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Surprising The Boys With Lingerie

Anon: annyeong~! ❤️️ could i get the reactions of BTS when you surprise them in lingerie when they come home from tour? (omg daddy jimin pls 😭😂) gamsahamnida! 😘

I love this idea, lol. I’m totally jimin biased and the daddy kink does stuff to me *fans self*. Anyway, here is it!

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I honestly think, despite his gentleman attitude, that he’d be a total pervert about this entire situation. Plus it also adds to the fire since he hasn’t seen you since they started touring again. He’d walk through the door, tired and worn out, but as soon as he’d see you standing there wearing his favorite color in that sexy lingerie… oh boy, you just started something and you best believe he’ll finish it. By the night’s over with he’ll have you begging, breathless, and worn the hell out.

“Oh, jagi,” he’d start out, a slow smirk gracing his lips while taking even slower steps towards you.

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Honesty, this gummy rap god would walk lazily through the door and throw his bags on the floor, too tired to see you standing there at first.

“Oppa~” you’d speak up, watching him drag his tired gaze to yours and immediately that same gaze would darken with a soft smirk.
He hadn’t seen you since you visited him at the beginning of the tour. He’d lick his lips and walk over to you, pulling your half naked body against his.

“What is my naughty little princess doing?”

“I’ve missed you…”

He’d growl lowly, “Then get your little ass in the bedroom and let me show you how much I’ve missed you.”

Let’s just say you saw jesus that night.

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Hoseok had gotten home late, just returning from the tour the boys had done. He honestly thought you were asleep judging by the time. He’d come crawling into the room, tired as hell, only to find you resting on your bed and on your belly with legs swinging, wearing his favorite lingerie.

You’d hear a deep growl coming from his chest as his eyes darkend over with lust, his fatigue completely forgotten. All he could remember was how long it had been since he seen you, and how much he wanted to remember what you sounded like when you screamed.

“Come here, baby,” he’d say, beckoning you with his slender finger. Wrapping his arms around you, hands sliding down to grab your ass. “I wanna make you beg.”

And that would start a very long night of you screaming his name so much your neighbors knew him like religion.

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You wouldn’t even have a chance to react when he walked through the door, home from tour, finding you sitting suggestively on the couch. He’d be all over you, hands and mouth showering your entire being as he ripped off the lingerie you had been wearing. Immediately attacking you in all the right places.

“Fuck I’ve missed you,” he’d rasp out, sucking on your breast. “I wanna make you come undone. I wanna make you scream my name. I want your eyes to roll in the back of your head I’m fucking you so good. Do you want that, baby?”

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This fluff ball texted you when they returned to the dorms, asking if he could come over despite his obvious fatigue. When he got there he found you sitting on the kitchen counter, licking whip cream off your finger tips. You looked up at him innocently, but to him there was nothing innocent about you especially wearing that light blue lingerie.

“I’ve been bad, daddy,” you murmured and he groaned.

“And what has daddy told you about being bad princess?” He slowly smirked and began to make his way over to you, settling himself between your thighs.

You bit your lip. “To be a good girl,” you gasped as he started sucking on your neck, breathing heavily against you.

“I think my babygirl needs punished… what do you think?” He asked condescendingly. “Does daddy need to teach you how to obey him?

“Punish me, daddy,” you said, pulling at him.

“As you wish, princess.”

That night was filled to the brim with sexual frustration that Jimin took out on you. Within fifteen minutes he had you shaking from your second orgasm, fucking you into next week. He surely made it clear to not disobey him, though he knew you’d do it again so he could fuck you rough.

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V: I really think if Taehyung came home to see you standing there wearing his favorite color in that sexy lingerie, he’d tease the hell outta you. And after making you frustrated and storming off to the bedroom, he’d catch you in the hallway and push you against the wall, sucking hard on your neck. You’d gasp out loud at the sudden attack, immediately forgetting how upset you were. 

 “Oh, did I make you mad?” He’d coyly ask you but before you could answer, he shoved his hand down your panties and began finger fucking you. You yelped out and grabbed onto his shoulders for support from the much needed friction. After all the fun forplay, he’d rip off the lingerie you had been wearing and bend you over the hallway table, fucking you senseless. 

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 Oh boy. Despite the fact that he was dead ass tired when he and the boys arrived back at the dorms, he went hard the instant he seen you wearing his favorite lingerie. You’d ask him if he was alright, but he wouldn’t respond with words. He’d walk right over to you and pull you in a passionate kiss, tongue, teeth, and all. 

 “Now, baby,” he started and you hummed as he was nipping at your neck, laying over top of you. “You’ve gotta be quiet; I don’t want the boys to hear you, okay?” 

 “You’d cocky, son of a-” but you wouldn’t finish because he’d already began striping you, showing you that quiet was the last thing on your mind.

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victoriassecret: It’s not all parties & lingerie…but sometimes it is 😉.

Banging Bangtan

^sorry for my title choice^ haha but, I present banging bangtan lingerie/gif scenario/fanfic drabble when the fuck did that happen?!?!..cause I’m fucking trash:)

So basically this is what i imagine the boys lingerie preferences to be and their reactions to seeing you wearing it. Tell me whatcha think!^^

For some reason this has become a hell of a lot longer then my intention so please click the read more and see the rest!

Bangtan x You //semi-smuty i guess//

Jin: You guys were alone in the dorm (a very rare occasion) playing mario cars on the couch, when you suddenly pressed pause excusing yourself from the game to run to the bathroom, and Jin yelled after you whining about how you can’t just suddenly run off when he was finally about to win one game against you, when suddenly you walk back into the room in this little number -

- and Jin’s whining suddenly came to a stop and he had droped the controller and folded his hands behind his head and calling you over to see how well you can drive a d— shift cooing and how beautiful and cunning he’s girl is and declaring himself the winner (of your unfinished paused mario carts game) and when you protest that no way is he the winner of the game, it wasn’t even finished yet you still had time to win the race, he’d look at you and say, “baby, if you come back looking like that and i get to call you mine, then I am definitely the winner.”

Suga: Yoongi had just come over to your apartment, after a long and frustrating day at the recording studio, which he had just finished telling you about that how even after hours of trying to compose a new song he just couldn’t find the right rhythm or lyrics for that matter, and that he was just stumped inspiration wise.  He asked about how your day was, and you launched into a detailed step by step of how your best friend and you went to the mall - where you guys had pretended to be rich tourist from paris, even retelling the story in your horribly made up French accent.  You started showing off your days findings at the mall, by pulling out your cosmetic bag brandishing a new lipstick and began applying it real slowly knowing full well your boyfriend was staring intently at you. You proceeded to pucker your lips at Yoongi, asking “whatcha think? Is it a pretty color?” acting all innocent and doe eyed as Yoongi lead in to kiss your pretty new lipstick.  But inches before your lips could touch you jumped back and exclaimed “Oh!” as you ran into your room screaming back to a very grumpy Yoongi left kiss-less on the couch, “There were awesome sales at the mall today I bought some..clothes too!”  Yoongi replied with a lazy “mmm” as he waited for you to return to him in the living room.  He was aimlessly flipping through the tv channels when you returned  back into the room, except he didn’t look up from the tv, so you mustered up your cutest pouty agyeo voice “agh i don’t know maybe i should’ve gotten the pink one–” and nothing the little brat (yoongi) had become immersed in some action movie and didn’t look up once, so you very potently finished your statement when a overly sexy moan and scrunched your hair up like you were very frustrated over the fact that maybe you didn’t choose the right color. 

Well the moan defiantly caught Yoongi’s attention, as he finally turned from the tv to face you, and immediately upon seeing you he stood up and slowly walked over to you looked you up and down and in a husky voice Yoongi asks “Sale huh? Well then we can buy any and every color you want of that pretty little set tomorrow,  but tonight this color will do” and Yoongi flashes you his cheekiest most alluring smile before he pulls you into his arms for that kiss you deprived him of earlier.  Soon after you were panting for lack of breath and Yoongi  was making his way with his lips across your jaw towards your ear where he stopped briefly to whisper in your ear quickly, “thanks for the inspiration, baby” before he recaptured your lips in another kiss that would leave you breathless.

Jhope: You guys had been decoration a cake with chocolate icing and sprinkles for one of the members birthday celebration later that day.  And of course things with your goofy lovable boyfriend were never calm, so you guys were goofing off throwing sprinkles at each other and on the cake and the floor (Seokjin would kill you guys later) when suddenly Hoseok grab one of the chocolate icing tubes instead of more sprinkles and squeezed out chocolate frosting all over the front of your dress.  You groaned loudly, this was one of your favorite white dresses!  So, as any normal girlfriend would do you grabbed the chocolate icing - while Hoseok was apologizing to you over and over again - and in revenge shot him in-return with the chocolate icing, and as any normal boyfriend would do Hoseok griped his chest over where the icing and landed on his shirt - groaning out and dropping to the floor to a slow and painfully dramatic death.  And as your boyfriend laid ‘dying’ on the floor you rushed to the bathroom to try and see if you could save your favorite white dress.  You drowned the dress in stain remover and soapy water to attempt and try and save it, which looks highly unlikely - well then you thought Hobi babe you might actually die for ruining my dress.  Unknowingly to you Hoseok had also removed his shirt to try and save it in the kitchen sink. You made your way around the corner of the hall back to the kitchen in just your bra and panties to ask Hoseok to lend you a shirt and some shorts to wear while your dress dried. 

 Hoseok got one look at you before chuckling and replying, “baby, now why would i want to get you all dressed up again, when were both almost half way to being naked?….plus you shot me, you have to tend to my wounds.”

Rap Monster: It had been a while since you’ve been able to see your boyfriend face to face, with busy schedules and all, and tonight you were both free so you planed a special surprise for him.  You guys were set to meet up at one of your favorite cafes for some evening coffees before…well you planed to have a late night tonight, so the extra caffein would be a good start.  Except the sexy brain man was sometimes a sexy stupid brain man, because he somehow didn’t catch on to what your ‘casual hang session’ after a long time period of not seeing each other wasn’t actually ever gonna be that casual. So, the not so brainy man had brought along all of the members of bangtan as well, now you loved the rest of bts and missed not being able to see them for a while too - but tonight, with how you were dressed and for what you had in plan - tonight was not a night you wanted the rest of bts to be around.  After all of bangtan got there orders they made there way to you in the back corner of the cafe, pulling together more tables and chairs to your single table made for two TWO THERE SHOULD ONLY BE TWO RIGHT NOW!! you mentally screamed.  Namjoon sat across from you and jin and Jungkook sat to either side of you.  Namjoon handed you your hot coffee, and everyone began catching up asking how you were and telling you of some ridiculous thing Taehyung did, Jungkook showing you his most recent voice-sub video he hadn’t yet posted to your group chat yet, all the whiling Namjoon’ had been rubbing circles on the top of your hand getting you all hot and bothered emphasis on the word HOT!.  And as if your boyfriend was reading your mind Namjoon look at you and ask, “babe aren’t you hot in here with that coat on?” And you must have looked like a deer caught in the headlights because when you choked out a muffled “what!~” while trying to take a sip of your also burning hot coffee.  The sexy stupid very very stupid brain Namjoon nodded his head in your direction motion to your jacket, “don’t you wanna take that off?” and now Jin joined in saying “yah, its too hot ur gonna have a heat stroke or something” and Jimin, fucking Jimin loudly adds, “yeah it was so hot today i thought I’d sweat my balls off” - and literally wtf does the even mean Jiminie? god this is awful YES IT IS FUCKING HOT JIMIN AND IF I HAD BALLS ID PROBABLY BE SWEATING THEM OFF RIGHT NOW TOO!! and this is the war that is ranging in your head at the moment, when in actuality you lie your ass of telling your boyfriend and the other members that seriously your actually kinda cold.  But this is the boys and your stupid boyfriend, so they are are just going to continue nagging at you to try and take off your coat cause ITS THE BEGGING OF SUMMER FOR GODS SAKE AND THE VENTS FROM HELL ARE BLAZING blah blah blah.. So, you panicky text Namjoon, cause Jin is getting to fucking close to getting the top button of your coat off ‘’in order to help you in your heat driven confused state’’   Lucky Namjoon starts giggling profusely after gapping at his phone screen for a few seconds, and the poor things face in cherry red, but lucky causes Jin and Jungkook to stop trying to pry your coat off you and everyones attention has turned from you and your coat to Namjoon and whatever the fuck his problem is. 

His problem is that he had just received a text from you saying; U BETTER STOP THEM! THIS LINGERIE WAS MEANT FOR ONLY U TO SEE!!!!! 

And well its safe to say your coat stayed on and no-one got to figure out wtf Namjoons problem was - thought they probably presumed what by the way Namjoon grabbed your hand and carefully maneuvered you away from the table and without a word and briskly lead you out of the cafe, hailed a cab and took the elevator up to your apartment, grabbed your keys from you and opened the door without a single word.  That is until he pushed more like threw  the door open and pulled you inside and slammed it shut with the weight of your body being trapped by his.  Still not a single word, just his lips everywhere, lips that were definitely going to leave marks the next day.  Then suddenly - way to suddenly - Namjoon pulled back a good three feet and just stared into your eyes. You very pathetically moaned at the loss of contact as well as this fucking sexy as hell silent but oh so so dominating aura Namjoon had going on right now. “what~” you moaned out when Namjoon still didn’t say anything for a few seconds but which seem more like to last forever with the lack of touching and kissing.  “~babe common why’d you stop?” - pathetic you sounded pathetic, you planed to be sexy and alluring and well dominate for once tonight! you had a plan god-dammit but the members and damn fucking namjoon…the.fuck fuck fuck namjoon…namjoon was like a sick horny mantra running through your head because these few seconds of silence were taking way too long. Then he finally broke the silence with a voice sounding like the waters of a crystal lake singing “strip” your mind kind of stopped working obviously cause instead of just doing what you were told you stupidly replied “what..?” back, like thats not what you’ve been wanting to do this whole night.  “ You said the lingerie was meant for only me to see, and I want to see it, so now strip that fucking coat off.” So, you began to undo the button- obviously in a unsexy manner cause Namjoon cut you off by grunting off “uh-uh” and shaking his head, “ I said strip, so strip”  You were confused for half a second before oh! it dawned on you he wanted a show, okay, well that was more like the original plan you had in mind.  So, this time slowly and sexier you began unbuttoning your coat as you walked toward him and he slowly match your steps except walking backward towards the couch behind him leading you towards him and the couch as well.

Jimin:  One of the most attractive things was to watch a man dance, and man could Jimin dance his ass off - his very nice nice ass.  Watching Jimin dance always got you the most turned on, he just had so much determination and passion when he practiced dancing, not to mention he always wore cut off sleeve shirts and your Jimins arms were no joke.  So, you changed and got ready wearing a low cut neck line dress and heading over the big hit’s dance studio, where you knew Jimin was alone right now, cause you very nicely told well you used your age rank to tell Junkook over text to; 

gtfo of the studio today 

ps. make sure Jimin stays:)

You and Jungkook have been friends for a long time so yeah you could talk like that to him, he was the one who actually had the mouth of a sailor so whatever. You got to the studios, to find no Junkook in sight, and a very sweaty Jimin moving to the rhythm across the floor of the dance studio.  After about a minute of watching your boyfriend grid down to the music he finally notices you. He did one more deliberate grind while staring directly at you in the dance rooms mirrors before stoping and skipping over to you with one of the cutest puppy dog smiles anyone could ever have.  And really how could one go from sexy to cute puppy dog in the blink of an eye you would never know, but Jimin sure got a A++ in that department.  He took a small break to talk with you, drink some water, and kiss, then went back to his dancing.  You didn’t mind one bit cause you could watch Jimin dancing all day.  Jimin stopped again coming over to you, and you tried to use a sexy tone /which you never had - no wonder it failed/ you tried asking “so you done for today” as you traced the length of Jimins arm, but “no-” he replied no, cause your sexy alluring voice was as ever none existent “- I need to exercise a bit more today, I’m gonna go hit the gym next” And since subtle sexiness wasn’t your strong point you’d just have to outright be sexy. So, as you were currently sitting side by side on the floor, backs against the wall to wall mirrors, you decided to just climb on-top of Jimins lap - straddling him in-between both of you legs before you leaned in and whispered in his ear, “why don’t you do a different kind of exercise today?” then leaned back so you could pull your dress off, revealing Jimins favorite type of lingerie - back full body with lace.

As always you never ceased to shock the hell out of your boyfriend, and safe to say he took you up on your alternative exercise, and when Jimin exercises he does at least three rounds, its also safe to say Jimin and you succeeded three rounds that day.

Taehyung:  BTS was abroad for their latest concert, they had arrived this morning and were now dispersing the rooms and hotel keys in the hotel lobby.  Taehyungs been texting you none stop cause today was your anniversary, so he was too absorbed in his phone constant binging messages from you to catch what Jimin was saying in the elevator on the way up to their shared hotel room. “I said I’m going to Kookies and Hobi room to watch movies so Im probably gonna sleep in their room tonight, and I’m not inviting you cause i now you’re gonna video chat with (y/n) all night” and winked to Taehyung before getting off the elevator with everyone else except taehyung who was the only one on the next floor up. Still absorbed in his messages with you he opened the door to the hotel room and turned on the light only to look up at you lying on the bed in front on him, too stunning and alluring to look away from - lace, oh how he loved lace and you knew it and had exploited that knowledge of your boyfriend.

Taehyung prayed a thanks to the holy blessing that brought you here, he didn’t care to ask questions because you were here and it was your guys one year anniversary. Taehyung sent you one last text before he dropped all of the belongings he was caring and making his way over to the bed in which you laid, and you were just able to see his message;


 before Taehyung crawled fully on top of you, and connected your lips together.

Jungkook: It had been weeks of tension and stupid little fights that generated from nowhere - it was just how it was for some reason with you and Jungkook always at each others throats.  Honestly you used to have a crush on Jungkook cause he was well - hot, and you’d seen him dance and it killed you a bit by how attracted you were to him, but these last few weeks he’d been acting like an ass and you were now fully over your little crush..well most of the time you were.  Right now you were in the mall shopping at a lingerie store by yourself - a girl deserved nice lingerie even if till this day you were the only one to ever see it on your body- yep never has a guy seen you in your underwear, but today that seemed would change - you were looking at some of the more sexy lingerie that wasn’t really necessary as every day used which is the only kind you needed, but still you liked browsing them.  Jungkook had spotted you earlier in the mall, he was going to approach you cause well he’d been a ass to you the past few weeks because he couldn’t stop thinking about you all the time ad he tried to ignore it but the sexual tension had come to a boiling point and now instead of trying to ignore it he just wanted to make you his in every possible way.  He’d been searching for you since he last lost sight of you on the escalators for a while now, when he finally saw u inside the lingerie store, and really did you have to be in the right now looking at the little red number, Jungkook was mentally groaning at this point.  So without thinking to much he quickly made his way over to you, but when he got to you he realized he didn’t really have anything planed to say.  You now just looked on in stunned silence at Jungkook who was now standing in front of you in a lingerie store while you clutched a sexy red pantie and bra set to your chest.  “what makes you think you’ll look good in that (y/n)” Jungkook mentally cursed himself why did he always say stupid ass shit in front of you.  And it took you less then a second to get angry at that so you replied “cause Im a fucking goddess Jeon Jungkook!” wtf (y/n) you’re a fucking goddess??!! you were internally scramming at yourself where in the hell did that statement come from. pfft Jungkook scoffed “really? can you prove that?” and Jungkook just couldn’t stop from saying all the wrongs things or possible the right things it would seem. You immediately turned on your heels and heading towards the dressing room calling junkook to follow you.  You got in the dressing room and quickly changed before you realized what you were doing - that in order to ‘prove’ it to Jungkook he would need to see the evidence. So, you stayed frozen in the dressing room, before Jungkook loudly said, “well I’m waiting, are you gonna prove your a goddess or are you a muggle?” ugh that kid got on your last never sometimes but u replied “well i can’t walk outside like this” meaning that this whole thing was silly and you called quits, but instead Jungkook barged in the next second..and fuck Jeon Fucking Jungkook was now inside the same dressing room as you whiling you were wearing a sexy red lingerie piece, and he’s just looking you up and down.

So, - your voice was shaky as hell right now but you tried to continue on - you believe me when I say I’m a goddess. You tried to laugh it off cause this was the most awkward moment of your life.  And Junkook just did a heart beat little dance.  And you both just stared at each other before you both started giggling, but soon the giggling was silenced by your first kiss.

//what the hell did I just do?!?!!?!//