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A-Z Prompts (17 W/Tae)

Prompt: #17

•” Question. Why did you fall in love with me?”

Genre: Fluff

Word count: 324

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Your eyes flutter open and your eyebrows twitch in confusion as you hear the soft voice of your boyfriend, Taehyung, calling your name.

“Y/N, baby, wake up~ I made you breakfast in bed.” He whispers happily, placing the tray on the nightstand next to your head.

“Tae? What time is it?” you mumble, slowly sitting up on the bed so you can try to at least wake up a bit.

“8:15. I know it’s early but I wanted to surprise you with having a special day with you. Starting right at this moment.” He sweetly said, grabbing your hand and giggling to himself as he looked at your sleepy state.

Your hair was defying gravity, you hadn’t even gotten to wash your face or brush your teeth, and you were only wearing underwear and his big T-shirt. you looked beautiful.

“God. I love you so much.” He says, grabbing you and placing you on his lap.

You’re not sure what made you ask this or why this even popped up in your head when you were half asleep but you quietly spoke,

“Question. Why did you fall in love with me?” You look up at him, watching his face quickly change from confused to confident.

“Well…if you MUST know, I fell in love with you because at first meeting, you let me know that it was okay to be me. Not what the world wants me to be. I fell in love with you because you might be shy and quiet at first but when you get comfortable, nobody in the world can stop the confidence that radiates from you. I fell in love with you because it felt right. I fell in love with you because I’m confident we were made for each other.” He spoke softly, holding you close to his chest. But before you could respond, he interrupted you-

“Plus, who can resist someone who has that ass”


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two different kinds of loyal

BTS when they wake up next to you(their crush) after a one night stand

Hoseok (J-Hope)
He’s barely awake when he feels a body next to him in bed. He immediately screams and jumps out of bed ready to defend himself. You, of course, wake the instant he screams and turns over to see him stood staring at your mostly concealed figure, entirely naked. Hoseok notices your wide eyes trained on his crotch and his blood runs cold realising he can feel the morning air everywhere. His head turns down to look wide-eyed at his naked form and to make matters even more awkward, he just had to have morning wood.

“I see why they call you horse.” You snigger, finally lifting your eyes to meet his embarrassed gaze.

“W-what? Horse?” He replies, dumbstruck by your amusement, given the situation.

“Yeah you know, because horses have…” You trail off and opt to lift your hands out of the cover and hold them apart, motioning to his crotch with your hands.


“Horses have massive dicks you idiot!” You laugh at his shocked expression. “I mean, I kind of feel it too.” You spoke innocently, giving him a seductive look which sent heat through his body. “But I think I need a reminder.”

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Wakes up feeling warmer than usual and kicks back the cover to realise he’s naked. He sits up slowly to look at his personal heater, you and the previous night comes rushing back, kicking remnants of sleep out of its way.

“Ohmygod.” He breaths crawling out of bed and onto the floor, eyes not leaving your form for a second. “Ohmygod.” He repeats, rushing to find and pull on his boxers but he doesn’t leave your room or gather the rest of his belongings. He perches on the edge of the bed beside you and admires your sleeping features.
“Did I really get so lucky last night?” He whispers to himself as he bravely lifted a hair to sweep your hair back from your features.
He’d just sit there and admire you until you awoke when he’d try and act like he hadn’t been sat creeping for ages as you slept, but quickly suggest you talk it out.

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[^dis is how he do the do ^]

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He legit doesn’t realise at first. He feels a body beside his and assumes it’s one of his band members having crawled into his bed at some point. He was too tired to care enough to jumpstart his brain.

It’d take until you wake up and stretch that he’d realise he didn’t know those cute little morning yawns and moans of pleasure as you stretched your muscles out.

With wide eyes, he’d turn to look at you and freeze seeing you turning to look at him.

“Oh, right.” You mumble and shuffle up to sit against the headboard, pulling the sheets up with you. Jungkook hurriedly copies your action of sitting up and covering his naked body with the sheets. “Seriously?” You laugh. “You’re hiding yourself?” You roll your eyes and kick back the covers. Jungkook immediately averts his eyes despite remembering what exactly lead to this moment. He knew he saw you up close and intimate the previous night but he felt like he shouldn’t watch you cross the room entirely naked.
“I’m going to shower.” You announce walking into your en-suite. He just nods even though you couldn’t see him and he guessed as much. It was silent for a minute before you called back to him. “Are you going to join me then or what?!” You yell to be heard over the sound of the water.

Jungkook only takes a few seconds to consider it before scrambling to kick the covers off his body. He almost falls over the sheets that were wrapped around his feet but just about manages to kick them off before rushing to join you in the shower.

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[running for that steamy shower action tho]

Namjoon (RM)
You were awake and reading the book on his nightstand when Namjoon woke. He saw you sat wearing one of his t-shirts on the bed beside him and thought nothing of it. You two were close and often spent nights together staying up and talking about everything and anything.

“Was last night not enough for you?"You ask, glancing down at him when you realised he was awake. He shuffles to sit up and look at you confused while he rubbed the sleep from his eyes. "You were trying to hump me in your sleep.”

“What?!” You lowered the book and looked down at the tent in the covers over his lap.

“And you didn’t even do the job right.” You tease. He quickly rips the book from your hands to cover his erection with it. Your eyes lift to meet his finding his cheeks pink. “Like I didn’t see it last night.”

“What? Last night…?” He tilts his head and then the memories suddenly hit him and his eyes blow wide. “We had sex!” You just nod. “Ohmygod, really? That-that wasn’t an amazing dream?”

“No, Namjoon.” You giggle. “We had incredible sex last night.”

“Oh, wow, okay.” Slowly, he grins. “Does this mean you like me too?” You roll your eyes before tearing the book and covers away from his body to straddle his lap. “Oh?” He mumbles as his hands travel under the shirt on your hips to find you weren’t wearing underwear. “Making it easy for me babygirl?”

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Seokjin (Jin)
The last thing Jin ever expected was to end up naked in your bed after one of your nights out together. Yes, he had always liked you but he had never been brave enough to do anything about it. Sure, he acted like he was so confident in his physical appearance all the time but it all melted away around you.

As soon as the fog of sleep cleared from his mind and eyes, he recognised your room. He looked down to find your body pressed against his in a way that was familiar except you were usually both fully dressed.
Very carefully, he’d move your head from his chest, letting you settle back down on the pillow before he climbed off the bed to pull on his boxers.
Part of him wanted to leave before you woke to avoid the awkward conversation that was bound to happen but a bigger part of him knew he had to wait it out.

So, he decided to take a shower to make himself more presentable for you when you woke. He had just walked out of the bathroom, one towel around his hips and one in his hands as he rubbed his hair dry when you left your bedroom in the button up shirt he wore the night before. He froze at the sight of you in his clothes. He had fantasised about how you’d look in them many times but his imagination couldn’t do reality justice.

“Jin?” You mumble rubbing your eyes. “You showered already? I was just coming to join you.”

“Oh, really?” He swallows. “Do you-do you remember last night?” You nod. “And you’re okay with it?”

“I’m the one that confessed first, remember?” You laugh but the shocked expression told you that he did not in fact remember. “Oh, so  suppose you don’t remember much about last night then?” You had a sly tone that had a shiver running down his spine as you got closer to him. He shook his head lamely. “Should I remind you of the run we had?” He watched you pass by him and enter the bathroom, shedding the shirt as you went. Jin didn’t hesitate to rush in after you.

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[this shirt is a blessing les be real]

[i just wanna lick his chest what i didn’t say that i am so pure]

Taehyung (V)
Much like Jungkook, this guy would just think you’re one of the members at first.
He feels a bare back pressed against his own and doesn’t even question it. After trying to fall back to sleep in that position and failing, he turns over and cuddles up to you. It registers in his mind that you feel smaller than he remembers his friends to feel but he ignores it to wrap his arm around your waist. His eyes flutter open feeling a distinct dip in your figure, a smaller waist than his members had.
The room was still dark, it was only a few hours after the both of you had fallen asleep after all.
Wanting an answer to who exactly he was cuddled up to, he ran his hand over your stomach and up, feeling a fleshier chest than he recalled his friends having.  After prodding, poking and straight up groping for a good twenty seconds, he realised he was fondling a girl.

“Are you serious right now, Tae?” you grumbled sleepily.

“Y/N?” He responds, still dazed from having a naked female in his bed.

“Well, yeah.”

“Are you naked?”


“Okay.” He moves back and flings the covers off himself sharply meaning they flew off your form too.

“Hey!” You sit up and spin around to look down at him. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m naked too.” He comments, staring at his body. You stare for a moment before sighing heavily and flopping to lay back down.

“Yes, we’re naked because we had sex. How much did you even drink last night?” He doesn’t answer. “Anyway, if you woke me up for sex, you can wait until the morning, I’ve had less than two hours sleep, Tae, I don’t have the energy.”

“Sorry.” He replies without thinking and you turn back over to show your back.

But a handful of seconds later, is large hand his caressing your side.

“What now?” You sigh.

“Did you say I get more sex in the morning?” You hum in confirmation. “As in, you want to have sex with me again?” Another hum. “As in, I was good?”

“Yes Tae, you were great.” You giggle, rolling onto your back to look up at him. A grin lifted his features. “Now your ego is stroked, can I go back to sleep?”

“No. You said I get more sex in the morning but knowing that I won’t be able to sleep so, spread those legs baby.”

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Yoongi (Suga)
Yoongi loves his sleep, especially exerting so much physical energy beforehand so you weren’t surprised to be the first awake.
You looked down at his sleeping features and giggled to yourself remembering the previous night and how you had both stumbled into his room at early hours of the morning, lips attached and hands fumbling to removing clothing from each other’s bodies.

You decided you were in desperate need of hydration so you pulled on a pair of his shorts and one of his hoodies before going downstairs, brushing your fingers through your bed hair as you went.

Jin was in the kitchen already, looking as if he had a terrible nights sleep. He had been playing video games in the living room when you and Yoongi stumbled in. He took one look at you and figured he better not go into their shared room that night so he slept on the sofa.

“Sorry.” You apologise weakly. His glare turns into a smile and he laughs.

“I’m glad you two finally did something though you probably should’ve gone on a date fir-” He cut off when Yoongi rushed into the kitchen, wide-eyed, looking around frantically. His eyes landed on your figure and he calmed down.

“Y/N.” He breathed and walked over to stand in front of you. “You didn’t leave.”

“No, why would I?” He chewed his lip nervously, not wanting to answer. “You said you love me.” You suddenly tease in a sing-song voice and he turns pink. “Ah, who knew you’re such a softy huh?”

“Softy?” He challenges, looking down at you with eyes that were suddenly so dark and intense your thighs shook. “Come back upstairs and I’ll show you how much of a life that is.”

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