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Request: “Hey this is a bit of a strange request but I’m dying to see this story in writing so could you please write something cute with a slytherin Yoongi and a ravenclaw reader at hogwarts? Pretty please~! 💗”

I’m obsessed with this idea, thanks so much for requesting it! I 100% will be writing more of these BTS x HP stories in future, I freaking love them. I really did have so much fun working on this one. I mean you combined my childhood obsession with my current obsession so of course I did ♡ I hope you enjoy it ♡

Word count: 9k
Genres: fluff, fantasy, Harry Potter AU, a hint of semi-smut
Pairing: Slytherin Yoongi x Ravenclaw Reader

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milking it. part 3. HybridAU.

Angst/Fluff/Mature Themes : Graphic descriptions of depression/ self loathing/ barely mild gore. Degradation/ sadistic Namjoon treating humans as animals. DarkScientist!NamjoonxReader/ Hybrid!AU.

DarkScientist!Namjoon hasn’t been the same since his house burned down. The only thing he was able to save was his cat, Milk. A few years later, his precious pet is now dead. Loneliness drives him to create a serum that turns humans into felines. Test subjects include his unsuspecting friends and the pizza delivery person aka, you.            

  PART: 1  2  3

  Namjoon begins to wonder if seven little kittens are too many.

 “Rot in hell, Namjoon.” Well Yoongi certainly won’t be leaving his room anytime soon. Namjoon wiped a hand over his face and closed the door to the test rooms to go get his own dinner after giving everyone their food. He had been doing the math all day and he knew he couldn’t keep this up. There were just too many of you. Initially, he thought the best way to avoid suspicion was for him to lock all of his friends up. You were an added bonus, a gift. You were his special, little kitten. However, after calculating the cost to feed, clothe and house seven people, Namjoon decided he needed to let some go. He wished he had someone to talk to about it, to help him make a decision. All his friends were now locked up and of no use. He sighed and watched the ceiling fan make rotation after rotation. He wondered if he was doing the right thing. The reason he started this experiment in the first place was to fill the void left behind in his heart but here he sat, still alone and cold. He clawed at his face, how could he be in a house full of people and still feel so…empty? He made his way back down to the basement.

   Usually, Milk would have curled up to him by now. Her soft tail would tickle his skin and fill him with all the happiness he could want. Not anymore though, Milk was gone. He opened the door to the testing rooms and looked across its contents before settling on you. You. You reminded him so much of Milk it hurt. Even now as you lay on your bed with one hand on your tummy and the other playing with the blanket below you absentmindedly. You finished your food and had slid your plate and empty milk bowl out of the small opening on the floor. By now, he trusted you all to finish your milk without supervision. He knew with all your food slots open you could easily communicate with each other but it was silent. After he caught Jungkook and Jimin yelling back and forth, he didn’t give them solid food for a day. Instead, he slid bowl after bowl of milk into their rooms as their only sustenance.

   He cleaned up everybody’s dirty dishes and closed up the rooms for the night. He lingered a moment longer in front of your room and couldn’t help himself when he opened your door. You were too addicting to him

  “Milk?” Sometimes he would call you that instead of your own name, enough times that you looked up when he said it. “I want you to help me with something. Come here, baby.” His voice was gentle and soft. He could see you were still dazed after your meal and moved sluggishly. When you met him by the door he pulled you into a light hug, savoring the feeling of your body against his. He sighed against you and pulled away to hold your hand and bring you into the hallway.

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Nobody Like You (Jungkook x You ONESHOT)

A/N: What is this sad song you made me listen too??? Oh God, the feels. You make me cry anon! And listen to Nobody Like You by Little Mix and also T-Shirt by Birdy while reading for more feels but if it didnt give you any feels than it just means my writing is not enough or you sir have a heart of steel! Hahaha

And sorry this request took soooo long!


I’m alive, if living’s just a beating heart
‘Cause we won’t admit we’ve taken it too far

Y/N smooth down her jacket as she wipe her tears and walk out from the flower shop, holding a bouquet of carnations like she always does every week. The florist shot her a sad smile and hand her her usual weekly bouquet without her even needing to say anything anymore.


Thats what is in her eyes. That is what in everybody’s eyes everytime they look at her ever since Jungkook left. Maybe they felt pity for her, being left alone now. Or maybe they are just laughing at her, for being stupid to still be pining over him.

Maybe she has taken her feelings for him too far. Maybe shes stupid and wrong to let herself falls too in love with Jeon Jungkook. Maybe shes stupid to let herself be too dependent on him. To need him in order to be happy. In order to just live.

Strong, a side of me you never found
'Cause you only see me when my guard is down
And it’s wrong, and I hate that it’s the truth
But I only like myself when I’m with you

But how can anyone blame her? Jungkook came into her life like a storm. With his doe eyes and stupid smile, she shooked up her heart like no other. His consistent effort to make her laugh through her worst days, the love he showered her with. He loved her even on her worst days. He accepted everything about her. She never have to pretend to be strong for even a second whenever shes with him. He sees right through her and tell her that everything will be alright. And everything is, just as long as Jungkook is by her side.

Shes vulnerable, weak, dependent when it comes to him. Shes imperfection and only Jungkook is able to bring out the best side of her in the midst of all her flaws. He makes her love herself, to embraced herself. She loves herself better whenever he is near.

How is she going to survive now that he’s not here?

All the little things he did for her… everything just makes her falls deeper into him. And now she cant get out. He makes her feels alive, and how is she going to do that now that hes gone?

Y/N is barely living ever since he left. She breathes. Yes. She eats, she went out and she did her usual daily routine but she cant remember a thing. The only thing she remembers is the coldness and darkness she felt at the end of the day when she comes home to an empty bed every night.

Living has no meaning ever since Jungkook left. Living is just… well, living. A beating hard. A breathing lung. But empty eyes. And a broken heart.

I know it’s love 'cause I will always be the first
To start making up excuses when it hurts

Many has tried to talk to her. To convinced her that maybe its not love. Maybe its an obsession. That she should move on. Thats the right thing to do. Jungkook left. He’s no longer here. But why is she still haunted by the memories of him?

Many tried. Oh how they tried.

And they all fail.

No one can change how she feels for him. No one can make her forget him. He can shake her, break her, hurt her. Jungkook can do anything at all. But Y/N will always forgive him. She can only see perfection in him. Perfection in every angle. Y/N will always find an excuse, a reason to convinced herself. Even when he left. And thats how she knows. Thats how she is so damn sure that what the two of them had is love. Real stupid fantastic love. Well, maybe just for her.

A one sided, real fantastic love.

He might left, she might be alone now, his memories might be the only thing that keeps her breathing, but nothing can deny the love they shared. Or used to share.

There’s just nobody else like him.

And what is she supposed to do?

But I’m alone, I’m alone, I’m alone again
And all I want, all I want is to feel again

Y/N makes her way slowly. The same usual routine she will take every weekend. With the same flowers in her hand, she passes by the same cafes and park, with the same heavy feeling in her heart. She glanced at the couple happily leaning against each other inside one of the booth with seething jealousy. That is their booth. Hers and Jungkook. Jungkook will wake her up with kisses each morning and drag her there, messy bun and oversized sweater from last night, just to tell it to her her ear how beautiful she looks. They will sit at that very booth, and he will cut up her pancakes into tiny pieces before switching the plate back to her. Smiling as he stares at her, all bunny smile and glittering eyes.

Y/N wiped off her tears that starts to wet her shirt.

I miss you Jungkook. I miss you so much. Too much.

I hate being alone. I want to feel your hands on me again. I want to hear you laugh again. I want to see you smile at me again. I just want to feel again.

Please, Jungkook. Come back.

There’s nobody like you, nobody like you
I’ve tried “goodbye” a hundred times, not one of them true

Its not that I didnt try to forget you Jungkook. I did. I really did.

Y/N sobbed on her own as she collapsed, sitting down in the middle of the walkway, passer by looking at her as if shes crazy. Maybe she is. A full grown woman crying like a little girl on a curb side, alone. She is crazy. Crazy for Jungkook. Crazy for his love. Desperate to be loved by him again.

Every week, as she make her way to him again and again, she will tell herself that this is it. Shes going to say her goodbye this time. No more tears. No more sadness. Shes going to be okay this time. But she cant. She could lie to herself, to everybody else that she really said her goodbye this time, but as the night came by and her tears once again wet the cold empty bed, she knows that her goodbye were never the truth.

So she tries again every week. Walking the same path. With the same flowers clutch in her hands. With the same memories flooding her mind as she passes by the same damn cafe and park. All on her way to see him again. To say her goodbye for one last time.

Nobody like you, nobody like you
I’m screaming, “I don’t want you,” but you know that I do
Nobody like you

“I can do this. Y/N, you can do this. I dont need him. I can live without him. I dont need you Jeon Jungkook. I dont. I dont need you. I dont want you… I dont… I dont!” Y/N repeated those words between her sobs, hoping that she might believe it at some point as she peeled herself off the curb, trying to move her weak feet again. She needs to do this. She needs to go and see him this time, and really say her goodbye. She need to tell him that she will be okay, that she will be fine, that she dont need him, doesnt want him.

But even herself know that Jungkook only needs to take one look at her to know that shes lying.

But I’m alone, I’m alone, I’m alone again
And all I want, all I want is to feel again
There’s nobody like you, nobody like you
I’ve tried “goodbye” a hundred times, not one of them true

“I’m so sorry Y/N. You know I never meant to hurt you,” Jungkook looks at her with eyes filled with exhaustion and sadness.

“Why do you lie to me! You said you will never leave me Jungkook! Why?!” Y/N is screaming, her tears are making her vision blurry as she looks at Jungkook’s pale face. “How Kookie? How am I supposed to live without you by my side? Tell me! Tell me how!”

Jungkook averted his gaze as a few drop of tears falls from his face to the floor.

“You can and you will. You will be perfectly fine without me. You will find somebody else that can make you happier. I’m sorry Y/N. But I cant give you the happiness you are looking for,”

“No!” Y/N leaps forward and take his hand. His hands are cold. As cold as his eyes. “I cant Kookie. You are everything that I want, everything that I need. Please Kookie. Theres nobody in this world that could ever replace what you mean to me!”

Jungkook pushed off her hands slowly and looks behind her shoulder to motioned for the girl to escort Y/N out.

“I’m sorry Y/N. You will be fine. I’m sure of it,” he gave one last smile. A smile she will remember forever before she is pulled out from his sight.

Oh, I wanna feel you in the dark
I could use, I could use sun
But all you left me with was scars
And that’s the hardest part

That was the last time she ever saw him. That was the last smile he ever gave her. Y/N was left in darkness since then. His words haunted her day and night. Shes stuck in darkness so dark, she could not see her way out no matter how hard she tries.

She needs Jungkook. She needs Jungkook back. He is the only sun, the only light that would ever be bright enough to brighten this darkness shes drowning in.

There’s nobody like you, nobody like you
I’ve tried “goodbye” a hundred times, not one of them true

Y/N slows her steps as she finally reached her destination. Tears are already rolling down her cheeks, palms sweaty and heart clenching with pain as she tries to smile.

“Hi Kookie…” she choked. “I miss you and I have come to see you again. Hoping that I could finally say my goodbye this time,” she looks down to the ground and the only thing that she can hear is the sound of wind blowing and birds chirping. As if its such a happy iccasion to be chirping on. She looks up again and the only thing thats looking back at her is that cold grey stone.

Jeon Jungkook
Beloved son, lover and a friend.
You will be missed.
May he rest in peace.

There’s nobody like you, nobody like you,

“I’m sorry Kookie. I know you wanted me to be happy. To let you go. To find happiness with someone else. But I cznt do it. I cant move on Kookie. I cant find my happiness without you. H-how could I?” Her tears seeped through the ground as she sat down in front of his grave, the flowers placed neatly by the headstone. “I love you so much. Its not fair how little time I had to spend with you Kookie. I need more time with you. I want you to come back,” she sobbed.

“Please come back. I need you to come back Kookie,” her shoulders shakes with how much shes crying. “I’m sorry Kookie, but I just cant let you go. I cant say my goodbye. Not yet. I’m nor ready to say goodbye to you Kookie. Or else I wont be able to live. There’s just nobody like you. Nobody Kookie… Nobody. And I will love you forever too,”

Nobody like you

“Hey Y/N?” He looks up at her with his tired eyes, tubes and wires all over his body and face. Y/N tried to conceal her tears and smile at him as she snuggle closer to him on the hospital bed.

“Yeah Kookie?”

“I love you very much. Do you know that?”

Y/N nodded. Tears are already pooling at the corner of her eyes even though she tries hard to stop it. She have to be strong for him, like he always does for her.

“I love you so much… so much that I dont want to leave you…. i want to grow old with you, marry you and have kids with you. But I’m sorry that I have to leave,” his eyes are wet now.

“Do-dont say that Kookie. You can fight this. We will fight this,”

“We both know I dont have much tine left Y/N,” he smiles at her. “You know right Y/N? You know right, that there is nobody else that could make me feel like you do right? There’s nobody like you? That I love you so much. So so much. Until the day I die, it will always be you,”

Maybe Jungkook just wanted to forget it too.
But whatever Jungkook wanted or didn’t want, Jimin really didn’t have the right to interfere. He needed to just… keep going forward with his life. To stay in motion and not look back.
Then maybe – just maybe – it would eventually get easier.
Which was also why he was currently sitting at a bar he had never been to before, a dull Tuesday night with Jungwon and two of his friends.

Home late night studying with Jin:

- making you home made snacks and food

- making sure every five minutes of you want something like food or drink

- wrapping you in a blanket and kissing your temple

- making more food

- telling you to read him textbook out loud

- making sure you aren’t going to fall asleep during studying

- playing some cute music, probably Epiphany 👅

- when he did something wrong you’ll tell him that he’s already Mr World Wide Handsome and he doesn’t have to be Mr World Wide Smart

Hi cuties! This is the end of “study with BTS” series. I hope I motivated some of you to study more effectivly and be more productive! I also thank you for feedback under some of the moodboards. That means world to me. Love you

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I love all the angst prompts. Requesting for "I can't move on from something that wasn't supposed to end!" with Seokjin.

I’m happy you love them 💗 Here you go!

You sighed after watching Seokjin storm out of the room you had just entered. After two years of not having seen each other, you would’ve thought things would be just fine if you ever got to meet again. Turns out you were wrong.

Six pair of eyes stared at you apologetically. They had invited you over after finding out you were back in town for a few days, an offer you could just not turn down. You had missed your friends after all.

Shaking it off, you were determined to try to fix what your presence had just caused, excusing yourself as you followed your ex boyfriend to his room – a room you had spent too many nights and days back then.

Two knocks on his door was all it took him to allow your entrance. A part of him couldn’t help but find comfort in the fact that you had actually gone to check up on him. Another part, however, wished you would just leave him alone.

“Hey” your soft voice still made his heart go wild. He felt delusional. “Are you alright?”

He shrugged, not bringing himself to look you in the eye.

“Jin-ie” you begun, only to be cut off by him; the nickname you used to call him when you were together touching a nerve of his.

“Don't–” he shook his head, “don’t call me that if you’re not here to get back to what we used to be”.

You bit your lip, lowering your head. All this time, not once had it crossed your mind that he was not doing alright after your breakup. You liked to think he was doing just great – thrilling, actually.

Getting closer to him, you sat by his side on the bed, making sure not to invade his personal space; you being in the dorms and, even more, in his room, was invasive enough.

“It’s been two years, Jin” you said in what felt more like a whisper. His head turned to you, letting you see his teary eyes. “I thought you’d have moved on by now”.

“I can’t move on from something that wasn’t supposed to end!” he snapped, making your body lean slightly back due to the surprise. “Don’t you get it?” he lowered his voice, calming himself down as he didn’t want to fight, “I just can’t, because our relationship deserved so much better”.

You nodded. He was right. But what else could you do? “It’s my job” you tried to reason with him, “what would’ve you done if you were in my place?”

He shook his head, focusing his gaze somewhere else you were not. It was funny, how all the years you were together he was scared his job would be the reason of your relationship becoming hard to keep up with, but in the end, it was yours the one who put an end to you as a couple. The difference was, he would’ve fought for you, whilst you had made a choice of your own – a choice that placed him second after your career, letting him know it was your main priority.

He didn’t have it in himself to call you selfish, it was your life after all. He did not have it in himself to hate you either. He just wished you would’ve fought harder for what you had instead of breaking his heart by so suddenly moving away.

“Can you please leave me alone?” he begged, once again avoiding your eyes.

You felt a tug at your heart. It wasn’t easy for you either; you hated both seeing him hurt and the way your relationship had ended, but you had came to terms with it being over for good. You once had a perfect relationship you would treasure in your memory until the end of your days, but that was it.

“I know it’s hard, but I want you to move on” you let him know as you stood up. “I know it’s my fault but I hate seeing you like this. I moved on, Jin” he looked down at the sound of your words, however, you felt it was the final push he needed to finally carry on with his life, “so should you”.

By Its Cover (M)

The one where Jungkook makes a horrifically bad first impression. 

Pairing: Jungkook x reader 

Warnings: Jungkook is actually an absolute sweetheart.  Smut; kissing, handjobs, fingering and unprotected penetrative sex. 

Word Count: 21K

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Loitering at the edge of the curb that sits just outside your second-floor flat, you exhale a heavy sigh. There’s a long night at work ahead of you, no doubt; taking orders, making idle chitchat - standing on your feet for hours on end - and honestly, the idea of it has you feeling far less than enthused. 

It’s not as though you hate your job. The tips are good and the kitchen staff are skilled enough that you rarely ever have to deal with any complaints, and given that your parents own the place it’s not as though it’s ever a struggle to change your shift or take the day off. Still, some days even the most motivated employees don’t feel like working, and today is one of those days.

Pulling your phone from your back pocket, you make sure to glance from left to right to check for oncoming traffic before succumbing to the lure of the sixth-inch screen now rested in your palm. You’re already smiling as you open the message that’s awaiting you; a reply from Namjoon confirming the plans you’d made to go see a film together this weekend - strictly as friends, of course. As handsome as Namjoon is, the two of you shared far too many childhood paddling pools growing up to ever be able to consider each other as anything more than the very best of friends - a good thing, really, considering he’s about as straight as a right angle.

You step off of the pavement, head bent low as your thumbs tap out a reply to the lightly teasing tone in which he so often texts you; so absorbed by the technology in your hand that you don’t even see the motorbike that’s speeding down the road, heading directly across your path. It’s not until it’s almost right on top of you that you even hear the engine’s roar, but as soon as your brain registers the sound it stops your body in its tracks, reflexively flinching backwards just in time to narrowly avoid being hit by anything more than a strong gust of wind as it careens past.

Panic-stricken, you very nearly drop your phone as you stumble back onto the safety of the pavement, hands shaking, and you don’t even really realise you’re yelling until people around you have started to stop and stare. The woman who’d seen it all happen and had originally begun to approach you to offer her aid has now thought better of it; crossing over to the other side of the road rather than deal with the adrenaline-fuelled rage that has you spewing a litany of curses after the motorcyclist and sticking your first and middle finger up in the air. You know he won’t be able to hear a word of it but you don’t let that stop you, only ending your tirade once his dot of dark hair has disappeared from sight and the sound of his motorbike has faded in the distance; a gentle, distant purr.

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Carnal Cupidity (M)

[ Cupidity (noun) /kjuːˈpɪdɪti/ : eager or excessive desire, esp. to possess something: greed; avarice. from the latin cupiditas, meaning “yearning and "desire”; synonymous with “lust.” ]

Pairing: Taehyung x reader

Genre: Smut, Alphawolf!Tae

words: 9k

Warnings: rated M, explicit descriptions of sexual content, breeding/impreg, biting, mentions of blood, cum play, creampie, light degradation, strong language, knotting, rough but still weirdly domestic werewolf sex, generic heat trope tbh lol

A/N: this is unedited af so i’ll do it later but i truly hope you guys will enjoy this piece of trash and thanks for being patient with my messy self! <3 

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watch your mouth ⦚ kth

Originally posted by taehobiyoongi

PAIRING taehyung x reader

GENRE smut, slight fluff


WARNINGS  dirty talk, oral sex (m & f receiving), phone sex, fingering, slight edging, breath play, finger sucking, masturbation, slight degradation, cream pie 

NOTES ⌟  this is a repost from one of my previous accounts that i forgot about until i was cleaning up my docs lmao

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Exitus Acta Probat

Title: Exitus Acta Probat

Word Count: 7.2K+

Rating: NSFW

Genre: Drama, Thriller, Smut

Warnings: Kidnapping, Guns, Minor Violence, Mentions of Drugs, Possessive/Dominant Behavior, Manipulation, Dubious Consent, Unprotected Sex, Vaginal Fingering, Oral Sex (F Receiving), Hand Job, Cream Pie, Dirty Talk, Breath Play, Come Play, Praise Kink, 

Pairings: Mafia!Yoongi x Reader

Summary: “All you need to know is that my name is Yoongi and you’re mine now.”

Written By: Admin B

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Blackjack (IX)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jungkook

Creative Contributor: @moonmangyu with the moodboard …………. just out here, doing this shit again like damn

Rating: 18+ (explicit sex, explicit violence)

Warnings: physical/sexual abuse (historical), + vanillaaaaaa

Word Count: 10,587

Summary: Bangtan is one of the most vicious mafias on the west coast. Only six members are known by name though, with a mysterious seventh member dubbed only as ‘the shadow.’ When you become indebted to the worst of the worst – how, exactly can you find a way out?

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kits n cubs | kim namjoon (m)

Originally posted by btsasshit

pairing: Namjoon x Reader
genre/warnings: smut, fluff, redfoxhybrid!namjoon, oral(female receiving), animalistic tendencies, mentions of ruts, knotting, unrealistic amounts of orgasms/cum, unrealistic pregnancy standards.
words: 6482
summary: Winter is coming and so is Namjoon’s rut, but when an off hand comment gets you thinking, your future is about to get a lot more exciting.

a/n: Happy Namjoon Day! This is a twist on the Namjoon conception request I got from an anon :)

It’s become so routine that each time you hear the door open as of late, you can almost count the amount of seconds perfectly until Namjoon reaches you, instantly making a beeline for wherever you are in the house the moment he walks in. And today he doesn’t have very far to go at all, spotting you at the end of the hall the moment he opens the door, and you hide a shudder at the snap of autumn chilled air that sweeps through until he pushes it shut again.

“Hey baby~.” He almost skips towards you, large frame tumbling down the hall to jerk to a stop at your back, and you hide your smile behind a bitten lip when he leans in to affectionately nuzzle his nose in the crook of your neck. His hair flops about around the pointy ears atop his head, and the fluffy tip tickles your cheek as you turn into his embrace, relaxing into his warmth.

“How was your day?” He releases you just enough as you speak to allow you to turn in his hold, and you lift your arms to wind around his neck before leaning up to press your lips to his cheek.

“Mmm, it was alright. Busy day at work though, I’m definitely happy to be back here with you.” Namjoon pulls you even tighter to his chest, and for a moment the two of you stand there just enjoying the embrace, his hand slowly trailing through the ends of your hair while yours stroke across the expanse of his shoulders.

Drawing in a deep breath where your scent is the strongest right below your ear, Namjoon sighs happily before pulling back with tangible reluctance, ears flickering slightly on his head as he turns towards the kitchen. “You hungry? I got takeout.”

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Nocturne (M)

Pairing: Yoongi x reader

Words: 9.2k

Genre: Smut, a dash of greek mythology, fantasy, male nymph!Yoongi

Warnings: Graphic sexual descriptions, magical intoxication, virgin!reader, unrealistic depictions of sex inside water

summary: The world, human as well as divine, would rather forget about a shocking scandal that occurred amongst the gods, and so they also forgot about the beautiful, but cursed creature that had been conceived through said event. This caused him to live a solitary life, one where the gentle breeze through the leaves, the chirping birds in the trees, the koi in the springs and the fireflies in the night established the only form of companionship. And then, he felt your eyes on him

A/N: FUCKING FINALLY! this fic has been long overdue, as i have been tweaking and rewriting this since last year! I’m very happy i can finally share this with you guys. Since this is a different approach, some experimenting with my writing style, i hope it doesn’t disappoint and that you can still enjoy it! 

special thanks to @vankoya and @tayegi for reading it over and giving me advice! @trbld-writer@thules , @sydist ( stella idk if you’re still active on tumblr rip :( ) i’m sad the collab from which this fic originated never happened, but i’m dedicating this one to you guys! 


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