Let me just say that I’m happy the party was not at my place last night. Wil’s lucky his family’s rich and can hire help because trying to clean up that mess would make me want to pull my hair out.

Everyone survived mostly intact, right? Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.

  • MILES:I hope your number hasn't changed since middle school.
  • MILES:I saw a Lopez quite drunk when I was leaving last night. She was wearing your clothes. Did you and Santana switch what you were wearing?

No one should allow to think, honestly. Like when you think about it cats have that look in their eyes that says “Yeah, I’m gonna fuck your shit up. And you’re not gonna stop me”, yet we still adore them. Or what about the fact that ants are super small, do they know they’re super small? I have a shitload more questions to ask too. How are we even alive? like it’s actually really cool when you think about it. These are the questions that kept my awake for hours last night. No conclusions have been made yet. 

It’s so good to hear about everyone and their hangovers today cause for once I’m not the guy that can relate. I’m hangover free, fuckers. Which means I’m back on my gym grind and starting school fresher than ever. Anyone else feeling like a million bucks?


“Lies” - Debut Single Teaser Video


The night before had proven to be quite interesting. The actual party had been whatever but things picked up for Miles just as he was leaving. On his way to his car, he caught Scarlet with her shoes in her hand walking down the road. After approaching her, Miles came to learn she had intended on walking home. Being a gentleman, how was Miles to let that happen? Instead, he offered to give her a ride and even a place to sleep to avoid any trouble she might’ve gotten into at home. In her drunken stupor, Scarlet had accepted and now she slept peacefully in Miles bed as he stood across the room staring with a cup of coffee in hand and another one sitting beside him on his desk. Just a bit earlier he had taken a few pictures of her but his camera now was tucked, hidden away while he waited for Scarlet to awake.

I don’t think I will ever get over just having a drink, feeling the music, and letting go. How do people live without going to parties? Seriously, even the nerds deserve to get in on at least one party in their lives. 

I spent the last few days locked away in dark room at work developing nearly all the pictures I have taken over this summer. Now that that’s almost done, I can really begin focusing on my resume and building my portfolio. The school year hasn’t even begun and I can already tell it’s going to be beyond busy.

Why are so many people either a) complaining about or b) not completing the summer reading list? It’s like you all want to fail or something. Baffling. My only complaint is the fact that there were grammatical errors in one of the books, but I guess the teachers can’t read through every single one before they hand them out to us, they’re busy. I corrected them in my copy anyway, but just in case anybody else comes across them, you’ll know.