Things that piss me off

~ People threatening E’Dawn and HyunA for dating

~ People making fun of Jungkook’s Orange hair and calling him ugly

~ People making fun of CL’s weight gain

~ People Invading Yoongi’s space

~ People who try and hurt idols

~ Sasaengs

~ People who bully idols into losing weight

~ People who bully idols in general

~ People who make fun of an Idol’s suffering

~ People who make fun of someone’s death

~ People who start hastags wanting to kill a whole fandom

~ People who start fan wars

If any of you are okay with or participate in anything I listed above please unfollow me right now


and can we just admire how jin didn’t use his parents’ success to gain fame, he got there all by himself

Just Taehyung Things

Just some random things we all love about this boy!

1| The V pose

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2| Loves the maknae

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3| His acting is to good!!!

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4| Model boy

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5| Tae in glasses appriciation

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6| Uhm sorry not sorry

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7| Yeontan

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8| Duality

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9| The boxy smile

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10| Gucci love

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Just Jimin Things

Just some random things we all love about this boy!

1| The hair swipe

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2|  Animal lover

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3|  Dance god

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4| Says he can’t wink….

5| Full body laugh

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6| Mochi

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7| His eye smile

8| What a tease!

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10| Clinging koala

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The hands: people constantly invading their space, reaching out grabbing them, hitting them, pushing them around.

The eyes: people are watching them always, we are watching them always. Eyes glued to them whenever we get the chance to look at them

The cameras: the whole world is watching them—watching their every move, every accomplishment, every mishaps, every funny moment, every sad moment, they are always watching

The strings: they are puppets to the industry, people using them for their own success. Telling them what to do, what they should do, acting as if they have control over them

The glass balls: they feel trapped—unable to do anything without too much pressure on them.

Act On It

Summary: You learn that the cute barista you’ve been crushing on might have an…otherworldly disposition after you accidentally cut yourself.

A college, coffee shop, and vampire AU all in one!

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Smut, and anything in between

Word Count: 15,639

A/N: This is the longest oneshot I’ve ever written. I found this vampire!yoongi fic sitting in my WIPS back at the start of the year. I did my best to pick it up and rewrite the story into something interesting.

Hopefully you guys like it.

In your opinion, college is a fairly safe space. You go to classes, get along well with friends, enjoy sitting near the pond in the middle of your campus when the weather is nice. There are rarely any crimes—and when there are, it’s a stolen bike, a petty fight, or an…“attack”.

But! Attacks are rare.

Hell, sometimes they aren’t even acknowledged. Not everyone chooses to believe in folklore—that vampires are real and walking among us.

Some people are disbelievers because they’re too scared to give into the reality that every day they might be around someone who could pin them down and steal their blood in a split second. Others just…think it’s a hoax—the few and far between vampire attacks, that is.

Those people just want attention. They can fake fang marks like that with special effects make-up.

Society seems to be torn on their existence—just as some people refute the existence of ghosts or spirits, or even god and higher powers. You for one—well…you believe. At a younger age, in an event you’ll never forget—you had fallen off a swing at the park and gouged open your knee on the turf. In what seemed like a flash a shadow had appeared above you—a man looking to be in his late 20’s to early 30’s. When you glanced up he had knelt down—his eyes meeting your curious and slightly frightened stare. His eyes were crimson, and it had seemed as if his irises were pulsing with….with…

You need to be more careful,” he had told you, his Adam’s apple bobbing heavily against his throat. He hadn’t bothered to help you up, instead stepping back— fingers trembling near his sides. “You can’t afford to get hurt around others if you keep smelling like that.”

And then he was gone. But despite his disappearance, his words stuck with you—lingered in the back of your mind for days—weeks, even.

What do I smell like? You had wondered, but had never bothered to search for the answer. Anytime you pondered potentially pricking your finger or making a harmless little cut, immediately those crimson eyes popped into your mind, and you found yourself weak at the knees—unable to follow through.

Years later, you’ve nearly forgotten about that man at the park—those deep red eyes and resounding words. You’re a college student—you’ve got papers to write, tests to take, applications to fill out—you don’t have time to worry about things such as ghosts, or higher powers, or vampires. As if. The only thing on your mind is class and the coffee you get every morning to help you through the day.

Also the cute, yet bored faced barista at the campus coffee shop you seem to face nearly 7 days a week, regardless of the time you leave to get your coffee. He’s charming in his own right—dark hair, styled a little lazily, and dressed in casual clothing that perfectly accentuates his body. He’s minimal effort good-looking, and you can’t believe how much you’re attracted to him sometimes.

“Morning,” you greet with a smile when you step up to the register, the line advancing forward. He doesn’t bother to look up, already hitting buttons on the screen in front of him and reaching to grab a cup to write your name on.

“Usual, right?” he asks in a low voice, sounding groggy, and you stare at the top of his head as he bends to grab a marker that had fallen on the floor.

“Tired?” you respond instead. He grunts.

“Long night.”

You hum in understanding as you watch him press the marker to the cup, however, instead of writing your name, with sloppy handwriting he ends up scribbling his own, and you break into a fit of giggles.

Cocking an eyebrow, the male glances up at you.

“Wow, suddenly our names are quite similar,” you say, pointing at the cup, and when he sees the permanent black Yoongi written he curses.

“Fuck, I’ll get you a new one–,” he begins apologetically, but you cut him off.

“No! It’s ok, it’s just a cup and you already know me, so it’s no big deal,” you laugh, smiling at him. He pauses.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, just draw a little heart next to it to make it cute and I think I’ll be fine,” you tease, and while Yoongi rolls his eyes, he can’t help the small smirk that comes to his face.

“I make no promises with that heart. Go ahead and swipe your card.”

Nodding, you do, and once the charge goes through you walk to the other end of the counter to wait, knowing by now that Yoongi will simply take your receipt and throw it away, since neither of you want it.

As you wait for your drink to be made, you pull your phone out and scroll through your twitter feed, trying to catch up on all the latest news and gossip before you run off to class. However, your finger only manages to swipe upward a few times before there’s a gasp behind you, and you turn to find a girl staring in horror at her phone which has just landed face down on the tile floor.

“Oh no,” you say, highly sympathetic as you squat down and gently pick the phone up since she’s clearly too petrified to do it herself. You peek at it, tilting the screen your way, and the hiss that escapes your lips is enough to let the girl know that she’ll be needing a new phone sometime soon.

“Shit, the glass,” you mumble as you return the phone to her, managing to mirror her thankful, albeit disappointed smile. She says that she’ll clean the glass up since it was her fault, but you tell her that you’ve got it, and reach over to grab a napkin.

“Don’t touch it, Y/N. We’ll clean it up,” you hear Yoongi’s voice command from the background, almost warning you to not do anything stupid, but you wave him off. You’ll be fine, it’s just a little glass.

So, putting the napkin next to the tiny shards, you gently use the side of your hand to brush the pieces onto the napkin. In the background Yoongi calls your name to get your drink, and then immediately sighs when he sees you bent down, trying to macgyver glass onto a napkin like a cave man.

“You’re dumb,” he grumbles as you stand up, turning to face him with the napkin full of glass in your palm.

“Hey, it worked didn’t it?” you grin triumphantly, but just as you transfer the napkin to Yoongi to be disposed of, a piece of glass tears through the thin layers of paper and scrapes your skin.

“Ow, fuck,” you curse, examining the damage as Yoongi hurriedly takes the glass from you and tosses it into the waste bin. You hold your palm out, fingers lightly pressing at the cut—red seeping at the edges—but before you can move to find something to clean yourself up, Yoongi’s hands are embracing your hurt one.

“Yoongi?” you say in surprise, watching as his thumbs brush against your palm, pressing down slightly on either side of the scrape. At the action more blood appears, and you glance up at him in shock.


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