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Pairing: Jimin x You 

Genre: Fluff!

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 "Oh man Jennie! He’s back again! Please you have to take his order this time, I always make a fool of myself around him!“ I beg my best friend and co-worker Jennie, who has been with me for a couple years now.

 "Y/N it’s so obvious that you’re crushing on him! You aren’t going to get rid of it by hiding behind the counter. You still have a job to do! Now go!” She says, pushing me off in the direction of the customer. A very, very attractive customer. His name is Park Jimin. Or at least, that’s what his friends have called him; I haven’t actually met him. Okay so maybe that might be a little creepy, but you’d understand if you saw him. His eyes are so beautiful, whether he smiles or not. 

Oh his smile…I’ll never get tired of seeing his prefect smile. Somehow he’s so cute yet at the same time so…manly. And his hair! It’s so fluffy and it always seems to be amazing. He’s had many hair colors but this is my favorite: blonde. I don’t really know why, it just suits him so well. If I hadn’t seen him here everyday, I would’ve thought that he’s a real life prince. But the thing that makes me wonder the most is how his lips would feel. They’re just so pink and just so perfectly plump I-

 "Hello? Excuse me miss?“ I’m broken out of my reverie by none other than the prince himself.

 "Oh my gosh I’m so sorry I didn’t know that I zoned out in front of you, this is so embarrassing! How long have I been standing here?” I feel my face turning beet red. I’m sure if I looked at myself right now I’d be an equivalent to a tomato.

 "Well, only about a minute. It’s really no problem. You looked kind of cute zoned out like that. Can I get your name? I might as well know it, I’ve been coming here for the past month now; and I always seem to have you as a server. If you don’t mind, of course.“ I don’t respond, what he’s asking not registering in my mind. It isn’t until he clears his throat that I manage to respond.

 "Oh! U-um, not at all! My name is Y/N.”

 "Y/N, huh? Pretty. I’m Jimin.“

 "I know.” My eyes widen in horror as I realize that, this beautiful man that I’ve never formally met before just introduced himself and I go and tell him I already know who he is. 

Great. Fantastic. Why must I be so nervous around him!

 "Oh you do? Well then I must have done something right to get a beautiful girl like you to notice me.“ He winks, and I think that this is his way of defusing any embarrassment I might feel. I smile at him gratefully.

 "Well, now that I’ve turned a normal shade of color for a human being; may I take your order?”

 "Just the usual Y/N, thank you.“ And with that, I walk to the kitchen, put in the order and come back to a smirking Jennie.

 "I saw you out there. You know, for embarrassing yourself that many times in front of him, you did pretty well.”

 "Oh shut up! You don’t understand! He affects me in ways I never knew could be affected! I get so nervous around him that I just freeze and completely humiliate myself! I’m surprised he still comes back!“ I say this all in one breath, feeling frustrated that I can never seem to act normal in front of this man.

 "This might sound like a crazy idea, but maybe, just maybe you have a crush on him.”

“That’s crazy! I don’t even know him!” She scoffs at my outburst, finding it invalid.

 "That’s not true. You know what he likes to eat and what he likes in his coffee. You’ve seen his friends so obviously he’s in college. Maybe you should ask him out?“ I stare at her in disbelief. How does she expect me to do that when I can barely be in his presence for one minute without making a fool of myself. 

“No…with the amount of times I’ve embarrassed myself, I don’t think he’d be interested.” A sigh passes my lips in defeat before Jennie speaks up encouragingly.

 "I wouldn’t be so sure of that hon. Why do you think he’s been coming in here every other day for the past month? Cause let me tell you, he isn’t interested in the food.“ She gives me a wink and a nudge to go back towards the front. But when I come out from the kitchen, Jimin is gone. I silently beat up on myself inside my head, telling myself that I just lost my chance. That after today he won’t come back, not if he has a klutzy waitress like me. I trudge my way towards his table to collect his dishes when I see the receipt. More specifically, the words on the receipt.

 'Although we haven’t actually introduced ourselves until today, I’ve found you incredibly adorable. Especially when you get embarrassed. I wouldn’t mind seeing more sides of you. And I sense that there’s so much more to you than your beautiful smile. I’ll be back in two days, and hopefully you’ll have your response. Until then, Y/N.’ -Jimin 

 A huge smile spreads across my face as I tuck the receipt into my pocket, my answer already in mind. I realize that maybe my klutzy side isn’t such a bad thing after all. 

 Hi there lovelies! I hope you enjoyed reading this! I had to do another Jimin oneshot because I was having withdrawals. Thanks for reading! Sar signing off!

“Rendezvous” A Yandere!Jungkook One-Shot

Anon Asked:  Hi! Can I ask for a scenario of a Yandere Jungkook where he is a hit man ordered to kill you for something then he falls in love with you, who is innocnet and sweet, and ends up protecting you???? Thank you thank you! I just love your writing!😚😚

Oh wow! I really liked this concept! Here you go dear! Enjoy! (-:


Genre: Yandere! | Romance | Angst

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 His dense breath fogged up the glass that was like a second skin to him in that moment of him peering into your window. He held himself, still and quietly against the paneling of the house, as he tried his best not to fall or make a sound. The only sound that sounded from inside, was the whir of the central air that cooled down each room in your house, making you curl up, and pull your sheets closer to your body.

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Bowling date

Characters: Jeongguk & You 

Genre: fluff fluff fluff (i was supposed to write something else but watching his vlive distracted me and apparently i haven’t written fluff with him before)

Words: 2422

Summary: Jungkook is trying to be cool but fails (because he’s too cute for his own good) featuring you trying to impress him with you non-existing bowling skills.

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Perfect 10

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Pairing: Reader x Namjoon

Genre: Oneshot

Words: 1K

The huge light panels are turned on, causing you momentarily blindness. You shake the nervousness through your hands and take a deep breath, counting the beeps that signal the cameras starting up.

“We’re on standby, guys gets ready. Recording in 3…2”

Light…camera… “Action!”

“Don’t you know how to knock?” Namjoon screams trying to cover his exposed chest with a towel.

Your grip tightens on the door handle, trying to keep your serious facial expression, “don’t you know how to lock the door?”

“You-You’re a pervert.“

“A pervert! I came to get my cellphones.” You walk over to the kitchen counter reaching over past him to grab the phone.

“Namjoon grab her wrist when her when she tries to walk away and pull her in.”

Just as expected, you feel Namjoon gentle grip on your arm.

This being his first acting role, you’ve learned to help him out as much as possible. You basically have to pretend the grip is tight and force yourself on top of him, causing a surprised expression to escape him.

“Cut,” The director shouts above the set noise and motions for Namjoon to come closer.

He lets go of your wrist and rubs the back of his head, murmuring an apology to you and bowing to the staff politely as he leaves to go talk to the directer.

Your hair stylist comes up and starts to spray your hair with dew drop again, to create the after shower look. “I think this is the last scene and then you can go home.”

You nod at the information trying to use it as a moral booster to get through to you. Just as your hair stylist leaves, Namjoon comes back towards your side and grabs your wrist.

“Is my grip too tight?“ He asks looking generally concerned down where your hands meet.

“It’s alright. It’s better to be as real as possible and apologize for it later if it comes out bad on the cameras,” you joke, causing a dimple to form on his cheek.

“You have health insurance, right?” You eyebrow pops up in confusion, “I’m really good at breaking things and if your wrist breaks or-”

“Okay maybe don’t pull too hard,” you joke. He waves your own hand in front of you while you both laugh.


“Namjoon, pull her in and try to not have an emotion.” The directer goes back to sitting behind the monitors, “Y/n, prepare for a close shot of a defiance glance - not surprised.”

“Got it” You turn back to face Namjoon and give a small smile before turning your back to him, letting your arm be dragged behind you by him.


You’re automatically pulled towards Namjoon’s chest, Your eyes going to where your bodies collide and then up to his eyes.

“Hold…..and second shot.” You got again to the starign postion and see the cameras getting ready for different angels.

“Action!” The scene was taken a thrid time before you hear the lovely instruction of:

“Hold the position for the ending credits.” From the corner of your left eye you see another camera move towards getting a full shot of your face.

“…And cut.” Namjoon breaks out into a smile and rubs his thumb over your wrist comfortably. “Perfect guys, thats a wrap for today. Thank you.”

You turn around to bow towards the staff, along side Namjoon.

“Not bad for a first close up scene?” You giggle towards him, He hear him laugh along side with you.

“Thanks for helping me out with the lines, are you hungry?” Namjoon looks over, carefully, to see your reaction. Once you turn to look at him, he looks away and starts stuttering an apology.

“Are you going with a shirt?” You tease and see an immediately blush color is face.

“Um.. yeah - um“

“I’m starving. What did you have in mind?”

Just like that you find yourself sitting down at 2am with Kim Namjoon inside a tent restaurant.

“I always come here after filming” Namjoon admits taking the water bottles from the waiter, “Best soup in the city.”

Just as you put the last giant spoonful of rice into your mouth your gaze gets caught by a drama poster - specifically your new drama poster.

You examine how your face spills with amusement towards Namjoon’s dimple, which you happen to be poking on the poster. It was a pretty nice photoshoot, you’ve never felt more comfortable with anyone in your life. It was all so natural - there wasn’t even a need for props when you had a real reaction from both of you.

You nod over to the wall, Namjoon soon following your gaze.

“We look good together” you say with a mouthful.

“I…Don’t think so” He says looking down at his food, cutting the conversation short.

You swallow down hard, grabbing for you water bottle. Well that went well. It wasn’t you like you were declaring your undying love for him - didn’t even figure you were that horrible to be paired up with.

You both finish the food in an awkward silence - something that you didn’t think existed between you or any co-star you’ve had.


“Namjoon, sorry if i misunderstood or overstepped our relationship. I promise it won’t happen again”


“Are you ready for the bill?” The young water, that interrupted Namjoon, awkwardly smiles and places the bill on the table before leaving.

“I’ll pay for-” He could answer, you take out your wallet from your bag and place on the bill.

“No, it’s fine - see you on the next filming set.” You pick up you bag quickly before he has anything else to say and walk to your van without turning back.

You dive into your bed, bag in hand, as you groan. This is basically what you get for trying to be nice - yes he was hot and yes you were flirting, but nice all the same. You kick your shoes off and were about to fade into sleep, when your phone starts to ring in you bag.


“I didn’t mean to say that we’re not good together”

You switch your cell phone to your other ear and sit up right, wanting to cut the call short. You already had enough humiliation to last you the year, you didn’t need more of it. “Just that we don’t look good together. Listen I didn’t mean to -”

“Y/n you’re a perfect 10 on the scales, I’m a nice 7 and everyone see i that way so I didn’t want to impose myself on-”

“You are so not a 7. The drama’s ratings are higher than any of my other ones - you’re doing something right if so many people are turning on their TV’s to see your face”

“…Are you mad?”

“No - I just didn’t expect to be rejected just because you didn’t think you were good enough”

“What? When did I reject you?”

“I don’t think we look good together” you mock lowing your voice to match his. You hear his laugh from the other line, cant help how your own lips start to turn upwards.

“Alright” You hear him chuckle again, “How about I take you out tomorrow, I can tell my manager we’re rehearsing some line.”

“I don’t know”  you tease, “you’re kinda like a 10 on the scales and i don’t think you’d be caught with a 5″

“If you’re a 5, then I’m a 5. We’ll be each others’ perfect 10″



Obliviate // BTS’ Rap Monster

In which memories come and go like the fleeting breath of summer, and a broken promise to stay is rekindled four years later.

Angst, Hogwarts AU.
Word Count: 9.5k.

What if the clouds could be born a different colour? Purple, green, pink, ruddy brown, a ferocious red. The faint blue of the ocean at four in the morning when boats drift quietly with the sea sirens; the brilliant, almost heartbreaking yellow of leaves swaying in the autumn wind. Anything but white. White, with its expanse of absolute nothingness. White, with its detestable habit of passing through life without a shadow. It’s the colour that contains everything lost, abandoned, and forsaken at once; a regrettable paradox of what is ultimately empty and everything.

“I forget a lot of things when I look at you.”

Such is a pity, you sometimes think, that from the multitudes of colours which exist, from the rainbow of vivid hues that bring the universe to life, the clouds were cast off with the ugliest shade of them all. Ugly, because it is empty. Because it is something that comes with no warning and leaves without ever saying farewell.

“What my name is, how to breathe, even the fact that a whole other world exists outside of you.”

Because white, like so many other things that exist in this world, is so easily forgotten by those who once held it dear.

“I forget so much, but you know what? I don’t mind. Because as long as I’m with you, then I know everything will be alright.”

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Going away on holiday with Hoseok - Pic Imagine

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 •Ok so you’re at the airport with hobi and you’ve just gone through security and are now walking to the area with all the shops and he like holds his hand against your lower back all the time because airports are a stressful place and he knows you a lil’ stressed based on your expression and tries soothing you with his hand.

 •And you walk around the stores and he cracks a bad pun about a name of one of the perfumes in the store and you laugh 

 •Then you go to one of the cafés and order something warm to drink 

•And you start to calm down and hobi is like so excited but still calm. 

 •Then you walk around the huge candy section of the duty free shop and he casually pick up this travel size edition of your fav chocolate and throws in the basket on his arm without saying anything (CUTE)

 •And when its time to board the flight and you’re standing in the queue he gently rest his chin against your forehead and like strokes your arms a bit 

 •And he falls alseep on your shoulder on the plane or you fall asleep against the wall and he gently tilts your head to the other side to his shoulder instead 

•And when the two of you finally land and get off the plane a bit drowsy from sleep, you go wait by the luggage claim and he rests his chin to you again and presses a soft kiss on to your forehead 

 •And you arrive at the hotel and he’s such a dork and he insists on carrying you in to the room. 

 •And you lay down to rest while hobi takes a shower, waiting to shower after him because you feel a little gross afterthe  plane ride 

 •And he walks out with only a towel around his hips and he didn’t even dry off properly so his hair is soaking wet and he has water drops all over his skin and he’s like “baby” in the deep ass sexy ‘good night’ voice. And he nods his head to the bathroom and you go up and in to the bathroom to shower but he follows in behind you and you realize he’s soaked because he hasn’t finished showering and he wanted you to join him in there …. Because he kept thinking about things and became very needy for you. Hihi 

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iron turtle

Group/Member: BTS // Jungkook

Genre: Humor

Word Count: 1.254

Prompt: Dialogue w/ Jungkook 56
“Fifty bucks says it’s a girl/boy.”

Masterlist // Dialogue Prompt List // AU Prompt List // Rules

“It’s so cute,” you sighed as you leaned forward, eyeing up the small shelled creature as it slowly trudged through the terrarium that you and Jungkook had built for them.

The topic of getting a pet had been one that was discussed multiple times between you and Jungkook, even before the two of you had started living together. You’d debated dogs more than anything, and as hard as it was to make the responsible decision, you decided that a bet such as a reptile, or fish would be the best thing to start off with. You both worked, him traveling much more than you, and you knew that when you were home alone for sometimes weeks at a time, having a dog would just be too hard. The little turtle that was in front of you though had easily filled your guys’ wants to have a pet together, and though it would still be a big responsibility, you at least wouldn’t have to worry about it peeing all over the carpets or eating your furniture.

“Cute? It’s not cute, it’s manly. Look at that shell, I bet it could take on a bullet.”

Letting out a sigh you only shook your head at your boyfriend, looking over at him and watching the pure excitement on his face as he too gazed over your new pet. You could feel yourself warming up even more, absolutely adoring the look on Jungkook’s face. His happiness was making you happy…until he opened his mouth again that is.

“Stark Jr.”

“Excuse me?” you say looking over at him, standing up straight now. “Please….and I’m saying this from the bottom of my heart…but please tell me you’re not wanting to name our turtle after Iron Man.”

“That’s exactly what I want to do,” Jungkook says as he lightly taps the glass, waving at the creature before standing, now above you as he looks down. “Oh! Either Stark Jr. or Iron Turtle!” he says, that kidlike excitement washing over him. Usually you adored it, and usually it was quick to make your heart pick up, but not in this situation. Absolutely not.

“We can’t name it that!” you say back, crossing your arms.

“Why not?” he mimics your actions now, crossing his own arms as he looks intently right back at you.

“Because that’s a female turtle, and it deserves a much better name than…Iron Turtle,” you say lifting a hand and waving it as if to brush away the name. Jungkook looks slightly hurt from your distaste for the name but doesn’t back down.

“How do you know it’s a girl. I’m saying that it’s a boy,” he says.

“No way, it’s definitely a girl. I mean, it was much smaller than the other turtles we choose from.”

“That doesn’t’ mean anything!” Jungkook yells back. “Jimin is way smaller than all of us, but we don’t go around calling him a girl!”

Letting out a grown you rest your face in your hands before looking up at him. “You know…there’s only one way to settle this.”


Twenty minutes later and you guys have managed to get your new addiction into a Tupperware container and are in route to the vet’s office. You’re in the driver’s seat, looking over every now and then watching as Jungkook runs his finger over the top of the turtle’s shell as if he were petting it. “We’re almost there Iron Turtle.”

“Jungkook if you keep calling her that I’m going to pull over and just make you walk,” you threaten, trying to give him your most menacing look. It clearly isn’t working because Jungkook ignores you, continuing to use the name though now whispering it so that you can barely hear it.

When your about five minutes from the office Jungkook turns his head towards you, an idea having blossomed. “Fifty bucks says it’s a boy.”

“Jungkook you don’t even have fifty dollars in your wallet,” you shoot back, not eve missing a beat as you continue to make turns and keep your eyes on the road. Usually something like that would only make him pout, but his confidence seems to be rather high today because he simply leans back in his seat, still holding onto the container. “I don’t need to worry about that because I already know that I’ going to win,” he says. If it weren’t for your guys’ turtle, you probably would have slammed on the breaks but you weren’t going to sacrifice your turtle for Jungkook’s cockiness.

“Fine, you’re on then.” Reaching your hand out, you expose your pinkie to him and in no time he’s linking his own with yours and you shake on it.

Once at the vets the two of you make your way in to the receptionist and explain to her that you would just like somebody who knows what they’re talking about to look at your turtle and let you know the gender because you both are trying to choose a name. You leave out the part about betting fifty dollars on who’s right however.

When the vet comes out he smiles and looks down at the turtle, reaching in and picking the creature up, looking it over head to toe, even setting it on the desk to inspect its tail better. “It all depends on the species, but with some you can tell gender by eye color, however this turtle is too young for that and hasn’t quite matured yet, so other ways are by tail length and which direction it points to as well as if there’s a deviation in the shell.”

As much as you love learning about your turtle, your thoughts are more on the fifty that you’re carrying in your purse at that moment, shooting Jungkook glances every few seconds as the doctor continues to talk. He’s giving no hints away at all on what he things the turtle is and it’s making your nervous. Your bottom lip is permanently in your mouth before the vet picks your turtle back up and places it in the container. “So…” you say as you look at him, waiting for his response.

“Oh, there’s no doubt in my mind,” he says, both you and Jungkook leaning in a little closer, all eyes trained on the vet. “that’s a male turtle.”

“Yes!!!” Jungkook yells, pumping his fist in the arm and scaring nearly everybody in the room while you just curse under your breath and run a hand through your hair. Of course, he’s right…of course Jungkook won this bed because Jungkook wins nearly everything. “C’mon Jagiya, let’s get Iron Turtle back home.” Looking back towards the staff you give them a small bow in thanks before turning and following him back outside to the car.

“I just don’t understand. We both had a fifty-fifty chance of being right, and yet it somehow felt like you had managed to make it a seventy-five percent chance in your favor,” you say as you start the car and begin to make your journey back home.

“It’s because I’m the golden maknae, and I’m always right.” This time you live up to your threat and suddenly pull the car over, unlocking all the doors. Jungkook gives you a confused look, but you’ve simply shifted in your seat and are looking at him.

“If this car isn’t quiet on the ride home…you’re gonna be the lonely maknae.”

Despite the now empty divot of your wallet, you enjoy a nice peaceful car ride home with Jungkook and…Iron Turtle.

naughty list

Group/Member: BTS // Jungkook

Collection: BTS Christmas Drabbles ⛄🎄❄

Word Count: 815

Prompt: Christmas AU w/ Jungkook 16
“You are going straight on the naughty list”

Rules // Full Masterlist // Christmas Masterlist // Christmas Prompt List // AU Prompt List // Dialogue Prompt List

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