bts as american apparel

Just Right T-Shirt (Child Ver.) + Odd Future Donut Hoodie (Child Ver.)

• New meshes / EA mesh edits

• Category: tops (unisex)

• Age: child

• 9 swatches (Just Right T-Shirt), 5 swatches (Odd Future Donut Hoodie)

• Note: from Simblreen 2016, Just Right T-Shirt men’s ver. (original), Just Right T-Shirt women’s ver., Odd Future Donut Hoodie men’s ver. (original), Odd Future Donut Hoodie women’s ver.

• Suggested by several anonymous people


Just Right T-Shirt (Child Ver.): SimFileShare

Odd Future Donut Hoodie (Child Ver.): SimFileShare

Jungkook has nice thighs and a nice butt , but then he has perfect abs hiding under those thousand layers of white shirts , and his biceps are about to rip off his shirts , not to mention that his stupid perfect chest is so broad that I could iron my American Apparel Tennis skirts on it loll 😂😂😂