bts winter game

Winter NSFW Drabble Game ❄

Since winter is coming up and it’s that time of the year that makes everyone feel like magic is real and it’s the time of giving, I thought it might be fun to offer up a game! 

I decided I would handle one prompt per member so send me a number + a name of a bts member and because this is an 18+ drabble game every fic will contain smut. 

PROMPTS (inspired by this):
1. exploring/pushing boundaries (going past comfort zone/setting a new one)
2. (mutual) masturbation 
3. dry humping - requested, yoongi
4. sex toys
5. having a third person watching or threesome 
6. humiliation kink
7. filming themselves 

If I don’t get any requests I’ll probably write the prompts overtime. This drabble game was inspired by @94hixtape’s thanksgiving 18+ drabble game!