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[Episode] 160925 BTS @ ISAC w/ ENG CAPS

방탄소년단 팬클럽담당자입니다! \(•ܫ•)/
오늘 만나 볼 사진은 아.육.대 녹화 당일 넘.나   멋졌던 방탄소년단의 모습입니다!뭘 입어도 반짝반짝 빛이   나는 방탄소년단 함께 만나보시죠!

This is the BTS Fan Club Representative!\(•ܫ•)/
The photos we will meet today are a peek at how super cool BTS looked on the I.S.A.C. filming day! Together let’s meet BTS, who shines twinkling-ly bright whatever they wear!
Follow me!!

Preparing before the archery competition 中 (t/n: bulls-eye/center)

Eye focus is good! Posture is good! Shooting at ARMY’s hearts like whoosh  s( ̄▽ ̄)/

Ping! Shoong! Tak! >>——▷ To ARMY’s heart 10! 10! 10! 



(Making a) V with ARMYs ✪‿✪v  #JIMIN

Kkook, handsome-looking from whatever angle you see him from #JIMIN

For me, (it’s) Suga… The guy that shoots 10s (feat. I.S.A.C. captions) #JIMIN

My name is RM! I’m in charge of pictures for the 400m relays!! ❦‿❦

Swoosh swoosh~ These are definitely not sounds I’m making with my mouth~
OHOH 3 consecutive years’ (win) dignity in the 400m OHOH

Telling all ARMYs!! 아미에게 알립니다!!

Hobi Hobi-nim’s legendary close-proximity picture from the beginning of 160829! He has shared the HQ with us! (Applause clap clap clap) (Loud cheer) (Fireworks bang bang)

I have no thoughts. Because I have no thoughts. –ㅅ–  #JIMIN

“Jungkook-ah…” I called out to him (like that) #JIMIN #I_Called_Him_Series

“Hobi hyung…” I called out to him (like that) #JIMIN #I_Called_Him_Series

V.W.S.L.H.W.T.F.O.A.A. (V Who Seems Like He Will Tear The Fan Open And Appear)  
J.W.S.L.H.W.T.F.O.A.A. (Jin Who Seems Like He Will Tear The Fan Open And Appear)
(PHOTO by. RM)

Handsome Kid → Handsome Kid→ Handsome Kid (PHOTO by. RM)

ARMYs who were with us and helped us achieve the gold medal, Big!Hit is a hit! #JIMIN

OHOH Total point (final) winner OHOH
♡ BTS ♡

Trans cr; Joyce @ btsofficialtrans

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