BtoB in Bed
  • I want to give a special thanks to ayogukkie for being awesome by helping me out with these descriptions. I wouldn't have been able to finish without your help.
  • Eunkwang: He seems like he would generally be very spontaneous and playful when it came to sex. Possibly into a bit of experimentation and other things of that nature as long as it's nothing too intense. Most likely cares about you getting yours as much as him getting his, mainly because he wants the experience to be enjoyable for the both of you. Other than that, there's not much else I can say about this leader.
  • Minhyuk: From what I've gathered from outside opinions and other resources, he seems like the type to almost treat his body like a temple. So rough, aggressive sex with him would most likely be out of the question. Much like what I said about BEAST's Yoseob, Minhyuk probably wouldn't bust out any spontaneous or out there moves, but would make sure that you'd be thoroughly impressed with whatever skills he does have. Also, there's a good chance that although he might not be into pillow talk, he'd be a cuddler at least. I mean, who wouldn't want to be wrapped up in those arms of his?
  • Changseob: I have a feeling that he might feel slightly insecure when it comes to sex, so he probably likes to be in control so that he can go at his own pace. As time goes on, I assume that he'd eventually be more comfortable with things, and not feel as apprehensive as in the beginning. Chances are, he'd probably be the type to take it slow, but still do anything you tell him to. Like I mentioned earlier, his insecurity might affect his performance, so he'd most likely want to do anything to please you in order to prove himself of being an adequate lover (even if you already think of him as such).
  • Hyunsik: This member in particular was a bit harder to read than the rest. From what I've gathered when I was doing a bit of research on the group, is that he apparently has sides to his personality. One of which being that he is considered somewhat of a ladies man, and another being that he also has a shy image at times. Honestly, I think the whole "shyness" thing is just a facade developed for the fans. With that said, I believe that Hyunsik's personality in bed would be much similar to what I said about Eunkwang's. Playful, exciting, and open minded. Though, I do have feeling that he could be the type to "flip the script" if you get what I mean.
  • Peniel: Back in high school, I had a friend who was very much like Peniel personality-wise. The type to be a little too confident in his skills, and then when it came to actual act of sex, homeboy falls a tad bit short. A large majority of the time when a guy talks big like that, you know most of what's coming out of his mouth is bs. With that said, no, I don't necessarily think that Peniel would be a complete disappointment in bed. Although he may not be some sort of sex god like he would probably try to lead on, that doesn't mean all the skills he says he has will turn out to be a lie. So, it might not be mind blowing, but do expect it to be pleasurable and good enough to be left wanting more.
  • Ilhoon: Because of his ego, he HAS to be in control, always getting what he wants and not used to hearing "no." I see him being the most selfish member of the group, not really caring about anything but his own pleasure. Though, if you challenge him, then that's a different story. If you question him or his skills, then he'll probably do anything and everything to prove you wrong. Most likely gonna make you scream "oppa" even if you're his noona. So, go ahead and push his buttons if you're up to it, but don't say you were never warned.
  • Sungjae: It's a pretty good chance that he'd want you to take the lead, and to take things slow. You'd probaby have to show him a few things before he'd be completely comfortable, so don't expect the sex to be a "1,2,3, done" type of thing. It'd probably take a while before you get him to loosen up, but after that, I imagine he'd be a very sweet and tender lover. Most likely wouldn't be so open to trying new things, but you might just be able to make it happen if you do quite a bit of convincing.
[Translation] Changsub's Interview with Ceci

Ceci Aug 2013 edition

Introduce yourself and your personal charm

Hello I’m Changsub of BTOB. This is my third time in Thailand. Truthfully speaking I want to stay here longer, but unfortunately I only have 3 days. I am a nice person and I don’t get mad easily, but if I do get mad, I can explode (laughs).

What are you most proud of?

I am a well mannered and polite child.

You have talent in composing, singing, and drums, what type of music that you want to try out in particular?

All types of music. But right now I want really want to try jazz. That is because jazz is different from what I have worked with. And ballads or dance music are genres that I have never studied or tried before. The sounds of musical instruments in jazz are also very interesting. I want to study about it first before experimenting with it. That’s because to be capable of composing jazz music you need to learn first; this will help me improve myself even more.

Pick one member and 5 things to go with you, if you were to be stuck on a deserted island.

I choose Sungjae. That’s because he is the tallest and strongest member so I can use him to fish and hunt food to eat. Also, the leaf pants of a marooned person would suit him well (laughs). As for objects, it would be mobile phone, toothbrush, tanning lotion, gun and one more gun. That is because I like to brush my teeth, I can’t live without it. The first gun I will use it to protect myself from dangerous animals, and the other is there in case the first one doesn’t work. I am well prepared!

The privilege of being your girlfriend?

My great love for her, a love that is strong, serious and eternal. Sacrifice love (said in English).

Impressions about Thailand?

Tomyumgoong. Oh and I’ve been to the swimming pool during the evening. Watermelon smoothie too, it’s so delicious that I can’t stop thinking about it. We usually drink watermelon smoothies during the day, but I had the chance to drink it during the evening by the pool side. I was really impressed by that.