Unconditionally - Part 6

Genre: Werewolf! BTS, Supernatural, Romance, Fluff, Slight Angst, Smut

Pairing: Werewolf! BTS x Reader

Warnings: none in this chapter

Summary: Y/N’s life was far from normal. All seven of her childhood friends are werewolves who are very attached to her.

Authors Note: Here is part 6! It took me a bit to write this part. I had some major writing block but I pushed through! I hope you enjoy it!

Post Date: 9/21/18

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The next morning you woke up feeling like your lady bits were going to fall out of your body. You sat up in bed, two wolves snoozing on either side of you. Your mind wandered over the events of last night. A blush crawled up your neck. It felt so surreal. You suddenly felt restless, so you crawled out of bed and exited the bedroom. Admittedly, you were walking funny. Almost like a cowboy with his legs spread too far apart. You walked into the kitchen and found it empty. Unknown tension slipped out of your shoulders. You had no idea how you would interact with the rest of the boys now.

You grabbed a cup of coffee and hobbled out onto the porch. Fresh dew sparkled on the grass blades while birds sang their morning songs. You sighed and watched steam swirl up from your mug. Your peace was shattered once you heard the sliding glass door open. It was Hobi, his hair sticking up at all angles, eyes puffy from sleep. He came over to the porch swing you were on and sat next to you.

“How come you got out of bed?” he asked, arms wrapping around you.

“I was up,” you said simply. Hobi kissed your cheek and rested his head on your shoulder.

“How are you feeling?” he asked.

“Pretty sore actually,” you said. Roses bloomed on your cheeks.

“That was a lot for your first time,” Hoseok said. He pulled you to lay your back against his chest as he hugged you from behind. The only sounds that could be heard were woodpeckers pecking and birds chirping.

“How are you feeling?” you asked.

“Amazing,” he breathed. “I finally got to be with you…in that way.” You smiled shyly and kissed his arm while murmuring his name. His arms felt so safe and secure. A low bark sounded from the edge of the yard. A large black wolf stalked toward the two of you, eyes focused and intense.

“Taehyung,” you said as the wolf jumped onto the swing. Most of the boys looked similar in their wolf forms, but you always instinctively knew who’s who. You placed your coffee cup on the nearby table and watched as Taehyung stared down Hoseok. A rumbling chuckle sounded from behind you.

“Taehyung is saying I’ve already spent enough time with you.” Heat flourished under your cheeks as you looked down. Did they hear you last night? There was no way they could not with their impeccable hearing. Hoseok slipped out from behind you and bid you farewell with a kiss on your head.

You watched him slip back inside, momentarily distracted by the way he moved. When you turned back around Taehyung was human and very naked. Your hands flew to your eyes. “T-Tae what are you doing?” Grinning from ear to ear, Taehyung hugged your waist and laid his head on your chest.
“I’m getting my alone time with you. Last night was torture.” His fingers ran up and down your back as he talked, his voice low.

“O-Oh,” was all you managed to say. “Could you cover up?”

“Oh…yeah. Sorry!” You felt Taehyung get off you and slip the thin blanket off the back of the swing. After a moment you felt Taehyung grab your arms and slowly pull your hands down. He grinned at you. “All done.” You couldn’t help but smile back. He had tied the blanket around his waist. Tae snuggled close to you and kissed you on your cheek. His lips lingered for a moment before he kissed you again.

Silence followed after he parted from your cheek. Taehyung put his hand on your knee and looked at you with a serious expression. “I want to be with you too,” he said. The meaning of his words immediately struck you. Taehyung watched your expression as he licked his lips. You looked down at his hand on your knee. Have his hands always been this large? They were the hands of a man, veins traveling up to his knuckles. You swallowed before looking into his eyes again. A small smirk pulled the corner of his lips up.

“Me t-“

“-Good morning Y/N. What would you like for breakfast?” Seokjin had stepped out onto the porch, interrupting your response.

“S-Seokjin!” You jumped in surprise. Taehyung mumbled something under his breath before he stood from the swing and slipped inside. Seokjin took his spot and fixed you with a gentle smile. You watched him for a moment, heart thumping wildly in your chest. If Taehyung heard you, then so did Seokjin. You swallowed as you remembered his question.

“Um, I’m not sure.” You dropped your gaze to your lap. Seokjin stroked your head, smoothing back your hair.

“What about eggs benedict?” he asked.

“Yeah, that would be nice.” He smiled gently at you and stroked your head. His fingers tucked a strand of hair behind your ear. You smiled shyly at him as he rose from his seat.

“I’ll get that started.”

You made your way back inside once your cup of coffee ran dry. Seokjin was at the stove, fixing breakfast. At the table was Hoseok and Namjoon. You sat down across from Namjoon. The two of you immediately made eye contact. He gave you a dimpled smile.

“Good morning,” he said.

“Morning Joon. Did you sleep well?” As soon as the words were out of your mouth you wished to shove them back in.

“I did,” he replied. You swallowed your anxiety and nodded. You realized that Taehyung was probably the only wolf to be so forward about what happened last night. All of you were adults and sex happens. In fact, it has been happening, you just didn’t know it.

The rest of the morning went well. Yoongi eventually came out of your room, immediately kissing you in greeting. You blushed as all the other boys watched. Everyone, besides Jungkook ate Seokjin’s delicious eggs benedict. You had yet to see hide nor hair of the youngest. Your aching body begged for a hot bath, so you scrambled into the bathroom as soon as your plate was empty.

Steam rose from the vanilla-scented water. You sighed as the warmth soothed your aching muscles. For a while, you just watched water drip slowly from the faucet. That was until your mind wandered to last night. You replayed the way it started. It escalated so quickly, but you didn’t regret a thing. You were surprised Yoongi and Hoseok were so dominant in bed. Yoongi had been quite confident too. You shivered despite the bath’s warmth.

You looked down at your body and saw it differently. Now it was something that tantalized others and pleasured those you love. It was as if your body had matured overnight. This was a woman’s body. One that knew the touch of a lover.

Steam rolled out of the door as you exited the bathroom. You saw a black tail escape around the corner. Who was that? You jogged after the tail into the living room, but it was empty. Furrowing your brow, you scanned the room. Across the way was a petrified wolf named Jungkook. He had one paw raised above the ground, large eyes bulging out of his skull. He looked like a cartoon character who had frozen mid-step.

“Jungkook?” You took a step forward, only to send the wolf scampering away. It was odd to see an apex predator act so frightened. “What’s the matter?” you asked yourself. Not wanting to push his boundaries, you decided not to seek him out again.

After dinner, Seokjin and you decided to watch a movie in your room. The two of you sat up against your headboard, legs under the covers. It took Seokjin all of ten minutes to snuggle closer to you, wrapping an arm around your shoulder and hugging you close. His hand felt to your waist and you felt your heart jump up into your throat. Despite this you turned in toward him and let your arm lay across his stomach. You looked up only to find him smiling at you. His plush lips pressed into your forehead lovingly. A giddy smile stretched across your face.

The movie was paused as you both took bathroom breaks. When you reconvened on the bed, Seokjin brought you into his arms. You settled into position, fingers drawing figures in his shirt.

“Seokjin,” you said.


“Is something wrong with Jungkook?” You lifted your head and sat up to make eye contact with him. A smile played at his lips.

“He’s just a bit shyer than the rest of us,” he said.

“Shyer?” Seokjin simply nodded in response. It clicked for you then. He was shy about what happened between you, Yoongi and Hoseok. “Oh,” you said.

“He’ll be okay eventually,” he said with an assuring tone.

“I hope so. I haven’t seen him all day.” Seokjin sat up and turned his body toward yours.

“I have something I want to ask you,” he said. To your surprise, Seokjin’s cheeks were shining like rubies. You nodded. “Okay.” His hands grasped yours.

“Would you like to go out to dinner with me Friday night?” Your heart seized in your chest. Of course, you were aware of his feelings for you, but you had never been asked out on a date.

“Y-Yes. I would love to,” you stuttered. The wolf broke out into a large grin. He hugged you in glee.

“Great! I’ll make reservations.”

The movie resumed with the two of you intertwined. The heroine had just discovered her family’s secret when there was a knock on the door.

“Come in,” you said. Seokjin reached for the remote and paused the movie. Jungkook popped his head into the room, a meek expression on his face.

“Jungkook,” you started.

The youngest ran and jumped on the bed, snuggling his face into your neck. His arms wrapped around your form.

“Sorry,” he mumbled against your skin. Your hands came up to smooth down the back of his hair.

“It’s alright. I understand.” Jungkook sat up and gave you a shy grin. Seokjin leaned forward and kissed Jungkook’s cheek. He blushed and mumbled a soft “hyung.” You couldn’t help but kiss his other cheek, watching his reaction. True to form, Jungkook ducked his head and grabbed your hand. He simply held it for a moment before kissing your knuckles.

It was your turn to be demure. You bit down a shy laugh and squeezed his hand. Eventually the three of you settled back in and resumed the movie. Jungkook snuggled up to your other side, head resting on your shoulder. This close, you could smell his floral shampoo. The scent relaxed you and soon you dozed off.

The next day you had a flock of butterflies in your stomach. This would be your first shift with Youngjae after the kiss. You felt bad that you left him hanging without a proper response. Youngjae was a sweet kid. You would rather rip the band-aid off then let the wound fester.

Thankfully your shift was in the morning, so you had time before customers arrived. Your heart still ached from the goodbye hugs and kisses you received at the door. At this point you were certain you’d be grey by 35. You thought of them to try and calm your nerves. It warmed your heart but further angered the butterflies.

You exited the backroom, mumbling “rip the band-aid” under your breath. Hurried footsteps sounded from behind you.

“Y/N!” a voice called. You turned around, ceasing your mantra. Youngjae stood before you, wringing his hands.

“Oh, hi. Um, actually I was looking for you.” Youngjae’s eyes lit up with hope that burned your heart. “About what happened…between us. I’m flattered, but I don’t feel the same way.” His expression fell.

“Oh. Okay. I’m sorry about being so…forward. I should’ve asked you first,” he said.

“That would’ve been best,” you said. He looked down at his shoes and scuffed the floor. You wanted to say something like ‘I hope we can still be friends,’ but the sentence died in your throat. Who knew if that would be the case.

“Are we still good?” he asked, lifting his head. You smiled, relief flooding you.

“Yes. We’re still good.”

“Good,” he said, his lips lifting into a smile.

Next - Part 7

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omg 12 with Jimin PLEASE I love the one with Jungkook and I need some Jimin action 😍 😈😈

12. “Come sit on my lap.”

Word Count: 1,413

Warning: literally just cursing and slight mature parts

A/N: haha wow yes I still had this in my inbox

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Hate. Is it really that much of a ‘strong’ word? I mean, would you still use it to describe your emotions towards someone who manages to irk and get on every single nerve cell in your body?

Heck, you sure did it. Every. Day. If someone were to ask you right now who is it that makes a scorn imprint itself upon your face, you’d look them straight in the eyes and proud say his name.

Park Jimin.

That son of a bitch just loves to torment you. Watching your face turn even the slightest red was something he could get off to. Oh, but he acts as though he doesn’t like it. By playing the innocent fool in front of society’s eyes to keep his ‘image’ in place. But you saw through his act.

Anything that came out those damn lusciously pink lips was just a wrapped up lie with a bow. Why did you hate him so much was everyone’s question since he was a complete angel to them. To them that is. Whenever you two were alone, even for a split second, his true colors would shine.

An unbelievably over-sexual pervert. His playful behavior towards you may seem harmless, but it wasn’t. He took part sullying your reputation. Aiding in the spread of rumors and putting the blame of everything on you. Of course you tried to stick up for yourself, however, who were they gonna believe? You or Jimin’s unduly innocent features.

You just couldn’t stand him. Your friends understood this. So why would they invite him to the movies on a ‘friend’s only night’. Well, Taehyung was already close with Jimin and Jungkook wanted Tae to tag along. Guess there was no other choice right? Wrong.

“Hey, I thought we agreed that he isn’t allowed in our friend circle?!” You stressed, pulling Jungkook to the side, opposite of the car which carried most of everybody. “Y/N chill,” Jungkook looked back, seeing as how Taehyung entered the jam-packed vehicle, he can speak louder. “You know I just want to seem cool in front of these guys. I asked Taehyung to join, he brought Jimin all on his own.”

You squinted your eyes in annoyance. Jungkook’s sheepish smile wasn’t changing the way you felt. “But you know he’s gonna bother me all night.” Your lips formed into a pout as your legs resisted its urge to stomp. Jungkook begged you to tolerate him. Just for one night. One movie and you won’t have to see him again.

After some persuasive reasoning and a promise of cany at the movies, you agreed. Jungkook only wanted you to tolerate him, he didn’t say anything about acknowledging him.

When you walked over to your friend’s car, the door opened to reveal a smirking Jimin, sitting in your seat. However, you didn’t comment. You thought the passenger’s seat was free until you noticed yet another person tagging along. Everyone brought a friend except you. Well, Jungkook and Namjoon were your only friends.

Now you were conflicted about joining them and their plus ones. Well in Jungkook’s case, plus two. Jungkook then realized how there wasn’t enough space for you and was about to offer his seat- until Jimin beat him to it.

“Come sit on my lap.” The male stroked his hands along his thick thighs, spreading them apart just slightly.

His very words made you wanna punch him. “Or Y/N, you can have my seat.” Jungkook still offered, noticing the irritation across your face in the street light. You bit your lip, ignoring Jimin and turning on your heels to enter the car from Jungkook’s side until Jimin steps out to pull you inside.

“No no, there is plenty of space over here, besides, Jungkook is too big for my lap in this car.” Jimin referred to Jungkook’s body portions compared to the car’s limited space options. His boldness was soon going to make you snap. Taehyung sat in the middle of this, feeling the tension and drama in the air. He had no problem moving for you, but he felt too awkward to intervene.  

You let out a long-awaited sigh, mentally fighting yourself as you fixed yourself on his lap. Jimin hid his smirk behind your back, closing the car door and shifting to get 'comfortable’.

Jungkook did the same and Namjoon drove out of your driveway. You held on the car neck in front of you, doing your best to ignore the feeling of Jimin’s eyes on you and his thighs rocking into you each time Namjoon went over a bump. The car may only have the dim lights of both Jungkook and Taehyung’s lit phones, although you were not totally blind.

Jin turned up the radio to fill our the awkward silence. Still afterward, they conversed amongst each other. Except for you and Jimin of course. Namjoon then went over another speed bump, too quickly, causing you to rise until Jimin grabbed your waist and pulled you down. Jin, the guy you presumed his name to be after hearing him be called that, scolded Namjoon.

Jimin’s hands still secured your waist, so you turned your head around to finally talk to him. “Don’t touch me.” Your tone was threatening. You heard him scoff, his pointer finger tapping against your hip as he brought his face closer to yours. “But what if you get hurt Y/N, we wouldn’t want that, now would we?”

You rolled your eyes. “I’m already on your lap, getting hurt seems impossible..stupid.” Muttering that last part when you turned around, you started to shift on his lap. The fabric of his jeans felt uncomfortable against yours. Therefore, you kept fidgeting, trying to find the right position.

“Girl…” Jimin’s breathy voice along with both of his hands gripping your hips, cease your movement. “Stop doing that.”

A hint of vexation laced his words. Did you suddenly irk him? If so, you weren’t going to stop. Letting out a fake apology as you continued to rub your ass between his legs. Then it occurred to you that you were basically grinding on him.

Jimin let out a 'hmph’, not surprised that you didn’t listen. He glanced over to his left to see both Jungkook and Taehyung in deep concentration over a game. They weren’t paying any mind to anything else. With that advantage, Jimin leaned forward to press his lips against the shell of your ear. “Y/N, if you don’t stop, I’ll just have to fuck you right here in this car.” A smirk formed on Jimin’s lips when he felt you tense up beneath his touch.

Suddenly, the car came to a halt. “Finally we reached!” Jungkook exclaimed as he rushed out with Taehyung following behind. You tried opening the door on your side, but Jimin held on the handle to prevent you from touching it. You sucked your teeth. Not wanting to play into his game, you crawled out the other way.

“Ah, such a great view.” You heard Jimin brazing comment. He just doesn’t stop, does he?

The slamming of the car door startled you, causing you to whip your head around to find Jimin with the look of discomfort on his face. You were confused until you realized he had to fix his now incredibly tight pants. A bulge showed which made you snicker. “That’s what you get.” You thought. As if Jimin read your mind based on your facial expression, he darts his eyes at you.

You turned around to see everyone else heading towards the inside of the mall. Just as you were about to join, Jimin’s grip on your wrist held you back. “Ugh, what do you want now?”

“You.” His response caught you off guard. You then figured he was just messing around. Though the seriousness in his eyes said otherwise. “I don’t have time to play your games.” You snapped, yanking your hand away. Jimin obviously didn’t allow you to leave, not until he was done talking.

He pulled you back, this time closer. “I’m not playing Y/N. I’m serious, I-” He hesitated, looking up to avoid eye-contact before averting it back to your muddled orbs. “I-I like you Y/N.”

Jimin bit his plump bottom lip, perturbed about how you would respond. You tsk, taking his hand in yours. “You sure have a funny way of showing it.” A small smile on your features as you pulled him towards the mall.

To think…that this was the same guy you hated.

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Can you do the you're overthinking sentence with jungkook? Thanks and have great day!

“Hey!” Jeongguk greeted the second he saw you enter your shared house. “How’d it go?”

His smile was soon gone and replaced with a frown after taking in the look on your face – the pout you were clearly trying to erase so he wouldn’t notice, making him know something was off.

“What happened?”

You shrugged lightly, focusing your eyes somewhere he was not. Sighing, he got closer to you, holding both your hands before interlocking your fingers, tugging you towards him.

“You didn’t find the right dress?” he inquired, cocking one of his eyebrows. When he noticed you were still not in the mood to speak, he placed one of his hands under your chin to make you look at him. “Baby…”

“I just–” you finally snapped; not at him, but at the world, kind of, “as I tried some dresses on and I looked at my reflection in the mirror… I don’t know” you went to sit on the couch, with your fiancé following hot on your heels. “Nothing felt… right, I guess?” you said uncertain, not even understanding where this all was coming from.

He stared at you deep in thought, kind of having an idea of where this was going. “Nothing as in… marrying me?” he was scared to even ask that, frightened it might be the final push you needed to make up your conflicted mind.

You shook your head immediately, hating you had given him that impression. “No” you were quick to answer, “I mean… I don’t know…”


“It’s just– I suddenly don’t understand why you’d want to spend the rest of your life with me when you could be with someone so much b-”

“Okay, no” he sternly cut you off, “I’m stopping you right there” he was not about to hear you put yourself down, not when you were everything he had always wanted and more.

“But Gguk–”

“You’re overthinking” he stopped you from speaking any further, cupping your face in his hands. “I’m yours. That’s all I want to be” he spoke slowly, making sure you not only got every single word that left his mouth, but also believed them. “I’m marrying you, after all. I couldn’t mind any less about other girls, why would I want any of them when I have the perfect one for me all to myself?”

A shiver went down your spine at his words. That was all the reassurement you needed.

His smile reciprocated yours the second he saw it, kissing your forehead right before he engulfed you in a tight hug.

“Will you marry me?” he mumbled against your hair.

You giggled. “I already said yes to that question four months ago” feeling his heart speed up at your words only confirmed how much he wanted you.

“Just making sure” he shrugged, allowing you to playfully slap his arm after he broke the hug apart. “Maybe I should go with you next time, although I’d probably end up liking how every dress you try on looks on you” he smirked.

You rolled your eyes exaggeratedly at his cheesy words. “The only time you’ll see me in a white dress will be when I walk down the aisle”.

That statement of yours made his precious bunny smile take over his face, being impossible for him to hold his excitement in. “That’s my girl”.

Superhero au, Jimin

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Supernatural Agility

Before Namjoon could find Jimin, the younger boy found him. Namjoon almost laughed out loud when the kid who tripped and fell on his face the minute he met him boasted of having super agility. Namjoon brushed him off, thinking he was just a kid who wanted to run with the superheros. But minutes after he left Jimin’s company, he got pulled into an alleyway and was told by a man in a lowly pulled baseball cap to give over his money. Before he could even start to try to switch minds with the man, there was suddenly a person moving in between them. It took Namjoon and the man a moment to realize whoever had just danced through between them had actually disarmed him. The man took one look at Jimin, who was holding the gun and smiling brightly, before taking off in the opposite direction.

That one instance was all Namjoon needed to believe in Jimin. Jimin knew he could be a clumsy guy when he got caught up in his head. But the minute he was facing off with another villain, it was like everything lined up for him. He could suddenly leap out of the way of fists and bullets with ease. He could dash around the target, spinning back and forth, and suddenly the villain would be completely confused and disoriented. He wasn’t very strong, but his speed and accuracy meant he could land a punch while simultaneously avoiding the punches aimed at him.

The rest of the team was oftentimes confused by the way he could trip and fall over everything, but be so graceful on any battlefield. He didn’t mind the juxtaposition that was himself. It was a form of enjoyment, seeing people try to process just how agile he could be. To him, seeing someone in danger just flipped a switch in his mind and body. Suddenly, every step, every shift of weight, any movement whatsoever, it was all played out in his head perfectly. Sometimes people suggested to him he try to implement it into his day to day life, but he didn’t feel the need to. As long as he kept the city safe, he knew he could stumble and fall as much as he liked.

He was underestimated by many in his city, but that just meant he could prove them wrong when he saved them.

Jin, Yoongi, Hoseok, Namjoon, Jimin, Taehyung, Jungkook

A - Art

Jin x Reader, established relationship 

Genre: fluff

Warnings: cheesy, dorky, fluffy cuteness ahead. Beware.

Word Count: 1.5k

A - Z Drabbles

“Can you please sit still for like 10 minutes?” I huff, dropping my paintbrush on the table and tilting my head to watch Jin readjust his position on the stool for the fifth time in 5 minutes. He pauses in his movement, staring at me with wide eyes like he forgot I was here and the whole reason he’s sitting across from me. I raise an eyebrow and get a sheepish smile in response.

“Sorry, I just feel weird.” He drops his hands in his lap and I watch him as he quickly averts his eyes, staring at everything in the room but me. I’ve never seen him so bashful and awkward before and the evil part of me absolutely loves seeing this side of him because he never shows it, unintentionally making the rest of the world feel inadequate compared to his cool, unaffected demeanor.

I frown at him, wiping my hands with the filthy rag, adding more paint into the mix. I stare at him until he sighs, finally raising his gaze to meet my eyes nervously, a shy smile flickering across his lips. “Why? What’s wrong?”

“I just-” he stops himself, staring at me and letting out another long sigh, his face falling with every second of silence that passes between us. I quickly walk over to him, reaching my hands out as soon as I reach him, holding his face up so he can’t avoid my gaze again.

“Tell me,” I whisper, pushing his fringe off of his forehead so I can see his eyes better and combing my fingers through his soft locks to soothe some of his anxiety.

He chuckles lightly, rubbing a hand over his face like he can’t believe something. “I just can’t wrap my head around why you decided to paint me for your project instead of - I don’t know - anybody else.”

I do a double take, not believing my ears. “What? You’re always calling yourself handsome, why would I paint anyone else but you?”

His eyes flicker between mine, shining with vulnerability and uncertainty. “Yeah, but that doesn’t mean I always see that when I look in the mirror. Sometimes I feel like I could never be good enough. Like I’ll never be good enough for you,” he answers softly, his voice giving out and eyes falling shut, eyelashes laying against his flawless skin.

“Honey, how could you ever think that? You are good enough - more than good enough - you’re amazing and I could not be more grateful to have such a beautiful soul in my life both on the inside and the outside. I love you and I think you are the most handsome guy in the world; my eyes have never seen anyone more perfect than you. I chose to paint you because I wanted to try and capture your beauty on canvas for everyone to see. Unfortunately, your beauty could never fully be captured on paper, video, camera, or canvas because you are too perfect and your beauty needs to be experienced in person. I love you and you exceed all my expectations of a boyfriend by a hundred every day and I am so thankful to have you in my life.”

When he opens his eyes they’re glossy and threatening to spill tears any moment. “I love you so much.” He wraps his arms around my waist, burying his head in my neck tickling the skin with his breath and the tears that finally fall, coaxing a giggle out of me.

“I love you too, and I hope you remember that every second, every minute, every hour of every day for as long as you’re in my life.” I continue to pet his hair, staying silent to give him his time to be vulnerable and release the pent-up pressure he’s clearly been holding onto. Although I’m upset he hasn’t talked to me about this problem before - since we’ve been working on this painting for days - I’m just glad he decided to confide in me and give me the opportunity to support him through expressing his feelings.

I lean down, pressing my lips to the top of his head. “I know this wasn’t easy. Opening up to people is hard, especially about insecurities and I’m glad you decided to talk to me about it instead of holding your feelings in. Thank you for trusting me enough to talk about it with me and I hope if you feel his way again that you are comfortable enough to talk about it with me again,” I whisper into his hair, my lips moving against his head with every word like I can speak the words into his mind so he will never forget them.

He lifts his head, sniffling quietly and rubbing his nose. I hold his face in my hands once again, a smile lifting the corners of my lips and tilting my head to admire how gorgeous he looks even while he’s crying. “Thank you so much. God, I love you.” He gives me a smile in return, blinking repeatedly, his contacts probably bothering him after the tears.

I lean down capturing his lips in a gentle kiss. He kisses back eagerly and I smile against his pillowy lips, indulging in the softness of them against my chapped lips. I pull away, scanning his face quickly before he opens his eyes. “Can I paint you like this? I want to capture your realness, maybe it will help you feel better about yourself and take some of the pressure off of you trying to look perfect all the time. I think you’re the most gorgeous when you are yourself and you’re not trying to be the person everyone wants you to be.”

He nods. “Of course, whatever you want to do. You’re the artist, I’m just the muse that needs to actually sit still so you can get some work done.”

“You’re sure?”

“Yes. I trust that any way you paint me, I’ll love it as much as I love you.” He stares at my face lovingly, a goofy look on his face.

I leave a small peck on the tip of his nose before walking back to my abandoned easel, grabbing the paintbrush and turning back to Jin. “Don’t put too much pressure on me or I might be the next one of us to have a breakdown and that is something no one needs to witness,” I joke, analyzing his face and picking up where I left off.

“You can talk to me too if you’re feeling upset or stressed. You know that, right?” He asks, eyebrows furrowing and a frown pulling at his lips.

I point to my face, then to his and he relaxes his face again so I can get his expression just right. “Yes, honey, I know. And I promise if I’m having a hard time or if I need to cry, then you’ll be the first person I go to no matter what.” He smiles for a moment before returning his face to a neutral expression, my heart fluttering at the sight of him being so cute and at his sickly sweet and incredibly endearing words.

“Also, I’m not an artist like you, but I would love to try to paint you sometime so I can stare at your beautiful face and attempt to capture your beauty. But I know I could never do your cute nose, bright eyes, and entrancing smile the justice they deserve. Your beauty deserves to be seen by all; a painting of your face should replace the Mona Lisa so people from all around the world can travel to admire every detail that makes up your beauty.” He gives me a big, cheesy grin this time and my mouth falls open, cheeks burning in embarrassment.

“Jin, don’t be ridiculous-”

“Babe, sweetie, love of my life, when have I ever been ridiculous? The answer is never. I have never been ridiculous and I only speak the truth. I speak in prophecies, therefore, I am right and my words will come true. I don’t make the rules,” he proclaims, holding his hands up innocently, shaking his head. “But I do know that you’re the most beautiful woman on this planet and I’m lucky to live with your beauty in our humble abode.” He finishes his dramatic performance with a flying kiss that he pretends to throw at me as he extends his arm and I giggle, lifting my hand to catch it and pat my cheek like I always do when he does that.

“Thanks, honey, I always know I can count on you to be my personal hype man.”

He points at me, quickly getting into his original position so I can keep painting. “You know it, baby. I have to let my girl know just how much I love and appreciate her.”

I laugh again, amazed at how I got so lucky finding Jin in this crazy world. “And that’s exactly how a boyfriend should act. Thank god I cuffed you before anyone else could become the luckiest girl on this planet.”

“Thank you,” he mumbles, a light blush covering his cheeks and I quickly add it into the painting, finding the color endearing on the backdrop of his creamy skin.

Berlinful (Drabble)

Jeon Jungkook
Autora: Agness Saints
Gênero: Romance
Sinopse: O fim pode ser recomeço. Porque te deixo ir e tu me deixa ir. Assim, recíproco e silencioso. Sentido no coração, na palma da mão e naquele te amo.
Contagem de palavras: 563
Avisos: +13.  

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stoleyourwifi  asked:

hey! ahahahaha ur like legit my favourite writer on tumblr i love ur imagines sm they’re amazing !!! ♥️ anyway, could i request? namjoon for “I called you because I can’t fall asleep.” ? thank you so much!!!! ✨

Okay, first of all, my heart just exploded, I can’t believe I’m someone’s favourite writer on here 🤧 You just made my whole week, honestly, tysm 💗💕 I hope you like this!

You turned around in your bed for what felt like the thousandth time. It must have been an hour since you were trying to sleep, with no success at all whatsoever – the events of earlier that day still replaying in your head; especially how good Namjoon looked. God, you were far from getting over his smile and the way you’d get goosebumps whenever his eyes locked with yours.

It was past midnight when you decided there was no use in still trying, hence why you grabbed your phone from your nightstand to scroll through whatever – a confused frown forming on your face as you got an incoming call the second it was in your hands.

Your heart skipped a beat at the name of ‘Namjoonie’ showing on the screen.

“Joonie?” you answered softly, still confused as to why would he be calling you so late, especially when he had a flight to catch in a few hours.

“Y/N” he sounded tired, “did I wake you up?”

You sat up in your bed, brushing some strands of hair from off your face. “No. Not at all” you assured him, “why’d you call me anyway?”

“I called you because I can’t fall asleep” he admitted; that made two of you. He then went silent for a few seconds, reconsidering if it would be good to tell you what was really going on. “And it’s all your fault” he decided it was, and your heart skipped a beat.

My fault?” you faked to be offended, although the breathy laugh that had just escaped your mouth let him know you were far from indignated.

“Yes” he confirmed, “you looked particularly gorgeous today, I can’t stop thinking about you”.

You gasped. Had he just confessed? In the middle of the night? Over the phone?

He sure as hell had.

You never thought your heart could race as fast as it was right then, and you could feel your cheeks burning red.

Your mind was going wild as you desperately tried to articulate an answer.

You looked handsome yourself.

You haven’t left my mind either.

Nothing came out of your mouth – you were speechless.

“Y/N? Are you there?” he asked after a few seconds. Had you heard him at all? Maybe the signal wasn’t so good. Or maybe you just didn’t return his f–

“I’m here” you snapped out of your trance by the panic it caused you the possibility of him thinking you might not feel the same. “I actually couldn’t stop thinking about you either” you shyly confessed, feeling your cheeks burn even harder than they already were.

You wished you could’ve seen the smile you knew was currently displaying on his face, with his cute dimples making their appearance.

“I didn’t want to do this over the phone but I’m leaving in the morning and… I know this might be selfish and it’s also pretty late but…” your breath got caught in your throat as he babbled, “ah, screw it”.

“Huh?” you raised one of your eyebrows.

“I’m going there right now and I’m telling you this in person”.

Can you believe that before this JK couldn’t potray emotions to his dancing and he only spent fucking 2 WEEKS in America, and went back this emotional?  Damn, stan talent!! STAN BTS, STAN THE GOLDEN MAKNAE

Sanctuary - Hybrid! BTS Drabble

Genre: Hybrid! BTS, BTS AU, fluff

Pairing: Hybrid! OT7 x reader

Warnings: extreme cuteness ahead - plot-less fluff?

Summary: The adventures of living with 7 hybrids

Authors Note:  This is just a little something I wrote. I hope you like it~<3

Post Date: 11/14/17

Next: Part 2

Visual Imagine | Kids! Version

“Boys!” you called from the kitchen. “Breakfast!” You heard scrambling feet before a tall boy bounded into the kitchen. His face was lit up with a boxy smile. He crashed into you and gathered you up in a hug. “Ah! Taehyung, you’re going to kill me one of these days,” you jokingly scolded. His ears flicked before he smiled down at you again, his pointy canines poking his bottom lip.

“I’m a predator Y/N, a big scary tiger!” He held his arms above his head and put on a grimace, pretending to be intimidating.

“More like an oversized cat,” a voice said. Yoongi walked into the kitchen yawning. His black ears flicked above his head as he approached the table. Taehyungs arms fell, and he looked over at Yoongi.

“You’re the oversized cat,” Tae shot back.

“Jaguar,” Yoongi corrected, taking a seat at the table.

“Cat,” Tae continued.

“You’re both big scary predators, now eat,” you said, plating some eggs and toast onto their plates. The two complied, focusing on the meal before them rather than bickering.

The next character to enter the kitchen was Hoseok, your dog hybrid. His tail wagged behind him as he neared the stove. He peaked over your shoulder, practically drooling on you. “That smells good,” he said.

“Thanks Hobi,” you said absently scratching his head with your free hand.

“Is it all gone?” The youngest walked in, his eyes wide.

“Jungkook-ah!” Tae waved the bunny over to the table. He quickly complied plating his own food before the rest of the group ate it up.

“Don’t worry I know how much you all eat. There’s plenty,” you assured. The sausages sizzled in the pan as they cooked. The kitchen was filled with the sound of forks against plates, glasses tinkling and the occasional “can you pass that?” You stood at the stove, still cooking the heaps of food needed to fill their bellies.

           You felt gentle hands at your back, untying your apron. “I can take over Y/N, why don’t you go eat?” Turning, you saw Jin smiling at you.

“Thank you Jinnie,” you said, stepping away from the stove. If you weren’t cooking, Jin was. He loved the activity ever since you taught him how. Soon enough he surpassed your skills, creating mouth-watering dishes that would make Gordon Ramsey cry. In thanks, you rubbed his dark fox ears. He leaned into your touch, fluffy tail swaying.

           Yoongi wordlessly pulled the chair out next to him for you to sit. You had known him the longest out of all the boys and he always tried to look out for you. Sure, he was a hybrid, but he was also older than you, so he felt it was necessary. The black cat put food onto your plate before you could. Below the table you felt his long tail snake around your ankle. He was always very subtle in showing his love, but you found his subtly endearing.

           The sliding glass door behind the table opened, momentarily pouring cold air into the hot kitchen. Namjoon closed the door, unraveling the scarf around his neck.

“How were the woods?” you asked him.

“Good, no one’s been trespassing,” he said taking a seat at the table. Namjoon was a wolf hybrid. He always loved patrolling the woods around your house, feeling it was his duty to protect his territory. It certainly wasn’t necessary, but you let Namjoon do what he pleased.

           You looked around the kitchen table. Most of the boys were filling their plates for a second time. Jin still stood at the stove, humming lightly to himself. It was quite the cozy scene, but something was missing.

“Where’s Jimin?” You asked after taking a sip of your orange juice. The hybrids all exchanged looks before looking back at you. Jimin was the newest addition to the group but had yet to warm up to everyone. It was understandable, given his past. You stood from the table, Yoongi’s tail slipping from your leg.

“I’ll go get him,” you said.

           You never meant to have seven hybrids living with you, but it just sort of happened. After your grandparents passed away, you inherited their estate, which included a rather large house nestled in a forest. A free home whose mortgage was totally paid for was a blessing for a young woman like yourself. The morning you moved in, you discovered Yoongi. He was snoozing away in one of the guest bedrooms. It turned out he had been homeless when he stumbled upon the empty house and made it his. The house was more than big enough so you let him stay with you.

           As time wore on, more and more hybrids showed up at your doorstep. They usually wandered into the woods, wounded and afraid. Some, like Namjoon, kept their distance. Others, like Taehyung, curiously approached your home. A few days ago, you were out in the woods with Hoseok, when you saw a crumpled figure laying against a fallen tree. Huddled under a raggedy blanket was a calico cat hybrid, Jimin.

           You knocked on his bedroom door. “Jimin,” you softly called, “Breakfast is ready. Are you hungry?” No response. You opened the door slowly. The curtains in his room were drawn, darkening the room considerably. However, it was easy to see the ball curled up on the bed. Jimin was asleep, his pink lips parted slightly. He was so cute you had to suppress a squeal. You sat on the edge of the bed and gently ran you fingers through his hair.

           His eyes fluttered open. “Y/N?” he asked.

“Good morning sleepyhead,” you said with a laugh. “I’m sure you’re really tired but there’s breakfast for you. Are you hungry?” Jimin sat up, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. Ever since you brought him home, he’d been sleeping endlessly, like he hadn’t slept in years.

“Hmmm,” was all he said in response. Jimin and you got along fine, but he was wary around the rest of the group. You scratched behind his ears, earning a low purr from him. He flopped his head down in your lap and hugged your waist. Smiling, you pet him more. It wasn’t long after you rescued him that you realized he was a sucker for pets and hugs. Much like Taehyung, he would cling onto you and beg for attention. It was cute, and you didn’t mind giving the kitty some love.

           A rhythmic thumping sound caused you both to look at the doorway. There, Hoseok stood, his tail hitting the wood of the doorframe. He was doing his best to not rush into the room and attack the newcomer with questions. Although he was restraining himself, his eagerness showed on his face. Jimin escaped under the covers before you could say anything. You stood and walked to the door, taking Hoseoks hands. You shooed him away, closing the door behind you.

“Aw, Y/N, when will he let me play with him?” He said with a pout. You chuckled and dragged him back to the dining room.

“He’s still shy Hobi. Give him time and I’m sure he’d love to play with you.” You approached the stove and made up a plate for Jimin. Jin helped you, plating a few extra sausages for the cat. You smiled at Jin before padding back into his room.

“It’s just me,” you announced. His blonde head poked out from the covers. Seeing the food, he unfurled himself from the sheets and scooted to the edge of the bed. You sat next to him and handed him the plate. Jimin wasted no time in scarfing down the food. The poor boy really needed some TLC. He seemed to lack sleep, proper nutrition and a loving family. You hoped you could change all that. Within minutes the plate was clean, and he set it down on his nightstand.


“No,” he said, flopping back onto the bed. He grabbed you and pulled you down with him. Cuddling into your side, he quickly fell back asleep. At first you were conflicted, you would’ve liked to go back and finish your own breakfast, but you didn’t want to disturb Jimin. It wasn’t long before you drifted off yourself.

           “Where’s Y/N? Her food’s getting cold.” Jungkook asked, placing his plate in the sink. Taehyung came up from behind him and bit his floppy ear. He had a habit of biting things he liked. “Yah!” Jungkook exclaimed. Taehyung leapt back with a laugh.

“She’s probably still with Jimin,” he said, grinning. Jungkook simply hummed. He didn’t understand the cat. When he first arrived, he was quite the opposite, getting along well with the other boys but shying away from you. He didn’t trust humans and didn’t know how to interact with them. Plus, you’re a girl.

           Namjoon was also concerned with you eating. He put saran wrap around your plate and placed it in the fridge. He and Jin exchanged looks before he exited the kitchen and made his way down the hall. Silently, he opened Jimin’s bedroom door. Inside, he found you two snoozing away on his bed. The wolfs dimples appeared as he smiled. As quietly and gently as possible, he scooped you up bridal style. Jimin grumbled in his sleep and turned over but did not wake up. Namjoon carried you to the living room as you slowly woke up.

           Your bleary eyes opened as you were put on the couch. Taehyung and Jungkook were playing video games a few feet away. A bit disoriented, you took in your new surroundings. Namjoon patted your head, making you look up at him.

“You should eat,” he said with a warm smile. You nodded and got up from the couch. Namjoon led you into the kitchen with his hand at your back. Inside, Jin and Hoseok were washing the dishes, dancing to the song that played on the radio. The two goofballs swayed to the music with large grins on their faces.

           The lively scene woke you up more. After you finished your breakfast you made your way into your office to get some work done. Thankfully, your job allowed you to work from home most days. Your office was decorated just the same as your grandfather had left it. Mahogany floors were covered with maroon rugs. One wall was lined with bookshelves, plush leather chairs sitting at either end. The other wall held a small fireplace. Your desk was a beautiful antique you’re certain your grandmother bought.

           An hour into your work, you heard the door open. You looked over your shoulder to find the usual suspect: Jungkook. He smiled at you sheepishly. It was a habit of his to spend time in your office as you worked. The quiet atmosphere and alone time with you recharged him.

“Kookie,” You called, waving him over to your desk. This was the usual routine. He would come in, pull a chair up to yours and shyly ask for pets. He still wasn’t comfortable being pet around the other boys and you respected his boundaries. A cute bunny smile lit up his face as he quickly tucked himself by your side and laid his head in your lap. With your free hand you gently stroked his soft ears. He let out a few happy noises.

           Minutes later Jungkook is snoozing in your lap, dreaming little bunny dreams. The door slowly opens to Yoongi. He carries a glass of water with him which he gently sets down for you. Purring, he nuzzles into your face. You smile up at him and he returns the expression. Usually, you would strike up conversation with Yoongi, but you did not want to disturb the sleeping rabbit. Just as silently as he came in, the jaguar left.

Once your satisfied with the amount of work you put in, you poke Jungkook’s’ nose to wake him up. He cutely scrunches his face before waking.

           “Wanna get movie night going?” Jungkook nods his head with a faint smile. He gets up and stretches, his height towering over you. Frankly, all the boys were taller than you. At first you thought they wouldn’t take you seriously as their caretaker, but it didn’t seem to be a problem. They did however, use your height to occasionally tease you. In a show of confidence, Jungkook brought your head into his chest in an embrace. You laughed into his shirt and wrapped your arms around his back.

           Jungkook heading into the living room while you veered toward Jimin’s room. Perhaps with a little prodding you could get him to join the festivities. You knocked at his door and got a response.

“Y/N?” he called.

“Yup. Can I come in?” Jimin opened the door for you, making sure to close it once you were inside. “How could you tell it was me?”

“The sound of your footsteps,” he answered with a light smile.

“Ah, yes, those ears are good for more than just making you cute,” you teased, tickling them. Jimin laughed and swatted at your hand.          

“Tonight, is movie night. I think we’re all going to watch the latest action film since it’s Jungkook’s night to choose. Do you want to come with?”

Jimin dropped his gaze and fiddled with his fingers, obviously wrestling with the decision.

“We can cuddle the whole time, just us. I’ll make sure the boys don’t bother you either.” The cat looked up with a large smile.

“Promise?” he asked.

“Pinky swear,” you said offering your pinky. He wrapped his with yours, sealing the deal.

           The smell of buttery popcorn filled your nose as you walked into the kitchen. Taehyung was rummaging in the pantry for other snacks. Hobi was pouring out drinks and Jin was making stove-top popcorn. You assumed the rest were prepping the living room.

“Guys,” you prompted, earning their attention. “Jimin is going to watch the movie with us…” Hobi let out a squeal of excitement while Jin did a funny victory dance. Tae popped his head out of the pantry, a bag of chips in his mouth. He let it drop in a dramatic show of surprise.

“But! You need to give him space. He’s still not totally comfortable around other hybrids. And I sort of promised to only cuddle with him.” Your voice trailed off at the end, but the boys heard it easily.

“Whhaaatt?” Taehyung blurted. Jin stopped dancing and frowned. Hobi literally whined, his ears flopping back on his head.

“It’s just one night!” you said. “I’ll dole out all the cuddles after this okay?” A chorus of mumbled ‘yeah’s followed.

In the living room, Jungkook was attempting to build a fort while Namjoon set up the television. Yoongi entered, arms full of blankets and pillows.

“Reinforcements,” Jungkook said with a grin. Yoongi laughed and let the pile fall to the floor. He ruffled the youngest’s hair before plopping down on the couch. Soon enough Hobi came in, hands dangerously full with drinks. Jin followed with several bowls of popcorn which smelled exactly like the cinema. Finally, Tae dumped his snack stash on the coffee table, a proud glint in his eyes. The boys all settled down, adjusting the lights and rationing out the refreshments.

           You entered with Jimin hot on your tail. He had himself wrapped in a fluffy blanket, his ears making it slip off his head. You guided him to the end of the couch where you acted as a barrier between him and the rest of the boys. Some gave him gentle smiles, others looked at him with utter excitement. Jimin however, kept his gaze low. You could feel how tense he was just sitting next to him.

           To calm him, you scratched behind his ears and let him snuggle up to you. The movie began to play, causing the attention to shift off Jimin. He soon had the blanket wrapped around the both of you. He hugged onto you like a koala bear, arms, legs and even his tail wrapped around you. Jimin pressed his face into the nape of your neck where he could easily breathe in your scent. Your steady heartbeat slowed his down and relaxed his tensed muscles.

           Continuous purrs echoed from his chest while he nuzzled your shoulder. You occasionally caught one of the boys looking over at you two with expressions of longing. Eventually, Jimin focused more on the movie than you and began to enjoy himself. He even cheered along with the others at a scene. When the credits rolled you got up and slowly brought the lights up. When you turned around, you found Yoongi talking quietly with Jimin. The calico cat seemed a bit shy, but you could tell he was giving him answers. Yoongi had a rather calming presence. If anyone could coax Jimin out of his shell, it would be him. The big cat even offered him some snacks that were out of his reach. Jimin took it cautiously but seemed happy at the offering.

           Jin came up and hugged you from behind. He rested his chin on the top of your head and murmured, “He’s making progress.”

“I know, it’s great.” At that moment you felt like Jin and you were proud parents looking over their children. Laughing at the thought, you turned around in his arms and returned the hug.

Jin suddenly exclaimed, “Ah ha! She’s all mine!” He scooped you up, laughing maniacally. The rest of the boys looked over at the scene. He looked down at you with a mischievous grin.

“You devious fox,” you said, laughing. Jin ran off into the depths of the house, the more extroverted boys (Hobi and Tae) following behind. You watched over Jin’s broad shoulders as the two scrambled after you, shouting in mock protest.

“No, she’s ours!” Hobi said with a grin.

“I’ll never hand her over!” Jin said, making a quick left turn into his bedroom. Unceremoniously he dropped you on the bed then playfully guarded you from the cat and dog. Jin’s tail swished back and forth as he played with the younger boys. Although he was the oldest, he was never above goofing around.

           Back in the living room, Jungkook and Namjoon were in deep discussion about the movie’s plot, while Yoongi carried on a tentative conversation with Jimin.

           “Do you like action films?” the big cat asked.

“I guess. I haven’t seen a lot of movies to know…”

“We have a lot of movie nights, when it’s your turn to choose I can help you.”

“Okay…that would be nice.”

“You know Jimin, the rest of us don’t have rosy pasts either. We understand. I don’t know the specifics, but we aren’t like the people that hurt you. Y/N wouldn’t let us stay here if we were.”

“I…I know that. You’re just all so close and I feel like an outsider.”

“The rest of the boys went through the same thing, being new to the house.”

           The more they talked, the more comfortable Jimin felt. Despite being a big cat, Yoongi was soft spoken and kind. Sure, his appearance made him seem cold and aloof, but underneath he was sweet as sugar. Jungkook noticed the two conversing and found his curiosity getting the better of him. As Namjoon began clearing the living room, the youngest wandered over to the couch and sat next to Yoongi. He leaned forward and asked Jimin, “Do you like video games?”

           The cat hesitated before shrugging. “I’ve never played them.”

Jungkook’s eyes lit up. “I can teach you. They’re really fun.”

“Okay,” Jimin said. Jungkook took his hand and led him over the TV where he let Jimin choose from the many titles available. Yoongi smiled at the two before he went into the kitchen to help Namjoon.

           That night you woke to the sound of your door shutting. Your room was still pitch black and you couldn’t make anything out. A deep voice whispered, “It’s just me. Sorry I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“Yoongi?” You felt the covers being lifted before he crawled in beside you. His arms pulled you, so your head rested on his shoulder. You draped your leg and arm over him. Yoongi let out a breath.

“I couldn’t sleep,” he said.

“Oh, more nightmares?”


“Sorry.” You lifted your head to press a kiss to his cheek. His chest vibrated with a dull purr. Hearing this, you began peppering kisses across his face. You still couldn’t see anything, but you imagined his face scrunching up. After a good ten smooches you rested your head on his shoulder again.

“Sleep tight,” you said.


Sloth (M)

Deadly Sin: Sluggishness of the mind which neglects to begin good… [it] is evil in its effect, if it so oppresses man as to draw him away entirely from good deeds.

Pairing: Demon! Min Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Smut, Demon au!

Warnings: riding, overstimulation, (slight) degradation, oral (giving), sadism, masochism

Notes: For my halloween collaboration with bulletproofwhalien ! Gif isn’t mine! 2k Words

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