anonymous asked:

Do you know why they made [Episode] BTS @ 2016 MAMA private???

I think it’s bcoz mnet will release a behind the scenes of MAMA this week. Bcoz the bangtan episode clip showed behind the scenes, they probably removed it for the time being.

anonymous asked:

bighit deleted the bts episode both from Vapp and youtube and mnet cut the taejin part out :))::):))))

i knew they deleted the episode (probs bc MAMA is releasing their own behind the scenes vid on friday) but i didnt know they cut out the taejin part??? did they really?? i havent seen anyone mention that x___x

anonymous asked:

Do you have any ideas on why they took the [Episode] BTS @ 2016 MAMA down on the V App and made the video private on youtube??

probably some copyright issue with mnet since in the video they recorded (parts of) the performances

nepitamnunmurl  asked:

I'm so in love with bts family trip omgggggggggg!!! just found out about it! need more (when you're willing ofc! ehheehe) thank you for your amazing creativity!

Thank you so much!! HOPEFULLY I will be able to find the time to go through all the Bon Voyage episodes sometime later this month and come up with some episodes lol (BTS needs to go on another AHL dangit!!) FINGERS CROSSED! And thank you for messaging dear!

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