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🌸 Serendipity

╰ sm au in which you ask Jimin to fake date you in order to prove to your ex boyfriend, Yoongi, that you’re over him.

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Affinity | 05

⤷ yoongi x reader; college au
⤷ “yea what the actual fuck” 

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🆘 accidents with bff!jimin
╰   in which we explore the chain of events that occur after jimin accidentally confesses to his best friend over text as his birthday night draws to a close

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jimin stans found dead in a ditch

“The Ceramics & The Arts”

Pairing: Y/N X Jungkook

Genre: Teacher!au; Modern!au; Some Fluff

Word Count: 1015

Key: Y/N = Your Name

L/N = Your Last Name

S/N = Students Name

Summary: A normal day of Y/N as the Ceramics Teacher and Jungkook as the Art Teacher… or is it?


You opened the door to your classroom and was not the slightest bit surprised that no one else was inside. You tend to arrive early to school to have some me free time. You weren’t a student, oh no, you had already dealt with going to high school a while ago. You happened to be the Ceramics Teacher.

And so, here you are arriving early to school. You sat down at your desk and pulled out your sketchbook and pencil.

You heard the door open and assumed it was just one of the early students, so you carried on drawing. It wasn’t until you realized when the person had sat down next to you that it wasn’t a student.

“Is the Miss L/N drawing?”

You looked up and saw that it was the Art Teacher next door, whom was your “Art Buddy”, named Jungkook. He had pulled one of the desk chairs over to sit on next to you and proceeded to lean over to see your artwork.

“In fact, I’m just doodling some new pottery” you explained while glancing up at the clock. It was almost time for home room to start so you closed your sketchbook and shoved it back into your bag.

“You should totally draw me something.”


“Come on, please~.”

“Nope. And that’s final, also you should go to your classroom, class is about to begin.”

As on cue, students started walking into the room. You pulled out your attendance sheet and a pen.

“I will get you to draw me something one of these days Y/N” Jungkook remarked as you shooed him out the room.

The day went on as per usual. Some students actually caring and doing their work. While others chatted with their friends. Then those students who didn’t do anything at all.

The bell rang for lunch and the students rushed out the room. Only a few were left to help clean up, but you told them to go ahead and leave.

After you had completed cleaning, you decided to pull out your sketchbook and turn to the page that had your pottery design on. You made your way to the pottery wheel and set your sketchbook to the side. You grabbed a clump of clay and plopped it onto the wheel. You sat down and put your foot on the pedal and pressed down to start spinning the wheel.

“Dang, I was just about to ask you if you wanted to grab lunch at the teachers lounge.”

You jumped a bit, making a small dent in the clay. You took your foot off the pedal and turned around. Jungkook was leaning against the doorframe with a pout.

“Well, you’re out of luck. I’m making something. You can join me if you want” you announced, turning back around and started the wheel again. He walked over and sat behind you.

“What the- I didn’t mean like this.”

“But you said that I can join you.”

You were gonna just ignore him, but you knew you couldn’t. You released your foot, making the spinning stop once again, and turned around to face him.

“You’re such a child sometimes” you complained. He only gave a smirk, but you just had an idea, which made his smirk disappear.


“Heh…” you chuckled and lifted you hands forward, which were covered in clay, towards him. He got the idea and jumped up from the seat. You started to chase him with your clay covered hands.

It wasn’t until he turned around and grabbed your arms. You tried to wiggle them out, but he had a strong grip on them. Your bottom lip stuck out in a pout, upset that your plan didn’t work.

“Caught ya… clay handed?”

“Whatever. Let me go, lunch is almost over so the students might be coming back.”

You felt him hesitate to let you go, but there was a clicking sound. Both of your heads turned towards the sound and realized that a student had walked in.

“Miss L/N? Mr. Jeon?” they asked as Jungkook quickly released your arms.

“Ahem. I’ll be leaving now” he coughed and left the room with a wink sent in your direction. Your arms were still in the same position as when he held them up and your face was lightly flushed.

“Miss L/N?”

You finally snapped back into reality and your arms swung back down your sides. You looked over to your student and cleared your throat.

“Yes S/N?”

“Is everything okay? Did something happen?”

“No. Nothing happened. You know what? I’ll give you extra credit if you just forget what you just saw” you flustered out and went over to the sink to clean up, as well as clean up the pottery wheel. They nodded their head and went to their seat. Little did you actually know, S/N had recorded everything and sent it to their friends. Now, it wasn’t a bad thing, everyone in the school already shipped the Art Teacher and Ceramics Teacher together. Jungkook actually knew about this due to him overhearing a few students conversations, but Y/N didn’t have a single clue.

As you returned to your desk, the door opened again and more students walked in. You decided to put in the door stopper as some students walked in with smiles, which was usual, but something felt off. Everyone was staring and smiling Y/N.

“What is it class?” Y/N announced puzzled and one student pointed out the door. You looked and saw Jungkook staring from across the hall at his door. You rolled your eyes at him.

“Wanna grab food after school ends? You owe me for trying to get clay on me.”

“What? No I don’t!”

“Please~ We’ll stop at your favorite place.”


He shot another wink and closed his classroom door. You did that same aswell, minus the wink part. You walked over to your desk and looked to your class. They were staring at you again with smiles.

“Oh hush you guys, nothing’s going on between us. Now, take out your supplies…”

I Feel Like Gucci

NSFW 18+

Pairing: Taehyung x Jimin (dom tae-sub jimin)

Summary: Jimin decides to get himself off… while wearing his best friend’s favorite gucci sweater. Aka once again, no plot-just smut

Word Count: 1.8K+

Warnings: masturbation, degradation, dirty talk, dom/sub themes, ‘daddy’ kink, idk what else to include-normal smut things I suppose

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under the covers, behind locked doors - ourhopejhope - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jeon Jungkook/Park Jimin
Characters: Jeon Jungkook, Park Jimin (BTS)
Additional Tags: Canon Compliant, Mild Smut, Fluff, Established Relationship, Love Confessions, Fluff without Plot, Sweet Park Jimin, Smitten Jeon Jungkook, Frottage, Sleepy Cuddles, happy bday jimin

Jungkook muffles his moans in the skin of Jimin’s neck, hips moving rhythmically, skin feeling sticky with sweat and scorched with heat. His head feels hazy with pleasure, a sweet cloud like cotton candy.

(or, jikook are cute and cuddly in bed)

Love Maze // 24: hush

╰ the craziness of your love life, your best friend Jungkook is here to save you. Will this fake relationship go wrong? Probably— so good luck!

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Two-in-One | 02

→ pairing: taehyung x reader; feat. jimin, yoongi, jin, namjoon
→ genre: drama / fluff
words: 4.6k
→ a/n: this is the second chapter of a very long series ahead. so I sincerely hope you enjoy this. there’s no smut yet but there will be. so to be cautious, i’m just labeling it as such for now. I’ve worked really, really hard on this series. please share if you enjoy it. give feedback. it would be greatly appreciated, xo (edit made by me)

chapters: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04

→ summary: falling in love isn’t easy; neither is standing in love. time and time again, you’ve tried to make things work in past relationships but all have ended in heartbreak. all you want is that white picket fence and a family of your own. time seemed to be getting faster every year and the time seemed appropriate to consider going to a doctor to have a child on your own. in one day, one person completely changes your life forever; but is this only practical or is this the real thing?

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BTS Scenarios: Hoseok~~ You lose your memory after an accident

Genre: Angst. A lot of angst. 

Warnings: Injury and memory loss

Concept: You have forgotten who BTS were to you after your accident/injury

A/N: Dedicated to @sunshinesmilehobi​, and also I’m very sorry for this. But it was eating away at me until I wrote it, 
Also, for the sake of the story, your brother’s name in this fic is Van. 

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Seokjin & Namjoon

Hoseok stood motionless, his eyes fixed on the door across the street from him. One hand hung limp beside him, while the other clutched a bouquet of sunflowers; possibly the hundredth he’d brought to your house, but at this point, he had lost count. His fingers gripped the stems one by one, tensing and releasing in time with the steady yet shallow beat of his heart. Hoseok brought his empty hand to his face, rubbing the creased space between his eyebrows. Running his hand through his hair, he felt the relentless heat of the sun scorched into every strand. 

“How long have I been standing here?” Hoseok muttered, a tinge of bitterness hissing through his teeth. He looked up to the large bay doors of the balcony on the second floor. He fixed his eyes on the sheer white curtains flowing behind the glass, hoping to see you peer through. Hoseok took in a long breath and pushed his body to move towards your house.

Three sturdy knocks against the wooden door rapped his knuckles. His fingers gripped the flower stems tighter as his heartbeat steadily increased. Hoseok pulled his top lip to grate between his teeth as he heard footsteps approach the door. The heavy door swung open slowly, a familiar face peeked through the open gap. 

“Oh, Hoseok.” The broad shoulders of your brother slid through the gap and stood solidly in front of the door that he subtly pushed partially closed behind him. Standing a head taller than Hoseok, he looked down at him with kind eyes and a look that would comfort you after jolting awake from a nightmare. 

“Oh, Van-hyung,” Hoseok spoke politely, tipping his head forward in a genial bow. Van patted him softly on the shoulder making Hoseok lift his eyes swiftly. “How-how is she?” Hoseok asked, timidly. 

“She’s good.” Hoseok’s body jolted to attention, his face lit with furor; only to be sedated by Van’s hands waving away the moment with a shake of his head.

“No no, she’s still the same, Hoseok. But she’s having a good day.” Hoseok’s fingers loosened their grip on the sunflowers that dropped to dangle by his side. His eyes darted across Van’s face to his feet that were restless beneath him.

“Can I see her?” Van’s chest filled with a laboured breath before puffed cheeks blew it out wearily. 

“Ahh Hoseok. Nothing’s changed. She doesn’t remember you. And you remember what happened the last time you came.” Vivid memories of you thrashing in Van’s arms as you screamed in terror after Hoseok tried to hug you exploded like grenades in Hoseok mind, his body flinching at the thought. 

“I’ll be better, I won’t do anything to make her lash out. I promise,” Hoseok pleaded, taking a step forward to endear to your brother. Van took a step back and latched the door shut with a jut of his elbow. 

“Hoseok, you need to stop. It’s been three years. She think she’s fifteen. That I’m twenty-one. She asks me everyday how my exams are, I’m turning thirty this year.”

“I know..”

“She asks how I’m dealing with the stress of college and when our parents are coming home from their holiday, because -”


“It’s the same day everyday, Hoseok! She lost six years of her memory, Hoseok. Six years! She wakes up everyday and it’s same as the day before. Never ending. It’s the same damn day everyday!” Van’s voice was tense, frustration and torment soaking every word. Van’s eyes were still but his jaw shook as he stared at Hoseok, trying to remain calm. Hoseok emptied his lungs into the tension between him and Van and took another step forward. 

“Hyung, please let me see her.” The force of Van’s hands crashing into Hoseok’s chest made him stumble backwards. Balling Hoseok’s jacket into his fists, Van pushed him back along the footpath away from his house.

“You weren’t the only one who lost someone, Hoseok!” Van spat, fury and bitterness shooting from deep in his throat. “Do you know my parents, OUR parents died in that crash too?! Oh of course you do. Our loving Hobi spoke at their funeral.” The sourness and sarcasm in Van’s voice made every hair on Hoseok’s body stand on edge. Van’s anger seeped into Hoseok’s skin sending Hoseok’s hands to grip Van’s wrists to rip them off him. Van twisted his arms furiously, untangling Hoseok’s grip. The two stood angled across from each other, their chests heaving their rage and sorrow into the air.

“Leave.” Van spoke, stoic and measured. Hoseok’s breath hitched in his throat, his body shifted to step forward. Van tensed his body, his animosity leeching out of his muscles. 

“Leave.” Jaw shaking with anger, Hoseok bent down to pick up the bouquet of sunflowers he had dropped during the tussle. Yellow petals were scattered across the footpath; bruised and trampled in the flurry. He brushed smooth his jacket and turned before looking over his shoulder to speak. 

“Goodbye, Hoseok.” Van cut him off, his demeanor cold, masking his sorrow. Hoseok bowed deeply, feeling defeated in his efforts. 

“Take care, Hyung.” His feet began to walk away before his eyes could turn away. Hoseok had made it to the curb when he heard the familiar thud of the door closing behind him, Van shutting you off from him. Hoseok clenched his teeth and turned around to look at the boy doors once more. 

His body stiffened when he saw you staring down at him. Your face was soft, holding a curious expression. Hoseok mirrored your stare, lost in the sight of you. He stood frozen, his mouth wicked dry and skin crawling with every emotion crashing and colliding within him. He willed his hand to wave but was left dejected as he watched your eyes lower. 

Hoseok felt his heart shatter when the sheer white curtains fell closed over your face as you let go of them. Swallowing down all of his rage, grief and longing, he placed the bouquet of sunflowers he held listlessly in his hands down onto the street. And as he watched your silhouette walk away, he decided it was probably time. Despite every fiber in his body screaming at him to knock down the door and run to you, he decided it was time. It was time for him to walk away.
Paris - tokyofilms - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jeon Jungkook/Park Jimin
Characters: Jeon Jungkook, Park Jimin (BTS), Kim Taehyung | V, Min Yoongi | Suga, Jung Hoseok | J-Hope, Kim Namjoon | RM, Kim Seokjin | Jin
Additional Tags: Tooth-Rotting Fluff, Paris (City), Canon Compliant, Sweet Park Jimin, Jeon Jungkook is Whipped

Jeongguk and Jimin explore Paris together, hand in hand.

Sweeter than Sweet


Author: angeldiminnie

Rating: Teen and Up Audiences

Relationships: Min Yoongi/Park Jimin

Status: Completed

Chapters: 1/1 (6915 words)

Tags: College AU


Yoongi writes his best lyrics when it’s late, or at least that’s what he tells himself. That’s why he’s wandering around downtown at 4am when he happens upon a seemingly empty ice cream parlor. As it turns out, it’s not empty, but the shop’s only employee, who also happens to be the cutest boy he’s ever seen, has fallen asleep with his head resting on the counter. This leads to lots of flirting and Jimin offering Yoongi free ice cream as long as he doesn’t snitch on him to his boss.


Jin woke up to the sound of severe coughing. He quickly ran to Yoongi’s room, but the door was locked.

“Yoongi! Open up!”

“N-no, I deserve this,” he weakly said.

“Stop it and open the damn door! I swear to fucking God I’ll fucking break the door down..”

There was nothing but silence except for Yoongi’s coughing.

“I’ll kill myself before it kills me..” Yoongi angrily told himself.

“What? What did you say?! Yoongi, let me take you to the hospital, please..”


“Yoongi, maybe they’ll help you. Maybe you’ll be free from this pain and you’ll get back together with her-”

“Not even 5 months, Jin! Leave me alone. Let me sleep. I’m fine.”

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“I don’t need you,” Yoongi quietly said.

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~I Forgive You~

Hi, guys. Sorry it’s been so long and it’s so short but I actually lost motivation. I feel like this fic isn’t really good, so I decided to end this as quickly as possible and work on other stuff. Then, again, it’s your choice.

Give It To Me 🌹| Part 1

Originally posted by bwisou

|BTS x Female Reader |

|Pairing: Mel x Min Yoongi |

|Genre: Romance, Drama, Mature|

|Rating: Explicit|

|Tags: Enemies To Lovers, Friends With Benefits, Min Yoongi / Suga is a Little Shit, Enemies To Friends To Lovers, Slow Burn, Model!AU, Rivals!AU|

|Mel — O.C. Based on @busted-aesthetic|


“Thank you for your purchase! Come again soon!” Mel chimed at a cute elderly woman, who exited the grocery store with a blinding smile, thrilled by her politeness.

The blonde cashier turns around as she feels a light touch on her right shoulder, her gaze settling on her coworker, Jason. He smiles down at her, giving hers couple of compliments for her good work.

“Boss told me you can leave early. You don’t seem to feel well. And before you interrupt me saying that you’re ‘fine’, you can just shut up because I can tell that you aren’t.”

Mel stares at him in stunned disbelief, not believing what she just heard.

“What? Jason. I’m totally fine. And I can still work for a few hours.” Mel replies to her friend, who looks unconvinced.

“You’re not convincing me. At all.”

Mel forces a smile on her lips, hoping it looks authentic enough to pass.

“It’s okay, I’m okay.”

“You’re allowed to go home. And coming from our boss, it’s fucking rare. So take it before he changes his mind.”

Mel sighs before agreeing reluctantly.

“Fine. I’ll go.”

“There you go. Be safe, Mel.”

Mel smiles at him.

“Thanks and you too.”


Mel dragged her feet against the ground, absolutely dreading the time she would have to spend at home with her strict parents.

She was always pressured by her parents’ presence in her life, they were obsessed with perfection and talent in every domain. They wanted their daughter to be perfect in every way. So Mel was constantly studying and she never had time for friends except at the job she took. Her job was her hideaway, that’s where she felt the most free. Nobody would constantly spy on her to see if she was doing what she was asked.

“Sorry Miss! Can I talk to you?” Mel stops in her tracks and frowns. Is someone talking to her?

She turns around and glances at a girl who jogs to her with a bright smile.

“Yes? Can I help you?” Mel asks and the girl nods vividly.

“Hi! My coworker called in sick and we’re looking for someone who can fill her spot.” The girl gives Mel a card that reads Velvet& Lace Agency.

It’s a model Agency?

“I hope you can find this someone.” Mel replies with a smile.

“Well, I want to ask you. She won’t come back until next week and we need someone and you have the face to become a model. You’re perfect for this.”

Mel frowns.

“I’m not.”

“You are. You gave me a spark when I saw you. Please think about this.”

Mel nods slowly.

If she accepts, she’ll be away from her parents for a while and that’s the liberty she craves since she’s younger. She could finally live.

I’ll do it. What can I lose?

“Fine, I accept. When will I start?” The blonde asks, smiling at the sigh of relief coming from the girl’s mouth.

“You accept? Thank god! You start in two days. I’m gonna give you time to call your family. You don’t need to pack anything, the agency is close by anyway. I have to go, I need to inform my boss about the changes.” The girl says with a bright smile.

“I forgot! My name is Lalisa, but you can call me Lisa.” The girl says, extending her hand towards Mel, who takes it in hers with a genuine smile.


“Hope we can become friends in the future.”

What did I just put myself into?

Cypher University Ch.2

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Pairing: Jungkook x reader centric, OT7 x reader

Genre: mystery, crack, fluff, angst, e2L

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this is unedited but wutevs bwhaha enjoy y'all

“Hey, you. you like my bestfriend right?” a familiar annoying voice said to you. You wanted to tell him you have a name, but you decided not to, because you didn’t want him to know anyway. “Do you ever stop being so obnoxious? maybe even just for a sec?” you retorted instead.

“Not really, I enjoy being a bother to everyone. It makes my day, especially when I ruin yours. But, I’m not here to annoy you that much. I want to know if you’re still interested in my friend,” His annoying presence said. “Idk what you’re talking about and I’m not interested in your friend. So you can stop bothering me now,” you replied. “So you don’t like jimin then? why? do you think he’s ugly? if that’s the case, i’ll make sure to tell him. Don’t worry,” he said quite sarcastically. “No. That’s not what I meant. ugh, what do you want jungcock?” you asked him, annoyed. “I like how my name rolls off your tongue. Though, if u want my cock you should pronounce my name correctly love, and you should say the magic word.” he said & cockily smirked. “Anyway, I wanna propose a deal. I’ll help you with my friend and you’ll help me find someone.”

“And why do you think I’ll accept and need some help from someone like you? I can get a man on my own.” you retorted. “So you do like him? I knew it. I’m his bestfriend, I know everything he likes. I’m very valuable incase ya didn’t know. I can help you get noticed by park jimin.” he tried to convince you once again. “Look jcock, as I’ve said I’m not interested and I don’t want or need your help. I actually wanna focus on surviving at this new school, and I need money not boys.” you told him. “Fine. But trust me when I say this, you’ll be needing my help soon princess.” and with that, he left you standing alone in the school corridors. You wondered what he meant when he said he’ll help you, if you help him find someone? how could you help him when you don’t even know anyone that much yet, and most of all, who was this person that he wants to find?

You were at the canteen about to eat your lunch, when you got up to get more ketchup. But you bumped into someone and made them spill their juice on themselves. You realized the guy you accidentally bumped into was none other than park jimin. “I’m so sorry I didn’t see you, I’m such a klutz,” you quickly apologized, you were really embarrassed. “It’s okay, it’s not really your fault, mayhaps if my amazing bestfriend JK here didn’t push me, I wouldn’t have bumped into you and spilt my drink.” he said while looking at the guy next to him, the cause of your suffering and not euphoria. “Oof, I’m sorry. But he’s not wrong about the amazing part though, cos I am.” Junglecock said, not missing his signature assholish smirk. “Kook, you should really be the one apologizing tho, stop it with your silly pranks. Anyway, I’m getting another juice and you’re paying it since you did this.” jimin said as he left, but your jungcocky didn’t move a single bit. “Told ya, you’d need my help. I gave you an offer, but you rejected it. Not my fault,” his cocky ass said to you. “And I obviously made the right decision. cos if i had accepted it, jimin would hate me even more. Look at the stupid thing you just did awhile ago.” you countered back. “Oh princess he doesn’t hate you, he’d never hate you, just like he’ll never like you. But i can make him hate you, and maybe destroy that low profile life you wanna have here. Or you could help me and we could be good friends,” he leaned closer to you, seemingly trying to intimidate you, “Really good friends, and maybe if we succeed…he’ll be your boyfriend with my help of course, and we’ll all be happy. So what do you say?”

“Thanks, But I’d rather die a spinster than help you.” You said as you walked away from him, But not without hearing first what he had to say, “You’re the only one who can help me, you’re the person they wouldn’t reprimand right away. And maybe the only person who wouldn’t think I’m insane. Please.” He begged you, you didn’t think hearing him beg would feel so good in a little fcked up kind of way. You were quite surprised that his egoistic ass even knew how to beg. Nevertheless, you were a merciful person or so you thought you were. “I’ll think about it.” You told him, finally leaving his pleading ass behind.

Unknown number: Hi y/n ;)

You: who is this?

Unknown number: make an ugly guess

You: idk…? tell me who th u are before i block you

Unknown number: chill a lottle bit princess, it’s me babe your hotsome prince JK 😘

You: more like bothersome peasant to me. what do u want?

You save his no. just for educational purposes, since you think you might need it for some unfortunate reason if you ever have to interact more with him in the future, which u think is quite likely. But of course you also made a special contact name for him.

Insufferable coconut bitch: you said you’d help me remember? :))

You: I said i’ll think about it loser i didn’t say yes ((:

Insufferable coconut bitch: well what do you think nowww?

You didn’t reply to that, since you were actually in your class with the terror professor. And you were just being sneaky when you used your phone, it also seemed like your prof. was starting to notice you weren’t paying that much attention to the class, so you hid your phone and decided you’ll reply to him later.

But of course he wouldn’t let you breathe without annoying you every single day of your life here at cypher university.

Your phone rang and your loud ringtone euphoria blasted, disrupting the class. Because unfortunately for you, you forgot to keep your phone on silent. fcking coconut bitch. How did He get your no. anyway? it was him who called you, and now it’s also him that’s gonna be the reason of your demise. Even after you turned your phone off, the professor still didn’t let you get away without reprimanding you. “Miss y/n, what do you think you’re doing disrupting my class? are you the top student in this class?” your prof. said sarcasm laced in his voice.

“Sorry sir, there might be an emergency, so I didn’t put my phone on mute.” you apologized and lied to save your ass. fcking jungkook he’ll really need some medical help when this class is done.

“And what emergency would that actually be? you know I don’t allow cellphones in this class miss y/n. And don’t you think I didn’t notice you were texting someone awhile ago.” He called you out shamelessly. “I’m sorry sir, I really didn’t-” you were cut off by someone barging in the room, an annoying ass someone named jeon jungkook.

“Sir, it’s my fault. I’m the one who called her phone, there was really an emergency though. I got some anal beads stuck in my ass, I really couldn’t get them out,1 so I had to call my girlfriend y/n.” he feigned a pained expression. You looked at him confused, trying to communicate with him telepathically. What the actual fck is he doing here? omg is he for real? he’s only gonna make things worse if he hasn’t already.

“Thanks for telling us that nonsensical information mr.jeon, But I believe you have no business here, you aren’t a part of this class. I suggest you go out before I suspend you, and take your girlfriend y/n with you. You both have disrupted my class way too long already. But as an instructor in this school, I suggest you go to the ER, if you still have that thing stuck in your ass.” The prof. instructed, and you didn’t have a choice, you didn’t wanna receive more punishment and get suspended. So you just obeyed, getting out of the room, with your fake boyfriend.

“y/n wait! let’s talk about the plan,” jungkook called out to you, though you strode off and tried to run away from him, he still of course managed to catch up to you. “What plan guk? can you atleast explain to me why you said those things back there? cos the only plan that seems good right now is to end you.” you snapped at him.

“I know it was a little extra and I’m sorry for getting you in trouble, but i heard you outside when i was passing by, and I just wanted to help you cos I thought it was partly my fault.” he said trying to look apologetic, but you were still mad at him.

“Only partly? really? it was all your fault. If you didn’t call me, then my prof. wouldn’t have sent me out. And maybe if you didn’t barge in and started talking about stupid stuff being stuck in your crack, he would’ve forgiven me or idk. And the worst of all, you even told everyone that I’m your girlfriend.” you said, exasperated. You were trying not to cry though you wanted to, because you just can’t control your tears from coming out when you’re angry. “Look I’m really sorry ok? I just said that so we’d have a believable excuse. That prof. was strict, and he still would’ve sent you out either way. I didn’t mean to hurt you or humiliate you, I just said it so people wouldn’t suspect us if they see us in the future hanging out and doing our plan. I truly am sorry y/n.” He apologized again.

“All of that just so you could get me out and help you find someone? and you still think I’m gonna help you after all you’ve done?” you said to him sighing, you were getting tired of this conversation.

“I’ll admit I did wanna sneak you out of class to start searching already, I was worried you’d change your mind when you didn’t reply. But believe me, I also felt so guilty for getting you in trouble. I’m really sorry y/n, I’ll say it and mean it a thousand times if I have to. But please help me look for her. everyone thinks I’m just making shit up about the school having to do with her disappearance, but it’s true. I know they had something to do with it. Please y/n…” he seemed sincere when he said that, he looked really worried too.

“Why can’t jimin help you? he’s like your bestfriend,” you asked him.

“Idk if he believes me, and maybe he doesn’t wanna get involved. Those who go against the school suffer terrible consequences, I guess he also fears for his life.” he said to you.

“And you don’t? wow that’s great but I fear for mine, didn’t you think about that?” you asked him incredulously.

“I know it’s not gonna be easy, but y/n you need to help me. You’d be perfect, they wouldn’t suspect you right away, cos you’re new. And if someone catches you wandering around the halls, you could just say you were lost. I just know you can help me find her.” he said, voice pleading.

“I can’t believe the things you’re telling and im hearing right now, and idk why I’m agreeing to this, but fine. I guess I’ll help you. Only because you begged me to, and you look like a stressed deformed coconut. Maybe also because I’m curious, and I really wanna find out what’s happening in this place.” you told him.

“Really? thanks a lot y/n. And in return I won’t be such a jerk to you and I’ll help you with jimin.” He winked and said. How could his emotions change that fast? sigh.

“I’m doing it because I’m a decent person, you don’t have to help me with jimin, I don’t want you to set me up with him.”

“Okay. But I’m serious about being tolerable though, we need to stop fighting and cooperate so we can achieve our goals.”

“Who is this girl really anyway? why are you so keen to find her?” you inquired.

“She’s…someone who’s really special to me. She’s one of my close friends. And I think she really needs our help. So, let’s go find her.” he said with a fond and at the same time worried look on his face.

“Well, how do we find her anyway? does the school even know she’s missing? I don’t think anyone has talked about it. What’s her name btw?”

“Her name is Lee Ji Eun.”


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Author: bambambams (phanjessmagoria)

Rating: Explicit

Relationships: Kim Namjoon/Jung Hoseok

Status: Completed

Chapters: 1/1 (12166 words)

Tags: Camboy AU


It’s like a scene out of a goddamn romcom, except there’s nothing funny or romantic about it: Namjoon accidentally switches his luggage with an honest-to-god camboy, and then unwittingly becomes one himself.


jungkook is such a pure romantic like his favorite song genre are love ballads, he said that before he dies he wants to kiss his s/o like in that movie Love 911 where the guy lifts up the woman with both hands and kisses her, and he says he’d carry around a bell because he saw in the anime Your Name that the bell would ring when you find your “soulmate”. also whenever he sings about heartbreak or love it’s like he’s experienced it before. his singing is so pure, but also sad like he’s longing for love.