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Because I’m a nerd I want to bring up the fact that all of these doodles in the MV:

Are the actual structures of the four nucleotides that make up DNA:

Bighit, I’m impressed. Oh, and one more thing:

The four main colours of this MV’s concept I’d say are probably red, yellow, blue and white, or something along those lines yeah?

Well with DNA, Cytosine and Guanine (C & G) and Thymine and Adenine (T & A) match up. Meaning that if we were to substitute the four colours I mentioned to the closest nucleotide from above we’d end up with:

Cytosine = white

Guanine = blue

Thymine = yellow

Adenine = red

So that means we’d end up with white and blue being paired up, and yellow and red doing the same. And if you look closely at the floor:

White+Blue and Yellow+Red?

C+G and T+A?

I’m sorry guys idek what this post is, it’s 12:30am I should go to sleep.


for the posters with jihope, yoonkook annd vmon, the text reads “after we returned from that ocean, all of us were alone”

but seokjin’s says “if i could turn back time, i would want to go back to that summer’s ocean”

so that means the rest of the members became lonely after seokjin left them

Jimin’s journey in the Bangtan Universe #10: A redemption and/or salvation arc

#0: Intro
#1: The one who laughed the loudest
#2: In this place of eternal mayhem the party never stops
#3: Youth is not coming back
#4: An impression of being stuck
#5: “I’m trapped inside myself and I am dead”
#6: The forbidden fruit
#7: Darkness crept in
#8: A deal with the Devil
#9: A picture, a painting, rain, fire and tears

As for what is going to happen next, I don’t know. From what I’ve gathered, based on the year-end and awards show performances, interviews, etc. fans are speculating that topics like society, consumerism or mind-control might be some themes to be explored. The overall consensus seems to be that the next chapter is going to be darker, ether in topic, tone or expression.

There’s also the whole symbolism of a doorway, open eyes and “a magical time” as seen in the KBS Song Festival intro VCR. It’s not a huge stretch to connect it back to JM’s Wings era theme of constantly uncovering his eyes.

But it might as well not be linked to that. A blindfold is not the same thing as a mask. However, as mentioned before, the MMA performance certainly very strongly implied that it was JM who was wearing a mask and that it was because of fear.

The doorway is an older BTS symbol. It’s part of the official logo for the group and doorways were already seen in a VCR for their Wings concert tour. The video consists mainly of the members walking and running around a dark room but towards the end there are seven doors that open. All the other members pass through except for Jungkook.

At the final concert stop of the Wings tour, another version of the VCR was revealed. In this version there are no roaming spotlights, instead the lights seem to converge in the middle of the space where JM goes to stand. The other members gather around him and he looks over his shoulder.

His expression when he looks over his shoulder is ambiguous. Due to the dramatic angle of the shot, the lighting as well as the ominous soundtrack, some have considered him a bit villainous here. Based on everything we’ve seen thus far, JM’s journey in the BU up until now, everything that happened in the HLR and his comments in the behind-the-scenes video for it make it certainly a possibility.

The corresponding image is of DNA-era JK, standing in front of a rendering of the Serendipity/DNA wormhole/vortex-thing, looking back over his shoulder as well.

So are we supposed to see JM here as threatening towards JK? He certainly is a dark contrast to JK’s bright pastel-y world. When they look at each other the lights quite literally go out of around JK. 

JK doesn’t seem fazed though. The VCR ends with the doorways but this time he walks through to join the other members.

In the wide shot of all the members having passed through the doorway J-Hope is cut out of the frame entirely. I don’t know if I’ve just seen a faulty copy of the video or if it’s originally supposed to be like that.

The beginning of the new VCR is different from the original as well. We begin with all the seven members wandering around the aforementioned pastel DNA world. JM keeps away from the camera but four members get a closeup with a screen of sorts behind them. Interestingly enough all four are linked to JM either by person or by the object projected on the screen.

There’s J-Hope with his cake and Suga with his lollipop (references to the HLR) who were both paired up with JM in the HYYH/HLR and Wings eras, respectively. The third is RM who is not linked to JM in the narrative but by the image of an umbrella on the screen. As far as I can tell, there are no umbrellas in RM’s HLR storyline. So its inclusion, paired up with RM is unexpected.

The fourth member featured is JK and the object on his screen is flowers. The most obvious connection here is the little bouquet of flowers he was holding towards the end of the HLR. The link to JM comes from the Serendipity MV where we see flowers similar to those in a vase. Curiously enough JK and JM were photographed together in a field of flowers for the HYYH part 1 concept photos.

I’m no botanist but I don’t think the flowers are necessarily the same, however they’re similar enough for it to be noticeable. They’re unassuming wild flowers, something you might find on a field, a forest or at a “Flower Arboretum” perhaps?

The other traffic sign pointing to the the same arboretum at the same distance of 2.1 km was seen in a 2015 concert VCR. In the forefront of the shot J-Hope is eating a chocolate bar which is another reoccurring BU reference.

The flowers in Serendipity could be dismissed as an coincidental production design prop but what makes them noteworthy is that they weren’t even in the room at the beginning of the of the MV. The vase of flowers very deliberately appears there only once the earth quite literally starts shaking under JM’s feet. 

I haven’t talked about Serendipity in these analyses even though it’s a beautiful piece of video art focused solely on JM. Reason is that I don’t see it connecting to or referencing the BU that strongly. In many ways the world of Serendipity and JM in it seem to be the complete opposite of his character as he is in the “real-life”. I can definitely see symbolism introduced here being brought back to the main narrative in the future, especially if JM gets some sort of redemption and/or salvation arc after his “bad guy” phase. But at this stage I can’t know what is going to be significant and what is not, so for the most part I leave it alone.

One thing I will point out however has to do with the aforementioned beginning of the MV when his room is still without the flowers. Something about the colouring in that very first shot in his room, the way the overexaggerated lens flare is making light ripple around the room, the slow sluggish way JM turns his head as well as the boxiness of the sofa he is sitting on makes me think of it as a subtle visual signal to him being back in the tub and under water, or metaphorically, in a bad way mentally.

This reading would certainly make the magical world of Serendipity with its discovery of joy, colour and love a special, bittersweet little respite in his otherwise bleak BU storyline.

As for the context of JK’s bouquet in the HLR: We see him walking the corridors of the hospital, carrying the bouquet, visibly excited. However by the end of his scene he is revealed to be standing dejectedly in an empty hospital room. Obviously whoever he was hoping to give the flowers to has already left.

The common understanding about this scene is that he is bringing the flowers to the girl he met while he was recovering from his accident, as seen earlier in the video. Thing is, nothing in JK’s interaction with the girl actually leads us to believe there is a special connection there. They meet and seem to spend time together but there are no cinematic cues to suggest there being a blossoming young love affair there, no smiles or glances shared. In fact in the one scene where they are shown sitting outside, JK seems to be paying more attention on his music and Yoongi’s lighter than her.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that there won’t be more of their relationship shown develop in the future. But, as it stands I’m more inclined to think we are once again being lead astray on purpose, that things aren’t necessarily as they seem at a first glance. We don’t even know for sure if this scene is taking place before or after his accident.

Nevertheless, I think one reason why I’m seeing a possible connection from him to JM is in the way JK’s storyline at that point is being intercut with JM’s in the climax of the HLR. JM is first seen crying in the bathroom and later out in the rain. All the members’ storylines are coming to a head so edits back and forth all seven are hectic but the cut goes straight from JK to JM twice. In their separate scenes both boys are hoping to see someone or something they in the end don’t, and the disappointment visible on their faces seems to create a parallel between the two.

But all this is just pure speculation on my part. We won’t know until later.

Still, I’m gonna leave it with one more contrast and compare:

This one intrigues me. There are possibilities.

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#11: Isolation and the slightly unsettling serenity

BTS “Run” MV Theory

The main thing everyone has been noticing is how Jin is not in the photo Jimin holds and burns at the end of the music video despite having been shown in the “prologue” video.

My conclusion–he’s dead. 

Throughout the “Run” MV, several shots foreshadowed Jin’s upcoming death. Here, the stack of cards that he built fell down and you can even see the look of worry on Jin’s face as he wonders what’s going on. 

After piecing things together (as much as I can), it seems that “Run” takes place prior to the “I Need U” MV. That explains why this comeback, the concept is carefree youth and even supported by the bright hair colors such as mint, pink, and orange and bold clothing. In “I Need U,” the concept is much darker with an overall gloomy atmosphere.

If you remember, Jin’s shots in that MV all took place in one room. 

It was all white and extremely tidy with ambient light seeping through the window. Remind you of heaven a bit, doesn’t it? In the room, he burned white flowers as a symbol of the chaos occurring amongst his friends and even looks out the window as though he’s looking out desperately at the members. 

There’s even a scene where Jin is shown with a flower in place of his heart. Because he no longer has a beating heart. He appeared lost and confused throughout the video as one would be if one found themselves alone after a sudden death.

Therefore, all of the tragic events originate from Jin’s death. The members, one by one, get torn apart as they continue to lose their friends and mourn over the deaths. First Tae, breaks and kills his father after losing control, and then proceeds to kill himself. From there on, each member begins to descend into their own path of misery as we can see from the scene where Jungkook is trying to help out an extremely drunk Yoongi. 

Jin was Peter Pan and without him, the Lost Boys truly did become lost. There are also scenes alluding to the events that happen later on in “I Need U”:

Namjoon shown with a lollipop just like the one who had at the gas station–

Jimin being pushed into the bathtub–

Jungkook staring at the car–

Taehyung thrashing around in the water–

Hoseok in the hospital for narcoleptic treatment– 

Jin being outlined like a corpse at a crime scene–

Again, this means that “Run” took place first, the prologue second (past the beginning scene), and “I Need U” last (minus the group shots). That’s why, in the prologue, when Taehyung’s about to jump off, Jin can’t do anything to stop him and can only record him because he’s not actually there with them.

Everything he sees is from a camcorder, basically an illusion where he can watch them but cannot actually be there alongside them. Before jumping, Tae even smiles at Jin as if he’s glad to finally be able to join him…

…on the other side.

So, in other words:

Everyone. Is. Dead.

Thanks Big Hit…

Blood Sweat and Tears Japan version - Theories

All my own opinions - complete guesses!

Apologies if I’ve got something wrong from another video.

- I believe that at least some of this video occurs before/during the inu/run timeline.
- V has killed Jin? Would make sense as it looks like he stabbed him. This also ties in with Jin being set apart in Run; he’s dead.
- This could also be the reason why Jimin and Jungkook appear to be holding V back - he’s dangerous.
- Why was Jin punching V? Possibly revenge for betrayal. He kisses the statue in BST, which turns out to be V. He seems to regret it immediately - then hurts V for hurting him?
- RM is controlling Jungkook/forcing him to do things, represented by him forcing JK to drink from the cup that then makes him ill. The smoke that pours over JK in the vid and that RM breathes out in BST original, which further cements this - RM is toxic.
- The drink is almost certainly a metaphor - more and more it seems that everything in the BST original video is symbolism, representing the timeline, but not occurring in it.
- Suga and JK’s storyline has been developed. He is obviously concerned that JK is throwing up - by extension he could be concerned about RM’s influence over JK. This could explain a lot of their fighting.
- RM also seems to be a ringleader for the activities in Run - is Suga not happy with them?
- Suga and Jimin’s storyline has also been developed. The image of Suga covering Jimin’s eyes is repeated again - a metaphor for him keeping Jimin in the dark, controlling him. He is clearly hiding something from him.
- The image of Jimin biting the apple is presumably taken from Adam and Eve in the Bible - she was blamed for sinning because she bit the apple, even though Adam was just as sinful.
- Religious imagery continues with angels, wings, JK drinking from the cup.
- We see Jimin running from Suga, who stands next to a piano - a link to the First Love video.
- Presumably Jimin was who Suga was running to in the First Love video. - Jimin later sees himself with Suga covering his eyes and seems distressed, tumbling through colours - he’s confused.
- Both Jimin running away and him seeing himself and Suga suggest that he has seen how Suga controls him and realises he has to leave.

These are all just theories, so if you disagree - no worries!

Jimin’s journey in the Bangtan Universe #11: Isolation and the slightly unsettling serenity

#0: Intro
#1: The one who laughed the loudest
#2: In this place of eternal mayhem the party never stops
#3: Youth is not coming back
#4: An impression of being stuck
#5: “I’m trapped inside myself and I am dead”
#6: The forbidden fruit
#7: Darkness crept in
#8: A deal with the Devil
#9: A picture, a painting, rain, fire and tears
#10: A redemption and/or salvation arc

So here we are back again. It’s the long-awaited continuation to the BU narrative arc. Let’s get to it.

On a general level it seems we have gone back to approximately the Prologue SF era so in terms of a linear timeline, we are back to the very beginning of the story. Of course “linearity” of time might just be an illusion. With Seokjin’s narration pondering about turning back time and righting mistakes in the end of the Highlight Reels and now the release of Euphoria, it seems the BTS creative team has put those ponderings into play.

I have seen a lot of discussion about SJ’s role in the time warp, if he is actively controlling it and how. I don’t really have anything to contribute to that. I’m more of a multiverse type of person, i.e. the theory that there are an infinite amount of parallel universes being created at every moment and with every choice. The differences between the universes might be big (Taehyung killing his father or not) or small (the boys wearing white instead of black) but each difference launches a whole new universe with an infinite more differences to be made. Unintended consequences might be a phenomenon to be explored.

But as always, I’ll be focusing on Jimin’s journey. And as always, our point of entrance to his story is in the I Need U MV bathtub, although this time the waters are calmer. The video seems to be “glitching” a bit.

In many ways the Euphoria SF brought things that have only been implied before to the forefront. For instance, it’s the first time we see his hospitalisation in the “real-life”. It was implied in the Lie SF but in a very conceptual, stylised way. I have previously explained in analysis #2 why I don’t think JM was actually in Hoseok’s hospital room in the Run MV.

We also seem to get confirmation that JM and HS did spend time together in the hospital as there is one scene where both of them are wearing hospital clothes. It’s a peculiar tableau of a scene, frozen in a moment as the camera slowly rotates around to reveal a fearful-looking JM holding HS’s hand. 

At a first glance you might get the impression that HS is stepping away from JM. He maybe looks a bit disappointed. The mood is somber.

But at a closer look it’s not that simple. There is a quick hidden edit at the middle of the sequence where we see another angle of the scene overlaid with the original shot.

In it HS looks to be teetering over his own feet with his head hanging low, seemingly in danger of falling down the stairs. JM is holding him back and trying to keep them both in balance by clutching the handrail. Is HS passing out like he prone to do based on the INU MV? We don’t see a resolution for the scene.

The effects used as well as the colours or lack thereof remind me of the hyper-sterilised world of the Lie MV.

Another thing that has remained largely unaddressed thus far but is now made quite central is the overarching theme of JM’s loneliness and isolation throughout the BU grand narrative. I talked about it especially in the context of the HYYH series but also in Spring Day.

In Euphoria this is made evident most acutely in the shots of JM alone in the hospital. The image of him skipping around the empty game room, obviously waiting for the other members to come visit him makes it quite painfully clear.

When the members do visit for JM’s birthday, we see a lighthearted scramble to get to the hospital exit in a slow-mo pandemonium reminiscent of the Spring Day MV birthday scene. The way the mad dash begins with Namjoon at the game room door and ends with JM triumphantly throwing away his hospital gown (and pulling his SD shirt on instead) makes me think they are running away from the hospital staff and busting JM free, even if it’s just for a day.

I have seen quite a few fans suggest that the members’ visit never took place and was maybe all in JM’s head. I guess in the BU anything is possible but I don’t see any particular reason to think that. If nothing else, we do have the photographic evidence of the guys being there, in that room, wearing the clothes we see in the video. Of course the photographs might be hallucinations as well, but to me the interpretation is starting to get unnecessarily convoluted. For now I have no reason to think they were never there.

That is not to say he’s not lonely. In a recreation of the “escape” from the hospital as described above, JM is seen running down the same hospital corridor towards the exit, but this time he’s alone. And this time he stops himself before getting to the door.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who is reminded of the Serendipity MV with these hospital scenes. The way JM is dressed in loose, white clothing while his environment is in warm yellow hues. The isolation and the slightly unsettling serenity of it all.

In my previous analysis I called Serendipity a bittersweet respite in JM’s otherwise bleak narrative, so if we want to establish a connection between JM in the Serendipity MV and JM here in the “real-life”, then right now the most compelling explanation for me is that it’s the world of Serendipity that is in JM’s head. It’s his happy place full of wondrous things he goes to when the loneliness gets to be too much.

We still don’t know for sure if and how Serendipity connects to the events in the BU but having seen this and knowing that Euphoria precedes Serendipity, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to see it quite the same way again.

After the escape from the hospital we transition to a montage of the guys hanging out and messing around. The way the running scene in the hospital corridor is edited to this makes it seem like it’s the aftermath of their escape but in fact none of the guys are wearing the same clothes, so we should consider it a separate occasion.

And this is where it gets a bit strange.

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#12: Time warp

BTS Blood, Sweat and Tears (Japanese Version) Theory : Extended

*Read my full theory before reading this for better understanding. 

 Extended version/ answer to Q&A Why only Namjoon and Jin “survive” at the end?

 Since i stated this is the realm between reality and fantasy. In reality, the only reason why Jin and Namjoon survive is the fact that they are the only ones able to accept both evil and goodness in humans. 

 Why ? 

 Namjoon stared at the mirror showing his reflection or understanding of the reality. Where there is both good and evil. This is further emphasised by his song/short story *reflection* 

 Jin. He has long ago accepted the reality by meeting with the fallen angel/ abraxas known for being good and evil in bst korean ver. Only by knowing and accepting both good and evil are they able to move on. 

 Why not the others?

 (Read my theory to understand)

 Suga- he is the one that knows the evil that is present in the human world and his only focus was on the evil side of human, never on the good side and he is thus trapped in past (hisfirst love song and short flim.) 

>Being trapped in his past, unable to move on is the reason for him not emerging victorious at the end unlike Jin and Namjoon.

 J-hope- the complete opposite of Suga, while suga is entranced with the evil, hoseok is too into his fantasy, chasing after his ideal life (being away from medication, thinking of killing/eradicating of evil) 

 "Fancy thinking evil was something you can hunt and kill"

>Being trapped in ideals and fantasy, hoseok never accepted both good and evil to co-exist is the very reason for him not emerging victorious at the end.

 Taehyung- the reason is blatantly obvious, he sin (kill) so equating him to fallen angel is very reasonable. In reality, you can never escape punishment. 

> As much as he is aware of the good and bad in him, his evil overtook his morals so thus he is unable to be victorious at the end.

 Jimin- He should be with Jin and Namjoon, since he finally realised both the good and bad side. But no. 

 >He couldn’t accept it (mirror scene/distraught scene), and like suga, he is now too capable of seeing the evil and no longer the fantasy side of life previously where he kept his innocence due to suga.

 Jungkook- I am 99.9% sure Jungkook should be with Jin and Namjoon. Since he is able to snap out of it from the drink that make him hallucinate of the fantasy world. But again no.

 >he like suga, is unable to accept to decend into evil by his friends and is thus, trapped in the past, unable to move forward like Jin and Namjoon. 

 Overall, moral from BTS blood, sweat and tears:

 Unless one is able to accept the goodness and evil of man’s heart, and never stay trapped in the past, to keep moving on are they able to be victorious at the end. 

Because as seen in bst kor ver and taehyung bst photoshoot

  " Man muss noch Chaos in sich haben, um einen tanzenden Stern gebären zu können.“  (You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.) 

And the chaos is the fight between the good and evil in all humans. 

 A/n: Hope this is clearer to all of you and is purely my interpretation. I am absolutely exhausted. Feel free to dm /ask me for clarification as i am happy to help. (: Please take out with full credits.


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SugaKookie Theory

Now, it’s no news that the recent BTS MVs are full of SugaKook moments. Starting from the “I Need U” video, the two are seen as incredibly close and happy together. 

However, what if their relationship is actually one that happens to run deeper than just friendship? What if it’s a romantic one rather than one that’s just platonic. I mean, the other members also have moments between individual members but for some reason, Big Hit seemed to really be emphasizing Jungkook’s and Suga’s scenes together. Just look at the way Yoongi smiles while looking at a happy Kookie. 

Then, when the “Butterfly” prologue video came out, the two are scene being as cuddly as ever as one another. When everyone is sitting around the fire, Jungkook easily makes himself comfortable on Yoongi’s lap.

And there’s THIS scene where Yoongi comes over to put his arm around Jungkook who’s just staring out at the ocean. In response, Jungkook turns around and gazes deeply at Yoongi for quite a few seconds actually. The look he gives Yoongi is definitely not one that people give one another if they’re “just bros.”

Next, in the “I Need U” MV, there was a black and white plaid shirt hanging in Suga’s room. Suga sits in the room and looks as though he’s feeling regretful.

In the “Run” teaser, the same exact shirt is worn by Jungkook as he sits around in an empty room. He appears to be reflecting on some things as he stares into a mirror. 

Next, we can see Yoongi wearing some sort of “guitar pick”-looking necklace around his neck before Jungkook punches him. In the scene, the two are fighting intensely about some matter that’s perhaps personal.

Rather than Jungkook, however, Jimin is the one seen wearing the necklace in the concept photos. If Jungkook and Yoongi are in fact in a relationship, then this means that he possibly cheated on him with Jimin. This really does sound more like a fanfic but an affair could be a valid reason for their fight. 

To back that up, Naver recently uploaded this photo:

Does that not look like one of those K-Drama love triangle photos? We have Yoongi in the center but facing the same direction as Jungkook. Facing the opposite way is Jimin, the “other man.”

Not to mention that Bangtan’s songs always focus on the idea of youth. Many young people have always struggled with their sexuality. So many also get bullied and hurt due to disapproval and fear. So, maybe Jungkook was getting beat up in the “I Need U” MV due to some men finding out about his sexual orientation. 

Lastly, based on all of the topics that Bangtan has written about up to now, it is very possible for them to bring up the topic of homosexuality. After all, the LGBT community has become an extremely important subject of discussion in recent media and society. 

Again, this is just a fan theory that may seem a little far fetched but I wanted to share my thoughts after thinking about all these little details. And, if the theory turns out to be false, at least there’ll be some new content and inspiration for future fanfics. :P <3


I think there’s something in Namjin storyline that’s not fully revealed yet. People say Jin saved Namjoon, when IN FACT HE ONLY TAKE THAT MONEY FROM THE GROUND. Money that someone else throw to Namjoon. Compared to anyone else, Namjoon is actually the one with no big/main storyline. He is connected to V, but that is all for him, he doesn’t have his own background story. And compare to the others he actually living an ordinary live. He also was the one with no childhood memories in Young Forever.

Also, in BST Namjoon and Jin was the one that shown as a broken glass, whilst Tae and JK was the one whose been potrayed lost their wing. Tae killed his father, but Namjoon wasn’t there when he really need him. Jin killed JK by accident, as the result, no one there to saved Yoongi from the fire. But in the end of BST Japannese version, we saw Jin found Namjoon in that gas station, and gives him a matches.

What if, Jin and Namjoon actually have more connection than we thought? I mean I don’t know for sure what Jin’ role here, is he a fallen angel or time traveller?? Whatever it is, he and Namjoon must have known each other in whatever alternate universe they’ve come from. What if to get Tae back (and save him from his dark path) Namjoon have to saved JK and Yoongi first? I mean Jin move and change his clothes after he saw JK saved Yoongi from the window right?? It’s like he waiting for a clue to start his own action..

Well, Idk.. I am clearly not smart enough to came up with full theory, but I do find this interesting..

BTS Theory - The real story explained ~ Part 1.

[PLEASE READ IN ORDER - Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Conclusion]

Generally speaking, we can all agree that the theme of The Most Beautiful Moments in Life is youth. However we’re still to this day arguing about the real signification of the story plot they presented to us.

I read a tremendous number of theories and I personally was never satisfied because there was always something unexplainable. So I gathered all of the informations, I did a lot of research and I finally came up with this conclusion : Nobody actually dies in the Hyyh series.

It kinda goes against everything we’re used to read among the theories but this is what makes the most sense to me. First of all, if Jin was in fact dead, why is he seen interacting with the members during the MV Run, I Need U and The Prologue ? Some of you may think that the scenes where they’re interacting are from the past and the one where he’s seen filming are from the present, with him filming representing that he’s dead. But that doesn’t make sense because those scenes are obvioulsy from the same time. They wear the same clothes and they’re in the same place.

I don’t know about you but I’m not really convinced :/

The fact that he’s not seen in the same pictures as the others is still not a proof that is convincing enough for me because it could be the result of so many other reasons. And just because Jin is filming doesn’t mean that he’s dead. It could mean a lot of other things too (I’ll get through them in this theory).

And then there’s the theory that all of them died except Jin, and this again doesn’t explain a lot of things. I doubt Jin imagined the whole MV Run because they’re obviously THERE. They’re having interactions with other humans (getting caught by the police, etc…). I think this theory would have been credible in I Need U or the Prologue but in RUN, they’re obviously in the same time and space as Jin (Interacting with him, ex : V knocking out Jin’s house of cards).Ok but what if Run is in the past when they weren’t dead yet ?”  That could be possible but then I wanna know the reason why Jin is always looking straight at the camera like he knows something. What does that mean ? And why are we seeing V struggling in the water ? And why are the scenes always repeating themselves from I Need U to Run and also the Prologue ?

And why do they keep talking about « positive message », « The most beautiful moment in life » and « Nevermind » etc.. if the story is actually about 6 members dying in the end ? What’s the point ?

I feel like it’ll just be anti-climatic if that’s the case. If you think about it, they did two very artistic music videos (without taking the japanese mvs into account), a 12min long prologue video with a bunch of hints and references, and even an exhibition ! And to only reveal that Jin dies in the end ? Or that they all died except Jin ? Why would they put so many importance on every little detail, hid clues everywhere if it only was the story of a member dying, and we don’t even know the reason he died.

Don’t get me wrong, they could’ve easily done an mv telling the story of their death (other idols had done that too) but what we have here is way bigger than this.

When Rapmon was asked what message they were trying to convey with this song (and album) this is what he answered : « We didn’t want to just blankly say ‘cheer up’ or ‘be strong.’ We really wanted to comfort people our way, by producing the music and writing the lyrics ourselves. We poured our heart and soul into this amazing song ».

I think that’s awesome, and this is why we have to realized that this isn’t just a story about who’s dead an who’s not. This is a story about YOUTH. « Part one explained how youth is tiring and difficult, and it also touched on how we feel like we’re always on edge. Part two will have a more adventurous and daring feel to it. »

There’s a LOT of work and thinking, (a lot more than we think) in the making of these videos. And every single cut has a meaning. Nothing is made by coincidence. The art director tried to express something through all of this and I’m gonna try to decrypt it.

Among all the theories I have readen, the one that I approved the most is the Peter Pan theory.

This is a theory comparing BTS to the Lost Boys, and basically saying that their story is just a modern version of Peter Pan.

Peter Pan is also a book about death and thanatophobia (fear of death), reason why Peter Pan refuse to grow up. He wants to stay a child forever, and avoid the responsibilities of adulthood. In some way, he locks himself in the world of childhood and he often adopts a tyrannical and hostile attitude towards any form of authority. The peter pan syndrom takes its name from the refusal to grow up and integrate the adult world, percieved as too conventional.

This describes BTS’s behaviours in the last mvs. Moreover we got a lot of hints about their concept being connected to the world of Peter Pan.

The hashtags under the concept photos.

The concept photos themselves seemed like they were shot in Neverland.

Jhope mentions Neverland in Whalien 52 “Even if the time passes by in the cold abyss, Neverland”. And of course we have the Now 3 photobook that is filled with Neverland references.


Now let me tell you how the story begins. This simply starts with the story of 7 young boys who refuse to grow up and ajust to society. They live in their own « neverland », not caring about the rules and living their life to the fullest without thinking about the repercution of their acts. But one of the boys (Jin) is different. As being the oldest, he starts to see the world differently and begins to break away from that lifestyle. Even though he still tries to hang out with his friends who are a lot more immature, he’s definitely not in the same state of mind as them anymore. Jin isn’t the one who’s delusional, it’s the opposite, the other members are the ones who’re delusional. But little did they know that all of their lives will soon take a big turn.

There were six lost boys in total, if you add Peter Pan you get 7. And all of their personality matches one of the members of BTS.

After studying their behaviour carefully, this is what each member is supposed to represent in the Peter Pan world in my opinion :

Slightly is the second in command. Slightly is shown to be the oldest member (and the tallest) of the Lost Boys. In the book series it is revealed that Slightly’s real name is James. He’s described as the most conceited of the boys, because he believes that he, unlike the others, remembers what life was like before he was “lost.” Slightly is, apparently, a poor make-believer, but he does seem to have a talent for music; he is described as cutting whistles and flutes from the branches of trees and dancing to tunes he creates himself.

→ JIN.  I think this character is the closest one to Jin’s character. Jin is the only one who knows what life is like outside « neverland » because he’s the only one who’s not a child anymore, and can’t help but grow up. He’s a poor make-believer because he himself is not a believer anymore. Slightly seems to be very creative. We can observe this creative side in Jin, who’s always filming and seem to have a passion for films and cinematography. Also, as we know, Jin is the oldest member (but not the leader , keep that in mind).

Cubby is the toughest of all the Lost Boys. Cubby may be the most famous Lost Boy. He speaks as if he does not have much knowledge. gets into trouble so much that he habitually takes the blame even when he didn’t do it. He isn’t very smart but very loveable.

V →  His part is really important to the story, he’s almost the main character. He’s also the toughest because he’s able to change the story (I’ll explain it later). You also saw in the RUN music video that  he causes a lot of troubles (graffitis on the wall and on Jin, destroys the house of cards), he’s not laid back like some of the other members but is still lovable. But the reason why I picked V as Cubby and no one else is this «  takes the blame even when he didn’t do it. He isn’t very smart. » This is something you should bear in mind and take into account for later, when I’ll explain how his character actually gets manipulated a lot.

Nibs is the most active and doesn’t talk much. Nibs is described as happy and debonair, possibly the bravest Lost Boy. The only thing he remembers about his mother is that she always wanted a cheque book and says he would love to give her one - if he knew what it was.

SUGA → Now you may wonder why I chose Nibs as Suga, this was actually the closest to his personnality I found. It actually matches well his character in the mvs. He’s the most active, as you saw he wasn’t laid back at all and kinda portrayed a hot-tempered character with a very strong personality. He seemed care-free and debonair until the end (the car scene in RUN for example). He’s all over the place. He didn’t care about Jungkook at all when he was desperatly trying to calm him down during their fight scene. He’s possibly the bravest because he doesn’t care about what others say to him. Also in the I Need U mv he’s seen commiting suicide by burning himself which is the harshest death (also get to that later).

The Twins : A set of twins that finish each other sentences. The twins are treated as one in the book because Peter has no clue what twins are.

J-HOPE and JIMIN → Jhope and Jimin are extremely close in the mvs and the prologue. They definitely have a special bond. I know the others (rapmon/ V and Suga/Jungkook) are also paired up, but they all have their own lost boy character except Jhope and Jimin. And also, in those concept pictures they’re a lot more closer than the other couples and they’re not seen fighting anywhere. In the contrary it seems like they get along really well.

Tootles is described as the most unfortunate and humblest of the band, because “the big things” and adventures happen while “he has stepped round the corner”. This however has not soured but sweetened his nature. He is the one who shoots Wendy with a bow and arrow after Tinker Bell tells them Wendy is a bird that Peter wants killed. When Tootles realises his mistake, he asks Peter to kill him. Wendy however survives, and Tootles is spared. Though he is clumsy and silly, Tootles is the first to defend Wendy when she wants to return to London. At the end of the novel, he returns to London with Wendy and the other lost boys and eventually grows up to become a judge.

The only Lost Boy without a speaking voice; to compensate for this, he uses a large pad of paper to communicate. Tootles is the youngest of the Lost Boys and seems to be the most cunning of the group.

JUNGKOOK → You’ll understand why this character represents Jungkook perfectly once I’ll get to explain the MV Run. One of the obvious common characteristic is that they’re both the youngest. But there’s definitely more than that. Jungkook plays a much more important role in this story than we think. We’ll see later how he’s actually the second most mature character after Jin. Unlike the others, Jungkook seems a lot more laid back. He doesn’t get into troubles as much as the others. During the car scene for example, he doesn’t even do anything to the cars. He tries to reason with Suga when he was having a tantrum. During the “grass” scene you can see Jin sitting down, looking up (literally) at Jungkook and this shot isn’t a coincidence.

He’s looking up at Jungkook like he knows Jungkook is less childish than the other members, he hopes he can talk the other members into reason. Jungkook is the only one ready to take that step towards adulthood, but he’s always carried off by his hyungs.

And last but not least Peter Pan → RAP MONSTER.

Peter Pan is often described as « joyful, innocent, and heartless » and totally egocentric. In the story he’s incapable of love, compassion or some deep sense whatsoever. He remains eternally stuck in his own world, making no difference between game and reality.
Like peter pan, Rap Monster is the leader of the group. During this one scene in the Run mv, Rapmon seem to incite V to do bad things, even after they get arrested, he still smiles. During the car scene, he gave the cup to Jimin so he could empty it onto the car. The fact that they’re living like this doesn’t seem to bother him, he actually promotes this kind of life. He’s the only one who has the hashtag #Whatever under his concept pictures on instagram. He also has the hashtag #PLAY. The first scene with him in the beginning of run seems oddly strange. Like he’s the reason behind all of this.

« When they became too old, they either leave or are killed by Peter because growing up is against the rules of Neverland. » Since Jin is older than Rap Mon, he can’t kill him. That is why Jin is slowly leaving the group.

This picture couldn’t describe the storyline better. The fight between Jin, who’s growing up and Peter Pan (Rapmon) who doesn’t want to grow up.

You also may also have noticed the reccurance of the apparition of birds in both of the Mvs and the prologue, and how they are associated with the members.

« All children begin life as birds who starts becoming human once their given to their parents. When Peter was 7 months old, he thought he was a bird and flew. Because he was too young to understand that he wasn’t a bird. »

« The ability to fly disapear once one had no longer perfect faith that one could fly. »

The members are still birds, because they have perfect faith, like Peter Pan. Jin has probably lost his ability to « fly ». This is why he’s never seen in the same pictures as the members. The pictures are simply metaphor of the fact that they’re not living in the same world anymore.

Unfortunately, their wild and unhealthy lifestyle will lead one of them to commit the inevitable.

I always thought that V stabbing his father was a little bit of an overreaction to the situation but now I think I understand him better. He was already living a very violent lifestyle and was behaving like a criminal way before that event took place. His mind wasn’t in the right place. He stabs his father (who symbolizes authority and adulthood) after seeing him beat his sister (or mother). When he realize what he has done, he falls into panic. It’s like he received a big slap on the face, he suddenly realizes that his acts have consequences (he was living without worrying about consequences until now), and that means that all of the things he thought was real, all of his beliefs got suddenly thrown into the trash. Neverland was a lie. He’s confuse, completly lost. His mind and vision starts to blur and reality becomes distorted. And without realizing it, he begins to picture in his mind what’s going to happen for him and his friends next. 

The butterfly effect : When one thing, big or little, changes, it can have a big impact to it’s surrounding.

We all thought that the I NEED U Mv was the result of what happened after V killed his father (every member falling into depression and killing themselves). But I noticed something weird… And I’m sure you did too. Every MVs (+ prologue) they did after that were A LOT similar to the first mv of Hyyh, I Need U. It’s like the same scenes repeating over and over again, but in different locations and from different perspectives. I honestly wondered a lot on why they choose to that, instead of simply creating new scenes, a follow up to I need U ? They decided to re-do the same scenes with slight changes ?

Well the reason why is that none of this is real.

All of this is only happening in one’s confuse and disturb mind. V’s mind.


After murdering his own father with his own hands, V can’t think straight and falls into a state of panic and euphoria. He sees flashes of good memories before his eyes, but also unconscioulsy imagines the future that’ll awaits them, now that he had that revelation that made him realize they were living badly. This is what the I NEED U MV is all about. It’s a representation of V’s mind after killing his father. The I Need U mv shows a distorted version of what really happened, what V really lived in his past (as shown in the Run MV). He just killed his father and now he is imagining the worst that’s gonna happen. He uses real memories (Jimin in the bathroom, Jungkook getting beaten up, the familiar settings) to create new ones but darker. This is almost like a butterfly effect, when one event can change the whole turn of the story, except that the butterfly effect is taking place in V’s mind. (Their exhibition’s name was Butterfly Dream)

They were jokingly drowning Jimin in the bathroom which unconsciously stayed in V’s mind. In this alternate reality he imagines him drowning for real.

He knows that Jhope has narcolepsia, so he imagines Jhope dying of his illness (or from overdosing on his pills).

In this scene we see Jhope walking towards the opposite direction (of the one way road). He tried hard to rebel against society and live differently from the others but it eventually leaded him to his undoing.

The fact that Suga lives in a motel is quite emphazied throughout the whole MV. They kept showing the motel sign. Although, In the Run MV, Suga and Jungkook seem to be living together.

V is aware of the fights that were occuring between Suga and Jungkook, so in this alternate dimension made of his worries, suga is no longer living with Jungkook. He left him and this is why he lives in a motel.

V also knows Suga’s hot-tempered personality. That is why he pictures him having one of the most harsh death = death by burning.

Since Rapmon is Peter Pan, V imagines him in one of the worst situation for him = working for « adults » and having no freedom. Being treated like a servant and having responsabilities.

V knows how much rapmon loves lollipops, but that lollipop becomes a cigarette in the representation of his worst worries. When the money is thrown on the floor, rapmon doesn’t appreciate it at all. So he explodes the gas station because he’s stubborn and egocentric. (I always thought that exploding the gaz station just because someone throw him money or because he wasn’t happy was a bit of an overreaction. But since he’s peter pan, it makes sense that V thinks that that’s what he’d do.)

V knows that Jungkook is a little bit different from them and maybe closer to Jin. You may have notice that there’s a lot of big close up in the MV of Jungkook being sad. (more than the other members exluding Jin). In this scene we see a close up on Jungkook’s eye and in the next cut there’s this flower burning. → Jungkook is witnessing the other members slowly disintegrating and breaking down and can’t do nothing about it.

V knows how that would made Jungkook sad since all he wanted to do was help the other members (like when he fought suga so he would calm down). In one of the « happy moments » towards the end of I Need U, when they’re all running, Jungkook is the only one walking on the wall. He’s different from the others.

V was probably affected by Suga and Jungkook’s fight. He didn’t forget it. In the representation of his worries, Jungkook is getting beat up by a group of person (gang?) in a familiar place (where they used to have fun).

Again, V knows that Jin is the only mature one and that he loves the other members like they were his younger brothers. That is why he imagines him suffering from the other member’s deaths.

In the MV, I found one hint that could be confirming that V actually thinks Jin is the only one who’s is going to survive and not the opposite (Jin the only one dying).

6 stars up → 6 members going to heaven ?

Also, during the skit in the album hyyh pt.2, something they said really stuck in my mind. Jin suddenly wonders, what if I NEED U never existed and everything was just a dream and they wake up in their dance room practicing No More Dream? He just brought it up like that and it honestly hit me hard because I was already thinking about that theory, and they decided to talk about it in their skit. I don’t feel like it’s a coincidence.

And Rap Monster arriving late (in the skit), knocking on the door, and Jhope opening the door for him reminded me immediatly of this scene in Run.

Click here to read part 2 : The Prologue.


i think it’s kinda funny that everyone is thinking about that the happiness and joy side of the meaning of euphoria, but as a nursing student when i had to do a mental health placement, euphoric was a mood used to describe someone who had an elevated and exaggerated mood of happiness, joy and elation. these feelings aren’t brought on by any situational influences but a euphoric person can displays actions that don’t really make sense or believes in things that aren’t really possible because they’re in a state of euphoria; a state of such elated happiness that the surrounding environment can become blurred. also a euphoric state can be quite addictive and some people will try to repeat certain actions or take certain substances to try and achieve that euphoric state. thinking about this and reading some fan theories is making my head hurt.