair share of adjusting to his new home, but he is not alone in the process and although his new owner is strict and controlling, he turns out to be kind and loving as well. Ruling his house with a sharp heavy hand and warm safe arms.” Hybrid Au.

Pied Piper on Ao3 - “ “I’m sorry Taetae, I’m sorry.” “Aw baby, look at you. Apologising but you don’t even know what you’re sorry for."Sniffle. "I wanna be good.” “Oh but baby. You were a very bad, very naughty puppy.” “ Hybrid Au.

Crimson by @nochugguk - “He likes your wicked games.” Sub!Jungkook Au.

midnight suck. 1

Originally posted by jjeonguk

  • pairing: vamp!jungkook x reader
  • genre: vampire au, destined lovers au
  • warnings: scary vampy jungkook, minor character death, slight blood & gore, nothing bad i promise, mentions of stalking, cranky yoongi
  • words: 4,639
  • summary: you had seen him drain the life out of someone, there was no way he could leave you alone now.

               “Come on little human, come out and play.”

–> 1 | 2

Midnight never seemed as dark as it did, that summer night. It was an eerie type of desolation, isolated between buildings of red rust and shadowed eyes that watched your every step. More so, it was the sensation of being completely and utterly alone with your thoughts that ran wild at such a night, where you were free to conjure up any horrifying scenario on your trek home.

You never worked the late shift at Johnny’s Pizzeria. For the simple fact that it had previously conflicted with your schedule of classes that used to take up most of your free day, keywords being used to.

It was a satisfying failure to finally admit that you were in fact, a newly found college dropout.

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{PART 28} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

Originally posted by jengkook

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; Tricking Yoongi proves to be easier than you could have ever hoped, as you stumble upon just a taste of what your awakened abilities can achieve. However, in your haste to serve Yoongi punishment for his crimes; you and Jungkook learn that that life and death are just a means to an end - for every living thing…must one day, die.

“To play God not only means to give life; but take it as well. As she stared into the abyss, it stared right back at her…and she finally realised the true meaning behind all things living; even herself.”

|| Warning: This chapter contains mentions of blood and scenes that readers may find upsetting ||

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)

{Part 1} //{Part 27} {Part 28} {Part 29}

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Jungkook’s Fics Recommendations PT1

(S) - Smut +18 | (F) - Fluff | Complete Series 

Series Pt. 1

Series Part 2

Series Part 3


jungkook scenario | a breach of contract

Originally posted by hoshiimochi

➸ prompt: I’m a vampire, and you’re a human who’s prone to getting hurt. Please take better care of yourself, or I might not be able to control myself!

➸ pairing: vampire jungkook x donor reader

➸ requested by anon | 1.2k words | fluff

When you first became Jungkook’s donor he made you sign a contract.

Rule 1: He isn’t allowed to feed from you if you injure yourself and loose a lot of blood. (This rule comes into play more frequently than expected, since you manage to hurt yourself so often.)

Rule 2: You must take good care of your body, eating well so that the blood Jungkook takes will satisfy him. (Jungkook has been helping you with this one. As his donor, you now live in his house, and he makes sure to keep the fridge well stocked with fruit and vegetables for you.)

Rule 3: This is a strictly professional relationship, so no feelings are to be developed. (Since feeding is such a sensual experience, a lot of vampires ended up mating with their donors. But from the very start, Jungkook makes it clear that he doesn’t want that from you. You’re his source of life, not his source of love.)

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ain’t my fault || jeon jungkook


a club meant for immortals doesn’t bode well for humans.

human!reader, vampire!kook

ain’t my fault. 

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midnight suck. 2

Originally posted by jjeonguk

  • pairing: vamp!jungkook x reader
  • genre: vampire au, destined lovers au
  • warnings: scary vampy jungkook, badass min yoongi, intimidation, and a little bit of angst because reader is going through some shit
  • words: 4,457
  • summary: you had seen him drain the life out of someone, there was no way he could leave you alone now.

“Come on little human, come out and play.”

–> 1 | 2

The sound of a casserole dish cracking into a million pieces is what silenced your sudden screams. Taehyung and Jimin’s voices fell silent, their footsteps becoming louder as they rushed from the kitchen back into the main area of the house, confusion overcoming their features.

You on the other hand, were stone cold, petrified.

Rich, coffee eyes lit up at your quivering, enjoyment lacing his face as you stared up at him, tiny beads of sweat sliding down your temples, and fingers clutching the brass knob of the door a little too tightly.

Is this where you die? Where he sinks his pearly whites into your neck?

“I have to admit, that was not the reaction I was expecting.”

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{PART 24} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

Originally posted by jengkook

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; Despite everything that has gone wrong for you; you feel like life might start to have a better outlook as Jungkook takes all measures to keep you safe. However, a storm is coming; one that grips and pulls at the strongest winter coat…before you find yourself making the biggest mistake of your life to date.

“The lull, or the calm before the storm took it’s place in the atmosphere, in both of their hearts and their minds. ‘Tread carefully’ he warned her, but she slipped from his grasp the moment he blinked”

Not rated M, but be warned there are some scenes of a suggestive sexual nature.

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time) 

{Part 1} // {Part 23} {Part 24} {Part 25}

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Let your imagination go wild andtellmeaboutit ~~~~

Night monsters AU! Priest Jimin werewolf Jungkook and vampire Taehyung~ Jikook and Vmin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Tell me some jikook and vmin gimme the deets  •̀ゝ•́

Just saying chimchim is the only human~~~ Better watch out Chim~ ꒪່౪̮꒪່ ((wink wonk))

yoongi scenario | a vampire’s kiss

Originally posted by boo-t-s

prompt: I’m a vampire, and you’re a human who’s prone to getting hurt. Please take better care of yourself, or I might not be able to control myself!

pairing: vampire yoongi x reader

requested by anon | 900 words | fluff

Yoongi always panics when he sees you wielding a knife. Knowing how clumsy you are, he’s come to realise that you plus cooking is a bad combination – particularly with his stomach being empty and your blood always smelling so good.

So when he comes home to find you in the kitchen, humming to yourself as you chop tomatoes his first instinct is to yell, “Stop!”

Which in hindsight was a bad idea.

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{PART 23} I Won’t Stop You (M) // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

Originally posted by jengkook

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; Prince Jeon Jungkook, the first of his name, teaches you the meaning of loyalty and respect. And while you submit to him entirely, you and Jungkook both think about the future, and he can’t help his love and desire to protect you overflow.

“He loved her in her entirety. He wanted to undress her mind, make love to her thoughts and deepest insecurities. She wanted to bring down the many cold walls he had built around him; and he welcomed her with open arms.”

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)

Please note: This chapter contains scenes of a sexual nature.

{Part 1} // {Part 22} {Part 23} {Part 24}

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Sweeter than Sweet (43)

Pairings: Jimin x reader, Yoongi x reader, Namjoon x reader, Taehyung x reader + others as the story progresses

Warnings: Dirty talk, sex toys, anal play, oral (female receiving), unprotected sex, daddy kink, masturbation.

Word count: 5.30K

Previous / Next

Originally posted by stateofpjm

“That was fun.”  Taehyung’s grinning at you as he comes back to bed with a washcloth in each hand for you to both clean up, and you take it with a grateful smile, sitting up and trying to find a dry spot to put yourself in.  

“Certainly was,” you agree, eyeing up the marks that you’ve left littering his neck and cringing at the sight of them.  “Sorry about those.”  He frowns slightly, not realising what you mean until you gently touch his throat when he leans over to take the cloth back.  

“Oh.”  He gives a breathy laugh, glancing at the floor bashfully before throwing the soiled laundry into his hamper and sitting next to you on the bed. “I’ve come home with worse, don’t worry.”  

You can’t believe how self-confident he is, sitting cross-legged with everything on display the way he is.  He seems almost oblivious to his state of undress, totally unashamed, and why should he be, looking the way he does?  You’re a little envious really; even though you’ve just slept together you’re still too self-conscious to lie there totally exposed - you struggle to do that still with Jimin, nevermind Tae - so you tug the bedsheets upward to cover yourself, smiling sheepishly.

“From the ‘club’ you go to?” you ask, remembering what Jimin had told you before and ignoring the way Taehyung now looks like he’s trying stare right through the sheet that’s wrapped around your frame.  Apparently, he’s insatiable.

“You know about that?”

“Not really.  Don’t worry, Jimin didn’t give me any of the details.”  Taehyung looks thoughtful for a minute, and curious as you always are, you can’t help but delve further, “Is that where you got into all… this stuff?”  Slowly, he nods.

“It’s not really a club… more like a safe space for people who like that kind of thing… BDSM, pet play…” he pauses, visibly hesitating for a moment before smiling slightly and adding, “Daddies and littles.”  You blink, feeling colour rush to your cheeks at even the mention of it.  You’d kind of hoped nobody would ever bring it up again, but you’d rather it’s him than Hobi or Jin, or worse yet, Jungkook.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” Taehyung says quickly, noticing the way your hands are creeping upward to cover your rosy face, “You’re really lucky; I’ve always thought Jimin would make a good daddy.”  He doesn’t seem to realise what he’s said until you start to giggle, and when he does his eyes broaden and he shuffles on the bed nervously, twisting his torso to face yours more directly.  “Don’t tell him I said that.”  

“His ego doesn’t need inflating any further,” you smile, leaning your shoulder against Taehyung’s.  Both of your bodies are still slightly sticky after your earlier exertion; you really should hop in the shower as soon as possible.  “I won’t say anything.”

“Thanks.” He grins, scrunching his eyes together, and he looks so sweet that you can’t help but press a quick, affectionate kiss against his cheek, the remnants of which he presses his fingertips to when you pull away.  

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Pink Thoughts

Originally posted by sugaa

Pairing: Vampire!Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Smut, Fluff, Vampire!AU, Roommate!AU 

Summary: Your relaxing bath is interrupted by a vampire in need of a few things

Word Count: 2.5k 

Warnings: vampire blood, sex in a tub, bath bombs, masturbation

A/N: this is was supposed to be a thing for jungkook’s bday but september 1st came early this year i guess;; also i dont usually write smut so it’s kind of soft🐰

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midnight suck. 3

“Come on little human, come out and play.”

  • pairing: vamp!jungkook x reader
  • genre: vampire au, destined lovers au, slow burn
  • warnings: mentions of child abuse, depictions of child abuse, blood and gore, intimidation, scary jungkook
  • words: 8,300
  • summary: you had seen him drain the life out of someone, there was no way he could leave you alone now.

Series updates every Saturday at 8PM PST!

–> 1 | 2

“Why do you want my boyfriend’s number again?”

You see, good detectives always went back to the scene of the crime. It was a known fact in every thriller film you’d ever watched. Going back to the crime scene always lead to some missed evidence that could eventually help in a great discovery, thus catching a wanted criminal and saving the day.

Two things were wrong with this theory though. One, the only evidence you’d find in that back alley was dried crusted blood on an old brick wall, and a flood of horrible guilt.

The second, Jungkook wasn’t just a criminal, wasn’t just a murderer; you had a distinct feeling that he was good at avoiding being caught.

So playing detective, at least out in the open, wasn’t going to work for you. No, you needed answers from the source, or at least, close to the source.

You really didn’t feel like seeing Jungkook again.

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Bite Your Silence || pjm



Summary: what’s better than one vampire?

Genre: smut, fluff, vampire!au

Length: 1.2k

A/N: why did i write a daddy kink vampire fic to deal with my shitty day what does this mean???

Originally posted by yoonjooniex

Jimin was hungry. He was the hungriest he had been since he was turned, and it was all your fault. You were a temptress, your bare legs hung over the arm of the sofa and he watched your long legs swing as you tried to paint your nails, frowning in concentration you had no idea what he was thinking. Or that he had been staring at you instead of writing the lyrics that had a deadline for tomorrow.

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Act On It

Summary: You learn that the cute barista you’ve been crushing on might have an…otherworldly disposition after you accidentally cut yourself.

A college, coffee shop, and vampire AU all in one!

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Smut, and anything in between

Word Count: 15,639

A/N: This is the longest oneshot I’ve ever written. I found this vampire!yoongi fic sitting in my WIPS back at the start of the year. I did my best to pick it up and rewrite the story into something interesting.

Hopefully you guys like it.

In your opinion, college is a fairly safe space. You go to classes, get along well with friends, enjoy sitting near the pond in the middle of your campus when the weather is nice. There are rarely any crimes—and when there are, it’s a stolen bike, a petty fight, or an…“attack”.

But! Attacks are rare.

Hell, sometimes they aren’t even acknowledged. Not everyone chooses to believe in folklore—that vampires are real and walking among us.

Some people are disbelievers because they’re too scared to give into the reality that every day they might be around someone who could pin them down and steal their blood in a split second. Others just…think it’s a hoax—the few and far between vampire attacks, that is.

Those people just want attention. They can fake fang marks like that with special effects make-up.

Society seems to be torn on their existence—just as some people refute the existence of ghosts or spirits, or even god and higher powers. You for one—well…you believe. At a younger age, in an event you’ll never forget—you had fallen off a swing at the park and gouged open your knee on the turf. In what seemed like a flash a shadow had appeared above you—a man looking to be in his late 20’s to early 30’s. When you glanced up he had knelt down—his eyes meeting your curious and slightly frightened stare. His eyes were crimson, and it had seemed as if his irises were pulsing with….with…

You need to be more careful,” he had told you, his Adam’s apple bobbing heavily against his throat. He hadn’t bothered to help you up, instead stepping back— fingers trembling near his sides. “You can’t afford to get hurt around others if you keep smelling like that.”

And then he was gone. But despite his disappearance, his words stuck with you—lingered in the back of your mind for days—weeks, even.

What do I smell like? You had wondered, but had never bothered to search for the answer. Anytime you pondered potentially pricking your finger or making a harmless little cut, immediately those crimson eyes popped into your mind, and you found yourself weak at the knees—unable to follow through.

Years later, you’ve nearly forgotten about that man at the park—those deep red eyes and resounding words. You’re a college student—you’ve got papers to write, tests to take, applications to fill out—you don’t have time to worry about things such as ghosts, or higher powers, or vampires. As if. The only thing on your mind is class and the coffee you get every morning to help you through the day.

Also the cute, yet bored faced barista at the campus coffee shop you seem to face nearly 7 days a week, regardless of the time you leave to get your coffee. He’s charming in his own right—dark hair, styled a little lazily, and dressed in casual clothing that perfectly accentuates his body. He’s minimal effort good-looking, and you can’t believe how much you’re attracted to him sometimes.

“Morning,” you greet with a smile when you step up to the register, the line advancing forward. He doesn’t bother to look up, already hitting buttons on the screen in front of him and reaching to grab a cup to write your name on.

“Usual, right?” he asks in a low voice, sounding groggy, and you stare at the top of his head as he bends to grab a marker that had fallen on the floor.

“Tired?” you respond instead. He grunts.

“Long night.”

You hum in understanding as you watch him press the marker to the cup, however, instead of writing your name, with sloppy handwriting he ends up scribbling his own, and you break into a fit of giggles.

Cocking an eyebrow, the male glances up at you.

“Wow, suddenly our names are quite similar,” you say, pointing at the cup, and when he sees the permanent black Yoongi written he curses.

“Fuck, I’ll get you a new one–,” he begins apologetically, but you cut him off.

“No! It’s ok, it’s just a cup and you already know me, so it’s no big deal,” you laugh, smiling at him. He pauses.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, just draw a little heart next to it to make it cute and I think I’ll be fine,” you tease, and while Yoongi rolls his eyes, he can’t help the small smirk that comes to his face.

“I make no promises with that heart. Go ahead and swipe your card.”

Nodding, you do, and once the charge goes through you walk to the other end of the counter to wait, knowing by now that Yoongi will simply take your receipt and throw it away, since neither of you want it.

As you wait for your drink to be made, you pull your phone out and scroll through your twitter feed, trying to catch up on all the latest news and gossip before you run off to class. However, your finger only manages to swipe upward a few times before there’s a gasp behind you, and you turn to find a girl staring in horror at her phone which has just landed face down on the tile floor.

“Oh no,” you say, highly sympathetic as you squat down and gently pick the phone up since she’s clearly too petrified to do it herself. You peek at it, tilting the screen your way, and the hiss that escapes your lips is enough to let the girl know that she’ll be needing a new phone sometime soon.

“Shit, the glass,” you mumble as you return the phone to her, managing to mirror her thankful, albeit disappointed smile. She says that she’ll clean the glass up since it was her fault, but you tell her that you’ve got it, and reach over to grab a napkin.

“Don’t touch it, Y/N. We’ll clean it up,” you hear Yoongi’s voice command from the background, almost warning you to not do anything stupid, but you wave him off. You’ll be fine, it’s just a little glass.

So, putting the napkin next to the tiny shards, you gently use the side of your hand to brush the pieces onto the napkin. In the background Yoongi calls your name to get your drink, and then immediately sighs when he sees you bent down, trying to macgyver glass onto a napkin like a cave man.

“You’re dumb,” he grumbles as you stand up, turning to face him with the napkin full of glass in your palm.

“Hey, it worked didn’t it?” you grin triumphantly, but just as you transfer the napkin to Yoongi to be disposed of, a piece of glass tears through the thin layers of paper and scrapes your skin.

“Ow, fuck,” you curse, examining the damage as Yoongi hurriedly takes the glass from you and tosses it into the waste bin. You hold your palm out, fingers lightly pressing at the cut—red seeping at the edges—but before you can move to find something to clean yourself up, Yoongi’s hands are embracing your hurt one.

“Yoongi?” you say in surprise, watching as his thumbs brush against your palm, pressing down slightly on either side of the scrape. At the action more blood appears, and you glance up at him in shock.


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Vampire AU - Jungkook
  • Genre: Smut
  • Pairing: Jungkook/reader

A new student of the Academy in Seoul gets lured by a very sweet and addictive fragrance. His curiosity pushes him to follow this deliciously enticing smell which ends up in a very mysterious meeting.

The first meeting

Originally posted by nnochu

Jeon Jungkook has just stepped into the vast hall of the Academy in Seoul. His eyes scanning the robust building as he sheepishly moves onwards. He set off from his apartment slightly later than he had initially planned, but here he is, still having at least 20 minutes to the start of the very first lecture in his life, a lecture that marks the beginning of a new chapter in his existence - the studies. He had applied for the Academy and somehow got admitted, perhaps out of sheer luck. At least, that’s what he thinks it was. Such strokes of luck have been continuously reappearing for as long as he can remember, one thing that he cannot complain about. He really is lucky. 

He is wandering around the corridors of the old building, looking for a certain classroom.

“Dang it,” the boy curses quietly, “I should’ve checked the timetable more carefully.”

Unfortunately, no matter how hard he tries, he cannot recall the number of the room. Randomly, he decides to take the next turn left, which leads to yet another corridor. He can smell a very sweet fragrance that lures him to one of many doors. He follows blindly, being utterly mesmerized by the intoxicating scent. The door is open and he stops by, peeking inside.
There you are, leaning over the desk and sorting out some papers. They must be very old, judging from their yellowish hue and tattered edges. Jungkook holds in a breath, lips slightly parted. He forgot what he was about to say.
“What’s your business, boy?”
If it’s only possible, the pleasant timbre of your voice, despite the strictness of the question, seems to be even sweeter and more alluring than the smell lingering in the room and radiating from your persona. He swallows, spellbound by the perfection of the woman in front of his eyes. He can clearly tell you are older than him, but in all honesty, it’s not because of the wrinkles or any other traces of the flow of unrelenting time. It’s rather because he can sense this aura of dignity and nobility around you. The complexion of your skin is akin to that of porcelain dolls, so fair and shiny. Makes him want to run his hands over the area around your neck and…lower, so enticingly exposed by the snowy-white shirt you’re wearing. 

“Have you gone deaf?” you raise your eyes and Jungkook feels attacked by the intensity of the gaze. 

“How can a human being have such ridiculously beautiful eyes?”, he wants to ask but bites his tongue. 

“Emm, Ma’am… I was thinking… I mean, I think I’m lost and I was thinking if you could help me,” Jungkook utters not really recognizing his own voice now. 

“You should stop, then”, you say in a grave tone. 

“Stop what, Mrs…,” he questions, gathering enough courage to get closer to your desk. 

“You should definitely give up the thinking and ask for help, it doesn’t seem to be one of your best assets anyway, boy,” the mockery stops him dead in his tracks.

 “Excuse me?”, he asks, bewildered.

You take a sharp breath, already running out of your short supply of patience. “Listen here, you’re a pretty face but I sincerely hope you’re at least smart enough to see that I’m a terribly busy person, so…,” Jungkook blinks twice in disbelief upon hearing this questionable compliment. You continue unfazed, in a melancholic manner, shuffling the papers in your delicate hands, “So, come on boy, spit it out already or just get the hell out of my sight.” 

Upon hearing that, Jungkook’s body gets all tense, not liking the way how your sweet voice changes into something more of an unspoken threat. 

“I can clearly see that, Ma’am. I can see you’re very busy,” he stutters a little and goes on, trying not to look away and withhold the weight of your gaze, “I won’t bother you anymore. I’d very much appreciate if you could just show me the way to…,” and then he unexpectedly stops talking. 

“To where? Why did you stop? Did you forget how to use your mouth?” a smirk appears on your face as you keep on observing the obviously flustered boy, standing in front of you. 

“No, it’s just…,” he mumbles. 

“It’s just what?” you nag him, tilting your head to the side.

“Thing is, I can’t recall the number of the room and…,” not being able to contain your amusement, you laugh out loud, giving him a disapproving look. 

“Oh my, oh my. It keeps getting better and better. You’re actually quite entertaining.” 

Jungkook’s face reveals the mix of emotions bottling up inside of him. He clenches his fists, blushing furiously. 

“Is it because of anger or maybe he’s just too shy?” you ponder, starting to enjoy this conversation perhaps a little more than you should. 

“Do you know the name of the lecturer, or maybe the subject, anything for that matter?” you question, giggling softly. 

“History… It’s history,” the boy blurts out bitterly. In spite of the attempt to control your reaction, you fail and end up smiling even wider than before.

“Are you sure of that, boy? Or perhaps you need a moment to think it through and…”, he butts in, not allowing you to tease him any further, “Yeah, I’m damn sure, Ma’am. So damn sure.” His chocolate brown eyes narrowed visibly, a vein popping on his slender neck, disappearing somewhere under the collar of the white shirt. 

“What a handsome brat,” you lick your lip while thinking to yourself. The contrast between that puppy-eyed boy from just a moment ago and the furious young man glaring at you right now is just too striking. 

“Very well, boy. Very well,” you hum quietly. “Let me show you the way then…” 

Jungkook stares absent-mindedly at your hips, which are smoothly rocking from side to side, as you languidly approach him. It seems to him now that the luscious smell is even more distinctive. It magnifies with each and every step that you take. Finally, you halt, stopping quite close to the handsome boy, and yet, he wishes you were even closer. He barely manages to suppress the sudden urge to pull you in and close the remaining distance between you two. 

You gaze at him, smiling maybe a bit too provokingly. 

“Ready for a little trip, boy?”

Once again, you can admire how his perfect face blushes all shades of red, knowing all too well that this time it’s not because of anger or irritation. Jungkook nods bashfully, feeling that he won’t be able to say anything out loud.

Sometime later, Jungkook is finally sitting in the classroom, waiting for the lecture to begin. The mysterious lady he has just met gave him precise directions and made sure that he arrived at the proper place, repeating things twice as if she sensed Jungkook’s inability to focus and listen to her attentively. 

It wasn’t his fault, though. Ok, maybe he isn’t the best one when it comes to approaching and interacting with females, but she was on an entirely different level. Jungkook’s never seen a more beautiful human being. It was… It was almost as if she wasn’t real… Totally out of this world. Yes, this is what it was. This is how he felt in her presence. There was something other-worldly about her, something that he can’t forget. If only he asked about her name or anything that would enable him to find her. Well, most probably she is a worker here, but without any info, it may be quite troublesome to look for her. Jungkook sighs, feeling a bit down. 

Suddenly, the noise in the lecture hall eases off slightly, and all of the students that gathered in the room hurriedly take their seats, preparing for the class. Jungkook raises his head and reluctantly gazes in the direction of the door, expecting to see yet another typical history teacher, a boring and old man with little to no sense of humour. At least, that’s the image stemming from his own school life experience. But, oh dear. The boy almost springs to his feet when a certain mysterious lady enters the room, filling the lecture hall with this delicious smell, so familiar to Jungkook.

You briskly move to the desk and lean against it, facing your today’s audience. Jungkook notices how intently your eyes scan the faces of the first-year students. 

“Is she looking for somebody?” 

Jungkook hears soft whispers coming from the girls behind him. His palms begin to sweat, nervousness creeping over his entire body and then, you are finally done with the search. Or perhaps, a hunt. Jungkook’s eyes lock with yours. As ridiculous as it may seem, Jungkook really feels like a pray, though. Once more, the sweet melody of your voice sends shivers down his spine. 

“Hello there, rookies. My name is Y/N and I’m very sorry to inform you that starting from today, I’ll have to bear with your annoying asses at least till the graduation ceremony,” a sly smirk forms on your lips as you keep on gazing at Jungkook, “I sincerely hope it’s going to be a fruitful time, despite all the adversities of the academic year and the incurable idiocy of some of you… Let’s hope for the best, though.” 

The students are visibly taken aback by the bizarre treatment they’ve just received from their new charismatic teacher. Still, it seems none of them took offence and the lecture begins to take its usual course, only though it has a different ring to it because all of the students appear to be utterly fascinated by this strangely irresistible lady. Till the very end of the lecture, Jungkook can’t shake off the feeling of uneasiness lurking somewhere at the back of his head. His intuition tells him that this memorable meeting will be the beginning of a completely new phase, the beginning of something that will change his life for good.

The restaurant

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Old habits never die, and through the course of your long life, you’ve acquired quite a few of them. One of which was that hot mug of black coffee sipped somewhere at the back of your best friend’s restaurant. You always choose this one particular table and always, without any exceptions, order the same type of coffee. No milk nor sugar, bitter black coffee brewed only by one particular waiter, because apparently, nobody else is able to do it the way he does. Just one of your many quirks. Are you to blame, though? The everlasting, solitary life of a vampire must have taken its toll on you in one way or another. If not for your human friend, you’d have probably gone mad a long, long time ago. 

Being a born vampire from a noble family, you’re as if to say under constant scrutiny. Your not so loving family members keep their watchful eyes on you, hoping for some fresh and disgraceful news that would grant them the possibility to butt in and spread some gossip and calumny about you. No, your noble and dignified vampire relatives are not so virtuous as they aspire to be, and certainly not even half as trustworthy as they claim they are. For that, and many other reasons, for as long as you remember you’ve been rather detached from that fake community of vampire snobs. It’s maybe not as much about your family only, rather the entire race in general. You can’t help to feel appalled by their actions. They are like parasites. Of course, you’re vampires and it’s only natural you have to drink blood to live, but it seems the majority of your fellow bloodsuckers have somehow become all too greedy. The excessive desire to drink and taunt the mortals is something that you do not approve of. Be it boredom, gluttony or just the fascination with weaker and defenceless humans, it has just all gone out of control. Your kin are nothing less than a clique of hideous, full of shit and insatiable brutes desperate for any type of entertainment that would ease their boredom and somehow tend to their worn-out by time souls. 

If that wasn’t enough because you’re a member of this aristocratic and honourable (as they fancy calling themselves) vampire clan, there are some duties that have been imposed on you, and sadly, you can’t wriggle out of them in spite of numerous attempts. Although by day you are a distinguished and well-respected professor of history at the University of Seoul, night-time brings forth less admirable activities. With a heavy heart, you had to agree to become an owner of a nightclub, in the centre of the city. It’s a place where people and vampires mingle, something like a melting pot for these two races. More importantly, this club is a principal spot for business transactions or meetings between the members of different clans and many other questionable people, needing to tend to their affairs on a relatively safe ground. In other words, the management of this place has been a huge pain in the ass since the day your relatives decided to entrust it to you. That’s why that hot mug of coffee is a very much needed treat, helping you to relax a little just before the usual night-time madness.

You swiftly open the door of the restaurant and are welcomed by one of the waiters, who immediately leads you to your usual table. Sitting down, you quickly scan through the restaurant looking for your friend, but it seems that either she is not here, or she is taking care of things in the kitchen because you can’t really see her anywhere. You get all comfortable at the table, opening one of the old books found somewhere in the depths of the university library. Feeling totally at ease, you start examining the front cover of your little treasure. You’re about to open it and start reading when something or somebody casts a shadow on the book. You sigh, a little pissed. 

“How many times have I told you not to stand in the light when I’m reading, hmm?” you ask, not raising your eyes from the book and mentally cursing the idiocy of your regular waiter. 

“Well, at least he can prepare some decent coffee,” you think to yourself when the person finally moves aside, no longer obstructing the rays of the dawning sun coming through the huge windows. 

“Ma’am, I’m sorry but out of the things you’ve told me not to do, there’s been nothing about the light, so far.

A strangely familiar and beautiful voice forces you to look up. However, something is off because it’s certainly nothing like the voice of the guy that normally takes your orders. It’s Jungkook. It’s that impossibly cute boy from the university. Your student too. He starts counting on his fingers. 

“You’ve told me not to bother you after class, also not to ask stupid questions… And… Oh, yes! There was something about not staring at you, but I think I can’t really promise not to, so…”. 

“What are you doing here?” you interrupt him, not being able to conceal your confusion. 

“I’m working, Ma’am,” he says, smiling softly. 

Oh, wow. I wouldn’t have guessed. Thank you,” a little mockery helps you to regain your composure. 

“I’m in need of some cash. I’m a poor student, after all, you know,” he answers truthfully. 

“So, you decided that becoming a waiter is a good idea?” Your eyes scanning his body now. That apron wrapped around his hips certainly draws too much attention. 

“Dunno, but it seems the uniform fits quite well. What do you think?” 

Oh, god yes. It does fit well. You just wish the apron didn’t cover that much of his muscular thighs

“Ahh, you could even walk naked around here, If you want to know that badly what I think. What matters is my coffee and I have a feeling you will screw it all up.” 

He grimaces offended and takes a sharp breath of air, probably to voice his disagreement, but you cut in again. 

“And, no, I’m not finished yet. I’ve had the same waiter for over like 3 years, brewing exactly the same coffee for me almost every single day because none other was skilled enough to do it properly, and now… Tell me, boy, do you think you have what it takes to prepare that damned coffee? Do you?” 

There was a short silence following your intimidating rant, making you feel so damn proud of yourself. But then, the boy standing in front of you just smiled.

 “Ma’am, I’m not scared of you anymore,” he beams sweetly, “You’re not that terrifying, after all.” 

Your brows furrow angrily. “What does he mean anymore?” you ponder internally, hating to admit that somehow during these past few months his attitude towards you has changed dramatically. You don’t exactly know, though, what has caused such a sudden shift in behaviour. 

“No?” you ask, a bit too weakly. 

“No. Not at all,” Jungkook responds without any hesitation. 

“Oh, is that so? Call your boss. I have to talk to my friend,” you spit out hastily, much to Jungkook’s amusement. 

“So, my boss is your friend?” his eyes widen a little. 

“None of your business, just go and bring her here! I’m not going to waste any more time talking to you. I’m short of it, anyway…,” fingers nervously running through the long strands of your shiny hair. 

The boy doesn’t move an inch, though. He’s standing there, staring at you with this annoyingly cute smile. 

“Oh, goddammit. You’re so fucking disrespectful! I’m your teacher, you brat!” you almost slam your fist on the table, but fortunately, somehow you manage to keep it all at bay. 

“Exactly, that’s the point. Teachers should neither swear nor behave like that in the presence of their students, Ma’am. I hoped you would know better than that…,” he crossed his muscular arms over his chest, getting more and more cheeky

“Wh-who do you think you’re talking to you li-…,” you hiss out, standing up from your chair but you’re interrupted. That oh so accurate epithet you were planning to use will have to wait till the next occasion. 

Hello, darling!” your beautiful friends storms out of the kitchen, causing a little bit of disruption, and perhaps, uneasiness among now visibly tensed waiters. That rude brat seems unfazed, though.

“No, no ‘hello darling’,” you say, maliciously pointing your finger in her direction, “You better tell me, what the fuck is this nonsense all about?” 

She rolls her eyes, fixing the chef uniform that she’s currently wearing, “What nonsense are we talking about, exactly?” She is as professional and as calm as ever. If not for the fact that you’re best friends, you’d probably feel a little uneasy.

 “This nonsense,” you exclaim, now shifting your finger to point at Jungkook.

 “Oh… That cutie? Wha-What about him?” she asks, genuinely interested.

 “Cutie?!” you repeat the nickname in disbelief. 

“He’s not cute, he’s fucking rude and sassy. Like, why the hell did you even hire my own student? Where the fuck is my usual waiter, anyway…,” you take a breath of air in order to continue, “What is going on here, are you plotting with him?” 

She starts giggling a little, “Wait a minute… Are you telling me he’s your student? Oh my, it’s actually quite amusing”. 

“What’s so amusing about that? I demand explanations. Tell me, since when exactly did you start to hire kids with no experience and knowledge about being a waiter in this, let me state it out loud, high-end, fancy restaurant of yours?”

“There are certain reasons… It’s not always about experience. You’re an intelligent person, you should know it well,” she says casually. “By reasons you mean a pretty face and a…,” you stop suddenly feeling that your throat got so dry it’s difficult to finish the sentence. 

“Would you like some water, Ma’am?” Jungkook asks politely. A little smirk on his face laying bare the truth behind this fake act. 

“This is fucking unbelievable!” blood boiling in your veins as you shot your friend a deadly glare. 

“You mean it’s my fault? Oh, no, no no, my darling. I’ll tell you what happened to your beloved waiter. He fucking filed a resignation! He quitted the job, not being able to handle your picky ass. What was I supposed to do? This kid was the only one eager to take up the challenge. How about that? Huh?” 

“He did, he did what?” a sudden realisation got you off the hook but it was soon replaced with anger. 

“That ungrateful bastard! I even gave him decent tips!” you cry out loud stomping your feet. “Why is everyone at me today, what did I do to deserve that…,” you groan. 

“Oh, my… Don’t be such a drama queen. I got you a new, even cuter waiter. What seems to be the problem, darling?” She pulls you in for a hug. 

“Don’t you like him? Common, just look at him,” she encourages. 

“Common, look at me,” Jungkook echoes, bowing slightly to adjust to your height. Slender hands resting on his knees as he does so. 

“I don’t want to,” you mumble quietly. 

Jungkook turns to your friend, “She is a stubborn one, isn’t she?” He asks a bit perplexed, “And all that because of coffee?” 

She rubs your back reassuringly, “No, she’s-she’s just stressed out because of that night shifts at the club and all… Normally she isn’t all that grumpy, you know.” 

Jungkook wasn’t sure if he heard right.

“What club? What night shifts?” he asks, hitting the high note. “Ahh, she is the owner of a clu-,” you butt in immediately, wriggling out of her embrace and looking up at Jungkook and your friend. 

“Damn, girl!” you practically hiss at her. 

“Do you own a nightclub? Oh shit, Noona!” Jungkook is visibly shocked and so excited. Also, the way he has just addressed you makes you feel some weird things, down there, in your tummy. 

“Where, where is it? What’s the name?” he keeps on asking the same questions, bringing you back to your senses. 

“Oh, cut it, will you? You’re not getting any more info! Now, shut up and go make that coffee already,” you order and look away, being too afraid to face him right now… Your friend spilled the beans, but none of you knows yet that this seemingly innocent slip-up will turn out to have tremendous consequences for later.

The boy gets bitten

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“This entire place reeks of hypocrisy,” you growl. 

Heels clicking on the wooden floor as you hastily retreat from that dark pit of your nightclub. As soon as you push the large door and the cold strokes of night air tickle the skin of your heated cheeks, you can’t help but let out a sigh of relief. This night really was busy. Fortunately, it’s all over.

Suddenly, your muscles tense and you get uncomfortable for some reason. There is this familiar scent of fresh and absurdly sweet blood hanging in the air and making all the bloodsuckers go nuts. Instinctively, your legs guide you in the direction of that intoxicating smell, making your senses sky-rocket in response. It lures you to the lane at the back of the club and then you halt abruptly.
The world starts spinning around you.

“Jungkookie?” you question silently.

The boy is pinned to the wall, with some repulsive leech sinking his teeth into that delicate and pink flesh. His face contorting with pain and horror.
You get that sickening sensation at the very bottom of your stomach. Jungkook opens his eyes and you could swear that he almost smiles when he notices you standing there and witnessing this impudence.
You leap forward, grabbing the neck of the attacker and pulling him back. Jungkook’s blood starts streaming down his torso as the boy sinks to his knees like a lifeless puppet.

“You fucking pests never learn not to touch what’s not yours,” with such words of farewell you twist the vampire’s neck. The creature squeaks like a pig for one last time before turning to ash and forever disappearing from this world.

You kneel down, stretching your arms to embrace the poor boy. You cup his chin and lift it up a little, wanting to look into his eyes. You would expect him to be terrified and appalled by you and your kin. You would expect him to hate you.

“Noona?” a faint smile appears on his face.

“I fucking told you not to come here.”

“As if I ever listened,” he starts shaking in your arms, “Why am I so cold, Noona?”

“Cause you’re dying, idiot.”

Your lower lip starts twitching dangerously.

“That’s too bad…,” he grimaces.

“I really thought we were going to hit it of-”
“Stop wasting energy on stupid shit,” you reprimand him, “I-I can help you.”

“How?” he mewls.

Your pulse starts to run wild as you shift your eyes looking straight at the bite mark.

“I’ll have to bite you and turn you into a vampire,” you inhale sharply, “The guy sucked so much blood you really are in a miserable state.”

The disturbing silence forms a lump in your throat.

“So basically either you let me do that or you die here, in this reeking of alcohol back street.”

You hold your breath, preparing to hear his decision.

“Shiiit, do you even need to ask?”
He smirks as if he wasn’t about to pass away in your arms. You stare at this perfect smile. Exactly the one that used to annoy you so much, only now you’d do anything to make it last forever. His eyes flutter and the boy loses consciousness. Your grip on his arms tightens as you hurriedly sink your teeth into his neck.

The unquenchable thirst

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The clock has just struck 8 o’clock. 

“Heck, morning classes,” you swear under your breath as you rush down the vast corridor of the University of Seoul. At last, your hand squeezes the door handle and you open the old and squeaky door in one sharp tug, somehow completely forgetting to conceal your inhuman powers. Happens all too often.

The previously annoyingly loud students hastily return to their seats in complete silence. You can only hear some faint and hurriedly murmured words as you put down your leather briefcase on the desk placed in the middle of the lecture hall. You turn to face the class and your body goes all stiff. With your arms crossed over your chest, so as to cover up the sudden nervousness that has just attacked your entire being, you greet the students and proceed with the lecture.

“Stop staring, stop staring, you insolent brat,” there is this disturbing presence in the room which has been the cause of the excessive heat in certain areas of your body. You don’t even have to look in his direction, Jeon Jungkook is here, as rude as always.

Ever since you turned him into a vampire he has been a frequent visitor at your house. Duh, be it only your house. He’s been coming for your blood, not wanting to feed off other people. “I don’t want their blood, I only crave yours,” the dubious reasoning behind Jungkook’s insatiable thirst is now resonating in your head. You’d never expect that this newly-turned bloodsucker will be the cause of such a turmoil in your rather uneventful life of a solitary vampire. Fair enough, he’s been pestering you to feed him, which is something you would be able to deal with somehow. Temper the boy, establish some rules, like do’s and don’ts of him getting his portion of the red liquid coming from your veins. Thing is that with time, as he’s been feeding off you more and more frequently, he’s also been gaining an unusual strength. Your rules, any control you had over the boy, and even your own self-control have begun to crumble at a devastating pace. His thirst, the desire to drink your blood, much to your dismay, has unexpectedly evolved into something much more troublesome for both of you. He is not only feeding off you, the very act of sinking his teeth into your skin seems to get him off so fucking much he simply cannot hide it and keep it in. 

Your cheeks have gotten so red now you’re appalled by how much all of this affects you. You lost. You simply gave in and one night you let him have sex with you. One big mistake which has laid the foundation for the current issues with Jungkook’s unquenchable thirst.

You are pacing around the lecture hall, feeling as his eyes follow your every movement. You let out a weary sigh, reaching for the exercise book and quickly scanning the pages. You want something to distract this annoying brat.

“Open the books, page 120. You have the remaining of the lesson to answer questions 6 and 7. Don’t slack off. I’ll grade it.” 

Upon saying that you let yourself gaze at Jungkook, smirking triumphantly at the over-confident bastard. A dissatisfied wave of groans echoes in the lecture hall, as if taking up the challenge, the boy smirks back. 

“Eat crap, Jeon Jungkook,” you whisper to yourself, but apparently the message is delivered as it occurs to you that the boy`s eyes are intently watching your lips and their movement. He raises his eyebrow as he languidly opens the exercise book. Finally, he bends down over the notebook, smiling playfully. The room is silent again and you close your eyes for a brief moment to let that sink in, relaxing as much as you can. However, this little paradise doesn’t last long as the sudden grunting noises force your eyes open. It’s Jungkook. His arm is raised, seemingly innocent chocolate eyes staring at you again. Only you know the real side of this sickeningly sweet gaze. It’s a devil in disguise.

“Ekhem,” he grunts even louder.

“What now, Mr. Jeon?”

He is visibly pleased with your vexed tone of voice.

“Could you please help me with one thing here, Professor? I seem to run into trouble.”

“Why does that not surprise me, Mr Jeon? It appears to be your speciality.” You reluctantly stroll to his desk and look at his notebook over his shoulder. 

The proximity between you two makes your stomach clench up in knots. The page is empty, though, unnerved you shot him a reprimanding glare. He only smiles, picking up the pen. He begins writing. Slowly, surprisingly neatly written letters start appearing on the white page. Your gaze falls upon his perfect fingers and slender arms. It brings back the memories from the other night, the night during which these hands were freely and lustfully roaming down your naked body. You swallow hard.

“I’m itching to hear you whimper as I dig my fangs into you again and again.”

Your heart rate quickens and palms begin to sweat nervously. The boy has even the audacity to look up and provocatively runs his tongue over his sinful lips while obnoxiously staring at you. You’re also painfully aware of the little whispers behind your back, the rest of the class has gotten all too interested in you and this… 

“Fucking imbecile,” you hiss, wanting to break his neck like you did with the guy at the back of your club. Jungkook beams even wider. The regret of having so openly lost your cool in front of the other people, hell, during a fucking lecture to be more precise, is just unbearable. Suddenly, the door swings open, squeaking as loud as ever, and a middle-aged guy peeks inside.

“Mrs Y/N, you’ve been summoned by the principal. Pressing matters, if you please, just come with m-mee,” the guy stutters, being obviously afraid to interrupt you at work. You’re not exactly known as the most friendly lecturer here. Normally, you’d send him a deadly glare but now you couldn’t be more happy to see him.

“You heard him right, the lecture is over. Don’t forget to bring the assignment to our next meeting,” with these last words you exit the room, not even bothering to look at Jungkook.



You lazily stretch your sore legs underneath the desk, eyes finally leaving the stacked up pile of documents on your desk so as to glance at the door of your office. The principal gave you like a whole bunch of old manuscripts to examine but you didn’t complain at all. The rustling of old papers has been one of the very few sources of joy in your life. Up until recently, that is. The door clicks, only then you start having this funny feeling in your stomach again. The room is now gradually filling with the sweet and so well-known to you scent. Your brows furrow.

“Have you run into trouble again?” you ask sarcastically, fingers tapping restlessly on the surface of your mahogany desk. His face finally appears in sight.

“You have no idea, Professor Y/N. It’s never been this urgent.” 

He gently closes the door, and with a rather too cocky smile, he turns the key in the lock. Being ridiculously content with himself, he tosses the key in the air as he approaches your desk. It lands in his hand and then he quickly puts it into his trousers’ pocket.

Your mood suddenly drops.

“No blood sucking at the University.” If looks could kill, Jeon Jungkook would most surely be dead by now.

“I know,” the response was too nonchalant for your own liking.

“So what the fuck are you even doing here?!” Rising to your feet, you slam your fists on the desk. The room falls silent. The boy inhales sharply while ogling your body. His eyes glitter and they become narrower as he wordlessly takes advantage of your anger. His stare makes you sit down again, squeezing your thighs in agony. You can’t lose this time.

“I’m not going to wait till the evening,” he announces.

You snort with laughter trying to keep your appearances, but the malicious threat behind his words is giving you cold chills.

“And tell me boy, who says you have the right to decide about anything here?”

This time it was his turn to chuckle.

“Ai, Noona, Noona…,” the amused whisper sounds so sexy

The air around you suddenly feels too heavy and your chest goes up and down in an uneven manner. Hesitantly, you turn your eyes to look at Jungkook. He’s just walked past the desk. You don’t want to look at him anymore, you don’t want to be in the same room with him. You feel so weak and helpless your eyes shut tightly despite your will. The chair rocks slightly as he grabs its handles. You can feel he sinks to his knees pulling the chair even closer. Alarmed, you open your eyes, face reddening as the boy is so close that his breath tickles your cheek. At this point, you’re really struggling to remain a sitting position. If you moved just a little you’d land straight into the boy’s arms with your head tightly pressed to his chest. Involuntarily, you notice that his arm muscles got all tense, the grip on the handles might be a bit too hard. You’re trapped like a birdy in a cage.

“Fuck, just drink the blood and get out,” you snapped extending your hand for him.

He didn’t budge an inch, apparently not being interested in your deliciously exposed wrist. He just keeps staring at your face. You blush even harder, withdrawing your hand.

“What is your problem, brat?” You question fidgeting impatiently in your seat.  

He shakes his head, “I didn’t come for this.” He lets go of the handle and gently runs his fingers over your shaky hand. Your breath hitches at this sudden display of affection. It feels pleasant.

“You know, Baby Girl…,” he trails off allowing himself to gather his thoughts. He gently cups your small hand. It looks so fragile and delicate when he holds it like that.

“Last time,” he continues, “last time you gave me something much more…,” his chocolate eyes lock with yours and you’re basically not breathing at this point.

“You know I’ve realised that I crave you more than your blood.”

You can hear your own heartbeat and you’re sure he can hear it too. He swallows and his Adam’s apple moves against the creased collar of the university uniform shirt. As if it was your last attempt at regaining any control over this situation, you try to mock him again, forcing a half-assed smirk on your blushing face. 

“What is it, boy? Can’t keep it in after I played with you a little last time?”

He doesn’t seem to be bothered by your cheeky remark. His clouded with lust eyes are still stubbornly gazing at you, making you feel totally vulnerable and weak.

“If it’s just me, Noona…,” Jungkook begins but his beautiful voice cracks a little forcing him to clear his throat before finishing his sentence. 

“If it’s just me Y/N, then why do I sense the scent of your soaking-wet panties?”

An awkward squeak of disbelief or maybe even surprise mixed with desire lays bare how much of an effect this boy has on you. The feelings of embarrassment, of fear and unquenchable lust, all combined, make you jump to your feet forcefully pushing Jungkook away. You want to escape, aiming for the door of your office while struggling to make use of your wobbly legs. 

This pathetic pursuit to free yourself from the source of your problems soon turns out to be futile as Jungkook effortlessly grabs your hand and spins you around to push you down on your own mahogany desk with your ass wriggling against his crotch. He mewls and lets out some incoherent noises. Blood rushing to his cock as you do your best to slip away from his grasp continuously rubbing his manhood with your buttocks. The more you fumble in his arms the more violent he gets to make you stay still. 

“Fuck, Noona, would you please stop squirming like thi-” he squeals like a girl when your ass bounces off his dick during this heated tussle. 

You can tell it must have felt really good. Jungkook looses his grip for a moment burying his head into the crook of your neck breathing laboriously. His lady-like squeaks make your pussy go crazy with need as it throbs each and every time the boy makes these delicious and lewd sounds. His limp state doesn’t last long, being totally lost in his own urge to get more of that friction against his fully-erected member, Jungkook abruptly shoves his hand under your skirt. He lifts it up almost tearing the fabric which makes you fuming mad.

“You little shit, haven’t you heard of a thing called a “zipper?!”

You don’t know how but, taking to your advantage the fact that the boy was temporarily defenceless having almost come into his pants, you manage to turn around to face him. His totally fucked-out expression cause you to mindlessly open your mouth completely forgetting what you were about to say. The memories of him crying out your name while you were sucking him off the last time don’t help one bit.

“Noona, let me fuck you, please!”

His desperate plea sends waves of heat down your belly and if you could you’d sink down on his cock this very moment without any regrets. You start chuckling when you feel his trembling hands hastily trying to fight with the zipper of your high-waisted pencil skirt. 

“Oh, what an obedient boy,” the whisper makes Jungkook flinch as the cold shiver runs down his spine. He groans in response, like a small puppy which wiggles its tail after being praised by its owner.

“I’m done, Y/N,” he squeaks enthusiastically, once again addressing you without any proper honorific. 

He yanks the skirt off together with your drenched underwear. He basically stares at your pussy and wet from your juices thighs while trying to undo the buttons of your shirt. He is so impatient he’d most probably tear it off you, but he doesn’t want to risk angering you again. While fighting with the buttons he starts humping your leg, not being able to wait any longer. 

You look at him, totally mesmerised by the show he is giving you right now. His uniform looks painfully tight in the crotch area, the pre-cum leaking out of his needy dick has already left some stains on the trousers. He keeps on humping, pushing himself down on your leg which is accompanied by the moans and whispers of obscene words muttered under his breath.

If it wasn’t for your own throbbing clit, you’d gladly continue enjoying the view even longer. Seeing him behave like a bitch in heat is, without a shade of doubt, the most arousing thing you’ve ever experienced in your long life. 

Feeling equally thirsty for his dick as he is for your body, you reach out for his trousers and unbuckle the belt. Skilfully, your fingers get rid of the school uniform and his boxers, finally freeing the boy’s erection. He instantly presses himself again, right against your thigh, milking you with his pre-cum. He hums in approval, being just as vocal as he was the last time when you took care of his needy dick. Despite his desperate attempts, he has only managed to undo one of the buttons. He rests his forehead against yours. Begging eyes and soft moans, trembling fingers still fighting with the shirt, the boy really is a mess and you have no intention of making you both suffer, even a second longer.

“Baby girl, please I…,”

“Shhh…” you coo, “Let me take care of this.”

Quickly, you undo the buttons, both of your and his shirt. He doesn’t even wait for you to finish and strips naked the moment he feels it’s loose enough to take it off.

“I need you so much, Baby Girl,” he whimpers while putting his hands on your ass and lifting you up to seat you on the desk.

“Fuck no, Kookie, not here, not the desk,” you start panicking, thinking about the squeaky sounds it could make while he pounds into you. 

“You’re gonna break it,” the warning sounds rather plausible, considering how strong he has become thanks to feeding off your blood. 

You can see that it takes every ounce of his willpower to listen to you, yet another time. He was just about to pound right into your tight core but he takes a deep breath and makes you wrap your legs around his waist tightly. 

With inhuman speed, he carries you to the old couch. He lays you down carefully, immediately spreading your legs and positioning himself right in front of your pussy. He pumps his dick two or three times and you can’t help but swoon over his fully erected member. He moans way too loudly for the present setting but you’re much more worried about the length of his cock to care about being found out by some eavesdroppers. 

“How did you even fit in therr- aah, Kookie!” this time it was your turn to scream. Jungkook buried himself, filling you up to the very brim. 

“Why so tight, Noona?” he whines, collapsing on top of you. 

He props himself on his elbow, shutting his eyes. He is out of breath and his chest moves up and down unsteadily. 

“Please, don’t clench like this or I’m gonn- mhmmm,” you interrupt his begging cry with a lustful kiss on his red and plump lips while caressing his back with your hands. It’s all new to him and you know you’re his first woman ever. His tense body seems to loosen up a bit under the soft strokes of your loving hands as well as thanks to your hungry kisses. You let out a small groan of disapproval when Jungkook breaks the kiss to catch some air. His cheeks are red and he is panting heavily. 

“I’m going to move now,” he informs as if to prepare himself rather than you.

“Come and fuck your Noona, just as you promised, Baby boy,” you dig your nails into his ass cheeks and he doesn’t need to be told twice. 

He rocks his hips, pushing himself in and out. First thrusts are a bit shallow, but soon enough he gains speed, making your head go dizzy. Finally, he rubs over the sweet spot, there in your pussy. Your head falls back as if on cue, the boy brings his shaky fingers to your delicate clit and begins to experimentally rub it with his thumb while pounding inside you. 

His dick slides in and out of your pussy making sloppy sounds. He growls, at the wet and lovely sounds both of you make. The fascination in his eyes urges you to start touching your breasts. You want him to lose all control and go absolutely wild with you. 

Your fingers start rubbing the perky nipples. Jungkook immediately shifts his gaze to your bouncing boobs and he clenches his jaw trying to suppress the needy moan that threatens to escape his lips. 

Unexpectedly, he leans in and kitten-licks your exposed neck. 

Small goose-bumps form all over your flesh and there is a huge lump in your throat as he gently brushes his fangs over the skin of your earlobe. 

His thumb continues rubbing your clit in small circles while he keeps on attacking your entrance with his throbbing dick. You can’t control your moans anymore and it seems both of you are nearing the climax. 

You’re almost there, you can feel your body breaking apart, but there is still something that you unconsciously yearn for. 

Forcefully, you grab Jungkook’s head and push it to your neck, moaning his name in heat. 

He stiffens for a moment, dumbstruck by your behaviour, but soon enough he regains his composure and licks your neck with his hot tongue, preparing his little sweet treat to get bitten. Your body trembles in anticipation when he slowly opens his mouth and sinks the fangs into your neck. Blood rushes through your veins as he sucks it, swallowing with gulping sounds. 

His thrusts have become erratic, but the moment he bites you, your walls start clenching uncontrollably, pushing you over the edge. Your pussy is creaming out for Jungkook who also starts cumming not being able to withhold any longer.

You feel so stuffed with his huge dick and you know your pussy is dripping wet. His balls continue making clasping sounds while he rides out his orgasm in your pussy. 

Jungkook accidentally grazes your neck with his fangs while the feeling of ecstasy takes control over his mind and body, causing several small cuts. Blood starts dripping down your neck and back, ruining the couch. Your body is so fired-up you don’t even feel the pain when he accidentally hurts you, quite to the contrary, his fangs bring you to your final release. 

When both of you are finished, Jungkook puts his head on your boobs, breathing heavily. Drops of sweat drip down his forehead as he lays on you and tries to calm himself down. His heart beats so fast, you reach for his damped bangs and take them away from his forehead. You’ve never felt so good with a man. Truth is, you’ve never ever craved anybody like Jungkook. The sudden realisation causes your heart to skip a bit. The boy immediately lifts his head and gazes at you curiously. His brows furrow at your scared expression.

“Noona, does it hurt?” he glances at your neck, voice filled with worry and the feeling of guilt creeps over his entire being.

At first, you don’t respond, not really knowing what he means while still being caught up in your own thoughts.

“Baby, I’m so sorry,” the boy gets almost teary-eyed, running his finger over the skin on your neck and the freshly made cuts.

Your belly clenches and it’s suddenly too difficult to say anything seeing him so sick-worried over such a nuisance.

“It didn’t hurt, you idiot,” you mutter, too afraid to say anything else. You don’t want to start crying right in front of him.

“Noona?” the boy asks, not letting you get away without any explanation.

“Oh, shut up, will you?” You kiss him deeply, trying to hide how emotional you got because of him. The kiss is long and passionate. He kisses you as if he was afraid he might lose you at any moment. Suddenly, you decide to bite his lower lip.

“Oi! It hurt!” the boy exclaims.

“You’re still gonna pay for the ruined couch and my skirt, you brat.”

He cheers up, hearing you scold him again. The room is filled with the beautiful sound of his boyish laughter.

Make me, Noona. Make me.”

He cups your face, putting your foreheads together while smiling sheepishly at you.