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Before the start of Commentary Live
<Bon Voyage 2> BTS watched the first episode!
From now on please anticipate the rest of BTS’ enjoyable Hawaii trip✈️ 
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Trans by; Jungmin @ bts-channelplus

It [episode 5x20] came about the confluence of two major events, we always knew from very early on the season that we were going to get Oliver and Felicity sort of into a circumstance where by they would essentially deal with their own shit. We knew we were going to place Felicity in a story were she would start to develop empathy for Oliver, and that empathy would lead them to have eventually that adult conversation they did not have in season 4. Around the same time we were reaching the point in the season were we were pretty far out of budget and we were talking about “bottle episodes” to save some money, because we needed to have a reservoir of dollars left to end the season in high style as it were and it was Brian Ford Sullivan who came up with this idea of Oliver and Felicity being trapped in the bunker. We sort of called it the “Chilean Coal mine Episode”(…) and it was all about everyone trying to get Oliver and Felicity out of this dire circumstances. This episode is kind of like a play because we wanted to put Oliver and Felicity together in a circumstance that force them or at least give them the opportunity to deal with all their issues, and deal with it in an adult way

Marc Guggenheim [Superhero Insider - - June 2017]

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