tag urself as bts packing:

Jungkook: day 1, black shirt; day 2, dark grey shirt; day 3, very dark grey shirt. pants he’s been wearing for multiple years. also pink pjs bc why not

Namjoon: takes into consideration the weight limit for bag, lays all his clothing out on his bed as he packs, brings multiple options of varying colors

Yoongi: brings two pairs of track pants and some pjs, will buy everything else “on the way” aka borrow from others 

Seokjin: half his suitcase is cosmetics, the ultimate DIY-er (don’t have enough shorts?? cut ur pants!), will definitely be 2 lbs over the weight limit 

Taehyung: overloads on accessories, packs a shit ton bc who knows what he’ll want to wear in the moment, that one dude who remembered to bring a fan

Jimin: writes everything down in a list before he packs, tries all his outfits on as he goes, considers practical things like temperature and laundry availability 

Hoseok: asks questions to everyone, packs in the last five minutes, spends most of the night before doing laundry for everyone else

Interviewer: *in English* So, J-Hope, what’s your favourite American food?

Namjoon: *in Korean* Please, don’t give a stupid answer. Tell him about all the hamburgers you tasted here and that restaurant’s dish which you really liked.





Hoseok: Sprite.

Jimin: That’s it. I wanna go home. RIGHT NOW.

Stranger: Have you ever fallen in love?

Yoongi: *watching Taehyung swinging from the fan with Yeontan barking worriedly below, Seokjin and Jungkook arguing like seven year olds, Namjoon yet again tripping over himself, Jimin taking pictures of Namjoon mid-fall, Hoseok witnessing it while laughing in a very inhumane manner*

Yoongi: I can’t even fall asleep.