knot today || (M)

When your first heat approaches and you are left desperate and partnerless, who better to turn to than your alpha roommate that you’ve spent the better half of your life hiding your feelings for?

  • pairing: alpha!jungkook x virgin omega!reader
  • word count: 5.8k
  • genre: A/B/O, werewolf, pwp, smut, f2l
  • warnings: A/B/O dynamics & terminology, soft dom!jk, mutual pinning, y/n goes in heat, vaginal sex, dry humping, dirty talk, knotting, loss of virginity, possessive jk but not ugly, “omega-space”, OMEGA SLICK LMFAO, mentions of  masturbation, reference to puke, knotting
  • A/N: thank you @kpopfanfictrash​, pun master herself, for this top tier title I laughed for 10 minutes straight when she suggested it. Reminder that this an A/B/O fic! If you are not comfortable with that then please do not read :D




An elbow nudging into your side pulled you back into consciousness, a small gasp leaving your mouth as you jerked your head back up. You gathered your surroundings haphazardly, a subtle frown finding your lips as you realized that you had somehow slept through your entire lecture, the shuffle of students as they began to gather their things and slide out the lecture hall greeting you.

“Morning, princess. Thought you’d never wake up.” The silvery voice of your best friend mocked.

Turning towards Jungkook, you furthered your frown, a small sound of annoyance escaping you.

“How did we end up with a verbal laxative as a professor?”

The brown-haired boy let out an attractive laugh, reaching over as he began to pack his things.

“He’s not that bad. This lecture was actually interesting – if you had only stayed awake long enough to notice.” He countered.

You sighed, moving to mirror your best friend’s actions, “Ugh, sorry, sorry. I haven’t been sleeping much lately…” You threw your bag over your shoulder, making your way down and across the room, your loyal guard dog trailing closely behind you.

You held back a snicker at your own thoughts.

Although Jungkook had explicitly told you that he wasn’t fond of the dog comparison, it didn’t change the fact that he did keep you within arms reach at all times. You weren’t too fussed. You knew it was his alpha nature that couldn’t help but follow his omega best friend close.

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New Beginnings (M)

pairing: werewolf!jeongguk x reader

genre: Slight angst, fluff (?), smut (jeongguk has a breeding kink, Alpha kink kinda, passionate jeongguk), kinda enemies to friends to lovers? lol 

words: 17.4k (i’m sorry)

warnings: blood mention, non present character death 


It was cold. Fresh snow covered the soft forest ground in a sheet of pure white, some delicately resting on the branches of the bare trees that lived around you as more continued to fall from the sky above. The iciness burned your bare hands, leaving them red, flushed and numb as your excited giggles rang throughout the empty forest like a mantra. 

You were only four years old, and every year since your birth you would visit your grandfather at his cabin in the woods. Your mother, his only daughter, had passed during childbirth and afterwards he had secluded himself to a simple cabin in the woods that was miles away from any form of civilization to continue his independent research studies. He was a retired wildlife biologist, his motivation to continue his work in a professional setting dying along with his only child. 

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synopsis. after moving to the seaside, there is a dreadful storm. when all is clear, a man washes up on shore…only he isn’t quite human.


pairing. taehyung/reader
genre. angst, smut, fluff
au. hybrid!au
wordcount. 10,605
contents. seahorse hybrid!taehyung, possessiveness, mating kink, lots of kissing, fingering, size kink, taes big dick as usual, cunnilingus, slight pain kink, multiple orgasms, squirting, overstimulation, blow job, UNEDITED
note. this is the result of the fic title game i’ve been playing! thank you to whoever sent in the title ‘fish are friends’


blog masterlist.


© httpjeon 2020. do not repost, modify or translate.


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bitchin’ || pt. 10 (FINAL)

The 80s were a time of choices. Which perm was right for you? What color neon would you wear next? None of these choices, however, were more questionable than a certain deal you made with Jeon Jungkook.

  • pairing: fratboy!jungkook x reader
  • word count: 5.1k
  • genre: 1980s au, eventual smut, e2l
  • warnings: angst
  • A/N: This fic was inspired by To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. Thank you to @junqkook for letting me use her likeness! Thank you all for sticking with this story and these characters <3

01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10



Jungkook wasn’t looking for you when he finally found you that day on campus. He had just come from the student services building, leaving the meeting with his counselor feeling somewhat content. He had officially changed his major to digital communications and multimedia. He never would have done it if it weren’t for you making him feel like he could, of course.

It had a full week since break had ended, and he felt like he was in hell, knowing you were somewhere nearby on campus, but not knowing whether or not you’d want to see him yet. If ever.

He had just finished buying his lunch and was heading to find a table to sit outside when he finally saw you.

You looked just as lovely as he remembered you, your hair braided prettily with your torso bundled up tight in your oversized jacket. You always hated the cold weather, he remembered.

You weren’t by yourself, though, Yara and Taehyung sat with you, laughing amongst themselves. The three of you together looked so normal that before he could stop himself; he found himself walking over to your table, his heart in his throat.

“Hey, guys.”

All conversation came to a halt, the three students turning to face the cautious frat boy, looking familiar yet different all the same.

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A Boy Like You | Yoongi

→ summary: for whenever you are feeling low, always remember that there is a boy you know who would lift the sky for you.

{or alternatively: Min Yoongi loves you, though he never says it. He’s always been a firm believer in that actions speak louder than any words ever could.}

→ genre: coworker!au, f2l, fluff
→ warnings: an overabundance of shy!yoongi to the point where you’ll want to squish his cheeks; kinda ooc but it is what it is
→ words: 11.5K
→ a/n: whaddup kids it’s ya girl… back from the dead after months of not writing shit, and what’s this owo… it’s a fluff fic?? miracles do happen… anyway i wrote this bc i just thot “man, wouldn’t it be super epic if i wrote a super self-indulgent fic where yoongi fulfills every single one of my deepest desires?” well… here is THIS!! pls feel free to scream into a pillow bc i certainly did!! enjoy!!


There is a boy you know who likes to show his kindness quietly. It would go something like this:

The air is thick with static; your hair stands up on end: a warning. The scent of raindrops hitting hot pavement graces your nostrils as a waterfall drops from the sky. You see the sea of heads begin to disappear under a canopy of multi-colored umbrellas. You, the lone ranger, rush back into the building from whence you came, dragging puddles and annoyance with you.

You should have anticipated it, should have thought to check the weather app before scrolling through dull social media posts when you left your house that morning. Instead, your fingers are left cold and umbrella-less.

You tilt your head upwards, watching as gallon upon gallon fell from the sky in an endless cycle. The watch on your wrist reads 5 PM, but the sky says it is 9 PM. The dark, swirling mass of clouds above you will continue on its thunderous parade, pausing for no one, especially not for you.

Your work bag is practically weightless, devoid of anything that might protect you from the onslaught of rain. The only thing inside is a small wallet that holds nothing more than dust and a loose promise of a paycheck. There is no way you can call a taxi like this, and the nearest bus stop is at least two blocks away. You are starting to think that your childhood dreams of becoming a mermaid hadn’t been so ridiculous after all.

Then comes the hand of God. It touches your shoulder gently, hesitantly. You turn around to face a stranger, a boy with shaggy black hair and pale moonlight skin. It is not God, but he comes close.

In his other hand is your salvation wrapped in Kumamon print nylon. It is proffered to you with a silent nod, his gaze fixed somewhere behind you as he waits for you to take it. The tips of his ears begin to redden the longer it takes for you to respond. Eventually, your brain connects with your muscles as you robotically pluck the umbrella from his grasp, a stuttered “thanks” leaving your lips.

He nods stiffly once more, removing his palm from your shoulder as though he had been burned. He shuffles for a moment, mouth opening and closing as he struggles to find the words to say. You wait, patience never waning for the strange boy that you have come to know as your salvation.

He doesn’t find the words after all. You aren’t too offended by his silence, but he appears to be mortified. And so, he leaves just as quickly as he had appeared, like a whirlwind dressed in an oversized blazer flapping behind him like wings. He runs through the rain without another thought, an arm raised above his head in a futile attempt to avoid getting wet.

You try calling out to him, wanting to thank him once more and maybe to ask how you can return his umbrella, but he is long gone. A speck of black dashing through the gray.

You clutch the umbrella closer to you, a feeling of something new growing inside of you. It is too small to call anything, but it is warm.

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BTS SCENARIOS- You meet as soulmates. (Soulmate au)

genre: angst, fluff.

warnings: includes description of panic attacks.

word count: 13,567 words.

Kim Namjoon:


Originally posted by yoongishadow

‘’Tik…tok…tik…tok…tik…tok’’ You whispered sleepily staring at your foot. Out of all the places where your soulmate timer could have been placed it had to be on the bottom of your foot. Perhaps you should consider yourself lucky, your friend will forever live with numbers ticking away on her left butt cheek. You laughed as you remembered your friend telling you how she must check her backside every morning in the mirror to see if the time moving on her ass lessened over the night.

Everyone was born with a timer on their body. Black numbers constantly moving on their skin, counting down the hours, minutes and seconds till the very last second they meet their soulmate. Your friend had 18005 hours left, a little over two years. But time can change. The time till you meet your soulmate can grow all of a sudden or lessen, but that rarely happens. You glanced at your foot. 43438 hours. That’s more than four years. You traced the numbers on your foot. ‘’Whoever you are, take your time.’’ You said to the time shifting on your foot. It’s not that you didn’t want to meet your soulmate, sure you did; out of curiosity if nothing else. It’s the stupidity and unfairness of the whole existence of a timed soulmate that pisses you off. You can’t just force love onto someone, what if you fall in love with someone else but the time on your body is still not at zero. It’s heart-breaking, and you’ve seen it happen more times than desired.

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watermelon sugar || pjm


there were three things in your life you could never have planned for: 1) getting accidentally artificially inseminated as an adult virgin 2) finding out you’re pregnant with a celebrity’s baby and 3) falling in love with the guy too.


🍉 pairing: idol!jimin x female reader

🍉 word count: 13.3k

🍉 genre: smut, fluff, romance, comedy

🍉 warnings: handjob, fingering, oral (f), unprotected sex (she’s already pregnant lol) loss of virginity, multiple orgasms, creampie, pregnancy sex, impreg kink if you squint lmao and jimin putting the daddy in baby daddy ;)

🍉 a/n: this can be read as part 21 of my social media au Kiwi or as a very bizarre oneshot ahsjdkdk i don’t know how this ended up so long but i hope y’all enjoy this filthy fluff x



They say that fate is a funny thing. 

Not funny ha-ha, but funny in that you can never expect the things it’ll throw at you. (Although in your case, some of the things fate had sent your way could be considered kind of hilarious, in hindsight.) Honestly, you used to not be sure if you even believed in fate, but there comes a point when the things that happen to oneself seem too beautifully ironic to be mere coincidence, and you’d reached that point.

Was it fate that that perfect building on the corner came up for sale right when you were looking for a place to open your coffee shop? Was it fate that you and Park Jimin visited that same clinic on the same day? And, most importantly, was it fate that out of all the women in the world to be accidentally artificially inseminated and wind up pregnant with his baby, it was your virgin self?

No, that last sentence was not a joke and you absolutely wished it was.

Somehow, either by providence, medical malpractice, or the beauty of human error, (or some unfathomable combination of all three) your simple check-up with the gynecologist all those months ago had resulted in you being mistakenly artificially inseminated with a sample from a man you had never even met. And as if all of that wasn’t insane enough on its own, to top it all off, you also happened to be a virgin. And now you were pregnant. You were a pregnant virgin.

Like they say, fate is a funny thing, and in your case, it was fucking hilarious.

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Tonight | Min Yoongi III {M}

contains: historical au, exhibitionism, brief mention of battle/death

tonight, the doors to the royal chambers fly open with a furious slam as you sink your wet heat onto your king, taking all of him in a single, ambitious stroke. the dark eyes that behold you are coolly intense as he flings aside the dyed silk that preserved the last of your modesty. but your hips stutter down to stillness when two court advisors stumble inside, poorly averting their gazes.

“please forgive our intrusion, but–”

“did i tell you to stop?” his stare bores into you regardless of the men; the pressure from the spread hand on your thigh tightens in silent command to move. to fuck.

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bitchin’ || pt. 9 (M)


The 80s were a time of choices. Which perm was right for you? What color neon would you wear next? None of these choices, however, were more questionable than a certain deal you made with Jeon Jungkook.

  • pairing: fratboy!jungkook x reader
  • word count: 4.7k
  • genre: 1980s au, eventual smut, e2l
  • warnings: fanservice. that’s it. that’s the tweet.
  • A/N: This fic was inspired by To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. Thank you to @junqkook for letting me use her likeness!

01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10



“Okay, just sign your name here, and she’ll come to get you when she’s ready.” The cheery girl at the front desk told you.

You offered her a polite smile, walking over to the sit in the waiting room.

You always disliked these chairs. We were willing to bet money that these chairs have sat in this very room since your university first opened, worn out, uncomfortable, and outdated. Sure, maybe you had been in a bit of a sour mood lately – what with your fake ex-boyfriend dirty dicking you and all – but as you sat there, metal rod poking your spin, you couldn’t help but frown.

As you sat there contemplating your school’s renovation budget, you hardly noticed the sound of another student walking in and over to the front desk, your stomach churning as you put a face to those loose curls.

“Hey, stranger! What are you doing here?” Kiri’s white teeth blinded you, walking over to you once her business with the receptionist was done.

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May 31

summary ~ on the last day of your senior year living together, you’re still fighting your feelings for your roommate jungkook. before you can fully move out and move on, he makes a pretty significant scheduling error. #and there was only one bed

genre ~ fluff, smut / roommate!au, college!au, bit of crack/fake texts

wordcount ~ 5k

warnings ~ smut (18+), blowjob (oral: m receiving), nipple play, marking, penetrative sex, cumplay (sort of oral: f receiving), jungkook just goes hard as expected BUT IT’S SOFT? this is just super cheesy and cute with some hopefully hot smut

a/n ~ surprise oneshot! and they were roommates? and there was only one bed? this is all my fave tropes wrapped into one, i had a ton of fun writing it and i hope yall enjoy :’)

~ read on ao3 ~

You walked up to your apartment door just as a boy from the class below you walked out—with a wave, a “see ya, Jungkook!” and what appeared to be the last piece of your roommate’s bedframe.

“You…sold…your bed?”

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↳ your best friend’s engagement forces you to reevaluate your own feelings.


◇ hoseok x reader
◇ smut | angst | werewolf!au | f2l!au
◇ 16.4k [1/1]

 arguably also an arranged marriage!au, ft. kinda sorta dumbasses to lovers? a very, very late bday fic for the most beautiful man in the universe and my favorite funky lil dancer. ♡

notes: i started this in my drafts well over three months ago and all it said was “this ain’t gonna be on time for hobi’s bday i can feel it” and damn if past!me wasn’t right on the money!!! this has undergone three edits, going from 14.6k to 16.4k somehow, and i am going to lose my whole damn mind if i don’t just post it so here it is! hope you enjoy!

warnings: dom!hobi, alpha!hobi, bit of dirty talk, oral (f receiving), some grinding against hobi’s thigh, knotting, hobi’s got a big dick idk, also he’s in heat!!! but things eventually get really soft bc i love him and am a Soft Bitch™ 🤷🏻‍♀️


It’s going to rain.

You can smell it in the air and feel the damp chill against your skin, permeating through every layer of your clothing. The surrounding forest and all its occupants seem to be collectively holding their breath, waiting for the first drops to come. Even your footsteps, soft as they are against the loamy earth, sound much too loud in the hush that’s fallen. Dark clouds gather overhead, looming like an omen, and you silently reach into your purse to check that the umbrella you’d stowed this morning is still there. Vaguely, you wonder if it’s big enough for two.

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Pairing: Jeon Jeongguk x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Dad!Jeongguk, Husband!Jeongguk, crack maybe?

Word Count: 1.2k

Summary: After a nice evening out with your friends, you find yourself coming home to your sleeping toddler and the new hairstyle she had tried on your husband.

A/N: I came up with this idea for a smol drabble the first time I saw that clip of Guk during BV4, but I was too lazy to write it. I came across said clip again tonight and well… enjoy?


Having left your two year old with your husband for the entire evening so you could hang out for a bit with your friends you hadn’t seen in forever, you were expecting to come back home to an actual mess being made out of it; knowing well enough how much fun those two used to have together as Jeongguk would comply to anything his little girl wanted to do.

What you got instead, was the sight of the living room being as tidy as it was when you had left earlier that day —if not more—, with the exception of a couple of pencils being spread out on the floor next to a colouring book, right in front of the television and the cartoons it was quietly displaying.

You couldn’t help but smile to yourself at the view, mentally face-palming yourself at the realisation that, after all these years, you should know better by now — Jeon Jeongguk was one hell of an organized person. Something you were grateful hadn’t gone away after getting married, like you were well aware had happened to one or two of your friends.

“Jeongguk-ah! I’m home!” you announced as you closed the door behind you.

“Hey! Coming!” he replied immediately, causing your head to snap towards the kitchen, where it had came from.

“Where’s Misun-ie?” you wondered, taking off your jacket and then hanging it near the door as your eyes searched for your nowhere to be found daughter.

“Upstairs. I just put her to sleep” Jeongguk informed you from the other room still, receiving a silent nod from you as you felt both his voice and steps get closer when he asked: “Did you have a good time with your friends?”

“We had!” you answered cheerfully. “We w—”

Your words got caught in your throat as soon as you got a glimpse of your husband — your previous beaming smile turning into a very amused one in a heartbeat at the sight of the messy vertical ponytail adorning the very top of his head; not being able to contain a giggle when he took step after step towards you and did not seem to get a hint at what on earth did you find so funny right there.

“Well, hey there, you beautiful sprout of mine” you said in an attempted seductive voice; one he knew well enough was not the one you used whenever you were turned on, but whenever you wanted to mock him instead.

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Moonlit Throne | Masterlist

“do you… trust me?” it’s a low whisper, soft lips pressed against the stuttering pulse in your throat. but you think, or maybe you hope, the implications are trying to delve much deeper into your heart. regardless, your answer has never wavered. 


pairing: joseon king!yoongi x reader
genre: smut, angst, fluff
parts posted: 5/~31
words: 6.2k/?
contains: drabble series, historical au, royal au, the very definition of “it’s complicated”, inspired by daechwita.
a/n: helpful historical context/references. please pay attention to the dates, but read in the order that the drabbles are listed, not in chronological!

fic playlist.

add yourself to the tag list here!


february 1869 {m} - your king takes care of you & his business, no matter who is watching.

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wartime child

synopsis. raising a baby in wartime isn’t easy. but when your baby starts showing signs of magical abilities, you’re forced to ring up the only other person you know he takes after: jeon jungkook.

genre. loosely based of the harry potter universe. wizard au. dad au.

words. 12.1k


it must be five o’clock somewhere. that is, if there is a part of the world that isn’t shrouded with ash grey clouds and recurring thunder of the mighty zeus. you don’t know - nobody does - but something’s very wrong somewhere upstairs. the newscaster’s words in the background is too fast to catch. you pace back and forth, anxious, restless. until you realize the thudding sound couldn’t have come from you - couldn’t have come from human footsteps.

the door.

you peek through the hole, relief washing over you as soon as you see the lock of brownish hair.

“___, hi-” his greetings are cut short as you pull him in, slamming the door behind you and making sure each lock is secured.

“it’s starting,” you say, almost sounding mad if it wasn’t for the baby you gave birth to ten months ago upstairs, “the first time i noticed, he was on the floor instead of the crib. i thought maybe he just crawled out but then the second time, i know and you know how i know? mr. tubs was floating past me while i was changing his diaper, jungkook,” you pause, eyes widened like a mad man, “the cat was fucking floating!”

jungkook calls your name, the voice you would usually find soothing is now a dread than a relaxant. but then again, it was never the voice. it was-

“mommy!” your baby reaches out his pudgy hands as the nursery door swings open.

there’s a still pause as you wait for something to fly at you. or float past you. or your own baby start drifting in the air like a balloon. but nothing.

“i swear, he has it too, kook.” you hold your baby in your arms, glancing over the man as though begging for him to trust you. as if you’re the crazy one! can you believe it? you! two years ago, you were just a waitress of a diner downtown, trying to get by. if you could take it all back, if you could press a reverse button and turn down that handsome charmer that sat by the window, reading a book (except it wasn’t any ordinary book that you can get a hard copy of - it was a spell book) instead of being on his phones like anyone his age would be doing, you would in a heartbeat.

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