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In the first episode of Secret Variety Training, one of the segments had the cast drawing portraits of each other. They only had 5 minutes to do it and thus…

Sungjae’s drawing of Suhyun

Changsub’s drawing of Jinwoon

Hani’s drawing of Bomi

Jinwoon’s drawing of Changsub

They had 5 minutes… Expectations weren’t high for these ~portraits. But alas, you have Song Artist…

And his masterpiece of Han Donggeun.

kpop songs based on ur fav genre

i really love the idea of spreading the kpop love so here’s a masterlist of songs/groups that can help you or a friend get into kpop based on genres you like!*

*note: the genres aren’t necessarily the same as the suggested songs/groups, but maybe influenced etc.

Here we go!

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1. 말만 해

— composed, arranged by im hyunsik, eden
— lyrics by im hyunsik, eden, lee minhyuk, peniel, jung ilhoon
2. movie
— composed, arranged by jung ilhoon, il
— lyrics by jung ilhoon, il, lee minhyuk, peniel
3. about time
— composed, arranged by lee minhyuk, wynn & jerry.l (majorig)
— lyrics by lee minhyuk, jung ilhoon
4. 빨리 뛰어 (rock n hiphop)
— composed by seo jaewoo, kang dongha, devine channel
— lyrics by seo jaewoo, kang dongha, lee minhyuk, peniel, jung ilhoon
— arranged by seo jaewoo, kang dongha
5. 언젠가 (someday)
— composed by im hyunsik
— lyrics by im hyunsik, lee minhyuk, peniel, jung ilhoon
— arranged by im hyunsik, son youngjin


I like how he was being modest and then he completely slays it 😄💕


·Day6 !!!
·Topp Dogg
·Red Velvet
· Any girl group tbh
· Khh / Kindie
· Underrated groups / artist
· Hyuna
· Baek A Yeon
· BtoB

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