btr birthday



Wow, 7 birthdays with you already, huh? And look how far you’ve come. 

From acting to music, and now working on Heffron Drive music too. I can’t even believe that I got to see you perform live with both bands :’) Truly grateful for that opportunity, and I hope I’ll get to see you perform again someday. Missed the chance in Philippines last year, but that was really last minute, hopefully you guys will come to the rest of Asia soon. 

I’m so thankful to have found you (and the other boys), and I’m so glad to be a part of your beautiful journey. You guys have saved me, more than once, and to you especially, thank you for always being the sunshine in my life. You taught me to find my passion and run with it, and I have been doing that. I’ve kinda lost my way now, but I know you and the other guys will be the light that will guide me back to my path. 

So, happy birthday, and congrats on all your success, and of course, finding your love with Mica! You guys are adorbs! I love you, and I will always support you in all your amazing works. To more amazing music and good times! 🍻



This text can be long, and although James does not see it, I write it:

I want to wish this great guy, a great day; I am very proud to have him as an idol. He us taught to always fight. Despite the teasing he suffered, he went ahead, and is now succeeding in everything.

He is a perfect example of overcoming (at least for me).

Something I always acknowledge him, is the gift that had to Hanna, take a “Disneyland”, compensation that James could not assist the prom from Hanna

That, or rather almost … No artist (to my knowledge) does.

That was an amazing detail, James is a humble and simple person, despite having an immense fame, is very noble.

There should be more people like him. I also want to mention the great talent he has, I swear, this guy is perfect lol! 

Would this even longer text, but not want to bore you. 

Dear James, if by chance or destination, you get to see this … 

Happy Birthday, to all rushers has been an inspiration and we are proud of their achievements. 

Warrior of warriors, love you very much and congratulations.



Poor guy though, he got tackled by James in the middle of the video XD