Food Cravings (Kendall Pre-Daddy Imagine)

I close my eyes shut and try to lick away my dry mouth. But I can’t. Each time I do that, I taste it. I want it. I can smell it. But I don’t have it. I open my eyes again and scan the living room in front of me, then the front door. I look at my watch around my waist to see that it has been an hour. I bring my hand up to my swollen stomach and sigh.

“Oh. Why does your father have to take forever?” I mumble. “He knows I’m starving. And I got an extra stomach to feed.”

I’m almost six months pregnant and it’s a boy. Kendall has been beyond excited about becoming a dad since the day I told him I was pregnant. I remember when I told him. He was working and I called him up telling him I had made a reservation for three at a restaurant for dinner. Sure, he was curious who was the third person was but I had told him it was an old friend of mine. But later that night, the waiter took us to a table for two and Kendall was beyond confused, asking me what was going on and where was my friend? Then I told him there and I watched that smile grow on his face.

“Daddy’s home!” Kendall’s voice bought me out of my thought. I look up to see Kendall kicking off his shoes before coming over to me. He give me a kiss on the lips as his free hand soothed my bump causing his son to kick. I giggle, breaking the kiss.

“About time Kendall. I’m starving” I tell him when he starts walking away with the take out bag in his hand. I start getting up but Kendall stops me.

“Hold it. I’ll bring it over there” he yells. I look behind me to see Kendall now taking the food out of the bag. I groan.

“Fine. But hurry. Your son is hungry.” He laughs.

“For mix of chicken, beef and lamb fried rice with extra spring rolls and dumplings…extra cook?” Kendall asks.

“Hey. Chinese are good” I pout. I hear Kendall laugh.

“They are.”

Kendall comes back to where I laid on the couch. He gives me my container of food before lifting my legs up a little so he could sit down on the other end of the couch. Kendall isn’t eating. He’s concern because it’s not organic. He’s even worry that I’m not eating right during my pregnancy. I look up at him, catching him looking at me as I eat.

“Oh stop worrying” I mock. Kendall laughs.

“I’m not worrying. I’m excited” he says placing his hand on my stomach.

“You’re not concern about what I eat anymore?”

“Well, sure I am. But it’s normal, right?” he asks. I shrug. “But before we know it, in three months we’ll be welcoming our first baby together. And I’ll be sure to be there. I wouldn’t want to miss it.” I smile.

Kendall leans forward and grab a dumpling. I watch him plop it into his mouth as he eats it. He makes a face. I laugh.

“Are you done with that?” Kendall asks, holding his hand out. He’s talking about the fried rice.

“Yeah.” I hand him the container. He gets up from the couch and cleans up the leftovers. As he walks pass me, I reach for the dumplings on the table.

“Don’t eat that. The meat is raw” Kendall blurt out.

I pull my hand back knowing I’m not allow to eat raw meat of any kind. Kendall smiles and takes the bad dumplings away. He comes back shortly. He looks at his watch.

“Well. It’s ten. You made me go out an get Chinese when they almost closed just for your craving. Now, should we go to bed?” he asks. I nod.

Kendall helps me up off the couch and we walk upstairs to our bedroom. Kendall takes a quick shower as I change into pajama. After all, we get into bed and fall asleep quickly.


I taste Nutella and Oreo cookies in my dreams, and now I’m up wanting them. Damn, food craving is really bad in me. I look over at Kendall who’s fast asleep next to me. I know we have them downstairs in the kitchen cabinet. I get out of bed and make my way downstairs.

In the kitchen, I go to he cabinet and find the big jug of Nutella and the package of extra-stuffed Oreo cookies. I lick my lips as I carry them back upstairs to the bedroom. I sit cross-legged on my side of the mattress and start eating. Eventually Kendall wakes up.

“Craving again?” Kendall asks.

“Yeah” I giggle.

“For what this time?” he asks. He still has his eyes close.

“Oreos, and Nutella.” I mumble. Kendall opens his eyes now and sees the junk food.

“Are you serious” he mumbles. I nod. Kendall turns over in bed and reaches for something. He hands me a banana. He has a banana. On his bedside table? “Eat this. Put away the junk. And go to bed.”

Kendall turns over in bed again and goes back to sleep. I grumble at bossy Kendall as I put away the cookies. As I close the Nutella jug, I think. I smile big at the idea and do it. I unpeeled the banana and start dipping it into the Nutella, eating the whole thing fast.

I’m done. Now I want burgers.

“Hey Kendall?” I ask. He moans. “Can you go to In N’ Out Burgers? And get me a double bacon whopper?” It’s silent for a while.

“I love you” Kendall chuckles, getting out of bed.

“Just forget about her already Kendall,” Carlos pleaded with his friend. “Jo is no more; why even waste a second thinking about her?”

“Yeah man,” James agreed. “She cheated on you. Why bother?”

“Because I still love her! Why can’t you guys get that?” The singer demanded. “You can’t stop loving someone even after they broke your heart.”

Both boys rolled their eyes as they ruffled Kendall’s hair. Logan quickly pushed them away, wrapping his arm around his friend’s neck.

“Ignore them,” he told Kendall softly. “They don’t know how it feels to lose someone who wasn’t really theirs in the first place. Just do whatever you need to do to get her out of your system.”

With a soft smile, the brunette nudged Logan in the stomach playfully. “Thanks.”

Before one of them could say anymore, a loud cry had caught their attention. Thinking it was a crazy fan, Logan and Carlos quickly jumped behind a potted plant. Kendall and James stayed in their places and watched as a small puppy came rushing towards them.

Seeing that he was aiming for the pool, Kendall quickly grabbed the pup before he did some serious damage. “What’s the rush lil’ guy?” He playfully asked the pooch.

No sooner had he caught the dog, a (Hair Color) girl came dashing from the lobby.

“Charlie!” You shout. “Come back! Please?”

“Over here!” Someone called.

Seeing an attractive guy flagging you down, you quickly jog over. Charlie resides in his arms, giving you a guilty look as you near.

“Charlie,” you gently scold, taking her out of the stranger’s arms. “You can’t run off like that! You could get hurt!”

Sighing heavily you turn to the male who had caught your dog. “Thank you so much,” you tell him. “She’s been rowdy all day; I don’t know what’s going on with her. She’s usually well-behaved.”

“She’s really cute, just like her owner,” another guy said, presumably the stranger’s friend.

“James,” the guy elbowed him. “Tone it down.”

“You think I’m cute?” You ask James. A blush forms on your cheeks as he sends you a wink.

This guy could be a son of a god. He had to be joking that you were cute.

“You’d look cuter by my side,” he proposed, taking a step forward.

And this is where the douche bag came in. This was the only reason you refrained from being in a relationship.

“Excuse my friend,” the unnamed guy told you sincerely. “He just can’t control himself around pretty girls.” Seeing that you were still unnamed, he offered a hand. ”I’m Kendall. You are?”

“I’m Y/N.” Holding Charlie in one arm, you gladly shake his hand. His touch lingers in yours, sending you into another blushing fit.

“What did we miss?” Two more guys slightly older than you join Kendall and James.

“Just a runaway puppy,” you tell them, showing off your young Anatolian Shepherd pup.

“He’s so cute!” Squealed the boy wearing a helmet as he playfully scratched Charlie under the chin. She responded by gently nipping his fingers.

“Charlie is actually a girl,” you giggle. Kendall shares his own laugh as he catches your attention once more.

“She’s beautiful.”

The newcomers quickly introduce themselves as Carlos and Logan.

“You guys look familiar,” you tell after they bunch together. Their cheerful smiles disappear, making you backtrack. “Sorry if that’s weird. I just end up blurting stuff and-”

Cutting yourself off, you focus on Charlie. She began to whine softly, signaling it was time to go.

“Guess that’s my que to go,” you tell the boys. “But thanks again for catching my dog,” you tell Kendall. Giving him a final smile, you turn away and leave.

“I think I’m in love,” James mumbled, hunching over as he watched you disappear.

“Where’s the mirror?” Logan joked. He and Carlos burst into a laughing fit while the older guys stared into space.

“She touched me,” Kendall murmured. Looking down on his hand in awe, he pulled his lips into a smile.

“Great…” Carlos and Logan moaned, watching their friends lose themselves.

You ended up running into the boys more than you thought you would. Especially Kendall and James.

Kendall was an absolute sweetheart. Every time you saw him, he’d always make you laugh and send you away with a smile on your face. It didn’t take him long to ask for your number.

James, on the other hand, was a different story. The first meetings were a little bumpy considering he kept putting on a show. But when he realized that wasn’t working, he let his true side come out. Insecure James didn’t make a show often, but he was the honest little thing anyone could meet.

The boys, although had similar interests, were nothing alike. Kendall loved simply walking around and having little talks with you. James preferred chilling by the pool and showing off his skills.

Your opinion of them being utter sweethearts did not change, even after you found out who they were.

Kendall and James grew different around you after awhile.

The leader of the group grew quiet while the pretty boy became more serious. It was strange but you were too afraid to ask. You felt that if you did, you would lose some of the best friends you’ve ever had.

“I think I’m going to do it,” Kendall told his mom confidently. “I am going to ask Y/N out!”

Jennifer clapped her hands in excitement as she jumped in joy. Joining her son on the couch, she brought him in for a hug. As she went to ask him for more details, the apartment door slammed open.

“Hello boys,” Jennifer stated knowingly. The rest of BTR rushed into the living room and tackled Kendall. The mom jumped to her feet as she dodged the teenagers.

“Bro!” Carlos shouted in Kendall’s ear. “You will not believe what James has in store for Y/N!” Logan cheered his bandmate on as the pretty boy hid his shy grin.

“I’m gonna ask Y/N out!” James exclaimed. His grin disappeared once he realized his bandmate didn’t look so happy.

Seeing where this was going, Jennifer slowly backed away.

“I was going to ask her out too,” Kendall confessed.

Carlos looked to Logan as they shared a worried glance.

“Not good,” they said in unison.

They talk about you in an interview :)


How are you and (Y/N)?

“Me and (Y/N) are actually great! I have so much fun when I’m with her….she makes me laugh like crazy. Uh,yeah! We’re very happy.”


Tell us how you and (Y/N) first started dating! 

“Well, uh I was actually at a party, a friend of me and Kendall’s. And there was this girl and she was dancing with her friends and.. she just had like this smile that lit up the room. So I went over to talk to her.”


How did you first get (Y/N)’s attention?

“Well actually I was too scared to talk to her by myself! She was a friend of Logan’s so I uh, I had him introduce me! Lame, I know. But she was so pretty so I kinda needed him as my wing man! You know.. that’s how the real studs do it!" 


What’s an embarrassing moment you’ve had? 

” Oh, gosh. Well I was taking my girlfriend, (Y/N), out. I had this awesome picnic planned in the park and everything was perfect! But we literally got to the park and I realized I had forgotten everything! I felt like such an idiot and, like, of course she was fine about it, but ugh. And she’s just like ‘Why don’t we just get pizza?’ and I’m like 'Now this…this is why Iove you’ “ 

Logan imagine for Tella

“Where is he?” I said aloud to myself pacing back and forth in my living room. Logan was never late. Ever. Especially for something important.
“We’re sorry. The number you have dialed is unavailable. Please try again later.” I heard for like the 700th time. I put my phone down and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge. Upon taking the first sip my phone rang. I threw the bottle down and ran for my phone.
“Unknown.” I read on the caller I.D. “Oh well. Hello!” I hurriedly said.
“Miss (Y/L/N)?” The man in the other line said.
“Yes? This is she.” I said
“We have word from the local hospital that your fiancée Mr. Henderson has just been emitted to the ER. A friend of his, Kendall, said to call you right away. He went with Logan to the ER.” The man broke my heart into a million tiny pieces from a thirty second phone call.
“I, uh, okay. Thank you…” Was all I managed to say before hanging up and grabbing my keys and running to my car.

I arrived at the hospital in a tizzy. My heart rate was off the wall, I couldn’t think straight and I nearly flew over the front desk running to it.
“What room is Logan Henderson in?” I asked
“Mr. Henderson cannot see anyone at the moment. I can’t give than information away.”
“I’m his fiancée. Please!” I nearly sobbed at the poor reception lady.
“He’s in ICU. That’s third floor all the way down the hallway on the left.” She explained.
“Thank you very much.” I ran to the elevator and pressed the button multiple times. I finally reached the third floor and bolted down the hall.
“KENDALL!” I called out to him when I saw him pacing outside Logan’s room.
“Thank God.” He said embracing me in a tight compassionate hug.
“How is he? What happened?” I hounded poor Kendall with all these questions.
“He had an accident. He was riding his motorcycle and a car came out of nowhere and hit the back wheel spinning him and eventually he was flown off. He had a helmet on but when the ambulance arrived they saw his helmet laying next to him and the buckle was broken.”
“Oh my god.” I felt my body go numb as I fell into Kendall’s grasp sobbing into his chest.
“He’s on the verge of going into a coma but they’re doing everything they can to prevent that.” Kendall softly stroked the back of my head. “He’s gonna be okay Tella. He’s strong.” Kendall consoled me.
“When can I see him?”
“As soon as the doctors are done. He’s got some head trauma. Not major, but not minor either. Plenty of broken bones. It’ll be quite awhile until he comes home.”
The doctor exited his room and came out to see Kendall and I.
“You must be Tella.” The doctor said.
“Do you want the good news or the bad news first?” He asked us.
“Uhm bad I guess.” I answered.
“Because of the bit of head trauma he has, Logan will not remember everything. It’s not complete memory loss but most of the things he knows and has known will be gone.” The doctor told us.
“And the good?” Kendall piped up.
“No chance of a coma and slowly but surely he will recover. The trauma is fixable along with the broken bones and you guys can help jog his memory when he’s feeling up to it.”
“Thank you very much doctor.” I smiled a sigh of relief.
“You may go in now and visit him for a bit.” He smiled and left us alone.
“You go on in. I’ll wait out here for now.” Kendall smiled and gave me a playful push towards the door.

“Logan?” I slowly walked towards the chair next to his bed and sat down. I took his hand that was lying limp at the end of the bed. His eyes fluttered open and he slowly turned his head to face me.
“Where’s Kendall?” He asked me. It was evident he wasn’t sure who I was.
“Kendall is outside. He’ll come in later. Do you remember other people you and Kendall used to hang out with?” I asked hopeful.
“James and Carlos. My Big Time Rush buddies. Are they here?”
“No honey I’m sorry. They’re not. What else do you remember?”
“The last thing I remember is going to a birthday party. For Kendall. And that’s all.” I started crying because that was the night we met. Kendall and I were friends and he set me up with Logan.
“That’s it? Nothing after that?” I hoped
“No, but you look familiar.” His weak voice gave me hope.
“I do?”
“Yeah. Who are you?” He asked me and I gasped softly holding back the sobs of tears developing inside of me. I looked out the door to Kendall and shook my head telling him that Logan doesn’t remember me.
“Logan I’m your fiancée. Tella. You and I met at Kendall’s party last year. After 8 months you proposed to me.”
“I’m getting married? To you?” He smiled
“Yeah.” Nodded my head.
“Well you’re very beautiful. I guess I’m a lucky guy.” He squeezed my hand and smiled.
“Hey buddy.” Kendall walked in the room.
“Kendall, I’m getting married!” Logan announced.
“Yeah I know. Good for you man.” Kendall smiled at Logan’s excitement.
“So what’s wrong with me?” Logan asked us. Kendall and I shared a look and he nodded at me letting me know I could tell him.
“Babe, you were in an accident a car hit your motorcycle and you flew off. Your helmet came off. That’s why you can’t remember everything.” I told him.
“Am I gonna be okay?”
“Yeah you’re gonna be as good as new…in time.” Kendall told Logan.
“Will you guys help me remember? I want to remember. I want to remember all the times you and I went out and all about our relationship.” Logan requested to me.
“Of course Logan. I promise I’ll tell you all you want to know.”
“Did I ever tell you I love you?”
“You’ve told me many times Logan.” I blushed.
“Well then I love you Tella.”
“I love you too Logan.” I kissed his cheek.

"Parallel" - Kendall Imagine.


[No ones POV]

Looking up from his string instrument, Kendall watched as his best friend since childhood, walk into his home. He smiles toward Y/N, and she return a smile. She walks closer to him, and took a seat next to him on the floor.

“Working on a song?” she asks, looking at the scatter music sheets laying across the tiles in front of him.

“Yeah"Kendall replies softly.

He plucks the same note he has been stuck on for a while now, thinking of what note should come next. Y/N watch him silently as Kendall escape his way out of writer’s block. He adds two more rhythm before Y/N open her mouth to speak again.

"Is this about finding love?” she ask him. Kendall nods.

“You guessed it.” He smirks toward her. Y/N giggles, making Kendall chuckle.

“I’m going to grab a drink.”

Kendall nods, allowing her to go into his fridge for a soda. The moment she walked out of the room, never before has Kendall felt a flutter erupt in his chest. He stops playing and rest his forearm on the instrument as he watch the big entrance, entering the kitchen. Did he finally feel what he was feeling?

After years of being single and delicate to a broken heart, he finally feels like this relationship will be the one. The one that will last forever. He can already see it happening.

“You sure are smiling like a dork” Y/N said, bringing Kendall back to the present. “Why? Found some good lyrics to use?”

“Uh, yeah” he lied. Y/N nods and takes a drink of her soda. Kendall continues to play a bit before he stops and look toward his best friend. “Can I take you somewhere tonight?”

“As a date?” Y/N asks suddenly. Kendall loos up as he think.

“No. It doesn’t involve dinner.”

“Um, alright. Where?”

“The Hollywood Sign.”

[Kendall’s POV]

Y/N slips into the passenger seat and looks at me as she shut the door. I give her a shy smile before I start the car again and begin driving. The drive didn’t take too long because we already live in the Hollywood area.

I find a parking spot along the mountain end. I get out and meet Y/N on the other side. She slips on a sweater.

“It is getting chilly now that the sun is setting” I said, looking up at the orange sky.

“Yeah, but I’ll be fine.”

We turn and start walking on the trail heading up the the sign on the low mountain top. Just as we reach the huge “D” cutout frame, the sun was gone and the sky has been replace with so many stars. I watch as Y/N admire the great Hollywood Sign. Soon, she turned in between the “Y” and “W”. From where I still stood, I watch her climb up the small hill behind the sign.

“Where are you going?” I ask, as I follow her. She giggles.

“Star gazing, I guess?” she says as she lays down flat on the grass.

I walk around her, then lay down above where her head face up. We look up at the stars peacefully until a quick sound of howling was heard. Y/N sat up quickly.

“There are wolves up here?” she asks, with a hint of fear in her voice. I chuckle.

“No. Y/N, Los Angles is below us. It just a dog barking.” Another dog howl then cough a small bark.

“Oh.” Y/N begins to laugh and lower herself again. Her head fell onto my shoulder and she hesitates. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright” I said.

Y/N remains her head on my shoulder. With this scene, I start thinking about the song I haven’t been able to finish earlier. I start humming to the lyrics, repeating the one that is for sure, on repeat in this new song.

“Cause maybe tonight, the stars align” Y/N sings out. I stop humming and laugh. She laughs back. Soon, we go silent. Y/N sighs. “Hey Kendall?”


“Do you ever think about who will be the girl? Like, do you have feelings for a girl at this moment? Do you think you met the girl you love - celebrity or not.” she asks. I stay quiet for a moment before I turn my head and find her looking at me from my shoulder.

“I hope this isn’t strange to you but… what if I say that I hope the one for me is…right in front of me now.”

I watch her face. After a few seconds, her expression does change. Only her eyes widen softly. Slowly, I lean in only an inch, until our lips connects. We may be off, because our kiss is upside down, but it is still counted as our first. She pulls back first and doesn’t bother to look at me again. She return her gaze toward the stars.

“I’m sorry” I whisper after a moment.

“For what?” she asks. I ignore her question. She knows what I’m talking about. “So. Do our stars align tonight? Into a parallel line?”

I turn my head and look at her in time to see her smiling big. I smile back. I softly nod in hope. This is the start of our future. The start of our own burning star.

Things Head South ( Kendall Imagine Part 1 )

This story contain strong subjects if you don’t want to read don’t read.

Kendall and you are laying bed his front pressed against your back. His arm is draped around your stomach where your baby of two month is growing inside you. Kendall and you have been trying to have a baby for more then half a year and it finally happened. You both were ecstatic especially Kendall, he has wanted to be a father so long.

Deep in your slumber next to your husband, you feel a sharp pain in your abdomen. You jolt up out of Kendall arms and curl up into a ball. The pain is so excruciating that you give out a small yelp, and Kendall sit up immediately.

“Baby whats wrong?! Are you hurt?” you could hear the panic in his voice as he trying to discover the problem. You feel another sharp pain and this time your bleeding like you would on your period. This wasn’t normal something is wrong and you and Kendall have to fix this quick.

“You have to get me to the hospital now Kendall,” you say with urgency in your voice. Kendall immediately jumps out of bed and grabs his keys and phone and gets dressed. He helps you slip into a dress which is the easiest to get you in. Then you stand up getting ready to go to the car, but the pain is to much and you can’t walk. Kendall picks you up and jogs you out the house to his car. He sets you down gently and jogs to the other side getting in. He revs the engine speeding off toward the hospital. You yelp again feeling the pain in your stomach and Kendall reaches over and grabs your hand. He moves his thumb over your knuckles trying to sooth you from a seat over.

When you arrive at the hospital the doctors take you in to take a look at you Kendall the whole time by your side constantly holding your hand and occasionally kissing your forehead. You tell the doctors where you feel the pain and they decided to do an ultrasound to make sure the baby is ok and to see if anythings wrong.

They wheel you in a chair to another room and they give you the ultrasound and the nurse rubs the freezing jelly onto your belly. She looks around the screen moving the device around. She puts it down and tell you that she will be right back with the doctor, so he can double check on you.

The doctor comes in mirroring what the nurse has done minutes before. Kendall’s leg is bouncing up and down in the chair holding you hand with his head resting on both of your hands.

The doctor speaks up, and Kendall also looks up, “Hello Mr. and Mrs. Schmidt, I’m not really sure how to say this, but it seems like you’ve had a miscarriage. The baby got disconnected and was unable to breath, so there is not heartbeat on the screen. I’m so sorry for your loss. I give you some privacy.” He leaves leaving you and Kendall with this horrible news.

You don’t even want to look at Kendall, to see the pain on his face. You throw your arm over your eyes and lay there in silence trying to choke back the sobs. You can’t help but feel guilty like this is your fault, because you were carrying the baby.

That when you feel your arm being pulled away from your face. Kendall is looking at your with tears staining his cheeks and redness in his eyes mirroring yours. He moves up on the bed with you pulling you into his chest. “Babe, I know you and I know what your thinking. Don’t shut me out. We will get through this, together. I love you show much and in no way was this your fault. This time it just wasn’t meant to be. Now we have a little guardian angel with us everywhere we go and we will never be alone. We will try again I promise. In no way was this your fault. Look at me.”

You look up at him, and gives you a kiss on your forehead. “We will go through this together baby. I love you so much and nothing is going to change that ok?”

You look at him tears rolling down your cheeks and kisses them away, “I love you too Kendall you will be a daddy I promise.”

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I'll Be Drunk, Again (Logan Smut)

I’m sorry, I don’t know what this is. 

2,000+ words of pure smut is what it is. 


You weren’t sure what your favourite thing about Logan was. Maybe it was how his dumb jokes always made you laugh, or how his thumb would stroke your cheek when the skin was tainted with soft tears, or the way he looked first thing in the morning with his hair flat, softy and messy, begging to be touched… Or maybe it was the way he said your name when he held you, tangling your hair in his fingers as the word came from his lips in your favourite Southern twang… Wait, what was the point? Oh yes, your favourite thing about Logan.

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Always Yours (Kendall Imagine for Bella)

green-eyed-spiderman I know that this is not what you requested for Bella, but while I waited for your response, I did start on this one and finished it. I’ll work on your original request soon! Stay strong dear! xx


I carry the basket of clean clothes into the living and place them on the couch. I un-mute the TV, where I have left MTV on. I start folding the laundry as I listen to the many rumors of Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, etc., until I heard the familiar name, “Big Time Rush.”

I look up at the screen to see all four boys in the MTV studio. They all sit next to each-other, hands folded in front of them on their laps except for James who always rest his hands separately on his lap, and resting on his his arm, showing the chill, cool self. The camera begins to screenshot each of the guys. I frown a bit when I see Kendall’s face appear on my screen. He’s my boyfriend. A perfect, loving boyfriend. But the last time I saw him, which was before he left tour, he wasn’t acting himself. He wouldn’t tell me what was on his mind until after he left.

- Flashback -

“Kendall…are you ok?” I ask. He just shrugs and look at me sadly. “What’s wrong?” He sighs.

“Nothing Bella” he replies, but he continues to stand next to me, looking out into space. Something was bothering him and I wish I could just get the words out of him. Soon, the tour bus rolls up in front of us. Kendall looks at me. “I-I have to go” he whispers.

He leans down and kiss me softly before picking up his guitar and making his way to the bus. He left without looking back at me, once. An hour after he left, I get a text message from him.

Kendall: I’m sorry. I can’t love you anymore.

- End of Flashback -

I wasn’t sure if he really meant it, because only once since that text six weeks ago, he called. I didn’t pick up. Maybe he was having a bad day.

I look back at the screen and watch Big Time Rush get interview. One question came up and I didn’t find it interesting until Kendall answered.

“Ok guys. What’s the biggest mistake you’ve done?” the interviewer ask. She looks at Kendall. “Kendall?”

Kendall looks up at her from his lap and give her a look like he wasn’t paying attention. But soon he pulls it together and starts to answer. I watch him through his emotion, and I listen to his cracking voice.

“Biggest mistake I’ve done? Leaving Bella for sure. I mean, I’m not sure if I really did break up with her. I don’t remember really. I texted her saying I’m sorry and something cold about our relationship before I left for tour and I haven’t heard her lovely voice since.” Kendall says depress.

“Do you miss her?” the interviewer asks.

“A lot. She’s my girl. It just right now, I’m not sure what are we. Because the tour is coming to an end soon, and I’m not sure what to do when I get home. Run to her and give her the biggest hug of all time, or just sink into my own bed. I’m just not sure if I’m hers anymore.”

I feel tears edge my eyes. I want to cry, but I can’t. At the same time, I feel my heart heal. Kendall stills loves me. After all this time, I learn what he wants since he left for tour with a frown in his face.

I drop the pants I was folding and take out my phone. I find Kendall’s number and click on it. Looking at the screen again, I watch as Kendall jump in his seat. He takes out his phone on set and reads the I.D. He answers my call.

“Bella?” he asks, on the other line. I see everything around him stop and look at him as he interrupts his best friends - more like brothers, from sharing their answer. I cry at his voice, happily.

“You idiot. I was always yours.”

…And with that, I watch him smile - that perfect smile, on my TV screen.

Spring time date outfit


Kendall would treat you to a picnic on his day off. The two of you would feed each other while playing your ukelele as he played his guitar.


Logan would surprise you with tickets to a baseball game. Logan’s love for baseball was greater than your own, but the two of you loved being around each other no matter where you were.


You loved James almost as much as you loved the ice cream dates the two of you shared. Every saturday he’d pick you up and drive into the city to your favorite ice cream shop.


It was your one year anniversary since you and Carlos started dating. He bought plane tickets and took you to New York City, knowing how much you loved to shop he also brought you to all the huge clothing stores.