bts ceo au

jeon jungkook ; jjk {intro}

request -  ceo jungkook?

content - not sure, angst??

summary - jeon jungkook is slowly moving up in the world, you pulling the strings

words - 360

requests - open

author’s note - do you guys want this to be a series? i was thinking i would make it into one where it was ceo jungkook and you as his wife with inspiration from macbeth. it will mainly be angst and smut so i hope that won’t put you off, those who love fluff. please tell me what you think and if i should go for it. this is just an intro, so that’s why it’s so short and a bit detailed! xx


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I love my husband so damn much and i’m literally heart broken right now. Jungkook gives us so much and just wants us to respect not only him but his privacy and “army” can’t respect it?! I don’t care if we never get another update I just need him to be okay. Not over working himself and staying true to himself. I know people agree with me so please try and do this

— not quite lovers (m.)

 pairing | jungkook/reader
 word c | 15,330
 genre | ceo au, fwb au, smut
 summary | hiring jeon jungkook as your personal assistant happens to have more than one perk.

 warnings/tags | ceo!reader, assistant!jungkook, employer/employee relationship, (sort of) switch!jungkook, dom!reader (kind of?), public sex (in the office and a closet), oral (f receiving), rough sex, unprotected sex (stay safe!), creampie, clothed sex, dirty talk, multiple orgasms, multiple smut scenes, teasing, jealousy, possessiveness, angry sex.

You shifted through your paperwork, your head already pounding. You’d forgotten to take some painkillers earlier when you had felt the throb start gradually on one temple—now you were regretting it immensely, since your entire head felt like a heartbeat in and of itself.

A hand came out in front of your face and you followed the arm up until you were looking at your assistant, Jeon Jungkook. You blinked owlishly at him, wondering when the hell he’d even slipped into your office.

“I saw you pinching your nose through the window. You only do that when you have a headache,” he said in lieu of a greeting, looking pointedly down at his palm. You looked down as well and saw two painkillers in his grip, held out to you as an offering.

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Owned - End

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Now it was surreal. This was to be your child’s room. A child. His child.

You saw it in his eyes, how much he loved this baby already. The excitement in your heart seemed to explode every moment you met his eyes.

“I can’t.” You but your lips nervously, hand shaking and looking at him for help.

He smiled and it was perfect, that moment. He put his hand on the doorknob and slowly turned it, pushing the door open and watching for your reaction.

You gasped and felt speechless.

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⚠️ fic drop @ 9pm CST

➘ title | not quite lovers

➘ pairing | jungkook/reader

➘ genre | ceo au, fwb au, smut

➘ teaser | He chuckled, grabbing your panties from off the ground and pulling you backwards until you fell onto his lap with an ‘oomph.’ Your eyes were wide, your heart pounding harshly against your ribs as his arms wrapped around you and he helped you get your panties back on, slipping each leg through the hole and pulling them up slowly.

“Because you need me,” he replied quietly, his voice right in your ear. You blinked a few times and tried to calm your breathing to get your bearings again.

Mr. Kim Namjoon - (M)

Genre; S m u t 

Length; 1,500+ words

Kink(s); exhibitionism, slight Daddy kink 

Au; Ceo!Au

Originally posted by ksjknj

There was so much paperwork sprawled out on your desk now, you tried to work.. you really did, but you couldn’t concentrate, not with him practically piercing your soul with his deadly stare. 
Why did you have to be alone with him? Why did he choose you out of all your coworkers? 

“Y/n..” Mr. Kim, your boss, smoothly called over to you.
Motioning you over with his long fingers the instant you gave him your attention. “Come over here for a moment..”

Immediately, the tone his already deep voice had you melting- there was just something about him that made you weak in the knees.
“Ahh.. Yes- Yes, Sir..” You timidly stuttered in reply, causing him to chuckle slightly as you rose from your seat.

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Scenario: The temp agency sent you to a new job that was supposed to be something simple that came along with easy money: lots of easy money. But simple is far from what you get when you realize, being the secretary for Jeon Jungkook, comes with his own form of demands.

A/N: this is part one of the obsession series. I blame Jungkook with his stupid sultry looks and how damn good he’s looked in suits the whole BS&T era. I ended up writing this last night sitting in my car for almost two hours.This is honestly going to be dirty and kinky and I’m not gonna apologize. I hope you all enjoy!

Genre: Jungkook x Reader

Words: 3100

Disclaimer: As always, any gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owners!!

Warnings: Smut, oral, and slight rough play

“I am a professional. I. Am. A. Professional. I’M A GODDAMN PROFESSIONAL!”

Your hands smacked down on the marble of the bathroom counter. The words you’d been muttering to your reflection over and over like a damn mantra somehow becoming less effective. You felt like you couldn’t breathe in the high-waisted pencil skirt, which wasn’t a ludicrous assumption since you could barely walk properly in it with, or without, the heels.

The reason behind your anxiety ridden pep talk: Jeon Jungkook.

One of the youngest high-ranking executives in the company, he was known for being incredibly smart; thinking outside the box to close deals and create new overseas partnerships, charming, and a decorated athlete. Before you’d been assigned to the company as his latest secretary, the only time you’d actually ever seen him was on the cover of magazines and photographed next to expensive people with beautiful faces to match. Jeon Jungkook held a life you envied.

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Lemonade - ( Kim Taehyung x Reader)

Genre: Angst

Warnings: mention of cheating, alcohol and sex.

Chapter 1 : Pray you catch me

“Why you did it to me? Is it my fault? Am I too clingy? Too Loud? Maybe i´m not enough. Should I be more pretty? More sexy? Should i close my mouth? Tell me what i´m suppose to do! But i won´t let her win, is my husband and my family, i can´t and I won´t give up without fight for it “

Latter that night i heard Tae footsteps, he opened the door of our shared room, entered in the closet and change his suits for comfortable clothes. He laid by my side and push me to his chest. I wasn´t sleeping and he knew it. Tae told me about his day at company and told about how a COO´s life is not easy and how stressed he was.Tae was the COO of BigHit, a company of sustainable energy, he gain this position after his hard work and his best friend ,Jimin, took office as CEO. He said he was sorry for not being with me and the kids too much and he missed us all day. Liar, you don´ t think about us, i know you don´t. Could Jimin knows about everything you do?

In his arms i could smell her perfume and it makes me want to throw up. His dishonesty it´s all over his breath but i can´t say anything or everything will be lost. Nothing hurts me more than see his boxy smile on his face knowing he shows it to her too. It.s been a long time when i stared to suspect that Tae was cheating on me but i never had a real prove,  when Lisa text me, i finally could face it, unfortunally all my fears came true. All I do is pray, pray for you catch me listening your late night calls to her, pray to catch you whispering to her.

Y/N let´s sleep now love, tomorrow we have to go to the company´s party and I want to show my stunning wife to all of them - He laughed. Do you really want this?
I love you so much Y/N! - Do you?
 I love you too Tae…

Drabble Bakery / Jimin

Jimin / Angst+Fluff / Ceo!Au / 55+100 
Words count: 700
For anon, I hope you like it cutie! 
- M.

Your sinister knee struck the floor and you felt a violent pain on your wrist when your weight fell almost completely on it. The documents you had in your hands scattered in front of you and the gaze of three people were on you. You had to be used to walking on high heels after two years as a secretary in Park Corporation, but that day seemed to want to sink you with every possible means. 

“Wait outside please."  

Quick steps next to you and you were finally left alone in the same room with your boss. It wasn’t the first time you were clumsy in front of him, but this was your worst performance.  

"Wear lower heels next time,” his cold tone while helping you collect the scattered sheets, “stop being so clumsy, I can’t take care of you 24/7,” he added even more coldly and you nodded, standing up with fatigue. You took the documents and walked out of the room limping, trying not to get a single moan of pain out of your mouth.  

Jimin, meanwhile, watched you go out trying to understand why that sense of protection that he felt for you hadn’t vanished after all that time.  


“Next time avoids heels,” ordered you Seokjin, your best friend and future nurse, while he bandaged your wrist managing to get from you various moans of grief.  

The bell of your apartment prevented him from continuing his paternal and sighing he lifted, rushing to the door in hopes was the pizza he had ordered. Hope that you had too, as hunger was killing you.  

Seokjin returned to the room, his expression clearly amused, “no pizza.. But there is someone for you, ” he announced, running to his room and left you alone to face the unknown.  

Your heart lost a few beats when Park Jimin, CEO of Park Corporation entered in your living room. He was wearing casual clothes and looked much younger and almost relaxed.  

“Mr. Park..” You started, noticing not knowing what to say and you cleared your throat, embarrassed, “I didn’t know you had a roommate,” your boss filled the silence in your place, resting his jacket on the chair and came up to you.  

His presence in your house had no reason, your anxiety began to rise and the way he had talked to you that morning still burned. It wasn’t your fault you fell.  

He sat on the table in front of you, his gaze wandered over your body observing the bandage on your wrist and the ice resting on your knee. You jerked when he gently clasped your wrist and placed it on his lap, studying the bandage.  

“You haven’t wrapped it up, you’re too clumsy to do it. Your friend? ”  

“Yes, sir. He’s a nurse.. ”  

“Thank God,” he sighed, his voice filled with relief while his fingers caressed the bandages and shivers increased throughout your body, “the knee?”  

“Sore.. But.. Sir, why are you here? ”  

His soft and fleshy lips stretched into a smile, you were so close that you could grasp every nuance of that smile, and raise his gaze he looked at you carefully. The sweetness with which he was admiring you was overwhelming and soon you found yourself feeling your heart beating too quickly and your hands shaking and you knew that he would notice.  

“You always called me Jimin..”  

“Before I became your secretary and you my boss..” You pointed with a pinch of regret, feeling that he grasped perfectly, “Now it’s a habit..”  

“Stop Y/N.. Please, I hate when out of work you call me that way… ” He whimpered, clearly hurt by your behavior. You sighed and rested your other hand on his, starting to caress his palm with your thumb. “I don’t know what’s happening with you..”  

“Don’t overthink.. Jimin. We tried years ago.. It’s the past. ”  

“Tell me that you’re mine.”  

Your eyes were wide open and he intertwined his fingers with yours, in the same way of when you were a couple. “Please,” he pleaded you, “I don’t think I’ve ever stopped loving You, Y/N. Indeed, I know it.”  

“Even I know, Jimin.. And nothing has ever changed for me. I’ve always been yours. ”  

psycho barbie

pairing: jin x reader x taehyung

description/warnings: mafia!au, ceo!au bdsm themes, bondage, degrading names, cumplay, breathplay, collaring, blood play, assassinations, blackmailing, death threats

genre: thriller | angst | smut

word count: 1k

prologue : His

You loved the blue colour.

How the sea perfectly reflected on the sky’s emptiness, the way it could easily take away your worries, your regrets, the pain..

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His Secrets

Originally posted by meanyoongis

A/N: This my first 2k story. It’s fluffy kinda angsty has a little of everything

Word count: 2627

“Thank you, Keep the change.”

Stepping out of the taxi, checking the address you were texted. You took a deep breathe because walking up the rather high building. MYG Industries printed on the side in big white letters. “Who the hell is this guy really?” You mutter to yourself approaching the doors.

Walking into the building everything is either black or white, the space very minimalistic. The front desk is in the center of everything and behind that is a women with short grayish silver hair who is very focused her computer. You walk toward to front desk shyly already not really wanting to be here, your anxiety trying to get the best of you.

“Can I help you?” She says in a upbeat voice with a smile on her face. Walking closer you nice that her name is Alice and her eyes are red. Must be contacts you think to yourself. “Um …. Yes I-I’m here to see Mr. Min.”

“Oh yes he informed me. Right this way please.”

“ I-I can take myself, j-just tell me how to get there.” I stutter to get out, rushing behind her because she walks so fast. Practically jogging to keep up with her. “Mr. Min instructed me to take you personally. He said you are a person he values very much.”

The elevator door opens as soon as she finishes speaking. Moving to the side, she holds out one of her hands telling you to enter first. She presses the last button, before the doors close. Taking a deep breathe you grab onto the handles in the elevator. “30th Floor” the voice said notifying you that you’ve arrived.

“Right this way” Alice says opening the double doors with her key card. Moving through the floor you notice another desk like the one in the lobby. There is also chairs with a table in the center. She stops motioning for me to continue walking, we turn a corner and at the end of the hall are another set of double doors. She moves to knock but is stopped by a voice “Come in”.

“Sir, Your Guest is here.” She looks back at me smiling as she looks me up and down. “The pretty one”.

“Send her in please Alice.” you hear him say, still thinking about the way she was looking at you like food.

She opens the door letting you in still staring at you, making you feel very awkward and more out of place.”Will you need anything else sir” Looking over at him for the first time she says. Still looking at the floor you feel his eyes on you.

“No, That’s all Alice thank you. Enjoy the rest of your night.”

“You too, Sir.” Alice says glancing back over at you with a smile on her face, before closing the door and leaving.

“I missed you and you won’t even show me your beautiful face.”

Looking up you see him smirk, proud that his comment got to you. He’s wearing all black like usual, and his hair the same color as Alice the weird receptionist. He brings his hand up to push his run it through his hair, standing up to move over to you. Looking at that the floor you hear him chuckle standing right in front of you smiling. Placing a finger under your chin lifting your head, so he can look at you.

“What’s wrong beautiful, your more distant than normal. It’s worrying me honestly.”

“Why didn’t you tell me about all of this Yoongi.”

You had been together for a little over a 3 months and you had pretty much laid everything out on the table. Because you have trust issues from place relationships, and just being lied you were done with it. Yoongi knows this so why would he keep it from you.

“I was going to tell you, but I wanted to make sure we were going to continue moving forward before I did.” he says cupping my face in his hand. “That’s why I asked you come here, So I could spill all my secrets babe.”

Sighing you leaning forward resting your forehead on his chest, you inhale silently taking in his presents entirely. Moving to wrap your arms around his figure you look up at him smiling for the first time.

“You’ll answer any questions I have right.” He nodded looking down at you “Why do you always smile so good?”.

He leans his head back laughing before kissing my forehead “Why are you so cute?” He says releasing me and going back over to the his desk to turn over the computer. “Did you eat anything today?” Shaking your head no triggers him to glare at you.

“Bad….. I’m disappointed. What do you want to eat? And don’t say you don’t know like always.” smiling you say pizza, hearing him say okay you move to side on the table in the office playing with your phone.

He standing in front of you showing you the pizza he order looking for confirmation that it’s okay, you nod looking back down at you phone. He snatches from you dropping it on the floor and you don’t even fight for it, because you weren’t doing anything on it anyway.

“Didn’t you have something to tell me sweetheart.”

“You are right but since you didn’t eat, let’s do that first okay.” He says moving closer making you lean back. He leans down placing a hand on the table the other behind your head pulling you till your lips meet. Moving in a slow synchronized pace, you bring your hand to caress his face admiring his smooth milky skin.He pulls away still pecking your lips, with his eyes closed leaning his forehead against yours.

“I really did miss you babe, I’m sorry I was so busy this week.”

“Don’t worry about it, I mean you obviously have a lot on your plate.”  You say jestering around the room before placing your hands back on his face. “I just wish I knew sooner.” Pecking his lips again, lightly pushing him out of the way to get your phone and go sit in his chair behind the desk.

“So Min Yoongi is the CEO of MYG Industries……. who would’ve thought i’d get so lucky.” You say while looking at him and playing with some of the things on his desk. He smiles walking over taking a sit in the car in front of his desk.

“We’ll see how lucky you are once we talk.” He said unbuttoning his wrist cuffs and rolling them up. You look at him trying to hide the blush on you cheeks at how sexy the simple scene is before you. “Why don’t we start now…… you know we still have some time till the food gets here.” Looking down at your hands hoping he agrees.

“I suppose so I don’t see the harm in that. Where should we start the company or the deeper secrets.”

“The company save the juicy things for later please.

“As you wish sweetheart. Well I built this company from the ground up, and it wasn’t as hard as people make it seem. But then I’m a genius so I can’t talk much.”

“So cocky I love it………Continue.”  You said waving you hand for him to speak again.

He talk for about 20 minutes before there was a knock on the door. The security guard had brought the food up to Yoongi’s office. He also had red eyes just like Alice, maybe it was a new trend that hasn’t fully gotten around. But he also looked at you like food.

“Your employees are weird babe, you know that.” You tell him after that door closes and he walks over the table with the box of pizza and soda.

“I’m well aware, I have to deal with them all the time.” He said sighing to himself setting over thing down on the table. “Come here and eat and then I’ll finish telling you my secrets.” he says looking unsure of himself.

After you finish eating you both walk back to the desk. Yoongi didn’t eat anything, but that was normal he hardly ever ate around you. Always saying he ate beforehand or that he just wasn’t hungary. Because you weren’t together that long you didn’t want to nag at him about it, he was a grown man who could take care of himself but it still worried you how thin he was. Now knowing that he also runs a entire company part much alone, that just gave you another reason to worry more. You stared at him taking in his distinct features, loving the smirk on his face when he realizes you’ve been staring at him.

“Did you hear anything I just said.”

“What….Oh no, Not really I was distracted by how cute you are.” You say leaning forward on the desk, bringing you hands up to rest your head on smiling at him. “Cute, but what i’m about to tell you is important I need you to listen to me okay.”

You straighten up giving him your full attention, wanting to show him that you cared and respected him entirely. Not wanting to miss anything that he was about to say to you. Watching him lean back in his chair he seems more relaxed closing his eyes taking a deep breath, before slowly opening the again. His once brown eyes are now same red shade at the to others you had seen early. He looks at you and you feel calm unlike with Alice where you were anxious.

“You remember the stories of the how vampires used to roam the earth walking amongst the living.”

You nod “Yes but that were suppose to be wiped out, hundreds of years ago. The humans killed them because they were afraid that they would turn rogue and start killing humans instead of animal, like the ones without covens.” You respond back recalling the stories you grandmother would tell you about how horrific things use to be. About how you are lucky the vampires are gone, because they were disgusting monsters, who feed one the innocent. With bright red eyes and pale skin, they only care about their kind. Your eyes widened at the sudden realization, the people in the building you had seen were vampires and Yoongi was one too.

“I’m guessing I don’t have to continue……huh.”

Shaking your head you looked at him again. Amazing that they were even still alive, more so that he was one of them. Thinking to yourself what are the changes that you would meet one, let alone be in a romantic relationship with one. He looks at you his eyes a darker red now, studying you as if he can hear what you are thinking. Looking down he apologizes, “I thought now would be a good time to tell you before things got more serious.”

“So should I be afraid of you or something. Was this your way of trying to break up or………….”  You say looking over at him as he snapped his head up clearly not expecting your reaction.

“What no..It’s not like that I swe-”

“You know what Yoongi it’s fine whatever” you said standing up and walking toward the door. He follows grabbing you hand making you stop all actions.

“Listen to me, That wasn’t my intention and I’m sorry it’s just that this is a big deal for me and I didn’t want to miss anything up okay. I’m Sorry honestly, can you please calm down?” Him telling you to calm down only made you more upset for some reason. You used your other hand to pry his off of you, staring at him and taking a step back.

“You knew what Yoongi, I could care less about the fact that you are a vampire or whatever. It’s how you said it and that bullshit reasoning that makes me mad.” you retorts before walking down the hall, with him still behind you spilling out apologizes left and right. As you turn the the corner you see a man in front of the double door.

“You look as beautiful as you smell darling.” he says as he inhales moving closer to you. “ I can practically taste you.”

“Y/n Get behind me now” Yoongi says grabbing your arms pulling you behind him and he starts to walk backwards. You grab unto his shirts holding it tightly “Who is that Yoongi?” you whisper into his ear. “I don’t know, but go back to my office and what there for me okay can you do that.” He says not once taking his eyes off of the person still stalking toward us.

“ Yoongi no come wit-”

“Go now!” He said loudly pulling you hands off his shirt pushing you away from him still looking as the intruder. You slowly walk backwards wanting to stay and make sure Yoongi was okay. Wishing you hadn’t been mad at him for something that was honestly stupid, because it he just happens to get hurt or worse you’re going to blame yourself like always.

“Leaving so soon Darling. How sad you’re the reason I can, never smelt something so sweet in my li-”

“Stop talking to her.” Yoongi says making to divert his attention. I reach the door opening it still looking out at the two before closing the door. And with that you fell to the floor, overwhelming with the situation plus the info you’ve received from yoongi you fainted. Your body’s way of saying ‘Fuck this I don’t want to deal with it’.

When you woke up you were on the couch in Yoongi’s office. Remembering what happening before you fainted you shoot up gasping at the thought. Rushing toward the door hoping that his okay. “Y/n, where are you going.”

You hear his voice behind you, turning around running toward him. You practically throw yourself at him, wrapping your arms around him pulling him close. You let out a sob, pulling back to look at his face more tears fall as you see his is hurt. Has a cut right underneath his left eye and his lip was still bleeding. Grabbing his face you apologizing continuously “ I’m sorry Yoongi this is all my fault. If I haven’t come that guy…..a-and you wouldn’t have gotten hurt. This is all my fault……Thi-”.

“Shhh It’s okay this has nothing you do with you okay.” He says bring his hand to grab yours pulling them off of his face still holding onto them. “Look at me please Y/n.” You look at him see his face again, your brain can’t shake the fact that this is all on you. Leaning your hand against his chest you apologize again. It seems to be the only thing to can stay. Weak sorrys pour from your mouth and Yoongi just holds you trying to calm you down. The two of you stand there for awhile Yoongi swaying back and forth you ease your sobs.

When you finally stop you look up at him, see that his expression is the same as always. He looks at you and sighs bring a hand up to wrap away the last of your tears. “This was a freak accident, that has absolutely nothing to do with you. This is not your fault, don’t blame yourself please. If anyone is at fault it’s me, because I knew that this was a risk and did it anyway understand.” you nod signaling that you understood, afraid your voice might fail you. Placing your head back on his chest you feel him wraps his arms around you holding you again and with that you feel more safe than ever.


So our powerful kings have blessed us with the gift of life today. They not only gave us an entire album but also gave us the Fake Love MUSIC VIDEO and I don’t know about you but I’m literally crying because of the fact that the amount of effort they put into this just for us. We don’t deserve these kings so please show them respect and how grateful we are. We stan powerful kings

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A long wait

Jimin x reader

Anon requested: CEO Jimin

I hope you like it, anon~

genre: smut, fluff, angst

word count: 3.7k

Originally posted by jimins-bootae

Jimin and you had been friends ever since you were able to think. The kindergarten, elementary school, middle and high school you were inseparable. He was a quiet child with high dreams and so were you, except for the time you spent together, playing in the yard or as you went to your first party ever together. Even your first kiss was taken by Jimin as you wanted to know how it felt like. After many years by each others side it was time to go separate paths, long weeks of insomnia following as you missed each other more than your families, crying phone calls in the middle of the night declaring that you needed your friend. But as months and then years went on without seeing Jimin, you both had contained to live without the other, a hole in your heart never closing.

You had to stay home, taking a job as a secretary as Jimin went to college abroad, discovering the world his parents lived in. He had to study where his father made his degrees and after a few years it was time to finally meet your best friend again.

One day you went to work as usual, the boring life you lived making your mood more depressed by the days which passed. But this day should change your daily routine completely. While you checked in you saw how a mob of women built a circle around the CEO’s office, chatting like hell while others just tried to glance inside the room. Curious you tapped your co-worker on her shoulder.

“What’s going on here?”

“You didn’t know? Ah, you were sick last week, right y/n?”, she turned around, a worried expression on her face, but you saw the excitement lingering underneath. “Last week another company bought ours and the new CEO just entered the office and y/n, he is the hottest and youngest CEO I’ve ever seen!”

You nodded, the information sinking down slowly. Your company was brought by some young CEO of another group. Did that mean that you all would be fired? How was your company doing that someone had to buy it? Was its reputation that bad?

“Don’t make such a face, y/n! A paper went around to calm the employees nerves as everything will be as it was before, just the position of our chairman changing. Maybe some old traditions will be exchanged, but don’t worry, we are safe”, she stroked your arm while turning around before you saw that a man exited the bureau.

The new CEO had long legs, a broad back and was dressed in such a costly suit that you registered too late that he stared at you, his plump mouth agape, brown eyes wide awake. His smile was the same some years ago, his plump, pink lips stretched above white teeth which showed a crooked front tooth. The glowing, tanned skin was flushed in red under his high cheekbones and the chocolate almond shaped eyes which crinkled as the smile reached his eyes, you knew better than your own.

How was that possible? Why hadn’t he mailed you in three years? Why had he to stand right in front of you as you were in the middle of all female co-workers? And why the hell had he to smile so brightly at you with his beautiful face while you felt a burning hot fluid pooling in your eyes?

Before you knew it tears streamed down your cheeks, his charming, warm smile changing into shock and pain as you turned around to rush to the women’s toilets. Never had you imagined to see him again after breaking all contacts to you and your family. You were hurt as he went abroad to study, but it was a heartbreaking experience as he never called you the last three years. Of course you called, mailed and even wrote him letters, but you never got an answer all the years.

Time went by, but you didn’t care how long you stayed in front of the mirror, contemplating how to fix your make-up. Maybe twenty minutes maybe one hour, you wobbled out of the toilet, adjusting your skirt and blouse before you faced your co-workers again.

“Y/n!”, a male voice, familiar like the back of your own hand, calling out to you while you tried to rush back to your desk.

But ere you reached the doorknob of the corridor which parted your workplace, arms embraced you from behind. With a solid his grip he turned you around, pulling you into his broad chest.

“I missed you, y/n”, Jimin’s voice shook. “Please, don’t run away from me.”

You were on the verge of tears again while he just held you, his fists enclosed on the fabric on your shoulders. How you missed him, too. His scent, his warmth and his voice.

“J-Jimin..”, you said weakly, pushing your childhood friend away from you. “Why haven’t you ever mailed me again?”, you blurted out, brushing your salty tears away with your palms.

Jimin just looked down on your figure, his heart tightening at your sight, from pain and the love he felt for your being.

“I..I had to cope with a lot of things at that time. My dad passed away, I had to work my ass off and I wanted to make a contract with his live here again. By my best friend’s side!”, the man in his dark suit replied, his hands running through his hair to stay composed.

“I could’ve helped you, Jimin”, you said bitterly, arms crossed in front of your chest.

“It wasn’t that easy. Please, y/n, let me make up for the time I missed the chances to reply and was a big fool to leave you alone for such a long time”, he begged, taking your hands softly out of your position to squeeze them lightly, finally being able to touch you again.

For a while you just glanced at him, he didn’t change much, got a little thinner, but he had the same aura you always adored around him. Even his smile was the same, charming and sweet with a bit of mischief behind it.

“Pick me up at eight. We have a lot to talk about”, you sighed, wanting to slap his pretty face and peck it all over at the same time. Yes, he had hurt you like hell, but every human should be granted a second chance.

“I’ll be there!”, Jimin replied right away ere he remembered something. “Where do you live, y/n?”

Right, he didn’t know as he was gone for too long to know where your new apartment was. Therefore you told him, a shy smile tracing your lips at the thought of spending the evening with your old, lost friend and CEO of your company. You had to ask him so many questions that you thought about making a list, wanting to hear his stories, how he was doing the last years and how your friendship should continue now as he was back.

That night you both talked about everything which pressed on your hearts. He told you how he had to cope with his father’s death and the responsibility this case brought with it. Jimin studied hard to be able to come back as fast as possible to see you again, wherefore he sealed all personal contacts off of him, concentrating to become the heir his family wanted him to be. And just that he did, right now he was ‘free’ to do what he wanted and this contained to buy the company you worked for.

“I see so many lost chances the firm could have gotten. But now that I am leading it, I will make sure that my money was worth spending it on and I swore to my father that I make it successful”, he announced, shoving his fork in his plump mouth. “The most important reason that I spent my money on it was that I knew you were working there.”

While his speech about his past years, his confession right now and the hurt expression on Jimin’ face you cried while listening to him. It was such a long time since you last had seen him that all emotions you had to repress exploded ere you both just stood in the middle of the kitchen, hugging each other tightly. Time passed by and as you lay in his arms on his large couch, Jimin promised to never let his childhood friend go again and so the dark, gloomy days lightened up with every new sunrise, the thought of Jimin making you happier than ever.

A few weeks after your first encounter, you developed the habit to stay over at Jimin’s house, making you both breakfast before rushing to work where you saw him, getting along with his new employees and the position as the company’s CEO. You couldn’t remember a time you were so comfortable at work. But something seeped through your mind slowly, a nagging feeling while your heart clenched, making breathing heavy whenever your eyes locked with Jimin’s. You knew too well what feelings made their way into you, the same damn feelings you had for him the days before his departure, developed by the years he spent by your side. Jimin should never know about your romantic thoughts about him, why you tried not to stay over as many times as his first two weeks back.

“Good morning, y/n”, his usual smile turned his plump lips upwards as he made his daily routine through the company to help his employees with problems. “What held you busy yesterday? I missed your breakfast the last days. You pampered me too much that I can’t eat anything else in the morning!”

You laughed, heat flowing to your cheeks at his words. Why had he to say so sweet things? It made it even harder to repress all the upcoming feelings you felt for him.

“I..I had to visit some friends”, you lied, avoiding his dark eyes.

“Is that so?”, he spoke slowly, not believing your words as he knew if you lied to him immediately. “What about today then?”

You felt eyes burning through your back as your co-workers tried to overhear the conversation you two had, but Jimin made sure that they got back to work with one strict sentence. The last days some female colleagues got suspicious of you two, pressing to spit what was going on between the CEO and you, but you just told them you knew each other, on friendly terms, nothing more. It was the truth, right? A short form of it, but not wrong.

“I don’t think that-”

“Bullshit, y/n. Ten o'clock at my house”, Jimin grinned, patting your head ere he continued his tour through the office.

He was so cheeky, but charming. At that you felt how your heart clenched again, a knot in your stomach tightening as you watched his broad back. You had only two options. Telling him how you started to feel, from high school on, or telling him you needed distance taking your relationship as employer-empolyee as an excuse.

This night you had mixed feelings coursing through your body as you waited for Jimin to open the door. He took his time ere he greeted you, his cute smile taking you by surprise.

“It’s nice to have you sleeping over again, y/n”, Jimin smirked, motioning you to enter his home.

“Y-yeah”, you stuttered, narrowing your eyes to your small bag. “As it’s the weekend I don’t have work, so..”


You looked up at the worry in his low voice. The heartbeat of yours beginning to race as you locked eyes with his. Jimin crossed his arms on his chest, cocking his dark eyebrows up.

“Spit it”, he reprimanded you.

Despite his demand you rounded him to slender to his living room, trying to get more time to choose between your two options. He was your friend, he deserved the truth, didn’t he?

“I love you”, you blurted, hands covering your face at your confession. Well, you wanted to talk to him first, letting the theme sink in, but the panic made you blurting out this embarrassing nonsense. “I-I… god, Jimin. Okay I liked you even back in high school and with every fucking day it gets worse, okay?”

Jimin just stood there, listening to you while a bright grin spread upon his tanned face. You finally said it, admitted what he already knew.

“Calm down, y/n”, he simply said, walking up to your position to take your hands in his, his thumbs circling on your skin. “I knew it. Back in high school you wrote this greasy letter to me”, he looked at your shocked expression, a chuckle escaping him. “Do you really think I can’t recognize the handwriting of my best friend?”

You felt how pink your cheeks had to be, cursing yourself for your stupidity of your high school days. But now that your ‘secret’ was out of the bag you felt insecure, not knowing how he felt and how it changed your newly reunited friendship.

“I’m sorry, Jimin, I just had to tell you. And I totally understand if you don’t return my feelings. Please, take your time to think about it!”

You freed yourself from his grip, rushing back to the door ere you run back home, leaving a perplexed Jimin in the centre of his living room.

Now you had to wait for his answer, regret filling your mind before you shook yourself from the negative thoughts about the outcome of your confession.

On monday you had to drag yourself to work, the nagging feeling of rejection clouding your thoughts while you waited for the bell of the elevator to signal the arrival on your floor. Several co-workers greeted you as you slandered to your desk, falling down on your chair ere your department’s boss knocked on the surface of your desk.

“Good morning, Miss y/l/n. Mr. Park wants to see you in his office, please take your files and follow me”, your boss said while you snatched your reports to follow him to Jimin’s office a few floors above.

“Mr. Park? Your employee, Miss y/l/n, is here”, your boss announced as he knocked on your CEO’s office door.

“Come in, please”, you heard Jimin say, an unknown tune lacing his calm voice. Fear stiffened your limbs as you entered the light illuminated room. Jimin sat behind his desk ere he stood up to greet you.

“Hey, y/n”, he said, eyes crinkled while he shot you his signature smile. Without a warning he reached behind you to turn the key in the lock. Then he turned his attention to you, pulling you into him while pressing his plump, pink lips straight on yours.

Confused and shocked you glanced at him, wide eyes so close to his that you saw how long his black eyelashes lay on his cheeks while he closed his eyes, cupping your face as he deepened the kiss. It was the answer of your confession, you knew it as he delicately moved his mouth on yours, letting you take control. Therefore you pushed him back while never letting his lips go until the back of his legs bumped into his desk.

“Y/n, I always wanted you”, he said, voice hoarse whereas his hands traced down to your waist. You just knew what would follow, sliding your fingers over his costly suit while leaning in on him again to passionately kiss him. Jimin tasted so good you didn’t even care that you stood in the middle of his office, his employees running around only metres away. They landed on his chest, unbuttoning his knobs in heat as you finally could taste him like you always wanted.

“I want you, Jimin. And I waited forever”, you stated as he latched his tongue on your neck, sucking gently on your skin.

“The door’s locked, what do you wait for?”, he teased, voice muffled from your skin while he copied your actions and began to open your blouse, revealing your lacy bra to him.

Now you both couldn’t be held back as you stripped each other as far as you could, mouths clashing onto the other hastily. Lastly Jimin had only his open white shirt on while you stood before him, wearing nothing more than your bra and panties, blood boiling at the sight in front of you.

“You’re beautiful”, he whispered, pulling you in again to pepper more kisses along your collarbones down your stomach ere he slid down your panties, slowly exposing your heat to his hungry eyes. He cupped it, rubbing his palm on your nub, which made you moan a little ere your covered your mouth with your own hand.

“I-I’m already ready for you, Jimin”, you informed him, the previous make-out session and stripping of his clothes got you going and discovering that under his expensive clothes lay a toned, tanned and muscular body was just the icing which fuelled your arousal. Your mouth watering as you saw his freaking thick thighs.

Jimin only nodded, his fingers disappearing between your legs, dipping one in you to feel how wet your pussy already were.

“You’re definitely ready and so I am”, your CEO and childhood friend announced, standing up to lift you into his arms, your legs enclosed around his hips while your heat made contact to his throbbing dick, feeling how warm and thick his length pressed against your folds. How you wished for this to happen ever since high school. And now it finally took place, in his office while he was the CEO of your company and you his employee, but that didn’t matter whereas you both had the same feelings for each other.

The handsome guy sat down, leaning back into his chair while he positioned you on his lap to straddle him, your cores pressed together.

“What if someone wants to come in?”, you felt a tinge of nervousness at that thought, but Jimin just chuckled, caressing your bare ass with his soft hands. He smacked it ere he soothed you with the words that he was the damn CEO and if someone wanted to talk to him they had to wait, being it an important matter or not, he wanted to fuck you right now nothing more and nothing less.

With that you traced a line through your folds to damped his cock in your juices a few times before you slowly sat down on it, feeling his wet tip entering you. Jimin moaned quietly at the sensation as you took him in till he filled you completely, staying still while adjusting to the stretch his dick caused. Your eyes rolled back while he pressed his lips on yours again, his hands grabbing your hips to move tardily up and down, the stretch causing you pain which evolved into arousal pretty fast.

“Jimin”, you moaned his name as you began to roll your hips into his, his cock pressing on your walls with every move, making you cry out his name. Before anyone would hear your loud voice he pulled you down, moving his lips passionately on yours to muffle the lewd sounds coming out of your mouth.

By the time you rocked your hips furiously into his, panting while his throat escaped some grunts. Jimin grabbed you harder, helping you to bounce on his dick as a knock on the door disturbed your love making.

“Mr. Park, I have the files you requested”, a female voice reached through the closed door, Jimin’s forehead pressing against yours as his breathless voice filled the room.

“I’m busy right now. Wait for a while.”

You chuckled, oh he was busy. Therefore you bounced hard on his cock, the friction his skin caused at your clit intensifying, but not as much as you would have loved it to. Jimin on the other side focused on your face, contoured in lust as he felt himself close to his own release. You saw how sweaty his body was as your skin hit his, perverted sounds caused by your juices and the sweat tuning through his office. He bit his plump lower lips while circling your hips on his, making him come with a loud, low moan so near your ear that you got goosebumps. How long you wanted to hear it while his seeds shot into your pussy, sitting down on Jimin until he finished trembling underneath you. He breathed so heavy, letting whimpers out which were more melodious than music in your ears.

Slowly you stood up, some drops of his white semen flowing down his dick as he fell out of you with a loud smack onto his toned abs.

“Y/n, I never said it, but you’re not just my best friend anymore, a long time ago I realized that it is you who I want”, he whispered while kissing your lips after every word. “It has to be our little secret for a while, but I think we can do it, right?”

“If we repeat this if I have my break, then that’s okay”, you winked at him, a light giggle falling from your lips as he looked at you, the common mischief tracing his eyes.

“Firstly you say 'I love you’ to your friend and now you seduce your CEO?”

You laughed, grabbing your clothes ere you dressed yourself. So did he while never letting you go with his dark eyes.

“I have a thing for someone called Park Jimin, so yes”, you answered him while he embraced you from behind.

“Luckily my name is the same”, Jimin grinned. “Now back to work, y/n. Let me do you a favour tonight. Eight o'clock again?”

You turned around, kissing his plump, pink lips again, adjusting his grey tie on it’s place. Now it was set, you were in love with your best friend, secret high school love and at the same time CEO. But you didn’t care what his status was as he kissed you back, smiling into your lips.

Jungkook Scenario: Rumor Has It.

Request: Hello! Love the writings! Can you write one where jungkook is a rich ceo and y/n works at his company and jungkook tries to hit on her but she hates him? Thank you very much!

Genre: Fluff / CEO AU.

You were tipping measuredly, doing your work with the intention of minding your own business and not sparing even a glance to your co workers in your section, but even still you could feel their gazes on you, how they were probably preying on what you were wearing, if your skirt was too short or your pants were too tight, if your makeup was well done, if your hair looked right. You knew they were paying attention to every single little detail to later talk about it behind your back. 

You really didn’t want to grab anyone’s attention, you just wanted to do your work, earn your money and go home to your cat, but of course that was too much to ask for.

You had almost a year working for the company, at first you were the assistant of a field reporter so you weren’t that much time at the office, but you had been promoted to do what you had studied for, now you belonged to the editorial team of the magazine. You were happy with that since you were doing what you wanted to do, and you had thought your co workers were going to be at least decent, but of course you had been wrong. The four of them were four vultures picking up whatever they could to turn it into shreds, their favorite thing in the past two months was you.

-Good morning Mr. Jeon- you heard the four of them said in a chorus making you stop moving to look from the corner of your eyes at the man standing just out of the editors section, your boss was a handsome man, all sharp edges and broad shoulders covered by his black suit, he nodded at the other four and then his eyes went to you, expectantly he stared down and you weren’t sure if he wanted to say something or if he was waiting for you to do so, what you were sure of was the preying eyes of the four vultures were on you just to catch whatever interaction you might have with your boss at the moment. 

-Good morning- You glanced up for a second as you spoke and then went back to look at the computer. 

-Good morning Y/N- he responded, you felt his eyes on you for a few seconds before he walked away. 

You sighed but you knew you couldn’t be totally relaxed, you thought on what craziness your coworkers might be thinking because of this little interaction. But then everything was Mr. Jeon’s fault. You met him when you were promoted to your current position and since that day he had taken interest in you. You on the other hand didn’t want any trouble at work, so you tried to keep your distance but Jeon had always other plans, as he usually made his secretary look for you soliciting you to be the one giving him the report on the edition process, other times he called you to ask for your opinion on ridiculous matters, or random company issues, and even some times he just tried to blatantly hit on you.

You had to admit that you’d be corresponding him if you were in any other situation because to be honest he was deadly hot. But here in the office it just made your life more difficult as people were starting to think there was something between you, but he didn’t seem to take the hint that you wouldn’t be corresponding him.

-The asshole- you muttered despite yourself, thinking that you should be putting some limits, it didn’t matter if he was the CEO, you had to make your point to him to stop bothering you. 

So you decided it, this time it would be you requesting a meeting with Jeon Jungkook.

Keep reading