jungkook: what time is it?

taehyung: idk pass me that saxophone

taehyung: [blows saxophone loudly]

seokjin: [shouting from across the dorm] who the FUCK is playing the saxophone at 2 AM

taehyung: it’s 2am

tattooed two → jjk&kth

Originally posted by jjks

↳ pairing: jungkook/reader, jungkook/reader/taehyung | fluff, smut

↳ au: tattoo artists!au, tattooed!taekook

↳ warnings: unprotected sex while ovulating, multiple orgasms, squirting, dirty talk, cum eating, threesome, cum feeding, praise kink, sloppy seconds, impregnation kink(?), very brief moment where taekook’s tongues touch, like….double eating u out (both at the same time), light finger sucking, lots of cum, UNEDITED

↳ word count: 8.5k (it was supposed to be pwp im so sorry)

⁙ summary: your boyfriend’s best friend joins you for a night you’ll never forget.

⁛ A/N: my two babes + tattoos is SEXY. this isn’t edited, i was too lazy im sorry for mistakes let me live


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