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Kim Taehyung’s Tan Skin Appreciation

Listen, the fact that BTS whitewashed their own picture at the BBMAs really upset me so here’s a Kim Taehyung’s Tan Skin Appreciation post.

I hope that Taehyung one day comes to love and appreciate his tan skin the same way that we do ~

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Kim Taehyung,

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do not

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Apologise for the colour of your skin

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you really out here

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For GLOWING ?!?!?!

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no bby

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we love you

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and the colour

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of your skin

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no matter what.

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Interviewer: So, would you say you’re an independent person?

Jungkook: *looks at Jin*

Seokjin: *mouths yes*

Jungkook: Yeah I’d say I am

Embroidery (M)

This took for-fucking-ever, but it is here. I decided to make this a drabble-esque series, but this is like the lowkey origins of it. FEEL FREE TO REQUEST DRABBLES FOR THIS AU. Anyway, thanks for waiting, let me know what you think, and enjoy!

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Summary: Taehyung is the typical picture of the ideal man, and you are his rom-com counterpart, but there’s something slightly darker within the love that blooms between the two of. However, it’s hard to notice with the other sensations he spoils you with.

Genre: Smut and fluff

Warnings: clothed sex, cunnilingus, fellatio, obsessive themes

Pairing: Soft Yandere!CEO!Taehyung x Reader (Jeez)

Words: 13.7k

Embroidery reminded you of books. You read often. You stitched often. However, you craved something more interactive.

You loved romance, and you appreciated a slow burn towards a beautiful work of art, you looked forward to it, you expected one in life. It took a slow hand to craft it.

However, burns were seldom slow, and he basically showered you with gasoline and torched you all in one second.

Most startling of all, you loved it.

You still didn’t know who was the tether to who, or if you were both just sane enough to strap the other down, but crazy enough to need to be strapped down.

Things change so quickly, so drastically. Like paint meeting water or rain brushing against paper, Taehyung met you.

Well, met, is a strong word.

Taehyung saw you. He watched you. He felt like he knew you.

Taehyung was your run of the mill popular college guy. He was everything most of the girls wanted; he was funny, charming, playful, and sexy. However, he never cared for emotional attachments. Sure, he satisfied his primal enjoyments when he felt like it, seeing as there’s always a girl more than willing, but he never loved anyone. He grew up just about on his own, isolating himself in the orphanage he took refuge in until he was 16 and found a way to live alone. He had never felt passionate about anything with a heartbeat. Taehyung was a smart guy too, making top grades and taking advanced classes. He already had a nice-paying office job as one of the heads in marketing, and he was a beautiful singer for whatever event he was hired to enchant an audience at. Unrealistic? Yes, but so was he. Taehyung was truly remarkable.

However, he felt like he couldn’t hold a candle to you.

Yet, you were not popular whatsoever, a real recluse. You rarely went to parties, never dated, and you’ve never so much as been offered sex from someone sober. Your longest committed relationship was with your academics. You were a receptionist at Taehyung’s place of work, and you were a sophomore in college, so you never had any classes with him. You were only remarkable in the sense of academics, but this year you were told art history was a requirement, and you were happy with the subject, ecstatic, but you knew the class required partner work. You hated to depend on people.

Art history is where you and Taehyung finally, genuinely, continuously connected.

He took the class out of sheer excitement. He had free time, nothing really to stress about for his last year in college, until he saw you in there.

You knew of Taehyung, there was no way you couldn’t. You exchanged pleasantries as you bowed to greet him as he came in the morning. You found him interesting and attractive, but did you like him? You didn’t know. Your thoughts on him were anything but complex.

However, Taehyung knew you too well.

You started working as a receptionist a year ago, and Taehyung fell in love with you at first sight. He resisted his emotions, trying to shake you off in whatever female’s bed he broke, but nothing worked. He came to terms with the fact that he was enchanted after three months, and he was going through a voluntary dry spell since then. The next woman he would touch would be you if you were willing of course.

Taehyung was obsessive and a little crazy, but he was a gentleman. However, you were more sexual hungry than he ever expected.

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Namjoon: What if we actually are living in a simulation?

Yoongi: Then I’d tell the creator to pull the plug so they can end this misery we call life

Based on a conversation I’ve actually had

Master Post: Scenarios


Black out [smut]
Pool time [smut]
Wake Up [sad]
Feel Better, Yeobu [fluff]
Come Join Me [smut]

The Doctor Is In [fluff]


Missing Him [fluff]
First Time [smut]
Lost Without You [smut]
I Fell for You [smut]
Fanmeet [fluff]
Anniversary [smut]
Late Night Texts [smut]
Tease [smut/gender neutral]
Falling in Love with Your Rhythm: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 [fluff/series]
Suga Smut [smut]
Teach Me: Pt. 1 , Pt. 2 ,Pt. 3, Pt. 4, Pt. 4.5Pt. 5 [fluffy smut(Kinda)/series]
Next to him  Pt. 1, Pt.2 

Curtain Call [Fluff/Angst]


A Secret Obsession: Chapter 1, Chapter 2 [Fluff/series]
Alone Time: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 [smut/series]
A Sailorman’s Hymn [sad]
Hoseok’s Birthday [fluff]
First Time [smut]
Soon-to-be-Parents [fluff]
Dance Practice [smut]
How to Save a Life [angst]
Often [smut]
Birthday Dinner for Two [fluff/smut]
It’ll Be Okay [Fluff]

Rap Mon:

New Arrival [smut]
Have You Been Bad? [smut]
Saving Some for the Fishes [smut]
7 Minutes in Heaven 
You’re Mine [smut]


Love to Hate You [smut]
Spy Imagine [smut]
Jimin Smut [smut]
First time [smut]
Dance for Me [slight smut]
Blowjob Fic (with blowjob advice!) [smut]
New Boyfriend [fluff]
Pre-wedding Visits [fluffy smut]
7 Minutes in Heaven 


V Smut [smut]
Lost [fluff]
A Rainy Tuesday [fluff]
Morning Sex [smut]
Study Buddies [smut]
V Fluff [fluff]
Teasing Taehyung [fluff??]
Yours [smut??]
I Need U [smut/angst]
Love Story [fluff]
Dance Practice [smut]
First Kiss [fluff/gender neutral]
Spanking [smut/male reader]
Just a Dream [fluff]
Don’t Go [angst/sadness]
The Perfect Guy [Murder death doomy doom]
Just a Dance Partner [smut]
20 Seconds [angst/fluff??]


First Time [smut]
Confession [fluff]
Recovery [fluff/gender neutral]
Grinding [smut??]
Singing with Kookie [fluff]
Smile for Me [fluff]
What’s Wrong, Noona?: Pt. 1Pt. 2Pt. 3 [smut]
Be Careful What You Wish For [smut]
What Are You Wearing? [fluff/male reader]
Better Than a Shirt [smut]

Multiple Members:

V-Reader-Jungkook [smut/oral]
Maknae Line-Reader [smut]
Schrodinger’s BTS: TeaserPt. 1, Pt. 2Pt. 3, Pt. 4Pt. 5, Pt. 6, Pt. 7  

*Updated as of 6/17/16*

Request are currently closed 

<3 Admin Sugar, Bibi, and Sinnabun


Believe it or not but I finally made a masterlist ;)


Hyung Line

He forgets your anniversary

You are drunk (Jin, Suga, V, Jungkook)

Birthday Smut (Jhope)

Another Girl Flirts with him 

He gets hurt

Not being in a relationship but raising a child together

You fall asleep on his lap

First night after moving in together

Another guy Flirts with you

He comes home from tour

He spoils you and you feel bad about it

Your daughter gets jealous when you kiss

Morning after pill

Types of Dad’s

The morning after

He overworks himself

First/Heated argument 

First/Heated argument Part II

Someone breaks into your house

Your child asks for a sibling

Maknae Line

He is jealous of your guy best friend 

He forgets your anniversary

Another Girl Flirts with him 

He gets hurt

You are drunk (Jimin, Jhope, RM)

You fall asleep on his lap

First night after moving in together

Another guy Flirts with you

He spoils you and you feel bad about it

Someone breaks into your house


Your daughter gets jealous when you kiss

Your first kiss

You surprise him on tour on his birthday

Types of Dad’s

The morning after

Their pregnant wife is in danger/doing something dangerous

First/Heated argument

First/Heated argument Part II

Your child asks for a sibling

First day of school but your daughter doesn’t want to leave her Daddy


You have a powerful sneeze

You’re being affectionate/clingy

He has a bad dream about you

He bakes with your child and it ends in a disaster

He is nervous before a performance

You get flustered when they call you a nickname (Maknae L.) (Hyung L.)

Their pregnant wife feels a sharp pain during an argument

Their plus size s/o feels insecure

Their little daughter has a crush/boyfriend

Last updated August 7th 2018

*screaming in the distance*


Jungkook: Hoseok saw a cockroach and I killed it and that was it

Jimin: *crying* Jungkook you took an innocent life

Yoongi: Calm down it was just a roach, besides it was the only way to shut Hoseok up

Hoseok: It nearly ate me!

Yoongi: I repeat, it was just a roach!

Taehyung: Can y’all please shut the fuck up? I’m trying to watch a show here

Namjoon: Taehyung, you’re watching Hwarang but skipping through all the scenes without your character in it

Taehyung, focused on his character: Pretty…

Seokjin: The fuck kinda people am I living with?

*while looking at BTS’ latest concept photos*

Me: I like this concept. It’s so relaxed and wait-

Me: *looks closer at Yoongi*

Me: What the-

Me: *zooms in again on Yoongi*