I'll Be Drunk, Again (Logan Smut)

I’m sorry, I don’t know what this is. 

2,000+ words of pure smut is what it is. 


You weren’t sure what your favourite thing about Logan was. Maybe it was how his dumb jokes always made you laugh, or how his thumb would stroke your cheek when the skin was tainted with soft tears, or the way he looked first thing in the morning with his hair flat, softy and messy, begging to be touched… Or maybe it was the way he said your name when he held you, tangling your hair in his fingers as the word came from his lips in your favourite Southern twang… Wait, what was the point? Oh yes, your favourite thing about Logan.

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Food Cravings (Kendall Pre-Daddy Imagine)

I close my eyes shut and try to lick away my dry mouth. But I can’t. Each time I do that, I taste it. I want it. I can smell it. But I don’t have it. I open my eyes again and scan the living room in front of me, then the front door. I look at my watch around my waist to see that it has been an hour. I bring my hand up to my swollen stomach and sigh.

“Oh. Why does your father have to take forever?” I mumble. “He knows I’m starving. And I got an extra stomach to feed.”

I’m almost six months pregnant and it’s a boy. Kendall has been beyond excited about becoming a dad since the day I told him I was pregnant. I remember when I told him. He was working and I called him up telling him I had made a reservation for three at a restaurant for dinner. Sure, he was curious who was the third person was but I had told him it was an old friend of mine. But later that night, the waiter took us to a table for two and Kendall was beyond confused, asking me what was going on and where was my friend? Then I told him there and I watched that smile grow on his face.

“Daddy’s home!” Kendall’s voice bought me out of my thought. I look up to see Kendall kicking off his shoes before coming over to me. He give me a kiss on the lips as his free hand soothed my bump causing his son to kick. I giggle, breaking the kiss.

“About time Kendall. I’m starving” I tell him when he starts walking away with the take out bag in his hand. I start getting up but Kendall stops me.

“Hold it. I’ll bring it over there” he yells. I look behind me to see Kendall now taking the food out of the bag. I groan.

“Fine. But hurry. Your son is hungry.” He laughs.

“For mix of chicken, beef and lamb fried rice with extra spring rolls and dumplings…extra cook?” Kendall asks.

“Hey. Chinese are good” I pout. I hear Kendall laugh.

“They are.”

Kendall comes back to where I laid on the couch. He gives me my container of food before lifting my legs up a little so he could sit down on the other end of the couch. Kendall isn’t eating. He’s concern because it’s not organic. He’s even worry that I’m not eating right during my pregnancy. I look up at him, catching him looking at me as I eat.

“Oh stop worrying” I mock. Kendall laughs.

“I’m not worrying. I’m excited” he says placing his hand on my stomach.

“You’re not concern about what I eat anymore?”

“Well, sure I am. But it’s normal, right?” he asks. I shrug. “But before we know it, in three months we’ll be welcoming our first baby together. And I’ll be sure to be there. I wouldn’t want to miss it.” I smile.

Kendall leans forward and grab a dumpling. I watch him plop it into his mouth as he eats it. He makes a face. I laugh.

“Are you done with that?” Kendall asks, holding his hand out. He’s talking about the fried rice.

“Yeah.” I hand him the container. He gets up from the couch and cleans up the leftovers. As he walks pass me, I reach for the dumplings on the table.

“Don’t eat that. The meat is raw” Kendall blurt out.

I pull my hand back knowing I’m not allow to eat raw meat of any kind. Kendall smiles and takes the bad dumplings away. He comes back shortly. He looks at his watch.

“Well. It’s ten. You made me go out an get Chinese when they almost closed just for your craving. Now, should we go to bed?” he asks. I nod.

Kendall helps me up off the couch and we walk upstairs to our bedroom. Kendall takes a quick shower as I change into pajama. After all, we get into bed and fall asleep quickly.


I taste Nutella and Oreo cookies in my dreams, and now I’m up wanting them. Damn, food craving is really bad in me. I look over at Kendall who’s fast asleep next to me. I know we have them downstairs in the kitchen cabinet. I get out of bed and make my way downstairs.

In the kitchen, I go to he cabinet and find the big jug of Nutella and the package of extra-stuffed Oreo cookies. I lick my lips as I carry them back upstairs to the bedroom. I sit cross-legged on my side of the mattress and start eating. Eventually Kendall wakes up.

“Craving again?” Kendall asks.

“Yeah” I giggle.

“For what this time?” he asks. He still has his eyes close.

“Oreos, and Nutella.” I mumble. Kendall opens his eyes now and sees the junk food.

“Are you serious” he mumbles. I nod. Kendall turns over in bed and reaches for something. He hands me a banana. He has a banana. On his bedside table? “Eat this. Put away the junk. And go to bed.”

Kendall turns over in bed again and goes back to sleep. I grumble at bossy Kendall as I put away the cookies. As I close the Nutella jug, I think. I smile big at the idea and do it. I unpeeled the banana and start dipping it into the Nutella, eating the whole thing fast.

I’m done. Now I want burgers.

“Hey Kendall?” I ask. He moans. “Can you go to In N’ Out Burgers? And get me a double bacon whopper?” It’s silent for a while.

“I love you” Kendall chuckles, getting out of bed.

They talk about you in an interview :)


How are you and (Y/N)?

“Me and (Y/N) are actually great! I have so much fun when I’m with her….she makes me laugh like crazy. Uh,yeah! We’re very happy.”


Tell us how you and (Y/N) first started dating! 

“Well, uh I was actually at a party, a friend of me and Kendall’s. And there was this girl and she was dancing with her friends and.. she just had like this smile that lit up the room. So I went over to talk to her.”


How did you first get (Y/N)’s attention?

“Well actually I was too scared to talk to her by myself! She was a friend of Logan’s so I uh, I had him introduce me! Lame, I know. But she was so pretty so I kinda needed him as my wing man! You know.. that’s how the real studs do it!" 


What’s an embarrassing moment you’ve had? 

” Oh, gosh. Well I was taking my girlfriend, (Y/N), out. I had this awesome picnic planned in the park and everything was perfect! But we literally got to the park and I realized I had forgotten everything! I felt like such an idiot and, like, of course she was fine about it, but ugh. And she’s just like ‘Why don’t we just get pizza?’ and I’m like 'Now this…this is why Iove you’ “ 

Logan imagine for Christina

I hope you like it :)

“Just tell him Christina. I know that he’ll feel the same.” I was talking to Kendall in the phone about Logan.
“What if he doesn’t. Our friendship is too precious to let it crumble because I have feelings for him.” I said.
“If you don’t tell him then I will.” Kendall threatened.
“Oh my gosh fine I’ll tell him. When he gets back this weekend.” Logan was visiting his family and some old friends for the week.

*that weekend*
“Logan! Welcome home!” All the guys greeted him. We all decided to meet at Kendall’s house for a welcome home party.
“Christina!” Logan saw me through the entry way.
“Hi Logan!” I greeted him with a hug. I looked up and saw a tall girl standing a few feet behind him.
“Oh Christina, this is my girlfriend (G/N).”
“Nice to meet you.” I said and plastered a fake smile on my face. I was dying on the inside. I looked up at Kendall who widened his eyes at me. I just furrowed my eyebrows and didn’t make a big deal of it.

I couldn’t take it. The whole day was Logan talking about EVERYTHING him and his new girlfriend did. I just wanted to break down and cry. I didn’t care who saw me. At this point I didn’t care about Logan. Of course this party had to go on forever. All I kept hearing was ‘Logan and (G/N)’ ’(G/N) and Logan’. God it was sickening. Finally everyone left around 11:00 and I was the last one getting ready to leave.
“Christina?” Kendall came to the front door.
“Yes?” I turned around
“Stay. I know you want to talk. I could see it in your face all day.” Kendall put his hands out for me and instead I just ran into his arms in tears. He hugged me back and rubbed my back while trying to console me.
“Christina I had no idea he was bringing his girlfriend home or that he had a girlfriend.”
“I thought I was beginning to read him. The subtle nudges or winks or innuendoes about being with me. I just thought he was too shy to actually admit anything. Gosh Kendall it felt like someone ripped a hole through my heart.”
“Christina I know, I know. I’m so sorry. If there’s anything at all I can do to-”
*knock* *knock*
“Who could that be?” Kendall got up. “Logan?”
“Kendall I left my phone in the kitchen.” He walked in to get it. “Christina? What’s wrong, is everything okay?” I just got up and walked ran down the hall. I couldn’t bare to look at him.
“Dude. I love you man, but you can be an ass sometimes.” Kendall told Logan.
“What? What’s going on?”
“Man, she likes you. No I’m sorry she loves you. Haven’t you ever noticed? The way she bites her lip when you get close to her, or the way she blushes when you make little innuendoes. She was crushed when you brought (G/N) here today. She thought you liked her back.” Kendall turned to walk in my direction.
“Kendall wait!” Logan called. “Can I tell you something?”
“(G/N) is my second cousin. She agreed to pretend to be my girlfriend because I wanted to find out for sure if Christina liked me. I thought making her jealous was the only way. I’m sorry.”
“You did?” Kendall and Logan both turned towards my voice.
“You heard all that didn’t you?” Logan said
“Yes.” I smiled.
“Please forgive me Christina. I love you. I really do. I’m sorry I just didn’t tell you.”
“I-I forgive you too Logan.” I ran into his arms and kissed him. He spun me around and then put me down.
“So can I officially call you guys an item now?” Kendall joked and we all laughed.

"Parallel" - Kendall Imagine.


[No ones POV]

Looking up from his string instrument, Kendall watched as his best friend since childhood, walk into his home. He smiles toward Y/N, and she return a smile. She walks closer to him, and took a seat next to him on the floor.

“Working on a song?” she asks, looking at the scatter music sheets laying across the tiles in front of him.

“Yeah"Kendall replies softly.

He plucks the same note he has been stuck on for a while now, thinking of what note should come next. Y/N watch him silently as Kendall escape his way out of writer’s block. He adds two more rhythm before Y/N open her mouth to speak again.

"Is this about finding love?” she ask him. Kendall nods.

“You guessed it.” He smirks toward her. Y/N giggles, making Kendall chuckle.

“I’m going to grab a drink.”

Kendall nods, allowing her to go into his fridge for a soda. The moment she walked out of the room, never before has Kendall felt a flutter erupt in his chest. He stops playing and rest his forearm on the instrument as he watch the big entrance, entering the kitchen. Did he finally feel what he was feeling?

After years of being single and delicate to a broken heart, he finally feels like this relationship will be the one. The one that will last forever. He can already see it happening.

“You sure are smiling like a dork” Y/N said, bringing Kendall back to the present. “Why? Found some good lyrics to use?”

“Uh, yeah” he lied. Y/N nods and takes a drink of her soda. Kendall continues to play a bit before he stops and look toward his best friend. “Can I take you somewhere tonight?”

“As a date?” Y/N asks suddenly. Kendall loos up as he think.

“No. It doesn’t involve dinner.”

“Um, alright. Where?”

“The Hollywood Sign.”

[Kendall’s POV]

Y/N slips into the passenger seat and looks at me as she shut the door. I give her a shy smile before I start the car again and begin driving. The drive didn’t take too long because we already live in the Hollywood area.

I find a parking spot along the mountain end. I get out and meet Y/N on the other side. She slips on a sweater.

“It is getting chilly now that the sun is setting” I said, looking up at the orange sky.

“Yeah, but I’ll be fine.”

We turn and start walking on the trail heading up the the sign on the low mountain top. Just as we reach the huge “D” cutout frame, the sun was gone and the sky has been replace with so many stars. I watch as Y/N admire the great Hollywood Sign. Soon, she turned in between the “Y” and “W”. From where I still stood, I watch her climb up the small hill behind the sign.

“Where are you going?” I ask, as I follow her. She giggles.

“Star gazing, I guess?” she says as she lays down flat on the grass.

I walk around her, then lay down above where her head face up. We look up at the stars peacefully until a quick sound of howling was heard. Y/N sat up quickly.

“There are wolves up here?” she asks, with a hint of fear in her voice. I chuckle.

“No. Y/N, Los Angles is below us. It just a dog barking.” Another dog howl then cough a small bark.

“Oh.” Y/N begins to laugh and lower herself again. Her head fell onto my shoulder and she hesitates. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright” I said.

Y/N remains her head on my shoulder. With this scene, I start thinking about the song I haven’t been able to finish earlier. I start humming to the lyrics, repeating the one that is for sure, on repeat in this new song.

“Cause maybe tonight, the stars align” Y/N sings out. I stop humming and laugh. She laughs back. Soon, we go silent. Y/N sighs. “Hey Kendall?”


“Do you ever think about who will be the girl? Like, do you have feelings for a girl at this moment? Do you think you met the girl you love - celebrity or not.” she asks. I stay quiet for a moment before I turn my head and find her looking at me from my shoulder.

“I hope this isn’t strange to you but… what if I say that I hope the one for me is…right in front of me now.”

I watch her face. After a few seconds, her expression does change. Only her eyes widen softly. Slowly, I lean in only an inch, until our lips connects. We may be off, because our kiss is upside down, but it is still counted as our first. She pulls back first and doesn’t bother to look at me again. She return her gaze toward the stars.

“I’m sorry” I whisper after a moment.

“For what?” she asks. I ignore her question. She knows what I’m talking about. “So. Do our stars align tonight? Into a parallel line?”

I turn my head and look at her in time to see her smiling big. I smile back. I softly nod in hope. This is the start of our future. The start of our own burning star.

Things Head South ( Kendall Imagine Part 1 )

This story contain strong subjects if you don’t want to read don’t read.

Kendall and you are laying bed his front pressed against your back. His arm is draped around your stomach where your baby of two month is growing inside you. Kendall and you have been trying to have a baby for more then half a year and it finally happened. You both were ecstatic especially Kendall, he has wanted to be a father so long.

Deep in your slumber next to your husband, you feel a sharp pain in your abdomen. You jolt up out of Kendall arms and curl up into a ball. The pain is so excruciating that you give out a small yelp, and Kendall sit up immediately.

“Baby whats wrong?! Are you hurt?” you could hear the panic in his voice as he trying to discover the problem. You feel another sharp pain and this time your bleeding like you would on your period. This wasn’t normal something is wrong and you and Kendall have to fix this quick.

“You have to get me to the hospital now Kendall,” you say with urgency in your voice. Kendall immediately jumps out of bed and grabs his keys and phone and gets dressed. He helps you slip into a dress which is the easiest to get you in. Then you stand up getting ready to go to the car, but the pain is to much and you can’t walk. Kendall picks you up and jogs you out the house to his car. He sets you down gently and jogs to the other side getting in. He revs the engine speeding off toward the hospital. You yelp again feeling the pain in your stomach and Kendall reaches over and grabs your hand. He moves his thumb over your knuckles trying to sooth you from a seat over.

When you arrive at the hospital the doctors take you in to take a look at you Kendall the whole time by your side constantly holding your hand and occasionally kissing your forehead. You tell the doctors where you feel the pain and they decided to do an ultrasound to make sure the baby is ok and to see if anythings wrong.

They wheel you in a chair to another room and they give you the ultrasound and the nurse rubs the freezing jelly onto your belly. She looks around the screen moving the device around. She puts it down and tell you that she will be right back with the doctor, so he can double check on you.

The doctor comes in mirroring what the nurse has done minutes before. Kendall’s leg is bouncing up and down in the chair holding you hand with his head resting on both of your hands.

The doctor speaks up, and Kendall also looks up, “Hello Mr. and Mrs. Schmidt, I’m not really sure how to say this, but it seems like you’ve had a miscarriage. The baby got disconnected and was unable to breath, so there is not heartbeat on the screen. I’m so sorry for your loss. I give you some privacy.” He leaves leaving you and Kendall with this horrible news.

You don’t even want to look at Kendall, to see the pain on his face. You throw your arm over your eyes and lay there in silence trying to choke back the sobs. You can’t help but feel guilty like this is your fault, because you were carrying the baby.

That when you feel your arm being pulled away from your face. Kendall is looking at your with tears staining his cheeks and redness in his eyes mirroring yours. He moves up on the bed with you pulling you into his chest. “Babe, I know you and I know what your thinking. Don’t shut me out. We will get through this, together. I love you show much and in no way was this your fault. This time it just wasn’t meant to be. Now we have a little guardian angel with us everywhere we go and we will never be alone. We will try again I promise. In no way was this your fault. Look at me.”

You look up at him, and gives you a kiss on your forehead. “We will go through this together baby. I love you so much and nothing is going to change that ok?”

You look at him tears rolling down your cheeks and kisses them away, “I love you too Kendall you will be a daddy I promise.”

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Sometimes Love Isnt Enough - Kendall Schmidt Imagine

The hate and Kendall being away was making you feel alone and lonely, it was okay within the first year of dating Kendall but as years passed it became harder each time. It was difficult on you with Kendall being away months on end and you knew it was hard on Kendall too. The flame that you held with Kendall was slowly fading away into nothing. You knew he was living his dream and you were being selfish wanting him at home but you couldn’t take it anymore you needed Kendall. You packed everything of yours and walked into the kitchen placing a letter down that you had written for Kendall and walked to the front door placing down all your belongings and reaching for the door when it opened up revealing Kendall.

“Hey babe I’m home” Kendall yelled out not seeing you beside him. “Hi Kendall” you said just above a whisper. His head snapped to the side seeing you then looking down seeing all your belongings piled up beside you. “Kendall” you started but were cut off “please don’t do this” Kendall begged tears began pooling his eyes. “I’m sorry Kendall i can’t…….i can’t do this anymore” you explained tears falling from your eyes while you were grabbing your things. “Please don’t do this babe i love you please please” Kendall begged while crying. “I’m sorry Kendall……but sometimes love just isn’t enough” you choked out you walked out the front door down the driveway towards your car. Kendall stood at the door tears falling from his eyes you looked back up and him and then hopped in your car and drove away.

Kendall fell down to the floor crying. He was broken, he lost the love of his life, how could he possibly live without her when she brought so many happy memories to him, and the worst part was he was going to propose that night. He cried and cried until no more tears could be shed he stood up shakily and walked back inside and into the kitchen seeing a letter addressed to him. He opened it up and began to read.

Dear Kendall,

When you open this i will be gone I’m so sorry Kendall but i can’t do it anymore i am so selfish. Sorry i couldn’t be the girl that you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. I needed you here with me without out you i was going crazy. i know that I’m a coward to not express how i truly feel in person but if i did i know that i would still be in your arms and how i felt would be pushed to the side and forgotten about. The flame that we had when we first started dating was extraordinary but i feel as if it is slowly fading away. My love for you is still as strong but the connection between us is diminishing. The flame is vanishing because I’m not seeing you much, its hard on you i get that but i can’t take it anymore. I miss you, i miss your arms around me, i miss your heartbeat, i miss your smile, i miss everything about you. The late night Skype calls, text messages and phone calls aren’t enough. But sometimes love isn’t enough Kendall I’m so sorry I’m so selfish and i get if you would never forgive me i love you with all my being but i can’t do it anymore I’m so sorry Kendall please find someone that can cope with you being away constantly


After reading the letter and going over each word in his mind he crumbled again. He can’t live without his girl. The girl that is now gone out of his life and just now did he realise how much he really needed her. She walked out of 3 years of loving someone; she walked out of his life so easily. But if that’s how she feels he would respect how she felt, if he couldn’t give her what she needed then he hoped that someone else could, he would always love her and would respect her decision it will hurt but over time the hurt he feels now will start to slowly fade away. 

SuperBowl Sunday with Kendall (Imagine)

Kendall is a huge football fan in heart, but sometime, he doesn’t show it toward his own fans. But ever since September, with the rumors that the Seattle Seahawks might be playing the SuperBowl in 2014, Kendall couldn’t stop talking to me about them. And that’s why I had gotten him SuperBowl tickets for his birthday in November.

Now it’s February 2nd, and Kendall and I were bundled up in nice warm jackets to avoid the cold winter of New York City/New Jersey. Finally, after another three months of non-stop football talk, it was SuperBowl Sunday. We’re were already at the arena, with thousands of other fans, watching the Seahawks killing it. The other team, Denver Broncos were done. Not even a score while the Seahawks are at 16.

Kendall and I are enjoying the best view from the VIP box; which is like the front orchard in a concert. Because Kendall was all about football these past couple of months, let’s say I learned something about the sport as well, and was rooting with Kendall.

Seattle Seahawks all the way.

Aside from the game itself, when I heard that it was Bruno Mars who will be performing the halftime, I was beyond excited! And that was way after I had given Kendall the tickets!

“Hey Kendall” I said, tapping his arm. He looks over at me.


“How much time left on the second quarter?” Kendall looks to one side of the stadium and point up to the score box.

“Less than a minute. Oh, Broncos are dead!” Kendall said.

I chuckle. We look back at the two teams lining up on the field. We watch as the Seahawks’ quarterback, Russell Wilson grab the ball and backs up. He looks around for any Broncos players. Two were heading toward him, but Wilson was able to throw it across the field. Everyone watched as a Seahawks player caught it and made touchdown! The whole stadium stood up and roar, clapping and cheering.

The quarter was over. The halftime show was next but first, it was the commercial break for all the viewers who were watching from they’re TV. Where Kendall and I sat, was the Seahawks’ side. All the team members came trotting over sitting on the benches and take long drinks.

“Oh my god” I breath, tapping Kendall’s forearm multiply times. “Russell Wilson…is sitting… right in front of us!”

I look over at Kendall’s who nodding. He has the wide eyes. He’s starstruck. Kendall stands up from the seat and lean over the clear wall that separates us from the field. Yes, we’re first rows. Kendall tap the football player’s helmet. Russell jumps at the sudden touch and turns around. I gasp when he looks at us. He smiles.

“Hey, you’re Schmidt!” he says. My eyes widen myself. He knows Kendall!? Russell holds a fist. “Fist bump?” Kendall gladly fist bumps with the Russell Wilson! “Listen, I got to go to the locker room and change shoes. Football sneakers are so uncomfortable. But hey, enjoy the show.”

“Will do Russell” Kendall replies. Russell looks over at me.

“Is that your girlfriend?” he asks. Kendall sits back down and wraps his arms around me.

“Yes it is.”

“Here.” I watch as Russell picks up a football and sign it. He toss it over the clear roll and I catch it. He winks then jogs away.

“Oh, what just happened?” I ask Kendall, looking at him. He chuckles.

“You got Russell’s autograph” Kendall tells me. I giggle. “By the way, that’ll be going in my studio as a display.” I rolled my eyes and push it onto Kendall’s lap.

“Have fun with it.”

Kendall laughs and play with the ball in his hands. I see the staff finishing up with setting up the stage. Then they walk away and a bunch of external VIP-ers for the Bruno Mars concert, comes running across the field, gathering around the stage. Until I see Bruno walking onto the stage. He’s on!

“Hey, I’m going to run to the restroom” Kendall whispers to me.

“But you’re going to miss Bruno Mars!” I point out.

“I know, but I will be fast. I promise. Beside, if I miss him, I can watch what I recorded back at home.” I look at him oddly.

“You recorded the SuperBowl when we’re here, at the SuperBowl!?” I ask. Kendall nods.

“Yeah. Now, I got to go. Bad.”

Kendall quickly leaves and jogs up the steps. I turn and look back at the stage where Bruno starts playing the drum and the real show begins! He plays one of his hit songs, and I swear I’m dancing in my seat! When the song ends, Bruno speaks,

“Woo! Alright guys! Quiet down a bit.” The crowds does go quiet. “I’d like to welcome a good friend of mine out here. Kendall Schmidt.”

My eyes drop as I look all over the stage for my boyfriend. Soon, I see Kendall appearing next to Bruno Mars. Part of the crowds cheer to welcome Kendall on stage. I’m confused.

“Hey Kendall. You’re out here because?” Bruno asks with a smile. Kendall takes the microphone.

“I’m out here because my lovely girlfriend over there,” Kendall points toward me. “got me tickets for tonight. Plus. I want to ask her something.”

“Excuse me?” Another voice speaks, but it sound like it’s from behind me. I look over my shoulder and jump in my seat to see its Russell Wilson, again!

“Russell? What are you doing here?” I ask. He holds out his hand.

“Come with me.”

“But, uh-” I point toward the field where Kendall still stood on stage, next to Bruno Mars.

“Don’t worry” Russell interrupts me. “I’m taking you to Kendall.”


I take his hand and stand up. He walks me against the clear wall and then opens it, which is actually a doorway. I follow him onto the field and he leads me to the center, where the large 50 is painted. And where Kendall was now standing. Russell stops me a few feet away from Kendall then walks away. I watch him get further then look around me. The entire stadium eyes’ were on us.

“Kendall?” I ask, looking back at him.

“Y/N.” Kendall smiles.

“What’s going on?-” The moment I ask, Kendall pulls out a small box from his pocket. I raised my eyebrows at him. Kendall begins,

“The moment I first saw you, you haven’t left my heart. Yes, you were just a fan of me four years ago, and now you were my girlfriend.”

“-were?” I whisper under my breath.

“Yes, were. Because now, I want you to be my forever.”

I watch as Kendall opens the box, revealing a three-diamond ring. I bring my hands up to my mouth. Was this really happening? Kendall goes down on one knee and the whole stadium aww'ed.

“Will you do the honor by marrying me?” Kendall ask. I nod.

“Yes” I answer.

Tears piles in the corner of my eyes. I wipe them away as Kendall quickly stands back up and slip the ring down my finger. He holds onto my face, bringing his lips to mine for a passionate kiss. The whole crowd claps toward us. Kendall then wraps his arms around me and hug me close. With the view, I watch as Bruno Mars starts singing “Just The Way You Are.”

With Kendall still embracing onto me, starts rocking me, along with the beat of the song. Knowing the song well, we both start singing along softly, so it’s only us who’s hearing our own voice. Kendall leans in, placing his lips nears my ear.

“I love your future Mrs. Schmidt.”

🎶 And when you smile; The whole world stops and stares for awhile 🎶