Choi Sam tweet translation: 

The person in the picture below is Choi Sam.
I’m a rapper that promotes in the underground.
I can’t speak english.
Hi, bye, thank you, love you.
That’s about it.


choi sam seems to be really stressed that someone using her picture threatened bts’ rap monster on twitter. she tweeted like five times about it already. so please understand and spread that the person in that profile picture isn’t the person tweeting those nasty things.



Hi all, i am an army based in the Philippines. Being an international fan, it really hurts to see and watch all these things happen to Bangtan. I know you will understand in the end so please keep reading. We all love Bangtan right? So i am encouraging you to PLEASE SPREAD THIS POST so that it reaches whoever is incharge of security at the concert. The management has to know of what is about to happen because i’m guessing it’s much worse than these pics. Watching the incident at the airport, i could really imagine what will happen at the concert. The fact that they got injuries, someone managed to get up to the van, and even a death threat. This is no joke at all. They have to take notice of this, this would help the security team plan for the worst.

The boys are already so terrified and traumatized, the reason why Jimin posted that in Fancafe. I’m sorry but i hope the hitouch gets cancelled. It’s not safe. I’m so afraid for our boys rn, i can understand the feelings of fans (as i am one of you) but this is just UNACCEPTABLE, it’s too much.

Please just think of the boys, what would they feel towards y'all in mexico? Will they be able to perform as much as they had during the US tour? I doubt it. This experience could greatly affect their emotions, their performance, the concert itself.

Keep in mind that WHATEVER HAPPENS, THEIR SAFETY IS STILL THE PRIORITY. I would not be able to forgive myself if something happens to them and not have helped in any way to prevent it. So please help spread this. Every army anywhere on earth please do something even if it’s just through social media.

If the management cancels the concert or what, well it’s your fault. If you still want it, please just behave, dont stalk them dont throw yourselves at them, dont hurt them. And if in case the concert is not gonna get cancelled, PLEASE don’t throw any undergarments on stage that’s so gross and disrespectful! Hoping for their safety… 😯😣😢

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Regarding Bangtan in Mexico

I forgot people are going to take my opinion on the matter as defending and encouraging what happened in Mexico. Sigh. Yet somehow it’s still a mystery why this “fandom” is in the dumps. People prefer to attack then ask questions later. THEN AFTER ALL THE DAMAGE IS DONE ‘we’ still have the nerve to ask why this fandom is so unkind and unwelcoming every time someone criticizes it.

  • The boys are too scared (apparently) to come out of their hotel. & Yoongi is mad.
  • Another Namjoon death threat. (Posted a pic with a gun)
  • Of course what happened at the airport. The idols were touched and treated unfairly and handled quite roughly.
  • The concert and or high touch may be canceled.
  • Bangtan is basically terrified.

Though with all that said, once again people are blaming this on all “Mexican armies”. Only on them. Just like what happened last gun threat; people weren’t taking fault on what happened two days prior when everyone was threatening and shunning Namjoon from his own group. Talking about how they were going to smack Namjoon in high touch or “beat his ass”. No, but it was all on that one girl. 

This isn’t a “fandom”.

Anyway the Mexican armies? They’re all being called names, having racist comments thrown at them, and being gutted from the fandom because of this.

If you are at all wanting to be at least a half decent fandom, hell if you’re wanting to be a half decent person, EVEN if you see someone from that airport that was touching the idols, don’t be shitty. You can disagree and you don’t have to act necessarily friendly to them, but don’t throw slurs at them. Don’t stoop. Just.. don’t. It’s not going to help the idols in a good way and it’s definitely not going to stop this from happening again. And that even if we have an “again”. 

I know it may seem like I’m defending them but honestly? I’m so angry. I’m angry at the people that were at the airport. I’m angry at the Army’s that were at the airport. No matter how hard you’re going to try and  deny that they are part of this fandom just so you don’t have to accept that THIS DOES HAPPEN, you’re gonna have to do it if you want this to stop.

Those people are part of this fandom. They are what you are. The quicker you accept that then maybe just maybe you’d be big enough to try and help refrain it from happening again instead of turning the other cheek.

  • Not all people at that airport were shoving at being vile
  • Not all Mexican armies are trash.
  • Not all Mexican armies were even in that airport much less Mexico.
  • You could be the bigger person in this and realize that the boys are more important than calling someone names and sending them death threats. You know? The very thing that got us in this mess.