things i relate bts with
  • Jin:homemade dinners, waking up early on your own, latte art, old houses, rose bouquets, freshly baked pie, forest trails, acrylic nails, perfume, good morning kisses, coffee shops, bookstores, relieved sighs, flower beds, earthy tones
  • Suga:bass guitar, stretching out tired muscles, laying down after a long day, smell of mint, winter nights, midnight drives, hard work paying off, neck kisses, neon signs, comfortable silences, sweat pants, getting to sleep in
  • J-Hope:laughing about nothing, skipping, watching the sunrise at lake front, sunflowers, honey, gummy bears, spinning hugs, smiling at strangers, comforting a friend, polaroid pictures, taking in the moment, fresh air, honeysuckle, cheesy jokes
  • Rap Monster:late night conversations, soft sighs, back hugs, tennis shoes squeaking, overflowing bookshelves, red lipstick, oversized hoodies, shoulder rubs, road trips, confident smiles, percussive beats, city lights, overcoming a fear
  • Jimin:shy giggles, lavender, cheek kisses, large sweaters, finishing a good book, newborn puppies, cuddling under blankets, slow dancing, effervescent feelings, staring at the stars, innocent love, bubble gum machines, cotton candy
  • V:big dogs, children's laughter, long hugs, good morning texts, watermelon in the morning, dancing without music, anime marathons, couple costumes, cheeky smiles, making silly faces, beach days, baby animals, disney movies, lollipops, arcades
  • Jungkook:late night snack runs, takeout, beanies, high heels, shy glances, first dates, heavy bass, video games, tight hugs, bursts of energy, dancing like nobody is watching, morning runs, marvel movies, piggyback rides, couples clothing
  • Seokjin:That's one of my biggest fears.
  • Namjoon:What is?
  • Seokjin:If I ever, like, woke up as a donut-
  • Namjoon:You would eat yourself.
  • Seokjin:I wouldn't even question it.
A glimpse of Vmin’s friendhsip

The fact:

JM->V :  Love you pretty

V-> JM :  Love you and I adore you


How Jimin calls Taehyung: Taetae, our Taehyungie~my bff

How Taehyung calls Jimin: Jimminie~, my bff


Jimin said: 

  •   Taehyungie is handsome
  •    You look sexy on the camera
  •    He is awesome, you know?
  •    You are full talent and energy, you punk

Taehyung said:

  •    Jimin’s smile is seriously charming
  •     I just want him to be happy
  •     Jiminnie is the man who can and will! grow big succes for a long time
  •     Jimin was very cute when he first came to the dorm
  •     He is someone who always works hard and #1 in efforts

Friendship which is deep like the ocean

  • Let’s keep going for a long time. I only have you V
  • I took care of Taehyung when we were traines  like waking him up, cooking for him and wiping his butt
  • Hyung will always support you ( Jimin said)
  • You’re more than a close friend. You’re my savior! So you’re very precious to me and I want to be with you even when we become grandfathers ( Jimin said)
  •  I want to be Jiminnie’s friend forever 
  •  I’m thankful when Jiminnie is by my side
  •  I like that we are so similar ( Taehyung said) 
  • The moment I was happiest with Jiminnie is when we saw each other for the first time in 2nd grade and how we were able to keep being with each other without being hurt

Future Plans:

  •   (talking about buying two building close to each other)    Jimin: We’ll face each other at the top and talk to each other . I will be here and you go over there (pointing at the buildings)
  •       Jimin : Taehyungie and I talked about going on a trip to Japan together, just the two of us
  • They want to get old together ( both of them mentioned so many times)

Common Conversations

  • Jimin:  How come you always look cute by yourelf?//  V: Orange hair looks good on you //  Jimin: You look good in pink //  V:  You look good in that colour too
  • Jimin complaining: He doesn’t wash up and comes up on my bed.Come after showering please, i get angry seriously ( he still didnt say not to come though)  // V revenge:  He keeps touching me. Like he strokes my hair //  Jimin: I do that because you are cute

Who am I without you

  • Always missing the other’s presence:  (bon voyage) jimin kept sending messages to Taehyung before he joined them. In the live broadcast he told immediately that Taehuyng is not here because of drama ( Lost my Taehyung ~ thanks yoongi :D) …
  • ( V app ) Fan asked where is Jimin Tae said that he is with Jungkook with a sad face

Moments which will melt your heart

  • Taehyung giving saranade to Jimin
  • Jimin practicing with Tae when he is the MC
  • Taehyung’s speech:   There are some who made this moment the most beautiful moment in life …mentioning Jimin (  nobody else’s name were heard just jimin’s)
  • The train was quiet high in I need U shooting, but Jimin could jump on it easily …the next moment without question he held his helping hand to Tae
  • Taehyung was fake crying but worried Jimin immediately asked: Why are you cying? Don’t cry …and don’t forget the picture where Taehyung was really crying and Jimin embraced him in his arms  

Vmin things:

  • Sleeping together a lot
  • Being roommates even abroad
  • Feeding each other
  • Sharing secrets
  • Teasing the hell out of the other but in the end reassuring how good the other is
  • Cheating in the game just to feed the other or Giving own present the other who couldn’t get it
  • Playing out a break up between boys,
  • Going on ’dates’,
  • Speaking with satoori,
  • Having twin pullover
  • Praising, supporting each other
  • Playing in the practice room when everyone went hom or even in the office,
  • Twitter wars
  • Going crazy
  • Being kinky as hell together
  • Listening to music with one earphone
  • Giving pecks on the cheek ( both did!) 
  • Being dork and savage to the other
  • Sneaking out together
  • Being in sync
  • Knowing each other’s weakness

And you just saw a glimpse of this friendship ~


Well it does…

  1. Original MV
  2. Facial Expression Ver.
  3. Dance Ver.
  4. One Take Ver.

bonus: Practice Ver. 

          Practice Appeal Ver. a.k.a. where V got the giggles… haha

4 in 1 vid 

we need to give more credit when it's due.

All 7 members took part in lyric writing/composing their song “Fun Boyz” (even Jimin and Jin)
also Suga produced, was responsible for the synthesizer and the keyboard, and he arranged the song

Suga also produced “Dead Leaves”, was responsible for the keyboard and arranged the song

Jin helped to write the lyrics for “Love Is not Over” (Jungkook’s first produced song). Fun fact! JUNGKOOK WAS THE ONE PLAYING THE PIANO/KEYBOARD

V produced/composed"Hold Me Tight" and created some of the melodies in “Run”. He also helped to create the chorus for “Dope” with Jungkook.

Speaking of Jungkook again, that boy is crazy. He literally wrote/helped to write the chorus of every song (except for the intros and house of cards) in the hyyh album series: 

  • I Need U 
  • Hold Me Tight 
  • Dope 
  • Fun Boyz 
  • Converse High 
  • Move 
  • Love Is Not Over 
  • Run 
  • Butterfly (he was actually the only bts member to have worked on this song btw) 
  • Whalien 52 
  • Ma City 
  • Crow Tit (one of the major contributors to this song was Supreme Boi who is a member of the underground crew that Rap Monster was apart of and he was also featured in the Cypher series!! Rap Monster worked with his old friend on this song I’m crying)
  • Dead Leaves

Rap Monster produced the first sketch to “Young Forever” (his debut as a producer!!)

Also keep on mind that the rap line regularly writes their own raps to their songs and contributes to the overall lyrics writing!!!

We need to show more appreciation to the talent that bts has. HYYH was literally the bts members just sharing their thoughts/creativity and going through their youth. HYYH was and is bts and I still can’t belive that this album series is over.


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I’m so hurt
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