Starter for @curtisson

Dublith was such an awful place. At least that’s how Envy saw it. It was a place where the worst of human scum resided. So how was it that there was a sacrifice candidate in this location? In-fact Envy was here to follow the rumors of another potential sacrifice.

It was a street kid the homunculus was after. Most likely homeless, but people say he could use alchemy without a circle. This is what got envy sent here in the first place. It meant either the rumors were false, or some stupid kid committed the taboo. Envy hoped it was the latter. 

Sparks started flying from a nearby alleyway, catching Envy’s attention. He shifted his form to a local woman’s and went to investigate. There was a long-haired human like figure sitting in the walkway. Envy began to disguise his voice and reached out to the child.

             “What are you doing out here young one? It’s dangerous for kids in this part of town!” Envy grinned, playing it’s role perfectly.