Ok two things. For those of you who don’t know Spanish penne has two meanings. Number one is a type of past and two penne is similar to the word pene which translates to penis. I don’t ever order the penne pasta at a restaurant because I always burst in laughter. And number two. Now I know one of the reasons bon voyage is 19+ . Chicken breast meat 😂 I know it’s a type of cut from a chicken but just look at their reactions. They kind of made it sound sexual. 😂

Risks (J.JK)

Genre: Romantic Drama fan fiction

Discripition: You’ve gone through things unimaginably painful. You’ve been neglected. Lost the people who mattered most to you. The last person you thought you could count on has pushed you away, due to fears. You’re left alone. Do you end it all or take ‘Risks’?


Warning: If you are sensitive to Cursing/Violence/Rape/abuse/suicide Please do not read. No smut although mature content is included. Read at your own Risk.

A/n: THIS IS PART 2 ❗️I highly recommend for you to read Part one before moving forward into this part of the one shot. You will be confused if you haven’t read Part one.


Y/n’s house, few minutes later

I slowly opened my eyes realizing I was laying on my couch. My head was aching. I looked down to see I was wearing nothing but my black bra and panties set. I sat up completely confused. Jungkook walked out of my room with new clothes on. A white shirt, black jeans, slippers and socks on. Completely dry as I was damped. He always had extra clothes at my house so I figured he cleaned himself up. He carried new dry undergarments and pajamas for me in his hands. He stopped walking after noticing me awake, gazing intensely at him. “Y/n your bath water is ready, we’ll talk aft-“

“Jungkook how did you get in?” I cut him off not wanting to hear a thing he had to say.

“You always keep an extra key under the plant dish.” I held my palm to my forehead. I couldn’t believe I wasn’t dead. My eyes began to water. It was depressing to know I was still trapped in this hell.

“Jungkook…. why did you save me?” I fought so hard to keep the tears in but they still managed to slip out.

“Why wouldn’t I?” I could hear a hint of anger in his voice. He looked at me dumbfounded taking a step closer to the couch, causing me to stand up.

“Because you don’t care Jungkook! You have never cared!”

“Y/n that’s not tr-“

“It is true!” I didn’t let him finish his sentence, knowing exactly what he was going to say next. At this point I was beyond mad. I was so tired of being lied to. “You made it clear you wanted nothing to do with me that night we had that argument Jungkook! So why are you here?”

“Y/n Listen I-“

“No! I will not listen! I have let you use me numerous amount of times! I’ve allow you to treat me like complete shit! (Weep) I’ve allowed you to make me feel worthless! I’ve given you everything to make you see how much I love you! Everything to get any ounce of love that I could from you! I Just wanted you to love me back! (weep) To love me the way I love you…. (shakes head) but no your just too fucking selfish! (Sniff) CONSTANTLY THINKING OF YOUR SELF, BELIVEING THE WORLD ONLY REVOLVES AROUND YOU! BUT IT DOESNT JUNGKOOK! (weep)…. it doesn’t…..(sniff)”. He was dumbfounded. I could tell he wanted to say something but just couldn’t bring himself to doing so. I scoffed. “And to think I actually thought you loved me back is ridiculous. Even if you didn’t love me as much as I loved you, I was still happy to experience the feeling you made me feel. To be given some type of love…. cause I felt it Jungkook.. (weep) From the way you’d look at me, from the way you’d kiss me, from the way you touched me. To the point where I didn’t even consider us having sex, sex Jungkook…. You’d make love to me and never wanna leave my side the next morning (weep)… but I guess I was getting wrong signals huh? You probably only wanted me for sex hmm?…”

“Y/n Enough!” Jungkook through my clothes down, aiming to get close to me. With every step he took forward, I took one backwards to stay away. I could tell my words were getting to him. He looks pissed, but I could care less.

“The friendship never mattered, sex was your only interest Right? You never thought about how I felt! You never cared to notice how much being ‘friends with benefits’ was taking a troll on me while you were messing with other girls!…. No one has ever cared! (weep). You’ve made me feel like nothing! Like I was never worth your love. Like I’d never be enough for you!(weep)” At this point we were in the kitchen circling the marble island. I was so angry. I felt like all the anger I’ve been holding in was finally exploding out of me. I swiped everything on the marble island table on the floor cause things to shatter. “All I’ve ever wanted from you was love! For you to commit Jungkook! I wanted you to crave and need me the way I’ve been needing you!” He followed me back into the living room. “I had no one Jungkook! No one! Everyone who has ever loved or cared for me has been ripped from my life! (Sob)” My blood was boiling. I just couldn’t control myself. I began to throw everything in my sight at him. I threw a book at his face, causing his bottom lip to bleed. I wasn’t fazed by it. Jungkook rushed towards me but I instantly slammed the living room’s bookshelf down, to block me from him. He ran to the only exit for me, to trap me in but he was too late. I ran out the livingroom before he could grab me. He followed me back into the kitchen.

“Y/n wait!” He yelled. I yelped out in pain. I stepped on glass, although my adrenaline rush was so intense that I couldnt feel the pain soon after. He attempted to get near me but I still moved away. Not caring about the blood staining my white tiles. “Just stay away Jungkook!” We stopped in our places. Him at one end of the table catching his breath. Me at the other playing with my finger tips. I was happy to come to a halt. I could hardly breathe after being chased around. I didn’t want to be near him. I didn’t even want to look at him. I could feel a wave of sadness thrown over me, just looking at him. I was reminded of every hurtful thing he said and made me feel, every time I laid my eyes on him. “I hate you…… So much. (weeps) I hate the way you make me feel. I hate that I still love you no matter how much pain loving you brings me (weep). ” I looked up at Jungkook to see warm tears rolling down his cheeks. I laughed bitterly, feeling myself get mad all over again. Lately Ive been going through so many emotions. One minute I’m fine, the next I’m sad, crying, angry, laughing at my pitiful life or just completely numb. The only word that could describe me was crazy, because I was really losing my mind. I heard him weep lightly. His eyes showing a hint sympathy. “Don’t pity me (sniff)….. pity yourself. I want you to hurt. I want you to know that your part of the reason I jumped off that bridge. I want you to drown in your thoughts on knowing how bad you’ve made me feel Jungk-“

“Y/n I have to tel-“

“No! I want you to listen to me! I want you to at least hear my pain if you can’t feel it yourself! Gosh! No matter how much I want to hate and see you suffer I can’t! (Sob) I want everyone who has ever hurt or left me out, to feel my pain! To see how I feel for once! Just once! cause no one ever stops to think about Me!” I was allowing everything in my mind to roll off my tongue. Dishing all the pain out. “What about Y/n ?! What about me and what I’m going through hmm!?

“Y/n just let me fucking tal-“ I ignored Jungkook again. I needed to let everything inside of me out, cause what I’ve been saying was only the half of it.

“My grades have dropped drastically! My parents have never cared about me! My Best friend was sent back to her country with no fucking way for me to contact her! My siblings are too far for comfort! My Grandfather was my last resort of love and he passed away! Just completely taken from me! I EVEN SUFFERED FROM A MISCARRIAGE ! NEARLY BLEEDING TO DEATH!” My words got stuck in my throat. I gasped while covering my mouth slowly. Jungkook eyes widened. Plunging into mines, making me want to burry myself alive. It was in that very moment I realized I unintentionally told Jungkook about our unborn child.

A/n: Hate to leave you with a cliffhanger buttttt I had to. I hope you enjoyed Part Two. Thank you for taking the time to read. Part Three will be posted soon so stay tuned! Ouuu that rhymed a little lol but yeahhh Thanks. I purple you!💜(You smacking me because of the cliffhanger😂)

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GIF imagine Jhope 1 | Interruptions

Imagine Hoseok has been on tour for a couple of weeks. You really missed each other but you knew this was his career and you respected that. After two weeks of only being able to text every now and then, Hoseok had some time to Skype with you. You were having a nice conversation but as soon as Jungkook walked in and saw you on the screen he came over to say hallo. You chuckled and found it very cute but Hoseok was noticeably annoyed, just wanting to spent time with you alone.

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