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Preference: Lingerie they like on you

Requested by anon. Thank you! <3

Seokjin: I think he’d be a pretty traditional kind of guy? So he wouldn’t like anything particularly complicated and/or detailed. He’d just want you to feel comfortable above anything else.

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Namjoon: The frillier the better. He’d love for you to look as sexy as possible. Definitely a fan of sheer stuff.

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Yoongi: Something simple but elegant. He’d definitely like something that is easy to take off, he ain’t a fan of wasting precious time.

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Hoseok: He doesn’t strike me as the type to really care about that kind of stuff? Of course he’d appreciate it, but he wouldn’t have a preference about what kind he likes you to wear. As long as you feel sexy in it.

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Jimin: Another one I see as pretty traditional, though I reckon he’d prefer dark, decorative lingerie.

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Taehyung: Complicated, sexy lingerie. Makes it more fun for him to take off. Loves red.

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Jungkook: Anything, literally anything would get him worked up. Could be simple, could be complicated, expect him to lose his mind.

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They’re Shopping and He Wants to go to V.S. to Buy Her Lingerie: BTS


Your opinion on whether you want to or don’t want to goo desn’t matter, since he’ll drag you there anyway.


Since you weren’t usually the kind of person to buy your clothes, or underwear a that, in expensive stores and just settled for the plain stuff, YoonGi had to use his secret card to make you go there; his cuteness.


Would coax you into it, without you actually realizing anything. When you did realize that something was fishy, you already carried five different sets of underwear in your hands, and HoSeok was piercing you with his strong gaze as you entered the changing booth.

Rap Monster:

Same as SeokJin, NamJoon would just drag you there and it wouldn’t matter if you’d agree or not. Next thing you know you’re standing in the booth with him, covered by barely anything as the underwear was of NamJoon’s choice.


It was usually you who was making JiMin tag along with you to V.S. so when he did it, you knew he wanted something special in return. Obviously, you complied with any set of underwear he wanted to see on you. It was going to be his night, tonight.


You never really realized that TaeHyung had a wild side to him, since all of the time that you two spent together he has been nothing more than gentle. When he bluntly suggested going to V.S. for a small shopping in his low, sultry voice, you swore that something in you shivered.


“Let’s g there just once. I want to be the one to help you chose your underwear for at least once. Please. Let’s go.”

BTS as lingerie they like.
  • Jungkook: won’t admit to shit. likes lacy black lingerie. thongs or lace hipsters. stockings on long legs. elegant, sexy and timeless. plunge bras. the less of you that’s covered, the better. smiles at the bow above ur ass.
  • Jin: babydolls and camisoles in soft colors. prefers hipsters to thongs. loves the dress up, appreciates the shit out of your lingerie and buys you new, exciting ones. tells you that you look like a Disney princess in one. balconette bras.
  • Jimin: revealing teddies and babydolls, loves to switch up between your innocence and your sexiness. white babydolls and cutesy garters make him weak. teddies that are see-through in certain areas.
  • Hoseok: camisoles and silky boyshorts in a babyblue hue. not too much, not too little. doesn’t notice lingerie too much, the type to want you in your sports bra and simplistic thong after the gym.
  • Namjoon: waist cinchers, garters, garter belts, stockings, g-strings, see-through bras. red makes him weak. you wore a corset once and he stuttered. likes it extra, wants to imitate a movie.
  • Yoongi: babydolls on babydolls on babydolls. Constantly tries to convince you he doesn’t really care about lingerie, repeatedly can’t contain himself when he sees u in ur see-through baby pink babydoll with a silky ribbon bow in the front. loves when you look incredibly innocent. your ass in laced, white boyshorts gets him gruntin.
  • Taehyung: he lost it when he saw u in ur simplistic, black body with a thong bottom. see-through triangle bras and g-strings. not the biggest lace guy, prefers silk or mesh. velvet. burgundy. darker colors. lost it when he saw you in red too. the type of guy to get turned on by your ass in yoga pants and care less about what you’re wearing underneath, though.

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BTS falling for you at first sight

BTS being impressed by you

How BTS Would Hug You

BTS Anti-Ideal Type

BTS Reaction To You Praising Their Tan Skin

BTS Having A Crush On A Female Idol

BTS Seeing You Win an Award (Idol S/O)

BTS Reaction To You Pouting

BTS Having Sex With You For The First Time (On Their Birthday) [M]

BTS Having You Sleep Over At The Dorm

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BTS Reaction To S/O Wearing Their Hoodie

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BTS Reaction To You Getting a Tattoo To Cover Up Scars

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BTS Reaction To You Farting

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Why BTS Would Break Up With You

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BTS Reaction To (Mistakenly) Thinking You Want Them To Move In

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BTS Reaction To You Hitting Them In The Face While Asleep

BTS Reaction To You Having a Grunge Style

BTS Reaction To You Being a Stripper

BTS Reaction To You Being Mad At Them

BTS Reaction To You Having An Anxiety Disorder

BTS Reaction To Idol!S/O Being Angry About Their Revealed Relationship

BTS Reaction To You Sleeping Naked

BTS Reaction To Their S/O Baking

BTS Reaction To You Crying After a Nightmare

BTS Reaction To Having a Small But Strong S/O

BTS Reaction To Idol!S/O Being in a Fake Scandal

BTS Reaction To You Slipping/Falling During Shower Sex

BTS Reaction To You Doing Song Covers

BTS Reaction To Your Dog Being Protective While You’re Pregnant

BTS Reaction To Idol Crush Being Cute

BTS Reaction to S/O Working as a Disney Villain

BTS Reacting To Finding Out You’re Pregnant When They Cheated On You

BTS Reaction To You Squirting [M]

Hyung Line:

Hyung Line finding out about your bad past relationship

Maknae Line:

Maknae Line finding out they were your first kiss


Suga, J-Hope, and Jimin Reaction To You Ignoring Their Kisses

Most To Least:

MTL To Date An Idol

MTL To Date A Foreigner

MTL To Get Freaky On A Plane

MTL To Be In A Poly Relationship With Another Member

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Cosa Nostra (Mafia!YoongixReader) / Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 /

Sexual Misconduct (Officer!YoongixReader) [M]





Club Omelas (Vampire!JungkookxReader)

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Bulletproof Wings:

Bulletproof Wings (teaser) [Taekook]

Bulletproof Wings / Part 1 /



BTS Inspired Outfits

BTS Preferred Lingerie [M]

BTS Concepts They’d Like on Their Idol S/O

Rap Monster:

Award Show With Namjoon


Award Show With Jin


Date Night With Yoongi





BTS Lingerie They Would Like

Anon asked: BTS preferred lingerie looks🔥😘    

Now this is my kind of ask B) Thanks for requesting, and I hope you enjoy! Oh and for my plus sized people out there, I also included plus sized lingerie, cause I know some lingerie’s don’t work on all body types  -Spice

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rescxeme  asked:

I'm so happy i found you omgg I live for tae x everyone it's just so cute and lovely and ahdkandi i'm so happy i finallt found a blog about it cause i need it and seeing it on my dash is curing my soul Also do you maybe have some tae x everyone fics you recomend? I don't know how to search for them and i really want some cute tae x everyone feels YOu're blog is reallyyy great i love it so much

thank you!! asdfgh i’m so glad so many people love tae x everyone as much as i do!! there are a few tae x everyone fics (no where near enough imo but let’s be happy with what we have) it’s kinda tricky to find them sometimes especially if they aren’t tagged properly but i know a few!! a few are super cute but most of them are pretty smutty so i hope that’s okay, i want to include them all! (if anyone else has suggestions feel free to let me know these are only the ones i’ve read)


chong! jojun! balsa! (point! aim! shoot!) by nutaella (this one is technically taekook but everyone loves tae and it’s so cute!! college au, texting fic, taegi are brothers and tae is the youngest. currently one of my faves! incomplete and i look forward to every update!)  

21st Century by  Darldarling (another college au with shy tae! very cute! teen complete)

A Little Back Pain by  puddlesofme (idol verse, tae hurts his back and everyone cares for him, really cute. general, complete) 

Cheer Up, Baby by foreheadhobi (arecipeforfeels) (bts cheer tae up when he’s sad aka tae gets the love he deserves, idol verse, incomplete 6/7 chapters, teen)

12 Days of Taehyung Christmas by SidneyFireBlood (incomplete and hasn’t been updated in a while, idol verse, very short but cute one shot chapters. teen)

The Taehyung Effect byIndigofingers (only one chapter and it’s dialogue only but pretty cute! idol verse, general) 


Attention by btstrashlmao_dabs_1 (not the most well written imo, bottom taexeveryone, pwp, idol verse, complete, explicit)

Butterfly by TheHalesNyx (historical au, tae is a prostitute (but like a rich prostitute, there’s no angst) and bts are his clients nice nice nice, pwp, bottom tae, complete, explicit) 

Six To One by miyukitsune (non idol au, pwp, bottom taexeveryone, the rest of bts have different jobs (teachers, doctors etc), incest (taejin are brothers), daddy kink, sir kink, little bit of slut shaming but overall very enjoyable, complete, explicit) 

i feel divine bygardeniahs (love this one! tae strips for the rest of bts :)))) daddy kink, slight smut but nothing too explicit, not rated (but i’d say maybe mature?) complete, very short (under 1k))   

Online shopping by hyunmin (this one hasn’t updated in a while and i want to cry it was so promising :’((( so far tae asks the rest of bts what lingerie he should buy, mature (no actual smut yet), incomplete (only 1 chap but i pray) i’ve been promised tae in cute clothes pls author, deliver) 

TaeKitty by Markisum (this one hasn’t updated in almost a year, it’s not the most well written but it’s super cute, hybrid tae adopted by bts, incomplete, not rated (and no smut yet)) 

Sharing is caring by an orphan account (everyone (except jimin :’^)) x tae, hobi and tae are a couple but everyone (except jimin :’^))) fucks tae, pwp, idol verse, complete, explicit, very good~) 

If your heart was full of love (could you give it up?) byDoeeyedmisfit (I love this one so much!! it’s incomplete and i honestly i can’t wait for the rest!! again this is technically taekook but it’s tagged taexeveryone and i’m excited to see what the author does with that! jk is a mafia leader and bts are his gang and tae is a nurse they kidnapped, be sure to read the tags, there’s mentions of suicide, domestic violence, noncon etc!! mature)

Solo Play (Tae/everyone) by buttwad (this is the only fic on this list aisianfanfic, the rest are on ao3, this one is part of a series of one shots of involving bottom tae and the rest of bts and this one in particular is about tae and everyone and it’s hella good, the whole series is great, seeing as it’s one shots idk if you could say it’s complete but it looks like the author might want to write more but i’m not sure, pwp, mature)

a little less sixteen candles, a little more touch me byteakookies (yooo this one is iconic in terms of taexeveryone fics it’s amazing, college au, vminkook are being initiated to the bts’ frat and tae suggests as the initiation they all fuck him :)))) pwp, gangbang, daddy kink etc, be sure to read the tags i’m not going to list it all out here, complete, explicit) 

All Tae’d Up [REQUESTS] bybwikoooks, miyukitsune (this one is a series of oneshots involving tae and the other members but it’s super good and i always look forward to the updates, pwp, a lot of kinks read the tags, still updating, explicit)  

[ masterlist ]

favorites:  🏴

contains mature content: 🌑

{ series for all of the boys }

confession | when the skinny love turns to puppy love - [ i. jungkook | ii. jin | iii. jimin | iv. hoseok | v. namjoon | vi. yoongi | vii. taehyung ]

first time | when puppy love blooms - [ i. jimin | coming soon! ]

jeon jungkook - jungkook

♡ { temptations and heartaches } | one | two  🌑
        - // my first fic, quite poorly written. don’t bother. keeping it here for the nostalgia.

♡ { don’t worry about me } | x
        - // mindless drabble.

♡ { cotton candy } | x
- // ↣ the fear of falling out of love when you’re not.

♡ { childish } | x
        - // ↣ truth or dare goes too far and jungkook is childish.

♡ { without you } | x  🏴
        - // ↣ never was easy, the whole love thing.

♡ { milk boy and the silver bracelet } | x 
  - //spoken love letters under a bus stop. 

kim seokjin - jin

♡ { i couldn’t let a pretty girl walk away } | x
         - // just a fan at a fan meeting.

♡ { cold } | i. | ii. | iii.  🌑
         - // a tangled mess about meeting pink locks and a cluttered mind.

park jimin - jimin

♡ { the itch I can’t scratch away } | x  🌑
      - // kiss you once, shame on me.

♡ { i will wait for you } | x
- // no touching.

♡ { change of heart } | x  🌑
       - // ↣ dating yoongi but…

♡ { prince charming } | x
       - // best friend type of deal that you want to kiss

♡ { keep me waiting } | x
       - // never was fair to ask you to wait 8 years for him

♡ { the moment when you realize you’re happy } | x
       - // the one about the puppy love on the train to busan for a prolonged weekend

♡ { timeline of bloom } | x
- //  falling in love against your senses with tangerine locks

jung hoseok - j-hope

♡  { balloons } | x
         - // ↣ one balloon for each win and a kiss for everything

♡ { rules of the four f’s and how to break them } | x  🌑
         - // french, feel, finger, fuck. perhaps a little brazen, perhaps all you needed.

kim namjoon - rap monster

♡  { study } | x  🌑 
             - // can you focus on studying now?

min yoongi - suga

♡  { two lines } | i. | ii. | iii. | iv. | v| vi.  🌑
     - // pregnancy and fame mix about as well as oil and water.

♡ { change of heart } | x  🌑
      - // dating yoongi but…

♡ { anemones } | x   
      - // your favorite things about anemones and blooming loves.

♡ { the blue coat and cerruti 1881 ( a flash fire ) } | x | epilogue  🏴 🌑
     - // the one about the coat and perfume and how you never stopped loving him.

kim taehyung - v

♡ { tease } | x  🌑
          - // pixelated images of a girl in a tub

♡ { café } | x
         - // blushed cheeks when you meet your idol

♡ { a handful of firsts } | x  🌑
         - // firsts and things that never last

♡ { looking out for you } |   🏴 🌑
- // the one where you finally find your soulmate somewhere beneath your ribcage and somewhere along your arm.

BTS Reactions

♡  How BTS would propose

♡  Reacting to you drawing them in their sleep

♡  Reacting to you having a kid

Dating a foreign noona

You falling at the pharmacy and your ex helps you up

Falling for a writer

BTS weddings

It’s your first time in Korea and you don’t know Korean yet

Getting jealous

BTS as random cute ways of showing affection

BTS as sexual partners

BTS as jealous boyfriends

BTS as girls they fall for

♡ BTS reacting to you coming out.

BTS as lingerie they like

♡ BTS as random little kinks


BTS Confessions

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Surprising The Boys With Lingerie

Anon: annyeong~! ❤️️ could i get the reactions of BTS when you surprise them in lingerie when they come home from tour? (omg daddy jimin pls 😭😂) gamsahamnida! 😘

I love this idea, lol. I’m totally jimin biased and the daddy kink does stuff to me *fans self*. Anyway, here is it!

♡ theo

I honestly think, despite his gentleman attitude, that he’d be a total pervert about this entire situation. Plus it also adds to the fire since he hasn’t seen you since they started touring again. He’d walk through the door, tired and worn out, but as soon as he’d see you standing there wearing his favorite color in that sexy lingerie… oh boy, you just started something and you best believe he’ll finish it. By the night’s over with he’ll have you begging, breathless, and worn the hell out.

“Oh, jagi,” he’d start out, a slow smirk gracing his lips while taking even slower steps towards you.

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Honesty, this gummy rap god would walk lazily through the door and throw his bags on the floor, too tired to see you standing there at first.

“Oppa~” you’d speak up, watching him drag his tired gaze to yours and immediately that same gaze would darken with a soft smirk.
He hadn’t seen you since you visited him at the beginning of the tour. He’d lick his lips and walk over to you, pulling your half naked body against his.

“What is my naughty little princess doing?”

“I’ve missed you…”

He’d growl lowly, “Then get your little ass in the bedroom and let me show you how much I’ve missed you.”

Let’s just say you saw jesus that night.

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Hoseok had gotten home late, just returning from the tour the boys had done. He honestly thought you were asleep judging by the time. He’d come crawling into the room, tired as hell, only to find you resting on your bed and on your belly with legs swinging, wearing his favorite lingerie.

You’d hear a deep growl coming from his chest as his eyes darkend over with lust, his fatigue completely forgotten. All he could remember was how long it had been since he seen you, and how much he wanted to remember what you sounded like when you screamed.

“Come here, baby,” he’d say, beckoning you with his slender finger. Wrapping his arms around you, hands sliding down to grab your ass. “I wanna make you beg.”

And that would start a very long night of you screaming his name so much your neighbors knew him like religion.

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You wouldn’t even have a chance to react when he walked through the door, home from tour, finding you sitting suggestively on the couch. He’d be all over you, hands and mouth showering your entire being as he ripped off the lingerie you had been wearing. Immediately attacking you in all the right places.

“Fuck I’ve missed you,” he’d rasp out, sucking on your breast. “I wanna make you come undone. I wanna make you scream my name. I want your eyes to roll in the back of your head I’m fucking you so good. Do you want that, baby?”

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This fluff ball texted you when they returned to the dorms, asking if he could come over despite his obvious fatigue. When he got there he found you sitting on the kitchen counter, licking whip cream off your finger tips. You looked up at him innocently, but to him there was nothing innocent about you especially wearing that light blue lingerie.

“I’ve been bad, daddy,” you murmured and he groaned.

“And what has daddy told you about being bad princess?” He slowly smirked and began to make his way over to you, settling himself between your thighs.

You bit your lip. “To be a good girl,” you gasped as he started sucking on your neck, breathing heavily against you.

“I think my babygirl needs punished… what do you think?” He asked condescendingly. “Does daddy need to teach you how to obey him?

“Punish me, daddy,” you said, pulling at him.

“As you wish, princess.”

That night was filled to the brim with sexual frustration that Jimin took out on you. Within fifteen minutes he had you shaking from your second orgasm, fucking you into next week. He surely made it clear to not disobey him, though he knew you’d do it again so he could fuck you rough.

Originally posted by kpop-undertaker

V: I really think if Taehyung came home to see you standing there wearing his favorite color in that sexy lingerie, he’d tease the hell outta you. And after making you frustrated and storming off to the bedroom, he’d catch you in the hallway and push you against the wall, sucking hard on your neck. You’d gasp out loud at the sudden attack, immediately forgetting how upset you were. 

 “Oh, did I make you mad?” He’d coyly ask you but before you could answer, he shoved his hand down your panties and began finger fucking you. You yelped out and grabbed onto his shoulders for support from the much needed friction. After all the fun forplay, he’d rip off the lingerie you had been wearing and bend you over the hallway table, fucking you senseless. 

Originally posted by beatriceindre


 Oh boy. Despite the fact that he was dead ass tired when he and the boys arrived back at the dorms, he went hard the instant he seen you wearing his favorite lingerie. You’d ask him if he was alright, but he wouldn’t respond with words. He’d walk right over to you and pull you in a passionate kiss, tongue, teeth, and all. 

 “Now, baby,” he started and you hummed as he was nipping at your neck, laying over top of you. “You’ve gotta be quiet; I don’t want the boys to hear you, okay?” 

 “You’d cocky, son of a-” but you wouldn’t finish because he’d already began striping you, showing you that quiet was the last thing on your mind.

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