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“I’m scared, just as much as my heart flutters, Because destiny keeps getting jealous of us”
or basically Yoongi’s hands make everyone nut

BTS Reaction - their pregnant s/o is insecure

Warnings: Taehyung’s gets a little smutty, but other than that this is pure fluff! 

… Also, these are really fucking long.  Apologies.  


“Shove over.”  You give a gentle push to Jin’s shoulder, frowning at the way he’s leisurely spread himself over the entirety of the couch with little to no consideration of where you’re supposed to sit.  Half asleep already he prises one eye open to peer up at you, a lazy smile pulling at his full lips.  “C’mon,” you prompt again, huffing, “My back’s killing me.”  

Pregnancy is a joy; that’s for certain.  With each week that rushes by you swear your joints become less and less able to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life, and now, having spent twenty minutes at the kitchen sink having washed up this evening’s dirty plates, it’s protesting more than ever.  

“I told you you should’ve let me do them,” Jin sighs, sitting himself up and straightening out a crick in his neck as you dig your fingertips into the flesh at either side of your spine, trying to massage away the pain.  

“Maybe.”  You arrange the sofa pillows into an arrangement that appears more inviting, scowling further at how difficult your growing bump makes even the most simple of things - like bending over.  You’re a little scared about how big you’re going to get, actually; you’ve still got eight weeks left till your due date and as far as you’re concerned you’re already the size of a house. “A more chivalrous man might’ve just insisted he do it, you know.”

“I cooked dinner!” he exclaims, feigning an indignant expression that only manages to last until you roll your eyes at him, cracking into a smile once more.  “And you know there’s no arguing with you at the moment.”

“I’ll give you that,” you concede, turning on the spot in readiness to ease yourself down into the cushions but halting when Jin gives a gentle tug on your hand, pulling you towards his end of the sofa.  

“C’mere,” he beckons, “I’m comfier anyway.”  Smiling, you allow your husband to slowly ease your aching body onto his lap.  He’s warm and he’s solid against your back, and it feels so good to finally sit down with Jin’s arms wrapped around you, the feel of his breath on your neck.

You shift your weight and he ‘oofs’ as you feel the meat of his thigh move underneath you, rolling against the bone.  

“Careful; you’re not so light these days,” he chortles teasingly, placing a kiss on your shoulder through the soft fabric of your sweater.  

Jin clearly thinks nothing of his comment, and deep down you know he doesn’t really mean it - he’s just being him, playful Jin - but when you’ve already been feeling a little insecure about the ever increasing mass of your stomach his words really hit home.  You fall silent as the two of you sit watching mindless television, one of Jin’s hands absentmindedly stroking your bump up and down, but after a couple of minutes he seems to realise something’s wrong, resting his chin on your shoulder and peering up at you.

“Are you ok?” he asks softly, passing a tender touch over your side, “Is it really hurting that bad?”

“No,” you answer him quickly.   You wouldn’t want him to start thinking there was actually something wrong with you; he’s been protective enough whilst you’ve been pregnant as it is.  “Am I… do I really feel that much heavier?” you blurt out when he insists on continuing to look at you with those big brown eyes of his.  His expression becomes one of horror once he realises that you actually thought he was being serious.

“Baby, no, I was only joking!”  he assures you, grabbing a hold of one of your hands and lacing your fingers together as he places a softest of kisses against your cheek, “There’s barely a difference, I promise.”  Jin smiles apologetically on pulling back and when you give him a timid, answering smile in return, mollified, his smile grows, handsome face aglow.

“In fact,” he continues, “I think you could do with fattening up a little more.  How about I make us some dessert, hm?  I’ll even wash up this time, ok?”

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The One (Part I)

Part I –> Part 2

Genre: Hybrid!Taehyung, Fluff, Angst, smut in the future

Paring: TaehyungXreader

Word-count: 2,9K

Warnings: Abuse, unjust, anxiety, forcing, animalistic feelings

Summary: You’ve never liked the idea of hybrids, since it’s straight up abuse from a owner to a hybrid, they aren’t treated like humans. But what happens when your boss gave you a hybrid as a gift?

A/N: HAHA, I might look a bit like a copy cat since others have been writing about hybrid!au related stories, but I’ve actually liked the idea of the genre a lot, so sorry not sorry <3


‘I get what?’

You stare wide-eyed at the man in front of you, somewhat irritation running through your system. You’re genuinely confused to this request of your boss. It’s not something you’d normally get for the christmas days at work. Regularly, it’s just a box full of food and extra nobody-needs-that things. You’ve never wanted a christmas box anyways, you never use all the tools and mostly you even give it to the homeless.

‘Come on ___, everyone these days wants one.’ He chuckle, nudging your side as he smirked down at you. You hate that smirk of his, he always want to tease without a good reason. It’s as if he always needed to hamper you, though you let him notice you’re not into his bullshit that day. But at the end, he’s still your boss. You can’t do anything about his tremendous deportment.

‘I don’t need a hybrid in my house, so no thanks.’ You sigh, deciding on turning around, but your boss only called for you to hold there. ‘You don’t have a choice, have a nice christmas ___!’

You scoff, now not hesitant on rushing out of that room. Sometimes you don’t even know why you became a part of this pesky enterprise. It pays well, yeah, but this has a thousand too much problems within. Their problems are mostly on the social-part. It’s the way they treat employees, particularly women, who they like to impede. With ‘they’ , is meant the fewer higher-standing employers. But whatever you might disagree about, it still pays well, over average. And in your position, you could use some money to keep up your own living.

Suddenly your phone began to vibrate in your pocket. When you see the message of a shipping oganisation, knowing it wasn’t your doing, you began to internally scream. You can’t believe this fucktard of a boss litterally sends you this so-called hybrid to your house, no announcing or anything. You’ve never wanted a hybrid to even begin with.

It’s not that you hate hybrids individually, it’s just the matter on ’why’ they were made. You know that these hybrids are also human beings, converted to this inhuman rase. Not only do they break nature’s law, they also treat hybrids like complete garbage. Most people want them to help with their own lacking desire of affection. It’s sad, truly, but the most sad of them all is that the hybrids have no idea. They think it’s just the way life goes. Getting raped every single day? No problem, if that’s what you have to do to please your owner. It’s sickening, knowing this sort of extraordinarily abuse exists. Unbelievable.

You race over the highway in your car, making fast work on getting yourself home. You want to send the hybrid back as fast as possible, you don’t want to support this kind of mutated human, not when there is too much wrong about it. It’s a form of rebelling, indirectly showing your opinion on this. You want them to feel free, to feel loved like other humans. It’s almost as if they have less right than a cat or a dog, though they are human like the rest. If they only would realize that it wasn’t the right way to live your life, they would revolt and you would be a 100% supporter of that

You arrive at your house, immediately noticing a man standing in front of your house, hands folded over one another. He wears a kind smile, like he just delivered a small package, but in reality he just delivered you a whole human being. You can see the well-known uniform of the hybrid-company, called Hy-Tech, disgusting.

’The hybrid is in the back of the truck, should I get hi-.’

‘No, I don’t want ‘him’. It was a present of my workplace, but really I don’t need one. Still thanks though.’ You’d cut him off, walking straight past the shocked-looking guy. You struggle on getting your keys out, wanting to avoid the awkward silence between the unknown person and you.

‘Sorry miss, but we can’t take him back, at least not the same day.’ You can hear his wavering tone, somewhat scared for your reaction. From what he has noticed, you’re rather a spicy girl. And he is right, because you almost want to smack your keys to his head when those words left his mouth. Still, you try to keep yourself calm and steady, turning around with all the continence you have left in your bones.

When can I return him?’

‘Two weeks is the minimum. Mostly it’s used to see if the owner likes the hybrid, if not, it will be exchanged for a better one-.’ He almost drifts off ‘But, you can also just wait and then return him.’

You let out a deep sigh, lifting up you hand to massage your head for a small second to think. It’s not like there’s a lot to think about, you don’t have any choice. Two weeks isn’t long, so it’s somewhat doable. It’s just, you’re furious about the cause, your boss. Couldn’t he at least tell you? Ask you?

‘Okay… I guess I don’t have a choice.’ You sigh, nodded for the guy to get the hybrid, the poor thing. The guy smiles genuinely, probably just happy he didn’t had to disappoint his boss with an unhappy customer. He walks up to the back of his truck, opening it and smiling at the hybrid inside. He nudges his to get out, encouraging. You let out another sigh, again feeling a drill of irritation flowing through your body. Now you think about it, your boss must think that you’re some lonely loser who needs a fucking hybrid to fulfill your needs or something. What kind of creepy thoughts does this guy even have about you?

Then the hybrid finally steps out of the truck, looking around to take in his surroundings. You cock your head to the side as the hybrid and the man approaches you. He is… beautiful. It’s no doubt, his eyes, hair, body, lips, nose, you could go on and on. But then again, they must be made to be beautiful. thereby, they are here to please you, also your eyes.

‘Hi…’ He says shyly, looking away from you. You have to admit, he is really cute and you nod your head in return at him to greet him. You analyze his hybrid features, vastly noticing it’s some kind of cat, probably a lion or something, since his ears are yellow and so is his tail. His tail also has a little fluffy hair bundle at the tip. He wears a big sweater with black tight jeans, casually clothed, making him more adorable for his owner. Pathetic.

’So, there isn’t much you need to know about hybrids since you will be returning him again.’ The ears of the hybrid sprang up as he wears a really sad expression by hearing the words of the man, your heart sinking immediately. He must be very sad that you don’t want him, as if he is just a object, as if he’s lacking. How could this bastard say that in front of the hybrid himself? Like he isn’t part of the conversation. Fucking hell, this gets you so damn mad. You clench your jaw as you kept your eyes on the guy, having a stern glare.

‘He needs to eat and drink like any other human. He also needs some medicine for his heat, which he gets next week. Unless you’s want him to-.’

No.’ You cut him off again, not at all feeling the need to want any sexual things from this hybrid. You can take care of your sexual frustrations yourself, which is clubbing.

‘Well, then you need these pills.’ He gave you a small bag, white pills piled on one another. ‘He needs it once a day.’ You nod  as you put the bag in your jacket pocket. ‘That was it I guess, you can call me any time you need me.’ ‘There will be no need.’ You answer, now turning around and signaling for the hybrid to go with you, sighing a soft ‘for fucks sake’ under your breath.

Once the both of you were inside, warmth embracing your bodies, you pull off your jacket and shoes and the hybrid did the same as he just copied your doings. Then a question suddenly shot through your head.

‘Fuck, what’s your name?’

His eyes shot up at you with confusion written all over his face. He shrugs, literally not knowing his name. ‘I don’t have a name yet, you need to give me one.’ He says. Anger again began to boil within you. How can’t he even have his own name? Everyone has a name, it’s not possible for him not to know his own name at this point.

‘Didn’t they give you a name, ever?’ You say, now slightly interested in his background story. You’d like to know how his past life went, if he got treated well. You can’t imagine him, this sweet angel with a boxy smile, being abused, tossed around like a no one.

’They called me kitty, you can call me that too if you want.’ He says, giving you a small smile before focussing his gaze on the ground again. Then you noticed, as he looks at the ground, he is just having a straight face. As if he isn’t allowed to look at you? You run your hand through your hand, calming yourself.


He frowns, now giving you little glances up at you, but quickly looked back down at the floor. He is confused, why are you reacting like this? His past owners always were overjoyed and immediately wanted to use him for many different things. But he could sense you didn’t want any of it, you were different. You also gave him some kind of dominant vibes, so maybe you were just immense strict towards him, maybe wanting him on his knees to beg you? What do you want?

‘Look up at me, never look down ever again.’

He obeys, looking up at your eyes, still confused. You take his hand, carefully taking him to the couch and sitting him down. You’re mad, but still, you can’t blame him. You need to be careful with him, show him what real love is so he might want to escape and never return from this world. Maybe you can change his few on this world.

’Do you have a particular name you like a lot?’

Taehyung… I like that name… a lot.’ He almost looks scared to speak his own mind. He hesitates in his sentences a lot. He can’t even have his own opinion, fucking bullshit. It’s all bullshit, if you’d ask. How much you’d like to go back in time to where the hybrids got invented and just ruin it all, destroying all their new-found inventions.

‘Okay Taehyung, I’m ___, we’re going to make a few things straight in this house.’

He nods, a bit confused to why you would name him his preferred name, are you just being nice so he would have to pay it back later in bed? Is this some test? To show you that he is a great pet? Because you already wanted to throw him out the moment he walked up to you and you hadn’t even looked at him yet. But the way you’re treating him made him confused. you disliked him so much in the first place, what got your mind to change like that?

‘First, you can go out whenever you want, I don’t mind, just don’t go too far because you will lose track on your path. Secondly, you may eat whatever you’d like, just look in the kitchen if you want anything and you can grab it, just don’t eat my whole fridge away. Thirdly, you can be casually with me. Fourthly, I don’t want anything from you, with that I mean your body. You can be free here.’

Your four simple ways around your house got his head dizzy. He never has been treated this way and he couldn’t really find a reason to why you would be different. Of course, he isn’t complaining, he just can’t stop thinking that’s it’s a trick and you will be throwing him out any minute now. It’s his biggest fear as a hybrid, being left alone and back in his own cell again, waiting for the next owner. To him, a home is way better than the cells the hybrids have to live in while they are in the between-owners period. It gets him chills, thinking back to those cells.


You smile at him, hand reaching up to pet his ears, which hadn’t stopped twitching with confusion, but now eased down as you kept petting him. The feeling isn’t foreign to him, but it still has been a long time since he has been petted, and to your information, he loves it. So it wasn’t a surprise that he purr immediately formed, head leaning into your hand, eyes still wide open as he didn’t yet dare to relax with you. What is he makes the wrong move? Will you punish him?

‘Relax, I won’t hurt you.’ You try to assure him and he eventually does, closing his eyes and head laying down on your lap, loud purr heard. This place suddenly felt like heaven to him, as if he has finally find his destination, a good owner. He can’t stop admiring you all of a sudden, loving your smell, the way your hands slide over his ears as you turn on the television. You don’t mind him having on your lap, it’s adorable and you see how much he needs this. He obviously never really had the chance to relax, so you wouldn’t mind showing him how life also could be. Thereby, you’re extremely tired and you just want to relax, you will deal with your new accompany the next day.

He turns around to face you on your lap, arms making their way around your waist as he couldn’t help himself anymore, affection drilling through his body by your touch. It’s so overwhelming, feeling so satisfied after many years of being a ‘slave’. He just wants to keep being in your arms, resting his head on your lap.

‘Aren’t you cold?’ You say as you feel a slight breeze in your apartment, thinking that he might be cold from it. You know that cats like warmth, since you had a cat when you were younger and still lived at home, so maybe lions do too. He shakes his head no, but you didn’t take his response as an answer, still standing up and getting a thick blanket for the both of you to lay under. When you came back and laid the blanket over his body, you notice his big boxy smile, purr as loud as always. You sit down next from him as you took the blanket over your body too, nudging him to come closer to you and so he does. He lays his body close against you, arms again around your waist as he watches along with the series you had zapped to.

‘___, are you testing me?’ He suddenly asks and you just shake your head, hand coming up to pet his hair slightly, reassuring that everything is okay and that he can relax for the upcoming 2 weeks, because you’re still not planning on keeping him. But maybe, just maybe, you will let him stay? He thought. If he’s just really good to you, you might reconsider your choice?

‘Just relax tonight, Taehyung. Nothing will happen, I won’t ever play with you like that, I’m not like that.’ You sigh, hand returning to your own lap. He feels relieved. You’re so different from most people and he just can’t wait for you to open up more to him, showing your real nature to him. Because, as he feels your skin on his, he feels something strange. Something he never felt before and he didn’t know it was just affection or something stronger than that, talking about his mate. Mating is still something very big in this system of hybrids, since it’s a big turn on for the humans, wanting to be mated with a hybrid. It’s fucked up, yeah, but humans like it, getting owned by something with a big animalistic drive. Like with heaths, humans enjoy those the most out of everything.

Never leave me.’ He mutters, genuinely meaning the words and making your heart break. You can’t, you don’t want to. You’ve always been against it. Always. You can’t just take a turn on your opinion because of him… But still, he seems to have this effect on you when he lays close to you, it somewhat gets you dizzy. Maybe it’s just the effect a hybrid has on its owners. Whatever it is, it makes you want to be closer to him, cuddle up to him and hold him. You try to fight back as much as possible and that eventually works. You’re not that weak, you know how to stop. But others don’t. What if he goes back, to that centre and then eventually to another horrible owner? You can’t let him go back there, not knowing that he will go somewhere terrible. 

It has only been the first hour and you feel as if you’ve fallen into a deep ravine. Boy oh boy, this is going to be a whole new adventure.

A/N: I hope y'all liked it!


jungkook scenario | aureate

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❝ aureate: adjective. made of gold ❞

prompt: You’re athletically challenged, but cute as heck so I keep on picking you for my team in gym class quidditch… oh am I being too obvious?

pairing: ravenclaw jungkook x slytherin reader

requested by @stitched-yoongz and anon | 3.6k words | fluff, hogwarts au

[First year]

Jungkook is aureate. Untouchable. A pure blood wizard with the heavy weight of a proud family history resting on his sculpted shoulders. He’s cut from topaz and quartz, dipped in milk and honey, smiling from his spot in perfect paradise.

Achieving high scores in class, held in high regard by all the professors, and his looks getting all the girls high, with tittering over his strong brows, bright eyes, and occasional bunny-toothed smile to remind them of his softer sides – it’s enough for you to decide that you hate him at the age of eleven. Fresh faced and fuming, you want him in his place. Not under the gaze of every girl, causing a flurry of capes and fluttering of eyelashes every time he passes by, but rather, away from the limelight, with his golden name tarnished.

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jungkook scenario | a breach of contract

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➸ prompt: I’m a vampire, and you’re a human who’s prone to getting hurt. Please take better care of yourself, or I might not be able to control myself!

➸ pairing: vampire jungkook x donor reader

➸ requested by anon | 1.2k words | fluff

When you first became Jungkook’s donor he made you sign a contract.

Rule 1: He isn’t allowed to feed from you if you injure yourself and loose a lot of blood. (This rule comes into play more frequently than expected, since you manage to hurt yourself so often.)

Rule 2: You must take good care of your body, eating well so that the blood Jungkook takes will satisfy him. (Jungkook has been helping you with this one. As his donor, you now live in his house, and he makes sure to keep the fridge well stocked with fruit and vegetables for you.)

Rule 3: This is a strictly professional relationship, so no feelings are to be developed. (Since feeding is such a sensual experience, a lot of vampires ended up mating with their donors. But from the very start, Jungkook makes it clear that he doesn’t want that from you. You’re his source of life, not his source of love.)

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Something that’s been really pissing me off lately

The fact that Namjoon had to turn around and look at the screen to see what member the crowd was cheering for— like he must I have thought “there is no way they are screaming for me like that.” — and the face he made when he realized the screams were for him.

That broke my heart that Namjoon is used to people not cheering just as loud for him. He looked so shocked when he realized those cheers were for him.

Some of you really have the nerve to call yourself an army and not cheer for Namjoon? Stop lying to yourself you’re not a part of army.

The fact that he has to encourage people to sing along— you’re pathetic for not doing so in the first place

Namjoon should be getting loud cheers just like all the others, he shouldn’t have to tell people multiple times to sing with him at a concert.

Namjoon has done so fucking much for us and if you don’t appreciate him you are not part of this fandom— there are literally two requirements to be an Army

~ Love all 7 equally

~ enjoy the music

It’s not that fucking hard.

BTS reaction: Finding out that you can’t speak Korean very well

Request: Could you do a reaction of bts when you tell them you cant speak english well? I think thatd be cool.

A/N: I hope you enjoy this one! I enjoyed writing it and don’t hesitate on giving me more requests!


Yes, this was going to be a problem for him. Though he doesn’t have much of an issue with understanding English, it’s mostly the speaking part it goes wrong. You had just met each other, at a party to be precisely. He had noticed you immediately, seeing how you were struggling with a soda-can, having too sweaty hands to even open it.

He had approached you with a sly smile across his face and a spark in his eyes, as if he was chasing you. He had grabbed the soda out of your hand and opened it with ease before returning it to you, now giving you a more genuine smile as he decided on having a talk.  

Hello, I’m Seokjin, nice to meet you.’ He began speaking in full Korean language and you just blinked at his words. Of course, you could understand a few things, but you couldn’t find the words to actually talk back in Korean, so you just decided on English instead.

‘I’m sorry, you’ll have to talk in English.’ You say as you look guilty in his eyes. He let’s out a ‘ohh’ before still deciding on talking to you, being dazzled with your presence. That whole night flew by so fast and you’d actually managed to talk, though it took you a lot of time to understand each other. Still, you felt an attraction towards this guy and a language is not going to stand that way.

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‘cute’ was what came to his mind when you sat in front of him, looking nervous and on edge upon seeing THE Yoongi in front of you. Of course he noticed that you were foreign and came all the way to Korea to be at this fan-sign, so he immediately decided on talking English to you. Though Yoongi may not seem  that great at English, you will be shocked to hear him talking. He isn’t called a genius for nothing after all, because he sometimes even seems fluent as he spoke to you.

‘You’re very cute.’ He says as a gummy-smile came up to his features while signing your album. You giggle while hiding your face behind your hands. He noticed that of course and he felt his heart racing all of the sudden and that made him decide to write something extra down, which was his phone number.

‘contact me.’ Was the last thing he said before you were forced to go on to the next member, leaving you speechless along with the member beside Yoongi, who saw what he had written down under his name.

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[Text messages]

[15:07] Hoseok: Wait, you’re not Korean?

[15:07] You: No… are you mad?

[15:08] Hoseok: So you use Translate?

[15:09] You: Yes… I did.

[15:09] Hoseok: You know I am not good at English, okay?

[15:10] You: Yes I am aware, we’ve been friends for 1 year already, it’s why I decided to just keep chatting with you in Korean so you won’t have any hard time reading my messages.

[15:11] Hoseok: awww, I’m not mad and I can understand English very well, just no speaking

[15:11] Hoseok: I will learn English for you

[15:11] Hoseok: Just wait

[15:11] You: :))

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His eyes were focused on you the whole time, they didn’t even slip one time. After he had found a place in the little cafe with the other members, finding the quiet atmosphere great to have a comfortable and private meal with each other, he suddenly saw you standing in front of their table to take their order. Seeing the nervousness on your face, he immediately knew you knew who they were and he felt a smirk crawling up on his face upon seeing you stuttering over your words, trying Korean and miserably failing. Of course, he would assure you that you can talk English, so you did and the both of you had a small talk before you took their orders.

He hadn’t stopped looking at you after that. He found your foreign features so appealing and beautiful, he’d want to see it up close. But, knowing that he is RM of BTS, he would never get a chance to that, well not in the near future. But looking can’t hurt right?

[2 hours later]

‘___?’ Your boss called and you walk up to her to ask what’s up.

‘Someone left you a tip with a little note.’ She said as she gave you the note, which you eagerly opened.

Hey, please contact me [phonenumber]

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He kinda panicked when you suddenly began talking fluent in english at him. He had just approached you, wanting to have a closer look on the gorgeous-looking girl on set. He wasn’t gonna lie, he was dissapointed, and not in you but in himself. He cursed under his breath as he already wanted to turn around, embarrased of his own lacking abilities.

'Oh, wait, you can’t understand me very well?’ You ask, now finally understanding why he hadn’t respond to you yet.

'Yes, sorry.’ He said, smiling softly. You just chuckle before you got your phone out of your pocket and started typing something on your phone. He curiously waited for what you might be doing and when you showed your screen, his eyes lit up and showed a bright smile. You had the genuis idea to use google translate and to show him what you’ve been saying. And just like that, a long conversation on your little device began and converted to a much greater relationship.

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You opened your eyes to a bright light entering the unknown room and when you look at the sleeping body beside you, memories wandered back into your mind. You gasp and immediately get out of the bed. You had a one-night-stand with Kim fucking Taehyung, your bias, your crush for over 4 years now.

You walk around the room to find your clothes, but you let out a whimper when you feel something naked press up into your own naked form.

'Don’t go, I’ll make you breakfast first.’ He said in Korean, but of course you couldn’t understand.


'Stay.’ He now says in english and you clench your yaw upon hearing that. Taehyung didn’t care if you couldn’t speak korean, he just knew he wanted to be with you longer. He had felt a spark and a language is not going to stand in his way to be with you for only a bit longer. And of course, how could you refuse such a request?

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This was a huge abort mission in his eyes. He had felt so confident about himself when he approached you at the award-show. You were one of the make-up artists around there and he found your looks so dazzling that he just couldn’t keep his eyes off of you. But when he finally got the guts to actually approach you, he sadly found out you didn’t spoke even the slightest of Korean.


'Oh no sor-.’

'Hey, my friend here seems to have a liking in you, he would like to maybe set a date?’ Namjoon suddenly spoke and Jungkook along with you looked wide-eyed at him. ’He is not very well with english, but I assume that won’t be a huge problem. A language shouldn’t stand in the way.’

And just like that, you suddenly had a date set on your next free day off and probably the upcoming other free days.

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Taehyung and Envy

There is this Korean Overwatch player ‘Envy’ that showed up on a popular stream and he sounds exactly like Taehyung. In the video he’s speaking in broken English and cursing. Everyone is loosing their shit because they think it’s really him lmao

watch the full video here

(It’s 7 minutes)

Sweet Creature (M)

*I have no words*

Request: Can I get a Sub Jungkook smut where their on the couch and he cums in his pants while the reader is grinding on him on his lap and dirty talks to him in his ear??? Thanks☺️☺️☺️

Word Count: 6.9k words (heh heh)

Let me ruin you goddammit

Let’s get one thing straight. You never claimed to be a good person, never did charity work, never been the perfect daughter for your parents. And you sure as hell wasn’t someone’s little girlfriend.

You did what you want, who you wanted and slipped out of their sheets before they murmur good morning in your ear. You were a ‘no strings attached’ girl, making sure that you would never become someone’s puppet. Of course, you weren’t immune to the disease called ‘love’, your innocent high school days plagued with your naive mindset of finding the ‘one’. It still haunts you, one of the reasons your night doesn’t end with a shot of whisky and half a pack of beer. The only person who was willing to put up with you was your best friend, Jungkook.

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jungkook scenario | love can’t be bought (probably)

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Jungkook jokingly says he wants a date for Christmas, and your best friend, who keeps trying to set you up, takes it a little too literally!

prompt: My best friend rigged the secret Santa so that I could buy your present because they know I have a massive crush on you! 

pairing: jungkook x reader

requested by anon | 3.3k words | fluff, drama club au

Theatre kids always take things too far.

You realised this as soon as your joined your local drama club and were met by a wide-smiled boy, who introduced himself as Jung Hoseok, and told you that you were going to have ‘the best time ever’ with him. At first you thought him too loud and too obnoxious, but now you find him just right, and that’s why he’s your best friend. He introduced you to Jin who makes horrible puns, Taehyung who stares into space a lot, Namjoon who screeches out the lyrics during musicals, and of course, the boy who kept you coming back in the first place: Jeon Jungkook, who you’re hopelessly in love with.

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BTS Reaction - Breaking up (Pt.2)

Warnings: very mild angst - nothing in comparison to part one!

I’m not sure if this is what you guys wanted or expected from part two, but regardless I hope you like it anyway! <3 <3  


You’d think you’d be used to it by now; seeing Jin’s face in the centerfolds of glossy magazines.  It doesn’t hurt like it used to - not like the first time when you’d caught a glimpse of his face and then promptly burst into tears - but it’s still enough to give you pause as you gaze down at the tabloid rag spread out across your lap.  Just because you break up doesn’t necessarily mean you stop loving someone, even when they’ve transgressed as badly as Jin had done, and seeing photographs of him out in public with her on his arm has never really gotten any easier.  

They do suit each other, though, you’ll give them that.  She’s just as stunning as he is - a real prize - and she looks just as youthful in today’s latest issue as she did three years ago when the first pictures of them together appeared only weeks after you’d caught the two of them together.  The up-and-coming actress and the affluent son of one of Korea’s most influential CEO’s.  What a well-matched couple they make.  

Still, there is something that seems to have changed between them.  These days they never look quite so happy as they used to, walking side by side rather than hand in hand, her two steps ahead, Jin lingering behind.  They wear sunglasses now, rather than smiles, and deep down in some secret little part of you you can’t help but feel a little glad about it.  Some remaining bitterness isn’t too unusual, you suppose, so you try not to feel too guilty as those thoughts cross your mind.

He still wears the watch you gave him, as old and out of style as it is.  

“Mama!”  Grasping fingers assault you from behind, and your daughter’s toddler chubby form suddenly tumbles over your shoulder from where she’d been climbing on the back of the couch.  She lands square on your lap, crumpling the magazine beneath.  

It’s for the best that it’s ruined; unchecked you might stare at it too long - waste too much time on pointless thoughts - when everything that matters to you, everything that’s important, is already right here.

“Careful, little love!”  Taehyung laughs as he rounds the end of the couch to flop down next to you, beaming his square smile down at the girl as she giggles and wriggles to right herself on your lap.  You feel his arm come to rest atop of your shoulder as your daughter nestles in amongst sweater, clinging like a koala, and as you run your fingers affectionately over the top of her hair she slips her thumb into her mouth, really getting comfortable.  

“I hope that wasn’t important,” Tae comments, nodding at the crumpled edges of the magazine poking out from under your daughter’s rounded little bottom.  

“No,” you reply with a shake of your head, warmth flooding your veins as you watch your husband reach out to brush golden hair off of her pretty little face with the gentlest of touches.  The press of your lips to his catches Taehyung off guard, his eyes sparkling and dancing between yours as you pull away.  “It’s just old news.” 

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BTS reaction: Taking SO’s virginity (M)

Authors Note: I got a bit carried away, hope y’all still enjoy!


The first time with Jin was a result of your sexual frustration. You knew from your friends that these frustrations would eventually come around the age of 19, but you didn’t think much of it. It was only until you started your relationship with Jin that you began to grow more needy for his body, Though he wanted to take things slow, step by step.

It happened when you were watching porn, home alone and intrigued by the scenes in front of you. When the doorbell rang, you couldn’t hold yourself back any more. You needed to feel him.

You almost ran to the door, opening it to see Jin standing there. You didn’t give him any time and dragged him inside and into the bedroom. He was somewhat confused, but he let you drag him onto the bed. You straddled him and began kissing him furiously while grinding down onto his clothed cock. He fidget uncomfortable, feeling his member grow with the second. He stops you as he held your shoulders, trying to find your eyes.

’___, are you really sure?’

You nod, smiling down at him as you zipped his zipper down and immediately pulled out his hard dick. He groans loudly by the feeling of your hands on him and now also became very eager. He flipped the both of you so he was above you and it didn’t take him long until he got the both of you naked and he was alining his dick with your entrance. He teased you, sliding his cock through your folds before slowly pushing his tip inside. It hurt, very much. The stretch was something so foreign for you and you needed to ease into the feeling. And so he did, he was careful, soft and caring. He had made sure he took your virginity with not just a quick fuck, but with love.

Fuck ___, I love you so much.’ He groaned before finally making a pace and planning on making love to you the whole night long.

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Fuck.’ He mutters under his breath as he sees your naked form, walking across the bathroom. It wasn’t planned to walk into such a sight, but he wasn’t sorry either. He doesn’t know what to do since he knows that you’re still a virgin and he wants it all to be special. But seeing you like this made his dick hard in a matter of time.

That’s why he decided to just walk up to you, pushing his body flush against yours and making you gasp in the process. You look in the mirror behind you to see his dark expression and you can feel his cock poking into your back through his jeans.

___, look what you do to me…’ he now circles his hips around, looking for more friction. ’I need you so bad.’ He growls into your ear and you can feel yourself becoming wet by his words, thighs pressing up against each other. You push back against him, now also growing needy for him and it was a signal for him to go on with his actions. He kisses your shoulder while pushing down his pants and pulling off his shirt until he was fully naked, a condom being slid down his length. He played with your folds, feeling the wetness surround his fingers.

Are you sure?

Yes please, Yoongi…’ you whined and with that, he pushed inside of you, slow and steady to take your virginity with care. After he was fully inside of you and you got used to the stretch, he began an animalistic pace, showing just how much he loves your pussy around his member.

So fucking tight and beautiful...’

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This wasn’t the first time he slept at your apartment, but it was still so different from every other peaceful night. You had decided that this would be the day you’re going to give your virginity to him and you’d gotten yourself ready for it. You bought black lingerie so he could unpack you and rose paddles were spread over the bed. And then, you just waited on your bed. You knew he could return home any moment and it got you very nervous but anticipation still getting the better of you.

Then suddenly your heard to front door close and footsteps coming up to the bedroom. When the door opened, you see a wide eyed Hoseok standing in the doorway. You see his pants getting tighter and a pulge forming slowly, but surely.

Fuck ___, is this really what you want?’

Otherwise I wouldn’t have done this all Hobie, now please just come and fuck me’ you pleaded and Hoseok didn’t hesitate any minute longer before his clothes were pulled off and your lingerie were thrown around the bedroom. He had pinned you down, arms above your head as he spread your legs to look at a newfound image he wanted to remember.

You’re so wet, princess. Can I pleasure you?’ He asks, wanting a last confirmation and you gave him a nod to push his cock into you. He pulled out a condom from out his wallet, which was somewhere on the ground, unpacking and pulling it down around his cock before pushing himself into you, inch for inch. Your back arched into the bed by the ache, but you still felt so complete with him stretching you out like that. He made a slow pace and kept that pace until you started to whine for him to go faster. Then he starts to trust powerful and deep while passionating kissing you.

Just wait baby girl, I can do a whole lot more than this.’

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You were having a heavy make-out session in the bathrooms of a house unknown to you. It was at a party, celebrities and producers all over the place, but Namjoon and you of course needed to get all touchy with each other. After some teasing he had dragged you to the bathroom to feel you closer against him, his lust of the past few months becoming the better of him.

Let’s go back to the hotel.’ You breathe while partening your lips from his. ’Are you sure baby?

You nod, now dragging him with you right to the cars and driving to your hotel. When you both entered the room, you were again all over each other. He pushed you down on the bed and got a condom from the shelf. He unclothed the both of you, taking his time with revealing every single part of your naked body.

He kissed every inch of your neck to your dripping entrance and then began to eat you out furiously, getting you rilled up for what’s about to come. After a while he finally lined up to your entrance and pushed inside slowly, arms around your smaller body and trusting slowly to get you used to the feeling. After a while his pace fastened and moans left your mouth from the pleasure shooting through your body.

You feel so good ___, fuck I love you. You’re all mine and no one else’s.’

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It actually began so innocent, him tickling you out of no where when you were spread along the couch. You giggled loudly while trying to push away Jimin’s hands, but accidentally some skin got exposed during your little play fight. It appeared to be that you weren’t wearing any bra and that got him hard in an instant. He looks carefully up into your widened eyes, but he still saw a glint of arousal into you demeanor.

He lays a hand on your belly, coldness cursing through your body. You swallow as you follow his hand, which is trailing up your body until it reached your exposed breasts, nipples perked. He massages it slightly and his tump is circling around your nipples to get them harder.

Then you pulled him down to connect your mouths and tugged on his sweatpants to pull it off, which he helped you with. After a short while, you both were naked and ready for each other, him between your legs, condom around his cock and fingers sliding over your folds and sometimes inserting a finger into your entrance.

Are you sure jagi?’ He says, kissing your nose. You nod as you bring his body closer to you. He then pushes into you, slowly and steady to stretch you out nicely. It was hard for him to keep steady before you yourself began to move up, trying to feel more friction. He groaned loudly before beginning a pace into you and working up to a love-making night.

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You woke up to a groaning noise beside you. You didn’t dare to look, because you know what Taehyung is doing the moment your name rolled off his tongue. It wasn’t the first time, you knew he sometimes got off when you were sleeping and he simply had a boner, but it never failed to wake you up and to get you all wet and bothered. This time however, you wanted to change things.

You turn around to him, eyes trailing over his body and right to his dick in his hands, thick and hard, standing proud for your attention. He, however, widened his eyes and wanted to cover himself up, but you stopped him. You pulled off all your clothes before straddling his lap, sitting down on his cock, which lays flat against his stomach. Your began to grind down onto it, folds spread because of his cock and Taehyung could swear he had never seen something hotter than this. He groans loudly as he grabbed your sides, pushing you down with more force.

Fuck princess, are you sure?’ He growls and you nod before leaning in and whispering ’I even take the pill, please fuck me Taehyung.’

That almost made him cum right there and then and was quick to aline you with his dick before easing you down onto his member. You moan by the stretch, pain shooting through your body, but was quick to recover after a minute. Then you began to grind up and down on him as he thrusted up into you while pulling you closer, almost obsessively.

Baby… you’re so fucking tight and warm. Don’t ever go away from me, you’re mine.

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I want you to take my virginity.’

You say as you walk up to him, random as always. His eyes couldn’t get wider as he stood there. He just got home and is confused to why you felt the sudden need. but, nonetheless, it still got him horny vastly, images of your naked body under his caring flying through his head.

Are you sure?

‘Yes, and now please.

His expression changed to a smirk as he took off his coat and shoes. ’How can I not follow up to my girlfriend’s needs?’ He says, as a matter of fact, before he lifted you up and you wrapped your legs around his middle as he took you to the bedroom. Once there, he undressed you quickly out of your pajamas and laid you back onto the bed to undress himself. Once both fully naked, he began discovering your body, making hickeys all over your body to finally marking you as his own. Everyone can know what he did to you and he wouldn’t give one fuck. You are his and he can do whatever he wants with you.

After a while you began to whine, wanting to feel his thick member inside of you. He took no time in alining his member onto your entrance and filling you up completely. You gasp by the pain and hold onto his arms. He gave you a minute, kissing you to distract the pain.

As pleasure took over, he began to make a pace and moans left his mouth by the feeling. You also let out moans, even louder than Jungkooks as you both sank in an immense pleasurable feeling.

___, I will fuck you all night after this. No way in- fuck- hell that I can stay away from that pretty little cunt of yours.

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