Astrology signs as boy bands✌
  • <p><b>aries:</b> one direction<p/><b>taurus:</b> nsync<p/><b>gemini:</b> the vamps<p/><b>cancer:</b> backstreet boys<p/><b>leo:</b> the jackson 5<p/><b>virgo:</b> the beatles<p/><b>libra:</b> new kids on the block<p/><b>scorpio:</b> the monkees<p/><b>sagittarius:</b> jonas brothers<p/><b>capricorn:</b> new edition<p/><b>aquarius:</b> big time rush<p/><b>pisces:</b> 5 seconds of summer<p/></p>

okay so last night I had a dream that I was best friends with Kendall Schmidt and in the dream a girl had just broken up with him so I went to go comfort him and talking to him was like breathing and I felt like I’d known him forever he was so sweet and funny and we held hands and he walked me home and asdhlphfdyhfsr I rEALLY love Kendall oh my god

anonymous asked:

Something tells me that out of all the btr boys Kendall is going to be a daddy first.

Interesting. We shall wait and see. He has a great family unit, so that baby will surely be loved!

Fill in these things about you

name: Aimee
birthday: December 25th
height: 5'3
eye colour: dark brown, black
hair colour: brown
a random fact about you: I climb out of windows
favourite band: BTR, Fall Out Boy, Gym Class Heroes, This Town Needs Guns, UVERworld
favourite song: Unravel, Core Pride, Gibbon
favourite food: pizza
favourite season: spring
favourite animal: dogs & lions
favourite movie: The Lion King
are you currently in a relationship?: no
if so, are you happy with them?: no?
anything you need to work on?: being social
do you prefer someone shorter or taller?: either
dark hair or light hair?: mhm either
smart or attractive?: both would be nice
is creativity attractive?: hell yes
do you care how much money they have?: no
your last phone call: Sebastian
your last text: Kim
the last thing you drank: H2O
the last song you listened to: a song off FOB’s new album
the last book you read: Fuck it list
the last movie you watched: Inside out
what is your heritage?: Hispanic
do you play any instruments?: saxophone
your favourite board game: monopoly
place you would like to visit: Tokyo
your favourite colour to wear: blue