This reminds me of his comment in Burn the Stage when he talked about the fans and he said

Taehyung: “I tried really hard to look at each and every single one of them, if you meet their eyes just once, you’ll remember them and that gives me the chills”

He really does try to look at every fan, bless his beautiful soul💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Video cr. (x)


『BTS』 REPRESENTATION MATTERS. BTS X WOMEN w/ DARKER SKIN. These fanarts are amazing. FOLLOW ELLEN this girl is so talented !


Model Min

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If you’ve had a tough day, feel bad or wanna end your day on a good note, watch this video of Yoongi’s adorable nose scrunch💜💜💜

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the cockpile: try out → jjk

โ†ณ pairing: jungkook/reader | fluff, smut, light angst

โ†ณ au: pornstar!au, porn couple!au

โ†ณ warnings: sex work, daddy kink, dom!jungkook, brat!play, choking, spanking, mild punishment, spit swallowing, oral (male&female receiving), orgasm denial, hand job, dirty talk, light clit spanking, multiple orgasms, squirting, creampie

โ†ณ word count: 6.6k

โ™ summary: dating a porn star wasnโ€™t easy. jealousy can run rampant if thereโ€™s no communication.

โ› A/N: there is an unnecessary amount of smut in this fic iโ€™m so sorry. also, thereโ€™s a theme with jungkook in every smut scene do u spot it? anyway, yโ€™all know jimin is next!

blog masterlist | series masterlist
yoongi ver - jin ver. - hoseok ver - jimin ver.

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BTS Reaction To You Accidentally Grinding On Him When You Two Play Wrestle

Anonymous said to b-tsfanfic-tion:

hey sis ily. can u do bts reaction to their crush accidently grinding on him while they’re play wrestling jajsjdjdjjdjdjdk


Originally posted by jinsasleep

“Seriously, how big are your shoulders?” you asked, walking up behind him to teasingly drum your fingers across his broad back.

“They probably just seem extra big to you since you have tiny shoulders,” he teased, turning around to give you a snarky grin.

You scrunched your nose at his “funny” comment before retaliating, “You wish you could have my gorgeously dainty shoulders.”

“Okay, don’t get ahead of yourself. I wouldn’t call them dainty,” he said with an eyeroll. You faked an offended gasp before giving him a playful push. You two were such close friends that when one person started a play fight the other couldn’t just let that person win. So, of course, it only took a few minutes for you two to be full on wrestling after your joking shove.

“My broad shoulders are magnificent,” he insisted while the two of you were tousling with the other.

“Small shoulders are better,” you said, too distracted with trying to win the upper hand to think up a good comeback. Instead of successfully gaining the upper hand though, you accidently ended up grinding against him.

Jin was about to say something else when your hips rolled up against his, and it caught him so of guard he couldn’t stop the quiet moan that tumbled from his lips. You weren’t sure why you were blushing, from his groan or what you’d done to cause him to moan like that. Really, it was thanks to both things that your cheeks were now turning a bright shade of pink.

But you both had a history of not taking anything seriously, especially when you were a little embarrassed, so what you said next came as no surprise to either of you.

“I would say sorry, but it seems like you liked it,” you joked, expecting him to give an embarrassed laugh, but the most he gave you was a small smile. You felt your heart start to pound, a little excited by this unfamiliar territory.

“Yeah, I did,” he said, answering honestly. Knowing you were liable to say something stupid if you spoke up, you decided to stop that from happening by answering him with a kiss instead. Jin was perfectly happy with your nonverbal response, which he made abundantly clear when he started to grind down against you.


Originally posted by jiminwhyyougotnojams

You decided to mess around with your friend Yoongi, and woke him up with a bit of a shock. You practically launched yourself into his bed while calling his name loudly n between giggles.

“It’s time to wake up,” you called out, jostling him by his shoulders. He practically growled at you while he slowly opened up his eyes.

“You’re the worst,” he complained.

“I know,” you giggled, still joselting him around. Suddenly he was grabbing you by your waist and flipping you so you were under him. You grabbed him by his wrists, trying to tug them off your hips as you tried your best to get the upper hand back. You were trying and failing to keep your heart from going crazy as you looked up at your crush’s devilish grin.

“Not so confident now that I’m actually awake, are you?” he teased as the two of you wrestled. One move was the wrong one though, and suddenly your hips were moving up against his. You both froze and locked eyes right after you had accidently grinded up against him. He stopped grinning so confidently and you stopped giggling so much. Instead you both watched blushes bloom on the others’ cheeks. You broke the silence with a gasp when you felt him grind against you again, and suddenly his hands were tugging your hips up against him and his lips were pressing against yours.

He broke the heated kiss, and left you both gasping for breath as he spoke up, “I think this is how you should wake me up from now on.”


Originally posted by 4jiminnie

You were trying to leave after hanging out with Hoseok for hours, but he kept begging you to stay for a bit longer. You secretly loved that he wanted you to stay. You both had an unspoken attraction for the other, but since neither of you admitted your feelings you didn’t know you both felt the exact same way for eachother.

“Come on, stay,” Hoseok begged, catching you by your wrist before you could walk away.

“If I don’t leave now, I’ll catch trafic,” you said, trying to stay standing while he tried to tug you back down to the couch. He let go of your wrist to move his hands onto your waist, tugging you down onto his lap, “Hey!”

“I’m not letting you up,” he said, sounding extra triumphant as he wrapped his arms around you, effectively trapping you. You accepted the challenge and started to tug at his arms. He started to laugh when he felt your best attempts to detangle him from around you. He clearly wasn’t even phased by your efforts. You started to try to wiggle free, not even thinking about what that meant for Hoseok.

“Stop fidgeting so much!” he called out, his cheeks burning red as you unintentionally grinded down on his lap. You froze when you finally realized exactly what you were doing, the tent in his pants cluing you in.

He wasn’t sure what sort of reaction you’d have, and even though he wasn’t expecting any specific response, what you did next still surprised him. You turned around on his lap, letting your legs straddle him as you gave him an excited smile, “Okay, I’ll stay.”


Originally posted by taegidda

You and Namjon were watching tv, but you hated the show he decided on. You had already tried to change the channel once before, but he snatched up the remote before you could grab it.

“Come on, this is so boring!” ou cried out.

“No, your show’s the boring one,” he scoffed.

“Now you’ve gone too far,” you said, pretending to be angry at his comment before pouncing on him. You knocked him on his back with a laugh, but he was still holding the remote above his head and out of your reach. But that wasn’t about to stop you, and in an instant you were crawling in top of him, reaching for the remote.

When he realized you were about to grab it, he wrapped his free hand around you, tugging you down so he could keep you from reaching the remote. As he pulled you against him, your hips accidentally rolled against his lap, and you both gasped from the surprise of you grinding against him. He smiled when he saw the blush spreading across your cheeks, guessing from your response that you felt the same way about him that he did about you. He stopped holding the remote out of reach and was giving it to you instead.

“I’ll let you choose the show,” he said.

“Really?” you asked, internally wondering if he was just going to ignore the fact that you were ended up not only straddling him, but grinding against him too.

“But only if we stay like this,” he said with a dimpled grin, stunning you just a little. You consider him for just a moment, playing like this wasn’t totally something you had daydreamed about before.

“It’s a deal,” you said, taking the remote. He moved his hands move to clasp behind his head and you cuddled up against his chest. For people who were fighting and wrestling moments ago, you two were surprisingly cozy with each other now as you cuddled and watched your show.


Originally posted by kpopidolaegyooo

“Are you even listening to me?” you asked Jimin. He gave you a distracted nod, still closely watching the movie. He clearly wasn’t listening to you at all. You gave a loud huff, and stood up to walk over to him. You positioned yourself in between him and the tv with a smug grin. He glared up at you from where he was sitting before tilting to the side to look around you, but you simply leaned with him.

“Quit blocking the screen!” he cried out.

“No, we’re supposed to be hanging out,” you insisted. He thought up a quick solution and grabbed you, yanking you down onto his lap. He held you tightly in place, looking at the movie over your shoulder.

“Hey! Let me up,” you yelled with a pout, but he only answered with a snicker. You started to fidget, but he didn’t really pay you any attention at first. But then all your fidgeting resulted in you accidentally grinding against his lap. You realized as quickly as he did what you had done, and you immediately started to blush, “Jimin, that was a total accident. I am-”

You interrupted yourself with a surprised yelp. He was suddenly turning you around on his lap so you weren’t facing the television but instead looking back at him.

“Fine, you wanted my attention, now you’ve got it,” he said, his hands moving to rest on either side of your hips. He smirked at the doe eyed look on your face, but his cocky expression snapped you out of your surprised daze. You smiled back at him, leaning in for a kiss while letting his hands help you roll your hips against him. Finally Jimin had officially forgotten about the movie.


Originally posted by holysuxc

You and Taehyung were hanging out on your bed, laying on your backs side by side. He was holding his phone above the two of you, wanting to show you a quick video clip. But half way through the video you snatched the phone from his hand, planning on sending embarrassing texts to all his friends.

“Hey, give that back!” he yelped, but you rolled onto your side so you were facing away from him.

“No way, this pay back from all those embarrassing things you put on my twitter the other day,” you said, shooting him a smug smile over your shoulder. He reached over your side, trying to grab the phone out of your hand, which you immediately stretched out of his reach. You were typing away, pretty much ignoring all his futile attempts to get his phone back. He moved till he was pressed right up against your back, trying desperately to reach his phone. The close proximity finally let him be able to grab your wrist, and pretty soon the two of you were wrestling for the phone.

You made one wrong move and you accidentally grinded right up against him. Suddenly you were hyper aware of how his arm was inadvertnly wrapped around you from trying to get his phone back, how you could feel his breath on your neck, and how your ass was still planted right in his lap. Taehyung noticed all this too, but he could also see the rose tint on the tips of your ears.

“Did you do that on purpose?” he asked in a deep whisper, trying his best to fluster you. It worked completely, and you were a blushing, stuttering mess. While you were distracted with trying to defend yourself to your crush, he snatched the phone out of your hand.

“That’s cheating!” you called out as he rolled away from you and onto his back with a triumphant smile. You turned onto your side, pouting at him.

“But grinding up against me like that is fair?” he said with a scoff. You immediately started to ramble through a stuttering explanation, getting ruffled up once again. He smiled at your very pink cheeks, knowing you were too shy to do any like that on purpose. He was completely aware of your crush on him, and this whole thing just made it that much more obvious. Still, he had to get you back for stealing his phone. He decided he’d tell you he liked you tomorrow, not able to stop himself from getting that small bit of revenge.


Originally posted by bwibelle

“I’m not arguing with you. It’s just a fact; I am stronger than you,” you said to Jungkook, purposely bothering him. Thanks to your crush for him, you took a lot of delight in teasing him. This was one of those times. You had decided to argue that you were the strongest of the two of you, which was obviously not true, but it bothered him all the same. With his competitive nature, it was so easy to drive Jungkook up the wall in moments.

“You are not stronger than me, and I can prove it!” he yelled out, pushed to the brink from all your teasing.

You rolled your eyes and scoffed, “How are you going to prove-”

You were interrupted by Jungkook tackling you to the ground. Luckily, the landing didn’t hurt. He made sure to end up underneath you so you didn’t slam against the floor but instead fell against his chest. But he let you have the upperhand for only a moment, and soon he was the one on top of you. He was easily pinning you underneath him, and he was giving you an incredibly smug look.

“I’m the strongest,” he said as you wriggled underneath him.

“No, I am!” you cried out, even though he was literally proving how he was the strongest. You put one last ditch effort into proving him wrong and getting him off you, but with all the moving you were doing you accidentally found yourself rolling your hips against his. As soon as he felt you grind against him, he suddenly decided he was done arguing and switched his frown out for a suggestive smile.

“If you do that again I’ll say you’re the strongest,” he said and started to press down against you. You decided to end the argument once and for all as you let your lips crash onto his and move your hips again so you were grinding up against him, this time completely on purpose.

Jin’s epiphany is the perfect intro for the last album of the Love Yourself serie. It’s about the realization of the entire meaning of the serie : we should love ourselves, imperfections and all. And the fact that Jin, the king of self-love and self-confidence, sings this, makes it even more perfect.

Practice Makes Perfect [Min Yoongi]

Suga D. The D stands for dick.

When you get offered your first shot at making it as a professional camera woman, you have no idea what youโ€™re getting himself in for. And when the hottest porn star in the business sets his sights on you, neither does heโ€ฆย 

Warning: dirty talk, oral sex, fingering, semi-public sex, loss of virginity, unprotected sex.ย 

Author:ย  @iq-biasedย as a part of the BANGmeTAN series with @underthejoon @baebae-goodnightย @lordwooziย @changseobbingย @mak-baesย @kpopfanfictrash

Creative Content Contributor: @everybodykpopsย has made literally the most perfect moodboard for this.ย 

The Korean greats. Lee Changdong, Bong Joon Ho, Park Chanwook. If you were to speak of defining characters in your life, these would be the names that passed from your lips - the ones who had incited a particular passion in your bones for all things cinema.

From a young age, youโ€™d struggled to articulate the connection you had to movies - the plots, the cinematography, the actingโ€ฆ the everything, really. It all just made you feel so much - absorbed your interest like nothing else in your life had. For the longest time you could remember, stretching right back to your early elementary days, your walls had been plastered with movie posters stolen from the local cinema on your visits with your friends. For practically every night of your budding years, youโ€™d fallen asleep under a canopy of frames that advertised the very scenes that set your heart alight.

So when youโ€™d applied to the Korean Academy of Film Arts on a whim, the very University that had helped mold some of your heroes into the fine artists they were today, you had no expectation that youโ€™d actually be accepted. And when the letter had come offering you a place, youโ€™d been too nervous to ask your parents - terrified of the reaction that would come from them. And when theyโ€™d let you go and youโ€™d actually attended - still disbelieving of the reality occurring around you right up until the moment the diploma had landed in your hand at the end of four of the best years of your life - you were never really sure what you intended to do once youโ€™d graduated. But one thing was for sure - youโ€™d never imagined it would be this.

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Fic Recommendations

Hi friends! To celebrate hitting 1000 followers (!!!!!) I have made this lil list of all my fave fics that I have read :) 

Thank you for all the love on this account and I hope to continue writing mediocre content that people enjoy! Love always, Chloe xx

WARNING! This list contains majority smut posts so if you are underage don’t read them k thanks love you

you will also notice that some are severely lacking and i apologise! please recommend me any good fics that you think i will enjoy! let’s swap and share bbys

M - mature

F - fluff

Kim Seokjin

the morning after by @iq-biased (M/F) “after he takes your virginity”

murmured words by @iq-biased (F/M) “breaking the kiss to say something, staying so close you’re murmuring into each other’s mouths”

tenderness by @shookykookie (F/M/robot!au) “droids didn’t have feelings, did they?”

bobsy-die by @rbuns (M/wolf!au) “bobsy-die: a great deal of fuss or trouble”

golden boy by @kpopfanfictrash (M) “the golden boy of the porn industry, prettier than half his female co-stars. will sue if you pull his hair always bothering his neighbours with pizza delivery”

Min Yoongi

hands on me by @moonscriptx (M) “a quick fix with yoongi in the supply closet at school seemed like a bad idea at first… Until you felt his hands on you”

piece by piece by @workofteaguk (F) “you own a bakery and before 2 days ago i didn’t know it was possible to fall in love with a pumpkin pie”

listen closely by @avveh (M) “unintentionally, you stumble upon somthing that makes you view your coworker min yoongi in a whole new light”

time out by @iq-biased (F) “you’re both having a rough day and the two of you put in some headphones and lay down and just enjoy being together”

garden in my heart by @army-author (F) “yoongi likes to destroy, and you like to create. but love blooms in unusual places between unlikely hearts”

thanks for your input! by @bxebxee (M/wolf!au) “now that he’s sitting down next to you in close proximity with none of the aroma of the burning oil vapourizing into the cramped atmosphere of your kitchen, he could smell just how primed you are to receive his seed”

bite me (bitch) by @bxebxee (M/vampire!au) “your existence should repulse him, but yoongi can’t bring himself to hate you when he craves your bite”

inheritance by @rbuns (F/M/cat!au) “after your grandmother passed she left everything to you. Her house, her fortune, and apparently… her cat? the grumpy male hybrid you encounter at her house is anything but the tame housecat you’d expected to find. fulfilling your grandmother’s last request to look after him becomes a lot harder when he seems to be avoiding you, and your dissatisfied relatives start stirring up trouble”

comfort sex by @iq-biased (M)

Kim Namjoon

after by @bxebxee (F/M) “the memory of last night is fresh in both namjoon’s mind and yours while you try your best to have an innocent date”

no speaking by @iq-biased​ (M) 

i’m not annoying you, am i? by @iq-biased (M)

Jung Hoseok

madeleine by @kpopfanfictrash (M) “it was supposed to be a one-night thing. just one, perfect night to remember forever. life, it seems, has other plans”

i flirt in #mycalvins by @bxebxee (suggestive M) “in which jung hoseok is an underwear model”

late nights by @iq-biased (M) “in which jung hoseok always arrives home late from practice”

Park Jimin

aching by @drowsymochi (F)  “due to his girlfriend who drove you crazy, you hadn’t spoken to jimin in months. he had also distanced himself from you, and he didn’t seem to mind too much… or at least you thought so”

chained to you by @addicktjimin (M) “you, a shy insecure girl, experiences hell (aka. school) every day of your life when jimin, the popular, perfect man that everyone is somehow afraid of, suddenly takes a huge interest in you. maybe he wants way more than just to play with your feelings” part 1  part 2  part 3

ineffable by @drquinzelharleen (M) “ineffable: too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words”

breathing in bare by @kthartics (M/vampire!au) “you meet jimin through an online, completely discreet website called ‘a touch of heaven’. kind of like a dating website, except it’s not for dating. and you’re not matched with a fellow homosapien. and nobody would believe it if you said your perfect match’s favourite drink is blood, preferably yours”

Kim Taehyung

you in me by @idolxreader (M) “tokyo, japan. hotel room. 11:54pm” 

smile by @heartkook (F) “you and tae play around with his camera in the garden, and getting him to smile for a photo is more difficult than you can think”

little dove by @yminie (M, wolf!au) “the best things always show up when you least expect them”

cats and dogs by @bxebxee (M/dog!au x cat!au reader) “when you skip your yearly heat, it causes a different kind of friction between you and that perpetual, thorn-in-your-side mutt named kim taehyung”

Jeon Jungkook

heat wave by @iq-biased (M) “the air conditioner breaks during the hottest week of summer and you have to figure out how to stay cool”

the pool boy by @idolimagines (M) “meet jeon jungkook, your new pool boy”

sweet tooth by @nochugguk (M) “being an entrepreneur takes and immense amount of self-balance. but that gets harder to maintain with a certain brown-haired college boy coming after your sanity with his cheeky grin and breathtaking eyes. you’re work enough to understand everything that’s ephemeral but he’s too close and so not where you tried to keep him”

out of the blue by @imaginethisbts (M) “jungkook has only ever thought of his breeding clients as just that - clients, and he’s always quite indifferent to them since he only ever knows them for a short period of time. but then you come along, and he starts experiencing feelings that aren’t being manipulated by your heat. real feelings, that he has never harbored before with anyone else” part 1  part 2  part 3

social media au by @wicdrop (F) “in which y/n and yoongi are music major buddies and they meet jungkook, music and art major, and shit gets saucy”

stain by @bxebxee (M) “in which jungkook loves you, loves your panties and loves you in your panties (specifically the black ones)”




3 (M)


BTS Reaction To Making Out With You

Anonymous said to b-tsfanfic-tion:

Hellooo can you do a reaction where you makeout for the first time?


Originally posted by minyoongihoseok

“Do you want to try this y/n? It’s pretty good,” Hoseok said, gesturing to his dinner that you had been eyeing. You thought you had been subtle, but his question made you realize you had been a little more obvious than you had meant to be. You gave a sheepish smile and nodded, but then Jin shook his head no.

“It has lemon in it,” Jin told you, and you immediately changed you mind. You were allergic to lemon. It warmed your heart right up to know that Jin knew you well enough to know what you were allergic to. Not only that, but from his comment it seemed like he didn’t just know but was on the lookout for you too. If you two had been alone, you would have practically pounced on him. So that’s exactly what you did when it was just the two of you hanging out after dinner.

“I love how well you know me,” you said with a lovestruck sigh, reaching up to cup his cheek in your hand. He gave a surprised, but definitely happy, smile.

“Thanks angel,” he said with a chuckle. You nodded, guiding his face towards your so you could kiss him.

You gently interlocked your lips with his plush ones. The kiss was just as gentle as he was with you. You felt his tongue just barely swipe your bottom lip. You parted your lips and soon you two were slowly exploring the others mouth. As you two kissed, your hand had moved from his cheek to the nape of his neck. His hands had moved to the small of your back, gently holding you in a hug. As soon as the very sweet, long, kiss ended he pressed his forehead up against yours. Even his small gestures were so intimate.


Originally posted by minsyubyoongi

You and Yoongi had been fighting all evening. He had cancelled your guys’ date again last night, this was the third time, to keep working. You had finally had enough.

“You know what you were getting into when you started dating me! Did you think I was going to have all the free time in the world!” Yoongi yelled.

“I’m not asking for all the time in the world! I’m asking for one date Yoongi! One! That’s it!” you yelled. You felt your cheeks and chest start to flush with anger.

“Are you sure that’s what you want? Because we could have been going on a date, but now we’re fighting because you wanted to!” he pointed out while stalking towards you with a glare.

“I don’t want to fight!” you argued back.

“Then why do you keep yelling at me?” he asked, and you were heavily surprised to hear his voice come out as an angry, rough whisper instead of a yell this time. He had a point, for someone who didn’t want to fight you sure were yelling a lot. What made it even harder to answer was the fact that he was so close to you now our noses were practically touching. So instead of answering, you caved in and grabbed fistfulls of his shirt to pull him all the way in.

As soon as your lips collided, all the anger from the fight came pouring into the kiss. It was hot, heavy, and possessive. He would nip at your lips while gripping your hips even tighter. You let your hands trail up to wrap your fingers up in his hair, gently tugging. When you two finally broke the kiss, you were both panting.

“So are we done fighting?” Yoongi asked with a cocky smirk.

“For now,” you said with a smug smile fo your own before tilting your head up to kiss him again.


Originally posted by agvstdick

Hoseok and you were hanging out one last time before he had to leave and go on tour. The whole time the two of you were internally thinking about how much you would miss the other. But instead of voicing your feelings, you both tried to be as happy as possible for the other. Finally, when Hoseok was saying goodbye he couldn’t keep what he was really feeling bottled up.

“I wish I didn’t have to go,” he said, pressing his forehead up against yours. Your noses gently brushed up against the other since you two were so close.

“I wish you could stay,” you said, speaking honestly.

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled, moving to press a kiss to your temple. Soon he placed another on your jawline, “I care about you so much.”

“I know,” you said quietly. He pressed one last gentle kiss just to the corner of your mouth.

“I would stay here if I could,” he told you, and you looked up at him with a small smile.

“I know,” you repeated. He returned your smile before finally giving you a real kiss. This was the goodbye kisses to end all goodbyes kisses as your lips moved to interlock with the his. Your hands your moving to cup his face gently, holding him closely. One of his hands was pressed up against your own, his palm resting against the back of your hand. The other was resting on your hip, rubbing gentle circles on your skin. Sure, you both had already said you’d miss the other, but this kiss showed it more than any words either of you had said. Even as you tried to end the kiss, you both kept coming back together for a parade of quick pecks.

“I’ll call you everyday,” he assured you before giving you another kiss.

“Okay, just don’t overwork yourself,” you said, and once again your lips met. It must have been another five minutes of small, loving kisses before he finally got out the door. Now when he left you still missed him, but you were a little more at ease knowing you each told the other how you truly felt.


Originally posted by taegidda

Namjoon was busy explaining a book he had been reading to you, but the truth was you were hardy listening. You were too busy admiring his features. This always happen to you. When he was passionate was when he was cutests to you. You were gazingly fondly at him when you finally noticed he seemed to be repeating something.

“Sorry, what?” you asked, coming out of your thoughts of him.

“I asked if you were listening, but I think I just got my answer,” he said with a sigh and eyeroll.

“I have a hard time listening to you when you look so cute,” you said, answering honestly. It was apparently a good move on your part, because his frown quickly changed to a smile. You continued on, feeling even braver thanks to his pleasantly surprised expression. His eyes moved over your body as you stepped over them. You leaned down to where he was sitting, placing your palms on his thighs to come even closer to him.

“Are you still annoyed with me?” you asked with a coy smile.

“I don’t know, are you going to kiss me already or just keep teasing me?” he asked. You answered his question by finally closing the space between the two of you.

As soon as your lips met his you heard him give a cocky chuckle, but that only spurred you on. You felt his tongue lick against your bottom lips. You partied your lips so his tongue could swipe inside your mouth. He was enjoying the taste of you, and wanted you closer to him. You felt his hands grip your wrists, and he was moving your hands off his thighs as you two continued to kiss. For just a moment you were confused, till you felt his hands wrap around your waist to pull you onto his lap.

“Now are you ready to listen?” he asked, leaning back with smirk.

“Maybe after one more kiss,” you said with a giggle, letting your hands run into his hair as you came back together one more time.


Originally posted by baking-suga-kookies

“You are so adorable,” you cooed, pinching Jimin’s cheeks. You two were cuddled up on his bed, not really doing much other than talking.

“Is that all you can say about me?” he said with a small pout.

“You don’t want me to?” you asked, holding back the urge to tell him even his grumpy expression was adorable too.

“I like being called adorable, but I want to be called other things too,” he whined.

“Like what?” you asked.

“Hot,” he said with an eyebrow raise, “Or even sexy!”

He frowned even more when you laughed at his request. You could only see it as a funny idea. Suddenly he was flipping you onto your back. He brought your hands up above your head, easily holding both of yours in one of his. He gave you a suggestive, confident look that immediate quieted your giggles. Suddenly the idea of calling Jimin hot instead of adorable didn’t seem so far fetched.

“What about now?” he asked, his voice dropping lower than usual, “Do I seem so adorable?”

He smirked with your stunned silent expression, and he definitely noticed how your eyes kept flicking towards your lips. He gave you what you wanted, dipping down to press his lips against yours. You gasped when you felt him nip your bottom lip, and he took that as an opportunity to slip his tongue past your lips. As he explored your mouth, he finally let your hands go. You let your hands run all over his body, touching everywhere and anywhere you could reach. You almost let out a whine when he eventually leaned away from you.

“Go on,” he said with a cocky look, “Call me adorable.”


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You watched Taehyung rehearsal, and you felt your heartbeat pick up as he danced. The thing was he one hundred percent knew what he was doing to you. He didn’t really need you to record his dance as a reference for himself, he had already seen the dance in the mirrors a million times. He was only doing it to tease you.

“How was that?” he asked, panting just a little.

“It was good,” you said, trying to sound casual, but even you could hear the little waver in your voice. He walked over to you, leaning very close to you under the guise of looking at the phone screen.

“Want to play it back for me?” he asked, his deep voice practically talking right into your ear thanks to the close proximity between the two of you. You pressed play, but you were not paying any attention to the screen. All you could think about was how close Taehyung was. As soon as it ended he gave a satisfied nod and turned to you.

“Are you sure it was good?” he asked. He didn’t even need to check, your red cheeks told him you definitely liked it. You turned towards him to answer, but you two were so close your noses brushed as soon as you turned his way. Any answer you had for him immediately left your mind as soon as that happened and all you could do was gasp. Taehyung smiled at your blushing expression and decided to stop teasing you.

“Come here,” he said, wrapping his arms around you and pressing his lips to yours. You were already starting to turn the kiss into a heated makeout session which is exactly why he had teased you like he did. He wanted to feel just how much you wanted him. But he certainly returned the favor, letting his hands run up and down your body as the two of you made out.

“Wow, you weren’t kidding. You really did like my dance,” he teased after the kiss. You buried your face into the crook of his neck with embarrassment, a little giggle slipping out. He wasn’t wrong.


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“For the last time Jungkook, I was not flirting with the waiter,” you yelled ut, stomping into your house. He followed after you, practically slamming the door shut.

“Even you have to admit he was flirting with you,” he shot back.

“Okay, maybe he was flirting with me,” you said with an eye roll.

“Ha! See?” he said, pointing an accusing finger at you.

“But I didn’t flirt back,” you said, finishing your point. The annoyed groan Jungkook let out after you said that bordered on a growl, “Why are we even still arguing? We left the restaurant, there’s nothing you can do about any of this!”

“You don’t think there’s anything I can do about it?” he said with a scoff. Suddenly he was pushing you up against the wall with a dark look, “I think there’s a lot I could do about it.”

Your breath hitched in your throat. You had not expected to get so turned on by fighting with Jungkook, but here you both were, mere inches from the other. Soon his lips were against yours. You were pressing up against the other, and it felt like you were both desperate to show just how much you cared about the other. One of his hands moved to the nape of your neck, like he was trying to bring your lips even closer to his. Your hands were gripping his shirt, tugging him up against you. He leaned away, and felt immensely satisfied when he saw your disappointed pout as he stopped kissing you.

“Still thinking about the waiter?” he asked roughly.

“After that kiss I can’t even remember dinner, let alone the waiter,” you answered, making him give you a proud smile.