bts so far away

~ imagine going to a wedding and a certain pink/red haired stud catches your eye and it turns out that it’s jungkook  . .  that’s exactly what happened to this person ~

So Far Away ( Suga, Jin, Jungkook Ver.)
So Far Away ( Suga, Jin, Jungkook Ver.)

I legit started crying when the first note dropped!!! This is so good!!!! And it feels more emotional than the original ver.

Credit: BigHit Entertainment. 

BTS & Their Studio series: Genius Lab
โ€˜What happened in Genius Lab for So Far Away (feat. Jin & JK) recordingโ€™

I watched a lot of music producers talking about their music behind the process and canโ€™t help to imagine the boys do the same thing too for their special collab for this yearโ€™s festa

I was intended to post this series in set after I finished all 3 of them (Golden Closetโ€™s We Donโ€™t Talk Anymore & Mon Studioโ€™s 4 oโ€™clock), but I have been busy and have little time to draw again, so I decided to just post this,

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