Something that’s been really pissing me off lately

The fact that Namjoon had to turn around and look at the screen to see what member the crowd was cheering for— like he must I have thought “there is no way they are screaming for me like that.” — and the face he made when he realized the screams were for him.

That broke my heart that Namjoon is used to people not cheering just as loud for him. He looked so shocked when he realized those cheers were for him.

Some of you really have the nerve to call yourself an army and not cheer for Namjoon? Stop lying to yourself you’re not a part of army.

The fact that he has to encourage people to sing along— you’re pathetic for not doing so in the first place

Namjoon should be getting loud cheers just like all the others, he shouldn’t have to tell people multiple times to sing with him at a concert.

Namjoon has done so fucking much for us and if you don’t appreciate him you are not part of this fandom— there are literally two requirements to be an Army

~ Love all 7 equally

~ enjoy the music

It’s not that fucking hard.

Director: Okay so let’s talk about concepts…

Namjoon: safari

Yoongi: An acid trip

Jungkook: a bunny on the moon

Taehyung: Make us titans

Seokjin: Tigers and Sharks should definitely be in there

Jimin: have me standing amoungst hundreds of our faces

Hoseok: lets dance in a box with a green screen behind us.


Director: what the fuck…I love it

Your BTS zombie apocalypse partner based on your birth month

Jan: Namjoon

Feb: Jungkook

Mar: Jimin

Apr: Hoseok

May: Jin

Jun: Taehyung

Jul: Yoongi

Aug: Jimin

Sept: Namjoon

Oct: Jungkook

Nov: Yoongi

Dec: Hoseok

Taehyung and Envy

There is this Korean Overwatch player ‘Envy’ that showed up on a popular stream and he sounds exactly like Taehyung. In the video he’s speaking in broken English and cursing. Everyone is loosing their shit because they think it’s really him lmao

watch the full video here

(It’s 7 minutes)