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-Smiles with his cute little bunny teeth
-Will ignore you while playing video games
-Playful little shit, especially when you’re busy or in a hurry
-Likes being tied up/submissive
-When you untie him he tries to be dominant but you keep laughing at him
-”Kook, you look ridiculous”
-He’s the little spoon 
-He’s a cheeky little shit that gets away with everything
-Tickle fights which end in one of you crying
-He moans during sex and makes the cutest little whining sounds when he gets close
-He laughs when you fall over and then falls over himself
-You like to whisper kinky stuff in his ear in public to see his bluff and get all nervous
-Constantly teasing him in front of the guys
-Puts his head in your lap and whines until you play with his hair
-Soft moaning sounds when you pull his hair slightly
-Always ends in a major makeout session
-He gets embarrassed afterwards and acts all cute and shy
-Makes faces behind your back and tries to pretend nothing happened when you turn around
-You catch him making a face and you looks at you with wide eyes 
-You steal all of his tshirts and hoodies
-”Jagiya, where is my-? Oh. Okay. You can keep it.”
-Wow i need to stop, the fluff is unreal

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#Bad bunny

Boyfriend Series: Jimin Yoongi Jhope Taehyung Namjoon Jin

Unsuspected Attraction | Jeon Jungkook

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 2,269

sugartaemint asked:  Hello I wanted to ask if you can make an imagine where jungkook and y/n are always bickering or he’s always annoying her (like a brother) with and happy end (please no school au) please ? :)

A/N: I hope this fit with your request ^^ Thank you for requesting! 

Part of this idea was based off of this video!

Summary: You and Jungkook have been friends for a very long time, years in fact. You’d gone through high school and university together and now you frequently visited - in fact, almost lived - at Jungkook’s dorm with the rest of the boys. You saw Jungkook as a brother, or at least you thought you did until one night a playful game of chasing each other around the dorm turned into more than just…well, a game.


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“Nothing I do is ever good enough.” part.2

Pairing: Kim Seokjin x Reader

Genre: Angst 

Words: 1,629

*WARNING* - The following content can be triggering. With mentions of depression etc. Read at your own risk as this chapter is quite ‘dark’, and I don’t want to upset anyone.

[part.1] [part.2] [part.3 ending]

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He gets hard because of you Yoongi Ver. 

Lol this turned into a series 😂 I’m glad u liked them 🙈

Jin ver. // Hobi ver. // Namjoon ver. // Jimin ver. // Tae ver. // Jungkook ver.



Mystery of J | PART 3

Genre: Angst; Mystery-Horror

Pairing: Hoseok(?) x Reader (ft. Namjoon and other members)

Summary: When you get a text from an unknown number you find some strange things out. You can’t do anything being abroad so what will happen? Why does this person seem suspicious and clueless and more importantly, who is he? Shocking truths are revealed when he isn’t who he seems. What’s going on?

(a/n): Ahh Idk things are getting crazier but I don’t know I am feeling like I should discontinue this series. Other then that Feedback would be appreciated!

Warning: Mentions of mental illness


Masterlist | Ask

“Why are you laughing? I’m being so sexy right now!” [Hoseok]

just-let-me-be-your-lover said: Ahhhhhhhh “Why are you laughing? I’m being so sexy right now” + Hoseok??? 😖💖

A/N: Mild smut, implied sex. 

It wasn’t every day that Hoseok text you so early to tell you he was on his way to your house - usually, he spent most nights working, coming home to slink between your covers long past the hour you’d fallen asleep. His message had come so out of the blue, you’d replied asking if everything was alright.

His response had been typical Hoseok - A message that simply read Don’t you know what day it is today? followed by a line of yellow emoji faces with their tongues poking out and a single kissing face at the end. Those 7 words had shot a fear so real through you, your stomach had lurched and you’d gasped out loud. If Hoseok was anything, he was particular - pedantic, even. Any significant date pertaining to you or your relationship, he’d be sure to remember it… You, on the other hand, struggled to remember your own birthday.

He had caught you out before, bringing home your favourite flowers for your two year anniversary and leaving you with nothing to offer him but a kiss. You’d felt awful, and although he was in no way fazed by your forgetfulness, he hadn’t dropped it for weeks. You weren’t letting him do it again. Your mind had immediately began to compile a list of all the possibly important dates that could have slipped your consciousness. His birthday was sometime in February, and the flower incident had happened only a few months ago, so you were certain it wasn’t that…

You had no other option. You’d simply have to play along with him, not mentioning anything until he told you what his early arrival actually meant, and what exactly you were celebrating.

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Tittle: BBMAs
Words: 1.8K
Pairing: Sou/Yoongi; 8th Member of BTS
Summary: Sou’s thoughts on BBMAs. 

Sou started to brush her hair as she was waiting for her vlive to start. There were already few hundred people, but she wanted to wait for more to come, so they wouldn’t miss any of the livestream. She would look from time to time to get phone, smile and say great fans from other countries, trying to say ‘hello’ in as many languages as she could remember.

'It’s been a while, isn’t it?’, Sou said to the camera, taking her phone and walking out of the bathroom. She switched the lights and walked quietly to her bed. She sat on one of her pillow, leaning her back at the head I the bed and covered her legs with blanket. 'I’m actually really great, thank you.’, she said after one of the fans asked her how is she. Sou bent her knees and placed her arms on they so they could see her better, even if it was pretty dark beside small bedside lamp, before she started talking again. 'I know, that one the group vlive I was a little quiet and almost absent, but my eyes were barely open and I was so tired. It was a long day for us. But for some reason I’m wide awake after taking the shower. So don’t be too worried. When I’ll get tired, I’m gonna go to bed.’, she said, smiling to the camera.

The next few minutes, Sou was talking the the fans, answering the question. She was very flattered with every comment any of the ARMYs would say. Even if it was dark around her, everybody could tell she was blushing. They all loved to see her all natural and cute. Everybody loved sassy and tough Sou, but when she got cute and nice it was their favourite Sou. There was a lot of things that happened that night. A lot of good things, that made her really happy, but also things, that made her feel uneasy and, just like when she joined the group, unwanted.

‘I just wanted to come here and show my face, because I know there were some trouble with it during the performance.’, Sou said, raising her eyebrow. She saw many tweets and comments from fans after the performance. Apparently she was cut from her solo and when she was supposed to be shown on the screen, many celebrities were instead of her. ‘I know, that some of you were, or even still are, mad about it, but everything is okay.’, she added with a smile. 

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What the Fates Will Allow  ||  [Part 3.]

Jimin, son of Aphrodite

Synopsis: Jimin reflects on the differences between his life before arriving at the compound and his life while living on it. He didn’t expect to have company while doing it.
Warning: There is mention of eating disorder and prostitution of a certain kind. If these are triggers for you, this may not be a good chapter to read.
Author’s Note: Okay, I went ape with this chapter which is why it’s taken forever for me to actually put it up because I did a lot of cutting and a lot of reworking so that it was presentable. It’s a little long, but I like this chapter. I hope you enjoy it! Gif credit goes here.

“Are you saying I’ll grow out of this?”

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Pairing: Min Yoongi x Drunk! Reader

Word count: 1560

Genre: implied smut, it was supposed to be comedy too but nah and the littlest trace of fluff at the end

Yoongi just got into his hotel room after a collaboration with a famous producer. He was extremely tired and let himself fall on the bed, after he took of his t-shirt, looking bored at the white ceiling.

Out of nowhere he heard the door opening and he saw you, a stranger, entering the room. You seemed drunk but it was just a thought.

“What are you doing here? What are you doing in my room?” You asked, lips lightly parted, your eyes on him.

“That’s not your room” He said while he got up of bed, facing you.

“Get out of my room” Poor you. You were wasted and no one could have denied that. You also looked very confident that you were in the correct room.

“You don’t understand. This is not your room”

He was calm. He wasn’t angry at all although he said everything with full stop after every word. He wanted to make himself clear. He now was at the edge of the bed, his eyes never leaving you.

“I want to sleep and you are in my bed. I’m tired” You pouted, trying to maintain your balance.


You wasted no time and put yourself on top of him. Your faces were so close one from another and all he could think of was how the hell did he end up like this. His whole back on the mattress and his eyes randomly landed on your pink lips that you continued to lick from time to time. One more time, you told him to leave “your” room.

“You know I can’t do this now, right?” He laughed subtly, his hands just now put on your waist. You hit him in his exposed chest, continuing to complain about the fact that you want to sleep. Oh boy, he wanted to sleep too. He was there for a week working his ass off, barely getting any sleep. It seemed like he had to wait.

You suddenly started to unbuckle his belt because “it made you uncomfortable”.

You started to kiss his neck, your lips brushing against his soft and hot skin. He had to help himself and groan while you slit your tongue, licking every inch making him go crazy even if he made everything for you to not notice.

After a few minutes you stopped and pouted at him. He was already hard and he knew it but he didn’t want to take advantage of you. He was still thinking that you might not be sober.

Well, that was with that plan, because once you stopped kissing him, you said once again that you want to sleep. That really made him mad and he put himself on top of you, starting to kiss your collarbones, licking how much he could, asking you if you want him to stop. “Yes”. After he heard this, he bit you harshly. “Fuck, no”. That made him laugh and he started to go a little more down, kissing your belly since you wore a crop top. He asked you once again if you want him to stop. “No…”.

He started to get up again and this time he kissed your neck slowly, softly and right after he asked for your name. “Y-Y/n”. You were stuttering like crazy and he just continued to play with your upper part and you asked for his name too.

“Aww. Look how cute. She wants to knows my name” He laughed thinking you were not gonna remember it. But he told you anyway that he’s Min Yoongi. You started to just forget everything anyway, even the reason why you were there, some guy you totally don’t know brushing his soft against the skin of your neck. “Why don’t you let me sleep?” You though you mumbled to yourself, but apparently he heard it too and started to chuckle.

"What? What did you say? I couldn’t hear you properly?” Of course he was just messing with you. He thought that if you interrupted his last night here when he wanted to sleep, at least he should have fun. When you opened your mouth to respond to him, he kissed your lips. He liked it for a few seconds when your lips were in sync, but then he started to feel the taste of alcohol. 

He quickly got out of the bed saying that you’re completely drunk, thinking that, what the hell, he can’t take advantage of you. You were not sober and he was not an asshole. He thought the worst about him wanting to do things with you, and the fact that he was now 100% sure you were not sober made him realize that he can’t do that tho it seemed like you were really needy.

“We should stop now. You are really drunk”. The smirk he had on his face was gone, replaced with concern. Anyway, it didn’t matter how much he tried to convince you, he couldn’t make you stop.

“I’m perfectly fine”, you said between hiccups, trying to maintain your balance even on the bed. Your head hurt but that didn’t stop you from trying to convince him to do what you wanted to do.

“If you are that fine, that what’s my name?” he asked still looking at you, a neutral expression on his face when you whispered “something with mint” as a response and that made him role his eyes hard, finally moving from his place, going to the closet to look for a shirt, murmuring “You are totally wasted”. He didn’t have time to put on his t-shirt because you took the chance to back hug him. He remained with the shirt in his hand and now put against the wall by you, your hands now roaming on his entire body, trying to unbutton his trousers.

Of course he wanted to make himself clear and repeated what he said all night but you just shrugged it off and said, putting your hand on his mouth so he couldn’t talk “And what if you say that I am? I don’t think this small detail would bother anyone”

He then got angry and put your hands at your back, not facing you anymore. After that he came to your ear, you feeling his hot breath against your skin once again and then he whispered “I let you unbuckle my belt to find out where are you going with this. But you know what? I’m going to tie you up”. No, not in that way, once again, he knows his limits and knows he would feel guilty after. 

He wasted no time and he tied you to the chair, making sure you will not get away. Well, who was he kidding? You were too drunk to even walk properly, you couldn’t get away. He then smirked and laid in bed in a comfortable position, head on the pillow and eyes on you who were pouting like a little kid whose lollipop was stolen. 

“So, tell me something about you”, he said, closing his eyes just to make you angry. He started to feel your stress but he knew that there was no other way to make you stop. Even if you were not conscious about your actions, you were still mad at him for tying you up and ruining your fun. 

“You just tied me to the chair and stopped me from playing and you expect me to tell you something personal? No way”. You were still pouting and supporting your head with your hand, feeling that finally you were going to fall asleep. With that, he started to tell you about him. Somehow he wanted to tell you this because he thought you were cute, but on the other hand, he just wanted to make you even more angry, since he considered it funny. He started to talk about his band, albums, fame, awards and the producer he just finished working with, the reason why he was that night there. “You are very arrogant. You really don’t want to finish what we started?” 

“You are fucking drunk. Maybe if you would call me when you are sober… Maybe. By the way, you have my phone number in your bra” You were looking down wondering when he had time to do that, asking stuttering. He really didn’t put that there with any dirty intention, he just wanted to play your game a little more. He considered you were really cute, especially when you were flustered.

“Won’t you untie me?”, you asked biting your lip, being really sleepy already, killing him with your stare. That didn’t last long because you soon drifted to sleep, the last thing you heard was that you were a bad girl and that’s why he was not going to untie you. That wasn’t true tho, when he felt that you fall asleep he got rid of the belt that he tied you up with, covered you with a blanket and wrote another note for the moment you wake up. 

My little crazy drunk girl, call me if you want to know the name of the person that tied you on a chair with a belt, because I’m more than sure that you’ll forget everything. By the way, take an aspirin for the possible headache, I left it on this table.


Belie [2] || Taehyung (m)

Requested - a fluffy ending for the anon

Pairing - Kim Taehyung x Reader (ft. Namjoon) [Not a threesome!]

Genre - Angst, Smut

Summary - It was all a misunderstanding.

That same day, Taehyung had gone to meet her; the one who’d caused you to shut him away, to throw him, to kick him out of your life.

“I fucking told you not to call me!” He almost spat at her face, right there in the middle of the coffee shop. A few of the customers looked up to see what was going on, but thankfully paid no heed. But even if they did, Taehyung wasn’t going to care.

“But why not?” She looked up at him, unfazed and clueless. Like she had not just created a wall in between you two and a lifetime of guilt for Taehyung to sulk over. His nostrils flared, and he really wasn’t the one to get angry so easily. So this was saying something.

“I have a girlfriend!” Have, not had. You were still his. No matter what, you were always going to be his.

Even after two months of trying to get back with you, he was insistent on telling everybody that you both were just taking a break, you hadn’t broken up, don’t be silly!

It had been a week into the second month since he’d last heard from you. A week since he began getting suspicious that you had really blocked his number. He was hurt. But what could he do? It was his fault this happened in the first place. If he hadn’t had that one night stand with that girl, this would have never even happened.

You couldn’t believe what you were doing. What the hell were you doing?

Your lips were latched onto the same stranger’s mouth who you’d slept with two days ago. And today, you called him over because you couldn’t stop your mind from flooding with images of Taehyung. Every single time you were alone with your thoughts, he was there. Even now, as you pushed the guy - okay, you knew his name but you weren’t ready to acknowledge it - on the sofa, and as you pulled his top over his head, you couldn’t help but wish this was Taehyung. You yearned for his familiar touch.

Right then you felt Namjoon’s hand fondling - groping - your breasts, his fingers holding your hard nipples captive. In the past month, you’d brought around four men to your house. Four. FUCKING. MEN.

If Taehyung ever found that out, and called you a slut, whore, bitch - you’d take it.

And all you did with these men was have sex. No talking; just groping, feeling, thrusting and bye-bye. You’d lost so much weight because of that. You were pretty much a bag of bones now and you wished Taehyung would come back so he could feed you till you died. But you knew that was never going to happen because, one: you blocked his number. Two: you kicked him out of your life. Three: if anybody could bring him back, it was you and only you.

“Mm, Y/N, babe, you’re so wet.” Namjoon kissed down your neck and you couldn’t find it in you to kick him out either. So you let him do whatever it was that he wanted to do. Your hands roamed through his hair, moaning whenever required although half of them weren’t even rightfully elicited.

You didn’t even gasp when you felt him enter you. That used to this you were. You should have been ashamed, but all you could feel was exhilaration.

You bounced on his member, your hand going south to pleasure yourself since all he was doing was watching you. You felt so, so close to your orgasm, when a faint jiggling of a door knob rung in your ears and a deep voice echoed throughout your house.

“Y/N!!” Your eyes snapped open and you turned your head to see Taehyung staring at you with absolutely dark eyes. Nothing after that registered. Faint movements and shuffling of clothes were heard, a mumble of an empty apology and the sound of the door clicking shut.

Taehyung remained in the same spot, at the entrance of your living room, his hands tucked deep inside his hoodie pockets and pulling it down discreetly like he would do anything to hide his boner.

When his eyes suggestively ran the length of your body, you realized you were standing stark naked in front of him. But you made no sudden movements. You simply reached for your sweater and pulled it over your head, it covering most of your parts.

“How did you get in?” Your voice was bored, like you could’ve been using it for a better purpose than talking to him.

“You never said I had to return the duplicate key.”

“Why didn’t you think of it two months ago?”

“Would you have been cooled down enough to bear to see my face?”

“Point.” You shrugged your shoulders nonchalantly.

“Besides, I had to search for it since I’m not really used to living in my apartment.” You didn’t know if that was meant for throwing shade at you or what.

“Whatever.” You rolled your eyes, walking in to the kitchen to get yourself a glass of water because your mouth was way too dry. You didn’t know if it was dehydration, or his appearance in general that caused it. Moreover, your hands shook as you grabbed a glass and filled it with water.

“Aren’t you eating?”

“Don’t you have somebody waiting for you?”

“I didn’t know you were waiting for me.” You could literally hear the smug smirk in his voice. If you turned around right then, you’d melt.

“I wasn’t.” You gripped your glass tightly as you raised it your lips and took long, hungry gulps of water.

“Tell me the truth, Y/N. Have you not been eating?” His voice was closer as you stood there, next to the kitchen sink, unmoving. One step closer and he could wrap you in his protective embrace and you would feel his breath fanning against your neck-

You closed your eyes, and inhaled deeply. “I wish it was that easy, Taehyung.”

And he took that one step. You didn’t open your eyes. You could feel his warm breath hitting the side of your cheek instead of your neck, and his hands subtly rested against your hips. “You’ve lost so much weight. Seeing you like this…it hurts me, Y/N.”

“Oh, great!” You exclaimed suddenly, startling him a little. You turned around and stared him in the eyes, “Now you must know how I felt that day. Or at least, a part of it.” You crossed your arms above your chest. His eyes remained locked with yours, but he didn’t say anything.

You watched silently as tears filled his eyes and slowly, fell over his cheeks one-by-one, a kind of broken gaze resting on you.

“You think these months of separation didn’t hurt me at all, Y/N? Do you think that ill of me? I never meant to have that one-night stand with that girl, Y/N. And I told her not to call me…and, it was all such a huge fucking misunderstanding- just fucking come here-”

And he pulled you in so suddenly you could feel your breath getting knocked off as he latched onto your lips, desperately holding on to you. You found yourself melting into the kiss with every passing moment, and you could feel your heart break and mend at the same time as his tears fell upon your cheeks. Your hands subconsciously came up to cup his cheeks and brush his tears away, your feet standing on tip-toes to reach further into the kiss. You could feel that familiar, dreadful thirst of wanting Taehyung’s touch finally being quenched as his hands roamed over every inch of your body under your sweater. You felt his warm hands eliminating the cold from your skin as he picked you up and blindly, out of familiarity, walked straight into your room with you wrapped firmly around his waist.

You felt the soft, cold mattress hitting your bare skin after you let him take your sweater off, his eyes glazing over with love, pain and lust.

“You look beautiful, Y/N. But please, eat something. Seeing you like this…”

You could feel the guilt ripping at every corner of your inner being. The fact that he blamed most of this on himself was hurtful to watch. And the fact that he was innocent to think you’d been starving yourself made your heart clench tighter.

“Tae…” You breathed, his bare chest now glowing in the afternoon sunlight. Another tear had escaped his eye, and you knew that if you were going to ask him to be honest to you, you were going to have to start it with yourself.

“I slept with people regularly. I had sex with random men after you were gone because I couldn’t cope up with the fact that you were gone. I kicked you out because I didn’t want you to tell me we had to break up. I’m sorry…I probably disgust you-”

Taehyung’s warm, soft lips wrapped yours in a perfectly molded kiss, his fingers squeezing the sides of your waist. He’d completely ignored your revelation.

“In a month, baby, I need some fat to pinch. Do you understand?” He looked at you with such overpowering love, you didn’t trust our voice to speak. You nodded, your hands clutching onto his shoulders.

“Otherwise you’ll be deprived of sex with me. I will not fuck you until and unless you have a tummy.” A finger ran across your hollow cheek and you could feel your previously hibernating heat, uncurling in your abdomen. This was exciting you. The talk about him making love to you was driving you crazy.

“Yes, Taehyung.” You could feel the confidence surging in waves through you. You could feel the warmth of his touch become even more warmer until it was sizzling against your bare skin. His fingers, as they ran through every nook, cranny, bend and curve of your body, elicited fireworks inside you.

When finally he entered you after what you hadn’t realized was a foreplay of sorts, you gasped. You gasped at the way he widened you, his eyes never leaving yours as he grunted. You could feel the satisfaction of him filling you up, his hands working wonders as one of them fondled with your breasts, the other rubbing sensational circles over your clit.

With great difficulty you fought back your approaching orgasm.

“No baby, let it go.” Taehyung suckled on a spot on your neck, his breath and tongue teasing as his fingers wrapped gently around your throat. You felt the oxygen supply being cut off, the lightheadedness feeling like ecstasy as his other hand continuously rubbed your clit harder and faster. Your moans increased pitch by pitch, and at last he placed a harsh kiss on your lips. You felt the zing reverberate through your body as it convulsed slightly, twitching a little as he overstimulated you, his hand letting go of your throat, and his lips placing saccharine, wet kisses on your jaw.

“I missed you so much, baby girl. So much. I need more than just a day to show you how much…but it can wait.”

“Uh…” You breathed, it coming out as a whine. “Why…?”

“You need to get some food into your system. You can’t burn calories if you don’t have any.” He winked and his lips pulled into a lopsided grin. It was so goofy it made you laugh, despite your worn condition.

You pulled him into another kiss. “I missed you, too.”

This is War

Jimin X Reader

Genre: Fluff

Description: You and Jimin have a prank war 


Originally posted by mochiipjm

The morning light from outside brightens up the once dark room. My eyes are closed but I can feel it’s slight warmth around me. Moaning I stretch my stretch limbs and roll over to be wrapped up with my boyfriend. The problem was he wasn’t in bed with me. I sit up and check the time realizing today is supposed to be his off day. “8:03..” Where is he? Throwing the covers off I get up and the boards beneath my feet are cold. I find a change of clothes and lock the bathroom door. I adjust the water until it’s warm but won’t burn my skin and strip myself free of the loose clothing worn last night. The bathroom is cold but the water instantly warms my body when it makes contact with my skin. Closing my eyes I roll my head back and the water quickly soaks my hair. I wipe the water away bringing my head up right to get the shampoo but when I open my eyes a man in all black clothing and a ski mask is standing directly in front of my body holding the bottle out. I scream loudly and try to get out but got caught in the curtain falling and bringing it down with me. My body is lifted and I try to fight my way out but the man is too strong. “Jagi, its only me” My body is turned facing the mirror and he pulls the ski mask off. His pink hair and dimpled smile greets me. “Jimin? Jimin!” I was shocked but also upset. I turn in his arms and slap his shoulder. His hand instantly went to the spot and I wrapped a towel around my body. “Why would you do that?” His arms are back around me and I don’t fight it. “Awe Jagi, it was only a prank” a prank? Was he serious? I sigh and wrap my arms around his neck relieved it was only a harmless joke. He apologized for giving me a heart attack and kisses my forehead leaving. I fix the curtain and get back in quickly showering while keeping one eye open.

 I make my way into the kitchen and he has breakfast ready for both of us. He sets my plate down and I give him a kiss. “Thanks babe” I take a bite of eggs and notice a strange taste. I ignore it not wanting to hurt his feelings. “How is it?” I give a thumbs up downing my juice. Not long later my stomachs started to rumble. Oh no. Not this. I place a hand over my stomach feeling sick. “You okay Jagi?” I can’t answer right now. The feeling continuously gets worse and I stand up running back to the bathroom barely making it before..well you know. It was him. I can hear him laughing in the other room. He did this. He played another stupid prank and I plan on getting even. Cleaning up I think of a plan. A smirk covers my face as I look into the mirror. “This is war” I dry my hands and walk down the hall. He’s nowhere in sight. I make my way back to the kitchen finding a note. “Went to the store be back soon :)” Perfect. I dig through the cabinet finding the flour and run back to the bathroom. He has a meeting tonight and will most definitely use the hair dryer at some point today. I pour as much flour as I can while keeping it hidden inside and clean the edges placing it back on the counter. Quickly I put the flour sac back where it was and rush back to my room digging through my bag. A kid on the train gave me a toy snake that looks real and it was perfect for today. I position it by the window until it looks like it’s coming in and go to my room laying on the bed acting innocent. Moments later i hear a scream but it doesn’t sound like Jimin. I run into the living room finding Hoseok in a state of terror. Quickly I pick it up showing him it’s fake. “I’m sorry Hobi, It was supposed to be a prank for Jimin.” I didn’t realize the boys would be coming today. That just made this more difficult. Jimin walks in last with a smug look on his face. “Ah, my Jagiya is too innocent for pranks” I roll my eyes at him and start to walk away. “What if we split into teams and make it more challenging?” Of course Jungkook would. “Fine. Yoongi, Jungkook, Namjoon and I on a team and the rest of you on a team.” Really? That didn’t seem completely fair but I’ll show him with the team he gave me. “Perfect” I push the hair out of my face and walk off my team following me.

 Everyone was off in groups planning a prank. Yoongi on the other hand took a shower not wanting anything to do with the childish games. I was sitting on my bed tossing around ideas when i hear a frustrated scream. We take off running and Yoongi steps out of the bathroom covered in flour. “…oops” He shakes his head sending flour all over the floor and fixes his shirt. “I take it back” he says and shoots a glare towards my team. “I’m in” he says and walks off leaving a chill going down my spine. “We’re in trouble now…” Jungkook gulps looking at the others. “We have to come up with something good and do it quick” Jimin sighs leading us back to my room. 

 With an idea in mind Hoseok leads the way out of my room. Once the door touched the wall a loud air horn went off sending everyone in the room to the floor screaming. Jin quickly gets up checking behind the door and removing it from the wall showing us. “I swear” I groan slowly getting up.“They’re not holding back so we need to act fast” Jin says helping Hoseok up.“guys, I have an idea” i pull them to me whispering the idea.

 It was getting dark outside and we snuck out and completely covered his car in Saran Wrap. It had so many layer and was pack so tightly he would have a hard time unwrapping it. We painted the whole thing green giving the illusion his actual car was vandalized. He obviously didn’t like that and as the night went on prank after prank was played. At this rate there would be zero sleep for anyone. Jimin’s team was in the lead and everyone had pretty much given up, but not me. I’m stubborn and want to be seen as equal in things with them. This is my chance and I can’t blow it. I have one final thing up my sleeve and it’ll all be over. I wait until everyone lays down to relax the last couple of hours before work and dress up as Freddie Krueger. I hide behind a shelf and wait thirty minutes before he finally came. I could tell he just woke up by the way he wiped his eyes. I snuck quietly behind him careful not to make a sound and right when he turned I jumped out at him scaring the life out of him. Before I can react my body is being thrown out of the window. Shards of glass pierce my skin and the air is knocked out of my lungs when I hit the ground. I can hear several sets of footsteps running towards me and Jimin kneels beside my body. He he lifts my bleeding body into his arms scared I’ll hate him for what he did. I know he was just acting out of fear. I cup his face and pull him down to me and whisper in his ear. “Does this mean I win?” He lets out a chuckle and helps me up. “Sure babe, you win” He kisses my temple and takes me inside to clean up. Once I’m all clean and my cuts have been bandage we make our way to the couch cuddling until he’s forced to leave.


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First Date Jitters

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Prompt: You have a blind date…with someone you might know. 

Warning: none minus some fluff 


Adjusting your bag on your shoulder, you started walking towards the train station, wiping your forehead already. It was so hot for some reason. You stepped inside and headed to the other side to head home. You had called a cab and was waiting. You had wondered if your friend could pick you up but she was busy with something. She had just gone on a date with this boy she met and that was all she was talking about.


“Bye!” She waved. You smiled and waved back before the call was ended, the camera just showing your face. The smile slowly faded from your lips as you closed the computer. She sounded so happy, more happy than she had been in months. Even though she hadn’t gotten on that many dates and you had never met him yourself, he seemed like a good guy. 

You looked around your small room. You were the only one here. There was no boyfriend, no significant other, no nothing. Just you in this hotel room…alone. You felt yourself tear up. Laying down, you closed your eyes and tried to fall asleep. 

(end of flashback)

Hearing the honk of a car, you looked up and saw a car in front of you, the driver waving madly at you. You quickly rushed over to the car and got in, apologizing about 100 times. He murmured okay before driving off. You set your bag next to you and took out your phone, checking your messages. There was only one from your friend, wishing you a safe travel back. You send a smiley face back.

Looking up, your eyes landed on the radio. On it was displayed a familiar song. It was your favorite song recently. It’s by an artist named RM. He’s a really good rapper and super attractive. He can speak more than one language and there’s no word about a girlfriend even though you know that you’ll never meet him. 

“Can you turn it up?” You ask the driver quickly. Nodding, he turns it up. The familiar song plays throughout the car. You smile and sing softy along, tapping your foot. You reach your apartment not much later. You pay your driver and head up to your room, humming the song. 


Bestie :)))): what are u doing tonight?

Looking down from the tv, you respond rather quickly. 

You: nm

A ping sounds and you get another text. 

Bestie :)))): Blind date?? 

You roll your eyes. She has always tried setting you up with friends of friends or distant people she knows or even people she just met a few hours later. And to no surprise, they haven’t asked for another date. You tell her no and she sends an aspirated face and eye roll. You don’t respond after that, turning your attention back to the television. 

It was 7:00 and you were staring up at your bedroom ceiling, wondering why you were sitting at home on a Friday night alone. Your friend was out with her new boyfriend and you didn’t really have any other friends. You hadn’t gotten out of the house in about 2 days and you were starting to get more and more sad. You glanced at your phone sitting on the nightstand and picked it up, shooting a text to your friend. 

You: any blind dates available?

You waited before she texted back.  

Bestie :)))): ofc! 

You groaned. You were silently hoping she would say no so you wouldn’t have to get up but you were wrong. She sent you a time and you glanced at the clock. About an hour later, perfect. Sending her a thanks, you got up and started getting ready. 

55 minutes later, the newly shaved, showered and dressed you was sitting at a table, waiting for your date. It was 5 minutes before your date was supposed to show up and your stomach was filled with butterflies. This happened every time your friend set you up with a blind date. Sometimes it goes well, sometimes it doesn’t. 

You look up at the door and your eyes lock with someone standing in the doorway. He’s tall and has brown hair. He looks really familiar but you can’t tell what from. His features are darker but he looks cute. He looks at you and smiles slightly. You smile back and look away, heat traveling to your cheeks. He’s cute…like really cute. You peek up and see that he’s walking over. He stops and peeks, looking at you. 

“Are you Y/N?” he asks. You nod and he smiles, taking a seat across from you. 

“I’m Namjoon,” he says, sticking a hand out. You shake it and smile. He fixes his chair and looks at you. 

“I’m not too late, am I?” he questions. You shake your head, not sure what to say. 

“I might have come too early,” you confess. He smiles and shakes his head. 

“I was driving here and i was so nervous. From what Y/F/N told me, you seem like you’re really cool and I didn’t want to mess anything up,” He continues. You’re not sure what to say. Your butterflies only increase. There’s a silence. He bites his lip and winces. 

“I’m sorry, I made it awkward,” he apologizes. You shake your head. “Not at all” you assure him. He nods slowly and picks up the menu in front of him. You make small talk before the waitress arrives. You order a water and pasta and he orders an iced tea and a salad. Your food arrives shortly and you eat and talk. You learn a lot about him. 

His name is Namjoon and he’s only a year older than you. He writes songs and also works for a business that works with singers and dancers. He tells you a little about his family and what he does. You tell him about your job and where you’ve traveled. You talk even after the food gets taken away. You lean back in your seat and look around. The restaurant is empty now. A waiter comes up to you. 

“Excuse me, our restaurant will be closing shortly, I’m going to have to ask you to leave,” he explains to the both of you. You look at Namjoon and a smile breaks across your face. Namjoon nods and smiles as well, grabbing his coat. You grab your stuff and head out behind him. You step out into the night and shiver slightly before putting on your jacket. You follow him down the street. 

“I had a great time tonight,” Namjoon tells you. You nod and agree with him. Compared to your other dates, this one went well. You even think that you want another date after this. You walk to your apartment and stop in front of it. You turn around and look at him. 

“I forgot to tell you, you look really nice,” he tells you, scratching the back of his neck. Heat rises to your cheek and you blush. 

“Thank you. I could say the same to you,” you nod to him. He shrugs and takes a step towards you. You look up at his tall figure and find your heart beating. Before you can react, your phone goes off in your pocket. You flinch and frown, taking it out. You stare at the notification from Twitter. RM has released a new song along with a photo. Your eyes widen and you almost scream. 

“Everything okay?” Namjoon asks you. You nod and look up at him. He has a worried expression on his face. You nod and open Twitter, quickly going to the post. You look at the new song and then your eyes land on the selfie. Your breath catches in your throat. 

That face…looks familiar. 

“Y/N?” Namjoon asks, his voice sounding like an echo. You glance up and look at him. You can hear your heartbeat in your ears. The world seems to slow. Your phone is clutched in your hands. 

“You’re…RM?” you squeak out. 

Take a walk pt 3

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Jungkook x y/n x jimim

Yoongis pov

“You what!?” I stand up and walk over to him “yoongi careful” hoseok stands between me and him “you..why? Why! What has she ever done to you! And jimin how did you know this?” I push hoseok aside putting all the members on edge. Jungkook finally speaks up “i..i fell out of love with her two years ago.. But i stayed in the relationship for her sake.then Soojin came alone and our manager liked her an-” i rolled my eyes at him grabbing his shirt “why lie to her that long! You know how much she means to us all! Shit jungkook!” Jungkook shoved me back “well if you cared so much about her you should’ve asked her out before i could! I feel like crap due to the accident! Don’t make me feel worse…” “You guys please, and jeon jungkook don’t you DARE say you feel bad. You didnt see the state she was in” jimin cuts him off taking us away from each other “you never loved her did you?” I ask slowly looking up “yoo-” i cut hoseok off “let him answer! Stop protecting him for once” i look at hoseok

   “i did..but it was only for a year out of the four years we were together..” “You..someone call our manager and get them to get jungkook” jimin said before pulling me away again. Namjoon pulled out his phone and called while jin and hoseok brought jungkook to his room. “Hyung. You didnt have to be so harsh” taehyung said before putting his arm on my shoulder. “you saw her..she was barely there” None of us knew what was happening, happening between us. It was true i liked y/n. Hence liked, she was now a little sister to me. Ha what big brother i am to let her get hurt like this. I begin to go to the only place i can think, the studio.  But what will become of us now is unknown. What a golden maknae jungkook is.

No ones Pov

The boys continued visiting y/n. Jungkook only visited her once, but left after 10 minutes. Him and Soojin went public. Its been 3 months that y/n has been out. Doctors have considered pulling the cord but her family and the boys are fighting for another 2 months. Everyone carried on with their lives the best they could. When the boys got the chance to, they lived at the hospital on their days off. Taehyung, they all, kept talking to her. Little did they know she could hear them. Everything. “If you love me dont let go, when you feel like flying stay down on earth please.” Was one of the voices she heard, but she didnt know who is belonged to.

y/n Pov

All i can see is darkness, I hear voices but i don’t know from where. I keep having this dream, since that’s all i can do. Its me and this guy but i can’t see his face and he’s yelling at me. It always ends with a bang and then it repeats. I don’t this guy..or maybe i do. I just can’t recall his face or name. Whenever my body feels light someone’s voice brings me back down. “Please wake up” they say before i feel a weight on my cheek or forehead. I’m so scared… I want to call out to them, but im an incapable of moving. I lost track of the time. This doesn’t even feel like my body anymore

Jimins Pov

Its almost been 4 months since shes been out, I was with her right now. She’s gotten better, well physical appearance anyway. Namjoon, jin, and hoseok have been busy with school while yoongi and tae where on a field trip. Who knew college had field trips. “Oh hey” a voice says causing me to look up. “Hey jaebum” “shes still out..” he says grabbing her hand. “Yeah” “its been what. 4 months?” he says with a sad laugh “Almost” i reply looking at her. “What are the doctors saying man?” “That her chances of waking up are slim” i reply standing up to get water. “I miss her, we all do”  He finally sits “some more then others” i mumble before adding “yeah, but all we can do is talk to her” then the room falls silent as we both get lost to our thoughts. 

       Before a groan interrupts us causing us to jerk up “Y/N!” we both say “huh?” she looks around “im getting the doctor” Jaebum rushes out of the room “Its a miracle, thank god” i say crying grabbing her hand “Hey dont cry” she whispers, oh god her voice. “I see youre awake, this is a miracle. We are going to check everything then answer and ask you things okay?” The doctor says walking over to her. She nods, while jae and i sit next to her. “First im going to get a nurse so sit tight” he says to us before leaving for a quick second. “Okay so do you remember anything about you?” He asks pulling out pen and paper. “My name is…y/n… im 18..and im a recent graduate” she says quiet “Okay good, do you know these guys?” he asks pointing at us “Yes, jimin and jaebum” “what do you remember?”

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BTS when you wear yoga pants around them.

I think I’ll pick BTS to do the reaction for this one. Thank you for sending in your request. <3


Totally not perving on you. Enjoying the sight and taking it in. 

“Ey those look nice on you”

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Knows he shouldn’t keep staring at you because you have them on but cant help it. 

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“Babe those Yoga pants look great on you. Show me a yoga pose. Hug me”

You’re Namjoon. lol that face

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You’d notice him looking and he’d just smile at you and start being cheeky.

“Thank you lord for yoga pants”

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Giving you lots of love and tells you to wear them more often because he loves them

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loving the yoga pants maybe a little bit tooooooooo much. Contain yourself Jimin! Good boy~

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Tries not to show that he likes them that much but can’t help but to smirk to himself.

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BTS reaction to you crying because you miss them

Requested by: @georgieeahemmings 

I’m kind of sorry that I just used gifs and short text but the longer version was only repeating itself so I preferred to leave it out

Request open


“I’m sorry”

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“I’m sorry for you being lonely… but you knew the consequences of dating an idol before head.”

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“Stop crying, you make me cry too…”

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“I know what it means to feel lonely… Let’s FaceTime?”

Please ignore the text on the gif

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“(Y/N)… please… calm down… I’ll be back soon”

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“The distance doesn’t mean I love you less, understood?”

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“Hyung she’s crying on the phone, help”

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