bts catching fire


Okay so - I think the dancers are supposed to represent us, the Army. In Fire, it’s the introduction to BTS. You catch the fire. And we keep seeing them multiply first in the video and then in the live shows just like the Army keeps growing and growing. 

But in Not Today? See i don’t think the black figures are after them. I think they’re just following them and you can clearly see that after the boys get shot, they move to the frontline to protect them from whoever is shooting.

After the “shooting” starts at @3:50, in the choreo part @3:55 you can see the Army running in front to block the boys from getting shot. But at @4:02 all the dancers have been shot and you can see the boys still standing. And what do they do? They all move to the front of the line. To save their Army. And they start firing back (chong! jojun! balsa!).

And the final shot at @4:42 they lock their hands and make a shield. ‘Cause nobody’s hurting their Army. Not today. Not ever.

(Final note - at @4:40 it’s BTS and Army “flying” in a same formation as birds do).

“Let’s fly with our beautiful wings in 2017”Kim Namjoon


JOSHIFER / EVERLARK: Catching Fire, Tribute Parade

One of my fave scenes in the movie. I love how fierce and sexy they looked, and more importantly…how strong they are together. As if, united they are unbreakable…and of course that’s exactly what Snow did eventually…broke them apart.
I think, more than anything, it’s here that Snow started to realize the strength of their bond, and what that bond could mean to him, to the rebellion and to the whole of Panem. Peeta dying in the force field scene finally revealed to him, and to how that bond was forged…shared experiences and love…his love for her, and her love for him. Unfortunately, this revelation handed Snow the ultimate weapon. Break the love, you break the bond….

I love the bts footage, my OTP bringing to live one of the most pivotal scenes of my other OTP.