Au meme: You’re a singer and today is your first concert. You’re friends with Harry Styles, Ashton Irwin and James Maslow . Secretly, all the guys are in love with you and try to win you.
Part 1

Reaction to walking in on you changing:

James: James and you would both be a bit startled at first but then he would casually take off his shirt saying, “why don’t you just not get changed?”. 

Carlos: Carlos would walk in the room, saying “it was an accident I swear!”. He was like a deer in head lights, just staring at you. Finally speaking up, he said, “woah”.

Logan: Logan would walk in on you changing, jumping more then you did. You played it off saying, “you like what you see?”. He took a moment to respond before saying, “very much”.

Kendall: Kendall would walk into the room as you were still in your bra and underwear, causing you to jump and tell him to cover his eyes. “Fine, fine!”. He sat down onto the bed, with his head down, occasionally sneaking a peak.

I'll Be Drunk, Again (Logan Smut)

I’m sorry, I don’t know what this is. 

2,000+ words of pure smut is what it is. 


You weren’t sure what your favourite thing about Logan was. Maybe it was how his dumb jokes always made you laugh, or how his thumb would stroke your cheek when the skin was tainted with soft tears, or the way he looked first thing in the morning with his hair flat, softy and messy, begging to be touched… Or maybe it was the way he said your name when he held you, tangling your hair in his fingers as the word came from his lips in your favourite Southern twang… Wait, what was the point? Oh yes, your favourite thing about Logan.

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A Little Thicke For You (Logan Smut)

This one time, Logan said he liked to sing Robin Thicke in the shower. So I wrote this. 

He starts to laugh against your skin, looking up from the crook of your neck to grin at you with that stupid playful spark behind his dark brown eyes. “I know you want it…" He starts to whisper above the running water, teeth grazing over your jaw, "But you’re a good girl… The way you grab me, must wanna get nasty… Go ahead, get at me.”

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They talk about you in an interview :)


How are you and (Y/N)?

“Me and (Y/N) are actually great! I have so much fun when I’m with her….she makes me laugh like crazy. Uh,yeah! We’re very happy.”


Tell us how you and (Y/N) first started dating! 

“Well, uh I was actually at a party, a friend of me and Kendall’s. And there was this girl and she was dancing with her friends and.. she just had like this smile that lit up the room. So I went over to talk to her.”


How did you first get (Y/N)’s attention?

“Well actually I was too scared to talk to her by myself! She was a friend of Logan’s so I uh, I had him introduce me! Lame, I know. But she was so pretty so I kinda needed him as my wing man! You know.. that’s how the real studs do it!" 


What’s an embarrassing moment you’ve had? 

” Oh, gosh. Well I was taking my girlfriend, (Y/N), out. I had this awesome picnic planned in the park and everything was perfect! But we literally got to the park and I realized I had forgotten everything! I felt like such an idiot and, like, of course she was fine about it, but ugh. And she’s just like ‘Why don’t we just get pizza?’ and I’m like 'Now this…this is why Iove you’ “