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Member: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut.

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Metonia| JJK (M) 1

|Wolf Hybrid!Jungkook X Reader|

Warnings: Mentions of child abuse

Genre: Angst, little fluff, smut (eventually) POV Changes (Sorry)

Words: 1.2k

Summary: You were desperate to get away, with your little brother in tow. There had to be somewhere better, at least for you brother. For you weren’t so sure you deserved it.

Part: 1/?


Written By: Admin L

The torrential rains fell from the division in the overcast sky, pelting against your window shield. White flares of hot electricity illuminating the heavens, ominous rumbles resonating within the earth surface. You raced down the slick unlit road, unshed tears prickling in your eyes, hindering your vision to blurriness.

Each time you vowed you would never go back, to never look back, to finally breathe the liberation you so emphatically desired. But once your little brother called you sobbing hysterically, begging you to come back to protect him, You had no option but to postpone your escape. You couldn’t believe how selfish you had been, how fucking dense. Leaving your brother in that hell of an abyss by himself to suffer their punishments alone.

You veered into the gravel driveway, bolting to the front door of the house, leaving your car running in case a quick grab and dash was imminent.

“Ryan, baby where are you?!” You yelled throughout the eerily placid residence. The house expelled the sound of the tumultuous television, with your grandmother sitting smack dab in the middle of the room cackling boisterously at her favorite nightly shows, and your father usually drunk off his ass snoring in his reclinable chair, a spiked belt, his preferred weapon of choice clutched tightly in his fissured hands.

The stillness sent your anxiety skyrocketing, each step you took, each barren room you looked in, every futile hiding place Ryan usually cowers in, brought a fresh batch of burning tears, now streaming down your face with inhabitance. “Ryan!” You ululate as loud as your cracking voice would permit.

“Sissy?” You detected the faint voice call out to you. It sounded as though it was emanating from the walls. You pressed your ear to the spot near to where you heard your brother. You then recollected there was a small crawl space in the wall behind the living room sofa, where they usually keep him for his routine “time-outs.”

You ran over to the sofa flipping it over, and Ryan was sticking his stubby fingers through the makeshift peephole. You wasted no time in taking the covering off his jail and engulfed him in a smothering embrace.

“Oh Ryan I’m so sorry, I promise never to leave you like that again.” You wept, clutching your brother to your heart. You held her brother at arm’s length inspecting his body for any bruises, your eyes quickly zoned in on the purplish bruise developing on his sickly skin, forming over his right eye, and a small slice on the left side of his face.

 Rage overwhelmed you as you scrutinized your brothers bruised face. You couldn’t surmise how the people that were supposed to love you could also be the ones to generate the most hurt. 

“Come on little bro, go pack your stuff we’re going on a vacation.” A permanent one at that. You glanced at Ryan with a small smile, watching his somber rust-colored eyes light up with enthusiasm.

“Okay sissy, I’ll be back faster than you can say abracadabra.” Ryan giggled racing off to the closet he called his room. You let out the breath you didn’t even realize you were holding. Your eyes glassed over once again with tears, as the thought of possibly not having your little brother with you. Ryan was all you had left in this fucked up world, and it would kill you if you lost him too.

Brandishing the depressing thoughts from your head, you shuffled to the bathroom to make yourself look semi-presentable, you didn’t want meddlesome people all up in your business, trying to “help you” or pretend like they “cared.”

You attempted to smooth down your unruly hair, defeated when it wouldn’t cooperate you decide just to let it be. You then proceed to splatter water on your face, your once vibrant skin, now dull and lifeless. Your previously animated eyes, once overflowing with mirth and child-like youth, now an empty shell void of any signs of emotion or life.

“I’m ready sissy!” Ryan screeched from the living room with his Superman suitcase messily packed. You laughed at your brother’s silly antics, grateful he didn’t seem too severely traumatized this time around. You took one more glance in the mirror, making sure your appearance was average, before leaving the house to load you brother’s things in the car. 

Your parents would probably be back soon. They were more than likely out looking for you. You didn’t want to be here when they came. You sighed with indignation; you would presumably have to get rid of your vehicle as well, another memory soon to be extinct. You decided a motel would be sufficient enough to crash at for the time being. Any place was better than this place called Home.

|Pov Change|

My wolf was behaving crazed for some unusual reason, with me being the top alpha, I usually had superior control over my wolf, but that didn’t see, to be the case today. I could feel my wolf on the terminus of forcing a shift; things weren’t going to fair well, if it was able to break free from my hold, especially in his current agitated stated.

“Calm the fuck down!"  

I pulled up to the closest motel I could find with lethargy, and my wolf’s unnerving presence exhaustion was rapidly taking hold of my body. Motels weren’t my typical choice to reside in, I preferred more of a refined hotel or my home, but I frankly couldn’t give a flying shit, at the moment I just wanted a pillow smushed into my face.

"Room for one.” I muttered to the motel clerk, who was peering at me his eyes roaming me skeptically. On a good day, I would have ripped the man’s eyes from his sockets, his persistent staring was a sign of challenge and rebellion, and my wolf bridled at the apparent insolence. But I was too tired, to put my thoughts into action. Lucky him.




“Would you please calm down goddammit, and what is this nonsense you keep spewing. Our mate wouldn’t be anywhere near this vicinity.” I snapped at my wolf mentally, furious at him for almost inducing a shift in front of the already dubious motel clerk.

“What the hell is wrong with you?"I questioned him. That was when I smelt it, the most pleasant smell to ever grace my nose. The aroma of citrus, and spice, with a hint of mint. My ordinarily brown eyes radiated a rich ochroid, flecks of sterling swirling around my dilated pupils as they centered on the entrance of the motel. My primal instincts ready to claim the no doubt magnificent creature they had managed accumulate this type of reaction from me.

"Come on Ryan, sweetie.” My sensitive ears picked up, twitching underneath my beanie at the sound of hearing her saccharine voice approaching towards the doors. Her voice was like honey, rich and sweet, ready entrap anybody who dared to listen. My wolf was begging to be released, my control on him nothing but a thin piece of warned thread.

I could feel the shift beginning; my canines started to protrude poking out beneath my top lip, the nails on my fingers lengthening, to sharp points, my tail wagged incessantly packed in the uncomfortable pants. The motel door swung open, and there she was in all her glory. May the Luna give me strength for I couldn’t help the guttural sound that tore from the root of my chest.


Sun & Moon

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Smut, Angst, Fluff (the holy trinity?); Omegaverse!

Word Count: 15K

Warnings: Possessiveness, impregnation kink, biting, hair pulling, cumplay, switching

Notes: If you need an intro to the omegaverse, feel free to read this trashy guide I wrote!

Originally posted by sugasuite

“Someone’s moving in next door!” Your friend announces glumly, as you raise an eyebrow at her, “Ugh, it’s just more people to keep around, okay? I’m honestly just done with all these loud kids.”

“Aren’t you enthusiastic!” You tease, though it falls on deaf ears, “Alright, I’ll bite: what’s the problem?”

“I just told you.” She flops over, “I heard from the tenant that a couple of guys are moving into 105.”

“Oh, that’s nice.” You say, still confused, “So, what’s the big deal? You normally don’t have issues with noisy people, don’t even try.”

“Okay, fine.” She snaps, “Both of them are Alphas, okay? Both of them. Are. Alphas.”

“There are tons of Alphas in the building, girl, you need to chill.” You roll your eyes, “Besides, we’re just Betas, not… I dunno, Omegas or something. We don’t need to worry so much about it.”

“That’s true, but.” She shivers, “I just saw one of them outside, dude. He’s like, the Alphaest Alpha to ever Alpha. Like, his gaze could turn you into a pile of ashes on the spot.”

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BTS Reaction to: Them being super needy and dominant

Request: “Hello love! Idk if you’re taking requests so if you aren’t just ignore me lol. I really loved your Hybrid Au for the first Rut. I was wondering if I could request a werewolf au were they’re in like almost a mating season kinda thing and are super needy and dominate? Prettty prettty pleeeeease”

Author’s note: Werewolf bangtan is life.Smut alert. Gifs aren’t mine. x 


Originally posted by strawberrie-kookie

Just your scent would drive him crazy. Seokjin pushed you down on to the bed as he climbed on top of you. 

“Fuck princess/prince you drive me crazy. I need you now.” 


Originally posted by religion-agustd

As soon as you walked into your apartment you were being pinned up against the wall. Yoongi breathing heavily in your ear as his hips rolled against yours. 

“Damn baby you’ve no idea how long I’ve waited for you to come back. Maybe I should punish you for staying away that long.” 


Originally posted by morekpopmore

You and Hoseok were in the dance studio, dancing together when something came over him and caused him to push you harshly against the mirror, making you gasp. Hoseok smirked as his hand trailed lower and lower down your body as he breathed hotly in your ear. 

“Damn baby you shouldn’t tease me like that. I’m gonna take you here and now.” 


Originally posted by bangtangirl-cutennes-v

Namjoon was already dominant to begin with but in the lead up to mating season it only got worse. He’d be all over you all the time. Namjoon didn’t even care that you were in the shower, he wanted you so he ripped his clothes off before joining you in the cabin. Pinning you up against the wall as he trusted into you. 

“Ah fuck baby you’re so tight. Always so good for me.” 


Originally posted by kpopkpoop

Jimin was usually a mix between submissive and dominant, but when mating season came around he became really dominant. He’d bend you over the table as he pressed his chest against your back, breathing hotly in your ear as he rolled his hips against your ass. 

“Baby, are you gonna be good for me and let me fuck you right here?” 


Originally posted by tonight-we-are-fantastic-baby

Taehyung couldn’t care less that you had just gotten freshly out of the shower, he wanted and needed you. So he pulled the towel off of you and pushed you down onto the bed, crawling on top of you as he smashed his lips against yours. He pinned your hands above your head as he rolled entered you, stretching you out. 

“Ah fuck baby you feel so good. So tight around me.” 


Originally posted by jengkook

Jungkook liked to be in control and that was only intensified when mating season came around. So when you were trying to win a argument he just lost it and pinned you up against the fridge. Not giving a fuck as he ripped your panties and thrusts into you, making you arch your back as you let out a loud moan. Jungkook didn’t give you any time to adjust as he set a inhuman pace, pounding into you. 

“You wanna try that again baby? Let’s see if you’ll still disobey me after this.” 

You belong with me (JJK/ werewolf)

pairing: Jeon Jungkook| Reader
words: 7.2K
warnings: lots of fluff, smut, friends to lovers

genre: Werewolf Bts AU

Stepping out of the bus, I dragged the black suitcase behind me and adjusted the heavy backpack over my shoulders. Closing my eyes, I breathed in the crisp fresh air after ten hours of being cramped inside. It was good to be finally back. The bus honked once and left in a flurry of smoke and dust, blowing my hair into my face. Sneezing twice, I twitched my nose to the humid weather despite the burning Sun. It should rain soon.

Looking around, not much had changed, it was same bus stop I had been to fifteen years back.

Admittedly my memory is foggy since I was a toddler at the time of my last visit. The bamboo shed and seats though weathered remained as daunting as it was to me as a toddler. The enormous green and dense forest along with a single volcanic hill laid ahead, the road winding around the edge. A thin dirt path lead into the woods in front of me that was closed to the general public now. There had been many wild animal attacks in this area. Bears, foxes, wolves they didn’t really appreciate humans coming here and making noise, or worse, stealing their food and littering the otherwise clean place.

A few holiday cabins laid isolated a little deep into the woods along with a clearing in the centre of them with a small pond and waterfall hidden behind. I remember playing there and befriending a puppy in our month long stay. I had got so attached to them, I had refused to leave the forest and was depressed for the next three years. I had made it my mission to come back here for the puppies, even though in my heart I knew they were very much an adult now. I just hoped they would recognize me, if not like me. Though the trees stood tall, intimidating and very close together and had their branches intertwined and low, yet–somehow, the path had been cleared for a human– albeit tall and slender– to be able to pass through it.

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Metonia| JJK (M) 2

|Wolf Hybrid!Jungkook X Reader|

Warnings: Mentions of abuse, Graphic depiction of violence, Attempted Sexual Harassment, Crude Language

Genre: Angst, Little Fluff, Smut (eventually)

Words: 2.9k+

Summary (Same): You were desperate to get away, with your little brother in tow. There had to be somewhere better, at least for you brother. For you weren’t so sure you deserved it.

Part: 2/? 


Written By: Admin L


You glimpsed at your brother’s sleeping figure in the rearview mirror, his airy snoring with his mouth gaped, and the dribble of drool streaking the skin of his chin drew a genuine smile to your face. You couldn’t remember the last time, you were able to procure a genuine smile that actually met your eyes, irradiating the dark orbs with amusement or a laugh that wasn’t forced, hearty and from the soul. Those days were in the past now, shrouded in distant and forgotten memories of elation.

You pulled into the parking lot of a dubious looking motel, with no better options near-by and your lethargic body screaming for sleep; this was where you and Ryan would sleep for the next several of days until it was time to pack up and keep moving onward. You yearned to provide a better sleeping place for your little brother, lord knows he deserved it. But this looked to be all that the hot change in her pocket could afford at the moment, without being left entirely broke.

“Ryan, it’s time wake up.” You reached over the back of your seat gently rocking your brother, mimicking familiar actions in an attempt to wake him. “Just five more minutes mommy, please.” Ryan mumbled in his sleep, ending his words with an extended out whine, his slightly chapped lips poked out in a pout.

A piercing pain shot through your constricted chest, straight to your wounded heart. Ryan’s slip of the tongue brought forth dreadful memories, you wondered if he still remembers her, if he ever remembered her; he was so young when she died. This wasn’t the first time he’s called you his mother, nor did you think it would be the last time, and each incident further froze your icy and bitter heart.

You rubbed the heel of your hand against your eyes, wiping away the stray tears that flowed from your eyes. Now was not the time to show vulnerability. Ryan needed you to be strong, you had to be strong for the both of you. Your mother was your rock, a shelter from the hurt, from the true villainy, and now that she was gone, there was no choice but to be left out in the storm to fend for yourselves. Your grandmother and father weren’t any help, they were the evils your mother desperately tried to shield you from, even with her dying breath. You and Ryan were treated as their own personal slaves, treated like nothing but festering piles of dog shit, especially Ryan he received the bulk of the abuse.

Releasing a stymied sigh you got out your car after successfully recovering your slumber-ridden brother from the state of sleep influenced unconsciousness, on your fifth attempt. “Come on Ryan sweetie.” You beckoned, his eyes still thick with sleep as he swayed back and forth on the heels of his feet, sleep refusing to release his youthful body.

As you hurried inside the building, you could instantly distinguish the stifling shift of atmosphere. The lobby was submerged in such a profound dynamism you found it strenuous to breathe, the mystical aura expelling the oxygen from your body. It felt as if the environment was caving in around her, she could see, yet everything was bleary, dancing spots frolicked around the edges of her vision. The wasn’t a feeling you were accustomed to, the overwhelming need to submit was unnerving, hackling at your established defenses. You gripped onto Ryan’s hands tighter, ready to make a hasty escape if the situation called for it. Your eyes darted around the lobby in fright and curiosity, investigating to where the great ambiance was exuding from. Then you saw him.

Your heart ricocheted in your chest, beating against your ribcage, the foreign emotions of arousal and euphoria, feelings that you forgot you could possess all came crumbling down on you at once, making you slightly light-headed, the butterflies fluttering in your stomach provoking nausea. His unordinary eyes, a darkening shade of plum with bright specks, swirling about in a dance of seduction, ornamented his features as he stared at you, a heat that should only be reserved for lovers, a flame that was exerting an unspoken claim on you.

He was strikingly handsome, his skin the color of warm honey; smooth and radiant, his face strong yet youthful in appearance, complemented by a pair of unevenly-shaped lips, his top lip slimmer than the rich fullness of his bottom lip. His hair svelte ebony in color, falling to the top of his ears, while his fringe rested gently against the upper part of his eyes, parted to showcase his forehead. Your hands twitched, wanting to run the silken strands that peeked beneath the beanie on his head between your fingers, watching how the tresses would fall carelessly back into place, seemingly undisturbed. His body was solid and muscled, his tight pants enhancing the muscled thickness of his tights, his aura oozed with dominance and allurement.

You couldn’t believe the thoughts running through your head. Never in your 20 years of living had you felt this strongly compelled to someone from first glance. Hell for all you knew, this attractive man could be a fucking serial killer or something. You averted your eyes, the resolute eye contact too intense to hold, for a fear he might be able to see through you, peeking at the very depth of your being. Instead with a shudder flying down your vertebrae and frazzled nerves, you directed your concentration back to your brother who had at some point in time dislodge himself from the clutches of your hand and was on one of the dilapidated motel lobby couches passed out. You put down your bags with a sigh of understanding and went to the motel clerk to request a room.

“Hello. One room for two, please.” You chirped granted the eerie looking motel employee a practiced artificial smile, though it started to fall once you noticed the way he roamed over you, brazenly checking you out, fucking you with his stare, the lewd thoughts practically shining through his unfocused eyes, a grin full of red swollen gums, a rotten teeth; what few he had left. You wanted to throw up, the spicy bile burning your throat as you forced yourself to swallow it back down.

“Sure thing pretty girl. I’m all about ensuring my guest a have a wondrous experience staying at my motel. So how about I come over later, and we can kick the brat out have some fun for ourselves.” The motel clerk whose name shown on his name tag was Matt suggested with a flash of missing teeth, he looked to be about in his early forties, with a beer gut, and a poor excuse of a retreating hairline. “Fuck no, not even in your wildest dreams. Not even if you were the last person on earth, I’d kill myself before I would ever let you touch me.”

“Listen. I don’t have the time nor the patience to entertain your perverted ass. So just give me the fucking keys.” You hissed with venom appalled and disgusted.

“Oh? So you’re going to act like a little bitch. I know how to deal with you.” Matt snarled lunging at you, baring his few teeth, and a tightly raised fist. You steeled yourself for the impact of his assault, that would have probably hurt like a motherfucker, and done some damage to you if it wasn’t for the mystery man, who stopped Matt mid-attack.  The mystery man towered over you, as he had Matt’s hand in a vice grip. Mystery man smoothly pushed you aside, his hands molded to the side of your waist, little shocks prickling your body from his unexpected touch. You suppressed the urge to revel in the sensation of his warm hands on your body, the furious energy radiating off of him in vast waves, helping with your attempted suppressant, this guy was frightening and even though Matt was an asshole you feared for him a tad bit, but only a tad.

Anger was coursing through his veins, his blood bubbled with malice, and the impulse to kill. This repugnant piece of shit actually tried hit her. His Mate! The more Jungkook thought about it, the more forceful his grip on Matt’s hand increased. Jungkook could feel the bones in Matt’s hand starting to give away from the robust pressure, of his strength.

“Kill him,Jungkook! Do it!” Jungkook’s wolf howled in his head. “He tried to hurt our mate. Now he must die for his imbecility.”

“Yes. Kill.” Jungkook murmured to himself in a trance-like a state, his nails lengthen to razor-sharp talons, piercing the skin on Matt’s hand tearing through his veins and tendons. Jungkook bathed in Matt’s panicked screaming, struggling to break free from Jungkook’s grip. The grip on Matt’s hand increased, the bones in his hands snapping loudly, fragments of bone popping out his lacerated and torn skin. “Yes, Jungkook! Crush his hand, then crush his fucking skull!”

“Fuck man! Let go of my hand!” Matt cried dropping to his knees, blood trickling from his hand, pooling in the hollow portion of his forearm, before dripping onto the filthy brown carpet of the floor of the motel. You listened and watched in horror as Matt’s hand was mangled to an unrecognizable appearance, his fingers bending in the opposite direction of their natural position. You knew you had to do something, as much as you greatly disliked the sleazeball. You didn’t like violence exposed to it enough on a daily basis, plus you felt as though he’s undergone enough his hand would never be the same again. With stupid bravery, and caution you placed your hand upon the man whose name you still had yet to know. You could see his body trembling and jerking, big muscles in his back making their appearance through his shirt, the muscles on his arms undulating and tightening as if he was trying to restrain something.

“Hey, I think he’s had enough.” You whispered tentatively placing your delicate hand on his back, an abnormal sensation of calmness and electric shocks surged through you in an ominous mix, as your hands continued their contact with his body. You could feel the strain of his muscle relax, the heaving of his breath slowing down to controlled and shallow puffs as you rubbed slow circular motions on his back.  This wasn’t normal, this was beyond reasonable, you should have been hauling ass out of this deranged ass motel, screaming for your life, yet here you were trying to calm down a freakishly strong man, with some severe anger issue, hoping he would let go of a perverted motel clerk mangled hand.

“Please, let his hand go.” You whispered choosing to soften and keep your tone low as to not startle him into berserk mode again. After a few tense seconds, the man finally released Matt’s hand, leaving him a whimpering mess, with a disfigured hand cradled against his chest as he scurried away from the man, his eyes blown with fright, his dilated pupils almost covering the sickly green of his eyes.

Jungkook turned around, sharp violet eyes dimming to a silverish-brown color meeting your own frightened gaze. “I’m sorry about that. I-I just couldn’t stand there and watch him try to hit my ma-. I mean you.” Jungkook said sheepishly, growling out the last bits of his sentence. What the actual fuck. “My name is Jungkook, and may I have the pleasure of knowing yours.”

You stared at the man in wonder; first, his was this terrifying brute, defending you by crushing a mans hand, and now he was this bashful enigma. Something wasn’t right. It also didn’t help that he was more handsome up close. He had a certain wild, untamed ruggedness about him, yet a sweet child-like presence as well, he was a confusing man. You could have sworn his eyes were a purplish color earlier, though that could have been the light playing tricks on her eyes, even now they were an irregular tawny color. “Y-Y/n.”You stuttered, being around him causing a thick haze to cloud your mind.

"Y/n.” Jungkook said each syllable rolling off his accented tongue, his smooth voice caressing your name. Jungkook gently grasped your hand, the small shocks returning to you ten-fold, this time making you gasp from the sensation, you wanted to pull your hand from his grip, staring at the other bloodstained appendage you were scared your hand would have the same fate as Matt’s.

“Beautiful.” Jungkook said in his native tongue, bringing your hand to his lips, pressing his soft yet supple lips against the base of your wrist. A low rumbling sound emitting from deep within his chest, vibrating your arm. Your face ventured to your still sleeping brother, trying to hide flush of your cheeks.

“Uh, well nice to have met you, Jungkook, even if you did basically slaughter a mans hand. Er- I have to go now me, and my brother has had a long day, and we’re pretty tired, as you can see.” You pointed at your brother whose body was hanging half off the couch, how he managed to sleep through something like this was baffling. You tried to leave, after saying her goodbye to Jungkook, but he was still holding on to your hand, his grip tightening a little bit as you tried to pull away. His face was blank, his eyes looking into the far off distance, specks of purple and silver sparkled through his orbs remaking their appearance.

“Don’t let her go, Jungkook. She’s ours, she can’t leave us.”

“Ours. Mine.” Jungkook snarled, his anger resurfacing at the thought of not having you by his side. Yes, he just met you, but you were is his mate after all, , and his need for you was already crippling and overpowering. Your proximity was like a breath of fresh, a sea a calm for his fucked up state of mind and he was ravenous for more. “Jungkook? Jungkook!”

Jungkook’s eyes focused back in on your face, you looked concerned and ready to piss your pants. Shit. This was not how this was supposed to be playing out.

“Let go of me please.” You uttered carefully not wanting to agitate him, Jungkook seemed a little off-kilter. It would be just your luck to get stuck with a deranged man, no matter how sexy, or how badly your body wanted to call out for him. “I’m sorry, my love."Jungkook crooned releasing your hand.

You tipped her head the side, smiling tightly at Jungkook, as you backed away from him, stepping over Matt’s still whimpering figure, to retrieve the motel rooms keys, and waking up your brother who was still sleeping. It was still amazing how he could even sleep through all that just occurred, the poor baby must have really needed his rest. You picked your brother up, his face resting in the crook of your neck. You threw your backpack with your essentials over your shoulder, with Ryan’s suitcase in your left hand.

"Do you need some help?” Jungkook appeared behind your staring at the little boy on her shoulder, a surge of pathetic jealous that he was touching his mate. “Oh. Uh no. Thank you though Jungkook. I’ll see you around maybe.”

Jungkook watched her leave, lust expanding through his frame. You weren’t what he imagined his mate to look like. He was expecting her to be a wolf shifter like himself, possibly of Korean origin. Your face was refined and pleasant to look at, even able to subdue the barbarian of a beast living inside Jungkook with a simple glance of those doe eyes of yours. Eyes that held unbridled sadness, and longing, hidden behind coldness and indifference, though you were good at trying to protect your emotions. They showed through easily to Jungkook for they were emotions he was once closely familiar with. You were still cute, your body was beautiful and would no doubt feel great pressed up against him, modeling to the hard curvature of his body with ease. Your lips looked so pillowy and kissable, he craved to feel them crushed against his own, as he ravaged your mouth forcing you into submission with his kiss alone. Jungkook groaned with vexation, his mate was everything he desired and possibly more. His wolf could always seem to find a way to fuck things up for him. Jungkook was peeved at his wolf, for displaying such an aggressive nature, how was he supposed to win his mate over when she was scared of him.

“Look what you’ve done. You scared off our mate, now she may never come to us.” Jungkook hissed inwardly at his beastly, his tail flicking about in his stuffed pants, his eyes narrowed in contrite towards the being.

“Stop being absurd, she’ll come back to us. I saw it in her eyes, the want and need for love, for protection. She’ll come to us.”

Jungkook grunted in annoyance, hoping his wolf was right. He was absolutely addicted to her, he could still smell her marvelous sent circling around the lobby of the motel, embedding itself into every fiber of his being, etching into his veins, branding her to his heart. Jungkook closed his eye and took in a deep inhalation of her scent, his already unnaturally fast heart rate increased, along with the heat of his body. Jungkook grabbed own his luggage stepping over the now passed out Matt, plucking a random key off a board of similar keys, glancing down at the number drawn on the brass object, matching it to the numbers painted on the door to his randomly chosen room, immersed in thought.

“My love. My Y/n. Here I come ready or not.”

Stray Kitten || pjm

Summary: Jimin finds you stray on the streets in the rain and takes you home, little does he know that you aren’t a normal cat.

Genre: fluff, cat! shifter reader (?)

Length: 1.5k

A/N: sometimes naming imagines is beyond me and i just give up and this is how this useless name is created so suE ME!! a massive thank you to @the-ragnarssons-tickle-spot for this amazing prompt ( sorry i changed the member )

over this year i have founded a deep love for shapeshifter aus and you have done me the honour of sticking around even if you couldn’t care less about my weirdnesS. anyway, thank you for helping me through a year with @guksthighs !! happy birthday to meee and thank you thank you thank you for being active here !!

Originally posted by parkjmzl

“It’s raining tonight kitty,” you looked up at Jimin, who had been feeding you the last few weeks and you had thought he had realised that you weren’t an idiot, as droplets of water hit your fur. But he was a nice boy, who seemed to enjoy the company of a stray cat which just happened to be you, his smile widened as you rubbed against his legs, waiting and begging for him to place down the tin of tuna he was holding. “You want to come stay at mine tonight?” he mused to himself, as he seemed unaware that when you had enough strength you’d be able to revert back to your normal form.

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Immaculate Night

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Type: Smut, angst, werewolf + heat

Plot: Having a werewolf as a boyfriend wasn’t all that glamorous. You had your normal obstacles along with entirely foreign ones. And as you spot a pattern of reused excuses and failed answers, you strive to uncover something never dreamt before.

Warning(s): Rough sex, pain kink explored, sadism, mating mentioned

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You had predicted it was just your own paranoia. Something stemming from your lack of knowledge with someone, or something, such as him. You had grown to shut down these thoughts, telling yourself that there never was any true evidence. Nothing feeble enough that you could bring forward to an argument. Until you caught the scent of a pattern.

It happened every month. Sure, he was a busy man. He was also an introvert at heart. But these two things had never previously taken such reign over your relationship. Suddenly, every month something came up for an entire week. Something making him leave town, an illness that made him practically quarantined. 

You had your own insecurities about yourself but never had you imagined they’d take such a hold of your perception of reality. Yet here you were, after ignoring text after text. All the other members pleading with you to ignore him for the remainder of the week. Each one giving you a different lecture, more desperate as they went on. 

Your mind immediately assumed they were protecting you from seeing him cheating. Or, protecting him. This made you furious, your blood pumping in a rhythm in synchronization with one of a beast. Your eyes burned into any innocent looking sentient-being at this point, ready to snap a head off of the first thing that interrupted you from uncovering the truth.

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Dark Desires ( JJK/ Demon AU)

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook| Reader
Words: 6.3K
Rating: NSFW (18+) 
Genre: Demon AU 
Warnings: pwp. smut. fingering, oral (receiving/giving), cumplay, edging,                     orgasm denial, dom/sub undertones.  
Synapse: You’re a herbalist looking for herbs and the reason behind the mountains being off limits. Surely, the hills must have more medicinal plants, but, what lies there, is something far more sinister. 

For my lovely wife @barbika1508 who requested me with a prompt that turned absolutely filthy under her influence. I’ve got no regrets whatsoever. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Masterlist || One shots Masterlist

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His || Jungkook || 0.8

Member: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut.

Teaser | 0.1 | 0.2 | 0.3 | 0.4 | 0.5 | 0.6 | 0.7 | 0.8

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Metonia| JJK (M) 3

|Wolf Hybrid!Jungkook X Reader|

Warnings: Mentions of abuse, Mentions of violence, Heavy Petting, Crude Language, POV Changes

Genre: Angst, Little Fluff, Smut (eventually)

Words: 3.9k

Summary: Thanks to your brother Jungkook makes his move.

Part: 3/?


Written By: L


You opened the door to the motel room you and your brother would be residing in, for the time being. Your nose scrunched in disgust at the odious mustiness of the old brown-stained sheets, and piss-colored carpet, the odor wafting from it similar to its color, the faint smell of wet wood and mildewed towels continued its assault on your nose making it twitch in vain. The windowless room was painted with a vulgar green floral print wallpaper, the piss-color carpet clashing terribly with the bright green of the walls. At least there was a decent size living room where a single dark blue couch sat in the middle of the room, a T.V. placed diagonally in a corner, and a small, lopsided wooden table probably meant for two, was placed directly behind the sofa; using the object as support for its wobbly legs.

In a small room with a frame chipped arch for a door, sat two twin size beds on opposite walls facing each other, dressed in browning sheets, a decent looking blanket, and pillows looked to be stuffed with packing peanuts. “Great.” You sighed, this definitely was not an ideal environment for a child, not that back home was any better, but this would have to do for now, mainly since the room was mostly free, thanks to Jungkook.


There was something weird about him; he was mysterious yet inviting all at once. His temper was another story, though you couldn’t figure it out, you couldn’t grasp the reason as to why you weren’t terrified of him; yes seeing him crush the motel clerks hand to the point of disfigurement was a new and ghastly experience in itself, yet despite that you weren’t necessarily scared of him. Actually, you were kind of flattered. Fucked up right? You knew, but that’s what you couldn’t understand. In the past, any ounce, smidge, or minuscule show of violence had you quickly writing the person off, they weren’t needed. In fact, Jungkook had managed to contort all your senses, that meeting in the lobby was like an out of body experience, his presence had actually relaxed you, something that others; ex-friends, estranged family members had been trying to accomplish but fail. Its as if he answered your soul’s silent call, being next to him felt right. It was kind frightening; You have never felt so strongly about a person, except for your mother but you weren’t physically attracted to her, and you never had such strong emotions towards the opposite sex. What was different about him? Maybe you were finally going crazy, whatever it was you had to keep your walls up; sturdy.  You once again sighed, you have been doing that a lot lately, now was not the time to lose focus of your primary goal, all your attention had to be centered solely on keeping your brother safe.

You shuffled towards the bed, looking at it with disdain, it was fucking gross. You stripped it of its disgusting bedding and placed your oversized sweater on the dirty mattress, with your brother still sleeping within the crook of your neck, you shifted him downwards slowly, carefully on to the sweater. You put his arms through the wrinkled sleeve of the material and zipped him up in his makeshift blanket, protecting him from the unknown filth of the mattress. He was so small the sweater swallowed him completely, only the space up to his nose could be seen, the rest of his body covered. You sat beside him caressing the brittle hair on his head damage from malnourishment and improper care. You placed a chaste kiss on the bruise developing over his swelling eye. “Good night baby.”

You ventured into the tiny bathroom located on the side of your bed.  To your surprise it was reasonably clean looking, with black tiles for flooring, a dull slate gray color covered the wall tiles, while the sink, bathtub with a built-in shower and the toilet were a grimy white, the dim and flickering lights giving the bathroom an ominous feeling.

You started your shower, slipped off your clothes and got in; you let the cold water run over your unruly hair, the water dripping from the ends of your hair down your back, tangling the raggedy ends together. You became lost in thought as always; today’s events rushed through your mind, your future, your brothers future, your mother. You felt the familiar bubbling of a sob at the base of your throat, the tears burning the back of your eyes, and this time you didn’t hold the tears. You let them flow in varying lines down your cheeks, melding with the spray of the shower water. You caught yourself as you wailed hysterically, crumpling to the floor of the bathtub.

After ten minutes of wallowing in your sadness and crying so hard, a headache was starting to form, your sobs hushed to sniffles and hiccups. You pushed yourself off the bathtub floor, washed your body off and got out the shower, fatigue quickly seizing hold of your body. You hobbled to your twin size bed, briefly glancing at your now snoring brother, peace written across his features. You grimaced as you flipped the dirty mattress over, happy to see the other side of the mattress almost pristine in cleanliness, you quickly sniffed the blanket on the bed, the smell of fabric softener greeted you. Content that you wouldn’t catch anything from sleeping on the mattress you, climbed in and burrowed your head under the covers, sleep claiming your body instantly.

~*~ (Pov Change)

Jungkook stared up at the ceiling, thoughts of you swirling in his subconscious, his brown eyes shimmering with lilac and silver. He could hear you crying through the thin walls of his putrid smelling room. His wolf whined at hearing your cries of despair, it took him great restraint from keeping himself from busting into your room to comfort you. Though no matter how pure his actions would be, he had a feeling you would be very displeased if he did carry out the very tempting plan. Jungkook inhaled deeply, his sensitive nose picked up your tantalizing scent, stronger since you have showered removing the impurities suppressing your natural scent. God, you smelt good, nothing Jungkook has ever smelt before, a unique fragrance, belonging solely to you; one that called out to him. “Fuck.”

Jungkook’s manhood rose to the steady inhalation of your scent, his tailed wagged incessantly beneath him, matching the beat of his racing heart. His fluff covered ears pressed low to his head, little whines flittered into the still air as mirages of you assaulted his senses; your pouty lips, those doe eyes glinting with hidden innocence; your soft body, delicate skin pressed against his. Jungkook slapped his palm over his nose, trying to diminish your scent, with no luck, he turned face down onto the bed and shoved his nose into the musky pillow below him. He groaned in frustration as he inhaled the scent of the pillow, willing his erection to go away.  Jungkook’s want for you was increasing, knowing that his mate was a couple door down, coupled with the fact of the blood moon right around the corner, it was becoming harder to control himself.

Fuck it. It didn’t matter if it was 3 o'clock in the morning. Jungkook sprang out of bed bursting with urgency, throwing on a pair of black sweatpants his fluffy tail sticking out of his waistband, and a fitted white t-shirt. Jungkook easily sniffed out your sweet scent that still permeated the air; his fine-tuned nose led him to the motel room number seven. Your smell assaulted his nose in copious amounts; he could feel his wolf emerging forward, the lavender of his eyes illuminated the dim hallway, his tail flicking restlessly behind him. Jungkook knocked firmly on the door, anticipating to see the lovely face of his mate.

There was no answer. Jungkook knocked on the door again, waiting yet still no reply. Jungkook tilted his head and pressed his wolf ears against the door, the furry appendages flicking against the door as the sounds of deep snoring reached his ears. The nails on Jungkook’s fingers lengthen as he ran his hand down the door, pieces of wood curled under his fingernails.

“Shit, since I can’t speak to my mate. I guess I’ll go for a run then.” Jungkook growled out, stomping his feet down the hallway of the motel, his lavender glowing brightly with rage. Jungkook made his way to the front of the resort, his eyes shifting over to where Matt should be, a small smile graced Jungkook’s lips, as he remembered the agony in Matt’s trembling voice as he crushed his hand, a shiver of excitement traveling down Jungkook’s spine.

Jungkook tore his clothes off his body, leaving naked as the day he was born and took off into a sprint. He could feel his bones breaking and rearranging as his wolf made its appearance tearing through the surface. In the place where Jungkook was, was now a giant black wolf, with hints of brown and silver drizzled in his fur, his bright mulberry eyes standing out against the midnight of his coat.

Jungkook’s wolf was now in command, he flexed his paws on the dry grass, on the woods floor, pieces of dirt following the movements of his paws as he maneuvered his way through the small forest located at the back of the motel’s property. Jungkook’s wolf ran in between the willow trees, his lungs expanding, pumping his body with oxygen, his claws gouging into the earth as he gained momentum, coming to a clearing with the moon in the center of the sky.

The wolf lifted his head up high and howled a lament tune, thanking Luna for gracing him with a mate and for future success, now was the task of winning his mates heart, and officially claiming you. Though Jungkook could see the complexity of this new challenge, his mate was so guarded especially when it came to the little kid. They were tucked safely in your fortress, of ice and metal where no one could reach you. But unluckily for you, Jungkook loved a challenge and was willing to penetrate your fortress in more ways than one.


You awoke to the smell of pancakes and bacon, wafting around the motel room, you could hear the high-pitched giggles of your little brother, and another voice, this one was deeper and had a hint of a sultriness to it, that called out to you.

“Ah! That’s so funny Mister, do it again.” Ryan’s cherubic voice piped out, seeping through your fog of sleepiness. You were now high alert, who the hell was in their room? Ryan surely had sense enough not to open the doors to strangers, without a second thought you bolted off of the uncomfortable twin mattress, forgetting about your state of undress.

“Ryan baby, who are you talk-.” You stopped mid-sentence, wide eyes meeting browns ones that danced with purple and silver flake. You could feel Jungkook’s eyes roaming your body, it slipped past your mind what you worn to bed was probably not the best clothing choice, though in your defense you weren’t expecting company. The loose tanktop sagged in the front, giving whoever looked, a glance of the top of your breast, the spaghetti straps hung lifelessly around your arms, refusing to stay propped on your shoulder, and the short pajama short wasn’t helping the situation either.

“Hello, my sweet Y/n.” Jungkook purred in Korean licking his lips at the sight of his your body. You tilted your head to the side unfamiliar with this language, your neck now barred to Jungkook, unaware that you were basically offering yourself to him. Jungkook watched your face twist in confusion from his words. It was cute but couldn’t enjoy the action as long as he wanted to from the sight of your bare neck caught his attention. He growled low in his chest he couldn’t wait to brand it with his mark, solidifying you as his.

“Uh- Jungkook.” You stuttered, lifting the fallen straps of your top onto your shoulders, temporarily blocking Jungkook’s view with your hands, as the sat on each side of your neck, a nervous habit of yours. Jungkook growled louder, irritated that his view was taken. You jumped at the noise Jungkook made, your eyes widening in worry.

“Ryan. Come here.” You called to your brother through clenched teeth, motioning him with a tilt of your head inside the makeshift bedroom. Jungkook watched with interest as the little boy skittered over to you. Ryan was different, something about him wasn’t right, he didn’t smell the same as you, in fact, he smelled utterly foreign, something Jungkook couldn’t put his finger on. Interesting.


“What have I told you about talking to strangers, better yet letting one into our home!” You whispered fiercely while checking your brother for any more bruises, or suspicious marks. Ryan slapped at your roaming hands, shocking you to a halt.

“Sissy. I was hungry, and you were still asleep. So I went to look for us some food because I’m a big boy and the man of the household, but instead, I found Mister Jungkook, and he bought us pancakes and bacon.” Ryan said with a sassiness that no four-year-old should possess and the rolling of his little neck. Your mouth hung in shock, what the hell did he just say? Man of the house? He’s gone insane!

Ryan bounded back over to a now laughing Jungkook, who thanks to his keen hearing heard every word of the sassy child, your brother easily talking to him like he’s known him for years. You were dumbfounded, Ryan was never this comfortable around people he barely knew, nor did he warm up to them as quickly as he did with Jungkook.  You wandered back into the area where Ryan and Jungkook were located, your brother sitting on his lap, tucked beneath his shoulder. You looked curiously at Jungkook, his black hair was long bangs were away from his face swooped to the side, the beanie from yesterday still perched on his head.  A small moon with the words BTS, encircling it was tattoed just about his collarbone, you wanted a closer look at it, to trace the pattern of the raised design. You wonder what it meant.

Your eyes ventured down his body, all though he was seated you could tell he was in incredible shape, his arm muscles showed through his white long sleeve shirt, his hands were big and held large lightly scarred fingers. You continued your journey down his body, his thighs were thick and sinewy, with no doubt a lot of power behind them.

“Like something you see, cause I sure as hell do.” Jungkook mused in his heavily accented tone causing your eyes to snap back up to meet his. You scoffed trying to hide the embarrassment of being caught checking his body out.

“Watch your language in front of my brother.” You bit back, taking a step backward as Jungkook rose from his seated position setting your brother onto the floor, his height significantly reducing yours.

“Hey, buddy why don’t you go find some cartoons on the T.V., while your - sissy, and I have a quick chat.” Jungkook told Ryan, ruffling the messy hairs on his head. Ryan looked back at you, watching you shake your head vigorously, your eyes pleaded with him to say no.

“Ok, Mister Jungkook.” Ryan grinned making eye contact with you, sticking his little tongue out at you.

“You little beast,” You mumbled to yourself. Jungkook made his way towards you, grabbing at the hands still attached to your neck. Your hand tingled at the feeling of pins and needles tickling your hand at Jungkook’s touch, you tried to pull your hand away from the uncomfortable feeling, but Jungkook held his grip firmly dragging you behind him. Jungkook led you to the bedroom in six quick strides, and motioned for you to sit down on the bed, he soon followed suit, his eyes boring into you. You shifter further up the bed away from him, your head downcast as you twiddle your thumbs over one another.

“What did you want to talk to me about?” You said nervousness and anxiety shaking your voice, clawing at your skin, the need to hide from his fixed gaze increasing. “Simple. I want to talk about you.” You? He wanted to talk about you, so sad for him that your personal life wasn’t up for debate.

“Well sorry. I don’t know you well enough to, inform you with my personal information,” You eyed Jungkook, his gaze unwavering his unusual eyes lightning from brown to a tawny color deepening with a faint purple.

“How else am I going to get to know you then, if you won’t let me in?” Jungkook’s voice lowered an octave on his last sentence, his accent getting heavier. Jungkook began moving towards you, you leaned back flat against the headboard of the bed. Jungkook’s large hands, stretched onto the skin of your thigh, hooking his fingers onto the back of the meaty flesh, before dragging you down further onto the bed, as Jungkook’s firm body hovered over your smaller one, each arm on one side of your head, trapping you effectively.

You stared up at him wide-eyed, his close proximity messing up your senses, woodsy smell of pine trees, and the earth after a fresh rain wafted from his body, his eyes carried silver flecks in them, each streak getting more prominent as they stared at one another.  You should be struggling against him, throwing him off you. Instead, your melting into the mattress from the heat of his body, his scent oddly calming. Jungkook leaned down closer to you his lips ghosted over yours for a brief moment, before changing their direction to your ear.

“Let me get to know you jagiya. Inside and out."Jungkook’s low tone whispered in your ear his warm breath tickled your ears and the fine hairs at the nape of your neck. You released a quiet moan, you couldn’t let him know him how much he was affecting you. You supposed to be fighting against his advances, sheltering yourself away from him, not giving in to his ministrations.

Jungkook’s lips traveled down your neck in delicate butterfly kisses, down to the loose neckline of your tank-top. You exposed more of your neck to his movements, your legs opened wider unbeknownst to you. Your body was recognizing its mate, the mating pull now taking effect on you, easing you to a lenient surrender. Your poorly contained moans were driving Jungkook insane, the pulsating vein on the side of your neck called out for him to bite you, to mark you as his own.

When Jungkook felt your arms wrap around his shoulders, and tug at the baby hairs at the base of his neck, he lost it. He increased the pressure of his kisses on her neck, sucking the skin tightly between his lips, releasing the bruising skin with a nip of his teeth, preparing the surface for his mark. Jungkook’s attention moved to your lips, the lips he’s been wanting to taste since the first time he laid eyes on you. His lips skimmed against your own, his tongue lashing out to taste the flesh of your bottom lip, with a groan he pressed his lips against yours. The kiss was intense and passionate, full of Jungkook’s need, his desire, his love for you, he tried to translate all of his emotions through the kiss. Jungkook'a tongue slipped past your lips, probing inside your mouth, wrestling your tongue into submission with ease. Your deep moans were being ripped from your throat, you had never experienced a kiss so full of want, need - love.

Jungkook detached his mouth from yours, the need to mark you tearing him away from the sweet taste of you. His lips trailed back to your neck, his body now planted firmly on top of yours, as one hand entangled itself in your disheveled hair, the other was planted firmly on your thigh coaxing your legs to open more, giving him access to experimentally ground his hard clothed member against your covered core.

"Jungkook.” You moaned his name harmoniously. Jungkook’s wolf fought to break free, straining to emerge at the scent of your arousal. Jungkook’s tail escaped from the confines of his sweats, the fluffy appendage flicking lazily into the air, the tip of it coming to rest against the center of his back. Jungkook’s eyes were now devoid of its brown; silver and purple swirls quickly overpowering the mute color, his wolf was taking over rapidly.

“Bite her Jungkook!”

“Bite her!”

“Bite her.” Jungkook murmured in his native language as he licked the spot where your shoulder connected with your neck. Jungkook’s teeth shifted, pearly white canines; sharp and dripping with saliva, the licking on your neck growing adamant.


A yelp sounded from Jungkook’s throat, just as he was about to sink his teeth into your neck. He growled menacingly as he turned to the intruder and the captor of his tail.

“What are you doing, and why do you have a tail coming out of your pants?” Ryan questioned tilting his head to the side, his little fist gripping onto Jungkook’s tail.

“Why were you on my sissy like that? Is she sick? Does she have an ouchie?” Ryan investigated more. Jungkook winced as your brother’s fist tightened it’s grip on his tail, tugging the appendage with each of his curious questions.

“A tail!” It felt as though a bucket of cold water was doused on you at the sound of your brother’s voice, and the mention of Jungkook and a tail. You tried to prop up as best as you could with Jungkook’s heavy body still on top of you. You slowly made out a snarling Jungkook, staring down your brother, and said brother with a hand full of a - of a tail?! No fucking way! You pushed against Jungkook with all your strength, thanks to your brother’s distraction he was easy to push off. You scrambled off the bed towards your brother gathering him into your, snatching his hands away from Jungkook’s tail, a few pieces of his fur following its hasty removal.

“Dang it! Be careful with it, its very sensitive, you just can’t go grabbing at it and ripping its fur out.” Jungkook whined, caressing the tail snuggled into his arms. You fucking knew it! Something wasn’t right about him, but you would have never expected this. You were thankful your brother came at the right time, you didn’t know what had come over you, never have acted this irrational and on impulse before. You pushed yourself further into the corner of the wall. Jungkook released a rumbling growl, at your frightened stance, this was not how this was supposed to happen, he was so close, so very close.

Jungkook rubbed the back of his neck, his cheeks tinted pink with embarrassment. He glanced at your dilated eyes, your pupils almost covered the white of your eyes. Jungkook’s previous embarrassment turned into frustration and annoyance. Damn kid. Jungkook ran a hand down his face in vexation. 

“I guess I have some explaining to do.”

1 | Red Skies

WORD COUNT: 3,030 

warnings: violence, blood, bruises and gore, talk of kidnapping

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masterlist | ask | next

What seemed like an average day of you being spoken to like a piece of shit, turned out to be everything but normal. One minute you were walking home from work, a part time job at the local diner, you only worked weekends so you still had time to study for exams during the week. Then the next thing you knew, everything was black, cold and deafeningly quiet. Empty.

After what seemed like an entire eternity of being lost in the emptiness; the light came back, vastly brighter than usual, stinging your eyes as you tried to adjust to your surroundings. Sounds were thicker, heavier, weighing down your ears as they gave you a pounding headache, and the slightest smells became much more intense, burning your nose as you inhaled.

Just what exactly had happened to you?

Glancing around you could gather it was the early hours of the morning, you’d left work pretty late but the indigo sky was now a dark crimson red and the full moon threatened to escape the blanket of clouds that tried to shield it from sight. Managing to bring yourself to your feet you pulled yourself together and started to walk home, deciding it would be best to wait until you were inside the safety of your walls before you tried to figure out what on earth had happened.

During the walk you couldn’t help but feel on edge. The only thing keeping you sane was the fact the sky was such a beautiful colour, you’d never seen a red sky up close before, only on badly photoshopped desktop backgrounds at university, it was mesmerising. Chilly air whirled around your frame, earning a continuous shudder from your body. Travelling in the same direction you began walking through an empty field, a short cut you always took. A sharp ill-disposed pain made itself known on your left leg, close to your ankle. The manager at the diner you worked in was extremely misogynistic, so you were forced to wear a white button down blouse and short mini skirt with bare legs, to ‘receive more tips from customers’. The uniform had only ever caused you grief, but it did ensure you were able to get a clear look at the source of your discomfort.

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Crescent Bound Series Masterlist {Mature Content}

Seven werewolves. A pack bound by the moon. This secret kept only amongst themselves. Each of them experiencing their own cycles of heat and their search for a mate. 

Pairing: BTS members x Reader OC
Genre: Werewolf AU! / Smut
Warnings: Explicit Sexual content

Jungkook: You thought you knew everything about each other. The first time you noticed a change with Jungkook was towards the end of summer before classes started again. There was no doubt it was Jungkook yet as you approached him something was strange. He was taller, his shoulders broad, the fitting of his t-shirt clung to his body, straining with every movement. Just who was this standing before you. You used to tell each other everything, now he was hiding something. 

Yoongi:  Being a transfer student in the middle of the term was no one’s ideal choice. Maybe this time would be different, this time you’d try and branch out of your little academic bubble and create a social life, friendships, maybe even find love. It didn’t take long to figure out that Min Yoongi only associated within his specific group. Yet something drew you to him and him to you, however you couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something more to him. 

Jimin (In progress): One night you’re having the best hookup of your life and the next you’re being told that the little mark on your neck is more than just a hickey. 

Taehyung (TBA)

Hoseok (TBA):

Jin (TBA)

Namjoon (TBA): As the only offspring of your father’s legacy it was your responsibility to maintain the alliance between the two packs. But an arranged marriage with the alpha leader of the crescent pack is not what you had in mind for a happily ever after. 

 A/N: Hi everyone! I finally had made the decision to make this into a seven part series. It’s been something that I’ve been considering ever since I started writing Jungkook’s and now it’s finally happening. Hope you enjoy! 

All Rights Reserved © parkhabits

His || Jungkook || 0.5

Member: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut.

Teaser | 0.1 | 0.2 | 0.3 | 0.4 | 0.5

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jungkook scenario | pomp and fortunate circumstance

Originally posted by suga-mummy

prompt: I’m a werewolf who sometimes has anger issues and you’re a witch who makes calming potions. You always slip me a free lavender candle when I buy from you, and now every time I smell it I can’t stop thinking about you…

pairing: werewolf jungkook x witch reader

requested by @allwatyouneed | 1.1k words | fluff

It’s unlucky that the party falls on the night of the full moon. Typical of humans to organise things when it’s most inconvenient for werewolves.

Still, with Jungkook’s father as the CEO of the company that’s hosting, it’s imperative that he attend, and offer smiles, coughing back snarls as the moonlight shines through the window and scratches at his skin. On nights like tonight, it’s normal for him to go off to the woods on the outskirts of the city, give over to primal urges, and let the process of transformation overtake him. But that’s not an option tonight.

The only thing anchoring him down is your warm presence by his side, smelling of soap and lavender.

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forever and a night | jjk

⇒ summary: the werewolf in the forest isn’t dangerous, you told them, he’s just a boy with beautiful eyes and a heart of gold.

⇒ werewolf!au

⇒ pairing: jungkook x female reader

⇒ word count: 7k (whoops)

⇒ genre: fluff, angst

⇒ warning: graphic depictions of violence, death

⇒ a/n: to the anon that didn’t want angst: i’m sorry!

part 2 of my fear is forever series. sequel to fear in your eyes

It’s as if the breath gets sucked out of your lungs all at once, leaving you empty and weak, because that’s how you feel under his piercing gaze, those dark eyes suddenly a lot more frightening than they appeared five minutes ago. Scared, that’s what you are. Scared, alone, and good as dead.

“It’s true?” You somehow manage to utter out, your mouth likely working on autopilot at this point, brain still frazzled. “What they say is true?”

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♡Midnight Heat♡


Werewolves are meant to find their mates months after they come of age but yours never came. Finally on the verge of giving up that mate of yours shows up, bleeding, handsome and ready to claim his luna


Werewolf Jungkook/ reader


Werewolf au smut


Fingering, bitting, marking

word count



♡ ♡

When we finally 16, its said that the moon shifts and everything on this planet work like a magnet to draw us to our mates. Like the inevitable force of gravity, I was to find myself in the presence of a man that was created just for me.

That beautiful tale was meant to fulfil itself two years ago now, I’m no longer looking for my mate. I gave up when everyone around me found their mate and fell in love in the blink of an eye.

 I felt as if I was wondering aimlessly looking for a man that didn’t exist, that didn’t want me. For a while I thought he was coming, the elders kept insisting he was coming and I believed it. Werewolves were never created to be alone. We believe that we and our mates were created from the same clay, but split to created two beings that were drawn to one another. I still clung to that fleeting flame of hope that slowing withering with each passing moment.

I walked down the cobblestone road heading to the pack house. Our packs land stretched for miles and when the fear that I didn’t have a mate drowned me, I ran to them to ease myself. The sky around me was dark and the fog had settled itself in the midst of the trees surrounding the house. I watched as wolves ran in the safety of the forest, protected from prying eyes. 

The natural law of wolves was that we couldn’t shift until we had met our mates and mated. I hadn’t found mine and so I watched my fellow wolves in envy.

Walking into the pack house I headed to my room wanting to occupy my mind with other things that needed to be done. For instance, the laundry in my room was pilling up and the shelves in my room looked like a disaster. Putting my hair up in a ponytail, I began the long task of organising my room into a state that I could live in. 

My room was echoing with music and I drowned myself in the task at hand. I became so lost in what I was doing that I never noticed the sun fleed and the moon snake itself into the dark sky. The stars now where blinking brightly and I peered my head out the window to watch the night sky. The night was loud and I could hear the sounds of owls singing and what sounded like dears creeping in the night. A smile etched itself on my lips and I enjoyed the peace the might brought.Finally growing tired I wondered to my bed and drown myself in my blankets and falling asleep.

I woke up in the dead of night to what seemed to be howling. My instincts kicked in and I focused on the cries, it sounded like a wolf, a hurt wolf. My heart sank and I threw the blanket over my body. 

I ran to the window and used my supernatural eyes to find where the cries were coming from. From my distance, I couldn’t see where the werewolf was or how hurt they were, I only knew that my inner wolf was begging me to help them. Finally succumbing to my inner wolf, I ran outside my room and orientated myself to the pack’s guards room.

 I knocked on Namjoons door with haste begging him to open the door quickly. A moment later he emerged from the door looking dazed and confused.

“What are you doing here?” he mumbled rubbing the tiredness from his dark eyes.

“I think I heard something outside,” I told him biting the inside of my mouth. Namjoons eyes danced from me and back to his room as he stood quietly.

“Shit, it’s a full moon y/n, my mates in heat I can’t help you” he whispered to me rubbing his neck. I felt my cheeks inflame and I looked down no longer wanting to meet his gaze.

“It’s fine” I mumbled to him and watched as the door slowly shut before me. I fondled with the idea of just heading to my room and ignoring the cries of the wolf. No matter what I told myself I just couldn’t bear the idea. After what seemed like years I convinced myself to follow the cries of the wolf.

As I opened the door of the pack house, the cold air lingered at my skin and I hissed damning myself for not bringing a jacket, I only wore shorts and a shirt. 

Walking into the night, I listened to where the cries of the animal were coming from. The further in I walked into trees the faster my heart began to beat. I felt a bundle of nerves begin to bubble in my stomach and my breath became rushed. My feet became rapid and I frantically ran towards the sounds of the screeching wolf. 

Nearing the cries I saw a hunched over man holding his weight upon a tree clinching at his bleeding torso. My stomach sank and I stood still. The once loud night became quite, all I could hear was my breath and the alluring smell of the hunched man before me.

My feet led me to the man fast and in seconds I stood an inch away from him. His eyes peered at me and the moon seemed to glow. I felt my hear begin to burn and tears stung my eyes. It was him.

“You’re him” I breathlessly whispered covering my mouth in awe. He looked at me and I felt as if I would break under his piercing eyes.

“You’re so beautiful,” he told me standing up and caressing my cheek. His hands were warm and left fireworks to burn at flesh. I hissed at the feeling.

The mate bond was nothing like I had expected.

“You’re mine?” he questioned himself bringing his forehead to mine. His left hand kept caressing my cheek and I melted into the warmth his skin gave.

“I’m yours,” I told him grabbing the hand on my cheek. I held it so tightly till I could feel his blood pumping through him.

“You’re my luna” he whispered piercing his eyes at me.

“You’re an alpha?” I asked surprised. I could feel the authority radiating from his skin but the mate bond between us masked it. He hummed in response but kept his eyes on me. The silence between us was thick but I enjoyed every moment it. I loved how he kept his eyes fixed on me and nothing else like I was the centre of his world.

I gazed at his face and watched it contorted into a pained expression. Instantly I felt fear consumed me and I cupped his face asking him what was wrong.

“A hunter shot me” he hissed and I finally looked down at his torso. His hand was covered in blood that was oozing down to his black shorts. His muscular body was clenched and I could tell he was in utter pain standing before me.

“You’re bleeding out, come on there’s a shelter metres from here” I frantically told him and swung his arm over my shoulder. I felt the sparks ignite over my skin and I forced myself to focus on saving my mate. We began to wobble our way to the shelter and with each stride, my mate hissed.

“I’m sorry,” I told him feeling tears sting my eyes, he only grunted. “It’s okay,” he told me but the mate bond made me feel even worse that he was in pain.

As we neared the shelter I let him put all his weight on me as I fondled with the door that was refusing to open.

“It’s not opening, I don’t know what to do” I began crying fearing for the fate of my mate. My mate hissed and he pushed himself away from me. I watched as he pressed all his weight on the door and it sprung open suddenly. My mate’s body fell to the ground and I rushed to help him to the sofa settled at the back of the room. Resting his head on the sofa I quickly searched for the first aid kit and ran back to him.

Grabbing out tongs, I settled beside him on the floor and began digging at his wound for the bullet. Instantly his cries filled the room and my tears coated my cheek as I knew I was hurting him. His thrashing became too much and I swung myself so that I straddled his hips. Instantly his hands reached my hips and a growl left his lips. I ignored his lustful stare and began digging again for the bullet. Every time I dug at his wound my mate’s grip on my hips tightened, and if I wasn’t werewolf bruises would have formed by now.

“You’re hurting me” I spat at him still trying to pry the bullet out of him.

“Fuck, I’m sorry but it’s a silver bullet, if you don’t get it out fast I’m going to die baby girl.” I felt nerves begin to explode through me again. I knew with a silver bullet you only had hours before it would consume the wolf’s body and kill it.

“Okay” I managed to mumble before digging at the wound again. His finger began to dig into me again and I cried just waiting for everything to end.

“Baby distracts me” he pleaded as he grunted in pain.

“What’s your name?,” I asked keeping a firm hand on the bullet wound. He jerked his body from the sofa and I pushed him down again.

“Jungkook” he moaned as I finally scrapped the bullet. “It’s Jungkook baby, what’s your name beautiful?”

I kept diggin’ for the bullet and answered him, “y/n”

Before he could reply again I dug deeply for the bullet and pulled it out fast. The bullet landed on the floor with a clunk. My breath began to slow down and I watched Jungkook rest his head against the sofa again. I watched his wound begin to close up and I breathed a sigh of relief.

“Thank you y/n” he groaned and caressed my hip again.

“It’s okay,” I told him and rested my hands on his chest. His body was hard against my fingers and gazed at how sculpted his body was.

“ I never thought this would be how I would get my mate to straddle me” he laughed trying to lighten the mood.

The night had been so tense that I couldn’t help but cry at his comment.

“ Shit baby I’m sorry” he hissed pushing himself forward and drawing me into his flesh.

“This is probably not how you wanted to meet your mate” he mumbled into my neck as he rubbed my back. I only hummed in agreement before looking back at him. His dark eyes held glints of gold and I knew he was a true alpha.

“Your eyes are beautiful,” I told him caressing his cheek.

“You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen” he whispered to me bringing his face closer to mine. My heart began to ache not knowing what to do.

“ I make you nervous” he questioned bringing his lips close to mine.

“Baby girl I can tell you’re a virgin,” he told me and my cheeks inflamed. I wanted to say I wasn’t just so I wasn’t embarrassed but I wouldn’t dare lie to him.

“ I was waiting for my mate, I waited for you, ” I told him leaving his gaze.

“You waited for me?” he asked and inched his lips closer to mine.

“Didn’t you?” I asked feeling concerned about the answer. Unlike regular wolves, alphas felt the need to mate stronger than regular wolves. That also meant the need to sleep around was stronger.

“ I waited for you too,” he told me and I felt relief wash over me. Finally mustering the courage I latched my lips onto his, wanting to feel him. His lips moved with mine like magic and I moaned against his lips. His hands left the safety of my hips and he trailed them exploring every inch of my body. I sighed feeling his hands grab my boob and I arched my back waiting to feel his body against mine.

Slowly, I removed my lips from his and began to kiss his neck. I left lines of hickeys on his neck, but once they tainted his skin they quickly vanished.

“ Baby girl I’m an Alpha, that’s not going to work” he laughed at me and began to kiss my neck.

He kissed my neck so gently that I became lost in the feeling of him. His tongue licked at the spot behind my eyes and I jerked my body excited. That was the place he was going to mark me.

“ Mark me Jungkook” I begged him and kissed his lips.

“ My pleasure baby” he mumbled into the kiss and went back to my neck. I felt his canines extend and I prepared myself for what was to come. He slowly pierced my skin and I clung to his shoulder trying to bear the pain.

“Jungkook it hurts” I cried not being able to cope with the feeling. The longer his teeth bore into my skin,  the more I felt myself become drawn to Jungkook and heat crept my skin. the heat coated me like water and it was unbearable. I felt as if I was suffocating and began to dig my hands into Jungkook.

Jungkook withdrew his fangs but the heat never ceased.

“Jungkook what’s going on? I’m so hot” I gapped clawing at my shirt and throwing it at the floor.

“Baby, this is heat” he sternly told me and cupped my cheek. Heat was designed to ensure that mates would fully mate after being marked. Fully mating meant I was to sleep with him.

“ I don’t want to have sex” I managed to hiss but my skin was now burning. I felt tears spring to my eyes and I couldn’t stop shifting in Jungkook lap.

“Make it stop” I cried not knowing what to do with myself. The pain was coming in waves and felt too weak to even cry anymore.

“Shit, I can relief you but without sex, I can’t stop it” he frantically told me getting nervous too.

“ Do anything ” I begged him feeling my skin crawl.

Jungkook flung as forward so that I laid underneath him. His arm held me down and his other hand ripped off by shorts from my body. Instantly I wrapped my legs around him wanting some sort of friction. He brought his hand to my underwear and pulled them down that he could slip his hand in. I felt his other hand on my boob and I sighed at the feeling. The hand in my underwear began to tease my entrance and I arched my back into him.

“You like that baby?” he asked me leaving trails of kisses down my throat. All I could manage to do was hum and shake my head. The burning sensation over my body seemed to ease as his fingers touched me. His fingers kept rubbing at my entrance and I felt warmth pull between my legs.

“ Baby girl you’re so wet for me” he mumbled as he kissed my skin again.

Jungkook pulled his hand away from my core and I whined wanting to feel him again, he brought his fingers to my lips before pushing them into my mouth.

I could taste myself on his fingers and his eyes pierced at me as I tasted myself. Drawing his fingers out, he trailed them back down to my entrance.

His fingers run along my clit before sliding them into me. The feeling was foreign and I moaned loudly.

“fuck Kooki” I moaned grinding my hips into his hand. His fingers began to move and his other hand fondled my boob. I kept moaning with every thrust and tried everything to stay quiet.

“ Don’t hide your moans from me baby girl” he told me and began to kiss my neck again. The feeling my so sensual and I tangled my fingers in his hair. His fingers kept pumping into me and I grunted as he curled them. He was rubbing against my G spot and my moans only became louder

“Fuck baby go faster” I grunted shutting my eyes. Jungkooks fingers began to move faster and his thumb rubbed my clit fast. My breathing was rugged and I felt a warm sensation begging to bubble at my stomach. I felt my walls begin to clench around Jungkooks fingers and he fondled with my breast again.

“ Be a good girl and cum” he told and I felt myself shudder. His words were so vulgar and I fought myself to have self control over my body.

As his fingers slid into me slowly, I felt my thighs begin to shake and quiver

“Jungkook!” I moaned loudly not being able to form other words.

A hot wave flushed over me and I felt myself cum all over Jungkook’s fingers. A warmth feeling pulled between my legs and my breath heaved trying to get back to normal.

“You’re a squirter” he proudly announced and looked down at the sofa. A wet patch had formed and he felt proud of himself. Words couldn’t form at my lips and I laid there breathless. The heat that had brought me pain had ceased and I enjoyed it’s absence

“Baby you’re beautiful,” Jungkook told me.

“ Thank you” I gushed trying to catch my breath. Before I could say anything else, rushed knocks came from the door and the room became silent.

“Rouge, step out of the shelter!” Came a voice from the other side and my heart sank.

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