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Hello hi, I have a V E R Y important announcement to make 👏 👏 👏 from now on, I will be tagging my dotter @yourhopeyourangeeel with “miss right” cuz she’s mah Miss Right, Miss Riiiiiighttt (Alright!)

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The only cover of Lotto and Blood, Sweat and Tears that matters

edit: To those asking who they are: The girl with short hair is Exy, rapper of WJSN aka Cosmic Girls, and the other girl is called Lovey. They have another cover of Ikon’s My Type

Watching fanwars happen while being multifandom is the most infuriatingly interesting shit ever. Like I wanna fight, but I can’t fight for both sides so I just grab the popcorn and observe while the others do the damn deed.

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