By Its Cover (M)

The one where Jungkook makes a horrifically bad first impression. 

Pairing: Jungkook x reader 

Warnings: Jungkook is actually an absolute sweetheart.  Smut; kissing, handjobs, fingering and unprotected penetrative sex. 

Word Count: 21K

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Loitering at the edge of the curb that sits just outside your second-floor flat, you exhale a heavy sigh. There’s a long night at work ahead of you, no doubt; taking orders, making idle chitchat - standing on your feet for hours on end - and honestly, the idea of it has you feeling far less than enthused. 

It’s not as though you hate your job. The tips are good and the kitchen staff are skilled enough that you rarely ever have to deal with any complaints, and given that your parents own the place it’s not as though it’s ever a struggle to change your shift or take the day off. Still, some days even the most motivated employees don’t feel like working, and today is one of those days.

Pulling your phone from your back pocket, you make sure to glance from left to right to check for oncoming traffic before succumbing to the lure of the sixth-inch screen now rested in your palm. You’re already smiling as you open the message that’s awaiting you; a reply from Namjoon confirming the plans you’d made to go see a film together this weekend - strictly as friends, of course. As handsome as Namjoon is, the two of you shared far too many childhood paddling pools growing up to ever be able to consider each other as anything more than the very best of friends - a good thing, really, considering he’s about as straight as a right angle.

You step off of the pavement, head bent low as your thumbs tap out a reply to the lightly teasing tone in which he so often texts you; so absorbed by the technology in your hand that you don’t even see the motorbike that’s speeding down the road, heading directly across your path. It’s not until it’s almost right on top of you that you even hear the engine’s roar, but as soon as your brain registers the sound it stops your body in its tracks, reflexively flinching backwards just in time to narrowly avoid being hit by anything more than a strong gust of wind as it careens past.

Panic-stricken, you very nearly drop your phone as you stumble back onto the safety of the pavement, hands shaking, and you don’t even really realise you’re yelling until people around you have started to stop and stare. The woman who’d seen it all happen and had originally begun to approach you to offer her aid has now thought better of it; crossing over to the other side of the road rather than deal with the adrenaline-fuelled rage that has you spewing a litany of curses after the motorcyclist and sticking your first and middle finger up in the air. You know he won’t be able to hear a word of it but you don’t let that stop you, only ending your tirade once his dot of dark hair has disappeared from sight and the sound of his motorbike has faded in the distance; a gentle, distant purr.

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i’m soft for jimin’s smile

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simply.cute97 → jjk

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↳  pairing: jungkook/reader | fluff, smut

↳  au: cam couple!au

↳  warnings: sex work, masturbation (male and female), mutal masturbation, dirty talk, fingering, loss of virginity, jungkook’s got a virgin kink apparently

↳  word count: 6.5k

⁙  summary: you’re popular camgirl simply.cute97. domjeon09 is your biggest fan.

⁛  A/N: this is a repost from my old blog. this is def one of my favorite fics ever! i hope you enjoy if you’ve read it already~

unoffical sister fic | blog masterlist

Jungkook glanced at the time, knowing your stream was going to start at any moment. Typing in the URL ‘’ into the address bar, he was quick to log in. You were always cutest when you first started the show and you were still feeling shy.

username: domjeon09

It didn’t take long for him to go to his subscriptions and find you, after all you were his only favorited account to make it easy to find your videos.

Favorites (1)


You were his all time favorite camgirl on the website. He had watched various before but none had ever gotten him to feel the way you did. You were so cute and soft in comparison to the other girls who would dirty talk and scream their pleasure out on camera; you preferred to keep things relaxed and calm and let your shy personality enchant those who watched you.

You were one of the most popular on the site, Jungkook mused it was because you were a virgin. Guys had some kind of kink for that shit. Your videos were frequently flooded with men begging to be your first, but Jungkook wasn’t like that at all. He was attracted to that cute personality of yours.

He clicked to see your live had just started.

Right on time as usual.

He sat back in his chair, watching you on the screen as you smiled shyly.

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moan wars (m)

After being forced to listen to Yoongi and his girlfriend fucking loudly in the room next to his, Jungkook decides that two can play that game.

pairing: yoongi x reader x jungkook

genre: university!au, smut, humor, a little fluff, oneshot

wordcount: 13.6k

inspired by this request


warnings: masturbation, handjob, fingering, dirty talk, oral, rough sex, sloppy seconds, auralism/voyeurism, slight kink-shaming, slight blood/gore

“Oh, fuck, yes. Yoongi, baby, harder. Please, harder.”

Jungkook squeezed his eyes shut, reaching for one of his pillows to place it over his face. All he wanted to do was sleep. All he wanted was to focus on school and get through his core classes as quickly as possible so he could work on the actually interesting and fun classes of his major. What he definitely didn’t want was to have to listen to his roommate fucking you in the room right beside his.

“Right there. Oh my god, right there. Yes, yes yes. Yoongi, fuck. I love you so much.”

Jungkook grimaced, pressing the pillow over his ears as tightly as he could to drown out the sound of your voice. He’d really thought he’d hit the jackpot when he found this apartment. It was close to campus. The rent was affordable. There was a variety of eating places nearby as well as a library and internet café. And Min Yoongi had seemed nice enough. Not overly friendly by any means, but he was quiet and generous. The older boy said he’d picked Jungkook out of all of the interested parties because he remembered how hard it’d been when he first started university. He wanted to pass some kindness on to Jungkook that he wished he could’ve received and had given Jungkook a break as a result of it. Now three months in to the semester, Jungkook was more certain that Yoongi had picked him over the other interested applicants because Jungkook was shy. Shy and awkward and timid and not about to say a single word about his overly-loud girlfriend that rivalled even the most vocal pornstar he’d ever watched.

Jungkook had nothing against you as a person. He actually kind of enjoyed having you around when you weren’t locked inside Yoongi’s bedroom. You were far warmer than Yoongi, much more outgoing and friendly than he was by far. You were always eager to include Jungkook, whether it be a game night that you forced Yoongi to participate in or a simple movie night when Jungkook would awkwardly sit in the armchair while you cuddled with Yoongi on the couch. You often cooked for them, always making sure to make an extra plate for Jungkook even if he wasn’t home yet. You had a special knack in making Jungkook feel comfortable around you, easing his anxiousness in the way that you never minded how little he actually spoke.

But why did you have to be so fucking loud? It didn’t help that the apartment was set up with both bedrooms directly next to each other, only a thin wall separating the two. But the longer he’d lived there, the more convinced Jungkook became that you were purposely getting louder. The first few times he’d had to listen to you having sex next door, you’d been somewhat quiet. It was clear what was taking place in the bedroom next to his, but Jungkook had easily been able to ignore the sounds you were making by focusing on his coursework. But that hadn’t lasted long. Each time now you seemed to get louder and louder, more vocal about what exactly you wanted Yoongi to do to you, how much you craved him, how he made you feel, and on and on you would go.

Jungkook had been good about it at first. When you started to get louder, he just started wearing headphones, turning the music up to match your moans so he wouldn’t hear them. He’d felt too awkward about it at first, fearing that he wouldn’t be able to look you in the face the next time he saw you without remembering the noises. But things had remained mostly normal between you two. Maybe a few extra blushes from Jungkook but nothing that would give away how acquainted Jungkook was becoming with your sex life.

“Mmmm, yes, baby, yes. You feel so good, Yoongi. Your cock is so big, oh my god. Just fuck me.”

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;snack thief (m)

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pairing— jeon jungkook x reader
genre/warnings— smut; oral (female receiving), some type of dry humping? (I googled and it seems to he called intercrural sex? basically jungkook fucks between ur thighs lmao), established relationship, fluffy and domesticated 🤧
words— 3,139

Jungkook steals your snacks while you’re away. Can he make it up to you? He’ll try his best…

a/n— just something small i originally started for his birthday! Was going to scrap it altogether because I was too busy to finish on time, but i thought it would be a shame, so here you go, take this mindless drabble 😭

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Punch Drunk

➭ “Min Yoongi talks with his fists, and the only language he knows is one of anger and pain. He’s damaged, untouchable, a boxing underdog with something to prove. You are the sister of Yoongi’s rival - Jeon Jungkook, the number one elite boxer in your prefecture - and as Yoongi soon discovers, you are also his one and only weakness.

  • pairing: yoongi x reader
  • genre: boxer au, smut, angst
  • wordcount: 33k

❀ 6 / 8 of my oneshot requests

** warnings: violence, descriptions of blood and injury, gambling references, heavy themes, mentions of death, drug references, slow burn, rough sex, breathplay, unprotected sex, cumplay, facial, light analplay, derogatory language during sex

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OMG I’M CRYING 😭😭💜 More than 5 years have passed. 

They have grown up so much & so have we. 😭It feels like yesterday I was watching their debut trailer 😭💜Omg I keep singing the Graduation song 😂

Video Credit (for gif) : Planet Peach

A/N: have a good day 🌸

IDOL MV & LY: Answer Detailed Analysis 


BTS As Boyfriends:

JinYoongi HoseokNamjoonJiminTaehyungJungkook

BTS being clingy & wanting to cuddle with you: Hyung LineMaknae Line

GOT7 reaction: Doing youtube challenges with you (S/O)

block party (m) ⎪01

pairing: reader x jeon jungkook

word count: 4k

genre: neighbor au, enemies to lovers au, smut, slight angst

warnings: explicit sex, oral sex (m receiving), dirty talk, dom!jungkook, degradation, fingering, slight humiliation, overstimulation, multiple orgasms, masturbation, basically pwp

summary: moving into your new apartment brings back memories of your biggest mistake.

a/n: so. i had planned for this to be originally a one shot but it became to long and i thought i was never gonna finish it. i was stressed out about not posting for a month and that stress hindered me from writing, so i figured if i do a series instead, i would at least have something down and it would give me time to think coherently about the next chapters instead of publishing shit just for the sake of it. hope this is enough for you guys! sorry!

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Terms of Endearment (M)

 Kim Taehyung saved you, in more ways than one. Despite how unorthodox his methods of affection were, you couldn’t say anything – besides, he never went too far. Nothing was ‘too far’ when it came to keeping you by his side, right?

Pairing: Yandere! Kim Taehyung x Reader | (implied) future! Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst, Smut, university au! yandere au!

Warnings: violence, death, non-con marking, graphic descriptions of gore, abuse (and mentions of it), stockholm syndrome; smut warnings - (major)sadism + masochism, dom + sub tones, dirty talk, oral (receiving & giving), overstimulation, multiple orgasms

Notes: !!!HEAVILY INSPIRED BY ‘KILLING STALKING’!!! Please do not read if you are faint of heart, and I definitely do not support ANY of this. And I am definitely not romanticising this toxicity. I haven’t edited this.. well… soz lol.

masterlist | 18.3k Words

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clientele: cheat → myg

↳ pairing: yoongi/reader | smut

↳ au: escort!au

↳ warnings: cheater!yoongi, sex work, face fucking, sir kink, dirty talk, slut shaming, yoongi calls u nasty names, spanking, multiple orgasms. choking

↳ word count: 3.1k

⁙ summary: in your little black book, min yoongi is your client tonight.

⁛ A/N: this….this has absolutely filthy dirty talk. good luck.

Friday, 8 December 2018. 11:30PM.

Client: Min Yoongi

Kinks: Choking, Spanking, Degradation, Sir Kink.

New Client. Mr. Min has requested I remain submissive and I do not address him by name, but simply by “Sir”. Charging him $2,000 for an hour of service delivered to your PayPal 24 hours before meeting.

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after party || min yoongi (m)

pairing: Yoongi x Reader

genre: smut || producer!Yoongi

warnings: dom/sub undertones, jealousy, choking, manhandling, overstimulation, tongue technology (receiving and giving), spanking, slight cum play, unprotected sex, dirty talk, degradation if you squint, an unnecessary amount of Daddy kink, a lot of other things || unedited

word count: 5.6k+

summary: Dancing with Hoseok the entire night after a concert and leaving for the bathroom with him under Yoongi’s very angry, challenging gaze seemed like a good idea in theory, but now that you’re back at his place, you’re starting to question your decision because he certainly plans on making you regret it.

song rec:  The Weeknd - The Party and the After Party


You giggled as you stumbled into Yoongi’s apartment, not really taking much time to look around as you felt the fuming man approach you. He skipped the kitchen or living room and lead you directly into the bedroom, where he closed the door behind him and finally turned around to you, watching you with a displeased look on his face, very different from his general facial expressions. You had never seen him like that and to be completely honest, it kind of scared you but at the same time, a part of you was deeply intrigued by what he had in store for you.

You licked your lips under his burning gaze and sat down on the bed, watching him carefully as he leaned against the wall and watched you with a deeply intrigued gaze.

“So?” he started and the beginning of this assumed-to-be argument confused you because he seemed angry when he saw you at the club but now he was calm and laid back, despite the fire in his eyes and the fact that he looked like he was plotting something. That made your skin tingle and for a moment you had the feeling that you were playing a game and that made you excited. But you had to keep your composure if you wanted this to play out nice and if walking was something you had within your plans for the next couple of days.

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