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Sweet Dreams

Request: Idk is you do smuts but if you do can you please write a tae from bts smut where you are both sleeping but your having an “interesting” dream, and when u wake up he makes you tell him what happened and then makes it real?? Idk yeah this is soooo embarrassing and I’m on anon wow TY

Requests are open!! (and yes I do smuts I’m a prime time hoe)

A/N:  I absolutely loved this idea and I hope you like it!!! I decided to leave it at face riding and not added sex afterwards since it felt complete this way. Also I only proofread this halfway through sorry if there are any mistakes remaining.

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Word count: 1.1 k

Taehyung stared at your sleeping body, you were laying on your back squirming around on the mattress. You both went to bed cuddling, but in the middle of the night you suddenly had started shifting around so much, that Taehyung woke up. Maybe you had some kind of bad nightmare, you weren’t supposed to wake people up if they’re in the middle of a nightmare, were you?

It wasn’t a nightmare. It was even worse than any kind of nightmare could be. You were dreaming of Tae’s hands and lips all over your body leaving marks. His fingers reached your core as he started to work expertly. His fingers were long and reached your spot perfectly. After you had almost reached your high he suddenly pulled away and smirked at you.

“Do you want to sit on my face?”

She moaned in her sleep. She was really moaning his name. Taehyung smirked down at you. You didn’t have a nightmare. You were dreaming of something way nicer.

Softly he planted kisses on your bare shoulders and nudged you gently until you opened your eyes and looked at him in confusion.

“You were shifting so hard that you woke me up, did you have a nightmare darling?”

“U-Uh yes, I had a very bad nightmare.”

Hopefully he wouldn’t notice the slight blush creeping up to your cheeks. Taehyung planted a soft kiss on your lips before pulling away and smirking at you.


“You were moaning in your sleep.”

“Was I? I mean it was pretty scary.”

“You were moaning my name, baby.”

“Maybe I was scared and asked for your help-”

“Why don’t you tell me what really happened? Maybe I could even help you…”

He was still smirking at you. But you couldn’t tell him what happened in your dream it was too embarrassing.

“Don’t be shy, you can tell me everything, I promise I won’t judge you.”

He reached for your lips again and kissed you softly. You took a deep breath.

“I-I dreamt of you kissing me.”

“Kissing you? Here?” He kissed you again this time with more passion. “And here?” He moved his lips to your neck and started sucking a few hickies on the soft skin. When he reached your collarbones he stopped and looked at you.

“Did I go further?”

You were blushing like crazy but he only grinned at you.


“But I bet you weren’t wearing any clothes.” He pulled up your shirt, well actually his shirt you wore to sleep, over your head so you were left only in your panties. His lips wandered over your collarbones until they reached your breasts. Gently he took one of your nipples in his mouth and started to suck. After a while he moved to other nipple and dragged his tongue over the it. Your back arched off the mattress with a moan.

“I love to hear your beautiful moans. So tell me, what happened next?”

Your whole face was bright pink. You couldn’t tell him. You didn’t know how to say it.

“Y-Your fingers…” You trailed off and looked down to avoid his gaze. He reached towards your clothed core and stroke his fingers over it.

“My fingers, huh? I bet you’d love to be fucked with these.”

He hooked them in your panties and pulled them down. His index finger came back to your clit as he started circling it slowly but firmly. You started whimpering as his finger trailed lower to your opening, pushed inside only about an inch before he stopped.

“Should I continue?”

“Y-yes please.”

Your eyes were begging him to continue so he slowly pushed his finger into you further curling it upwards to brush against your spot. His pace remained slowly for a few thrusts before he decided he wanted to tease you further.

“How many fingers did I use one? Or two?”

He slowly pushed a second finger inside and finally picked up the speed. You were a moaning mess and close to reaching your high, when you tried to form any kind of coherent words.

“W-Wait, s-stop.”

Tae stilled his fingers and looked at you confused. You had a very pink face and were desperately trying to catch your breath.

“Is everything alright baby?”

“Y-Yes everything is fine, it’s just that… in my dream…”

He started chuckling.

“I didn’t let you finish right? What else did I do in your dream?”

“You asked me to sit on your face.” Your whole face was burning as you played with the sheets between your fingers.

“And you agreed?”


His whole face lightened up as he looked at you.

“I wanted to do that for so long but I didn’t think you would like it. So to make this seem more than your dream, Do you want to sit on my face baby?

You nodded, still embarrassed, and he gripped your waist to flip you over so you were straddling him. Slowly he gripped your thighs and pulled you closer to his face.

You looked down on Tae buried between your thighs.

“Are you sure I’m not too heavy?”

Definitely, now come here.”

Before you could protest any longer he interrupted you with a long lick between your folds, flattening his tongue when he got to your clit. Your hips dropped down further towards his face, craving for more. Tae chuckled in appreciation, sending vibration through you whilst burying his mouth against your core. You always knew Tae had one hell of a tongue but this was on an entirely different level of good. Your hips gave in more and  more as he continued to pleasure you.

You couldn’t help but moan his name over and over as he started sucking on your clit and flicking his tongue over it rapidly. You grinded down against him in pure bliss without even realizing it and he encouraged you to go on. His hands on your hips helped you to get in some kind of messy rhythm. Your hands were desperately gripping the headboard whilst his tongue sunk down between your folds and caressed your walls.

“T-Tae I’m so so close, pl-please don’t stop.”

You were a mess on top of his face, grinding against it, desperate for your release. You were moving your hips against his tongue, whimpering at the pleasure that twisted in your belly. Tae groaned against your folds, pressing his tongue upwards harder for you to grind your clit on. Your eyes squeezed shut as you reached your high, legs trembling beneath you as he made sure to fully ride out your orgasm.

You got off him, panting and falling back down onto the mattress next to him. He shifted to his elbows to look at you.

“And, was this like your dream?”

“It was even better than my dream. It was real.”

“I’m glad that you liked it, I could eat you out all day baby.”

You were slightly blushing again but it wasn’t noticeable on your fucked out face that was red from exhaustion anyways.

“But maybe we should sleep a bit, we can continue with round two after your next sweet dream.”


You try to comfort Yoongi after he gets injured

So, after hearing the news about Yoongi today, I felt the need to write this. For those of you that didn’t hear, or that heard the misinformation that’s been spread around, Yoongi tripped over a door frame and hurt the outside his ear. He doesn’t need surgery, and it doesn’t seem to be serious, but he has to sit out of the next few performances. And, if any of you are newer ARMYs or don’t know what happened, the mention of Kobe in the text refers to last year when Yoongi got sick and wasn’t allowed to perform in Kobe. He ended up tweeting an apology, feeling like he’d let everyone down and asking fans to forgive him.

Kinda feel like writing a scenario to go with this, but I’m not sure. If you guys want it, I’ll do it. I’ll also try to get more requests out soon, I promise, but - as you can probably see - I got a new phone! And at first, all of my texts and calls were going to my Dad’s phone as well for some reason, so I couldn’t do fake texts… Finally got it figured out today though I hope so I should be able to start working on requests once again~

My Love for You Is Bigger Than the Moon

For @might–just–die:

Imagine a pocket-sized you petting the damp face of Taehyung as you lay next to him. Both of you were tired, but Taehyung was too scared to fall back asleep so this is where you are.

You slept in your dollhouse that night, but a tap on your roof woke you out of your dream. Rubbing your tired eyes, you sat there wondering if you dreamed it, but there was another tap and a very low shaky whisper of your name from outside. Getting out of bed, you walked over to the window to see who it was. When you saw his state, your heart instantly wanted to cry with him. Trying not to make matters worse for him, you kept yourself from crying and walked outside of your house to ask Taehyung what was wrong. Sitting in his trembling palms, he told you about the terrifying nightmare he had. He told you that in the dream everyone hated him; his family, his fans, the boys and you. The tears that were threatened to fall finally did. Feeling your heart break, you stood up and held your hands up from him to bring you closer. Hugging his nose, you told you loved him. Everyone loved him and that nothing would change.

It took a lot of convincing and telling him you would stay up with him (he apologized a million times for waking you, but you didn’t mind) until he went to bed. You tried everything to get him to sleep. Telling him stories, watching anime, even playing a couple videos games on silent. If Seokjin found you two up this late playing video games, he wouldn’t have been so happy and would’ve given you two a lecture. That’s when you get an idea. Already lying close to his ear with your handkerchief pulled up to your chest, you start to lightly stroke his face and softly sing to him.

I’m lying on the moon….

The sigh from him is a sign to you that he’s finally relaxing, but you continue to sing.

There’s no thing I’d keep from you….

Stopping, you whisper Taehyung’s name to see if he’s still awake. When you don’t receive a response, you sit up to see that his eyes are shut. Laying back down, you snuggle back into the pillow, pull your blanket up to your chin, and finish the song before you doze off yourself.

Making sure that I’m okay and we’re a million miles away.

Dr. Jeon (Jungkook x Reader)

Rated : M (smut)
Genre : Fluff
Plot : You have an gynecologist appointment and you’re late.

I was late again ! She really is going to kill me this time… i have my monthly gynecologist’s appointment in less than 5 minutes but my train decided no to work and now I’m running in the street of Seoul trying not to get smashed by a car. Of course I decided to wear heels today, to make things more fun. I kept running looking at my watch every five seconds, no the time isn’t going to stop, yes I’m going to be late. My gynecologist, dr. Bloom is a very nice woman, but she hates late people, one time I arrived 1 minute late and she didn’t want to take me. My feet were starting to hurt… I took off my shoes and continued running, the people around kept staring me. Then when I thought nothing could be worse, it started raining. You probably guessed it, i forgot my umbrella at home. I took my purse and put it on my head, better that than nothing. Thankfully I arrived at the medical center. I must look like a drenched cat or something anyway Dr. Bloom probably won’t care she’s probably more angry about the fact that I’m 5 minutes late.
I went straight to the waiting room, there was no one. Maybe I should just knock in the door … no let’s wait. 5 minutes passed and still nothing. I put my shoes back on, tried to straighten my wet hair and went towards the door. As I was about to turn the handle, the door opened and I was face to face with a pair of dark brown eyes that I haven’t met before. The owner of those eyes was tall man, light brown hair, broad shoulders and perfect face wait did I really think “perfect face” I guess I did.
- You’re not Dr. Bloom. Smooth Y/N, great first impression.
- Indeed. I’m Dr. Jeon and you must be miss Y/L/N.
His voice is so silky, not deep but deep enough to make me shiver.
- How do you know my name ?
I must sound so stupid right now, please stop looking at me it makes me feel all sort of things.
- You have an appointment and you’re 10 minutes late. He said calmly.
- I’m so sorry, my train was late and
- Just enter.
I passed by him and sat on the chair in front of his desk.
- So monthly check up right ?
Why is he so sexy… focus Y/N he asked you a question.
- Yeah … are you replacing Dr. Bloom ?
- Only for today, hope you don’t mind.
- Not at all ! I said a bit too quickly.
- Great. Let’s begin shall we. If I read correctly you’re on the pill ?
- Yes, and it’s fine I have no side effects.
- Great. Are you in a serious relationship ?
He looked at me waiting for my answer. Isn’t that a bit too personal ? Does he ask it for himself or for a medical reason ? I have nothing to hide anyway, it’s not like my love life is full of surprise…
- I’m not… I said, trying to avert his gaze.
- Multiple partners then ?
- I haven’t had sex for 4 months now.
Woah where did that come from ? Maybe he didn’t want to know that I’m frustrated as hell ! It’s too late now… is he looking at me weirdly ?
- I see … do you pleasure yourself then ?
- Why do you want to know that ?
- You’re tense. Seems to me like you don’t release enough pressure. Orgasms are healthy for you.
He said with a smile. My head is clouded right now, all I can think of is him kissing me with those rosy lips. I started biting my lip unconsciously.
- Stop biting your lip. Go lay down there please, also take off your pants.
I did as he asked, thankfully I was wearing some nice black lace panties. He went to take some instruments and stopped in front of me.
- Open you legs for me.
My heartbeat quickened, I was hot suddenly.
- Can I take off those ? He asked, his breath caressing my calf.
- Go ahead. My voice was trembling.
His hands went up my legs slowly, he took the side of panties and slide them down.
He took a cotton bud and inserted it in my womanhood. I was already wet and he hadn’t done anything.
- Everything seems to be normal. You can put your clothes back on.
What ? Maybe I just imagined things but I saw the way he looked at me … I’m not the only one affected by the other. I decided to take my luck, after all he was right I have so much frustration in me it’s unbearable.
- Dr. Jeon are you sure can’t help me with this ? I’m so wet…
I said with the sexiest voice I could muster.
He stared at me, his face was now inches from mine.
- You don’t know what you’re asking for Y/N.
he whispered in my ear. I wanted him to touch me so bad. I couldn’t wait anymore so I took his face in my hands and kissed him passionately. He finally responded to my kiss, his tongue fighting for dominance. He kissed my jaw and went down to my neck, biting and sucking it. I let out a loud moan.
- You’re so eager already and I haven’t even touched you. He said with a smirk.
His hand traveled down south and I could feel his finger teasing my pussy lips, I rolled down my hips trying to take him all.
- More please ! I begged.
- Shut up you slut, I’m the one who makes the rules here. Understand ?
- Yes master.
Suddenly I felt four fingers entering me, I screamed, the pain quickly disappeared and was replaced by waves of pleasure. He had taken off his blouse and I could admire his sizzled abs and toned chest. I wanted to touch him.
- Don’t touch. He said while slapping my hands.
He teared off my shirt, I wasn’t wearing a bra. He stared sucking on my nipple harshly while still fucking me with his fingers, I was going crazy.
- Come suck me.
I eagerly went down and took off his pants. I palmed him through his boxers, he seemed huge. I let his penis spring free, he indeed was huge, will it even fit in my mouth ?
- Quit staring and start working slut.
- Yes master.
I gave him a few strokes before licking the tip, he let out a groan. I caressed his balls while I took him in my mouth inch by inch.
He pushed my head and forced himself in my throat, I choked but he was in to the hilt. I started bobbing my head up and down, licking and sucking as best as I could.
- You’re doing so well baby. He said while throwing his head back in pleasure.
He put his hand on the back of my neck and started fucking my mouth at a fast pace.
- You’re such a good slut taking me in so well. He said huskily.
I didn’t know a blowjob could turn me on so much. I started to get impatient, i wanted to get fucked, hard.
- You’ve been a good girl. You deserve a reward.
He pushed me towards the desk and made me sit on it.
- Put your legs on my shoulder baby I want to eat you up.
Seconds later his tongue was on my pussy, licking and sucking on my clitoris making me arch my back and scream.
He continued fucking my pussy with his tongue, I could sense a warm feeling in the pit of stomach, I was going to cum soon. He started sucking on my clit while entering four fingers inside of me. I exploded in his mouth breathing heavily.
- You’re dripping and so open for me. I can’t wait to be inside you.
- Please fuck me ! I screamed.
In one swift motion he was fully inside of me, the stretch felt so good and I felt so full.
- God you’re so tight and wet. Do you like my big cock inside of you ?
- Yes yes I love it please move faster !
He went out and completely slided back in making me moan loudly. He was now fucking me at a frantic pace, hitting my pussy in all the right places.
- Turn around I want to see your ass.
I put my hand on the desk and arched my back, showing him a great view.
- You’re so beautiful Y/N… he said before slapping my ass. The sting made me jump a little.
He aligned himself to my entrance and slide back in, he was in so deep. He started making long hard thrusts hitting my g sport repeatedly. He took my hair and pulled on them harshly.
- You like being fucked like a little slut right ? I love how stretched out you are. You want to cum baby girl ?
- Yes please master make me cum !
A particularly hard thrust right on my bundle of nerves made me cum, tightening my walls around him.
- Fuck, I’m going to explode.
- Yes fill me up with your cum !
He was spilling his juice inside of me, I could feel his warm release coating my walls. He collapsed on my back, breathing heavily.
- My name is Jungkook.
- Nice to meet you Jungkook. I said with a smile.
We both put our clothes back on silently, not knowing really what to say. As I was ready to leave he took my wrist.
- I know it should have been the other way around but do you maybe want to get some coffee sometimes ? He asked shyly. So cute.
- Yes sure, here I’ll give you my number. Call me.
- I will definitely.
- Have a nice evening dr. Jeon.
And I was out. I can’t believe I just did that, but damn did it feel good.
I was in my bed when I suddenly received a text message : “hey it’s Jungkook, I can’t stop thinking about you. Tomorrow at 8pm ? I’m taking you out to dinner. Sweet dreams”.

Bad Dreams (you’re okay)

Word Count: 1476

Pairing: Jikook

Summary: Jungkook is having bad dreams and Jimin is there to tell him he’s okay.

Jungkook blinked slowly, trying to clear the sleep from his eyes as he peered through the darkness at a face that was slowly becoming clearer. “Jimin-hyung?” He mumbled it half under his breath while struggling to sit up.

Jimin’s hand was already on his shoulder, helping him. When his sight was clear, as clear as it was going to be for the semi-darkness that still hung in the room, he saw that the other’s face was looking at him in that sort of worried, sort of loving, distinctly Jimin kind of caring expression. Jungkook wondered why he’d be worried and his thoughts drifted back to what he was doing before he was awake.

Meaning, what he was doing while he was sleeping, which was dreaming. And the dream had been…unpleasant, to say the least. He shuddered inwardly, remembering exactly what had disturbed him so. Had he cried out loud, or just been incredibly restless? Either way, Jungkook felt rather embarrassed, but Jimin was still looking at him in that beautifully caring way and he instantly felt so much better. 

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J-Hope Scenario: Sweet Dreams

  • Genre: Smut
  • Word Count: 842

After months of trying to get your schedules in line, you can finally bring Hoseok over to meet your family during the holidays. Thankfully, he meshed well with everyone and become the life of the party. In fact, he was loved so much that every single one of your relatives wanted to drink with him so halfway through the night he was dazzling everyone with his drunken dance moves. Trying to keep your boyfriend standing you lost track of time until it became too late to go home. Instead your aunt, the owner of the house, insist that you both, as well as many of your other drunk relatives, stay the night. Knowing you couldn’t argue, you lead Hoseok into a spare bedroom on the top floor. As you enter the room you begin cursing your choice, It was being used as storage, so full that from the doorway you could barely see the head of the bed. Making your way through the maze, you get Hoseok onto the bed and tuck him in without protest.

Afterwards, you help clean up the hurricane your boyfriend was at the centre of and put your younger cousins to bed. Taking a while to calm the chaos, you finally head upstair to join your boyfriend for some much needed rest. He seems to be fully asleep so you carefully nuzzle into his neck, trying to get comfortable without disturbing him. However, things quickly take a turn, you two begin to kiss each other passionately. Hoseok then takes the initiative and goes below the sheets; lifting your shirt and planting kisses everywhere on his way down. He continues past your hips and begins to kiss and squeeze your thighs before using his teeth to slowly slide down your underwear.

Just as he begins to plant kisses exactly where you need them, there’s a knock on the door. Then you see your aunt’s head pop through. “Where’s your boyfriend, Hoseok?” she asked. You tap Hoseok, who is still completely cover by the sheets resting on your lap, signalling him to stop. Realizing that she can’t see him you instead feel him smirk as he becomes rougher with his tongue. You have no idea what to do, pleasure and panic mixing in your mind.

Fighting through your high you respond as best you could. “Just-uh-on the other side of the bed, i think he had to much fun. He’s out like a light.” You laugh nervously, hoping she doesn’t notice your vice-grip on the sheets or irregular breathing. “I’m glad you brought him. He’s so good with the kids, helped set up things when he got here and was great entertainment. Everyone loves him,” she said approvingly. Indeed, while she praised him all you could think about was how good Hoseok was and the way his fingers had found their way to your clit. Almost breathless, you end the small talk with your aunt with a “goodnight,” that was more air than sound.    

 “What was that?!” you demand, anger mixing with enjoyment. Hoseok emerges from the sheets still fully clothed and goes over to the door, locking it. “I’m just getting started,” he responds, all evidence of his goofy drunk self gone. He strides forward towards the bed and rips the sheets away, exposing your soaked core. Your body shudders at the draft but you eyes are too distracted by the man stripping in front of you. Slowly, he removes each article, revealing his toned body. His arms, abs, legs; you drink in every detail about him. As he climbed on top of you he taunted “If you’re cold down there, I can fix that.” Rolling on a condom he positioned himself at your entrance. Slowly he pushes in, teasing you because he knows how riled up you are from before.

Frustrated, you reach up to pull him closer and force him to fully enter you. The sudden fullness caused you to contract, driving Hoseok crazy and you can see his eyes shift as he takes full control. Planting his arms on either side of you he begins to thrust. Not bothering to start off slow he instead goes full speed. His grunts are low, trying to keep his volume down so no one could hear. You grab onto his arms, digging your nails into him to try and prevent yourself from screaming with pleasure but his sounds were to much for you to handle and a deep moan escaped from your lips. Soon after the bliss resulted in you both climaxing, forgetting about the rest of the house and exclaiming in satisfaction.

Only after Hoseok rolls over beside you do you both realize what just happened. Blushing, you hope everyone was too drunk and fast asleep to hear or even care about the sounds you two had made. “Let’s worry about it in the morning, sweet dreams,” he mumbled lovingly as he pushed the hair in your face behind your ear. Reassured by his words you drift off to sleep, wishing you could live in this dream forever.    

#005: eyes

01. seokjin

They tell stories stolen from a million scenes from places you’ve never been, and when he smiles, they speak to you in words that trace along your dreams and the first time you see them, the first time your eyes meet, they tell you that it’s meant to be. And you’ve never really believed in fate or fortune or that kind of thing but with him, looking into his eyes, you can’t help letting your walls fall down far enough for him to reach in, cup your heart between his hands, and kiss it like your heart was meant to be kissed. Meant to be kiss by him and no one else. He tells you that if he could pick one thing to look at for the rest of his life it would be your eyes, because through them, he sees a world more beautiful than anything he’s ever seen; he calls your eyes the looking glass to his dreams.

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Lazy Days

Jikook obvs. Short Fluff  For @jiminpoppins cuz she is legit bae <3 and I’m gonna miss her so much (weeps to myself)

On a quiet afternoon when promotions have ended, the seven boys finally had a break day. Rap Trinity, the hardworking bunch picked up their laptops and latest worn out notebooks.  J-hope and Rapmon are on their 5th one whereas Yoongi genius jjangjjangmenboongboong is on his 7th.  They grabbed their backpacks and   Taehyung and Jin head out on the streets to try out the infamous hamburger chain that recently opened up.  Tae linked arms with Jin and opened the door to leave.  Words of promised dinner at 7 were uttered out of umma Jin’s mouth before the couple left the house, which left Jimin and Jungkook home alone.  

“Jimin - ah, do you want to go out?”

“Mmnn I’m good with staying home, you?”

“Let’s just watch some dramas. I need to finish watching the last segment of Master’s Sun.”

“Wahh you haven’t finished it yet? It’s so good!! Tae Gong Sil and -”

“Shhhh, don’t spoil it for meee” Jungkook covered Jimin’s mouth with his large palm until he stopped mumbling the end plot summary.

“I’ll grab the popcorn and you turn on the episode you’re on. Oh, and extra butter right?”

“Yup”  Jimin popped the P loudly as he scrambled around the room for the remote that taehyung obviously forgot to put back.

Jimin returned with a bowl of popcorn that’s accustomed to Jungkook’s preference. He crashed on their shared bed and relaxed into the other’s comfort.  Jimin laid the popcorn between them and Jungkook started episode 15.  They watched it peacefully, sneaking kisses and feeding popcorn to each other.  Suddenly, in the screen, a ghost pops out from the water fountain.  Unsurprised, Jungkook continues to munch on the popcorn.  Jimin on the other hand, yelps for God and latches himself to his boyfriend.  His right leg intertwines around Jungkook’s legs and Jimin buries his face into Jungkook’s chest, whimpering.  

“Aww are you scared” Jungkook cooes at his adorable hyung.

Jimin lightly hits at Jungkook’s chest and Jungkook chuckles to himself.

He rubs circles into Jimin’s back,  smoothing out any tension in his back and kisses his hair.  Jimin finds comfort in the embrace of his lover and slowly begins to fall asleep.  As the episode comes to a finish, Jungkook notices his cute hyung asleep, lightly holding onto Jungkook’s shirt.  He puts the empty bowl onto the bedside table and sets his phone alarm to 6:30, for dinner.  Jungkook wipes off some drool on Jimin’s cheek, and brings their blankets up. He kisses at Jimin’s forehead, whispering, “Sweet dreams babe.” and they fall into deep slumber, dreaming of each other.

Pocket Sized!Taehyung

And now it is time for the second half of the Daegu line, my sunshine, my love, my bby bub who’s got the cutest lil smile like all of his lil teeth show and his eyes do the thing and I just love it, Kim Taehyung aka V aka tae tae

  • Visuals are up first
  • His hair changes every two seconds
  • Tae has had s o many hair colors (all of which he pulled off incredibly well which is just !!!!!!!!)
  • It’s always a maknae line thing
  • Every time he dyes his hair, he invites Jimin and kookie over to help him out, they were both there the first time he ever dyed his hair and they’re there for every time he dyes it after that
  • Jimin does most of the work like he’s the one that’s actually helping Tae mix the dye up and helps him apply it
  • Jungkook eventually joins in and helps out
  • They end up dancing around for most of it tbh like you know that one video where they’re dancing around to bbasae
  • That’s literally what ends up happening just about every time, except they’re all covered in hair dye, tae’s hair is randomly spiked up in certain spots bc jikook got bored
  • Somehow the hair always comes out ni CE which is surprising since half of the time, they’re goofing off
  • There’s this one time that kookie tries to prank tae by filling his usual shampoo bottle with orange hair dye
  • Tae ends up using the dye bc he’s not thinking about it possibly being anything but shampoo and ends up with this bright orange hair color
  • But turns out it actually looks really nice and tae’s not even mad about it
  • He ends keeping the color for a good few months bc he actually really likes it
  • Kookie’s a bit :\ bc his prank didn’t exactly go the way he expected it to so he goes back to the drawing board to think of something that’ll get a reaction out of tae bc he never really mentions it??
  • He literally just shows up one day with orange hair
  • “So is no one gonna talk about the fact that tae’s walking around with orange hair the same week that kookie mysteriously bought some hair dye”
  • “Nope”
  • “Ight then”
  • You tie his hair back into a lil tiny ponytail with the tiniest hair tie you can find
  • You have to be super gentle about it though bc he’s a bub he’s a bby
  • And he has no issue whining at you if you aren’t super super gentle
  • Super dramatic ows
  • “Tae all I did was tie your hair three times instead of two”
  • “I am like a kitten, you have to be gentle with me, three makes it hurt !!”
  • “Oh my god”
  • He is an actual puppy
  • Tae, normal sized or pocket sized, is just a lil pup that runs around and giggles and wants to play and just makes people happy
  • But pocket sized!tae is s o cute bc it’s tae but smol like actually just a tiny bby that needs cuddles and love
  • We’ve seen sleepy!tae right
  • Imagine a tiny pocket sized sleepy!tae that is some cute shit
  • Like slow blinks and the slurred words bc he’s too tired to make actual sentences and his lil pajamas
  • His favorite place to be when you two are outside is right on top of your head
  • You would think it’s all that comfortable bc you’re constantly turning your head to look at stuff and it’s not totally flat like your shoulder or your hands but nope
  • He’s completely and totally content just sitting right there, playing with your hair as you walk, humming a lil song to himself
  • By the time you put him down, you have so many tiny braids in your hair but you don’t mind bc he actually makes them look pretty cute
  • The first few times he does it they’re not cute at all but then he watches a few videos on it
  • After that, he’s good to go and gives you these really cute braids
  • Gives your face tiny lil kisses to make you smile
  • Having Tae around is like having a puppy, he’s constantly making you giggle and smile and just happy even if he isn’t doing anything bc he’s just too cute
  • He lo v es cuddles
  • He doesn’t care if he’s lil spoon if he’s laying on your chest, your stomach, your lap, your shoulder
  • This one time you wake up to find him snoozing on your forehead and you have no idea how it happened but it did and it was precious
  • He just likes snuggling into you and being all warm and cozy
  • There is a shit ton of pillow talk and sleepy giggles over the word “goat” bc it’s that time of night where he’s so sleepy that everything is funny
  • “You’re cute and funny and ily sweet dreams”